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The night was finally winding down as the last two beers were handed around for everyone to take a drink. All of the guys were sitting on the decking at the back of Bishop’s lake house since it had stopped raining and they were sick of being inside, having spent most of the day either in cars or cooped up in the house. Some of the guys were in the various chairs, some just on the decking itself, some on the steps leading down to the garden, with another couple lying topless on the damp grass.

“Well,” Bishop said, “I’m beat. It’s been a fucking awesome day but I really need to get some shut eye now.”

“Me too, man,” Shawn agreed.

“You all sorted with the sleeping arrangements?” Bishop checked. When they all nodded he smiled. “Good. So Shawn, you’re sharing with me. Us straight guys have to stick together.”

“That’s what Kris and Colt said last year and look what happened!” Scott shouted, laughing his ass off.

“Fuck that shit!” Shawn chuckled. “We’d better lock the door, make sure none of these guys get any ideas.”

“Don’t flatter yourself,” Corey laughed.

Bishop and Shawn headed inside and went upstairs to the room they were sharing. Next to leave were Scott and Jordy who had won the toss to get a bedroom for the night. They were holding hands as Scott said their goodbyes and Jordy waved before heading up to their room.

“Two guesses on what those two will be getting up to tonight,” Colt smiled.

“We don’t need two guesses, dude,” Myles said, “It’s pretty obvious, and that’s without hearing them going at it. We know from the campsite that Scott’s a screamer.”

All the guys laughed at that.

“You heard it too?” Corey asked.

“Ted and I thought he was injured or something. We stuck our heads out of the tent but it was near total darkness so we couldn’t see anything. Ted actually headed out to check he was alright but he was soon back saying all he could hear from all of your tents was groaning.”

The guys all looked around at each other with smiles on their faces, their cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“I guess you get used to the near soundproof walls back at the dorms,” Corey smiled, leaning in to kiss Matt.

“Hey, I don’t mind what y’all do, just don’t do it with me in the room,” Myles smiled.

“There goes our plan for the night,” Corey joked. “Here was me and Matt hoping to tag team you and Colt.”

“Touch me and you’ll know about it,” Myles chuckled.

“That would be a fight to see,” Colt laughed. “You two built fuckers going at it.”

“Damn Colt,” Matt said. “Why did you have to put that image in my head.”

“What image?”

“Corey and Myles going at it…” Matt said with a wink.

Colt laughed and Myles just shook his head.

“I’m so glad I came here with y’all. You guys are a fucking trip,” Myles smiled. “Still, I think I’m gonna call it a night.”

“Me too,” Colt said. “You know Kris here, he’ll have us up at the crack of dawn.”

“I guess it’s too much to ask for a lie in?” Myles asked.

“It’s Spring Break! We’re supposed to be up early, out all day and then party all night,” Kris smiled. “And you know where we’re heading tomorrow…”

“I’d better get to bed then,” Myles said, “Night y’all.”

“Right behind ya,” Colt said, getting up and heading inside. “See ya in the morning.”

Corey looked at Matt and motioned toward the door with his head. Matt nodded. “We’re gonna head in too guys.”

“Have fun!” Kris smiled.

“Myles doesn’t know what he’s missing,” Corey winked, reaching down to grab the bulge in Matt’s shorts.

“Yeah, I know,” Kris smiled as he watched them disappear inside.

“Should we head in too?” Jess asked.

Kris looked at Brad, “I’m good out here for a little while. You two can go up if you want to though.”

“No, it’s cool, we’ll hang out here a bit longer.” Brad said.

“Great,” Kris said, absentmindedly reaching down to scratch his abs, a move that didn’t go unnoticed by Brad and Jess who took the opportunity to admire the hot body before them. “We are totally cool now, right Brad?”

“For about the tenth time yes.” Brad sighed. “Things got heated earlier but we’ve sorted it all out now. I can’t really blame you for what happened and I see that you’re a different person now, so let’s just forget it, yeah?”

“Cool. I just can’t help feeling guilty. I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you.”

“You already have, but if you really wanna make it up to me…” Brad smirked.

“What?” Kris asked.

Brad stepped forward, placing a hand on Kris’ hard chest. They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment and then Brad leaned in, pressing his lips against Kris’. At first Kris didn’t kiss back but when he felt Brad’s tongue run across his lips he opened up and melted into the kiss, giving back as good as he got.

