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Waking the next morning, Saturday, here in June, my eyes looked around for a second only to register that
I had slept with PJ. The night went just as I had planned it in the back of my mind. He had moved away
from me during the night after we started out cuddled together.

My feet hit the carpeted floor and went to his master bathroom. I had been there after our second fuck and
saw how really nice it was. The walk-in shower was huge and so beautiful with glass tiles surrounded by
other tiles. Walking out, PJ’s eyes opened. A smile graced his face with his blond bangs hanging in his
eyes. I walked over and could feel how sore my legs were. I leaned over and kissed him.

“Any regrets?” he asked with the sheet barely covering his naked body.

“Absolutely not!”

“Me either. You were right about saying if we waited how great the sex would be. It’s the first time ever
in my life sex felt so right with a guy,” he said and got out of bed. “Right now I don’t feel like a damn
slut for giving up my ass. Instead, I feel great!”

“I feel great as well, except my legs are so damn sore,” I said.

“I won’t lie. My ass is sore too, but well worth it,” he said and kissed me.

We walked out into his kitchen and dining area holding hands. 

“Now comes the hard part,” I stated. “Making it last.”

“I think that will be easy on my part,” PJ stated while he stood naked at his bar. “Want some breakfast?”

“Ummm… yes I do,” I replied.

“About all I have is some frozen biscuit and sausage or frozen breakfast sandwiches,” he said.

“I guess the sandwiches will be fine with me,” I said. “Making it last is not as easy as you might think.
I’m feeling the same as you are today. If not, then something is horribly wrong. It’s hard as hell to keep
things fresh and exciting in a relationship. Actually, having sex is the easy part for me. We need to grow
together as boyfriends and keep progressing until we can’t be separated. I’ve never been to that point. In
all honesty, I tend to get bored, but then again my choice of guys wasn’t the best either.”

“I know we’ve got past the easy stuff. I was beginning to wonder a little bit if you were ever going make
your move on me. This is virgin territory for me, having a boyfriend, so I ask for your patience. I can
see where it can get boring and rather monotonous, especially with sex.”

“Sex is the part that doesn’t get boring to me. I’ve just gotten bored with the person and rued being
around them. You’ve surely had friends like that,” I said, with him getting the sandwiches from the

“OOO these are hot,” he said gingerly removing them and putting them on a plate.

“Hey, if you have paper plates use them rather than having to wash dishes,” I said, seeing last night’s
dishes in the sink.

“I will in future,” he said. “I have had friends that I’ve grown to become bored with and hated being
around. More so in high school. I really haven’t had what you call a real friend since then.”

“That’s a shame,” I said with the sandwich being placed in front of me. 

“This last week has been great. Finally I feel like I’m beginning to have friends, like Wes and maybe
Aiden and Casey.”

“It is a good start. Together we’ll find more and more. Just think, this is only the beginning,” I said.

We finished eating the sandwiches and had some orange juice to drink as well. “So what do you wanna do
today? Remember we’re going to my parent’s house tonight. They’re expecting us about five.”

“Damn,” I said. “I don’t have any clothes. It looks like I’m heading back to the apartment sometime today.
PJ, to me it’d be great just kicking it here. Maybe tomorrow we can go to the beach or whatever.”

“Somebody wants to sun their buns,” he said.

“I do,” I said with a big smile.

“You’re more than welcome to see if my clothes fit ya if you don’t wanna run home.”

“I’ll see,” I said. “Tomorrow I will say I need to be home early so I can get ready for work.”

He smiled, “No problem at all.”

We went outside on this nice sunny day. It was going to be warm, which was nothing unusual for this time
of year. There were a few leaves in the pool so I grabbed the dipper and scooped them up in a short time
while PJ checked the chemical levels in the pool. 

After returning with towels and sunscreen, along with two bottles of water, we sat in the new lounger
together. PJ looked at me and smiled, “Now comes a huge challenge, keeping my hands off your hot fucking

“I’ll wear my bikini if it gets that tempting,” I said. “I don’t mind your soft touch, just don’t go too
far. Here’s where you learn the real meaning of being a nudist…”

“I know it’s about the freedom and enjoyment with no sexual meaning,” he said, laughing. “You’re brain
washing me but I’m beginning to get into this nudist stuff. It doesn’t hurt though when I’m with someone
that looks so damn hot nude.”

We sat for a while before jumping in the pool. We got on the rafts and floated around as we had the Sunday
before. It was very quiet since his house sat at the end of a cul-de-sac. We did mess with each other and
had a war on our rafts, trying to get each other in the water for fun. 

