A New Month

Another fantasy story that didn't happen.  It was written by yet another fan who wanted to try his hand at this.

It was a pretty typical Thursday night.  Our room was filled with many of our friends.  We’d played some games, and just spent a lot of time talking.  A few beers had been consumed, but not much by our standards.

Suddenly Kris asked Corey “Are you going to tell Matt about that conversation that you had?”

Corey looked at me and said “I saw Mr. Jackson at the rec center today.”

“Matt’s accounting professor? The one you two saw naked at the beach during spring break?”  Shawn asked.

“He’s Ted’s professor too.  But he hasn’t seen him naked.  Have you, Ted?” Miles chimed in.  Ted didn’t say a word, but shot an icy glare at his roommate.

“Was he naked today?” Andrea asked.  Colt and Kris burst out laughing at the question, along with some of the others.

“No, he wasn’t naked.  He just came in to work out during a break.” Corey answered.  Corey had seen him while working the front desk at the rec center before.  Corey said Mr. Jackson looked like he kind of recognized him.  (Colt later said that if Corey had been naked, Mr. Jackson would have known him immediately).  So Corey told him that he was with me during spring break and introduced himself.  (“Always nice to be able to place a name with a cock” Colt had snickered.)

“After a while I was going on a break.” Corey continued.  “On my way, I saw him finishing up and helped him put some things away.  We talked for a couple of minutes.  We talked about the beach.”

“What about the beach?” I asked, my guard up.

“He just asked if we had been there before.  He said he goes there a few times during the year, whenever he can.” Corey answered.

“And …” I asked, wondering why Kris and Colt wanted me to know about this conversation so badly.

“We talked about the type of workouts we do.  He mentioned that he and his partner wrestle,” Corey said tentatively, “and asked if you and I wanted to have a match with them sometime.”

“WHAT?” I screamed.  “My accounting professor wants to wrestle me?”

“Wants to wrestle us, actually” Corey added quietly.

Our room erupted in raccous laughter.  Colt was nearly hysterical, and Kris wasn’t far behind.  Miles and Bishop were no better.  Shawn was stunned, while Luke just shook his head and looked at Ted, who was staring straight at me.

“I told you he wouldn’t be able to resist that dick of yours now that he’s seen it” Kris chortled. 

“Do it, Matt.  Pin his ass, and he’ll have to give you an A for the course.”  Colt added.

“Matt doesn’t need to fight his professor to get an A for the course.  He’s so smart, he’s already earned it.”  Ted stated.

“Then wrestle him for Ted, Matt.  That’s the only way he’ll get an A for that class.”  Miles countered.  Luke did start to chuckle at that.  Ted didn’t notice, though, as he started to lunge at Miles, but then held back.

“That sounds kind of hot, actually.”  Andrea stated.  “My literature professor gave me a C on a paper last week.  Colt, would you wrestle him to get me an A in that course?”

“Sure thing baby.  I’ll spank his ass for giving you that bad grade.” 

I was freaking out while the room was in hysterics.  I had freaked when Corey and I saw Mr, Jackson and his friend at the nude beach, but Corey thought I covered it well. We only passed each other and said hello, it wasn’t like we stood and had a conversation naked.  It’s been really weird seeing him in class, though. It’s been tough doing the assignments and studying for the course now.  I got a low B on the last test, and Mr. Jackson wrote on the test “What happened?”  I haven’t talked to him, though. 

And now this?    I actually thought he was being pretty cool about the whole thing.  He calls on me occasionally in class, but not any more than anyone else.  He’s not picking on me, but he’s not ignoring me either.  I figured it was just my problem.  But now he wants to wrestle me?  WRESTLE me?  I’ve never thought about doing anything with ….

I felt Corey’s arms around my waist, then moving up, pulling me back into his chest.  His mouth nuzzled my right ear, consoling me.  “Guys! Cut it out!” he yelled out.

Kris and Colt had started to calm down.  “Hey Matt.  It’s OK.  Maybe he wants to wrestle your smoking hot boyfriend, and not you.”  Colt declared.

“Yeah, I bet he wants to roll around the mat with Corey” Kris added.  “Can’t blame him.  Been there and done that.”  He high-fived Colt after that.

“Hey, Corey, Matt.  Our boy Luke here can help you out and give you some wrestling tips.”  Miles volunteered.

“Ooh, Corey and Luke wrestling. Now that’s a match I could really get into.” Andrea added.  Colt looked at Andrea, pained that he wasn’t added to that mix.

“You’ve wrestled accounting professors before, Luke?”  Bishop snickered.  It wasn’t a smart thing to say when you’re standing behind Luke.  Luke sprang up, grabbed Bishop at the waist, and flung him into the middle of the room.  Luke pulled back to not hurt Bishop so much as to embarrass him. 

