Posted:   December 31, 2009

A few requested a follow-up..

Nate woke the day after Christmas in his old childhood bedroom.  He rubbed his eyes and headed to the shower.  Once in the shower, his thoughts turned to his companion Bolt that he was lucky enough to be stuck with on one icy night.  He harkened and remembered touching Bolt’s thin body and feeling Bolt’s tongue ring as they kissed.  He knew his girlfriend would die if she knew about that night and morning of gay sex with the 19 year old college student. 

After showering, he dressed to partake in a nice breakfast his mother had cooked for him, his aging father, sister and her two growing girls.  They discussed Christmas and how great it was to be together for an extended period of time with both Nate and his sister living hours away in opposite directions. 

Nate spent his day entertaining his nieces, talking with his parents and sister.  In the afternoon, he called his girlfriend to check up on her and her family with a promise to see them the next day.  Sitting in his bedroom, he stared at his cell phone and migrated to Bolt’s number.  He hit the button and called Bolt.  Bolt answered it right before Nate was about to give up.  They talked for a good twenty minutes with Bolt heading back the next day as well.  Nate asked if he wanted to met along the way and to follow each other again.  Bolt heartily agreed and knew the perfect meeting a few exits back where Nate exited the interstate.

The next day Sunday, Nate left the house and was running a few minutes.  Once on the road, he called Bolt to tell him.  Bolt was already there and waiting but said it was fine.

Driving into the lot of the interstate sex shop, Nate spotted Bolt’s car.  He took a deep breath and exited his car to see the long haired Bolt getting out of his car.  They exchanged greetings before heading in.  They grabbed the required tokens and headed back to the dark booths.

“I fucking missed you,” Bolt said once in the room.  He grabbed Nate and rammed his pierced tongue in Nate’s waiting and excited mouth.  They kissed loudly for the next minute or so with Bolt coming out of the hoodie he had worn.  Nate lost his sweatshirt and began to enjoy Bolt’s mouth on his nipples and chest.

“You know we better start a movie before someone complains,” Nate suggested.

“I guess we could,” Bolt said.  He put his tokens in and found a bisexual flick to appease both. 

Once the flick began, Nate didn’t see much of it.  “Bolt, I haven’t been this turned on by anyone in years.  I don’t what it is about you but you’re all I thought of since last week.  You little fucking bitch!”

Bolt laughed, “Your hidden gay side is busting out.”

“I didn’t know there was one but it’s really is coming out.”  Nate leaned over and ran his hands down Bolt’s low riding jeans to find Bolt was going commando.  Bolt smiled and watched Nate suck his nipples and lick his shaved pits.  Nate unbuttoned Bolt’s jeans and pushed them down.  He grabbed Bolt’s 8 inches and enjoyed having Bolt’s cock in his hand.  He kissed Bolt’s skinny hips before kissing the head of Bolt’s cock.

“Go for it, Nate.  I see you wanna suck my fucking dick!” Bolt said.

Nate licked the shaft with Bolt’s nuts in his hand.  He looked up at Bolt and opened his mouth.  He took a little of Bolt’s cock and moved his hand to the base of Bolt’s growing cock.  Nate stopped abruptly and dropped his jeans and boxer briefs to ease his painful hard-on.  Nate kissed Bolt before returning to suck his cock.  The flick played in the background with Bolt focused on Nate’s cock sucking.  Bolt pushed down on Nate’s blond hair and heard a gag. 

“Sorry!” Bolt said.

“It’s fine,” Nate said and licked his lips.  He kissed Bolt again and went down for more of Bolt’s cock.  Nate focused on doing his best and couldn’t imagine doing this a week ago.  He actually enjoyed sucking cock and enjoyed doing it for Bolt.  Bolt moaned occasionally but let Nate do his thing. 

“You like sucking dick now, huh?” Bolt asked.

