Working in Paradise- Chapter 1

Warning:  The usual disclaimers apply here.  If you don’t like any of the following, leave now:  gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this.
This is pure one hundred percent fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.

My mind wondered after I had served Gary and Lewis their evening meal.  It had been a good month and half since this new job started.  Never did I expect to get this job but it just happened.  You see, Gary and Lewis own and live on a private Caribbean Island, good 30 or more minutes from Nassau via boat.  Both are loaded beyond belief and have built what they call the compound.  They have been partners for a good 20 years and now enjoy the good life together in their late 50’s, I think. 

My application for this job here was almost a joke in a way.  I had been a sous chef for a cruise line since graduating culinary school. Life on the boat had gotten old and I more or less figured I would take a job near home which was just outside New Orleans.  With Katrina, my plans had to change somewhat so I applied for this job after scouring the internet.  It was a rather unique interview process done via web cam.  I was one of eight that had applied.  I was the youngest at 23 also the least experienced of the group.  Surprisingly, I was in the top 3 after the others didn’t want the commitment and disliked the rules.  The most important rule was to be gay like Gary and Lewis.  One applicant thought that was of least important and was eliminated out immediately.  The next interview was odd in that we had to appear via webcam shirtless for Gary and Lewis liked their workers fit.  That part was a breeze for me since the cruise ship offered a gym to combat the sheer boredom. 

I went to check on Gary and Lewis to find they were finished and not interested in a dessert, my favorite chocolate mousse.  Instead I returned with their favorite after-meal drink, Gary black strong coffee and Lewis a gin and tonic. 

“Caleb, how are things working out for you so far?” Gary asked in his rather friendly outgoing manner.

“So far, there has been very little to complain about,” I replied.  “How have I done?  Am I meeting expectations?”

“Caleb, I can see a great improvement day by day.  You were a very tough call for us and caused a nice debate among us.  Now it appears we made the correct choice,” Lewis replied while sipping his drink.

“Thank you, sir.  I will clean and then retire to my quarters.  Jason will be on call if needed tonight,” I said and returned to the kitchen to finish the required clean-up.  Both were sticklers for cleanliness, so I made sure everything was spotless and in its properly assigned place.

The walk back to the so called servant quarters was a good 100 yards or so from the main house.  It was somewhat crude but was sufficient quarters for the 8 of us who worked here.  It was a diverse mix of gay men, ranging from late 40’s to twenty years old.  The oldest of the group, Simian, had been with Gary and Lewis from the beginning and was our go-between.  He worked as the butler some what as did his partner Bill.  They pretty much kept order in the quarters.   

Upon entering the quarters, I saw everyone sitting around and seemingly waiting on my arrival. 

Roscoe, the head chef, 28 or so, greeted me once I arrived to check on the meal.  I filled him in that everything was fine.  He planned each meal of the day, so my job was to cook what he had planned.  I shredded my clothes as normal in the quarters and returned to the group. 

“Now that Caleb is here, we can begin.  Gary has informed me that in two weeks we will be hosting college spring breakers here for the first time,” Simian announced to a big groan from us. “It will be for three straight weeks.  This is an experiment to test the waters for them by allowing outsiders the chance to enjoy our island.”

“All I got to say, man, is they better be hot!” Javier, the youngest among us, spoke up.  Javier was of Jamaican decent but grew up in South Florida.  He was a hard worker and had a good body, not great, to show for it.  

“If you would let me finish, Javier, then you will know,” Simian said smartly and annoyed by the interruption.  “As you might guess, we will be slammed.  This means everyone will be asked to do things they didn’t sign up for such as helping serve meals, cleaning the guest houses, escorting tours, etc.  We are expected to be on our best behavior for these young men are paying nicely for this experience.”

“Simian, will be asked to provide personal services as well?” Jason asked.  Jason was my roommate and things were beginning to click between us romantically at least I thought so.  We were compatible in a lot of ways and values but mostly sexually compatible.

“Jason, I’m afraid if one asked then yes you will be asked to provide services for the young men but only with complete safety,” Simian answered.

Roscoe piped up, “Looks like you and Bill will be lonely those weeks.” 

“We will not be available,” Bill said.  “We are already told Gary and Lewis no way.”

“That’s some shit, man!” Javier exclaimed.

“Mr. Caribbean Stud here is complaining.  He’s by far the horniest one in the group and loves fucking hot guys!” Roscoe said.  Javier just smiled as we all agreed with Roscoe. 

The rest of the meeting was basic general discussion about the upcoming arrivals.  Then the gripe session began with most complaining to Simian about this or that.  I just stayed quiet and listened since I had been here the shortest time.  Personally, I had nothing to complain about and enjoyed the way things were going.

Just as the meeting ended, Jason was summoned to the main house.  Roscoe and his mate, Jeff, broke out the liquor to begin drinking while Javier and Pedro, his mate and age, left to enjoy some freshly harvested smoke.  Gary and Lewis were very open-minded about things as long as it didn’t interfere with job performance.  Rumor was they let one guy go they caught smoking on the job.

In about 20 minutes, Jason came back to the house.  I could tell something wasn’t right with him when he walked back in.

“Caleb, can we go for a walk?” Jason asked.

I sat down my drink and followed Jason.  We passed Javier and Pedro smoking near the quarters.  Jason took a quick hit as did I.  One hit usually did me good of the strong smoke. 

