WARNING! - This chapter contains straight sex. Those readers who do not enjoy
reading such content should be advised to proceed with caution. Stars (*) will
be used to indicate where the sexual sequences begin and end so those wishing to
read purely for the story can still do so without having to worry about any of
the sexual content.   Posted:   October 14, 2011

One Night Stand

My balls were still tingling from how hard I came when I was fucking Colt’s hot
ass in the shower. It had been so long since we’d fucked or even really touched
each other. After we made love that night in the tent at the park it felt weird
to get back together. We weren’t supposed to feel that connection with another
guy and it freaked us both out. When we got together again when we stayed at
Matt’s it felt good, but we only sucked each other that night because going
further felt kind of wrong. After that we made a pact not to do anything with
each other and we had kept up our ends of that deal, even if I had been fucked
by Matt, but then that all fell apart when he stepped into the shower and
wrapped his hand around my hard cock.

Girls can give you great hand jobs but there is just something about a man’s
stronger hand being wrapped around your cock that feels so much better; that,
and he actually knows what he’s doing. When Colt started jacking my soaped up
dick I felt a wave of pleasure run through me that I’d been missing during my
time with Jacee.

When I wrapped my hand around his cock I felt a jolt of electricity rush up my
spine, making my whole body tingle and my cock jump in Colt’s hand. It felt so
good. When our eyes finally met I just knew I had to kiss him and then it all
escalated from there.

Having my hands all over Colt’s hot, muscular body was intense. I had pretty
much dominated him the entire time and he just gave in to me. It was such a
thrill. This big guy who could have said no and could have kicked my ass gave
himself, his body, up to me and let me take him the way I wanted. There was
nothing better than that. Fuck! My cock was getting hard again.

There was a totally different rush fucking a guy, and even being fucked by one,
being the one to give up that power to another man, to let him push his way
inside you and fuck you for his own satisfaction, while also feeling pretty
fucking good yourself. I had shot two of the biggest loads of my life with a
dick deep inside me.

And Colt, he could protest later on about how much he didn’t want to get fucked
by me or how much he didn’t enjoy it, but that was total bullshit. He loved
every minute of it. From me sucking his cock to me fucking two, yes TWO, loads
out of him in quick succession. I had never seen that before, especially from
someone who usually took quite a while to cum. I fucked him so good I saw him
almost crumple to the floor when I left him. That thought made me smile.

Fucking Colt was always amazing, just as being fucked by Matt was. Every time I
did anything with a guy it just felt like the right thing to do. I didn’t make a
habit of it, nor did I seek it out, that wouldn’t have felt right, but those
times I had fucked a guy, well I never felt like it was a bad thing and I never
regretted it.

I had come to terms with the fact that I’m bisexual. The urges and thoughts I
had sometimes when it came to Colt or Corey or Matt, even Scott or Brennan at
times, were enough to tell me I wasn’t fully straight, but women were still the
main object of my fantasies, the thought of lying naked with a woman after
fucking her senseless was the most exciting thing in the world and was an image
I usually jerked off to at night.

The thing was, as good as those times with other guys felt I could never see
myself with them for anything other than sex. I could quite easily have had a
guy for a fuck buddy, but the idea of having one as a boyfriend did nothing for
me and was really never an option.

When I looked forward to the future I always saw myself falling in love with a
woman, getting married and having kids. We lived in a nice house, raised our
beautiful children right so they were tolerant of everyone around them. We were
the best of friends, great lovers and proud parents. That is what I wanted and
it all came from being with a woman.

That started me thinking about Jacee. I really liked her and when I actually got
to fuck her, she was pretty good in bed, even if she couldn’t suck a dick worth
a damn. There was something else missing with her though. There was no real
spark between us. I had felt it with Liz, I even felt it with Melissa in high
school, but it just wasn’t there with Jacee. Hell, I even saw it in Colt’s eyes
when he was with Andrea and knew what they had was special.

I was starting to worry. While I had been with Liz my life had been great, the
sex had been great, and I never thought of sleeping with other people, and
certainly not with guys. Had sleeping with Corey, Colt and Matt changed who I
was and how I felt with women?

