Written by Big ‘D’... Posted 7/28/11

“And I’ve left a list on the side for the shopping, Kris, please make sure you go to the store tonight.”

“I will, Mom. I’ll get everything you need, now stop worrying and go enjoy your evening with dad and your friends.”

My mom kissed me on the cheek, just like she had done every time she left the house since I got back from college. It was sweet at first but now it was just getting weird. I know she missed me and being away actually brought us closer together but sometimes I swear it’s like she still thinks I’m a baby. Although, I guess after what happened with Nathan she wants to make the most of her time with me, just in case; so I don’t really blame her.

Being back home has been great for the most part. Having my mom around is like having a personal maid who will do my washing and prepare all my meals. The nearest thing I have to that at college is Matt and even then he complains.

The only real downside is that I have to do all the chores around the house. I have to mow the lawn every week to keep it short, which I don’t really mind all that much since it allows me to take off my shirt and catch some more sun as I do it.   I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to the store for one thing or another.

Still, I’ve been having a great time otherwise, getting to see most of my old friends from high school and catching up with them, sorry to have missed some of them, kind of glad to be away from others, even though I try to like everybody and have everyone get along.

Matt’s been great. We see each other about every other day, only really taking a break from each other because of work. He’s clerking for one of his mom’s friends and I got a job at this kick ass fitness center in town that meant I got to work out for free and keep my great body in shape.

Matt does still like his time alone, but I think half of it is just spent moping and missing Corey. I wish he’d get his sorry ass out more socially so he could meet other people because at least then it would help him to take his mind off his boyfriend, even for just a little while. But failing that I at least try to keep him entertained when I’m round at his or vice versa.

We’ve been having pretty regular meetings with the guys from college too, or at least we try to see some of the others, and have a bit of a gathering every two weeks or so. I think there’s only one or two of the regulars who haven’t shown their faces at one guys place or another.

The last one at Colt’s was pretty interesting. We all had a blast, even Colt’s brother and his friend, and we got to know Shawn some more, which was cool. Okay, so I nearly beat the crap out of Brennan but he just set me off, whipping my bare ass with a towel, it fucking stung! I don’t even know why I lose my temper like that sometimes, I’m just worried about what might happen if I don’t have Matt around to help me calm down when I go off in future and could hurt someone unintentionally. 

Colt and I had probably the deepest conversation I’ve had with anyone in years, including Matt. We talked about our feelings for each other and basically agreed that we need to stop having sex with each other because it’s becoming too much for us. It’s just overwhelming.

Just thinking about it now has my head in a spin. Colt is one of my best friends and I love him, but I’m not in love with him, and I never will be. Okay, so I think the guy is pretty hot and I’ve loved having sex with him but that really is where it ends. Or it should be.

I can’t fight the feeling that we made love when we went to that park during the spring, and Colt is right, we did make love. It wasn’t just sex or fucking, there was love and passion and emotion in what we were doing. We were lovers that night and it scared us shitless.

That’s not who we are. I don’t ever see myself with a guy and I would never dream of going on a date with one. For as long as I can remember when I’ve looked to my future I’ve seen myself married to a beautiful woman who is the mother of my children and that’s still what I see and it’s still what I want. That is my future.

The whole gay thing only ever really started at college. Sure I had thoughts about it before because of Matt and Nathan being gay so I wondered what it was like, but I never wanted to try it.

I still have no idea what came over me that night in mine and Matt’s dorm when I asked them to suck my dick and I ended up fucking Corey. I must have been seriously wasted. But that night was the first real night I thought about gay sex because I’d just had it, and it was good.

I wasn’t even that inclined to have sex with a guy again, even though I enjoyed having a bit of fun with Matt and Corey, but when Colt made the move on spring break I just went with it and just couldn’t really stop myself from doing things with him after that because I trusted him and they felt good, but I have to now, for my own good.

As usual when my head was all over the place I did the one thing that always seems to help. I went in to the back yard and started to do a little work out. I had a little set up out back to work certain muscles. I’d learned the tricks from working at the fitness center from those guys who were too busy to come in every day and who improvised when they were at home.

I did laps of the house before dropping down to do as many push ups as I could do before my arms started to get tired. I did some crunches and where possible I used different parts of the garden furniture to help me out, resting different body parts on them and doing varied exercises. I had really worked up a sweat.

When I was done I walked back in to the kitchen and pulled open the fridge, grabbing the carton of milk. There wasn’t all that much left so I downed it. Man, it felt good, the cold liquid travelling down my body that was covered in sweat and felt like it was on fire.

