A short tie-in chapter by Big D to go with Sophomore 78

Corey’s POV.

Spring Break had been so much fun. There is nothing better than spending time with some of your closest friends, just kicking back and having fun with them. Having an amazing boyfriend there as well, joining in with most of the fun, makes it even better.

Camping had been a total blast, despite the strange episode Kris had, but when we went to Bishop’s house things just seemed to pick up that little bit more. I think it might have been the more intimate setting, being that we were at a house and could totally relax. Either that or it could have been the running water, flushable toilets, proper food and, for Kris especially, the nude beach.

I was a bit apprehensive about us going at first. It had nothing to do with my body, which I am so proud of, if anything I was looking forward to showing it off to see what other people thought of me and to get a bit of gratification that all the hard work I put in has paid off. I know I get that at the Rec and college, but I’m never sure if that’s just because most of them envy me and don’t have my build. Adults could look at me totally differently.

The real reason I was nervous was because I wasn’t sure I would be able to control myself and would get shown up in front of potentially hundreds of people. Usually that isn’t a problem. I live with three incredibly hot guys and have more coming and going from our dorm. I see some stunning guys working out in the Rec, a few who have even come on to me, but I’ve never returned the flirtation because I have no desire to be with anyone but Matt. I am able to keep my cock under control in most situations, but when my cock starts to grow in my pants or shorts it is easy to cover up, when you’re naked it’s a different story, and I didn’t want anyone thinking I was a pervert.

As it turned out I didn’t have to worry. There were some hot guys, no doubt about it, but none of them had me lusting after them so I was able to relax and enjoy myself. One of the best parts was going into the water with Kris, Colt and Myles. I loved playing around with those guys because they made me feel like I was just one of the boys and we were all equal. It’s all I ever wanted from a group of guys, because I knew I wasn’t much different, but I never got the chance to have that in high school and was so happy I was finally experiencing it.

Sexually, the trip was nothing out of the ordinary and there was no experimentation or mixing with other couples on our part like I thought there might have been. I wasn’t hoping for anything like that and wasn’t upset when it was just me and Matt, but I was a little shocked some of the other guys restrained themselves, or at least didn’t involve us in their encounters. I did notice quite a few used condoms in one of the bins one morning while we were camping, but that’s to be expected with horny young guys. Matt and I would have used our fair share if we still used them.

The only time we actually saw another couple together was when Brennan and Garrett sucked each other off not that far away from where me and Matt were doing the same thing. There was a lot of kissing with various couples, but all the sex was done inside the tents or in the bedrooms, unless anyone decided to be adventurous.

Saying that, we did hear Scott and Jordy going at it last night, but we didn’t see them. It wasn’t that we could hear any words, if in fact there were any, I’m not sure how sex with a deaf guy would go since I’ve never heard Jordy talk and I’m not even sure he can, but we heard the bed knocking against the wall for what must have been about 45 minutes.

So far at Bishop’s house Matt and I had been rather lucky in the coin toss to see who got the bedrooms, only missing out the first night. Bishop got one, obviously, since it was his house and he let Shawn sleep in with him. Myles didn’t want to share a bed with anyone so he declared that the sofa was his and no one argued. Scott and Jordy got a room the first two nights but were out with Myles tonight, so there wouldn’t be any more knocking. That is of course unless Kris and Colt get it on since it’s their first night having a bed.

God that thought is hot. Ever since seeing them actually going at it the morning after Colt’s birthday when they were in the living room and didn’t care that we were watching I have had quite a few hot dreams about them. Don’t get me wrong, I have no real desire to be with either of them even though they’re hot as hell, Matt is all I’ll ever need, which is why I’ve let Matt fuck them both and have never tried to have sex with either of them, although Kris did fuck me last year.

Cheating on Matt had been a reality check and I didn’t want to ever screw things up with him. Yes we had fucked other people since, though only Scott, Kris and Colt to my knowledge, but we always come back to each other and I truly believe we’re meant to be together.

All thoughts quickly left my mind as I felt Matt slide his hand up my body. We were naked in bed, under the sheets, saying we would just go to sleep and we could always have sex when we woke up in the morning. I guess he had changed his mind because as he turned onto his side to kiss me and his hand was still roaming over my chest, his hard dick brushed against my thigh.