It can’t have. I had fucked women over the summer, that hot twenty-five year old
especially, and it was great. She even called me back wanting more. I never once
thought about being with a guy while I was fucking her. Maybe it was just that
Jacee wasn’t putting out as often as I would have liked that was making my mind
wander. Maybe I just needed to fuck her good and all my thoughts about guys
would disappear when I had what I really wanted.

I reached the door of Jacee’s room and knocked, double checking my clothes to
make sure I looked good for her. Luckily I smelled of soap and cologne rather
than sex. When she opened the door I felt my semi-hard dick twitch in my pants,
she really was hot.

She was wearing a tight dress that showed off her hot body and had me licking my
lips. She leaned in and kissed my cheek. I put my hands on her hips, pushed her
back into the room and returned the kiss, only this time it was to her lips. She
opened her mouth and let my tongue slide inside for a really hot little make out

When she broke the kiss she took my hand and sat me on the sofa, sitting down
next to me and cuddling close so I could put my arm around her shoulder. As she
put her head against me it felt great. We were in the kind of situation that I
dreamt of being in with a girl. It was so nice, so comforting, and above all
else, it felt right, like it was meant to be. I could never sit like that with a
guy, even Matt.

We spent the next twenty minutes just talking, telling each other about our day,
our classes, pretty much anything that came to mind. Jacee was snuggled up
against me, her arm over my chest, glancing up at me with her beautiful eyes,
smiling when something was funny and leaning in for an occasional kiss. Maybe I
was stupid thinking things weren’t good with her, they really were.

After another ten minutes she shifted on the sofa until she was sitting on my
lap, her legs either side of me. She put her arms over my shoulders and leaned
down for a hot kiss. I ran my hands up her back and down to her hot ass. She
giggled and sort of bucked into me, her ass rubbing against my cock, it was so
hot. My dick was throbbing in my pants.

She leaned back and pushed her hair out of her face, she really did have a hot
body. I reached up and gently cupped her boob when suddenly she pulled away. She
climbed off me and walked over to the other side of the room. I could do nothing
but follow her movements with my eyes, no doubt with a look of total confusion
on my face.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

She turned to glare at me, looking pissed. “It’s always about sex with you,
isn’t it?”

“What?” I asked, shocked.

“Here we were having a great time, just chatting, making out a bit and you had
to go grab my tits,” she said, gesturing to her chest.

“I thought you were up for it.” I tried to plead, having no idea where all this
was coming from.

“What do you think I’m some kind of slag?” she spat.

“Are you fucking kidding me with this? You were fucking sitting in my lap,
kissing me and rubbing your ass against my cock, what the fuck was I supposed to

“So you do think I’m easy?” she asked with a hand on her hip.

“Easy? You’re anything but fucking easy. If I ran outside naked people would
probably think I play for the New York Giants ‘cause my balls are so fucking

“Oh so I’m frigid now, am I?”

“No, but you’re a fucking cock tease.”

“Yeah? Well you can go tease your cock in your own room because I’m not touching
that thing tonight.” Jacee said, turning and storming off into her bedroom. I
heard the door lock behind her.

What the fuck was that all about? She straddles me, grinds against me, kisses me
and then goes off on one when I try to make a move? I just don’t get it. Like
she said, everything was going perfect, I just wanted to love on her some more
and then she reacts like that? Maybe I was right in thinking the relationship
was on life support.

I waited for about five minutes, just sitting on the sofa waiting to see if she
was going to come out of her room so we could sort things out, but she never
did. I gave up and headed back to my room, my erection well and truly gone.

Back in the room it was deadly quiet. Matt and Corey were still away and Colt
had obviously recovered enough to go out and meet Andrea. I threw myself down on
our sofa and felt like screaming. Why couldn’t life just be simple?

I turned on the TV and tried to get in to watching something but I just couldn’t
concentrate, I was too pent up with anger and frustration. I started pacing
around the room and even looked in the fridge, there were a couple of cans left
in there but I didn’t feel like drinking by myself.

I got up and went into the bathroom, checking myself in the mirror. I hate to be
big headed but damn I looked good. My muscles were popping in my shirt, looking
really hot. How could Jacee have said no?

