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My patience was growing thin while Cindy and I finished up our day’s work here on Tuesday. With the
beginning of the fall semester fast approaching, my days had been very busy finishing up every detail needed
before it started. I couldn’t imagine being any busier once the semester began. I logged off about 5:15 and
headed to the door. Cindy was right behind me.

“Jason, are things starting to click for you?” Cindy asked.

I smiled, “Almost too much, but they are.”

“You’ve caught on very fast and you’re a joy to work with. You don’t seem to get stressed out that much.”

“I’m good at hiding it. I use the gym to take out the stress,” I stated while walking out to my car.

“I hope you have a good night,” she said.

“You too,” I said and got in my car with a dark cloud looming overhead. It was almost a given that this area
would get a rain shower or worse just about the time work was completed. 

It was just starting to thunder before I got inside. Wes was gone for work and had become accustomed to
being away at least once a month while checking up on projects. I called PJ and really wanted to see him
tonight. He said he’d be happy to come over and be with me but might be a little late arriving.

About 7:15, PJ arrived at my door with a bag of food in his hand. He had called on his way over to see if I
was hungry. He smiled seeing I was nude. Once the door was shut, we kissed. He set the bag on our coffee
table before we dug in. He threw off his clothes and took a seat.

“How’s Clint today?” I asked.

PJ laughed, “Fine, I guess, but he’d been over swimming before the rain. Jason, I know we’re doing a great
thing but I foresee trouble down the road with him.”

“Why?” I asked with my mouth full.

He took a bite and swallowed. “I don’t know. I have a feeling he’ll wanna be all up in our business. I was
coming over here tonight no matter what.”

“You said you enjoyed drawing with him last night.”

“I did and he was quite talented. My hope is he finds someone. When he does I’m sure he’ll fall for him in a
big hurry since he’s desperate.”

“I hope he does. We’re ones to talk,” I snickered.

“I really am. I knew very quickly about you.”

We finished up eating and threw away our trash. I returned and sat right next to him. I took his left arm
and put it over my shoulder. Usually it was me that put my arm around him. I turned on the TV for background

“Boy, I hope we don’t have any visitors tonight,” PJ said.

“Me either, but I did put out the word last night that we were in need of some alone time.”

“I’m good if we did. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know, but we need a good night with just the two of us. It’s great having friends and being sociable but
there are times when boyfriends need time together alone.”

“You’re right. I fucking hate time alone with your hot ass,” PJ said sarcastically.

“Don’t ya? I fucking hate it too,” I said.

“We’ll have plenty of time for others. I’m sure we’ll all be together this weekend. Then next weekend you do
know it’s back to camping?” he said.

“Hmmm… I didn’t realize it was that time again,” I stated.

“It is. Do I sense you’re not excited about it like you were before?”

“You’re getting killer at reading me,” I said.

“We don’t have to go. Hey, why don’t you and I go east to that nude beach? Just the two of us?”

I smiled, “Yeah! Let’s do that. Even if say Jimmy and Logan wanna go, we can.”

“I was thinking… you and I could drive over and get a room Friday night and stay the weekend. Jennifer and
Wes are going away this weekend so I was thinking you and I could do one weekend as well. Since you’re not
keen on camping again it would be a great time to go.”

“Fuck asking anyone else. We will for sure do that and you’re not paying for everything either,” I said.

“I would but I know how you are,” he said.

We watched a little TV. I wanted him and started kissing him. My hands ran through his blond hair while we
kissed. It began getting very heated with his hands all over my back and ass. I had him pressed against the
arm rest of our couch while we made out. My mouth left his and went down his body. I licked and sucked his
skin until reaching the thing I wanted to suck the most. My tongue extended to get beneath his foreskin with
goose bumps on his skin beginning to appear. His dick got hard with the foreskin retracting. I began to suck
his hard dick with his hands rubbing my shoulders. My mouth went from his dick to his mouth. I moved to the
floor so I could continue to give him head and see his face. I continued sucking his dick and loved hearing
the soft moans coming from his mouth. 

“OOOO Jason,” he repeated quite often. He pulled me up for a long tongue filled kiss after some time on my
knees doing something I enjoyed. 

I moved and put my knees on the couch so he could access my aching dick. His mouth and tongue felt so good
while he was sucking me off. My hands ran through his hair and enjoyed hearing him suck and slurp on my
throbbing hard dick. 

I stood it as long as I could before pulling him up for another kiss. “Let’s go to my bedroom so we can
fuck,” I said bluntly.

