Working in Paradise Chapter 6

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Please practice safe sex as this is just fictional.

The door opened to the bedroom where Cody and I were.  A naked guy made running leap and landed between us with both of us flinching.  “Fuck yeah dude! You finally got that ass of yours laid,” he said in a thick Northern accent.

“Yeah Bailey, I did. Now get the hell out,” Cody said.

“How did this whore treat you tonight?” Bailey asked.  I could smell the beer from his breath when he spoke. Bailey was taller with a very short hair cut and a small bulge around  his waist.

“Bailey, he’s not a whore,” Cody said.

“The hell he ain’t,” Bailey argued.

“Stop being such an ass.  He’s not a whore. He was just doing his duty to serve us.  I feel kind of bad that I asked him now,” Cody said.

“Each one of those motherfuckers should suck our dicks daily for as much as we paid for this shit,” Bailey said. 

I finally spoke, “By the way, how much did ya’ll pay?”

“OOO I see this is a Southern boy,” Bailey looked at me. “Way too much for this shit!”

“Caleb, we paid right at thirteen hundred a piece,” Cody said frankly. “It’s not a bad deal at all considering every thing.”

“Get real, Cody.  I could spend half this much and still have just as good time,” Bailey said.

“Okay smartass, where could we have went and stayed butt ass naked the entire time with meals and all this alcohol?  This place is so fuckin’ sweet!” Cody said. “I’d come again in a heartbeat. For one, other places similar to this were charging 2 or 3 times as much during spring break to milk us college boys and then it’s not gay either.  The way I figure it, it is a hundred a night a piece for these nice rooms and the rest for the food and alcohol.  This place is right on the beach and we haven’t had to spend another dime. They have waited us like we were royalty.”

“Yeah, what is there to spend our money on here?” Bailey asked. “This place is more like a deserted island in the middle of the ocean.”

“Bailey, I really wish you would leave now.  I am tired,” Cody said and pushed his friend for some space.

“Alright,” Bailey said and headed out the door with his beet red ass shining.  He screamed, “Cody got fucked, you guys!” once he was barely out of the room.

“Don’t mind him.  He’d complain if we were served caviar on a gold dish.  He’s not happy if he’s not bitching about something,” Cody said and slide close to me under the luxury sheets that were outfitted on each queen size bed in the guest houses.

“Thanks for taking up for me.  I hoped you didn’t feel the same way,” I stated.

“I don’t at all.  I can see you are a nice guy who I wish I could take back home with me now,” Cody said and stroked my long hair.  He kissed me goodnight and snuggled close to me.  I set the alarm before we both fell asleep.

When the alarm sounded, it seemed as though I had just fell asleep in those nice comfortable beds in the guest houses.  I actually got to take a shower inside alone and felt hot water cascading down my body.  The towels were luxurious and not some paper thin pieces of shit like we had in the quarters.  I dressed in my shorts off the floor and headed off to the main house to help with breakfast.

“There you are,” Roscoe said when I came in the door of the main house kitchen.  “Where have you been?”

“I’m not late am I?” I asked.

“No but you weren’t at the quarters last night or this morning either,” he said.

“I don’t want to talk about it, okay?” I said.

“Alright but you know there are no secrets among us,” Roscoe said.

I started prepping the bread for French toast while Roscoe cooked sausage links.  “Roscoe, I had to entertain a guest,” I said finally since I knew he would find out sooner than later.

He looked at me strangely, “Caleb, you had to sleep with a guest last night?”

“More than sleep.  Thankfully he was a nice guy or I would be really pissed this morning,” I said. “Yes, Jason knows about it, too before you think you have something on me.”

“I was wondering when one of us was going to have to do that.  I just figured Javier would more or less volunteer to be an escort for one of those guys.”

“I wish he would have but the guy picked me last night.”

“At least it wasn’t some old guy like I had to do last fall for one of Gary and Lewis’ friends.  That was pure hell.”

