Watching the last group fade beyond the horizon, Jason put his arm around me to hold me tight.  We started up the way to the quarters.

“Caleb! Caleb!” I heard Gary yelling to me.

I turned to see him gesture me back his way.  We turned around and made our way to the porch where Gary was sitting.  “Yes sir,” I said politely.

“Have you given any more thought to being our coordinator?” Gary asked.

“I really don’t see why not.  I’m sure it will be similar to these past three weeks,” I said.

“There’s that possibility.  With the great positive response we have gotten, it seems fairly certain that we plan to open it up more to guests.  I know older men won’t be as bad as these younger ones have been,” Gary said.

“Probably not but you never know,” I said with a little smile.

“You know it is just wonderful to see you and Jason being so passionate.  I think that is just great and really takes me back to when I was your age and love was so exciting and new,” Gary said while staring out across the ocean.

“Sir, it has been great,” Jason said.

“Just wait but hopefully you two will grow old and be just as in love as you are now.  Lewis tries to be affectionate but…”  Gary started shaking his balding head.

“We will try our best, sir,” I said.

“Alright, I know you guys must be exhausted.  Enjoy your few days off while you have the chance,” Gary said.

I just looked at him, “Does that mean I’m free as well?”

“Well until tomorrow morning that is.  Lewis and I aren’t totally helpless you know?” Gary said. 

Jason and I bid him goodbye and made our way to find our fellow employees.  “He’s full of shit.  That shit about not being totally helpless is such bullshit!” Jason laughed.

“I know but at least I’m free for the rest of the day.  It’s a crying shame I’m just worn to a frazzle,” I said.

“Me too.  Maybe after a long nap we will be ready to enjoy ourselves for a change,” Jason said.  We entered to find our fellow employees slumped on the couch and zapped of energy from an exhausting three long weeks of steady work with little sleep. It was fun at first then the new wore off by the end and it became hard work.

“So?” Javier asked.

“So what, dude?” Jason replied.

“Are we going to have to do this fucking shit all summer?” Javier asked.

“What are you bitching about, Javier?  You loved the attention every one of those guys gave you,” Roscoe said.

“True but man that was some work,” Javier said.

“What? Fucking the cutest guys in the group?” Roscoe said.

Javier gave a big smile, showing his jagged teeth, “Now that was pure pleasure there.  No, the rest of the time having to corral them and make sure every day this place looked its best,” Javier said.

“Javier, I think plans are under way but nothing’s certain just yet,” I said.  A collective groan was released from the group.

“All I can say is they better be some great tippers.  That last group was tight with their money,” Roscoe said.

“I know. You would think they might give more than $700,” Jeff said. 

It wasn’t long before the six of us were in our rooms and catching up on some much needed rest.  After a good 3 hour nap, I felt decent and recharged somewhat.  The night was about as calm as it comes around here.  We drank a little and swapped stories from the past 3 weeks.  Each one of us seemed to have a good story to tell and most was funny with Javier going all out on his stories, which seemed a little stretched in my mind.

At the end of the night after some great laughs, I was ready to be with Jason intimately.  Most of the night, we sat and teased each other with kisses and gently petting.  Now Roscoe and Jeff had conceded and was a couple just like Jason and I.  I think Pedro longed to be Javier exclusively but now they had no other choice. 

Both of us were in the mood when we shut the bedroom door.  I feel on top of Jason’s hot naked body.  He swept my long dark hair out of my face and kissed me so passionately with his hands cradling my little ass.  It felt so good to be there with him and know he was mine.  During my life of dating, I never had anyone quite like him.  Either I went for the hot body or great personality but Jason embodied both qualities that I desired in a mate.  I showed my love and affection for him by worshipping his temple of a body.  I always have enjoyed sucking dick and sucked his big manly dick for as long as my wet sloppy mouth could handle it.  My jaw was sore as hell when he finally pulled me up.  Jason sucked my cock and made me explode. 

After another intense make out session, Jason spread my legs and feasted on my ass.  I moaned and groaned in pleasure over the feel of his tongue and anticipated feeling him in me.  When he did finally slide his nice 7 and half inches of hot manly cock, my head spun.  Feeling him slide and then pump his cock in me like a piston sent me squirming in ecstasy while moaning deeply.  The heat of our sex and the night had us dripping in sweat.  We were both on a mission to have a great night of sex.  When he deposited his work in me, I felt so complete and busted another load for his enjoyment. 