We walked to my room. I grabbed some condoms and lube in haste. PJ’s legs were high in the air and waiting
for me on my bed with a towel under him. I ripped open the condom and lubed us up. I fingered his hot ass,
threw his legs on my shoulders and moved to start fucking him. He looked at me with his big blue eyes while
I guided my hard dick to his hole. 

He gasped feeling my dick head slip into his hole. My hands moved to his sides while I slowly went deeper in
him. There was no better feeling than being inside your boyfriend’s ass. I began slowly moving my hips and
felt his hands on my ass. 

“OOO Jason, fuck me,” he moaned with a heavenly look on his face.

I continued to pump my hard dick in him until leaning over to kiss him. His knees were near his shoulders
with my dick deep inside of him. His hands began pushing me deeper into him while I barely moved kissing

“PJ, fuck!” I groaned and was feeling so good all over.

“Fuck me, Jason. Fuck me harder! I wanna feel that hard cock in me,” he moaned while I leaned up and fucked
him. My pace increased with our skin slapping together. Now we were breathing hard as ever in the midst of
hot boyfriend sex. 

We switched positions. We were on our sides with his leg thrown over mine. My dick slipped back in his ass
while my hand found his hard dick. I started fucking him again while stroking his dick. It was a great
feeling when we were in rhythm with everything. He was moaning loudly with each push while I grunted. We
were breathing so hard but loved the intensity and passion of our sex.

“OOOO baby, I’m gonna fucking cum,” PJ moaned. “Fuck my load out of me.”

I turned his head for a kiss and continued to stroke his dick. He moaned in my mouth while his dick throbbed
in my hand. He shook a little, releasing his big load that went all over his chest and lower body after we
adjusted. I pulled out and quickly stroked my dick. I grunted and groaned with my load spewing all over him. 

We were spent after sex with the cum drying on his body. He pulled me in for another kiss before literally
going limp in my arms.

“Man, I really needed that,” PJ stated with his hand on my abs.

“I know I did. I’ve been horny all day with the thought of you coming over and us being alone.”

“You know I’m more than willing to give you my body whenever you’re horny and need someone.”

“It is a great privilege of having a boyfriend,” I said and kissed him.

We lay together in our bliss. PJ cleaned up the drying mess on his body before we went back into the living
room. We sat curled up together and kissed often. He finally stood and announced he was leaving before
falling asleep with me. I watched him dress and said goodbye with a long kiss. 

I returned to my room with the scent of sex lingering in the air. My bed did feel so good. Sleep came easily
that night after my head hit the pillow.

Wednesday, Cindy and I were crunching numbers with new data on the projected number of students attending
college here for the upcoming semester and projections for following years. Our focus was on housing and
parking. Currently we were going to skim by the current year with just enough housing but would lack
parking. We came to a point where things were beyond our realm of power, such as requesting new facilities
to accommodate the needs. Cindy called on a colleague of ours to get his input. While we were waiting, we
talked about our current lives and our boyfriends. I finished up telling her about PJ when we heard Dan at
the door. He smiled at me before sitting down to see our needs and dilemma. Dan had been here for 10 years
and was maybe 40, if not older.

The three of us went over things until lunch. Cindy wanted to stay to grab something quick while I was ready
to leave and clear my head. Dan asked if he could join me for lunch.

I got in his car and began heading to get something to eat.  “Jason, I heard you speak of your boyfriend,”
Dan said.

My heart skipped a beat since only Cindy knew. “Yes, I do have one,” I said, since there was no denying it
since he’d overheard Cindy and me talking. “Is that a problem?”

“No, it’s not. I’m a little surprised. The reason I said something is my 17 year old son came out to me and
my wife Friday night,” Dan said. “I was floored to say the least when he told us.”

“That’s to be expected in most cases.”

“I knew something was up when he came home Friday. He was on edge and then called me and my wife to talk
with us. He said he had a date Saturday night. I was happy for him and saw no reason why he shouldn’t have
been dating sooner. My wife asked her name. Austin said it wasn’t a girl but a guy. Jason, it’s been really
rough on me and Anna ever since that announcement. She cried all Friday night. I don’t know what the hell to
do,” Dan said.

“So you want me to tell ya what to do?” I asked.

“Not what to do but I need someone to talk to… well I could use some advice.”

“How have things been since Friday night with him?” I asked.

“Different. Kelley, his sister, has acted like it was no big deal. Neither Anna nor I can find the right
words to say to him,” Dan said and pulled into a deli for us to eat.

“I assume you didn’t stop loving him,” I said and unbuckled my seat belt.

“Of course not, Jason.”

“That’s a starting point. Coming out to your parents is hard and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him. Assure him
that you and your wife still love him no matter what. Tell him his coming out didn’t diminish your love for
him. That really helped me out a lot, but I was older when I came out,” I said before we got out of the car.