I threw the carton in the bin and noticed there was no more. Damn, I still had to go shopping. I figured that while I was up and still feeling my post workout adrenaline I might as well get it over with so I grabbed the list and my keys and headed out to my new ride, which I loved.

When I pulled in to the store’s parking lot and went inside the building I noticed that a few people kept staring at me and I didn’t understand why. What was wrong with me? Did I have something on my face? I was starting to become a little self conscious.

Then I walked in front of a mirror.

I had to laugh. Matt and Colt would have died laughing if they could have seen me. I hadn’t even thought to look in a mirror at home to see what I looked like, I just grabbed my keys and left the house.

Because I’d been working out, all I was wearing was my sneakers, a pair of thin shorts that were sagging at the waist so the top of my boxers were visible, and one of my white tank tops that had become tighter over the past few months. But that wasn’t all, because I’d been sweating so much the top had gone see-through and was clinging to my pecs and abs with my nipples on show for all to see.

What the Hell? I didn’t care, I looked good and had worked damn hard to get the body I had. If people wanted to look, let them. Matt would probably tell them they were lucky I was actually wearing clothes since he’d seen my ass naked more times than I could count these past few weeks. I hated sleeping in anything, even my boxers.

I put the people staring to the back of my mind, hoping they were just admiring what they saw since I had nothing to be ashamed off, especially with the tan I had going on and looked at the list my mom had drawn up, making sure to get everything that was on it.

As I loaded the cart I became aware of someone behind me, but I just thought it was another shopper at first getting their own groceries, until I realised that wherever I went, they were always close behind.

Trying not to show that I knew they were there, watching me, I turned around and my eye came in to direct contact with the person following me. They were amazing eyes that were such a pale shade of blue I wondered if they could be real.

When my gaze pulled back enough for me to take in the whole face I saw a huge grin spread across one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen. I couldn’t help myself then as my eyes took in the rest of her body. She was smoking! She was thin but with all the curves in the right place. I instantly felt my cock begin to grow.

“Hey stud, I wondered when you were gonna turn around and notice that I was following you.”

Fuck! Even her voice was sexy!

“I… er…”

“Don’t act all shy now,” she said, laughing.

I felt my stomach tighten. This was such a strange feeling. Was this woman really hitting on me? She had to be at least mid-twenties.

“Sorry, I’m just… I’m Kris.” I said, feeling like an idiot for not being able to speak properly.

“Nice to meet you Kris, I’m Amy. Are you new around here?”

“Erm… no… I’ve lived here all my life, but I’ve been away at college.”

“Oh wow, a college boy?” The smile on her face was almost devious. “I knew you couldn’t live around here that much because I come to this place all the time and I would have remembered seeing someone as hot as you.”

Holy fucking shit! She was coming on to me! My dick was rock hard in seconds.

“You are so sexy,” she continued. “It’s not often I see a guy as good looking as you with such a good body, especially when it’s covered in sweat…”

She reached forward and ran a hand across my chest. My entire body shuddered. She was gathering my sweat on her finger and then slowly, almost seductively she put the finger in to her mouth and licked it off, moaning as she tasted me.

She leaned in really close, my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest, and whispered in to my ear. “Look, I only live across the street and my boyfriend is away for the weekend, what’s say you come back to mine and I will show you what a real woman can do for a college boy like you.”

My legs felt like they were going to give out. If I hadn’t have had the cart to keep me upright I would have probably been sprawled out on the floor. This woman was gorgeous and she wanted me to go back to her place. I had to be dreaming.

I couldn’t answer her and I stood there like a dork with Amy just staring at me, smiling. Finally she took a step forward and gently licked my ear and her hand moved and came to rest on my throbbing cock, giving it a quick squeeze.

We were in the aisle of a large chain grocery store and she was feeling me up! Anyone could see us! I was about ready to explode.

“I… I don’t know,” I managed to say. “You have a boyfriend.”

“And what does that matter?” She asked. “I don’t want to date you Kris. I just want to take you back to mine so you can fuck me.”

How I managed not to cum right there and then was something I still haven’t figured out. I couldn’t believe how forward this woman was but I was so turned on.

“What about my shopping?” I asked. I couldn’t believe how stupid I sounded.

“Finish buying it and load it in to your car. Anything that needs to go in the fridge can go in mine until we’re done.”

“Fuck!” I breathed.

“Look, Kris, if this is too much, we don’t have to do this.”

“NO!” Damn, I screamed that a little too loud, Amy chuckled. “Sorry, but this is just all so new to me.”