Wrapping his arms around Kris, Brad ran his hands up and down Kris’ muscular back. He could feel the hard traps and delts so clearly defined beneath the skin and was in awe because it was very rare he had ever seen that, let alone got to feel it. Kris was a total stud.

He reached a hand up and ran it through Kris’ long blond hair, pushing it away from his beautiful face and big blue eyes. Staring into the eyes of his former best friend he leaned forward again for another kiss, feeling the growing stubble on Kris’ face rub against the smooth skin of his own chin, making him shiver.

Kris had his arms around Brad, his hands resting firmly on Brad’s hot ass. As they continued to kiss, Kris kept squeezing the cheeks, massaging and kneading them in his strong hands, letting Brad feel his strength.

Feeling a little more adventurous, Kris moved his hand up and slipped it into the back of Brad’s shorts so he was touching the skin on Brad’s ass. Gently he ran his finger up and down the crack, teasing it ever so slightly while Brad moaned into his mouth and clung to him.

Kris could feel Brad’s huge dick, which was still trapped inside his shorts, pushing up against his own, so he started to grind their hips together so their cocks came into contact and slid up and down against each other.

“Damn, that’s hot.”

It was Jess’ voice. Kris and Brad had been so caught up in their kiss and in exploring each other’s bodies that they had forgotten Jess was even there.

Jess was sitting on the decking, his back against the wall of the house with his shorts down around his knees and he was stroking his hard cock as he watched the two hot guys in front of him make out.

Kris and Brad broke their kiss and looked at each other. A mischievous grin appeared on Kris’ face and he let go of Brad, turning his attention toward Jess. He moved forward slowly as Jess’ hand froze on his cock.

Kris leaned down and took hold of Jess’ shorts, quickly pulling them completely off of Jess’ legs before Jess even had a chance to protest, leaving him completely naked with his throbbing cock leaking precum all over his hand.

Brad was soon next to Kris and they both dropped to their knees on either side of Jess. Brad leaned in to kiss Jess on the lips, like he had done so many times over the previous week, his hand on Jess’ chest rubbing his pecs and squeezing his nipples.

Meanwhile Kris turned his attention to the scars on Jess’ body, and poking just the tip of his tongue out of his mouth, he started tracing the shape of some of them, occasionally kissing the skin, feeling Jess shiver against his lips.

When Kris pulled up he saw Jess looking down at him. He was trembling. Brad had one hand on Jess’ chest while the other reached up to wipe a tear from Jess’ eye.

“What’s the matter?” Kris asked, concerned.

Jess took a moment to compose himself before speaking, “It’s just that ever since what happened I have felt like I was damaged goods and no one would ever find me sexy again.”

“But I find you incredibly sexy,” Brad said, kissing Jess’ cheek.

“And so do I, Jess,” Kris said, returning his tongue to one of the scars.

“Fuck!” Jess moaned. “Yes, but no one has ever made me feel like those scars are something special. That’s exactly what you’ve just done, Kris. You made me feel so hot and sexy and wanted and I just got overwhelmed.”

Kris sat back and smiled at Jess. He moved his finger so the tip was just touching one of the scars. “Wear these like a badge of honour, Jess. Like the tattoo I have on my chest. It represents something that was so painful in my life and which nearly destroyed me, but I survived it and it made me stronger, these are the same for you. And honestly, I think they’re kind of sexy. It’s like some funky tattoo, only without the ink.”

Jess felt all warm inside. Kris had always been a good friend but in that moment no one had ever made him feel better or more confident in himself as Kris had. He sat up fully, reached forward and pulled Kris into a long kiss, finally getting to taste the number one stud he had lusted after but never really had a chance to be with.

When Jess broke the kiss and licked his lips, Kris stood up quickly and pulled his shorts off so he too was naked. Jess and Brad gasped as they looked up at Kris whose entire body was highlighted by the moonlight. His long, dirty blond hair hung around his face with a strand sticking to his forehead due to the little bit of sweat that had started to build up on his body was he was running his tongue over Jess’ stomach. The stubble on his jaw made it look all the more chiselled and gave him an added masculine edge that made their dicks throb, wanting him to just take them. His big, hard pecs were rising up and down with his breath, the nipples standing out against skin that was just beginning to tan with the exposure to the sun it had been getting. The 8 pack abs on his stomach looked so tight and almost appeared to jump out of his skin. They both wanted to run their hands and tongues over each of those eight compact muscles. But the real prize was the 7 inch cut cock that pulsed and stood out from Kris’ body, a drop of precum glistening on the tip.