We finished up quickly and served breakfast to Gary and Lewis.  Lewis was as upbeat and smiled the entire time as did Gary.  For a change, both treated us like regular people and politely asked things from us instead of their normal demanding tone.

After breakfast, I snuck out and found Gary since he had taking a liking to me somewhat and I trusted him.  “Gary, can we talk in private?” I asked.

“Sure, excuse us, Lewis,” Gary said and escorted me to a room and shut the door.  “Something must be terribly wrong.  What is it, Caleb?”

“Sir, I had to be an escort last night to one of our guests.  I felt so cheap by doing it.  Is there anyway we change that little policy?”

“Caleb, it just comes with the job.  We warned you when you took the job you might have do things you didn’t like,” Gary said.

“Sir, I love my job but when my contract is up after the next four months, I will definitely consider leaving if being available for guests to have sex with,” I said.  “Sir, it was very degrading.  The guy was very nice and I did enjoy it once I resided to the fact that it was my job.  That doesn’t make it right though.”

“I will consider it,” Gary said.

“Sir, there are guys here that don’t mind doing it but I’m not one of them.  Maybe you could change it to where the ones that wanted to could and leave the rest of us be.”

“Caleb, you are always coming up with some great ideas.  Now that I think about it, when I was younger, I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that situation either.  Sex is to be enjoyed by two willing partners not out of duty even though I have had sex occasionally when I was younger just for fun.  We can’t change now but for the next two groups, I will find the willing parties and let them handle those duties if necessary,” Gary said.  “Caleb son, you look so exhausted right now.  Go back to the quarters and get some rest.  I’m sure I can find someone to help out Roscoe for lunch.”

“Thank you sir, I am about to fall over despite a good night’s rest in the guest house,” I said.  “This has been fun but so exhausting.”

“I can see that,” Gary said.  “Go on and get some rest.”

I headed out to the quarters and was thankful Gary had a little heart.  I saw everyone working and getting the place back in order.  I had no qualms about taking a rest and knew it would be a big help in the long run. 

After a great refreshing and energizing rest, it was time to head to the beach and help Roscoe serve lunch.  I threw on some old shorts and a sleeveless shirt to help out.  When I arrived, Roscoe just nodded.  “Here you take over my ass is tired too!” he said in a pissed off tone and left.

My eyes just rolled but could see he was jealous of the way Gary looked after me.  It was a pleasure to serve them fish tacos and rice.  Jason spotted me and came my directions after being out in the water helping with the skim boards.  It was great to see him.  He looked so hot and enticing with water dripping from his fit dark body.

“How did it go last night?” Jason asked while wiping the salt water from his face.

“I’ll tell you in private, but okay,” I said and didn’t notice Cody standing there behind him.

“Caleb, is this your boyfriend?” Cody asked with a smile and his Northern accent. Now he was nude and enjoying the freedom that this little island offered to our guests.

“Yes Cody, this is Jason,” I replied.

“I hope you aren’t pissed at me, bro.  I had no idea you guys were a couple,” Cody said to Jason, who was  in his bikini.

“It’s cool, man.  Did he treat you good?” Jason replied.

“Oh hell yeah, dude.  I won’t mind having both of you in my bed.  Caleb was right and you are smoking hot,” Caleb said.

I served another one while Jason and Cody walked to the side and continued their conversation.  After everyone was served, my stomach was growling, so I indulged in a few  left over tacos that really hit the spot.  Jason was still mingling with Cody and his friends while I ate.  He walked back up to me, “You cool with both of us treating him tonight?” Jason asked.

I shrugged, “Sure, whatever.”

“If not, I can handle it alone then,” Jason said.  “I was hoping you would come too and we could spend some time even if it was a threesome.”

“I’ll join you,” I smiled. “I have missed being with you these past nights and those beds are so comfy.”

“I know.  Why do you think I was so eager to go?” Jason laughed. 