We got out and decided to have some lunch. PJ made sandwiches and had chips available as well. He came
back out with the sandwiches on paper plates while carrying the chips. 

“I see one thing I need to add back here, a pool house. It sucks pissing in the grass,” he said.

“It would be nice but it could get expensive,” I said eating the roast beef on rye.

“I’ll check into it and just see. You know what would be killer would be an outdoor shower.”

“It would be. I’m glad you’re spending your money. Mine would get us an outhouse with my current bank
account,” I joked.

“I’m sure you’ll be rolling here shortly. I was also thinking maybe around the Fourth we could go

“One problem there that I haven’t mentioned, my brother is coming down to visit,” I interrupted him.

“That’s cool, Jason. Is he cool that you’re gay?”

I laughed, “He better be. No, he’s really cool about it.”

“Is he gay?”

“Nope. One gay guy in a family is plenty,” I said and heard a door slam. “Do we have company?”

“I seriously doubt it. It’s probably the neighbors,” he replied.

“Do you know them?”

“Nope. They’re in their mid to late 30’s with two kids I think.”

“What’s up?” I heard Wes’s voice coming in the gate. 

“Oh shit!” PJ screamed with Wes, Jennifer, Drew and another guy coming through the back gate. “Call next

“It’s cool,” I said quietly before PJ bolted into the house.
“He didn’t answer his phone,” Jennifer stated.

“I knew it. I just knew Jason would be here butt naked,” Wes said in his board shorts with a towel over
his shoulder, walking towards me.

“It’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” Drew laughed. He was in his board shorts as well, hanging low on his
cut waist.

“Dude!” the other guy said.

“We’ve been to the gym together,” Drew said. “This is Cameron.”

“It’s nice to meet ya, but excuse me while I get dressed,” I said.

“It’s your place here, bro,” Cameron said.

I headed in. “The nerve of her showing up like this!” PJ said.

“It happens. Chill! It’s not like we’re a secret, plus Wes and Drew know I’m a nudist,” I said grabbing my

“It ruined a great day,” he said.

“Look at it this way. You want to have friends, so embrace this. If you act like it bothered you that they
saw us naked then it will be worse. I acted like it was no big deal.”

“It wasn’t your fucking sister,” he said.

“It wasn’t, but relax. Everything we will be fine. Now isn’t Drew so fucking hot?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I ran inside,” PJ said.

“Let’s go. It could be fun,” I said. We headed back out with Drew bringing a 24 pack of beer. I introduced
PJ proudly as my boyfriend to Drew and Cameron. Cameron was in his board shorts as well, with reddish
blond hair, an okay body and a hairy chest with a tattoo on one shoulder and another tattoo on his side.

“Why are you guys here?” PJ asked.

“Well, we started out by thinking we could go to my pool, but it was too crowded. Then we went to Wes’s
pool and saw Drew and Cameron. Their pool was packed so we decided to run by here,” Jennifer replied.

“Y’all want a beer? We brought plenty,” Cameron interrupted.

“I’m good,” I replied.

Drew walked up to me, “I’m sorry we caught you two a little off guard.”

“We’ll manage, plus my ass was starting to get burned,” I said.

“That would suck, bro,” Cameron said. “Man, this is pretty fucking bad ass back here. It’s like a little
oasis with a hot tub.”

“My brother is spoiled,” Jennifer said.

“Thanks dude,” PJ said. “I’d offer you guys something to eat but I don’t really have much.”

“It’s cool,” Drew said. “We ate before we came.”

PJ leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Damn, Drew is so hot.”

I nodded in acknowledgement. 

“Jason, did you make it home last night?” Wes asked me now with his arm around Jennifer in her little

“Nope, did you?” I replied.

“Fuck no, dude,” Wes replied.

“Some people have all the luck in the world,” Cameron said. “I bust my ass like crazy to find someone and
I hear these two jokers just moved here and look at them.”

“Cameron, you just broke up with your girlfriend so stop bitching,” Drew said. 

“Alright. So you two are boyfriends right?” Cameron asked pointing at me and PJ.

“Jason isn’t, but his boyfriend is. Damn, you heard him say that earlier,” Wes laughed. “Is there a

Cameron laughed, “Boy, how stupid was that? I don’t care one way or the other what they are as long as
they don’t go after me.”

“You fucking wish,” Drew said. He gently pushed Cameron. Cameron fell in the pool with the most surprised
look on his face and a beer in his hand.

“Damn you Drew,” Cameron said, coming up and shaking his head. We were laughing like crazy. “It does feel
pretty good, but I wasted a beer.”

“There’s plenty,” Wes said.

