Working in Paradise 10

About 8 the next morning, the door flew open where Jason and I were sleeping so peacefully.  Bill was standing there with hands on his hips.  “Caleb, Gary needs to see you right now!” Bill said.

“Alright,” I replied. “Tell him I’ll be there in just a few minutes.”

“Hurry it up! Lewis is now quite sick.  Jeff has the boat running to take them to the closest hospital,” Bill said.

I threw on Jason’s shorts after not locating mine.  I headed downstairs quickly and saw Gary waiting patiently on the porch of this guest house.

“Sir, Bill said you needed to see me?” I asked once near Gary.

“Caleb, I guess Bill informed you of our problem at hand,” Gary said.

“He did, sir.”

“I want you to man the computer in the study while I’m away and reply the best you can to any emails concerning our upcoming stays.  I had one of our top guys already active our website to announce the upcoming stays,” Gary said. “The information is written down next to the computer for your access.  While you are at it, please configure your own email address if you know how.”

“I might be able to do that.  I’m sure it can’t be that hard.”

“If you have any problems with that, contact our web guy.  I wrote down his info as well,” Gary said.  “I see there waiting on me.”

“Yes sir. You better run.  I really hope Lewis gets well soon,” I said.

Gary headed out, “I do too.  What a great time to be sick!”

I walked back to the guest house.  Roscoe was there on the couch and enjoying the nice plasma TV.

“Wassup?” I asked Roscoe.

“Me for one.  They woke Jeff and I up at 6 and I couldn’t go back to sleep.  What was that all about?” Roscoe asked with his arms folded.

“Just some things to do with the computer was all.”

“You are really becoming his butt-boy now, huh?”

“So, what’s it to you?”

“He treats you with more favors now than Simian or Bill.  I know you are sucking his cock for this shit like Javier suspected earlier.”

“Fuck you Roscoe.  You’re just so damn jealous of me!” I got in his face to confront him.

“Back the fuck up, you little fucking whore!” Roscoe pushed me away.

My temper boiled and I tore into him right there.  I got a good punch to his ribs while he grabbed my shoulder length hair before Jason ran down.  Jason grabbed me which allowed Roscoe a sucker punch to my stomach.  I doubled over in pain while Jason nailed Roscoe with a good hard punch to Roscoe’s stomach.  Pedro ran out and grabbed Roscoe to separate us.

“What’s this all about?!” Jason asked.

“Roscoe is fucking jealous as hell of me now!” I said still in pain.

“Fuck you, Caleb!” Roscoe groaned. “You know you’re treating Gary to some ass!”

“Roscoe, if I were you, I would shut the hell up right now!” Jason said.

“Yeah, Caleb scored us this house,” Pedro said.

“Fuck all of you! I’m sick of each one of you right now!” Roscoe groaned.

Jason and I went back to our room upstairs while Pedro just left Roscoe wallowing in his pity.  Jason sat me on the bed gently and kissed my forehead. 

“Roscoe is insanely jealous of you, Caleb,” Jason said and sat next to me.

“I know.  Gary just wanted me to man the computers while he was gone,” I said.

“Roscoe is old school you know and thinks seniority should dictate favoritism.  Gary has taken a real liking to you.”

“He has.  I’ve given him some great ideas for our upcoming guests.”

“Caleb, be honest.  Are you giving him sexual favors too?”

“Jason! Gary has never even hinted at it one time,” I said.  I grabbed Jason’s nice cock, “This is the only cock I give favors to. You saw how I was when Cody asked me that time.”

“I know.  Gary or Lewis is not above asking for favors but lately I haven’t heard of any of us being asked though.”

Jason and I talked a little while longer.  We soon ended up back on the bed and having nice slow sex that was pleasing to both of us.  Feeling Jason in me always was a delight and brought so much joy to my body.  We knew each other so well and knew what now set each other off in the sexual moment.  We dozed off together in the comfort of the luxurious bed after our sex.

Javier opened our door, “Jeff’s back and has a few things to tell us, man.”

Jason and I headed downstairs and sat as far away from Roscoe as possible.  Jeff told the situation and that there was a possibility that Lewis and Gary could be gone for a few days as Lewis was confined to a hospital for a few days with his illness.  Unless Simian and Bill uprooted us, we were staying put until Gary and Lewis came back.  There was a lot of tension between Roscoe and me now.  He enjoyed giving me the eye whenever appropriate.  Jason and I waited in our places until Roscoe headed out the door with Jeff. 

“Roscoe’s nothing now but a fuckin dick, Caleb!” Javier said. “He’s so jealous of you its unreal, man.”

“I know,” I replied. 