With nothing to lose and needing something to do I grabbed my wallet and my
jacket and headed out, walking the short way off campus until I made it to
Market Street where all of the college bars I’d heard about were teaming with
life. I had been served at two separate liquor stores, so maybe I could get into
a club.

I got in line behind a couple of guys and stood tall, trying to act like I
fitted in with the crowd and wasn’t as nervous as I was feeling inside. I knew
if I got asked for I.D. that I was screwed.

As we made it closer to the front of the line I watched and listened to the guys
in front of me. Each one nodded at the bouncer on the door and said hi casually
as if there were well acquainted. When I was at the front of the line I did just
as they had and had to fight the urge to jump up and down with joy when the
doorman stepped aside and let me enter.

I couldn’t believe he let me in! Did I really pass for 21? Maybe doing my hair
and dressing up was all I needed to do to look the part and get in these places.
I would have to try it again. Damn! I was on such a high as I walked further
into the building, handing my jacket to a cloak room attendant.

The sight inside was incredible. There were people in their early twenties all
over, chatting, drinking, dancing. This was the place to be. There was no wonder
people talked about these clubs and they had such a good reputation. I knew if I
came with the guys that we would be turned away but you can bet your ass that as
soon as we all turn 21 we will be regulars at the club.

I walked straight up to the bar and ordered my drink, loving that I didn’t get
asked for I.D. since they would assume it was checked on the door. It was so

I leaned against the bar, sipping my drink, watching all of the people interact.
There were groups of guys chatting and joking around, eyeing up the groups of
girls who were at other tables, some of them giving the guys something to talk
about with the way they flirted across the room. Couples were sitting around in
various places enjoying a drink together and then there were those people on the
dance floor just letting go and enjoying themselves. I wanted to be one of them.

I downed what was left in my glass and walked out onto the dance floor. Not
knowing anyone there or being with anyone I just started dancing. I probably
looked like a fool but I didn’t care because I was feeling so good from getting
into this club and the drink was beginning to have some effect.

I was in a world of my own, swaying and dancing to the music. I noticed that
some people were looking at me, even admiring me, men and women alike. I felt
such a buzz. This was as good as it got.

After a few more minutes I was beginning to build up a sweat from dancing when I
looked up and saw a girl at the bar looking straight at me. We made eye contact
and she smiled at me. I smiled back and headed toward her.

The closer I got the better I could see her and she was HOT! She had a killer
body that was like those female athletes you see on TV. She had curves in all
the right places, but she was toned too. I felt a stirring in my pants but knew
I couldn’t risk getting a full blown erection because it would make me look like
some kind of pervert and I wanted to make a good first impression.

The girl must have been in her early twenties. She had long brown hair that had
been pulled back into a pony tail, showing off her pretty face, with dazzling
green eyes and full pink lips. She was dressed in a tight figure hugging female
tee and a pair of jeans that showed off her curves. She was so hot and sexy. I
loved that unlike some of the girls I had seen her face wasn’t painted with make
up, she was probably wearing some but she didn’t need much to make her look

“Hey, I’m Kris.” I said, offering my hand.

“Sammi,” she replied in a voice that was so feminine but had a deep edge to it
that sent a shiver right through me.

“You were looking at me then as if you know me so I thought I’d come over and
say hi and offer to buy you a drink.”

“That’s really nice of you, Kris” she said, giving me her drink order, which I
quickly placed with the barman. “I’ve never seen you here before and believe me
I think I’d remember you, not too many guys are built like you. Are you here on
your own?”

“This is my first time here, I just turned 21 last week,” I lied. “None of my
friends are old enough yet though and were too chicken to come. They made the
excuse that they had other things to do.”

“And you don’t?” she asked, raising an eyebrow and I noticed her eyes moving up
and down my body.

“Nope. I was supposed to have a date but she blew me off,” I said, taking a sip
of my drink.

“Clearly not in the way you were hoping for.”

I nearly choked, coughing and spluttering, trying to swallow the drink before it
killed me. Damn! I wasn’t expecting her to say anything like that.

“Sorry,” she said smiling as I started to recover.

“You caught me off guard is all,” I coughed.

“Again, I’m sorry. It’s just hard to believe anyone would turn down the chance
to be with a guy like you,” she said, looking me up and down again.

Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

“Does that mean you’re interested?” I asked, finding it hard to believe that
this hot college chick, if she was still at college, was interested in me.

“Maybe… It depends on what you’re offering.”

“Well, as you can see I work out a lot but I missed my time in the gym today so
I could really go for a little private workout.” I said, figuring I had nothing
to lose.

“That sounds good, is there a particular muscle you’d like to work out?” she
said with a smile.

“Oh definitely, but you should know that I tend to get very involved in my
workouts and can often spend hours working away until I get the results I’m

She smiled at that. “You sound like my kind of man. You know, my roommates are
all out tonight. What do you think about coming back to mine and we can maybe
find some space to do our little private workout.”

I watched as she licked her lips, trying to figure out if she was being serious.
There was no way in hell I could pick up a girl that easily, surely? Jacee was
such hard work and this girl was just coming right out to say she wanted me?

Still not moving I sat as she picked up her bag off the bar and started walking
toward the exit. I quickly downed my drink and ran after her. We stopped to get
our jackets and then headed off down the street to her apartment.

** **

As soon as we were inside she locked the door and turned to me with a beautiful
smile. She threw off her jacket, standing in front of me in her tight tee,
showing off her impressive boobs. She untied her hair and shook it free so it
flowed down past her shoulders.

I dropped my jacket to the floor and moved to her, taking her face in my hands
as I kissed her hot lips. She ran her hand up my slightly sweaty body after all
the dancing I did, pushing her hands under my shirt before pulling it off over
my head. Damn she wasn’t wasting any time!

She moved her hands back to my body, moving them over my abs and pecs, feeling
my muscles, until she ran her hand up the back of my neck and head, into my
hair, which she gripped and pulled me hard against her lips.

Our tongues snaked out of our mouths at the same time and met each other in a
wild dance. I wrapped my big arms around her much smaller body, running my hands
up and down her back, slowly slipping my hands under her tee to feel the smooth
skin beneath. Holding her in my arms was so thrilling and it was so different to
how Colt felt earlier.

The hand she had on the back of my head was sort of massaging my scalp as her
fingers continued to play with my hair. Her other hand was moving up and down my
back, feeling the muscles that still gleamed with sweat, her long nails teasing
the skin without hurting, which sent shockwaves all over my body.

I pulled back from the kiss and smiled at her, gently tugging at her top, hoping
she wouldn’t protest to my advancements like Jacee had earlier. She smiled
herself and crossed her arms over her body, gripping the bottom of her tee and
pulling it up in such a provocative way it took most of my self control to not
walk over, just throw her on the bed and fuck her right there and then.

She tossed the tee to one side and stepped back to me, running her hands up my
body until she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down for another
hot kiss.

I caressed her back as our lips and tongues continued to do battle. She felt so
delicate in my hands and yet there were small feminine muscles beneath her skin
too. I felt such a rush being with her, holding her in my arms, knowing I could
completely dominate her but that we were instead about to share our mutual
attraction by joining together to pleasure each other.

After a little bit of effort I managed to unhook her bra and she quickly
shrugged it off, throwing it across the room. I finally knew I was going to fuck
her and she wasn’t going to stop me. I was so hard it almost hurt.

I brushed her hair away from her neck and started kissing the soft skin.
Breathing in deep, tracing the line of her neck with my nose, I inhaled her
scent. It was so hot. She smelled like a woman but there was an extra edge to
her that made me know she was going to be more than capable when I got her into

With my lips and the tip of my tongue I kept moving downwards until I was
kissing her perfect breasts, taking her nipples into my mouth and teasing them
with my tongue, sucking on them gently. She was moaning and had a firm grip on
the back on my head.

I continued my journey south, using my tongue to snake my way over her flat
stomach, slipping it inside her belly button, causing her back to arch, her hand
pulling my closer to her body.

Gently unbuttoned her jeans, pulled the zip down slowly, with her smiling at me,
and then tugged them down until they were around her ankles. She stepped out of
them and I held her hips as I looked up at her. She was smiling down at me with
a look of lust and satisfaction in her eyes, wearing nothing but a pair of tiny

I kissed my way back up her body until our lips met again. We made out for a few
minutes, our hands roaming up and down each other’s upper body, learning every
curve and contour that we had.