“That is a good starting point for us. Everything you just said is so true. What about this dating thing?”

“I guess make rules like you would if he was dating a girl, or use the ones you will have for your
daughter,” I replied.

“You make this sound so simple,” Dan said and found us a booth to sit at.

“It is.”

“Now to the hard question… sex. I gave him the birds and bees talk but now that is of no use,” Dan said and

The waitress came and took our drink order before we ordered lunch. 

“What about sex?” I asked once she was gone.

“I want to talk to him about that but what do I say?” Dan asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know about that. The main thing is to emphasize protection, just like you
would if he wasn’t gay. I wouldn’t worry about that part because very few if any will ever discuss their sex
life with their parents. I don’t.”

Dan laughed, “I didn’t either. I know Austin will want to have sex if he hasn’t already. He is 17 years old
and has those raging hormones going. You’re right. I shouldn’t expect for him to say a word about it. I
worry now about him and how others will treat him.”

“That’s a legit worry. Talk to him and see if he has been bullied. I met a gay teenager this weekend and he
had been bullied. Do you know if he was out at school? It’s likely he is since parents are sometimes the
last to know.”

“Another good point. I don’t if he is or isn’t, but I assume he was or else he wouldn’t have a date…”

“It’s possible he could have met the guy somewhere other than at school,” I said.

We were served our drinks and then our meal.

“Jason, what do I say if he wants earrings or a tattoo?” Dan asked me.

“Dan, those aren’t necessarily gay things. Look around ya. Just like dating, it is your rules,” I replied.

Dan laughed, “That was really stupid of me to ask. My wife and I don’t know how to handle having a gay son.”

“My advice is… well you did ask for it… When you go home tonight try to see him as your son and not your gay
son. Treat him like you always have. Dan, do you have a problem with gay people?”

“Well… I’ve never associated with any but I don’t guess I do. When he said he was gay I felt like all my
hopes and dreams for him just went out the door,” Dan replied.

I took a few bites. “Nothing changed except for the fact you know he’s attracted to guys instead of girls.
Those hopes and dreams are still there, but some may be different. One day you’ll sit back and wonder what
you worried about.”

“Let’s hope so. Thanks Jason. I do feel much better now. It was as if it was intended for me to hear your
conversation with Cindy earlier.”

“It is spooky but I’m glad I could help. I look forward to hearing how things go,” I said.

We continued to eat. I tried to ease his mind by telling him about my situation and how things were in my
life. Leaving, Dan called his wife and gave her hope as well.

When time came for me to head home, Dan stopped by my office and thanked me again for my help. I told him I
didn’t help much, other than possibly easing his fears. I wished him luck before heading home.

Once I got home, I called PJ to tell him about my day, mostly my lunch with Dan. He laughed and said we
should consider opening up a counseling center. I agreed and told him how it all came about. He said it was
odd but was nice that I would offer my advice to Dan. 

After hanging up, it was really quiet in my apartment. I did miss Wes and talking with him about our day at
work. We were adjusting little by little to our jobs and being roommates. I got ready to work out and called
Drew to see when we were leaving. He said in about an hour with Ryker running late.

For a change, I drove and waited for Drew and Ryker to get in my ride. As we were leaving our parking lot, I
looked in the rear view mirror at Ryker and asked, “How are you doing?”

“What’s it to ya?” Ryker replied sharply.

“Don’t be a fucking ass. Jason was trying to be nice,” Drew said in his gym shirt and shorts.

“My bad, Jason, I’m making it,” Ryker said and reached to pat my shoulder. 

“Can I ask if you saw it coming?” I asked.

Ryker laughed, “You can. I knew it was coming and was very deserved. I wouldn’t date myself. I need to stop
being a complete and total asshole.”

“I’m glad you said that,” Drew said.

“It did sting a little bit, but there are others out there,” Ryker stated. “I found out my dad is now
larking around and has really set my ass off.”

Drew whipped around his head, “Really? How did you even find out?”

“Mom told me he called…” Ryker replied.

“I had no idea you even talked to her,” Drew said.

“I do, but not very often. I know exactly what will happen if he finds out where I live. His crazy ass will
be knocking on my door and asking for some cash. I just know it,” Ryker said.

“That’s a shame. It should be the other way around,” I said driving.

“Tell me about it,” Ryker said. “I have to admit I do envy both of you for having great parents.”

“Wow,” Drew said. 

“It’s true. I do give you a hard time but hell at least your mom isn’t fucking scum,” Ryker said.

“Your mom is too?” I asked.