“No, just dealt with smart-ass students” Luke responded, although it wasn’t needed after his action.  That quieted the room down.  Things had really gotten out of hand, and I was grateful that Luke had settled things down, although it was at poor Bishop’s expense.  Corey still held me in his tight grip, pulled against his chest.

“So, you’ve wrestled, Luke?”  Shawn asked.  He got a stern look from Ted for bringing up the topic again.

“I did some until high school.  I wrestled my freshmen and sophomore years, but couldn’t make varsity.  I thought I’d get to start my junior year, but a kid in my weight class transferred in during our sophomore year and I couldn’t beat him.  So dad and I decided to focus on football and drop wrestling.”  Luke seemed to be a little uncomfortable talking about this.

“So football’s gain was wrestling’s loss” Corey observed.

“I guess so.”  Luke smiled at Corey’s comment.

“Well, Luke, you’re going to have to get started training Corey and Matt here.  There’s not much time left in the year to set up this match.”  Most of the room glared at Kris for bringing up this topic again.  “Hey, it’s after midnight, that means it’s April 1st…”

“April 1st?” Then it all made sense to me.  I pulled away from Corey.  “Oh damn you.  Damn you all.”

“APRIL FOOL’S!!!” Kris, Colt, Andrea and Miles yelled.    Ted, Luke and Shawn shook their heads - I don’t think they knew what was going on.  Bishop was still subdued, sitting on the floor.  Luke came over and helped Bishop to his feet.  I think he was going to try to make things OK between them.

Corey didn’t say anything at all.  He was looking at the floor, then raised his head with a guilty look on his face.  “I’m sorry Matt” he said.  “I thought it would be funny, but it wasn’t funny at all.”

“No, it wasn’t” I said smartly.  I was furious with them - Corey, Kris, Colt, anyone who was laughing at me during my panic.  “Shawn, can I bunk in your room?  I can’t stay in this room tonight.”

Corey spoke up.  “No, Matt, please.  I need to talk to you.  Explain things to you.”

“I’m not interested, Corey.  Not now!”

“Then we need to take a walk.  You always make me take a walk when we’re fighting.  Now it’s my turn.”

“You really fucked up this time.  It’s not like those other times.”

“I know, but I still need to talk.  Then you can have the room to yourself if you want, or stay with Shawn, or whatever you want.”

Ted came up to us.  “We’re going to leave.  Matt, please listen to what he has to say.”  And then to Corey, “Make things right with him.”

“I want to, Ted, more than anything.” Corey answered.

Luke and Bishop came over. Luke clasped Corey’s shoulder with one hand and mine with the other.   “Sorry about the … whatever that was.  Bishop and I are good now, at least I am.” 

“Me too.  I’ve already told Luke I’m sorry for my stupid remark. I’m sorry to you guys too.”

“It was far from the stupidest thing done tonight” Corey said in a remorseful tone.

“Just work things out, guys.”  Luke said as he left with Ted, and Bishop followed.

Kris and Colt started to come over, but I was in no mood to talk to them.  “Don’t.”  I stated.  Kris actually did as I asked for once.  “Let’s go.” I said to Corey.

As we left the room, we could still see and hear Ted and Luke walking down the hallway.  “Your poor accounting professor” I heard Luke say. “I wonder if he really did anything to deserve being involved in this.”

Shawn came up behind us.  “Oh, Shawn,” I said.  “I shouldn’t make you wait up on me.”

“You can have our room tonight.”  Corey said.  “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Matt, you’re welcome to stay with me, I’d be glad to have you, but I hope you two work things out.”

“Thanks Shawn” Corey said gratefully.

“Thanks for the offer and for the support Shawn.  I’ll stay in my room tonight.”  I didn’t look at Corey when I said it to see his reaction.
“All right guys.  Good night.”  With that, Shawn left us.

Corey and I walked on and exited the building.  In the room, I had wanted to scream at him, and Kris, and Colt.   And at Miles and Andrea, who seemed to enjoy it too much.  Saying goodbye to Ted, Luke, Bishop and Shawn had calmed me down somewhat.  And I realized once we were outside that screaming would draw attention to us that I didn’t want.  I should have gone to our room and let Corey have it.  Maybe that’s why he confronted me with the walk.

And the last thing Luke said had stuck in my mind.  It was something I really wanted answered.  “What did Mr. Jackson say to you?  Did you even see him?  What made you say that he wanted to wrestle me … excuse me, US?”  I asked smartly.

I hadn’t looked at Corey since we said good night to Shawn.  I looked at him now, and saw that my earlier assessment was incorrect.  His look wasn’t a guilty look, it was remorseful.  I could see he was truly sorry for what had happened tonight.