She slipped her hand down the back on my pants and into my boxers until she was
gripping my muscular ass, pulling me toward her so my hard cock was grinding
against her panty covered crotch.

This time she broke the kiss, attacking my pecs with her lips and groaning as
she kissed and licked my muscles, sucking and gently biting my nipples. She
spent time running her tongue over my abs and using her hand to rub my throbbing
cock, which was still trapped inside my boxers.

She unzipped my pants and pulled them down but left my boxers on, moving her
mouth to my bulge, kissing and licking it, taking my fabric covered shaft
between her lips and teasing it with her teeth. Precum was oozing from the tip
of my cock and was soaking through my boxers so she could taste it when her lips
finally reached the head.

Pulling back, she smiled and licked her lips as I looked down at her. She pulled
my boxers down so my hard cock sprang up in front of her face, the precum
glistening on the tip. She leaned in and kissed the head, taking it into her
mouth, lapping at my juices to really taste me while one hand stroked my ass
cheeks and the other cupped by balls and ran up and down the length of my shaft
that wasn’t inside her mouth.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock.”

She really started to go to town on my dick, working it with her tongue, taking
well over half into her mouth, bobbing up and down on my cock. Damn this girl
was good. So many girls had no idea what they were doing, which was why guys
seemed to suck dick so much better, but it was clear that Sammi had more than a
little practice when it came to sucking dick. I needed to pick up girls in bars
more often if they were all like this because she had me worked up so much that
within just a few minutes I was panting, my cock was twitching in her mouth and
I felt my balls starting to pull up as I was racing toward my climax.

I pulled her off my cock and lifted her to her feet, taking her head in my hands
so I could kiss her, sliding my tongue into her mouth so I could taste myself on
her tongue. It was so hot!

We moved across the room, not breaking the kiss until I gently pushed her down
so she was sitting on her bed. I dropped down to my knees and pushed her legs
apart so I could get my body between them.

I tucked my fingers into the tiny waistband of her panties and pulled them down.
She had to lift herself up so I could get them off, but she was more than happy
to do so.

When I pulled her panties completely off I kissed up her legs, moving from her
calves to her thighs all the way to her neatly trimmed bush. I breathed in deep,
taking in the scent of pure woman as I leaned in and started to tickle her
entrance with my tongue.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned, running her hand through my hair again.

I smiled and continued my oral assault, eating her hot pussy like a starving
man. It tasted so good against my lips, my tongue lapping at her natural juices
that were starting to flow, getting her good and ready for my hard cock.

I pushed my tongue inside her, hearing her whimper above me. Eating her pussy
was so hot. I loved the feeling. It was so much better than sucking a cock, even
if it wasn’t actually all that different.

Pulling back slightly, I flicked my tongue around her opening when she let out
one of the loudest yelps I’d ever heard, her hand in my hair squeezing so hard
she almost pulled a clump out. I knew I had found her clit with my tongue so I
kept working that spot over and over, probing it with my tongue.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she panted, throwing her head back and running the hand that
wasn’t on my head over her breasts.

I ran my hands up her thighs and as my tongue still teased her clit I managed to
lube up one of my fingers with spit and slip it inside her, making her buck her
hips harder onto my hand and tongue.

She quickly pulled my hand from her pussy and put both hands on the sides of my
face, bringing my head up until we were looking into each others eyes. She was
panting heavily as she leaned forward and licked my chin and lips, tasting
herself much like I had done earlier.

Our mouths met again, our tongues invading the other’s mouth. We made out again
with my hand returning to finger her wet pussy with her hand stroking my
throbbing, leaking cock.

“Fuck me, Kris, fuck me.” She breathed against my face when we broke the kiss.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, baby. I’m gonna fuck you better than anyone ever
has before.”

“I want you so bad,” she panted, reaching over to grab a condom and a small tube
of lube.

I ripped open the packet and slid the condom down my hard cock. Sammi opened the
tube of lube and squeezed the contents out onto my cock, using her sexy little
hands to rub it up and down the length of my dick.

