Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
This is pure one hundred percent fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.
Please practice safe sex as this is just fictional.

After Jason told me he had changed his mind, I just looked at him, “Why?”

“Caleb, I’m fucking tired of being treated like shit,” Jason said so distraught and his shoulders slumped.

I gave him a hug only to be pushed away. “I thought we had something going here between us.”

“We do but from now on we should not be together all the time.  It will make my leaving that much easier,” Jason said.

I stormed in the quarters, where everyone else was sitting.  “Simian, I’m tired of this fucking bullshit. Every day, Lewis is on us like we are his fucking slaves, man,” Javier spoke as he normally did.

“Javier, I’m tired of it too but we are we to do?” Simian asked.

“I’ll tell you what we should do, fucking leave their asses and see how they like it,” Jeff said.

“I’m with you, man!” Javier said.

“Let me talk to them in private and see if I can’t work something out.  Gary is so stressed out right now too,” Simian, our quasi-leader, spoke and tried to calm everyone down.  “Would a little bonus help matters?”

“It would but tell them to cool it,” Pedro said. “We are all just beat.”

Meanwhile, Jason and I just listened.  It seemed all of us, including me, were tired and stressed beyond our last wits.  Everyone had their say in our little pow-wow.  Simian marched up to the house and knew something had to be done in a hurry or all hell was about to break loose.

I grabbed Jason’s hand and escorted him outside.  “See, everyone is in the same boat as you.”

“Maybe we should all fucking quit then and show those assholes a thing or two,” Jason said still frustrated and distraught.

“Jason, I have really fallen for you now.  It would honestly break my heart if you were to leave,” I honestly spoke.

“Caleb, I do love you too but there has to be something better out there,” Jason said.  “My family treated me like shit when I came out.  I thought that was bad so I practically ran away.  I have no where to run here.”

I did what I thought he needed and gave him a wet sloppy kiss up against the wall of the quarters.  He needed love and compassion and I was willing to give it to him.  His bare ass felt so good while we kissed.  We sat down and I tried my best to change his mind right then.

We looked up and saw Gary and Lewis walking our way with Simian trailing close behind.  Simian smiled and spoke softly, “Inside.”

A look of surprise came upon everyone inside when Gary opened the door.  Neither Gary nor Lewis came to the quarters but tonight it was totally necessary.  “You are fine the way you are.  I heard from Simian that we have a major problem on our hands. You must understand we aren’t doing this because we want to.  We need this place as nice as ever for our upcoming guests. This issue you seem to have has to be addressed right here and now,” Gary spoke sternly while Lewis stood quietly.

“Guys, I have explained our problems and they are willing to listen to each of us, so have at it,” Simian said.

“I’m not afraid to speak my mind,” Javier said. “I feel like I have been a slave this last week.  Never once have I heard good job but criticism of my work or something else needs to be done.  You don’t know how close I came to telling both of you to go fuck yourselves.  We are all sick and tired of being treated like dogs.  We are human and always have given both of you everything you want and more.  Now with these visitors, you both have changed into tyrants.”

“Javier, we’re all under a lot of pressure here to put forth a good foot in front of our guest.  These young men are paying good money to come stay in paradise.  We want everything in tip top shape,” Gary spoke.

“Sir, we do too but both of you have been a little too much to handle.  Javier was right when he said there was no praise, just criticism.  We’re human here and need some positive reinforcements,” Roscoe spoke.  “If you would back off and let us handle things, it will get done.  I know these guys and each one has pride in the job they do.  We’re not perfect by no means but we will take pride in seeing that your guests are treated as we would expect to be treated, Sirs.  Each of us have come with ideas for their fun and enjoyment but have heard nothing but negative for both of you.  You have picked over my menu with a fine tooth comb and don’t realize these are just college boys here for fun and a break from college.”

“Gary, we need to talk in private for a few minutes.  I think I have heard enough already.  You ungrateful slobs,” Lewis said with his nose bent all out of shape.  He and Gary left to go outside with Simian.

“Oh fuck no.  He didn’t just call us ungrateful.  My ass will be gone on the next boat,” Jeff said.

“I’m with you!!” Javier stood.

“No one is going to treat me like shit,” Jason said. “To think, I was going to stay around for this.  Fuck that!”

Bill sprinted out with that comment.  Things weren’t looking so good right now.  “Let’s watch those old hags squirm when they know they are going to lose a lot of money,” Javier said.

“They damn sure deserve it,” Jeff said.