“I really did see him today.”  Corey said quietly.  “He seems like a good guy, from the few minutes that we’ve talked.”

“The wrestling thing … did he say that?”

“He just said that he wrestled.  He didn’t say anything about a wrestling match with you or me.  Kris was at work and I told him that I saw Mr. Jackson.  You’re so spooked about him, I thought I’d tell Kris about it.  Kris wondered what he did at the rec center and I mentioned the wrestling along with everything else.  Kris got a kick out of that for some reason.  Later, he asked me if I had told you about talking with Mr. Jackson.  I said no, and he said not to, that he and Colt would talk to me later.  So later they told me that we should tell you that he asked to have a tag-team match with you and me as an April Fool’s prank.  I wasn’t sure about it, but they convinced me that it would be funny.  And it could have been funny.  But it wasn’t.  Not with you.”

“I should know better, but I keep making stupid decisions.” Corey continued. “I should have known it would hurt you.  I love you so much, I never want to hurt you.  But I did.  I don’t know how I thought it could have been funny at the time, but I did.  I just keep messing things up with you … with us.”

I reached out to hold Corey’s hand.  “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.  I trust that you don’t want to hurt me.  Maybe that’s why it hurt so much.”  Corey looked away from me at those words.  I squeezed his hand.  “But I’m getting better.  I’m getting over it.  What you said helped.  You were right to make me go on this walk.”

“No, it’s been your idea.”  Corey replied.  “It’s always worked when you get me to go on these walks.  It was the only thing I could think of to get you to listen to me.”

“It was a smart decision.  It’s working.”  I thought about stopping and kissing Corey, but I wasn’t ready for that yet.  And there were some other things I wanted to ask Corey while we were out here, away from the room and everyone.

“So what all did you talk to Mr. Jackson about?”  I asked.

“The things I said before - the beach, how we work out.  I told him a little bit about us - that we‘re roommates, that you’re my boyfriend.”  I tensed up a little at that.  “I hope you don’t mind.  I’m proud that you’re my boyfriend.  He already saw us together.  I thought he already knew it, but I wanted to say it.”

“OK” I said, but I wasn’t comfortable with it.

“He congratulated me - us, I guess- when I told him we’d been together for nearly a year and a half.”  Corey continued, then paused.  “I think he likes you.”

“What?” I stammered.

“Not like he wants to date you, or do something else” Corey attempted to recover.  “He said he wishes he had many more students like you.  He knows you’re a great student.”

I blushed at the compliment, whether it came from Mr. Jackson or from Corey.

We started walking back to the dorm.  After we walked a ways, Corey stated “Matt, there’s something else I want to talk to you about.”

I didn’t know what to think about this, but I simply replied “OK.”

“I know you’re spooked about seeing your professor when all of us were naked.  I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but I thought more about it later. I’ve never known, or seen, anyone that old who is gay. The gay people we see are around our age, or a little older, but no one who’s our parents’ age, or older than that.”

“And I think about Mr. Jackson and his friend, and I think that’s what I want to be.” Corey continued.  “That’s what I want us to be.  When we’re his age, I want to be walking on a nude beach with my arm around you.  And when we see someone we know, or strangers, when they see us, they’ll know we’ve had a great life, and we’re having a great life still.  That I’m with you, and that there’s nowhere else I want to be.”  Corey stopped.  “I’m just babbling.  I can’t figure out how to say what I feel.”

“You’re doing fine.”  I smiled.  This was really different for Corey.  He doesn’t open up like this.

“Now I see a future for me … no, for us.  Now I believe in a future for us.  Even after you took me back, I thought you would get tired of me at some point.  Or that I would do something really stupid and mess things up for us.  But I believe that you love me.  I mean, I believe that you love me as much as I love you.  I didn’t think you could love me as much as I love you, but I believe it now.  As long as I don’t do something stupid, I believe we’ll have a life together.  And it will be a great life.”

“Just don’t listen to any more of Kris and Colt’s stupid ideas.”  I countered smartly.

“I know” Corey replied.  “They’re not all stupid, though.”

I smiled.  “Yes, they’ve had a few that turned out pretty well,” remembering one recent idea in particular.

“Want to find a classroom?” Corey said with a big grin on his beautiful face.

I stopped and pulled him into a kiss.  “It’s pretty late in the night, or early in the morning, for that, I think.  I’m just ready to go back to our dorm, and our bed.”

“Sounds good to me,” Corey responded, returning the kiss.  “Another time?”

I smiled again at the memory of our first classroom experience.  “Another time.”