She lowered herself down onto her back on the bed and spread her legs, giving me
room to crawl between them and kiss my way up her hot body until our lips met. I
kissed her deep, using one hand to hold up my body weight over her and the other
to use my cock to tease her opening as I ran it back and forth over her hot, wet

“Oh God, Kris, please fuck me, stick it in, I’m begging you.”

I smiled and slowly pushed the head of my dick inside her, feeling the warmth
and tightness wrap around my cock. We both moaned. Then I pulled back so my cock
popped out and went back to teasing her, running the tip of my cock around her
lips, pushing slowly inside and then pulling back, repeating the process again
and again.

“Just fuck me, Kris! Fuck me!” She pleaded, gripping onto my back and running
her hands down until they cupped my ass cheeks, pulling me toward her. She was
trying to force my dick inside her.

I loved how much she wanted me to fuck her. It was such a turn on. Gently I
eased forward, pushing my dick back into her, not stopping with just the head or
first couple of inches this time but actually sinking it deep inside her.

She moaned in pure pleasure feeling my length move into her depths. Her back
arched, pushing her breasts up toward my face, so I leaned down and took one of
her nipples into my mouth, working it with my tongue as I bottomed out and
pushed my entire dick inside her.

I ground my hips against hers, loving the feeling of her tight, hot, wet pussy
as it gripped onto my shaft, squeezing my cock and trying to milk a load out of
it. There was no greater feeling in the world.

Rotating my hips I was forcing all of my dick inside her and she was still
clinging on to me, her hands all over my back as she was panting with delight
beneath my hot, sweaty, muscular body.

I flexed my dick, making it jump inside her and she moaned even louder. Getting
that kind of reaction out of a hot girl is the kind of thing I live for. I
started to slowly pull back so I could thrust back in, my dick moving back and
forth inside her, rubbing against her insides as they gripped my cock.

“Oh yeah, Kris! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!”

I leaned down and placed my lips back over hers, sliding my tongue into her
mouth as I started to take longer thrusts inside her, working her with the
entire length of my cock, making her feel every hard inch of my throbbing dick.

She was moaning louder and louder into my mouth, still holding on to me,
caressing my back, as I picked up the pace and started to fuck her a little
harder, taking slightly shorter strokes that still drove my cock deep inside

Her hands would constantly travel down to my ass, gripping the muscles and
trying to pull me harder into her. Every time I felt her hands on my ass I
started to fuck her harder and harder. She lifted her legs a little more and
wrapped them around my waist as I really started to fuck her.

She was moving her legs with my thrusts, almost pulling herself down onto my
dick as I started pounding her hot pussy with my hard cock. We continued in that
position for a few minutes, both of us moaning, until I felt the need to move.

I unwrapped her legs from around my waist and took hold of her ankles, pulling
her toward the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor with her ankles in my hands
and pushed my dick back inside her, fucking her spread eagled, really driving my
dick into her, using every part of my cock to fuck her good.

Slowly I put her legs on my shoulders and started pushing them back until her
ass was lifted up off the mattress giving me the perfect angle so I could pound
down into her pussy, fucking in and out of it at speed. My hips were slapping
against hers, the sounds mixing with our moans.

“Fuck, Kris!” She screamed. “You are so fucking good and so fucking hot. You
feel so good inside me. Let me ride you.”

I smiled and pulled my cock out of her. She took hold of me and kissed me hard,
pushing me down onto the bed until she was straddling my hips. She leaned down
to kiss me again as she lifted herself up and sat down on my cock, plunging it
back inside her. I gasped and bucked up into her.

She started riding my dick slowly at first but she soon picked up the pace and
was really fucking herself on my cock, bouncing up and down, using her hands to
cup her own boobs, running them down until she was rubbing her own pussy lips as
they were being spread by my cock as it thrust up into her.

Then she leaned over and started caressing my body, her movements on my dick
never faltering as she continued to ride me hard. She ran her hands over my abs,
using a finger to trace the spaces between them. She cupped my pecs in her
palms, flicking my nipples and running her nails all the way down my chest and
abs, making my entire body shiver beneath her.

“You are so fucking hot, Kris! Fuck me harder!”

