Working in Paradise Chapter 5

Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
This is pure one hundred percent fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.
Please practice safe sex as this is just fictional.

Jeff headed back to attend to some matters while Roscoe and I finished cleaning the kitchen.  We took some leftovers to each guest house from them to indulge.  A few were up at that house I went in to.

“Thanks man, its pretty rad that you guys are so cool so far,” one adorable cute guy said while sitting on the couch with another guy.  Both were nicely built and easy on the eyes.  Both were a tad red but nothing big just yet.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.  Where ya’ll from?” I asked and tried to be friendly.

“Boston area,” the other one said with a definite Boston accent.  “You guys live here all the time?”

“Yes, year round,” I replied.

“It must be the shit to live here,” the first one said.

“It has its ups and downs, you might say, but for the most part it’s been nice,” I said.

“Dude, would one of you guys actually go down on me if asked?” the second one said while holding his limp cock surrounded by a big dark bush.

“We could,” I said quietly.

“I was just checking.  One guy here is alone as his boyfriend dicked him over.  He feels left out but I’ll tell him he can ask one of you guys,” the second one said.

“I’ll see you two later,” I said.

“Later, bro,” they said. 

Leaving I saw two guys heading to the beach with just a towel.  The ass view was incredible from this one guy.  This wasn’t so bad after all. 

Right before 1 in the afternoon, Roscoe and I made our way down with the sandwiches, ham and tuna fish.  Pedro helped out by carrying the chips and paper plates.  I looked around and could see Javier keeping a close eye on the water and the guests.  Alex and Luis brought down water, soda and beer in a large tub.  It was nice getting out of the house again but could feel the heat and humidity from the blazing sun, despite a nice breeze coming of the water.  Clothing optional was in full force for all enjoyed the sun in the nude.  I could see some adjusted better than others while a few weren't exactly sure what to make of this new experience of sunbathing in the nude. Bringing lunch to them was a big hit and much appreciated.  The workers there did get to feast our eyes on our guests.  You could see the ones that took pride in their bodies or it just came natural, while a few were a tad overweight.  Not a one of them were obese.  A few of our visitors comments how nice it was to hang on the beach and not have to trek to the dining area. 

“Bro, where’s the drinks?” one guy asked me.

“There in the tub.  Just grab what you want,” I said, pointing to the tub.

“No, the mixed drinks.  Today is supposed to be daiquiris and that sounds so fire right now,” he said."It'd be so awesome to lay out here and sip on a fruity alcoholic drink while catching some rays."

“That’s really for dinner but I’ll go fix them with strawberry and bring a big pitcher down,” Roscoe said and headed up.

I just gazed and did my best not to stare at some really fine looking gay guys naked and taking in the Caribbean sun.  I could tell some were dragging from the night before but that’s what they were here for. For the most part, they were nice to all of us to start out with and just asked politely for little things such as more towels, water, etc. 

“Look at Gary and Lewis up there,” Javier said and grabbed a sandwich.  “I bet they bust a nut every night seeing all these hot guys.”

I turned to see them in a nice spot in the shade.  Lewis had his eyes focused on what we were doing while Gary took in the guy scenery.  I just laughed, “If this goes well, I betcha this is an every year ordeal.  How are they treating you, Javier?”

“Actually very good.  Tomorrow I’m going to lead them around near the reef and go snorkeling with the ones that want to,” Javier said. 

“That’s cool.  See this ain’t so bad after all,” I said.

“Nah, man.  Just look at that fresh ass out there.  Most of them I won’t mind jumping in bed with,” Javier said quietly.

“Who are you kidding?  How about all of them,” I laughed.

A couple of thin dark guys grabbed an extra sandwich and a beer a piece.  “Is everything going okay?” I asked.

“Oh hell yeah dude.  This place rocks so far,” the taller one of the two with shaggy blonde hair replied.

“One thing, is there anything else to do here other than lay at the beach?” the shorter one asked with a shaved dark hair and a hairy stomach.

“Yeah man, tomorrow I am going to take some snorkeling.  Jeff is going to take you fishing Tuesday.  I think another guy is planning a hike to the other side of the island,” Javier said.

“Oh awesome.  I was just wondering,” the short one said.

“Corey, your ass is happy getting that ass tan and drinking,” the taller one said.  “Do we have to go to those things?”

“Oh no man, you are free to do whatever,” Javier said while I served a few more sandwiches.  The two guys left.  Javier leaned over to check out their asses.  I just snickered while Javier gave me a big smile.  “Damn!” he said and left as well.

Roscoe arrived with a large pitcher of strawberry daiquiris.  He poured the cups and started passing them out.  “I made them stronger than normal,” Roscoe whispered to me.

After lunch, I was in dire need of a short nap.  I headed to the quarters and found Jeff and Jason sound asleep on the couch.  I went to my room and just kicked back.  It was a short but refreshing nap and very much needed.  I headed up to the kitchen.  Roscoe was there waiting on me with Gary looking over his shoulder.