We continued walking back to the dorm.  I texted Shawn that all is well.  I was surprised that he answered right away, that he was glad to hear it.  I decided to text Ted also, worried that I might wake him.  I didn’t get a response, which was OK.  He’d see it when he woke up.

“You know, we’ve got a lot of great friends who are rooting for us as well.” I observed to Corey.

“Yeah, I thought they’d hate me for what I did in that stupid prank.  But they all wanted me to make things right.  They didn’t want to throw me out.  Although I don’t want to know what Ted would do to me if I didn’t set things right.”

“You’d have to get Luke to teach you how to wrestle pretty quick before Ted got a hold of you.”

Corey’s jaw dropped.  “I can’t believe you said that!”

“Andrea was really into the idea of you and Luke going at it.”

“Yeah, well, she was also really into the idea of …” Then Corey stopped.

“Don’t say it” I warned Corey.

“Shutting up.”  Corey replied.  We then laughed.  I realized we were at the door to our dorm room.  The door wasn’t locked.  We entered the room to see Kris stretched out on the couch.

“I like the sound of that” Kris said, surely relieved to hear us laughing.  “It’s the last thing I would have expected when I left the room for our walk.”

Then I noticed the smell of the room.  It reeked of air freshener.  Like three different kinds of air freshener combined.  “Kris, what the hell happened?” Corey asked.

“Well, after you two left, Colt, Miles and I got into a big argument about what happened tonight.  Matt, I’m so sorry about what we did.  It was meant as an April Fool’s prank, but I should have known how much it would upset you.  I’m such a dumbass sometimes.  Corey, I’m sorry I got you into this stupid prank.  I hope it’s like it sounds, and you guys have worked things out.”

“The walk and the talk worked,” Corey answered Kris.  “Just like it always has.  I should have known better than to go along with the prank, though.  That was my fault, not yours.”

“What about this smell?” I asked.

“Well, we all were arguing.  Andrea’s staying with Colt, so then we argued over who would get the bedroom.  I finally got tired of it, and said I would sleep on the couch.  That fuck up Miles then decided he would fart on the couch since I was going to sleep on it.  Then Colt decided to stink up the couch too.  They both dropped their pants to do it.  I tell you, they are two nasty fuckers.  Those farts nearly brought tears to my eyes.  And loud, too!  And don’t tell her, but I think Andrea farted too, when Colt did it.”

Corey was barely able to contain his laughter.  Despite my anger at Kris, I was about to laugh too.

“Then we all started wrestling.”  Kris continued.  Corey exploded with laughter at that statement, and I started to laugh too.  After everything that had happened that night, it figured that the three stooges would end it with a wrestling match.  “We were tearing each other’s clothes off.”  I then noticed the shorts that Miles had been wearing on the floor by the far end of the couch.  Kris saw me look there, and explained.  “Colt kept Miles’ pants away from him, so the fucker grabbed my pants to wear when he left.”

“But before that, Andrea grabbed a can of air freshener and started spraying it.  I grabbed it and started spraying them.  So Colt grabbed two more cans and we had a air freshener war.  It was actually kind of fun, but I had to set a rule…”

“Let me guess” Corey interrupted.  “Not the face! Not the face!” he said as he continued to laugh.

“Exactly” Kris continued.  “We didn’t notice that they were three different types, though.  It smells funny in here, but it’s still better than those farts.”

I just shook my head.  “Corey, are you ready to go to bed?”

“Uh huh,” he replied.  “See you when we get up, Kris.”

“Good night guys” Kris replied, wisely choosing not to press his luck any further.

In our room, Corey just shook his head and smiled as a coda to Kris’ account of the activities while we were gone.  “Hold me tonight?” I said to Corey.

“Definitely” he smiled as we undressed each other, and got into bed. 

All in all, it had been quite a night.  I was so pissed at Corey earlier, but I knew he didn’t mean to hurt me.  His comments surprised me.  I hadn’t really thought about getting old. I knew it would happen, but never could picture it.  The thought of being Mr. Jackson’s age, walking with Corey’s arms around me brought a smile to my face.

And I realized I would have to resolve my feelings about Mr. Jackson too.  The strange thing is, he hasn’t done anything wrong.  It was just a chance meeting, nothing either of us had intended to happen.  He’s handled it as well as possible, I guess.  He hasn’t treated me any differently than before, other than being concerned about my poor performance on the last test.  I’ve got to fix that to hold on to my A in the course.  It’s weird that he talks to Corey, but I guess he’s being polite, and we all do have some things in common despite our age difference.

But that’s something to deal with another day.  Tonight I’ll enjoy a sleep in my boyfriend’s arms.

And tomorrow start to work on a prank to get even with Corey, Kris and Colt.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter written by yet another fan of the story.  

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