Neither Brad nor Jess could take it anymore. They both got up onto their knees and crawled along the decking until they were level with Kris’ cock. Briefly looking at each other with a smile, they licked their lips and leaned forward, each running their tongue up one side of Kris’ shaft until their mouths met at the tip and they kissed around the head of Kris’ dick, their tongue battling over who got the drop of precum while their hands ran up and over his abs.

Kris had to place his hands on their heads to steady himself. He couldn’t believe the hunger and passion with which the two guys attacked his cock with their mouths. They were licking it up and down, both working the shaft, one running their tongue up and down the shaft while the other sucked the head into his mouth and caressed the tip with his tongue.

Brad took Kris into his mouth and sucked him deep while Jess moved further down and started to lick at Kris’ balls, taking one into his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue, gently pulling on the sack and loving the sound of Kris’ moans as his fist tightened around the hair in his hand.

Kris soon felt himself getting close but he wasn’t anywhere near ready to cum. Receiving a blowjob from these two guys outside on the decking of Bishop’s house was too good an experience to let it end with a quick cum shot.

He reached down and pulled Brad off his cock, which was quite hard to do because Brad had all seven inches of Kris’ cock in his mouth, with the head lodged deep in his throat. Pulling Brad into a kiss, Kris reached down and pushed Brad’s shorts to the floor. He then took hold of Jess’ head and pushed him forward until he was sucking Brad’s huge cock into his mouth.

Kris stepped back for a moment and was stunned. Brad’s dick was enormous. He had thought that Matt was big, and then having experienced Garrett he didn’t really think a cock could get much bigger, but Brad’s dick was obscene, he had to be 11 inches when hard and Kris now wondered what he had gotten himself in to.

Jess had experience with Brad’s monster cock though and quickly went to work on it, swallowing the first 8 or 9 inches with no problem at all. It was only when he tried to bury his nose in Brad’s pubes that he started to gag. It was just too big.

Kris kneeled down and pushed Jess’ mouth off of Brad’s dick. He then turned Brad toward him and wrapped his hand around the base of the cock. It didn’t even cover half of it. Wrapping his second hand around the shaft, placing it directly on top of the other hand, Kris gasped when the head was still visible. How could anyone take that cock in his ass?

Not even wanting to attempt to suck the cock into his mouth for fear he might choke, Kris started moving his hands, slowly jerking Brad’s big cock. When Brad started to moan Kris leaned in and put his lips around the head, using his tongue to lap at it, only then taking more of it into his mouth, but his hands were still firmly on the shaft so he was comfortable in knowing that the dick couldn’t be forced into his mouth.

He bobbed up and down on the cock for a minute or two, before pulling off and running his tongue up and down the length. It seemed to take forever to lick from the tip to the base of the dick and Kris could just not believe the size of Brad’s cock.

Kris had been so caught up in sucking Brad’s cock that he hadn’t notice Jess sneak into the house to get some lube and some condoms. Kris felt his dick throb with the thought that they were actually going to fuck outside. It wasn’t just going to be blowjobs on the decking, they were going to fuck.

Jess handed Brad one of the condoms and then dropped down onto his hands and knees at the top of the steps leading down into the garden. He poured lube into his hand and started massaging it into his ass, pushing his fingers inside to lube up his entrance.

Within seconds Brad had moved so he was kneeling on the step behind Jess. He rolled a magnum condom down his hard cock, but it didn’t reach all the way to the base and Kris was still in shock as he watched Brad lube up the bat that was about to hit a home run on Jess’ ass.

Kris continued to stare as Brad ran his hand up and down his massive cock, getting as much lube spread over it as possible. Brad then moved forward and pressed the tip of his cock against Jess’ ass.

Jess moaned and pushed his ass back against Brad, who pushed forward at the same time so the head of his cock sank into the tight ass. Immediately Jess’ breathing became erratic as his body tried to get used to the invasion.

Try as he might, Kris just couldn’t take his eyes off of Brad’s dick as it slowly moved deeper and deeper into Jess’ ass, eliciting more moans as it disappeared between the ass cheeks. There was just no way Jess could take all of that.

Still, Brad held firm to Jess’ hips and continued the slow journey into his ass. When about half of the cock was buried inside Jess, Brad turned his attention to Kris and pulled his cock back out so Kris could see just how much of the cock had already been inside of Jess, with another five inches were still outside.