Nate was licking Bolt’s cock and replied, “I like sucking this hot dick.”
Nate continued with his girlfriend the furthest thing from his horny mind.  He kept sucking and enjoying it until Bolt pulled him up for one long deep passionate kiss.

“Now face fuck my ass and give that fucking load,” Bolt demanded.

“I can do that,” Nate said.  Nate stood in front of Bolt and felt his pierced tongue on his stomach before feeling it on his cock.  Bolt moved down and sucked Nate’s hairy nut sack.  Bolt opened his mouth and inhaled Nate’s cock.  Bolt moved his mouth and tongue up and down Nate’s hard seven inches. 

“I said face fuck me, motherfucker!” Bolt stated.

“Alright then,” Nate said.  He grabbed Bolt by the back of the hair and shoved his face down on his hard cock.  He groaned and felt Bolt’s nose at his pubes.  He pushed and pushed with Bolt groaning as well.  He slowed the pace and felt Bolt’s tongue back in his mouth.

“You close to giving me that nut?” Bolt asked.

“I will be if we keep that shit up,” Nate said.

Bolt returned to his knees and felt Nate’s hand on his long dark hair.  He could smell Nate’s musk and sweat while having his face pounded. 

Nate groaned and moaned loudly.  He shook a little and blasted his load down Bolt’s throat.  Bolt didn’t flinch and took the hot creamy load down his throat.  He sucked the last drops of cum and left a little on his tongue.  He kissed Nate with cum in his mouth.  Nate was shocked and pulled back.

“What the fuck?” Nate asked.

“It’s your cum,” Bolt smiled.

“Well then,” Nate smiled and wanted more.  He kissed Bolt’s neck and shoulders before dropping to his knees.  He returned to sucking Bolt’s cock.  He felt Bolt’s cock stiffen.  He looked up and took Bolt’s load in his mouth.  He swallowed what he could before spitting the rest out in disgust.

“You grow to like spunk like I have,” Bolt smiled.

“Fuck that,” Nate said.

“You will,” Bolt said.

“I need something to drink in the worst way now,” Nate said.

The two dressed and left the dark confines of the small booth.  The cashier looked up and returned to what he was doing as the two walked out. 

“Bolt, some way somehow my ass will be with you New Year’s Eve.  I don’t know how but I have three hours to scheme a plan with my girl,” Nate said. “Damn I do need something to drink.”  Nate spit on the ground.

“Dude, it was just fucking spunk,” Bolt laughed.  “I know you will find a way.  You’re fucking hooked on my dick now.”  Bolt tugged on his crotch.

“I hate to say it but I am,” Nate said. “I don’t know what it is.”

“I don’t know either but damn you’re getting into this gay shit.”

“I am.  Let me get something to drink and we can follow each other,” Nate said.

The two kissed in the parking lot before getting in their cars.  Nate found a soda and downed it with the taste of Bolt’s cum in his mouth.  The two headed back on the interstate.   Nate began to ponder how he could scheme up something to get away from his girl and be with Bolt. 

Nate stood at Bolt’s door Thursday night New Year' Eve just after 7.  Bolt opened the door and gave Nate a long kiss.  “I can’t believe what you told me.  She actually screamed fuck me DeShawn while you were fucking her pussy!”

Nate smiled and moved inside to find Bolt’s couch, “I couldn’t have planned it any better.  Bolt, I was at a loss and really couldn’t think of an excuse for tonight.  Tuesday I was having sex but really thinking about you.  My dick was hitting that pussy so hard and had her moaning like never before.  She screamed fuck me DeShawn.  That ended that shit right there.  She first denied it but then fessed up that his fucking black motherfucker and her were having an affair.”

“Fuck her ass then,” Bolt said.

“I told you she had the nerve to tell me how big his dick was.  It was all I could do not to tell her about you,” Nate said.

“Wanna beer?  I know you do,” Bolt asked.

