The next morning, it was great to again wake in Jason’s arms.  We had a great together and showed our love sexually to each other for some time the previous night.  We were all up early since Jeff was taking a fishing expedition for the group. 

By the time I arrived in the kitchen, Roscoe was frantic.  He was barking out orders left and right like a drill sergeant.  Peering out the window, some 10 guests in shorts and sunglasses were sitting and expecting a hardy breakfast.  Pedro and Alex appeased them with fresh orange juice and coffee until the pancakes topped with fresh fruit were ready.  The hungry early rising guest devoured the pancakes, bacon and sausage as did Jeff and his crew of Luis and Pedro. Jeff was our fisherman and piloted the older boat at all times.  He now had a great knowledge of the surrounding ocean and knew the area that would offer the best chance of the 10 guests having success.

We all help load the boat with drinks and snacks for their long day out.  We threw on some sea sick medicine just in case some couldn’t handle the open water in the boat even though the ocean appeared rather calm.  When the crew of guests finally shoved off, it was somewhat a relief in that we knew they would be gone til at least 3 in the afternoon.  Jason was on clean up duty and not a happy employee when I found him. 

“Where the fuck is everyone?!!” Jason yelled in anger. “I’ve been the only one down here cleaning this shit up!”

“We were slammed at breakfast and needed the help there.  Now that we are finished, we can chip in and help you,” I said with Javier and Alex right behind me.

“Alright, you guys finish here.  There’s not a lot left while I run up the equipment house to check that out like Jeff asked me to do while he was out this morning,” Jason said.

The trash was beginning to mount like never before.  The pile of bottles were enormous and becoming a large problem.  I spotted Gary and Lewis walking around and canvassing the place with their keen eye.

“Caleb, there is still bottles and trash on the guest porch,” Lewis barked out.

“Yes sir,” I replied and headed that direction.  I found he was correct and filled up a few bags.  Gary was watching me in the distance.  I wanted to have it spotless for his pleasure.

“Sir, how’s that?” I shouted.

Gary came walking my way, “Caleb, it looks good but remember we still have a few guest sleeping in.”

“I’m very sorry and totally forgot about that,” I said.  “Sir, we really have a big problem on our hands.  The trash is beginning to pile up as are the bottles.”

“Lewis and I saw that earlier.  Alright Mr. Genius, any suggestions?” Gary smiled.

“My only suggestion is to burn the paper.  Have you checked on the main island if there is possibly a boat or ship that might come to carry away the bottles & other plastics to recycle them?” 

“As always, you are right on the money there Caleb.  I guess I could check in to that and see.  There probably is,” Gary smiled.  “Caleb, have a seat, won’t you?”

I sat down on a bench away from the guest house.  “Sir, is there a problem?”

“Oh no, I was just thinking and this probably won’t come about.  If this goes over like it has, there will be a demand for more guests this summer and beyond to enjoy what we have here.  If so, would you consider taking the position of coordinator for guest activities?” Gary asked.

“Does that mean I would have to give up cooking?” I asked.

“Not entirely but during the visits, it would.  I can see you are very bright in these matters from your days on the cruise ships.  I’m just saying if we have more during the summer,” Gary said.

“I’ll think about it but it sounds good though I do enjoy cooking,” I said.

“I know you do but we will need a coordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly.  I am so proud of all of you guys this week.  I know it’s been a little rough for each of you.  No one has backed down from their duties and everyone has been a big part of this success,” Gary said.  “Hopefully, when they are gone, I can express to everyone how proud and grateful I am to each and everyone of fine great staff.”

“So we’re not ungrateful slobs,” I laughed.

“Not in the least to me.  Now Lewis might still think so but he’s been strutting around like a peacock this week in the excitement,” Gary said.

Three guys walked out of the guest house in shorts and flip-flops with one being Cody.  “Thank goodness you are here.  I was going to look go for you.  Is there any way we could get some food like now?”

I smiled, “I’m sure I can find something in the kitchen but what happened to going fishing?”

Cody shrugged his shoulders, “Oh well.  I figured I would have more fun here today.”

“Young men, how has this experience and trip been for you so far?” Gary asked them collectively.

“Sir, it has been so great.  I can’t wait to come back again.  I hope I can come this summer if it’s available for guests,” a short dark guy asked in his familiar Southern tone.