Brad then pushed his hips forwards again, sliding his dick back inside Jess’ ass. Jess was panting now and was trying to grip onto the decking beneath his clenched fists. The part of Brad’s dick that had already been inside him slid back in easily. Jess then moaned and threw his head back as Brad kept pushing forward so that seven inches of his cock was deep inside. Then eight… nine…

“Holy fuck,” Kris said. “I can’t believe he can take that much dick.”

“He’s had practice at taking it. Believe me, it wasn’t always this easy. He could take the rest of me but I can’t risk pushing the final two inches in ‘cause it’ll push the condom inside him.”

“I think that’s enough. Fuck man, if I stick my dick in his mouth our cocks will probably meet.”

“Give it a try,” Brad smiled, motioning toward Jess’ head.

Kris smiled and moved around so his throbbing cock was in front of Jess’ face. Jess looked up at him and quickly moved his mouth to start sucking on Kris’ cock.

Brad watched Jess take more and more of Kris into his mouth and didn’t move, wanting Jess to get used to the huge cock in his ass. When Jess started bobbing up and down on Kris’ cock with added enthusiasm though, he knew Jess was ready.

Gently withdrawing his dick from Jess’ ass, pulling seven inches back, which still left two inches inside Jess, he then plunged back in, hearing Jess yelp, which was thankfully muffled by his mouth being full of Kris’ cock.

Brad then held on to Jess’ hips, and after no more than a minute of long dicking his ass, he just started to fuck it hard, drilling his hips forward to drive his cock deeper and deeper into Jess. He wished he could force all of it inside but it didn’t matter because the ass was contracting around his cock, squeezing and milking his dick. It felt so good.

Kris now had his hands on Jess’ head and was thrusting into his mouth, fucking his face. Brad felt his dick throb as he watched Kris do that because the muscles in his arms that were holding on to Jess’ head were huge and almost popped out of the skin. With every forward thrust the amazing abs tightened and looked even more defined. Kris was the sexiest guy Brad had ever seen. He couldn’t believe his best friend in elementary school had turned out to be such a stud.

Those thoughts and the image of Kris fucking Jess’ face made Brad’s dick throb and further fuelled his desires. He held even tighter to Jess’ hips, digging his nails into the skin as he pounded away at Jess’ ass. Had Kris’ dick not been muffling the screams they would have woken up everyone in the house, or at least alerted them to what was going on.

Brad continued to nail Jess deep, pulling him back onto his cock as hard as he could, their skin slapping together, the sound seemingly echoing out into the night, and his balls bounced off Jess’ ass.

Feeling the sudden urge to change position, Brad pulled his dick out of Jess’ ass and dragged him across the decking, away from Kris’ dripping dick, until Jess was on his side, his ass hanging over the edge of the decking with Brad standing barefoot in the damp grass beneath. Lifting Jess’ leg up onto his shoulder, Brad shoved his dick back inside Jess’ ass and picked up right where he left off, drilling his ass.

Kris still couldn’t believe that Jess could actually take Brad’s huge cock, but his own dick was still throbbing and needed attention so he crawled across the decking until his knees were either side of Jess’ head and he pushed his dick back in Jess’ mouth.

As he fucked down into Jess’ welcoming mouth he leaned over to suck Jess’ own hard cock, bobbing up and down on it, while his eyes were focused on Brad’s dick as it slid in and out of Jess’ ass.

Both Brad and Kris could feel Jess start to tense up under them, with Kris feeling it even more when Jess’ dick began to swell in his mouth and he knew Jess was close.

Kris jumped up off Jess, pulling his dick from Jess’ mouth as Brad fucked his big dick into Jess even harder, pushing Jess over the edge as he threw his head back against the deck and bit his lip to muffle the scream that came when his dick exploded all over his stomach from the stimulation of the dick in his ass and the blowjob he had just received from Kris.

Brad held his dick deep inside Jess as his hole tightened around the invading cock, squeezing it and milking it almost to the point that Brad couldn’t take any more, but he managed to hold off, thinking maybe he would get the chance to fuck Kris’ ass.

Little did he know that Kris had other ideas. While Jess was still thrashing around and jerking from an incredible orgasm, and while Brad was enjoying the feeling of the ass wrapped around his cock, Kris had picked up a condom, ripped open the wrapper and had it rolled down his cock, spreading lube all over it.

Jess collapsed back against the decking, completely spent, covered in the cum that shot from his dick all over his body. He was panting hard and was so happy that he had agreed to join his friends on the trip. It was worth it just for the hot sex.