“Of course I do,” Nate smiled.  He watched Bolt walk into the kitchen of this small outdated apartment.  He thought Bolt was hot as hell in his sleeveless shirt and low riding black jeans. 

Bolt returned with the beer and a smile.  He had to kiss Nate again.  “I invited two friends over as well.  Hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t guess so but I wanted it to be us two tonight and celebrate my break-up and the New Year’s.”

“They are really cool as fuck and hot to boot,” Bolt stated and started drinking.  “You wanna smoke too?”

Nate smiled and agreed.  Bolt had the pipe ready and lit it to pass it around.  Nate inhaled the weed and felt it filter throughout his body.  “My guess is you’ve stayed high since you got back.”

“Nate, I’m not a total stoner and do it on special occasions,” Bolt smiled.

“Yea right,” Nate replied with a laugh and didn’t care with Bolt at his side.

With both high, they laughed at the smallest thing and turned on the television to pass the time while waiting on Bolt’s friends.  After withholding for a while, Nate leaned over and starting kissing Bolt.  It only took this small act for both to unleash.  Nate enjoyed Bolt’s mouth with his rubbing Bolt’s stomach before going down his jeans.

“Nate, you’re into this, huh?” Bolt stated.

“Fuck yea motherfucker, I waited for this shit and going to love every second of it,” Nate said.

“Wow!  You’ve been hanging around me too long and got a potty mouth,” Bolt said.

“When in Rome…”

“No, when in my fucking place,” Bolt joked and continued.  Bolt shed his shirt and allowed Nate freedom to explore his thin upper body.  Nate moved his mouth down and sucked on Bolt’s nipples.

“Your girl have big titties?” Bolt asked with Nate sucking his nipples.

“Average but nice.  Fuck her!” Nate said.

“No, I think you want to fuck me,” Bolt joked.

“I do in the worst way possible,” Nate stated.

“You little horny motherfucker,” Bolt smiled.

“Damn straight…”

“You were straight until you got with my gay ass, huh?”

“Yea but no turning back now,” Nate stated.  “Where’s your friends at?”

“Hell if I know,” Bolt said. “Let me call see where they are.”  Bolt headed to find his phone and dialed one of their numbers.  He spoke to one with a big smile coming on his face.  He pulled out his cock and stroked it softly until hanging up.  Once he set his phone down, he dropped his jeans and exited out of his boxers to be naked.  “They are so fucking drunk already.  Sorry but they aren’t coming tonight.”

Nate couldn’t help but smile and watched Bolt walk to him naked and looking so undeniable.  Bolt knelt down to get Nate naked and did so.  He stood and fell on Nate.  The two kissed while Bolt grinded their cocks together.

“Babe, I’m all yours for the rest of the night,” Bolt smiled.

“Great.  We couldn’t have planned it any more perfect unless it had been snowing outside and were stranded together as travelers.”

“Fate, huh?”

“The best fate I know,” Nate stated.

The two moved around to 69 each other and enjoy the night for all it was worth.  Nate stared at Bolt’s big cock and licked it while having Bolt do the same to his.  Nate wasn’t a stranger to 69ing but normally he was eating pussy instead of about to suck on a big cock.  Nate opened his mouth and stuck as much of Bolt’s cock in his mouth as he could muster.  Bolt was still licking Nate’s cock and went for anal probe with his finger.  Shock waves flooded Nate’s 31 year old body.

“Like that?” Bolt asked.

MMMM huh,” Nate tried to say with his mouth stuffed. 

Bolt continued his fingering and starting sucking on Nate’s cock.  Muffled moans and hard breathing filled the living room with the two going at it hard and heavy.

Nate stopped with his mouth, jaw and tongue tired.  He continued to enjoy all Bolt was giving him with the fingering subsided.  Bolt stopped and kissed up Nate’s hairy torso until he reached Nate’s waiting lips.

“I’m ready to take you and want my ass fucked raw,” Bolt said.