“There’s my little genius,” Gary said and gave me a big hug.  “Caleb, every idea and everything you said has been right on the money.”

“Thank you sir.  I was just doing my job.  Those guys aren’t that much younger than me,” I replied after being released from the hug.

“Even Lewis seems pleased so far,” Gary said. 

“Damn we must be doing something right,” Roscoe said.

“Guys, I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am to see things going so smoothly.  A few of the guys came up to us and had nothing but good things to say about our staff, our island and just the overall experience,” Gary said with excitement in his voice. “They were cute too.”

I began prepping for the meal.  “Just remember they have only been here 24 hours more or less,” Roscoe said.

“True, but if I can keep Lewis sequestered, then everything will be just fine.  I do have a great and surprisingly very intelligent staff,” Gary said.  “The fish looks great there, Roscoe.  I know it will taste even better than it looks.”

The evening meal went off without any problems.  There were only a few vacant spots among the 15 spaces and even they grabbed a plate to go.  I could see some much sunburned faces and bodies, even though most wore t-shirts and shorts to eat.  The meal was fresh grilled fish that Jeff and Pedro snagged earlier along with some potatoes, steamed vegetables, salad and mousse for dessert.  No one wanted wine to drink for they either took beer, a daiquiri or bottled water. 

As we were cleaning up, I could see a few just wondering around while most were back in the guest houses taking it easy before another beach party was to commence at 9.  With help, Roscoe and I were able to catch our breath and actually have some down time back at the quarters.  The ones that didn’t serve with us were either napping or kicked back playing cards.

“My ass is fucking beat, Jason,” I said and literally fell on the couch next to him.

“We are all in the same boat, Caleb.  I have had a few hours to kick back here and chill,” Jason said with his arm around me.  “Are you guys coming down tonight?”

“I’m not unless totally necessary.  I don’t ever remember being this tired in my life,” Roscoe said.  “I bet my ass is asleep right after everyone leaves.”

“Caleb, how about you?” Jeff asked.

“I might come down for a little while,” I replied.

“Just think, we have 3 solid weeks of this shit,” Jeff said.  “I hope I don’t collapse before it’s all over with.”

At nine, everyone, except Roscoe, Jeff and Luis, headed down to see what awaited us for the night.  Jason and I walked arm in arm in just our shorts.  Most of our guests were there waiting on us naked and raring to go.  Javier and Alex toted down a huge bucket of beer.  I headed up along with Jason to grab some tequila and vodka to make mixed drinks at our make shift bar.  The beach party started and was going full blast again.  It was calmer thanks to a long day in the sun but these boys came to drink. 

After an hour or so, I was just sitting in front of bar and waiting in case anyone wanted more.  I saw a thin guy about 6 foot tall with dark brown hair with highlighted streaks and earrings in each ear walking my way.  I stood up, “Can I help you?”

“Ummm… Jeremy said that maybe… I could find some company for the night,” he said.

“If that’s what you want, then one of us can help you out,” I said politely.

“Are you available?” he asked. “You’re totally hot.”

I was at a lost for words, “If that’s what you want then I’m sure I can help.”  I really didn’t want to do it.

“How much?” he asked.

“There’s no charge,” I said.

“Fucking awesome.  You don’t have to stay the night but everyone else is getting sex left and right and I feel so left out,” he said.  “I’m Cody, by the way.”

“I’m Caleb,” I said.

“Even better, my boyfriend’s name is Caleb,” he said. “Can we go now?”

“I guess so.  Let me find someone to man this and I can go,” I said.  This was eating me up so.  They told us it was our duty to service the guests but I hated that it would be me.  I looked around and saw Jason just sitting and yawning. 

“Hey Caleb, wassup?” Jason said as I approached.

“Jason, I was asked to be one of our guest’s boyfriend for the night,” I said quietly and none too happy. “Someone needs to serve the drinks too.”

No shit? I was hoping you and I could hook up later,” Jason said.

“Me too.”

“Caleb, I can see you really don’t want to but duty calls.  Just look at it as part of your job,” Jason said.  “He is cute, right?”

“Yeah but..”

“I understand.  I still love you,” Jason kissed me on the cheek. "Have fun and don't worry.  Duty calls sometimes and there's little we can do about it."

I found Cody with his friends.  They hooted and yelled very rude remarks to me and made this feel even worse than it was.  “Ignore them.  They are probably jealous right now because I snagged the hottest servant here,” Cody said.

I stopped in my tracks, “Cody, please don’t call me a servant.  I’m worker here.  Servant makes me sound like a slave.”

“I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking,” Cody said. “Caleb, we’ll have fun.  Are you top or bottom?”

“I’m versatile,” I replied while we walked.

“Awesome.  I am bottom,” Cody smiled.  We stepped inside to his guest house.  It sure needed Simian and Bill’s care to say the least.  His room was on the first floor and led me in.  “Caleb, I can tell you aren’t very happy about this.  This will only be for one night, I promise.”

