Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
This is pure one hundred percent fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.
Please practice safe sex as this is just fictional.
I hope you enjoy!!!

We stood waiting to hear what Lewis’ big surprise was that he had in store for us. 

“Guys, we’ve hired two temporary workers to help ease your load for the next three weeks,” Gary said.

“I take they are gay,” Javier spoke up.

“Not to worry, Javier.  They are.  We saw a need so we asked a few friends to help and supplied us with two very cute gay boys from the main island to help out here,” Gary spoke while Lewis talked with Simian on the side.  “Bill and Simian will move to the main house for the meantime to allow our two new workers to stay with you guys.  We expect them to be treated fairly and with respect.”

“Oh we will treat them like they are one of us,” Jason said.  I knew what that meant.  They had to be initiated like I was.  That meant sucking and getting fucked by each one of us.  I did it out of duty but by the end loved feeling the variety of cocks in me during my initiation with Javier being the last to enter me. My used hole sucked up the biggest cock I had ever taken and actually enjoyed being invaded by his monster cock.

“Sir, they are clean?” Javier asked.

Gary gave him a stare, “Yes Javier, we had them tested yesterday.  I wouldn’t have anyone who wasn’t clean. I know you guys and it would spread like wild fire here.”

We broke up and curiously sought to get a glimpse of our new fellow workers.  We spotted two tall lean dark skinned young men hauling case after case to storage.  “Ummm, fresh meat,” Javier said. “I can’t wait to see how tight those hot asses are.”

We pitched in and helped unload the boat of its cargo for our visitors.  I could see Simian and Lewis walking around the compound.  We all knew that Lewis would find something, no matter if it was just a leaf that had fallen to the ground. 

We all worked up a good sweat from the hauling.  Javier approached the two new guys and invited them to join us for a quick swim to cool off.  We all dropped our shorts and hit the cool water.  It was refreshing to say the least.  Javier had to coax our newbies to drop there shorts.  One had a small dick while the other looked rather normal.  I could see them pointing at Javier’s big dick and smiling.  It wasn’t long until both were on their knees and servicing him together.  We just laughed and carried on as normal until Gary came to where we were.

“Caleb!” Gary shouted.  

I quickly exited the water and was dripping wet, “Yes sir.”

“We will have dinner tonight at 5.  We brought some fresh thick T-bones for our meal,” Gary said.  He then started laughing once he spotted Javier.  “I see they are treating Javier just right.  I wish I was as big as Javier.”

I headed to the quarters to rinse off and get dressed to prepare the meal.  Both Gary and Lewis enjoyed seeing skin and expected us to just have short shorts so they could ogle at our young fit bodies.  If anyone put on weight, Lewis advised them to shed the pounds except for Simian and Bill.

Time went by slowly since I was eager to join my fellow employees.  After quickly cleaning, I scurried to the quarters and shed my shorts before entering.  The smell of cum and herb filled my nose when I walked in.  The new guys, Luis and Alex, were doing their duty on their knees.  I took a quick hit from Pedro to start the night with a good high.  Jason was standing while one was sucking him off.  He motioned me over.  I obliged and was met with a nice kiss.

“This is Caleb,” Jason introduced me.  I felt a mouth soon cover my cock.  Roscoe was in back fucking Alex who was sucking me off.

“Remember this, Caleb, man,” Javier kissed me.

“Fuck yeah.  I was scared shitless at first,” I said while Alex was doing his duty on my hardening 7 cut inches.

“Yeah but you loved it in the end,” Javier smiled with his cock firmly in his hand.  His cock was just too tempting.  I leaned over and tasted his cock again.  Jason moved to fuck Luis.  I stopped and let Luis again suck on Javier and enjoy it for all it was worth again.

Roscoe filled Alex up and motioned me to take over.  I sank my cock deep in his ass that was dripping and so wet with fresh cum.  Jason and I kissed deeply while enjoying fucking our new boys.  It seemed breaking in the new ones helped form a bond between us like it did me.  I could hear Alex moaning and groaning while I punished his dark ass.  I exploded deep in him while Pedro was underneath sucking Alex’s cock. 