“Bolt please!” Nate shouted. “No way is my bare cock going in your ass.  Covered only!”

Bolt stood, “At least it was worth a try.”  He grabbed condoms, lubes and poppers.  Nate had heard about the poppers and watched Bolt inhale quickly.  Nate watched Bolt lean over the edge of the couch with his ass stuck high in the air.  “I’m ready to take all you got!” Bolt announced.

Nate looked at Bolt’s ass and was so tempted to taste it.  He moved his head down before pulling back.

“Go ahead and lick my ass.  You might like it,” Bolt stated.

“Later, maybe,” Nate stated. “It looks so tempting but damn sucking a dick is enough.”  Bolt laughed and waited to feel Nate back inside him.  Nate ran his covered cock up and down Bolt’s hairless crack and leaned to kiss between his shoulder blades.  He grabbed his seven inches and felt it pass Bolt’s ring into his ass.

OOO fuck yea,” Bolt moaned with his head.  “Take that ass and fuck me!”

“Fucking nice ass.  It’s just as I remembered!” Nate stated and sunk deeper into Bolt.  He grabbed around Bolt’s thin body and started slowly.

OOOO yes, baby!  Yes!” Bolt screamed with increasing volume.  “Hammer that fucker in me… OOO yes… fuck yea… use that ass!”

Nate was increasing the speed and could hear the joy coming from Bolt.  Bolt moved back a little and grinded his ass on Nate’s cock for both of their ultimate pleasure.  Both were breathing hard with sweat mounting on Nate’s forehead.  He had this skinny 19 year old under his control and using his ass for his enjoyment.  Bolt turned his head and found Nate’s mouth. 

The two kissed with Nate slipping out.  “Let’s change positions,” Bolt stated and moved quickly to the seat of the couch with his skinny legs high in the air.  Nate grabbed Bolt’s ankles and rested them on his shoulders.  “Fuck me hard!” Bolt requested.

Nate entered Bolt’s ass with a quick jolt.  He pulled back, leaving the head barely inside and rammed his cock back inside.  Bolt let out a loud scream.  Nate repeated it and could see Bolt taking his deep forceful thrust. 

“Goddamn this is fucking hot!” Bolt screamed.

Nate stayed inside Bolt and pounded Bolt with everything he had.  Sweat was rolling off Nate’s forehead with both breathing loudly mixed with Bolt’s loud groans with each plunge.  Nate slapped Bolt’s ass.

“You love fucking my ass?”

“You love taking my shit?” Nate replied.

Fuck yea!” Bolt screamed with his hand on his hard cock.  “Fuck the cum out of me!”

“I wanna see that fucker bust!” Nate stated and was delirious over this.  His mind was a blur with his cock punishing Bolt’s hole like Bolt wanted.

After pounding Bolt’s ass for a solid ten minutes or more, Nate could feel his nuts churning.  He slowed down and hoped Bolt would cum first like he wanted.  Bolt was stroking his cock hard and groaning.  Nate slowly fucked Bolt now and was going as deep as possible with his fingers pinching Bolt’s nipples. 

“OOOOO shit!” Bolt screamed.  He threw his head back and shot his load all over his stomach and chest.  Nate was right behind him and busted his load to mix with Bolt’s.

Nate was so sexually fulfilled and collapsed so very close to Bolt.  The two were reeling from the experience with Nate’s hand on Bolt’s limp cock.

“Damn Bolt, you are actually beautiful,” Nate stated.

“You are as well,” Bolt said and kissed Nate.

The two were arm in arm when the front door flew open.  Cold air along with a little snow came inside along with a nice looking All-American guy.  “Smells like shit in here!” the young brown headed guy announced.

Bolt didn’t move but Nate’s heart was pounding away.

“It’s cool,” Bolt said quietly to Nate.

“Is this the guy you were bragging about?” the guy asked.

“Yea this is Tate.  Tate, this is Casey,” Bolt introduced.