“Pedro said he sucker punched you.  Next time you ought to beat his bitch ass to a pulp,” Javier said.

Javier, Pedro, Jason and I headed to the beach for a little fun.  I passed Roscoe on the way down and was met with a ‘go to hell’ look.  He was still steamed and didn’t appear to be letting it go.  Javier had some fresh smoke with him.  The four of us toked on it and enjoyed the feeling while taking in the sun on a cloudy but warm day here in April.  We all just chilled and let the breeze off the water flow across our naked bodies.

The rest of the day, Roscoe and I avoided each other at all costs.  I for one didn’t care if he was pissed.  It would be rough working with him when Gary and Lewis returned but maybe we could patch things up well enough to work peacefully together.

Finally the next day Sunday, I was able to sleep late in months.  Jason was gone when I opened my eyes the next morning, which was right at 10:30.  It felt so good and I felt like a new person.  I headed downstairs and Roscoe was watching television with Jeff.

“Roscoe, we really need to patch things up,” I initiated the dialog.

“Fuck off Caleb!” Roscoe replied back to me sharply with Jeff shrugging his shoulders.

“Okay then.  I’ll be ready whenever you are,” I said.

“You might be waiting a little while, bitch!” Roscoe said.

I knew this was going nowhere in a big hurry.  I headed outside and saw Jason just sitting at the beach alone.  He was now so dark and loved every second he could be in the sun.  I walked slowly up behind and hugged around the back of his neck.

“Finally you are up,” Jason said.

“Yeah I am.  I just tried talking to Roscoe and he just shot me down,” I said and sat next to my lover.

“I know.  Jeff and I talked about this morning.  He says Roscoe wants nothing to do with you now and plans on talking to Gary and Lewis when they get back about one of you changing positions here.”

“Just who is going to take either one of our places?”

“Roscoe said Pedro could give it a try and has some interest in it.”

“That’s fine with me either way.  I was hoping we could at least come to an agreement to where we could at least work together peacefully.  We still have to live together though.”

“Tell me about it.  It won’t be pretty unless something happens.”

Later that day, Pedro came to the beach with scissors in his hand.  I knew what he was up and I was more than willing to get my long hair cut some.  I’d grown to really enjoy it even though it was a bother when I was cooking.  I liked it when my hair was tucked behind my ears but usually it didn’t stay too long.  I showed Pedro the length I wanted and let him cut away.  I could see hair falling on the sand below.  I would have to wait to see his trim job.  Jason was next and just cut off the hair that was curling up and down in his face.  I just hoped Pedro had done as good of job on my hair as Jason’s hair.

I walked back up and found a mirror.  It wasn’t perfect but it would do and did feel a little better.  I could hear clippers going in the house.  Pedro was shaving Javier’s pubes and then let Javier shave his down.  I walked up to them and was next.  It felt so different but liked the trim, neat feeling it gave me.  Jason was next followed by Jeff while Roscoe stayed away.

That night, Simian came down to announce that Gary and Lewis would be home Tuesday for Lewis was doing better with his illness.  I followed Simian up to the main house to check on the emails like Gary had asked.  I had no trouble logging on and found just a few basic inquiries but nothing serious just yet.  I sent off nice return emails thanking them for their interest and returned to the guest house.

When I got nearer to the guest house, I heard screaming.  I looked up and saw Jeff and Roscoe going out with a loud verbal exchange.  I tried my best to just sneak past and knew what it was all about.

“That little bitch there is the problem, not me!” Roscoe pointed directly at me.

“No he isn’t.  You’re insanely jealous because he’s got what you probably wanted,” Jeff said.

“Yeah right! Fuck all of you! My ass is going to sleep alone tonight elsewhere around here,” Roscoe stormed off while I entered the guest house to find Jason and be with him for the night.

“Caleb, just know.  I know you did nothing wrong,” Jeff stopped me. “He’s acting like a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way.”

“Thanks Jeff. He’s been jealous of me ever since the first group and grew even more when he found out I was named coordinator.”

“Well you should have been named coordinator.  You seem to have an uncanny knack for that sort of thing.  The rest of us would make a go at it but you’re definitely most suited for it,” Jeff said in complete control of his emotions after the spat.