I smiled and pulled him into my arms, dragging his body on top of mine so our cocks were together, mine rapidly growing hard as our lips met and his tongue slid into my mouth. Gently we started humping against each other.

“I thought we were giving it a miss tonight,” I said, smiling as I pulled back from kiss.

“I know I said that but I can’t let our last night together for a few days go without us making love,” Matt smiled, kissing me again.

I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. We kissed again and then got up to go to the bathroom to clean ourselves up a little. I saw Kris coming out of the bathroom and his dick looked to be semi hard. I smiled as he disappeared into the room he was sharing with Colt, knowing they would likely be fucking at the same time Matt and I were. It was such a hot thought, but I didn’t tell Matt because I know how much he worries about Kris, even though Kris having sex with Colt wasn’t hurting anyone.

I put the thought out of my mind when I felt Matt’s hard dick pushing against my back. I could have let him just push it inside but we’d had bareback sex before when we weren’t clean and it wasn’t the nicest experience, I mean it was great during, but afterwards it made you realise that it’s still an ass you’re fucking.

We quickly showered and did what we needed to. Most of the time we were kissing and our hands were all over each other. As soon as we were ready we dried ourselves off as quickly as possible and ran down the hallway to our room.

Almost as soon as I was in the door Matt spun me around and pushed me back onto the bed, dropping to his knees and quite literally swallowing my thick cock. He was really hungry for it tonight.

His hands ran up and down my big thighs as he pulled his mouth off my dick and used his tongue to run it up and down the shaft, moving down to suck one of my balls into his mouth and then rising up my shaft again until he was circling the head with his tongue.

He was so good at sucking dick. I would have been happy to just let him carry on giving me a blowjob until I shot my load in his mouth, but I hadn’t cleaned my ass out for it to then go unused. His big dick was going deep inside me.

Wanting to let him know that I was ready for it, his sucking having taken me to the edge, I lay back on the mattress and pulled my legs up, exposing my ass to him. Matt ran his tongue down my shaft, over my balls and continued on until his face was buried between my muscular ass cheeks and his tongue was probing at my hole, trying to push its way in.

The feelings in my ass were so good and I thrashed my head from side to side, trying not to moan too loudly. When that thought went through my mind I looked over to the wall that joined our room to the one Kris and Colt were sharing and realised that unlike the previous night the bed wasn’t knocking against the wall. Either I was wrong or Kris and Colt were actually smart enough to pull the bed out so it didn’t make as much noise.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted when Matt slid a finger inside me, pushing lube into me and making me gasp, arching my back and sending my ass back onto the finger. He fucked me with the finger and quickly added a second because he knew I could take it. He worked me up so good I was begging to be fucked.

“Please Matt, fuck me baby,” I pleaded.

Matt chuckled with my balls in his mouth. He was teasing me and my cock was literally throbbing and twitching, with precum leaking out of it.

“You want me to fuck you?” Matt asked.

“I want it so bad,” I moaned. “I want you to shove that big dick inside me and fuck my brains out like only you can.”

Matt smiled. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby. You’ll need the next two days away from my cock to recover.”

“Fuck yeah, Matt, give it to me,” I moaned.

He stood up, rubbing lube all over his hot 8 inch cock that I loved so much and then pulled me toward him so my ass was hanging over the edge of the bed. Then he lifted my big legs up onto his shoulders and took his long cock in his hand, positioning it at my ass and then pushing inside in one deep thrust.

“OOOO Fuck me.” I screamed and I was sure I heard exactly the same thing being shouted in the other room. Either Kris or Colt was getting fucked just like I was. My ass twitched.

“Yeah, baby, I love fucking your hot ass,” Matt said, pulling his dick out of me and then plunging it back inside, quickly picking up speed until he was really fucking me.

“I love your big dick fucking me, Matt. Feels so good. Fuck me harder. Deeper!”

His cock was really doing a number on my ass, just sliding in and out with ease, like it was meant to fit inside me so perfectly. We were joined as one with his cock pummelling my prostate.

I placed my feet on Matt’s chest and used my legs to push him backwards and forwards, which helped build up a good rhythm for his thrusts inside me, which got harder and faster.