“You like fucking my boyfriend, huh?” Casey asked.

Tate’s face filled with blood and anger.  “What the hell?” Tate stood naked in front of Bolt.

“You never asked if I had a boyfriend,” Bolt said in defense.

“Dude, it’s cool as fuck with me,” Casey said and took off his jacket and shoes.   “We both fuck around.”

“I don’t care.  Twice this week!!” Nate screamed.

Bolt could see the rage and anger and ran off to the bathroom or wherever. 

“He left that part out,” Nate said and wanted to hit something or someone.

“Chill out, dude!  I don’t give a fuck that fucked him.  He’s versatile and loves a good fuck I can’t deliver,” Casey said and pulled out a joint.  “Pass me that lighter.”

“That little motherfucker!” Tate raged and handed Casey the lighter.

“Sit down,” Casey said and took a hit.  “Here suck on this and chill.”  Casey held out the burning joint but Nate refused for he was steamed.

Bolt came out of the bathroom and approached Neate.  “I’m sorry but how would you like to be a part of a threesome?”

“What?” Tate asked.

“We’ve been looking for another guy.  You’d be perfect except you got a girlfriend.  Still you could come over and enjoy both of us on the side whenever you can,” Casey said and coughed.

“He no longer has a girlfriend as of Tuesday,” Bolt stated and took a hit of the burning joint.

“Perfect then,” Casey said.

“So let me get this straight.  You two are boyfriends and let each other fuck around.  Now you’re basically inviting me to be a part of your threesome?” Nate asked and started to calm down.  He found his boxers and put them on while Bolt stayed naked.  He looked at Bolt with a scowl before breaking off a big smile.

“So?” Bolt asked.

“We can try… hell I’m here and available at the moment,” Nate said.

“No we want someone full time,” Casey stated. “However, we’ll sure as hell will take what we can get.”

“Bolt, was this your plan as sort of an audition?” Nate asked.

“Well sort of but I wasn’t going to tell until tomorrow or after that,” Bolt said and turned to Casey.  “By the way, what the fuck are you doing home?  You said you were partying all night once I told you about Nate here.”

“Party was boring and it started snowing,” Casey stated. “I knew you didn’t care if I interrupted.”

Nate grabbed a beer while thinking the proposition over.  He did think Casey was cute yet so different from Bolt.  He couldn’t imagine the two as boyfriends yet saw them kissing on the couch.  “Casey, is it really snowing bad out there?” Nate asked.

“Yea dude, they changed the forecast.  Suppose to get 8 inches if not more,” Casey said. “Damn I love 8 inches!” Bolt kissed him and turned to kiss Nate as well.

“Bolt, looks like we’re snowed in this time together,” Nate smiled. “I hope it goes as well as last time.”

“I know it will.  Nate, I’m really sorry you had to find out this way.  Like Casey said, we fuck around together on the side.  Since you had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend, I figured maybe tonight would be it for us or maybe a few more times,” Bolt said. “This really wasn’t how this shit was supposed to happen.”

“Nate, I don’t care one bit and really would welcome a little bit of you as well,” Casey stated and pulled off his shirt to show his well developed body with cut abs and nice pecs along with one hot V at the waist.  “You think you could handle this shit?”

“He handled my skinny ass very well,” Bolt said.

“Ummm… I guess I could try,” Nate smiled.

Before the end of the night, Nate got to experience Casey and Bolt together.  Casey was calmer than Bolt but his ass was to die for.  Nate couldn’t really believe the two were lovers until witnessing one hot act of Bolt fucking Casey bareback for a long time. 

When the moment arrive, the three celebrated the New Year in fashion with each one sucking one of the other.   By the end of the night, Nate was exhausted.  He had blown four loads including the first alone with Bolt.  He did find the threesome exciting and new but knew deep down this wasn’t his place in life at this juncture but did have fun while it lasted.  All he knew he found out that he did enjoy gay sex and found it much to his liking.