After lunch, Javier gathered those willing and wanting to go snorkeling down the beach near a nice reef.  Alex was there to help him out while I cleaned up what was left.  Most guests left with Javier and Alex for the adventure.  It gave the rest of us a chance to relax.  I went down after I cleaned up with the help of Jason toting drinks to our guests. This area had a great variety of fish and other sea life for I had been there once to see for myself earlier.  This beach area was more primitive and only offered a few feet of beach but was perfect for snorkeling and exploring this habitat.  I could see them bobbing up and down with a few pointing here and there.

Javier saw me and grabbed water, naked and dripping wet.  “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just getting drink,” Javier replied.

“No, you’re naked here with our guests,” I said.

“After you left last night, all of us got naked and they all loved it,” Jason smiled at me. 

“I got me some white ass later, too,” Javier smiled and headed back out after finishing his water.

I was shaking my head in disbelief.  “What the hell did you expect?” Jason laughed. “They were in awe of Javier and just drunk enough to take what he offered.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said.

Cody found us minding the drinks and grabbed a beer, “So is everything set for tonight?”

“Oh yeah,” Jason said.  “You think you can handle me.”  He gave Cody a quick view of his thick cock.

Oh fuck yeah, I want to take both of you hot dudes,” Cody popped the top and joined his friends, who were sitting and waiting to return to the water.  By now, everyone had made friends and was all be getting along.  There was a little drama here and there as expected but nothing to get worked up over.  It was nice seeing most of them showing affection and holding hands as couples like this experience was intended to be. 

A tall but pudgy hairy young guy walked over and grabbed some water, “Thanks guys.  This place is so much fun!  I was a little self conscience at first but now it’s no biggie.  The best part is I can actually be myself and not be stared at if I kiss my boyfriend or hold him close. My gay friends back at college are going to be so jealous when I brag how great this has been.  You know, being naked all the time does grow on you.”

“That’s great.  Have fun and enjoy yourself,” I said with a smile.  He walked away with his bottle water and gave Jason and I a view of his darkening back side. 

“I guess this is a big success except for those of us who work this,” Jason said.

“I think so.  I haven’t heard a complaint yet,” I said.

“I haven’t either really.  What’s there to gripe about when you are served night and day on this nice beach?” Jason said. “This is like a dream for these guys.  They don’t have to worry about the rude comments for being gay like I did when I was back home.”

The snorkeling ended after a good hour or more.  The chatter among them told me that they enjoyed the experience for the most part.  Most of the guys headed up to relax at the guest houses and get out of the blaring intense sun.  A few were suffering the effects but thanks to some great sunburn relief most didn’t let a little too much sun interfere with their vacation.  A few sun worshippers stayed out on the beach to take in as much as they could.  Jason and I refilled the tub and carried it back to the beach.  There were only 6 guys there, so I sent Jason back to rest with the rest of the guys.  I was motioned over by four that were close together in the chairs along the beach front. 

“Can I help you?” I asked and saw them naked as usual.  I had seen them before as one guy had lots of ink decorating his average body in a lot of locations while his friends were pierced and inked up a little.  They were cute for the most part and one was blessed.  All were getting very dark by now and had the complexion to handle the sun, even on their cute asses.

“Just some water, please,” the inked up one requested.

I headed back and brought them what they requested.  “Hey have a seat,” another one asked me in a friendly way.  I could see the other couple was making it just fine away from us down the beach.  I sat down in the sand just behind them.

“Is it cool to talk with you guys?” one asked.

“Sure, the others guys seem to have things under control over there,” I said.

They just wanted to talk and introduced themselves.  I did the same.  They were very nice and spoke highly of their time there so far.  It was nice to get to know more of the guests and found each one interesting and different in their own way.  “That one guy ought to be sore as hell.  All those two have done is have sex since we got here,” Mike, the inked up one, said while making a quick glance to his left to see the guys.

I glanced over and saw the two were definitely having hot sex there on the beach now. I could see the love between them as well for they were lip locked during their intimacy. “Oh well,” I smiled.

