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The week went by quickly, including my regular Thursday night date with PJ, however this week on Friday
we couldn’t use his pool with a little work being done on his new pool house.

After I came back from working out alone I saw Drew coming out of his apartment in a grey tee, shorts
and baseball cap. I walked over and shook hands with him.

“It’s a shame the girls aren’t going this weekend,” I stated.

“It’s cool with me, Jason. Kayly isn’t ready for that step in our relationship just yet. Everything will
be fine.”

“I’m sure it will,” I said.

“Hey, are you busy right now?” he asked.

“No why?”

“Boy, I need some new clothes in the worst way. I hate going and buying them. Would you go with me and
help me pick out some hot new clothes I could wear on some dates and for school?”

I smiled, “I see now. You want the gay guy to go. You’re probably asking the wrong guy.”

Drew laughed, “No, I’m asking the right gay guy. I’ve seen you when you go out with PJ. I consider very
little I’ve seen you wear gay.”

“I’ll go, but give me a few minutes to put something different on,” I said, standing in a sleeveless tee
and athletic shorts. Drew followed me inside and waited while I changed.

Once I was dressed, we headed to the outlet center that wasn’t too far from our apartments. I enjoyed
hearing him talk about how crazy things could get this weekend with Wes, Cameron, Ryker, Lane, Owen and
him going off to camp. 

Walking to the stores, Drew said, “Just to remind you, I wanna look hot and sexy without looking gay.”

“That shouldn’t be that hard, but you might wanna try something more fitted,” I said, walking.

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise I’ll like it.”

“Drew, you have a great body so why not show it off just a little?” I stated.

We started shopping around. I let him start by picking out some shirts and having him try them on. They
looked okay on him but were a little big. I grabbed a shirt and asked him to try it on. He came back out
tugging and pulling at it. He looked in the mirror and turned to the side.

“That shirt looks great on you and really shows off your skin color,” I stated, seeing him in a fitted
yellow shirt.

“I look like a damn yield sign and it is way too tight for me,” Drew said.

“Just trust me, it looks very nice on you,” I said.

“I did ask you to come with me and help so I’ll give it a try.”

I found some shorts he liked as well. He didn’t complain that they weren’t baggy at all. We headed out
and found some things on sale at a different store. He was a real champ and tried on everything I picked
out. I chose a V neck for him but we both agreed it wasn’t his style, with the neck going far too low.
He did like all the athletic fit shirts I had chosen in different colors. 

We finished up shopping and stopped by a deli to grab something to eat. Drew was very nice and paid for
my meal since I’d gone with him.

“Drew, how’s your Mom doing?” I asked.

“She’s doing great,” he replied. “She’s thinking of moving so her and her girlfriend can get married.
Were you excited about the big rulings this week?”

“I’m happy that Californians can marry and gay married people get the same benefits as other married
people, but at this moment it didn’t affect me since it’s still not legal to marry here in Florida,” I
replied. “Your mom must be really serious if she’s considering moving to get married. How long has she
been with this lady?”

“For three years now,” Drew replied. “Kathy is a very special person and makes my Mom so happy.”

“I take you like your Mom’s girlfriend?” I said.

“I like her a lot. She’s like Mom and came out later in life,” Drew said. “One day I really would love
for you to meet my mom.”

“I think I’d like it too,” I said.

“What do you and PJ have planned this weekend since we’re all going camping?”

“Tonight I think we’re meeting up with Casey, Aiden, Jimmy and Logan to go out and have a little fun.
Jimmy said something like we might go play miniature golf and stuff like that for a change,” I replied.

“That’s cool that you have other gay couples to do stuff with,” Drew said. “It is more fun sometimes
with other couples, like when we went to the game last week.”

“I’m sure we’ll lay around the pool some this weekend.”

“Naked,” Drew said.

“Without a doubt. Can’t let my tan fade,” I said with a big smile. “Hey, I need to know if you know of
any good boats I can take my brother and his buddy on next weekend when he’s here. He wants to go deep
sea fishing.”

“What day do you wanna go?”

“I don’t have a clue. I’m sure any day will be as good as any other since they’ll probably be packed.”

“Let me do some calling around and maybe I can get them on a boat. How many in total will be going?”

“I guess four, unless some others wanna go with us,” I replied.