“Yeah Steve, that would be the freaking bomb, dude,” Cody said.

“I’ll see what we can do about it.  I’m really glad you young men have had a great time,” Gary stood and winked at me.

“Oh yes sir, this beats anywhere else we could have went,” Steve, the dark one, said.

“Follow me and see what we can find in the kitchen for ya’ll to eat,” I said.  The three followed right behind me into the main house and to the kitchen.  I pulled out some eggs and fixed them as they requested along with some toast and bacon too.  I was alone so they grabbed glasses of juice and made their way outside to the area for dining.  I didn’t mind at all even though we said no special orders at the beginning.

After they ate, I cleaned up their mess even though I served them on paper plates.  I just finished when Bill walked into the kitchen.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Okay.  I’ve never seen a messier bunch of guys in my life.  You would think they could hit the toilet.  You should see the condoms and condom wrappers we find everyday,” Bill said.

I just laughed, “They are having a safe time at least.”

“I wonder.  You should have seen the stains on their sheets yesterday, too,” Bill smiled.  “Oh how I wish I was young again.”

After Bill left, I headed to the beach area.  Jason and Roscoe were there watching over our guests.  I saw the binoculars hanging on the bar.  “See anything today?” I asked.

“It’s clear so far,” Jason said.

“Roscoe, you can go back if you want.  Jason and I can handle it,” I said.

“Okay. Thanks, Caleb,” Roscoe headed off.

“Caleb, you think they might like to go sailing.  There are just 5 of them here left,” Jason asked.

“I don’t know.  You can ask them,” I said.

Jason walked up to them and asked.  His smile told me they were willing.  He pulled out the sail boat with some help and left his shorts there next to me.  Jason left with the first two while I watched for the beach area.

“Caleb, drop those shorts and join us,” Cody said.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Awe, come on, dude.  It’s just us here now.  I have seen what you’re packing,” Cody said.  “Bring down some beer, too.”

I took off my shorts and headed down with beer and water for me.  I sat in a nice chair next to Cody.  We watched Jason and his sailors in the distance.  We talked about their life back at school and at home until the two came walking swiftly towards us. 

“That was the best thing so far,” one really cute guy said when he got back near us.

“Caleb, can the three of us go?” Cody asked.

“I don’t see why not,” I said.  Jason guided the sail boat close enough and waved.  The three jump on the sail boat and send the vessel almost on its side.

The two grabbed some water and sat down where the others had been.  They kissed romantically. 

“Jason, I think that is his name, said we were now members of the open sea club,” the cute one said.

“Dude, have you ever…umm… had sex out on that thing?” the other one asked.  He was somewhat cute to be with his short blond hair. 

I just laughed, “Yeah, I have.  It’s great.”

“It’s better than great.  It was fuckin’ sweet as hell.  Nate never felt so good in me out there,” the cute one said.

“Aaron, you say that all the time but it was awesome,” Nate said with a sweet kiss.  “I wonder how they are going to work there initiation.”

“Knowing Jason he’ll find a way,” I laughed.

We tried watching but it was useless.  Nate and Aaron made a very cute couple and had been together for 2 years now as lovers.  They were from the Georgia group and were very cordial and extremely friendly to me.

Finally, Jason pulled the boat ashore as the three came in with big smiles.  “How was it?” I asked.

“It was rough but they are in the open sea club now,” Jason smiled.

“I knew what you were up to,” I said.

“Oh well,” Jason shrugged.

“Caleb, Jason here is the coolest guy around.  He let us have sex out there,” Cody said with excitement. 

“I’m now glad I didn’t go on that fishing trip,” Steve said.

“Me too,” Brent, Steve’s boyfriend, chimed in. “I bet they don’t get a chance to experience what we did.  That was so awesome!”

Jason grabbed me and laid one hot ass kiss on my lips.  Just in the heat of the moment, we heard the others return from their trip.  I saw a bunch of tired, sun drenched college boys walk past and head straight to the guest house.  Bailey, Cody’s friend, grabbed Cody and told him all about their adventure. Now let the fish tales begin with each having a good one about how the biggest one got away.

