I wondered back to the quarters and just kicked back there in our living room to watch whatever was on television with Jeff.

“Are you going to make two more weeks there, Jeff?” I asked seeing he was spent.

“Hell, I don’t know.  It has been fun seeing all their cute hot bodies but man has this ever been work,” Jeff said. “I bet you’re ready for this to end too.”

“Sort of.  I’m used to preparing for a lot of guests in case you forgot I did work on a ship for a year,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess I did,” Jeff said.  “There’s talk that you and Jeff are now lovers on a permanent basis here.”

“Yes, I thought that was evident to everyone,” I replied.

“The rest of us don’t like it that much if you want to know,” Jeff said.

“Why not?”

“It’s just a code among us to be free and unattached.  I’ve seen what trouble it can cause if there is a nasty breakup,” Jeff said.

“We have been free.  What about with Luis and Alex?” I said.

“That’s true but other than that it is just the two of you,” Jeff said.  “Don’t either of you come crying to me when its over.  I won’t have pity of either of you. Just so you know, after this is over, there will be undermining forces for you to end this nonsense.”

“I think I know the undermining force and it is nothing but pure jealousy.  The rest of you are fucking scared of a commitment.  Well, I’m not!  I can see what you have going with Roscoe and both of you are scared to death to commit.  Pedro and Javier make a great couple too.  On most nights, that’s how you pair up.”

Jeff stormed off and slammed the door to his room.  I don’t guess he like the truth I was spilling out.  A few minutes later Jeff and Roscoe came in from the beach.

“It’s going to be a wild night,” Jeff stated.

“They are planning on partying until its time to leave in the morning,” Roscoe said.

“That’s fine as long as they don’t expect us to watch over them,” I said.

“Get real.  You know Gary and Lewis will fucking shit if we don’t,” Jeff said and sat next to me.

“They will,” Roscoe said. “After I take a short nap, Caleb, you and I need to get started for tonight.”

“I know,” I said and put my arm around Jason.

Roscoe headed to his room with Jeff already there.  “You know they aren’t happy about us being a couple,” I said.

“You know, fuck em all if they don’t like it,” Jason said. “Right now, I don’t give a fuck if they like it or not.  They just need to deal with it and leave us the fuck alone.”

“This is really getting to you, huh?” I asked with Jason dropping f-bombs left and right.

“Fuck yeah, my ass is worn out.  I’ve been on edge all day and about stressed to my wit’s end,” Jason replied and leaned on my chest.

I made him turn his back to me.  My hands massaged his back and neck to see if that would help.  He grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom.  He threw off his shorts and laid face down.  “Keep going,” he mumbled to me.  I worked his muscular legs and delighted in massaging his hot tan ass.  I couldn’t resist letting my tongue have a taste of my lover’s tempting hole.  I crawled on top of him and massaged his back and neck some more while grinding my cock into him without penetrating.  It was so erotic while Jason just laid there to enjoy each second of it.  I finished by flipping him over and making out with him.

“Alright, play time is over Caleb,” Roscoe said after ending our little session.  Naturally, I was hard but not like Roscoe hadn’t seen my 7 inches erect before.  I hated to end it without a release but threw on my shorts and headed to the kitchen.

We pulled out some of the best looking lobsters I had seen in some time.  My mouth watered and knew our guests would be going out in style.  While the lobsters started to boil, I put in the crab cakes to begin to bake.  Roscoe was diligently working and sweating from the heat in the kitchen. 

“Roscoe, don’t worry.  Every thing will be just fine tonight,” I said.

“Fine!” he shouted.

“Okay then,” I said.

“Thanks a lot, Caleb.  Jeff wants me and him to switch rooms now.  He says we’re getting too close and it needs to end now,” Roscoe said. “If you would have kept your mouth closed, every thing would be fine!”

“Sorry, he was all over my ass about me and Jason.  I just pointed out the obvious to him,” I said.

“Caleb, I love him and always have since I stepped on this island,” Roscoe teared up.

“Tell him then if you haven’t already,” I said.

“I can’t do that and break the code.  I just thought we would keep rocking along until someone had to open their smart mouth,” Roscoe said while preparing some steamed vegetables.