“PJ, I like the lounger you bought,” Jennifer stated, with Cameron getting out of the pool and pulling up
his shorts.

“Thanks,” PJ said.

“I bet Jason loves it,” Wes said.

“I did even more before you showed up,” I said. “It is nice though.”

“You said you need more seating. Where are mine and Wes’s?” Jennifer asked.

“Buy your own, sister,” PJ laughed.

“If you ask me, it’s almost odd that a brother and sister are dating roommates,” Cameron said.

“It just happened,” I said, now with my arm around PJ’s waist. “Wes won’t be jealous of my date and I
won’t be jealous of his either.”

“That’s one way of looking at it,” Drew said. “Ryker is so damn jealous…”

“Why? You said you weren’t getting any,” Cameron said and laughed.

“You ask him then,” Drew said and finished up his beer.

We did get in the pool and enjoyed it. PJ seemed at ease and began smiling a lot. I did find out that
Cameron wasn’t on Drew’s team but was a friend of his since he first came to college here. It ended up
being a lot of fun hanging with them, but we had to end things about 3:30 so we could get ready to head
over to PJ and Jennifer’s parent’s house. It seemed just the right time with Drew and Cameron having a
good start to their night of drinking, while Wes only had a couple like myself, PJ and Jennifer. They said
goodbye and thanked PJ despite the intrusion. I told Wes I may be behind them but was going to check out
PJ’s stuff first.

I went to PJ’s room and inspected his clothes. I found a nice gray shirt to wear and pair of shorts that
were a little loose but would do for the night. We showered together for the first time and cleansed off
the chemicals from the pool. It was so tempting to have sex with him in the nice big shower but there
really wasn’t enough time to do that. We did kiss a lot and soap down each other’s bodies. The odd part
was using his razor and deodorant after we dried off. I had a toothbrush in the my car and got it out,
along with the condoms and lube I had bought.

“Dog had this weekend all planned out,” he said with a big smile.

“How about I was hoping?” I said and finished up getting ready with my bikini under his shorts since his
parents had a pool as well. I took a little longer than he did, but that was the case with my other two
boyfriends as well. I wanted to look as nice as possible, especially tonight. 

I came out and found him sitting at the bar on his phone. I peered over his shoulder. “Twitter, huh?”

“You don’t know how much I was on this before last week. I just posted there was no better feeling than to
have a boyfriend,” PJ said and showed it to me.

“I need to follow you. My name is JMassey555,” I said. “What’s yours?”

“PJDawson123,” he said.

I laughed, “I don’t guess I knew your last name.”

“Damn, we’ve fucked but didn’t know each other’s last names. How funny? There you are,” he said and showed
he was following me. “Sadly though, I’ve been fucked and never knew the guy’s name.”

“I can’t say the same,” I said and grabbed my phone. I pulled up Twitter and found him as well. 

“Do you mind if I take our picture and post it?” he asked.

“Of course not,” I replied. He snapped our picture with his phone and tweeted it.

“Jason, kinda ignore my old posts. I was fucking bored and crazy,” he said.

“I understand. Most of mine are shit,” I said and tweeted that I had a new boyfriend. I did see our
picture and loved seeing it. I’m sure my brother would see it as well since he was on Twitter a lot.

We headed out in his car towards his parent’s house. I asked him what to expect. He said he thought his
parents were fairly normal and proceeded to tell me that his dad was grilling seafood, probably snapper.

While we were riding, I did get a response from my brother. Instead, I called him and asked if he could
show Mom and Dad. He laughed and said I was a fast mover. It was nice that both of us were close to our
sibling and our parents.

We arrived at his parent’s very nice and big house that was set in a very nice neighborhood. We got out
and headed inside with a few cars in the driveway, including Wes’s. Inside, my eyes started looking around
at the very nice home. 

A lady popped around the corner. “Mom, this is Jason,” PJ said.

Rather than a handshake she gave me a nice hug. She was about average height and looked rather thin with
shoulder length blondish hair. “It is so nice to meet you.”

“You too,” I said.

“PJ, you did well son,” his mom said.

“I think so too,” PJ said.

“Oh, your dad, Uncle Martin, Taylor, Drake, Jennifer and Wes are out back by the pool,” she said.

“Why are they here?”

“Oh, Martin called today, PJ. You know how Phil is,” she said.

We walked past the large kitchen and big family room. Across the rear of the house was nothing but glass

“Wow!” I said seeing their very nice pool with a waterfall and nice landscaping. The tile business was
doing very well, I surmised.

“Oh, Taylor and Drake are my cousins. They’re cool. I think Taylor just finished his junior year of high
school and Drake was a freshman,” PJ said before opening the door.