After Javier fucked both and finally blew a nice big load onto their faces, the orgy ended.  I enjoyed the night for it was my first initiation night there. As tradition, each one was allowed his choosing of a lover for the night.  Alex picked Javier, like I did the first night.  I was disappointed when Luis picked Jason but understood the tradition. We talked a little while and got to know each one a little better.  Alex was rather quiet.  Both were 19 and were glad for the opportunity after some rough days on the main island.

Since Roscoe and Jeff were semi-regulars, I ended up with Pedro.  I didn’t mind at the time, even though Pedro was pretty stoned but I was a little too. 

        Jason used our room so I went into Pedro’s room.  It was different than being with Jason.  We kissed just a little bit.  Later that night, I found Pedro to be a great bottom.  He moaned and cursed in Spanish while I was in him.  I’m sure my 7 inches felt small compared to Javier but he enjoyed it still the same.
        The next day, after a great night, Thursday, we were all up early and ready to see what was in store.  I helped Roscoe to start the day.  Afterwards, I found little odd jobs here and there.  It wasn’t bad at all.  Gary voiced his appreciation and last minute instructions as we ate dinner together in the main house, which was very unusual.

Friday was the calm before the storm.  Everything was in its place and was perfect.  Most met Lewis’ lofty expectations.  Jeff and Roscoe made a quick trip to the mainland to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.  I served and prepared each meal that day since Roscoe was tied up.  Between meals, I did a little shore fishing with Javier and Jason.  They reeled some nice fish that would be a great meal later on.  My luck was minimal but it was a change for me and gave me a chance to get tanner for our guests. 

Saturday finally was here.  All of us were a tad nervous and didn’t know what to expect from our first real visitors to this small but very nice island.  I was told that the other visitors to the island were guest and friends of Gary and Lewis.  Jeff and Pedro came to our crude dock, decked in rainbow flags, at a little past 11 here the first full weekend in March.  I stepped out to see eight college guys dressed in designer shorts, t-shirts and polos.  They were all taking in the surroundings that were offered and a few locked arms to enjoy the open freedom of being on a totally gay island.  Gary met them on the porch of the main house and showed them in.   Roscoe and I served snacks and wine as they entered.  I could see it was a good mix, both short and tall, fit and a little unfit somewhat but still pleasing to the eye.  I could tell by their accent they were from the South.  As expected, only two took the wine.  I ran back and brought out bottled beer.  Their eyes lit up and all but one grabbed them.  A big smile came on my face and a wink came from Gary.  All 10 employees stood in the back while Gary rose to speak.

“I want to welcome you to our island.  My staff, Lewis and I hope you will have the time of your life. The island is gay as they come including the staff.”  A loud roar came from the crowd of young men.  “The island is clothing optional as you well know.  Enjoy your freedom while you are.  We have a variety of activities planned if you so desire.  My staff is here for you and don’t be afraid to ask except there will be no meals cooked to order.  You can drink all you want but we ask that you do it with some sense.  You men are our first true guests, so we will be learning on the fly.  I’m sure you have questions,” Gary spoke.

“Can we have sex on the beach?” one guy asked.

Gary’s eyes opened wide, “If no one objects, I don’t see why not.  I just ask you us common sense at all times.”

“Will there be maid service?” another one asked.

“Right now, every other day should be sufficient.  If you find anything at all missing, I want to know immediately,” Gary said.  “Crime is not tolerated here one bit.”

“On line, the site said it was all-inclusive.  I take it that it means all we can drink,” another one asked.

“Yes, but guys be sensible, please.  I realize you are here to party and have a good time but you can ruin where we will not open this up in the future,” Gary pleaded.  “Any more questions?”

A guy asked, “Are these cute employees available for late night fun?”  A small laugh went out while we waited on the answer.

Gary looked our way, “There are here to make this trip enjoyable and I’ll leave it at that.  We do have a nice looking staff except for two old geezer like me and Lewis.”  A roar of laughter went out.  “We will post meal times and the menu.  Tonight at 6, our menu will consist of steak, potatoes, salad and bread.  Our two fine chefs will cook your steaks to order.”

“Sir do we have to eat together or can we take it to our rooms?”

“I would prefer you eat together but if you insist, I’m sure arrangements can be made.  If no more questions, our staff will show you to your rooms.  We do have another group scheduled to be here in an hour.  Have fun and tell the staff if you need anything,” Gary said.