“What’s on your mind, Jason?” I said as we held hands.

“A lot actually. I’ll tell you at the beach,” Jason said.  We made our way down the dirt path to one of the nice beaches I had ever seen.  At night, it was so peaceful with the waves gently crashing into the beach and rolling back out.  Jason and I grabbed a double lounger and pulled it onto the white sand.

“Is something wrong?” I asked once we sat down close to each other.

“Caleb, my contract is up in six weeks.  Lewis needs to know whether I’m staying or not.  I’m about ready to leave here and return to the states for a regular life,” Jason said in his southern draw.  He was from Alabama and so cute with his brown hair and big smile.  His body was sculpted like a fitness model with a nice chest and washboard abs in his V-shaped torso.  He was the fittest guy here even though we were all fit to a degree, except for Simian and Bill. 

“I don’t know what to say.  Personally, I wish you would stick around but I understand that this could get old,” I replied while stroking his defined chest.

“Caleb, you’ve just been a short time.  Most of this is great but it does it old at times.  If not for you, I would have ended it right then but I think we might have something going.  The pay is decent but there’s really no future here.  Gary and Lewis will get old and die some day, then what?”

“Jason, I just look at this as gaining experience for my future.  In two years, I’m more than likely will be gone from here too. I too hope we have something going that is real.”

We talked just the two of us in the quiet of the beach.  A half full moon provided light for us. After a good talk, we kissed and made out their in the loungers.  The spark like no other went off between us.  Jason fucked me with his 7 and half inch thick cut dick after we exchanged blow jobs and he rimmed my small ass.  The feeling of Jason’s meat in me was heavenly there under the stars on the beach.  One thing Jason had was endurance during sex.  My fucked ass was raw and numb by the time he spilled his juices deep in me.  My hole felt empty when he exited though filled with his cum.

We woke in the middle of the night.  A cool ocean breeze chilled our naked bodies.  We made the journey to the quarters and easily went back to sleep.

Mornings at the island started at 6:30 for all of us.  Gary and Lewis expected us to be on the job at 7:30.  To wake up completely, Jason and I rolled out of bed and headed to the showers.  The showers were outside, very crude and open with 3 shower heads to accommodate us.  Jason and I got out there only to find Javier fucking the hell out of Pedro with his big uncut meat there in the shower.  It wasn’t unusual to find Javier fucking someone, even I had experience the feel of his big meat.  Jason turned on the water for us while Javier exploded inside Pedro. Javier pulled out his cum covered 10 inches.  Jason and I got on our knees and cleaned it good while Javier licked Pedro’s ass.  It sure was a great way to start the morning.

That morning, I helped Roscoe in the kitchen to start the day.  After breakfast, he lined out the remaining meals for the day.  We alternated days so today was my day to attend to other duties at the compound.  Today was a little different for Gary and Lewis wanted to make it official about the upcoming visitors. 

We all gathered in the dining hall after breakfast.  They were brief and to the point.  They just stressed how everything was to be pristine and a Caribbean paradise like no other for our gay college boys.  No one spoke and we returned to our duties.  For me, the day would be laundry and helping out Simian where he saw needed.  The main house was always sparkling clean for Gary and Lewis while they retired to their office upstairs to work the computers, overseeing mainland business ventures. 

At 3, my day was done at the house.  I checked around to see if I was needed elsewhere but wasn’t.  I shed my shorts and headed to the beach to enjoy a little afternoon of sun.  The water was still rather cool for mid February, so a swim was out of the question.  If nothing else in a short time, I could see my skin already tanning while everyone else was golden brown or just plain dark like Pedro and Javier.  Jason, Jeff and Pedro soon joined me at the beach after their work was complete.  Being a Friday and working basic upkeep and maintenance on the island, they were finished for the week unless something went wrong or we had guest.  Needless to say, their party started then while I had to cook the following day.  In the short time I was there, the parties could either be very calm or just plain nuts. 

Jason gave me a sweet kiss and sat next to me.  “Have you made up your mind, yet?” I asked.

“I’ve had a good chance to think about it all day while trimming and other shit.  Unless I have a change of heart, I think I’ll just stay where I am.  Caleb, I really don’t have anything lined up back home, so I would be unemployed,” Jason said.

“That sounds good to me,” I smiled.

Javier came down to the beach and saw us kissing, “Boyfriends already?”

“Well, maybe,” Jason replied.  It wasn’t uncommon to form a bond with someone but no one liked to admit the relationship was romantic.

This Friday night turned out to be rather quiet by our standards.  Simian and Bill watched over us and did join in a little drinking to end the week.  We all stayed at the beach until late even having some fresh grilled fish Javier and Jeff caught on their weekly fishing voyage.   Having fresh caught seafood was a great advantage and one part that didn’t get old to anyone.

Roscoe missed most of the fun but joined us after finishing with his cooking duties.  This night, I joined Javier and got pretty lit from his stuff.  I did that so I wouldn’t be hung-over the next day.  Jason loved it when I got stoned as it made me very horny.  Again we stayed on the beach to have sex that night while the others had an orgy at the quarters.

Jason and I made our way up to the quarters after a great long passionate fuck session.  My ass was still burning but felt so good after taking all Jason had.  The smell of cum filled our nostrils when we opened the door.  Roscoe was riding Javier on the couch and moaning to no end.  We just headed to our bed and were fast asleep despite the loud snoring of Bill and Simian, just over in the next room.


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