“What took you so long?” Wes asked when we opened the door.

“I guess we just took our time,” I replied.

A man walked up and extended his big right hand, “I assume you’re Jason. I’ve heard a lot about you,” he
said while I gawked at the very well done outdoor kitchen behind him.

“Yes sir, I am, and you must be his Dad,” I said shaking his hand. His dad was about six foot tall,
receding reddish hair and looked to be in his mid 40’s.

“I am. I hope you guys are hungry. I bought plenty of fish and some fresh shrimp to grill for us,” his dad

“I am,” PJ said.

PJ’s Uncle Martin came up and introduced himself to us with a drink in his hand. “PJ, it’s great to see
you. Your dad was telling me how well you’ve been doing lately.”

“It’s great to see you, too,” PJ said. “Wow, Taylor and Drake are getting so tall.”

“Just like their Mom’s side. I think Drake is maybe 6’2” now. He eats like a damn horse, but look at him,
nothing but skin and bones.”

“Yeah, both of them are skinny,” PJ said. I looked to see them in the pool. Both were fairly dark. Taylor
had long dark hair whereas Drake’s hair was blondish and long as well.

We walked over and sat next to Wes and Jennifer. “You guys want a drink?” Wes asked us.

“I do,” PJ replied. “Jason?”

“Ummm… water will suit me just fine right now,” I said. 

“What do you think, Jason?” Jennifer asked in her bikini. 

“Stunning, amazing, fucking awesome,” I replied.

“Pretty damn sweet if you ask me,” Wes said with Taylor walking up. 

“Y’all wanna get in with us?” Taylor asked.

“We might later,” Jennifer replied. “We were in PJ’s pool all day.”

“Okay,” Taylor said and walked away to get back in with his brother.

Jennifer leaned up, “Jason, so you know, they lost their mom about three years ago to cancer. Dad really
feels sorry for them.”

“Ummm, that’s a crying shame,” I said. “Thanks for the head’s up.”

PJ returned with a drink, rum and coke, and handed me some water. I was taking it easy when I saw his mom
walk up to us. “Jennifer told me she caught you enjoying the pool today,” his mom said and smiled.

“Damn you Jennifer,” PJ said.

“I told the truth,” Jennifer said.

“You don’t need to tell everything,” PJ said. “Yes, she did, Mom.”

“I’m to blame, Ma’am,” I said to take some of the heat off PJ.

“Yeah, your son’s new boyfriend is a nudist,” Wes said.

“I see,” his mom said. “Is that the reason you’re gay?”

“Mom! That is a really stupid question,” PJ said. “His family is and has a brother that is straight.”

“I guess it was a really dumb question. Blond moment,” she said and walked away.

“Is tonight embarrass the living shit out of me night or what?” PJ asked.

“Maybe,” Wes laughed. 

We were sitting around when his dad came walking over. “Jason, you’ll have to forgive Lisa. She told me
she just made a total ass out of herself in front of you. You know you’re welcome to jump in the pool if
you brought your suits.”

“We did, they’re under our shorts. We might later, Dad,” PJ said.

“Okay,” he said. “Jason, do you want a drink other than water? I have beer, wine and whatever else you
care to drink.”

“I’m good for now, but thanks,” I said.

“The food should be ready in about 30 minutes,” he said and walked away.

“They’re trying to liquor you up, Jason,” Wes said.

“I noticed,” I said.

“They didn’t have to ask me twice,” Wes said, holding up his beer.

“Ain’t it almost funny to be here openly drinking in front of our parents?” Jennifer said. “I can remember
how they used to lock up the liquor cabinet and hide all the beer when I’d have a sleepover.”

PJ laughed, “I knew where they hid the key so it didn’t do any good for me.”

“Yeah, PJ and his buddies got so drunk over here one night that Mom almost killed him,” Jennifer said.

“I would have if the law had let me,” Lisa said from behind.

PJ laughed, “Whew, you and Dad let me have it. I have never heard so many cuss words coming from her

“I was so mad,” Lisa said and walked around to take a seat with a drink in her hand. “PJ and three other
guys were out here running around. They were so drunk. I just knew one of them was going to fall and bust
open their head. Phil and I had gone over to a friend’s house for dinner that night and came back to find
them smelling like a brewery. Phil was furious.”

“He was, but Mom, we were so drunk that talking to us then didn’t matter,” PJ laughed.

“I realize that now, son. I’m glad those days are over with, or I hope they are,” she said.

“They are in the past, with very bright days ahead of me, thanks to Jason,” PJ said. “Mom, isn’t he so
cute? You should see him without a shirt.”