“No, I was talking about my dad,” Ryker replied with me driving into the lot of our gym.

“Finally, you admit that my mom being gay isn’t so bad,” Drew said.

“Nah, you either, Jason. I’m just an ass sometimes,” Ryker said.

Once inside and putting away our bags, Ryker went his way while I trailed Drew. Slowly, I felt like I was
making progress and was seeing the results of a fairly steady work out regime. Today however was my least
favorite routine since we were doing legs. Legs were essential for Drew and his pitching. The sight of Drew
straining and popping all his muscles was something that never grew old in my eyes. 

After working out, we proceeded to the locker room and grabbed our towels to shower. Drew threw his towel
over his shoulders with me doing the same. Walking the short distance naked was no big deal to either one of
us. We didn’t care what people saw or thought either. We showered and returned to dress with Ryker walking
in. We stood naked chatting with him for a moment before he entered the showers. We sat and dressed with
various guys of different shapes, ages and colors walking by us either naked or half naked.  

Once Ryker was dressed, we left the gym and made our way to my vehicle with a light rain falling. 

“Jason, I bet your favorite time now is in the locker room,” Ryker commented.

“It is. Being a gay nudist that shit is right up my alley,” I laughed.

“You’d love being in the locker room with me after a game or practice,” Drew laughed.

“I’m sure I would,” I said. “You see nudism ain’t so bad. I don’t see you guys shying away from it.”

“He’s got a point there,” Drew said.

Ryker laughed and was in a good mood, “He might have one but that’s different.”

“I beg to differ,” I said, driving. “It’s just being comfortable in your own skin around others.”

They agreed and continued to talk about nudism with me. I had a feeling both were somewhat curious about the
experience since I pointed out how at ease they were in a locker room with other naked men. 

Once home, I mixed up a protein shake and really missed not having Wes here to whip up something quick for
us to eat as well. I flopped on the couch nude and messed with my phone, mostly Twitter. A quick knock came
at my door. I opened it slowly to see PJ standing there.

“Ummm… I hope you don’t mind me coming over,” he said in his shorts and tee.

“Of course not,” I said and kissed him to assure him it was okay. 

“I came by rather than call to show you these sweet ass places we can stay on our little trip,” he said,

“Alright, let me grab my laptop and you can show me,” I said and left to grab it. When I returned he was
naked like I was. I powered the laptop up and handed it to him.

After a few clicks, he turned the computer in my direction. “What do you think?”

I looked at the nice hotel and could see it was on the beach. “It looks really nice. How much is it?”

“Well… it’s $250 a night but it is right on the beach and fairly close to the nude beach,” PJ replied.

“Boy PJ, that seems a little steep for me,” I said.

“I knew you’d say that, that’s why I came over. Jason, it is the summer and we’ll be right on the beach.”

I looked at the screen while he proceeded to show me the rooms. “Here’s my thinking. You say it is right on
the beach, which is nice, but we won’t really be using that beach. If it was on the nude beach then I’d
agree completely.”

“Damn, you’re so logical and smart. No wonder you have a degree and I don’t. You’re so right. It’d make no
sense for us to stay on the beach when we’d be at the nude beach for a majority of the time,” he said.

“Well… you know staying on the beach would be nice,” I retracted a little. 

“We can find somewhere that is cheaper and more practical.”

“Show me what’s not on the beach. Together we can decide if the difference in price is worth it,” I said and
put my arm around his shoulder. 

PJ began searching and pulling up other alternatives. I looked at them and saw the difference in price. He
looked at others until finding one that rather interesting. It was close to where we wanted to go and had an
array of shops, restaurants and bars.

He looked at me and smiled, “I can tell by the look on your face you want to try here.”

“Exactly,” I said and kissed his cheek. 

“You know I think I too do,” he said.

“Book it,” I said.

We booked a nice suite at half the cost. It wasn’t right on the beach like the other one but was within 3
blocks of the beach. 

“I’m glad I came over. Now that I did more research and with you, it will be perfect,” he said.

“It will and has me excited. I can’t wait. I know why you came over. I bet Clint was bugging you.”

“He wasn’t around. He’s working tonight,” PJ stated.

“I didn’t know he had a job.”

“He just gets 20 or so hours a week working at I think, Best Buy or one of those places.”

“Beats working at Walmart like I did when I got out of high school. I wasn’t lucky like you who had a family
business where I could work,” I said.

“Out of high school it was the last place I wanted to work, but it was a job. Funny how it worked out for
me. I can’t see myself working anywhere else.”

We sat together on my couch. I enjoyed having him there with me. He didn’t stay too long and left just after


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