I wasn’t one to disappoint. I ran my hands up her thighs and took hold of her
hips so that I could start to really thrust up into her while pulling her back
down on my cock. She was really bouncing up and down hard on my dick, her
screams rising in pitch until I felt her entire body spasm and I knew she was

In the height of her climax the walls of her pussy started twitching and
tightening around my cock, milking me, working the head so good I couldn’t help
myself. I groaned, pulling her down as hard as I could onto my cock so it was
deep inside her and with a final thrust I came inside her, filling the condom
with a huge load.

After she had finished with her own orgasm she collapsed onto my chest,
breathing hard and holding onto me, my cock still throbbing inside her as a few
more drops of cum leaked out.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, making out, until my cock finally went
limp and slipped out of her.

“That was amazing,” she said between kisses. “You really are one great fuck.”

“So are you,” I smiled. “I think we definitely got a good workout there.”

“Oh definitely, though I’m pretty sweaty now. I think I might need to take a

“Is that an invitation?”

“If you’re up for it.” She smirked.

“Oh believe me, I’m more than up for it.”

She chuckled and pulled herself up off of me, stroking my dick that was already
getting hard again. I pulled off the condom, tied it up and threw it in a trash
can, following her into the bathroom.

She turned the water on and let it heat up as she slipped her arms around my
neck and kissed me again. I noticed there was a condom in her hand when she
pulled back and my dick jumped in excitement. Not only was I about to fuck
someone for the third time today, I was going to have fucked both a guy and a
girl in a shower on the same day. That thought was so hot and my dick was back
to being fully hard and ready to go.

She stepped into the shower, letting the water fall over her body and run down
her curves. She looked so sexy. I stepped in, closing the door behind me, and
took her in my arms, kissing the back of her neck and rubbing my hard cock
against her lower back.

She handed me the condom and I quickly slipped it on. I bent my knees slightly,
pushing my dick between her legs. It slipped inside her and we both moaned as I
continued to kiss her neck, holding her body in my arms as I slowly thrust into

We stood letting the water hammer our bodies with my hands caressing her smooth
flat stomach, cupping her big breasts and teasing her pussy where my dick was
fucking her, all the while kissing her neck.

My dick slid in and out with such ease. I wasn’t fucking her particularly fast but I was fucking her nice and deep. Her body would jump at different times when my cock would fully penetrate her and she was constantly moaning, holding on to my big arms that were wrapped around her.

I must have fucked her in that position for about twenty minutes. She came about half way through, screaming that she was cumming, but I was nowhere near close to shooting my third load of the day, so I just kept moving gently, letting her come down from her orgasm and then I started moving faster and fucking harder until finally she was back at the point of no return just as I felt my balls begin to tingle.

Holding her tight I thrust my dick deep inside her, pushing in as far as it would go and my cock exploded as an incredible orgasm shook my body. One of my arms was around her shoulders and as shot after shot of cum fired out of my cock, I felt her teeth dig into my arm, muffling a scream as her pussy twitched around my dick and she came again.

After giving us both time to recover I gently pulled my spent cock from her and bent to kiss her shoulders and back. She turned around and pulled me in for a kiss, running her hands over my chest and abs again.

“That was the most incredible sex I’ve ever had,” she said, kissing me again. “No one has ever made me cum three times in such a short period. You’re amazing.”

“So are you, babe, so are you.” I said, taking her back into my arms and kissing her deep.

We made out again under the spray of the shower and then gently washed each other. When we were done we turned off the water, stepped out and helped each other dry off, kissing all the time.


Going back to her bedroom she lay naked on the bed as I went around collecting my clothes. The sex really had been amazing and it more than proved that I love fucking women and pussy and always would. College girls really aren’t as hard to pick up as everyone talks about. Maybe I was just hotter than most guys. Hell, I’d barely known this girl more than five minutes and she was taking me back to her place, and it wasn’t the first time either! These slightly older women want dick just as much as gay guys do and you don’t feel anywhere near as bad after you’ve fucked a hot woman.

I was on such a high, I’d got into a cool club and picked up a hot chick, fucking her twice, but as I saw her lying there, wanting me to join her, I felt an incredible wave of guilt hit me. Even if things were bad with Jacee I was still supposed to be her boyfriend and I had just cheated on her. That was a pretty sobering thought no matter how good I was feeling.