“Yeah Mike, we thought we would really go at it here,” Paul, Mike’s boyfriend, commented and kissed Mike on the cheek.

“Yeah us too,” Kyle replied while holding hands with his friend to his right.  He was the blessed one of the four and seemed rather proud of that fact too with his legs spread wide and his cock just hanging limply so nicely between his sparsely hairy legs. 

“I know,” Mitch, Kyle’s friend, said.  He won the contest for most piercing among the four with straight black hair that hung in his eyes.  “Kyle, if you did me that much, I couldn’t walk the next week at school.”

“Are you the one that fucked Cody last night?” Paul leaned up and asked while staring straight at me with his big green eyes while sweeping his brown hair from his eyes.

“Yeah that was me,” I replied with a shameful tone.

“Thank God, Cody really was in the dumps over not having anyone here.  He’s really a great guy but his boyfriend is nothing but a fucking dick.  I don’t see why he is still with that guy,” Paul stated nicely to me. “Hey thanks for doing that with him. I know he really enjoyed by his change in attitude today.”

“I take ya’ll all go to school together?” I asked.

“No, we’re from Boston.  Those guys are from Georgia,” Paul said.  “The ones in our house are from the gay group on campus.”

“Yeah us too,” Kyle said. “I almost backed out but glad I came.  This has been a blast.  All the guys here are so damn cool.  The best part is we are all gay and don’t have to hide it like Mitch and I do a little back home.”

We were just talking as the other couple headed to the ocean for a swim.  I looked up and both came sprinting my way.  The closer they got, I could sense something wasn’t right for they looked scared.

“There’s something out there,” one guy said in a high pitched voice.

“A shark or something with a fin sticking out of the water, I think!” the other one said.

I jumped up, “Until we are for sure, stay out of the water!”  I sprinted as fast as I could to the quarters.  “Where’s Javier?” I asked and they pointed to his room.  I opened the door where he was asleep.  I shook him to wake him up, “Javier, there may be or not be a shark spotted.”

Javier jumped up and grabbed the binoculars.  He raced down to the beach still naked as usual.  I was right behind with Roscoe and Luis following behind me as well. The two pointed in the general direction while Javier scanned the water.

“Oh fuck, man, there is one.  I think it is far enough out there but no one is definitely in the water tonight,” Javier said.  “We spot them ever so often in the distance but they normally don’t get close.”

“See I told you,” the one said while the two held each other. “I thought I was just seeing things out there at first but saw the fin.  I almost panicked.”

As word filtered out, most came to see for themselves out of curiosity.  By the time most arrived, the shark was long out of sight in the distant blue ocean.  At least, we did have excitement for a change and broke the otherwise quiet day. 

At dinner that night, the talk was centered around the shark in the water.  It added excitement to the dinner, which was fresh grilled and fried shrimp.  Even Gary and Lewis commented on the sighting and hoped it wouldn’t damper the rest of what had been a great week.

Roscoe and I finished up with dinner and cleaned up with some help from Alex and Luis.  “I can handle the rest of the night alone if you want to call it a night,” I said to Roscoe.

“I will do that,” Roscoe said.  We made preparations for the night’s party.  By 8:30, most of the guests were back and stayed clear of the water.  I served the drinks to everyone who came up.   Cody waited until the initial crowd cleared to grab his.

“Caleb, tell your boyfriend that I’m good for tonight.  I’m going to the other guest house with these guys early tonight so we can go fishing in the morning,” Cody said.

“Okay, I’ll tell him,” I said and was somewhat relieved, even though having a threesome with Cody and Jason sounded intriguing. 

It was by far the calmest night for the group.  It seemed a majority were interested in deep sea fishing, which was a surprise.  I thought there would be 4 or 5 interested but it seemed that was the number not interested in the early morning call to head out with Jeff and his crew.  The bad news was they would expect to be fed before leaving. 

Jason and I walked back to the quarters together.  It just felt so good to have him with me alone. 


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