Brad slowly pulled his dick out of Jess’ ass and only then noticed that Kris seemed to have disappeared. Just as he turned around to see where Kris was he felt the strong arms wrap around him and lift him up onto the decking, flipping him over so he was on his back.

Kris was standing on the grass just below the decking which gave him the perfect positioning and angle as he lifted Brad’s legs up onto his shoulder and pushed his dick inside Brad’s tight ass before Brad even knew what was going on.

Brad moaned and his ass clenched around Kris’ dick as it pushed further inside him. Kris felt as though his dick was going to get snapped off because Brad’s ass was so tight and clamped down on his dick so hard.

“Holy fuck, Kris,” Brad groaned. “Give a guy a little warning, next time.”

“Sorry, man, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Kris said, holding still with nearly three quarters of his dick inside Brad.

“No need to be sorry, your dick feels good in my ass, I just wasn’t prepared that’s all. Give me a second to adjust and then I want you to fuck me hard.”

“That I can do,” Kris smiled.

He waited for about 30 seconds until he felt Brad relax and then he pushed the rest of his dick into Brad’s ass until he bottomed out. Leaving it there for a few seconds he then pulled back until his dick popped out of Brad’s ass and then guiding it with his hand he drove it back in.

Brad threw his arm over his face and bit into his skin to muffle the scream as Kris started drilling his ass. Kris wasn’t hurting him in any way but he was being damn rough and it wasn’t something that Brad was used to. Even so it was quite a turn on. Kris was literally man handling him and was taking what he wanted from Brad and it gave Brad such an adrenaline rush. It was something he’d always wanted but there was never anyone he knew who would give it to him who wasn’t some random hook up. Kris was that man.

Kris used the muscles in his arms and his strength to hold on tight to Brad’s legs, which were still up on his shoulders and he pulled them toward him as he thrust forward, driving his dick into Brad as he pulled him back to achieve maximum penetration.

Kris was overwhelmed with desire and he just couldn’t stop himself. He pushed Brad’s legs off his shoulders, hooking his arms under the knees so he could push the legs forward to give him better access to Brad’s ass as it lifted up off the decking.

Rising up onto his tiptoes Kris then used all his power and body weight to drill Brad harder than he’d ever fucked anyone in his life. He couldn’t believe the animalistic feelings that were running through him as he continued to pound Brad’s ass into submission.

Brad’s voice was caught in his throat but he was moaning constantly as Kris drove his dick harder and harder into his ass, hitting his prostate again and again until he couldn’t take it any longer.

He reached his hand down, pulled off the condom that was still on his dick and started jerking his cock. He had never felt the need to cum so strongly in his entire life. He felt like he was going to pass out or like his cock would actually shoot like a rocket off his body because it was so hard.

He threw back his head and his mouth was quickly covered by Jess’, who slid his tongue into Brad’s mouth because he knew the sound that would have rung out into the night had he not done something to quieten the scream that rose from Brad’s chest and left his lips when his cock started spewing cum into the air like it was an erupting volcano.

Throughout Brad’s orgasm, as he thrashed around on the decking, held down by Jess, who had Brad’s shoulders pinned to the ground as they kissed, Kris continued to fuck away, never letting up on the thrusts into his old best friend’s ass.

Feeling the cum bubbling up in his balls Kris quickly pulled out of Brad, removed the condom and with just a few strokes started firing shot after shot of cum all over Brad’s stomach and dick, coating the cock and balls with a thick layer of cum.

Kris had to lean forward to brace himself against the decking as he came down from his orgasm and his breathing returned to normal.

Brad and Jess were lying together, holding each other and kissing. Both were covered in cum.

Kris smiled and climbed up on the deck to join them. He kissed Jess first and then leaned down to make out with Brad.

“How was that for an apology?” Kris asked.

“Holy fuck, Kris, if that’s how you apologise we need to fight more often,” Brad smiled, still trying to catch his breath.

Kris laughed, “Well I’d better be getting inside. They’ll all be wondering where I got to.”

“Night, Kris, and thank you,” Brad smiled.

“My pleasure,” Kris chuckled as he got up and walked into the house, wiping the sweat from his body with his shorts, glad there was no cum on him that he would have to explain.

He entered the main room where he was sleeping with Matt, Corey, Colt and Myles. The idea of sleeping in one of the chairs wasn’t the most appealing but he was so tired from the sex he knew he would be able to sleep anywhere.

Sure enough, just as he heard Jess and Brad make their way back, he drifted off into a very contented sleep.


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