I dropped my shorts and got naked like Cody already was. I got on top of the queen size bed.  It was so nice and felt like heaven after sleeping in the quarters for so long.  He put his skinny arm around my shoulder and fondled my cock.  “Caleb, you are incredibly hot and have a nice cock.”  Cody kissed me on the lips.  He got on top of me while we kissed.  Now, if nothing else, I wanted to make the best of this.  I hated the forced nature of this to begin with.  It wasn’t Jason but this was my job.  My hands slide down his back and found his nice soft ass.

“Cody, you’re a very good kisser,” I said after we stopped.

“You are way better than my Caleb.  He’s great and all but in bed he’s very passive and not the greatest,” he said.

We returned to kissing and get in the mood.  I kissed his neck and down his boney chest to his waiting cock.  My eyes connected with his while I licked up and down his 6 uncut inches.  I loved swirling my tongue around his foreskin and then took his cock into my mouth. 

“OOOO fuck yeah,” Cody moaned softly and slowly started face fucking me.  I took all he had and delighted now in sucking his nice hard cock while feeling up his sunburned flat stomach. His hands ran through my growing hair that was almost down to my shoulders.  Sucking his cock wasn’t so bad and I even found it to be enjoyable after residing to the fact that I was here for his service.

Cody pulled me up and headed straight down to my cock.  His mouth opened wide and my cock slipped in.  His wet mouth felt good after a long day.  I stroked his dark shaggy hair while he sucked me.  I moaned a little for it did feel good.  He used his hands to explore my body and ass while going up and down on my cock.

He stopped and gave me a nice kiss while we used our hands to roam each other’s nice bodies.  He stopped and looked me in the eye, “Would you fuck me?”

“I can do that,” I said.  He handed me a condom that would be so different now after loving bareback so long.  I leaned over and tasted fresh ass.  He moaned loudly while I enjoyed rimming and licking his college boy ass.  I slapped his ass a few times and rubbed it.

He got on his knees to be fucked doggie style.  My cock was at his moist hole.  It took a few attempts to get past his tight sphincter.  Once my cock did enter him, he was refreshingly tight.

“MMMMM that feels so fucking good, dude. Fuck me!” Cody moaned on his knees.

I slid as deep as possible and felt my pubes against his red ass.  “Oh fuck yeah, dude!” he moaned. “Fuck my tight ass!”  I started slowly and deeply fucking his ass.  His hole wrapped tight around my hard throbbing dick.  I leaned up gently while steadily fucking him to the sound of loud moans and grunts. I kissed his boney spine while steadily pounding him.

I picked up the pace and wrapped my arms around his chest, “Feel good?” I asked.

“OOOO fuck yeah!  Way better than my Caleb!” he said. “Fuck me Caleb!”  I rammed it hard. “OOOO yes!”

Even though this wasn’t Jason I was fucking, it wasn’t bad at all.  I flipped him on his back and saw his cock was pretty hard.  I put his calves on my shoulders. My cock easily returned to his tight ass.  Our skin popped together while I used his nice tight ass for my pleasure and enjoyment. 

“Fuck yeah, dude!” Cody said.  “Caleb, you like fucking my tight ass?”

“Fuck yeah! It’s so nice and tight,” I said with both of now sweating and breathing very hard.

“Just fuck me! FUCK ME!” Cody screamed. I rammed his ass and saw a look of pleasure from his face.  His groans grew louder while he started jacking off.  I removed his hand and took over.  My cock was driving in him deep and hard to his wants and desire.  “OOO Fuck yeah!”  

Cody didn’t last much longer.  He shot one hell of a load up to his chest and down his red stomach.  I pulled out after he climaxed.  “Fucking flood my face with that hot load!” he instructed.  In a minute, cum was blasting out of my cock onto his face.  He tried to catch it with his tongue and I did give him one hell of a facial.  I wiped it off and he licked my hand and cock clean with his tongue.

“I haven’t been fucked like that since I was in high school,” Cody said with his hand still on my cock.

I smiled, “How long ago was that?”

“Two years.  My Caleb is like a goddamn dead fish when we fuck.  Now I’m glad he stayed his ass home,” Cody said.  “Caleb, you are so fucking hot, dude!”

“Thanks, I do appreciate it,” I said while he stroked my face.

“You can’t tell me that you didn’t want to have sex with me at first but dude that was hot,” he said.

“I’ll be honest.  That was fucking hot as hell.  It was totally different than sex with my boyfriend,” I said.

He gave a confused look, “So you just cheated on him?”

“He knew.  He was the guy I was talking to before I left,” I said.

“Caleb, I’m sorry.  No wonder you weren’t really up for this. He is hot as fuck too if it’s the fit guy.”

“Yeah him but it’s cool now,” I said.

“Tomorrow night, how about a threesome with me?” Cody asked.

“I’ll ask him,” I replied.  He wanted to snuggle even though he now knew about Jason.  The sheets were way better than ours and the bed felt like a cloud thanks to Gary and Lewis’s pampering. 

Cody asked a lot of questions about my life on the island.  I was very truthful and gave him a run down of the other guys. 

His door flew open. 


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