“I find that hard to believe… Kris, women must throw themselves at you at college.”

“I wish that were the case, but even so, most of them are just girls, I mean, you’re a woman.”

“I’m only 25, Kris, I’m hardly ancient. What are you, like 20?”


“Even better. A hot college teenager with a sexy older woman. Tell me you haven’t dreamed about this moment, Kris.”

I couldn’t speak. I was still in disbelief, this wasn’t happening. Shit like this didn’t happen in real life, and it certainly didn’t happen to me.

“Well, I’m going to go pay for this stuff and head back to mine. You’re more than welcome to follow me.” Amy said with a wink as she walked toward the checkout.

I followed her. I had no other choice. I had to do this for so many reasons.

She quickly paid for her things and I hurried along buying mine. She was waiting for me by the door and walked with me all the way to my car. I opened the trunk and almost threw the bags in, except for the one that had the milk and butter in, that I kept with me.

“So are we going to do this?” Amy asked, placing her hand on my bicep, giving it a little squeeze.

A jolt of electricity shot through my body. I couldn’t speak so I just nodded.

With a smile, she took my hand in hers and led me across the street. She quickly unlocked the door to her apartment and took the bag from me, putting it in to the fridge. She offered me a beer too but I turned it down, I would never drink and drive, I just couldn’t, not even a sip.

“No,” I said, amazed I could speak. “I… I just want to do this.”

“Fine by me,” Amy said, smiling.

She walked over toward me and backed my up against the kitchen side. One hand travelled up my body, running all over my muscles while the other one went behind my head, drawing me in for the hottest kiss of my life. Her tongue attacked mine and I felt the passion building inside me as she pressed her body against mine, her big tits against my pecs and her own crotch brushing against my hard cock.

That was it. A fire was ignited inside me and I had to have her. I grabbed on to her head and started kissing her back, grinding myself against her as she groaned in to my mouth.

Moving my hands down I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her pants and pulled out her shirt so I could slide my hands up her back, the soft, delicate skin against mine felt amazing, and with just a little difficulty I managed to unhook her bra.

I ran my hands up and down her back, enjoying the feeling as I pulled her closer to me, our mouths still joined. Her hand had worked its way up the inside of my shirt and was starting to play with my pecs, occasionally pinching my nipples so I decided to return the favour.

My hand slide around to her front, still beneath her top until I was able to cup her big boobs, gently teasing the nipples with the tips of my fingers before giving them a playful flick.

I used one of my hands to brush her hair away from her face so I could look at her properly. She was beautiful. I moved my lips from her mouth, down to her neck, as my hands searched for the bottom of her top, slowly drawing it up her body until I had no choice but to pull back.

She raised her arms to let me pull her top off and she quickly too off her bra, throwing it to one side. There in front of me were the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

I reached my hand up to stroke her nipples. She moaned and threw he head back, her body arching, pushing her boobs toward me. I couldn’t take it any more, I had to taste them. Lowering my head I took one of her nipples in to my mouth using my tongue and teeth to gently torment her as her moans grew louder and she placed a hand on the back of my head, pulling me harder against her chest.

Pulling away from her nipples, I kissed my way down her flat stomach, using my tongue to circle her belly button before moving further south until my tongue brushed against the top of her pants.

I ran my tongue back up her body and between her tits as my hands went to work on unzipping her pants, which I quickly pushed to the floor.

Fuck me! She wasn’t wearing any panties! My cock throbbed inside my shorts.

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her passionately as she tugged at my own shorts and boxers until they fell down to my ankles. I quickly stepped out of them and felt her pulling at my top desperate to get me out of it. I let her pull it up and the second it was on the floor next to my shorts I heard an animalistic grown escape her lips.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me toward her bedroom. Her strength was incredible, she really wanted me! I still had my sneakers on but it didn’t matter because as soon as we were inside her room she pushed me on to the bed and quick literally attacked my chest.

Her hands, lips and tongue were all over me, caressing my hard pecs, driving me wild. She ran her tongue around my abs and my throbbing cock twitched, hitting her in the face, leaving a spot of precum on her cheek.

I couldn’t believe how hungry she seemed for me. As soon as she felt the precum hit her cheek she dove on to my cock, taking it all into her mouth, circling the head with her tongue, working the shaft with her lips and squeezing my balls. Everything she did had me screaming in ecstasy.

She pulled back and let my cock slap against my abs and I thought she was going to let me up so I could go down on her, but she quickly straddled me, pinning me to the bed as she leaned down to kissed me hungrily and reached for something above my head.