A team effort carried their many bags to the first guest house that had four bedrooms with a living room and small kitchen along with two indoor bathrooms.  I just watched them leave and saw two guys pull off their shirts.  I was sure the shorts would come off later.  I returned to the kitchen to assist Roscoe. 

An hour later the same routine happened again but one guy had to cancel at the last minute, leaving them with just 7. 

Roscoe and I worked to have everything ready to go at 6.  Jason and Pedro came back to offer their assistance. 

“So, what do you think?” Roscoe asked them.

“There are so hot ass guys here.  I saw a lot in the first group already naked or in some skimpy bathing suits.  They were already hitting the beer hard and heavy though,” Jason said.

“Caleb, you were right.  These boys came to drink beer,” Roscoe said.

“I saw two going at it in the woods right behind the beach too,” Pedro said.  “It could get really wild these weeks.”

“Man, are we going to be slammed,” Jason said and grabbed a beer, while I mixed the coladas for tonight’s specialty drink.

Dinner went off without a hitch.  Roscoe was a little worried about it since each wanted their steaks done differently.  I manned that end and had it totally under control.  Each seemed to enjoy the coladas I stirred up with their meal though three took wine.  Gary and Lewis ate in the house but kept a close eye on our guests. 

After we cleaned with a lot of help, I was a little tired.  Jason found me right before I finished.  “These guys are fucking nuts!” Jason said.

“What’s the deal?” I asked while Roscoe lifted his head to listen.

“There are all into this nudity shit.  Not a one has a stitch of clothes on right now.  They are at the beach, drinking and partying.  Pedro is going to play some music but we need some help serving down there,” Jason said. 

“Oh great, I bet Lewis is about to shit a brick!” Roscoe said.

“Grab some pretzels and that left over cake.  Maybe a little food will slow them down a bit,” I said.   We headed out to the beach.  I could hear the music playing and the tiki torches provided light along with a few make shift spot lights.  There were 8 of us to help out for Bill and Simian made sure the guest houses were in order.   In looking around, I was rather envious and could tell our guest were letting loose.  I grabbed two hands full of beer and walked around to service our guests. 

“Dude, this place is the fucking bomb,” one cute guy said to me with his arm wrapped firmly around another guy. “No one can say shit about us being gay and we can do whenever we want.”

“Thanks, I hope you will like it here,” I replied and continued on.  I quickly handed out all I had with Roscoe doing the same. 

Jason found me again.  He removed me shirt, “That’s more like it.  You know this is kind of fun.”

The drinking and good times continued until one in the morning.   We had a couple of guys throw up at the beach but a lot were very nice and told us this was going to be great. 

When we made to our quarters, we were all beyond exhaustion.  I just grabbed Jason.  We threw off our shorts and soon were sound asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. 

The next morning at the quarters, there were 8 very tired and still sleepy guys.  I was up at 6 along with Roscoe to prepare breakfast for our guest at 8.  We cooked and slaved in the kitchen only to have two guys show up. 

“Caleb, you were dead on.  They are here to sleep in.  I will post a note and we’ll just have like fruit and cereal from now,” Gary said to me.  “What are the comments so far to you guys?”

“What I can repeat, it has been nothing but good so far,” I smiled.

“I take it my staff showed them a good time last night,” Lewis said.

“Yes sir, we did our best.  Caleb was right and beer seems to be the drink of choice,” Roscoe said.

“Give them what they want.  I can send Jeff after more if needed,” Gary said. 

Roscoe and I headed back to the kitchen to begin our prep for our first full day.  “Roscoe, why don’t we just serve them at the beach say at one?  They are not going to want to come up here and eat.  I bet a few will still be asleep.”

“I’ll check with Gary but you know your college crowd,” Roscoe said and left to present the idea to Gary.  He returned with a smile, “He said give it a try and see what they think.”

“It’s just sandwiches and chips today, so that shouldn’t be a big ordeal.  We have plenty of paper plates,” I said.   The door opened to the kitchen and Jeff walked in.

“We just finished cleaning the beach.  I never seen so many empty beer bottles in my life,” Jeff said. 

“We just got started too,” Roscoe smiled.