Drew pulled out his phone and started calling while I finished up eating. It took a couple of tries
before he found someone with a vacancy. Drew asked if Thursday afternoon was good, even though it was
the holiday. Hearing how hard it was to get a boat I had to agree.  

He hung up his phone, “I got us on one for Thursday afternoon. I said there would be seven of us. I hope
Cameron doesn’t throw a fit but I figured you, PJ, your brother, his buddy, Wes, Ryker and me could go.”

“I guess PJ will go. How long does it take?”

“I think we’re in the boat about four or five hours. It’s been a while since I’ve been. It’ll be fun.”

Arriving back early gave me plenty of time to do a few things before my date. I enjoyed going with Drew
and hanging out with him. I did buy a few things on sale but didn’t overdo it. 

Shortly after, PJ sent me a text and I headed over to his house with my bag for the weekend. I felt
great in one of the new shirts I had bought and some shorts with the necklace on PJ had bought me

I knocked and entered since he was expecting me. He stood from the couch and greeted me with a soft

“How was your day?” he asked.

“It was okay. I went shopping with Drew for a little while after I worked out,” I said.

The expression changed on his face. “I’m sure you enjoyed that.”

“What was that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“Cut the shit, Jason.”

Something went all over me with his tone. “Fuck your ass! He asked me to go so I went as a friend!”

“I’m sure you didn’t hesitate at all.”

“No, I didn’t!” I yelled and walked away. 

Not two seconds from walking in and he was pissing me off. I went outside and just about went back to my
apartment. I walked around his front yard to cool off and gather my thoughts. Going back inside after
about five minutes, PJ was on the couch crying. He looked up at me and covered his face. I walked over
and put my arm around him. “Who do I love?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me. 

“PJ, I love you and only you. I was hurt and pissed that you’d even think I have something for Drew…”

He removed his hands and wiped his eyes. “Jason, I’m just so jealous and scared I’m gonna lose you.”

“Are you that insecure, PJ? There’s no way in this world I’d ever fucking cheat on you. The first thing
I told you was I was faithful to a fault. I hate cheaters. They are fucking scum in my book.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t wanna lose you.”

I squeezed him tightly. “You are not. I have crazy mad love for you and only you. Yes, I do enjoy doing
things with my other friends and always have. It would be totally different if Drew was gay and single.
I don’t try to change straight guys…”

“He’d be one I’d like to change with you,” PJ said, now managing a smile. “I’m sorry I acted like a kid
and was jealous.”

“PJ, I came really close to leaving, but I knew if I did it would be over between us. We have too much
good going right now to ruin over petty shit. If I don’t have your trust then we’re doomed and might as
well go about our merry way.”

“You do. Can I ask that you avoid him like you asked me about my twitter stuff?”

“I’m sorry but I just said I like running around with my other friends. Your twitter stuff involved me
and our private life. I know you’re proud but I like to be more private.”

“It was worth a shot asking,” he said. “I’d love to tweet about Tuesday night. Fucking incredible it

“I saw you did tweet how loved you felt. That’s fine and they got the point. Those I don’t mind at all,”
I said.

“Okay then, you can run around with your straight friends, but damn, find some ugly ass dudes so I won’t
be jealous,” PJ said with a smile.

I leaned over and kissed him. It was fun making out until we heard the doorbell ring. “To be continued
later tonight,” I said.

“For damn sure,” PJ said, going to the door. “Just keep this between us.”

“I will,” I said.

Jimmy, Logan, Casey and Aiden were standing at the door, looking very nice for our date night. As much
as I wish we could all cram in a car together it was impossible. Our first mission was to find somewhere
good to eat.  

While riding with PJ I was able to tell him about our fishing trip Drew had planned for us. I made sure
he didn’t mind since Drew found a boat where my brother could go. He didn’t and knew we’d have a lot of
fun fishing. We were able to clear the air more between us and get everything headed back in the right

We followed Logan to the burger place PJ and I had gone to a few weeks ago. The food was good so I
didn’t mind at all. We got a big table for all six of us. We ordered drinks with a big draft beer
sounding the best.

“Oh my God, I was just telling Jimmy and Logan that Ford has a date tonight with that guy he met
camping,” Aiden said.

“Yeah, he called me too, all excited about it,” PJ said.

“I’m happy for Ford,” I said.

“The guy called him and asked him out. Also… he wants me to ask if it would be okay if he and the other
guys came to your house tomorrow to swim and lay out,” Aiden said.