She laughed, “PJ, he is very handsome. I can’t ever remember you having another guy over or hearing you so

“Well, he is my first boyfriend,” PJ said.

“I thought Blaine was,” she said.

“That was high school, Mom. I guess he was my boyfriend, if you want to call him that,” PJ said.

“Now the truth comes out,” I said and laughed. 

“What other secrets are there, PJ?” Wes leaned up and asked.

“Wes, you don’t even wanna know,” Lisa said. “I’m just happy to see my two kids heading in the right
direction for a change.”

“It took some time but I think we are,” PJ stated.

Finally, Phil announced the food was ready. We had grilled snapper, shrimp, corn on the cob and salad.
Everything looked so good and smelled even better. I met PJ’s cousins when they got out of the pool and
came to eat. They had a big table outdoors with plenty of places to sit. I took a seat between PJ and Wes.
Wes got up and returned with two beers. I put one in front of me, even though it was Michelob Ultra. Phil
raised his glass and suggested we toast to family and new beginnings. Everything was so good and really
hit the spot. It reminded me so much of my family’s gathering, but without the seafood or elegant
surroundings. My mom would really love everything, as would my brother. This was something I’d definitely
have to brag to them about later.    

I finished up everything, including a second helping of the shrimp. I pushed back from the table a little.
PJ finished up as well and took me by the hand to lead me inside. He wanted to give me a grand tour of the
house. His bedroom was upstairs and was much larger than mine. I liked how his room was across the hall
from his sister’s. We headed downstairs to see the office and master bedroom. It was really nice at every
turn, with nothing out of place. He did remember and took me outside to show me the very nice RV. PJ said
it was practically brand new and had been used maybe three times since his parents bought it three years

We returned outside with his uncle enjoying a cigarette and his parents having a drink. PJ grabbed us some

“Jason, you better watch PJ,” his dad said.

“I will, but he may have to watch me too,” I stated.

“You boys need to hit the pool. Drake and Taylor have got Wes and Jennifer in,” Martin said.

“We could do that,” I said. 

“I guess we could since we walked off that big dinner,” PJ said.

“Yeah, everything was great. I loved it,” I said.

“I’m glad you did,” Phil said.

PJ and I walked to the pool. We took off our shirts and shorts before heading to the pool. 

“Are you going to get in here in your underwear?” Drake asked us from the edge.

“Dumbass, those are Speedos,” Taylor said.

“Oh, excuse me then,” Drake said.

I dove in and swam to the shallow end. PJ did a flip off the diving board and swam up to me.

“Dude, that was killer,” Taylor said.

“Thanks, let me see you do one,” PJ said.

“Okay,” Drake said and jumped out. He got on the diving board and did his flip with his brother right
behind him. Both were good, but not near as good as PJ’s flip.

I laughed, “Wes, you’re next.”

“I can’t even dive, much less turn a flip,” Wes laughed along with me.

“Maybe we can teach him over the summer, Jennifer,” PJ said.

“Dude, you can’t dive?” Drake asked. “Even retards can dive.”

“Drake, I guess he’s worse than a retard,” Jennifer laughed.

We swam for a little while and did enjoy the nice flowing waterfall before getting out for a drink and
rest. Even though I was offered another beer I decided I’d rather have water since PJ was drinking and one
of us had to drive home. 

His uncle walked up and said, “Hey Taylor, you need to get you a swimsuit like Jason and PJ’s.”

“Dad, I’m not a faggot,” Taylor said.

PJ turned to Taylor, “What did you just call me?”

“Dude, I’m sorry. I really am. I forgot,” Taylor said, with Drake laughing.

“Don’t let happen again, Taylor. You either Drake. I’m gay but I’m not a faggot,” PJ said.

“I know, it just slipped out,” Taylor said.

“Here I was going to invite you over sometime seeing as how you love to swim. I’m not since you think I’m
a faggot,” PJ said.

“Okay, but I said I’m sorry,” Taylor said. “Were you serious?”

“I was before that,” PJ said.

“I think it was just a slip up,” Martin said. 

“I do too,” I said and patted PJ’s shoulder. “Give him a break.”

“We’ll see,” PJ said.

We stayed around until about ten and left when Wes and Jennifer did. I thanked his parents and said I
really enjoyed meeting them as well as his uncle and cousins. Walking out the door, I extended my hand and
felt his keys hit my palm. 

“I might have to stay with you tonight seeing as how you’re too drunk to get us home,” I said, starting
his car.

“Let me get drunk every night we’re together then,” he said and kissed me on the cheek.


The story continues.  Hope you will continue to enjoy the story as it moves along.


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