When she pulled back from the kiss I saw that she had a condom and some lube in her hand. Without saying a word she ripped open the condom packet, slid it over my cock and started lubing me up. I was mesmerized as the gorgeous woman sat on top of me stroking my cock.

Moving two fingers she started touching herself, sliding a finger inside as she rocked back and forth, my cock brushing against her ass with every movement.

Again without words she took my cock in to her hand until it was standing straight up and slowly she sat down on it. We both gasped as my rock hard cock sank inside her, filling her.

I was surprised by how tight she was, she was really squeezing my cock. Gently she began riding me, moving up and down, rocking her hips back and forth and rotating them in circles, each time driving my cock deeper in to her.

I grabbed on to her hips and planted my feet down on the bed so that I could thrust up in to her. Her hands came down and started feeling up my body, running over my muscles, kneading my pecs and stroking my abs. She really did love my body.

Knowing that my body was turning her on so much turned me on that much more and I just had to have her. I sat up and wrapped my arms around her. Without my cock leaving her I flipped us over so that she was on her back with her legs around my waist and planted my feet, still in my shoes, on the floor for leverage.

There was no holding back. I thrust forward as hard as I could, making Amy scream and beg for more. She was loving this and so was I.

I started pounding her really hard, fucking my hard dick in and out of her tight pussy, my flesh slapping against hers as we were both screaming and moaning.

She reached a hand down to where my dick was fucking her and put her fingers either side of her opening so she could feel my dick as it plunged inside her. The feeling was incredible. Unlike anything I ever felt.

Amy was beginning to pant and with each breath came a little yelp. I leaned down and found her nipple again, teasing it with my tongue, before moving up until we were kissing. Her hands were all over my back, feeling my muscles and running through the sweat that was building up, causing her hand to slide around a bit.

She reached down and grabbed my ass in both hands, pulling me in to her, wanting me even deeper inside her. I pounded as hard as I could, pushing my entire cock in to her wanting to give her what she wanted.

I let out a scream as her nails dug into my ass cheeks but then I saw why. She arched her back, let out a huge scream and I knew that she was cumming.

Fuck it was such a hot sight. That was all it took for me.

I pulled out and ripped off the condom, furiously jerking my cock, preparing to blow my load on her stomach but she screamed for me to cum on her face so I moved up and straddled her chest.

With just a few more strokes my cock explodes all over her tits and face, coating her in one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever shot. I almost collapsed with the intensity that was only heightened when she caught a shot on her tongue and swallowed it, her eyes rolling back in to her head.

She was exhausted on the bed and to be honest so was I. I bent down to kiss her, but just as my tongue was slipping in to her mouth I heard my phone ringing from the kitchen.

Fuck! Who would be ringing me? Whoever called me? Matt and Mom mostly.

With a sigh I pulled myself up and left Amy exhausted on the bed. When I reached the kitchen I picked up my phone and saw that it was my mom calling. Fuck! This couldn’t be good.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hey, honey, me and your dad are on our way back. I hope you got what I put on the list because our friends are coming back with us.”

Shit! What were they thinking?

“I’m just at the store now, Mom, I shouldn’t be long, so if I’m not there when you get back don’t worry. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

Fucking hell! I had to get back before Mom started asking questions. It wasn’t really that I cared what she thought but more that I never wanted to discuss sex with her, ever.

I went around the kitchen and picked up my clothes, pulling them back on as I walked toward the bedroom. Amy was on the bed but her eyes were closed, her breathing light. I was this hot girl I just fucked was sound asleep and looked hot sleeping.

After finding a piece of paper, I scribbled down my number.  I quietly walked over to the bed, placed a kiss on her cheek, whispering goodnight but no reply came along with my number just in case.

Slowly, I walked back out of the bedroom, grabbed my bag out of the fridge and left the apartment, making sure the door was closed behind me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I didn’t just imagine what had happened. It was mind blowing.

I just had totally random sex with a smoking hot woman I would probably never see again. That was the thing of fantasy and something I needed to experience again. Being back in the arms of a woman and with my cock deep inside her, fucking her good, even dominating her with my strength, was out of this world.

Being with a guy never felt like that, even Colt, and it was then I knew that I had made the right decision when I made the pact with Colt. Sex with a guy can be nice but there really is nothing like having sex with a woman. It just feels so right and if I never fuck another guy, I’ll be more than happy with that.

Lying on my bed digesting the encounter, my phone started ringing.  I didn’t know the number but answered just in case.  I heard her sweet voice.  She wanted more.


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