“Ford knows he can,” PJ said. “All of you are welcome.”

“I was hoping I wouldn’t have to ask too,” Jimmy said.

We got our drinks and ordered. We started talking about the murder involving the NFL player as well as
the rulings made earlier in the week by our Supreme Court. We agreed the rulings were a step in the
right direction but had no effect on us where we were at the present time.

After we ate all that was placed in front of us, including a few drinks apiece, we headed out to have
some fun. Logan led us to a big area with miniature golf, go karts and other games we could enjoy. It
was family oriented with lots of tourists for the weekend and holiday. 

We had the best time testing our putting and driving skills. We enjoyed lots of laughs, mostly at
Aiden’s expense due to the fact he wasn’t athletic. He was better at a few of the games than the rest of
us and was able to rub that in our faces. 

PJ and I invited them back to his house but they said they would spend the rest of their night alone and
would see us for sure the next day. Barely inside the door my shorts and shirt came off to enjoy the
freedom. PJ followed suit before grabbing us a drink. He had rum and coke while I had a beer. While he
was making them I carried my bag to his room and discretely grabbed a condom for later. I scurried
outside to hide the condom and get seated. He came out with our drinks and turned on the bug repellent.
We sat quietly in the double lounger with no lights on.

“Tonight was a lot of fun,” I said.

“It was. I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’ve found some really good gay friends to do stuff
with,” he said.

“It does make it nicer,” I said with my eyes adjusting. Once they did I noticed the boards were now in
place for the slab. “I see they did a little something today.”

“They did, but they’ll have to dig to get the water and sewer to the building,” he said.

“There’s a lot that goes into building something that I know very little about.”

We sat quietly and observed the stars and bright full moon. With the full moon, it didn’t seem so dark,
except when it went behind the clouds. We were gently touching and petting each other without saying a

Before I knew it things were getting so heated. PJ thought we would stop and kill the passion until I
produced the condom I had hidden. He quickly unrolled the pre-lubed thin condom on my raging hard dick.
He lay on the double lounger with his legs high in the air, ready to be taken. My dick slid inside his
hot ass slowly to continue our night of passion. We were fucking under the stars in his backyard like we
had the week before. Something about being outdoors added to our sex. 

He tired of getting fucked missionary style and wanted it doggie style. He moved over and leaned over a
chair with his legs spread wide. My dick was back inside his ass with my hand reaching around to find
his dick. I got in rhythm and delighted us to the fullest. 

“OOOO fuck me, Jason. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder with that hard fucking dick of yours,” he moaned,
saying it so rapidly like he was desperate.

I obliged and pounded his ass while stroking his dick. I leaned on his back with sweat rolling off of us
and our breathing so labored. He turned his head, with his tongue extended for a kiss and tongue
sucking. He groaned in my mouth with his dick pulsating in my hand. 

He went limp after a nice orgasm. I pulled out and started stroking my dick until cumming all over his
chest and stomach. We caught our breath before going inside. He was still glowing and clinging to me
while we headed to his room.

My eyes opened Saturday morning to see PJ staring at me. He moved over and put his head on my chest
after giving me a nice kiss. 

“Nothing better than waking up next to the guy who made love to me the night before,” he stated softly.
“I regret even doubting you for one minute yesterday.”

“Do it more often,” I chuckled. “I love proving to you what you mean to me.”

“I will if you’ll only promise to fuck me like you did last night. Not just once, but twice.”

“I didn’t just fuck you, PJ. I made love to you both times,” I stated and kissed his hair.

“Jason, I feel so great and secure when you’re with me. Temptation leaves me completely, other than the
right kind of temptation, and I’m growing stronger every day.”

“I feel for you in that on-going battle. I’ve always said you know my number and where I live. You
haven’t shown any signs of weakness around me,” I said.

“It is getting easier to deal with each day that passes. Another new day means the further I distance
myself from my dark past. I can’t fail for I have big dreams and hopes for us in the future. I’d love
for us to travel and continue to be very active.”

“I’ve really enjoyed how you have found things for us to do,” I said, stroking his blond hair.

“Jason, I don’t even know your birthday,” he said.

“Two days before Halloween,” I stated. “Yours?”

“I’ll be 26 in the middle of September. Maybe we can split the difference and celebrate one weekend at a
nice resort.”