The door opened with Gary along with Simian and Bill.  “Okay guys, you win on this one.  There will be a bonus at the end if everything goes as planned,” Gary said.

“How much?” Javier asked.

“One hundred a week plus Lewis and I will leave tomorrow until Wednesday for a trip to Atlantis.  Simian has agreed to be in charge.  Lewis is still boiling mad but truth is we both need a break to relax from here,” Gary said.

“Is everyone okay with that?” Simian asked.

We agreed to see how things went.  “Mr. Gary this place will be perfect for you when you get back,” Javier said.

“It better be,” Gary said. “There will be hell to pay if its not.”

Gary left and headed back after a few more pointless comments.  Jason grabbed my hand, “Let’s go for a walk.”

I knew he wasn’t convinced now the inmates would be running the prison so to speak.  I held his hand tight while we walked to the shoreline and sat in the sand in the dark. 

“Jason, please wait to make a final decision.  See how things progress.  Maybe our little rebellion did some good for the future,” I said while staring at the dark ocean.

“Things won’t change.  They’ll return and Thursday will be a living hell for all of us.  You just watch.  Lewis will be Napoleon and barking out orders left and right,” Jason said. “Caleb, you haven’t been here long enough to see how they get when we have guests.”

“I’m still a little naïve I guess about them,” I said.  “Jason, I still want to be with every night no matter what, though.  I know what you said but we can still be lovers.”

“Caleb, let’s just see what happens and go from there in our relationship.  I’m pretty attached to you as it is,” Jason said calmly.

The next morning, I woke early to serve Gary and Lewis breakfast before they left.  Lewis was very cold and still not happy.  He ate quickly and left to pack for their trip.  “Caleb, I had to sleep with him last night.  He’s been nothing but a bear,” Gary said.  “Have a seat, won’t you?”

I did as asked and sat across from Gary.  “I hope the breakfast did meet your expectations.”

“Yes, as always, it did.  You haven’t said much during this time.  What are your true feelings?” Gary asked with his coffee in his hand.

“Sir, since I am the newest, I have stayed quiet,” I said.

“You have but I’m sure you have something you need to express,” Gary said.

“Sir, it has been rough and some tough hours.  Lewis has been very hard on Roscoe and he’s been so upset since we put forth a lot of time planning the menu for our guests.  I know you two have a lot invested here but Lewis has forgotten our clientele for the weeks.  I’m the one who suggested more island flavor.  Personally, I won’t want to come to the Caribbean and fed fancy food that they might not even like.  They will expect something different and unique,” I said.

Gary sat quietly in thought while stroking his rounded chin, “I see your point there.  Both Lewis and I are of such mind set to not think of the age difference.  Stay the course and I’ll take the heat if Lewis goes into a tirade.  I just assumed with the cost they would want fine cuisine every night.”

“Sir, a few nights, a nice sit down dinners will be fine but I imagine these guys are coming to play and enjoy the sun.  After a long day in the sun, no one wants to get dressed and be served five course meal.  I also know that they could probably care less about the wine selection.  Lewis is dead set on having a great wine selection but I figure a good beer selection and some nice strong cocktails like Mai-tias, coladas and daiquiris would be more to their liking,” I said honestly.

“Caleb, I’m going to trust your opinion on this.  Forget all about the extensive wine list but do have one bottle just in case.  You and Roscoe come up with a nice drink each night and go with it,” Gary shook his head.  “Lewis will just have to live with it.  He will whine like a little bitch but I think once he sees how much they enjoy it, he might come around.”

“Are you going to sit there all day?!” Lewis shouted.

“I’ll be right up!” Gary returned the shout.  “Thanks.  I need to try to convenience him we are dealing with an entirely different age group.”

Gary left and headed to corral Lewis while I finished with my duties.  I cleaned and have everything in its place.   I was about to head out when Lewis stopped me at the back door.  “Gary told me about what you talked about.  I have standards to uphold here.  Caleb son, I’m willing to compromise but if your ideals fail, I don’t expect your services will be needed much longer afterwards.”

“Yes sir,” I said quietly with Gary smiling behind Lewis.

Gary found me walking back to the quarters with my head down, “Caleb, I have a feeling it will be okay.  Just take what he said with a grain of salt.  Between you and me, I’m the one who bankrolled this entire place with him just piggy backing on my coat tails.”  Gary gave me a big smile.  “If it fails, you won’t be to blame.  Understood?”