We stayed close to the guest house that night and discussed Roscoe until we decided to give it up.  I cooked a quick meal for us and assumed Bill and Simian were managing okay in the main house.  The five of us watched television on the nice flat screen.  Jason and I were cuddled up together and held each other close the entire time.  Pedro found a movie channel on the satellite after we watched some crazy show on MTV.  Jason and I were now stretched out on the couch together with me in front.  After an hour into the movie, I felt Jason’s hard cock slip in my ass unannounced.  I turned my head and smiled at him to tell him it was okay.  Discretely, Jason slowly fucked me while the other three’s attention was on the movie with the lights off.  Jason’s lip found mine while he was buried deep inside me.  I bite my lower lip and remained quiet while feeling so much pleasure.  My attention was no longer on the television instead was swung to Jason.  Finally, I felt a warm blast fill my insides.  Jason just kissed me and kept his cock buried in me while he jacked me off.  I shot my load across my dark stomach and Jason wiped it off to taste it. 

The movie concluded and the other three started milling around and flipped on a light.

“I’ll be damned.  Jason fucked Caleb during that movie,” Javier announced.

We just smiled and kissed.  “It was fucking awesome too Javier,” Jason said.

“I don’t know how the hell you managed to be so quiet, Caleb,” Javier laughed.

“I don’t either but it sure was a great movie,” I smiled.  “I absolutely loved the ending.”

“I bet your ass did.  Attaboy Jason!” Javier said and saw Jason finally pull out of me.  Javier just laughed and went on to grab a beer to finish the night.

Jason and I headed upstairs and ended our night.

I was up the next morning around 8 and heard the shower running.  I pulled open the nice glass door and joined my lover for a romantic morning shower.  After we dried off, we both donned shorts for a change to head downstairs. 

“Look this shit, Caleb,” Pedro motioned me to the window.  “Roscoe is up there with Bill and Simian on the front porch.”

“Oh well, he fits right in with those two,” I laughed and felt my shorts being jerked down.

I turned to see Javier right behind me.  “Much better now,” Javier laughed.

“I thought I would try to have one some clothes for a little while,” I laughed and saw Jason now naked.  He laughed and we just tossed our shorts aside.

Jeff was gone to check out the equipment and make sure everything was running as it should.  He was back shortly to report everything was okay.  We were almost lost as a group for we had three consecutive days of leisure.  We cleaned what was needed in the house and just headed out for a leisurely day. 

Mid-day this Monday, I headed inside to check the emails for Gary.  There was a couple more including one from my friend, Cody.  He wanted to know details of the college week planned.  I quickly set up my personal email like Gary wanted and fired back an email to him with the details.

The door flung open and Roscoe stood at the door with his hands on his hips.  “I’m ready to talk now.”

“Okay,” I replied and didn’t know what to expect.

Roscoe grabbed a chair near me.  “This is just petty foolishness on my part.  Caleb, Bill and Simian made me realize that we are all family and things happen.  I was acting like a child and know you are the best one for the job.  There is no way I have the skill to coordinate and plan the events.  Caleb, you have great imagination and vision like I do in the kitchen.”

“Thanks, Roscoe.  I’m sorry this got so out of hand.”

“Me too.  I just hope I will be able to patch up things with Jeff.”

“I hope you can.”

“I was so jealous of you guys last night.  I just missed being around you and having fun.  Bill and Simian just sat quietly and read a book.  I was bored shitless up here.”

“You didn’t miss much.”

Roscoe gave me a big hug and we appeared to have things patched up.  He left me and headed to the beach to again be one of us.  Bill just winked at me when I left.  I mouthed ‘thanks’ to them on the porch and headed to join them for our last night of freedom.

The next day we waited for the arrival of our two bosses after a short stay on the main island.  We looked across the sea and saw an unfamiliar boat heading towards our island.  The large new boat slowed down when it neared our dock area.  Gary was standing on the front with a broad smile across his face.

“So how do you boys like my new purchase?” Gary bragged.

We all agreed it was very nice and climbed aboard to take a look at the spacious boat.  Jeff looked at us, “He got bored so he spent some more of his money.”

We helped unload the cargo after helping Lewis off the ship.  Lewis didn’t look so hot but better than when left.  It took quite some time to unload the ship of the week’s supplies.

Gary found me milling around after unloading the boat.  “So Caleb, how is our website going?  Do we have any interest generated up to this point?”

“Sir, up to now, the interest has been slower than expected.  We have a few commitments for a few weeks stays and a few for weekends.”

“Oh I don’t care if any one actually comes,” Gary said.

I shot him a look and knew he didn’t mean it. “But sir?”

“Caleb, I was thinking while utterly bored with Lewis.  The excitement really took me over and didn’t let me think properly.  I bought this island as a personal paradise.  If no one wants to come share it with me and Lewis, that is perfectly fine with me.  Besides isn’t living in this paradise just the greatest ever!”

“It sure is, Sir!” I said.


Thanks for reading this fairy-tale dream.  Hope you enjoy it!!



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