“I love you, Jason,” was all I could muster after our sex.

“I love you too Caleb,” Jason said in my face so sweetly. 

It took some time that night to come down from our natural high.  A lot of my body was sore from my lips to my ass but I loved every moment of the night. 

The next morning I was up early and alone.  I just looked at my lover and wondered how I got so lucky in life.  I knew I didn’t deserve him but didn’t complain.  I showered and dressed in the quiet of the morning before heading up to return to a normal everyday routine like it had been before our hectic three weeks. 

Gary and Lewis were ready to be served as normal.  I prepared each their favorite omelet, some breakfast potatoes and juice.  I nibbled on fruit while waiting for them to finish.  Lewis left quickly after eating very little.

“Caleb, have a seat with me,” Gary said.

“Is Lewis okay?” I asked. “He barely ate.”

“Oh, he’s been a little sick lately but he’ll survive,” Gary said. “I was up most of the night and have my calendar marked up for the weeks.  Let me run get it while you clear the table for some run.”

I cleared the dishes while Gary left.  I started washing them when he came into the kitchen.  “Caleb, those can wait.  I want to show you what I’ve been working on.”

I dried my hands and followed him out.  He placed his calendar in front of me to examine.  I scan and saw a multitude of weeks marked. 

“What do you think?” Gary asked me.

“Sir, I have always been honest with you but don’t you think this is a little much for everyone to handle,” I said.

“How so Caleb?” Gary looked at me with his wrinkled forehead and bushy eyebrows.

“For one, you’ll run everyone off with this kind of schedule.  Sir, we signed on to work for you and Lewis.  Three weeks a month is really pressing things unless you plan to really hire more staff,” I said.  “Here are my thoughts.  Why don’t we have one solid week per month and, say, make it one for each age group?  Not many younger guys will enjoy being with older guys.  Each age group is different and has different interests.  For example, the older group won’t tolerate the loud music all night and the hectic pace.  We can have things more geared to them while we can gear it up just like we did before and entertain the younger ones.”

Gary was scratching his head.  “Caleb, how did you get to be so damn smart?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I just have a feel for what each one likes from a year on the ship.  I was a keen observer and took a lot of things in during my down time.”

“I see but one week a month seems too scaled down,” Gary said.

“Sir, are your intentions on making money and this becoming a resort-like area or is it to have a few come and experience this lovely place?”

“Caleb, I’m not sure.  I don’t need the money by any stretch.  I just thought maybe there would be a demand once word got out,” Gary said.

“Sir, how about maybe a Thursday thru Sunday stay one weekend and one solid week with a week between?  Make the short stay open like you planned while the weeks are sort of geared to specific age groups,” I said.  “Back-to-back weeks are such a grind on all of us and give us no time to re-stock and have this place in top shape like we have come to expect and enjoy.  After a while, this place will start to show some wear and tear.”

Gary shook his head, “I didn’t think about the wear and tear it might cause here.  I like your idea of a long weekend and a full week with a week in between.”

I smiled hearing his acceptance. “Well, I do have more ideas if you want to hear them?”

“Fire away my little genius,” Gary smiled.

I told him my thoughts of adding a few single rooms here and there within the area already cleared along with one eloquent room extending out of the ocean like I had seen on TV.  Gary seemed to like my ideas and scribbled notes on a piece of paper.  I pitched my idea of an open pavilion to serve as a dining area and having little alcoves where lovers could escape to be alone in nature.  While I was at it, I gave him my ideas of a nice large hot tub and cabana near the beach. 

“Wow, you have given this a lot of thought,” Gary said.

“Yes sir, I have.”

“I like your thinking and youthful, energetic ideas.  I really like the room over the ocean.  I will see what can be implemented and what cannot.  I’m astounded about your insight there Caleb,” Gary smiled.

“Thank you sir,” I replied.

“I owe you.  How about you and Jason spend the weekend in one of the guest houses to be alone together?” Gary said.

I thought about it a minute, “Sir, that sounds great but all of us deserve it.  I think everyone would enjoy a night of those comfortable beds and a nice shower too.”