“Thanks,” I smiled.   Now I made my way back.  I immediately found Roscoe to tell him about my talk with Gary.  He was glad to hear since he had tried to talk them into to it but had no luck.  We sat down and revised the menu again in short order. 

“Alright you ungrateful bastards, let’s start and have everything in order so we can relax one day before the onslaught,” Simian said to all of us.

It was a short day for everyone as a sudden and powerful little storm blew across the island.  The wind was fairly strong and undid a lot of good that we had done.  We all cursed the storm and knew two rough long days would be ahead.

It took a good hour for the storm to pass completely but the damage was done.  We all stepped outside to survey the destruction.  “FUCK!” Jeff said and was the sentiment of each of us.  “Nothing to do now but get started.  With all of us helping maybe we’ll have it back to normal by tomorrow.  Simian, you and Bill go to main house and see what needs to be done there.  The rest of us will start getting all the limbs and debris from the beach.” 

It was dark when the day was finished.  We were all exhausted from working as long and hard as we could.  Roscoe had sandwiches and beer waiting for us and the end of the day.  I ate just a little and was so tired.  With the hard work, it was a calm night for we all just watched TV provided by our satellite receiver.  Jason and I slept together that night.  I just figured we just go to sleep right away.  I rolled over on my side for a few minutes and felt Jason’s nice hard cock invade my hole. 

“You okay with this?” Jason asked.

“OOO hell yeah.  Your big dick never gets old,” I turned my head and felt his hard throbbing cock deep in me.

Jason wrapped his arms around my slender chest.  Truth was I had lost a little weight since coming here and now was skinny as I was in high school but I now had the makings of a great full body tan.  Tonight felt so different to me for I sensed Jason loved me like never before.  His fucking was steady and felt so good and pleasing. 

He rolled me over to my back as my legs wrapped around his waist of his V-shaped torso.  My arms pulled his taut fit body close while his cock was buried so deep in me.  He kissed my neck, chest and ears.  We swapped tongue while we fucked.  Our bed gently rocked with our motion while I softly moaned in deep pleasure in the scary quiet quarters.  With his constant pounding of my prostrate, I came easily with a few strokes while Jason spewed across my face and into my wanting mouth and tongue. 

“Caleb that was very special,” Jason said with his hand on my spent meat.

“Jason, I could feel your love the entire night,” I smiled, staring into his eyes and stroking his chest.

“Caleb, I felt it too from you as well,” Jason said.  “We do make great lovers.”

The next two days were hell but we all chipped in to make Gary proud and Lewis satisfied.  Even Simian and Bill were there and offered a hand to clean each pathway and make sure every garden was perfect.  I mainly stayed with Javier and Pedro to make sure the beach areas were perfect and ready to go along with the areas around the two guest houses. Jason and Jeff tested the equipment and cleaned their assigned section.  Jason cleared a small pathway through the undeveloped land with Roscoe’s help.

Late that Tuesday, Roscoe and I were going over the needed items to make our menu a success in the nice kitchen.  “Are you ready for this?” Roscoe asked me.

“Yes.  In case you forgot, I had to prepare for a couple of thousand every day for a year,” I smiled.

“Great.  I’m really counting on you these upcoming weeks,” Roscoe said.  “Caleb, I see you and Jason are pretty close these days.”

“Oh yeah we are,” I replied.

“That’s really great.  I had a guy about a year ago I thought I loved.  Caleb, they can leave at any time and rip your heart out,” Roscoe said.

“Jason’s threatened to leave already.  I’m used to it.  It happened in culinary school and the cruise ship.  Just when you think you’re in love, bam, they leave,” I said.

“Okay.  The rest of us know you guys are lovers now but don’t be surprised if he fools around on you.  It’s just the way it is here.”

“Two can play that game too, you know.”

Roscoe and I headed back.  A bunch of sleepy eyes faced us when we arrived.  I too was tired beyond belief.  I motioned to Jason to follow me to bed.  Both of us were out in no time and sex never was an issue.

Jeff and Pedro were off around 10 the next day to escort Gary and Lewis back to the island while the rest of us did last minute details that Simian and Bill had found that morning.  We made it just fine without them and proved to ourselves that things could run smooth in their absence. 

At 1, I heard the call that Jeff was back.  All of us held our breath as we waited outside the main house for our employers to return. 

Lewis scanned the area as he walked with his discerning eye.  Gary just looked around and smiled. 

“Men, everything looks fine, but you know full well tomorrow there will be little things that have to be done.   We have a big surprise for you,” Lewis said.

We looked at each other and wondered what was up his sleeve.


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