After everyone was back and it was quiet, Jason and I headed to the quarters.  It was a relaxing day for the most part but could see a very tired Jeff, Pedro and Luis slumped on the couch.  We asked about the trip and found it to be a nice success with plenty of fish for a while.  They had a few stories of their own.  Pedro and Luis laughed in telling about how some were terrified by the fish and squealed like girls when they touched them.

We allowed our guest to rest before serving the nightly dinner.  They caught a lot of fish and made for an easy meal plan instead of jerk chicken that was planned.  With the rest, our guests seemed refueled and ready to go for the night action.

That night was the night set aside for the best ass contest.  We let them drink and have a good time for about an hour before we were to start.  Now everyone had seen the variety of asses in the group.  We let them nominate 5 guys who they thought had the best ass among them.  They did a great job of choosing the 5 guys.  All of us were gathered around including Gary and Lewis, who didn’t want to miss the show.  First prize was a pair of nice expensive sunglasses, so the contestants were eager to compete.  Pedro manned a large spot portable light while the contestants prissed and shook their sweet asses. 

Jason and I had our arms around each other and enjoyed seeing this hot contest.  The guys really let out and were in full swing including my fellow workers.  We eliminated 3 and had two left.  Javier was our emcee and kept us laughing the entire time with his off the cuff vulgar remarks. I think he rather enjoyed it and got a good chance to feel their asses.

The two left were Aaron, the cute one, and Bailey, the arrogant one.  I was really pulling for Aaron since I knew both personalities.  The final was a free for all and the two were allowed to do whatever to get the support of their friends.  They went side by side, shaking and gyrating their hot asses.  Aaron was tan and really looked the best.  Bailey had a muscular ass and wasn’t as tan.  Aaron practically won the contest when he seductively fingered his sweet hole, which was so hot to see. 

In the end, Aaron won by a large margin of votes and took the best ass award.  He was mobbed by his friends who took liberties in slapping his bare ass.   Bailey took in stride and wasn’t mad at all.  He even admitted he would have voted for Aaron, while downing his beer. 

The main part of the contest was that was done in fun and everyone really seemed to get a kick out it.  It would definitely be included for all our future guests.  The party really got into high gear after the excitement over the little contest faded.  Most of the guys enjoyed dancing and acting crazy.  It turned out to be a rather long night for it was well past 3 by the time I got to bed that morning.

The next day, Wednesday, was rather a quiet day for the most part.  Jason was hesitant now about the nature hike but really ended up enjoying it.  The hike gave everyone a chance to gear back some and relax.  The party that night paled in comparison to the previous night’s gala.

The next day, Thursday, would be our guests last full day as the next would be leaving early to catch their flights home.  By one in the afternoon, most if not all of the guys were at the beach.  They played in the water, sun bathed, or played volleyball for most of the day.  By now, most of our guest were either beyond red or had a great overall tan.  There were lots of tired faces among them but they still were enjoying paradise for one last go around. Now, their nudity was just normal and some commented how much they dreaded wearing clothes again for they had grown to enjoy the freedom.

I was just sitting and taking it all in late that Thursday afternoon. 

“Caleb, in case I didn’t get the chance to see you later, thanks for everything.  I have had such a fuckin blast here.  Now I hate even leaving and going back to Boston.  Look even my ass is tanned now,” Cody said and turned for me to see.

“It is tan.  Thanks for telling me that.  I really appreciate it,” I said.  “You better go enjoy this.”

“Oh I’ll see half of them way too much when get back.  I’m really sorry for asking you the other night,” Cody said, sitting next to me.

“It’s cool.  I think you needed it,” I said.

“You’re right there.  I wish I could stay here with you guys but my parents will be waiting to see as will my Caleb,” Cody said.

“You’re lucky on that account.  I haven’t seen my folks in three months now,” I said.

“Caleb, this has made me realize that I’ve been with the wrong guy for almost a year.  When I get back, I’m dumping my Caleb.  All the guys have told me I deserve better and you know what I do.”

“Cody, I don’t know him but you’re a great guy.  I doubt the other groups will have anyone quite like you.”

“Thanks,” Cody said with a sweet kiss on my cheek.  “Hopefully, I’ll run into you before I leave.”

“I’m sure you will.  Now go have fun,” I said.  Cody didn’t realize it but he made me feel good inside and now regret my feelings earlier.