Words can’t describe how good getting fucked bare by the man you love is. The sex we had with condoms was amazing, but when you go bare it makes it that much more special because you know that you trust each other completely and there is a real feeling of commitment. I know that Matt loves me so much he trusts me with his life and I feel the same about him. Whenever he’s fucked the other guys he’s always been safe and never risked it once, not even with Kris, yet the only time we have used condoms in the past year was when we were joined by someone else.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my insides, even with the layer of lubricant I felt every inch of him, every vein and bump on his cock, the ridges on the beautiful head of his dick, the softest and sweetest part on top of the warm, hard shaft that was moving through me.

Each thrust sent his spongy tip crashing into my prostate and I began to whimper, my ass contracting and my dick throbbing. Matt must have sensed it and didn’t want me to cum because he quickly pulled out and flipped me over, pulling me up until I was on my hands and knees on the bed.

He pushed his dick back inside me and grazed my prostate again, making me jump. Instantly he changed the angle of his entry so he wasn’t catching my spot anymore but he was still fucking my ass hard with his big cock. He wanted this fuck to last, and so did I.

Changing up the pace and depth of the thrusts every minute or so kept us both on the edge without ever going over. Every time one of us would feel like we were getting closer we would change the position slightly and we slowed down until our bodies had calmed back down, our orgasms subsiding.

The hottest position had to be when Matt had me rise up onto my knees so my back was pressed against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck, biting it slightly as he drove his big dick deep inside me. I arched my back, pushing my ass onto his cock and my shoulders against his chest. That gave him perhaps the greatest angle for penetration he’d ever had because it felt like his dick was deeper than he had ever gone before and I couldn’t help but yelp as he continued to slide in and out of me. It felt like he was going to slice straight through me.

I threw my head back against his shoulder and felt him nibble on my ear as I whimpered, all words gone as wave after wave of pleasure hit me. My dick was so hard it was bouncing and throbbing in mid-air as Matt continued to fuck me.

My balls began to tingle and I felt the cum rising up my cock. I wasn’t touching myself but I knew the orgasm was going to be so intense. Part of me wanted to tell Matt to stop and to pull out, to let me cool down again or let me fuck his hot ass, but it just felt too good. I wasn’t telling him to stop.

Matt must have felt my body tense up because he quickly grabbed a towel and put it under me, never letting up on the thrusts into my ass. He was just in time because on the next deep thrust his dick hit my prostate again and my cock stared firing wildly, spraying my cum all over the towel. The orgasm as so powerful I had to lean forward and support myself on my hands. Matt kept his dick buried inside me as I continued to shoot and my ass went into spasm around his cock.

When I finally stopped shooting, Matt gently pulled the towel out from under me and pushed me up onto the bed. I was totally spent, lying on my side, but he still hadn’t cum and I wanted him to shoot inside me.

“Matt…” I panted.

“Yeah, babe?” he said sliding in behind me and taking me in his arms.

“Slide your dick… back in my ass… and fuck me until you cum.”

“Are you sure?”

I almost laughed at such as stupid question. I turned my head and reached over to pull him into a kiss. Then I moved the hand down and wrapped it around his cock, which was still impossibly hard, and positioned it back at my hole. Matt kissed me again and pushed himself inside.

I groaned as he wrapped his arms around my chest and started fucking me again, only this time his thrusts were much slower, he was making love to me, kissing my neck and whispering that he loved me into my ear. I would have told him I loved him too but I just couldn’t form the words, I was delirious with pleasure.

Matt continued on with the deep, slow, sensual thrusts for maybe half an hour, during which time he had to pull out to lube his dick back up and then he slid it straight back inside me and continued like he never stopped.

We were both moaning and had worked up such a sweat by the time I felt his dick pulse inside me, growing slightly, and then I felt it, the warmth and wetness of his cum as it coated my insides, filling me with his essence.

He held me so tight as he came and even when he stopped he just wouldn’t let go. I turned my head to see he had his eyes closed and he was panting heavily. It was one of the most intense love making sessions we had ever had.

“Don’t pull out…” I managed to whisper but I was exhausted, even if he did pull out I wouldn’t have known because I fell asleep within two minutes of Matt’s last shot, his dick still buried deep inside of me.


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