“I don’t think so.  Those houses would be a wreck,” Gary said.

“Sir, we keep the quarters respectable.  It would go a long ways and be a great way to sell them on your ideas to the workers,” I said.

Gary sat and thought a minute in silence with his hand on his chin.  “Alright, just this weekend.  They better look just like you found them when you leave.”

“They will, Sir.  You mind if I run and tell them the good news,” I said.

“No, go right ahead. I see I still have a lot of work yet to do,” Gary said.

I headed to the quarters.  Pedro and Javier were swimming at the beach while Jason, Jeff and Roscoe were kicked back in the main room of our quarters.  I hollered for Pedro and Javier to come up for a minute.  A look of surprise and joy came on their faces when I told what I had pulled off. 

“Guys, I won’t bullshit but he first said just me and Jason but I told him we all deserved a good night there,” I said to the group.

“Are you sucking his dick or what?” Javier asked jokingly, I think.

“No, I just filled his old mind with some ideas about how to make this place better.  Javier, you can suck his dick if you want,” I said.

“No thanks.  I am sure it is fucking nasty, man!” Javier laughed.  We had a good laugh at that one.

We all picked up a few things and paraded as a group to the first guest house we came to.  Gary watched us with a discerning eye with Bill and Simian peering over his shoulder on the expansive porch of the main house.

Upon entering the guest house, each couple chose a room to their liking.  Jason and I took one upstairs.  Jason showed his appreciation with a sweet kiss that never grew old.  We assembled downstairs right at noon.  We all kicked back on the comfortable sofas that we there.

“Caleb, you are the man to score us this.  I forgot how really nice these guest houses are,” Jeff said.

“It’s not like we don’t deserve it.  The way I looked at it.  We worked our asses off for those two for three solid weeks.  What’s a nice weekend here going to hurt?” I said with Jason’s arm firmly around my shoulder and holding me close as ever.

The front door opened and Simian walked in.  “You guys better have this place spotless when you leave,” Simian said.

“We will,” Roscoe replied. “By the way, when are you and Bill rejoining the ranks?”

“Roscoe, the way Gary talks we might be there for a while.  Mr. Genius, Caleb, has filled Gary with a ton of ideas,” Simian said while staring a hole through me.

I wanted to get in his face but stayed where I was.  He was one to talk after spending three weeks in the luxury of the main house.  Simian left and marched back to the house. 

It wasn’t long before Jason and I were headed to the white sand beach there on the island.  It was finally quiet and so tranquil without college boys swarming the area.  Most were easy on the eyes and easy to get along with but it was to return to a bit of normalcy.  Jason pulled out a double lounger for us to sit back and enjoy the solitude of the waves gently crashing against the beach and then peacefully rolling back out.  The bright Caribbean sun was out in full force.  Jason and I just sat there together in peace and hardly spoke.  We soaked in the beauty that was there in front of our eyes.

Our peace was broken an hour or so later.  I was on my stomach as was Jason when I heard someone coming our way.  I lifted my head slowly and saw Gary coming our way. 

“Caleb, there you are, my boy,” Gary said approaching us.  “They said I could find you two down here.”

“Yes sir, we’re just relaxing and taking in the nice weather.  Do you need something?” I asked.

“Well, I have been working on this schedule.  What do you think if we had a week for high school seniors here for their senior trip?” Gary asked.

I stayed on my back, “Sir, most who could afford this luxury have already made their senior trip plans.  Maybe next year we could have that here,” I said.

“I wasn’t thinking, was I?” Gary said.

“Sir, you were but it’s going to be hard enough attracting guests for what we have discussed already.  I guess you could allow incoming freshmen on a late week in the summer but I would make sure they are 18 as well,” I said.

“I suppose we could do that but we have to be mindful of the upcoming hurricane season as well,” Gary said. “Jason, your boyfriend here is one smart cookie.”

“Thank you Sir,” Jason spoke.

“Both of you guys are just too damn cute for your own good too.  I better go back and be with Lewis,” Gary said and started back up to the main house.  He turned a few yards from us, “Thanks for giving me a great view.  It does an old man like me good to see hot asses like you guys have.”

Jason and I just laughed and continued on with our relaxation.


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