I know that when I had sex with Colt earlier in the day that was cheating on Jacee too, but it didn’t feel like cheating because it was with a guy. Having sex with another girl and liking it as much as I did just made me feel like a complete ass.

“Look, I’ve got to get going,” I said, pulling my clothes back on.

“Really?” She asked, pouting.

“Yeah, sorry Sammi. I had an amazing time though.” I smiled, walking over to give her a final kiss.

“Can I see you again?” She asked.

“Erm… if you give me your number if I find myself free some time I’ll give you a call.”

She quickly scribbled down her number on a piece of paper and I stuffed it into my pants pocket. I said goodbye to her and quickly left the room, leaving her naked on her bed in the afterglow of what really was incredible sex.

As I walked from her apartment back toward campus I couldn’t help but feel awful and guilty. I had fucked Sammi twice, it wasn’t just a case of a quick slip, we had fucked for well over an hour and we both came more than once.

I was really feeling torn. On the one hand tonight had shown me that Jacee and I could be great together. When we were cuddled together on her sofa it was great and I loved just being with her, but I needed sex, sex I could get from hot, sexy girls like Sammi, who really could suck dick and were great in bed. Maybe Jacee was just the wrong girl for me.

Sammi had helped to prove to me that I really wanted to be with a girl though. The intimacy of our second fuck, in the shower, when I just held her and slowly fucked her, was amazing and was something I could never have with a guy.

But then thinking about how great the sex was earlier with Colt just confused me that much more because it really did feel great and with guys like Colt and Matt who I actually cared for, even loved as best friends, it could be incredible with a connection between us that was hard to match with a girl.

Damn! My head really was messed up. I had come to terms with the fact that I’m bi, at least when it comes to my friends. I don’t think I could ever just go out and pick up a guy like I had with Sammi tonight, but I couldn’t deny how good fucking around with a guy was, whether it was being sucked or sucking his cock, fucking his ass or letting him fuck mine, it all felt good.

My head and my heart told me that I wanted and needed to be with a girl, but every time I thought I got a handle on that my cock betrayed me and told me how much I wanted Colt or Matt or even Corey.

When I got back to my dorm room I let myself in the door and immediately heard sounds coming from Colt’s room. He had brought Andrea back and I could hear quite clearly that he was fucking her since he had left the door open like a real dumbass. The bed was smacking against the wall and I could hear both of them screaming.

“Fuck me, Colt, fuck me! Pound me with your hot cock!” Andrea screamed.

“Oh yeah, baby. I love fucking you hard and deep. Take my cock, baby,” Colt panted in reply.

I felt my cock twitch but at the same time I also felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t help but wonder why Colt would leave his door open. I guess he could have thought I would be staying with Jacee for the night but he should still be more careful, and usually he always was. That is unless he wanted me to hear them fucking. Maybe he wanted to send a message to me that what we did earlier was wrong, that it wasn’t who Colt really is and that he was back to fucking women which is what we both should be doing. But then maybe he was just trying to make me jealous.

Was I jealous? Damn! I guess I was. But then what was I jealous of? I couldn’t fight the feeling that it wasn’t quite the normal type of jealousy I would have felt before. Was I jealous that Colt was in his room having great sex with a girl he clearly loved, something I wanted to experience myself? Or was I jealous of the fact that Andrea was getting to fuck Colt, a guy I had fucked just hours before?

I really didn’t know. FUCK! I need to do something to forget about whatever attraction I have for Colt, otherwise I’ll never be able to move on. I don’t want to be with him like he’s with Andrea but I can’t help but think back to that night at the park, when we made love, it was something else completely, something I want to feel again, I just wasn’t sure who I wanted to feel it with.

Please let me just forget about it. If no one brings it up maybe I can finally get over it and move on.

I went into my bedroom, stripped off my clothes and fell down on my bed. With so many thoughts going through my head it was hard to fall asleep. My dick was limp against my leg as thoughts of Colt, Jacee and Sammi rushed through my head. I had no idea where anything in my life was going and it was driving me mad.

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