“Okay then.  Just switch rooms and live with Pedro then while Javier has his way with Jeff,” I stated.  I was hoping this might do the trick.

Oh hell no!  I’m moving in Javier’s room,” Roscoe said.

“That’ll work then.  Javier will fuck the shit out of you then all the time,” I stated.

Roscoe got quiet and attended to his work while I finished coating the crab cakes with butter and started the pitchers of margaritas.  “Fuck!” Roscoe shouted. “I have to tell Jeff and see what happens.”

I just smiled and continued.  The margaritas were tasting great and poured a sample for Roscoe to taste.  “We can always just change on the fly, like we’ve done here all week,” I said.

“Damn, I hate like hell when you are right.  What did we ever do before you came here, Caleb?” Roscoe asked with a smile.

“Just kept tradition,” I said. “Now things are changing around here and guess us workers need to change as well.”

The meal was a big success.  Our guest came dressed in shorts and t-shirts or polos as requested by Gary and Lewis for dinner for a change.  All of them were there and didn’t want to miss out on the grand finale.  Each one was in awe when we placed the great looking lobsters and vegetables on their plate.  After serving them and Gary and Lewis, Roscoe and I split one to sample our work.   We cooked all we had which was 22.  There was a little fight for seconds like never before but I couldn’t blame them at all.

Towards the end, Gary made his way out and gave a short speech of appreciation to our guests.  He handed out T-shirts as a parting gift along with a questionnaire and an envelope. 

It took longer than normal to clean up the mess after a great meal that satisfied our wonderful guests.   After it was finished, we just sat down in the kitchen to relax before the ensuing final party.

We headed down with as much beer and alcohol that we could carry and had help from Pedro and Alex.  “I don’t know what to expect tonight,” Pedro said.

“I just hope nothing big happens and ruins all the good they have done,” Roscoe said while a few started milling down in their shorts to start out the night and sought out a cold one to get started off with.  Cute Aaron and his group were next to arrive with nothing on and razed the other ones with shorts on.  Cody’s and his friends were last to arrive. 

“Wassup?” I asked Cody.

“We just packed for in the morning.  I hate leaving so early,” Cody said.  “Here take this.” He handed me a $20.

“Thanks anyway.  You keep it in case you need on the way home,” I said trying to give him back the money.

“No, it’s just something extra.  I brought almost a grand and haven’t spent a dime of it yet,” Cody said while we fought.  He pushed the money in my pocket and ran away to his friends.  The least I could do was hold it for him since he had no clothes on. 

Most of my fellow workers trickled down to watch and help take control if need be.  Javier grabbed the bullhorn that we kept close, “Let’s get this fucking bitch started!  You bitches came to party tonight and we are going to just that!”
That aroused the boys and the music started blaring. 

Jason put his arm around me while we watched a great group of guys that we got to know a little about.  Cody came running up to us with his cock flopping.  “Come on guys join us!”

I looked at Jason and he grabbed my hand.  Nothing doing Cody wanted us in the middle.  I felt a tug on my shorts and off they came.  Jason’s were gone right after that.  It was some nasty ass dancing there in the sand but no one minded including me.  Steve put a beer in our hand.  I looked over and saw Roscoe and Jeff joining the fun as well.

The party officially ended at 2 that night when Pedro stopped the music. 

I found Cody for a last goodbye, “Ya’ll take care and be careful.”

“All of us are staying here all night,” Cody said.

“It was fun, guys,” Jason said.

Cody gave us each a kiss as did a few others.  Jason and I walked back to the silence now there after a long day.  “I’ll miss them,” Jason said.

“Yeah but there’s another group on Saturday just like them,” I said.

Jason just laughed.  We crawled into bed and were off to sleep in no time.

By the time I got Friday morning, Cody and his Boston crew were already gone.  I glanced down at the beach and saw guys cuddled together for they had slept together on the beach, though I know they did more than sleep.

A few of the Georgia group had a quick breakfast that we had waiting. 

“Hey Aaron, how did it go last night?” I asked.

He gave me a big cute smile and dressed ready to leave, “I can hardly walk.  The biggest fuckin orgy of my life was all.  So much for winning best ass even though a lot of guys got to taste it.”

I just laughed and served him before he headed up to shower and leave.  At 10:30, Jeff and his crew left with the group from Georgia.  Now the work was just starting.  There were beer bottles, cups and all kinds of trash littering the beach.  Simian and Bill were hard cleaning the guest houses and getting them back in order for our next round of spring breakers.  Jeff and his crew returned loaded down with another week of supplies.  It occupied me and Roscoe the rest of the day to sort through the food and drinks.  Our refrigerators and freezers were packed to capacity and we still had to serve Gary and Lewis an evening meal.

Gary popped in the kitchen.  “Lewis and I can fend for ourselves tonight.  Tell the others I want a short meeting in an hour. It’s nothing but good news.”  Gary winked.

All of us workers gathered at the main house.  All of us were tired from a long days work of prepping for the next crew.  Gary and Lewis greeted us at the door. 

Lewis spoke, “I’m so proud of each one of you.  I expected the worst but ended up getting the best.  I’ll let Gary tell you the rest.”

Gary rose, “Guys, I too am so proud of you.  I know each one of have worked your asses off.  Lewis and I applaud you.  Now the good news then the bad.  The good news is that I handed out envelopes last night if the young men wanted to give you guys a tip or gratuity as they like to call it now.  I will be splitting $1200 ten ways plus the hundred dollar bonus we promised.  Now the bad news.  We asked for comments and suggestions.  We had a few picky little things.  It’s nothing to worry with.  It looks as though we might be doing this more often.”  We all dropped our heads but expected it.  “The only thing they wanted was more amenities such as a workout room and a pool.  I see no real reason for a pool, but the workout room is a great possibility once this is finished.  Again thanks for everything.”

We milled around for a minute.  The only thing we had on our mind was rest and lots of it. We all headed back to the quarters while Javier lit a fat fresh rolled smoke.  Jason and I both took one hit and felt its strength while Luis, Alex, Pedro and Javier enjoyed it to its fullest. 

Jeff was there waiting by the door and pulled me aside, “Thanks Caleb for not sticking to tradition.  I really owe you one, bud.”

“I just stood my ground and said my peace.  What’s so bad about having a relationship with someone out here?  Hell, we ain’t got a whole lot else to do,” I smiled.  “So I take it you and Roscoe are now partners.”

“Oh yeah, we’re thick now,” he smiled and headed off to join Roscoe.

Jason was in bed waiting on me when I got there.  “What did Jeff have to say?”

“Just thanks for bucking tradition.  He and Roscoe are now lovers even though we all knew it,” I smiled while stroking Jason’s cute adorable body.

“Thanks from me too.  I never dreamed a full blown relationship could exist here but you seem head strong enough to make sure it happens,” Jason said.

“Be honest, Jason.  Fucking around with other guys is fun but it leads no where.  This world revolves on human relationships even in the most tribal areas not a gang bang or one night stand,” I said.

“Caleb, how old were you when you lost your cherry?” Jason rolled on his side and faced me.

I smiled, “Sixteen to an eighteen year old guy.  I thought I was so in love with him then. How about you?”

“I’m your late bloomer and didn’t discover guys until I was twenty.  Girls were nice back then but I wanted a guy deep down.  Man, once I came out, the shit hit the fan with my family.  Even today, I still don’t believe they have accepted yet.”

“Mine has been good but not great.  My parents are divorced, so I lived with my mom.  I think she knew but didn’t want to bring herself to admit it.  Dad didn’t see me that much and just laughed.”

We snuggled and just held each other that night.  Before I could start down on Jason, his eyes were closed and he was in a deep sleep.  I just got to him and went to sleep shortly thereafter.

The next two weeks were similar in some ways to the first.  Each group of guys was different as is the case with all people.  As expected, the first week was my favorite and most enjoyable as a whole.  By the time the last week rolled around, all of us were ready for spring break to be over.  A big sigh of relief was let out when the last group shoved off but it also included Luis and Alex as expected.  I grew to like them and thought of them as one of us by the time they were gone but knew we might see more of them throughout the upcoming summer and beyond.


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