“Well… I won’t be off on Fridays then and really won’t have much vacation built up, but we’ll see. If
nothing else, we could go somewhere camping. Maybe we can go where all the guys went this weekend.”

“It is pretty nice from what I’ve been told. Funny, but I’ve never been there,” PJ stated.

We lay there together for a while before deciding to get up. We knew the guys would be here soon. We
showered and ate while PJ began a big load of laundry, which included many beach towels.

The towels were finished right before the first group arrived. It was Ford, Dustin, Shane and Cole. They
came in carrying bags along with an ice chest while dressed in tees and shorts. Dustin, Shane and Cole
looked around PJ’s house and complimented him on it before seeing the pool area.

“PJ, your pool looks fucking dope,” Dustin stated.

“Wait ‘til he finishes with his project,” I said. “Then it will be so fucking awesome.”

“I wish Aiden would hurry his ass up,” Ford said.

“Go ahead. We’ll wait,” PJ said.

“It’s cool nude, right?” Cole asked.

“Guys, I don’t think so,” I said and winked at PJ. “We really wanna do that this weekend again?”

“Jason, shut up,” Ford said. “You’re the biggest nudist I know.”

“Go ahead,” PJ said. The words were barely out of his mouth before all four were naked.

“Damn Cole, you shaved,” Shane stated.

“I did,” Cole said with no hair around his dick. “Ford loved it.”

Ford smiled and picked up his bag. They headed out the back while PJ and I waited for Aiden, Casey,
Jimmy and Logan.

“Ford really needs to come out to his folks before they find through the grapevine,” PJ stated.

“Maybe he will,” I said. “I think there were two love connections last weekend.”

“I do too,” PJ said. “If nothing else, all of them found new friends.”

We stood watching as the four dived into the pool and started swimming around. PJ commented on how
energetic they were and how hot they were. 

Ten minutes later, Jimmy, Logan, Aiden and Casey came to the door. We greeted them warmly and walked to
the back.

“Damn, you let the twinks out,” Aiden stated.

“Aiden, we’re ones to talk,” Jimmy said. “They are our age.”

“I guess they are. I forget Ford is just a month younger than I am,” Aiden said.

“They are pretty much our age but they seem younger. Maybe being in a relationship makes you grow up,” I

“Fuck, that one dude makes me feel small,” Casey stated and must have seen Shane.

“I know,” I said. “Aiden, he’s not Ford’s boyfriend.”

“’Cause Ford would be scared shitless,” Aiden said.

We stripped down and headed out back. Ford came out of the pool and walked up to us. He really wanted
Aiden to meet his new friends. He introduced them before jumping back in the pool. Jimmy and Aiden got
in the water while the rest of us sat poolside but close.

“Casey, do you see what ya missed last weekend?” Logan said.

“I do. We’re going next time if I have to tie Aiden to the top of my fucking car,” Casey said.

“How’d everyone do this week?” Jimmy asked from the water.

“I had fucking weekend hangover like a bitch Monday,” Shane replied. “It was hell going to work…”

“What do you do?” I asked.

“I just started working for this firm in their accounting department,” Shane replied.

“Good for you,” Jimmy said.

“Am I correct in that you guys live fairly close to each other?” PJ asked.

“Yeah, Shane and I didn’t know but we live about a mile apart,” Cole replied. 

“I live about ten miles from them and Ford lives another ten miles from me,” Dustin said.

“Do ya live alone?” Aiden asked.

“I do,” Shane replied. “The rest of them have roommates.”

“Roommate from hell,” Dustin stated. “I hate mine. He’s so pessimistic about everything.”

“Mine’s okay but we’re so different,” Cole stated. “He’s so feminine acting and so dramatic about

“If things go well we talked last night about moving in together,” Ford said.

“Get real, Ford,” Aiden said.

“You moved in after two weeks with Casey,” Ford said.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Shane said. “I hate living alone. It’s so boring.”

“I know what ya mean,” PJ said.

“There you go, Jason,” Ford said.

“Ummm… like Shane said, we’ll see. I’m happy with the way things are now but if it works for you guys
then more power to ya,” I said.

“He stays with me just enough,” PJ said and grabbed me around the waist.

Shane and Cole headed out of the pool and towards the ice chest. The next sound I heard was glass
breaking on the concrete and Shane was screaming ‘Fuck’. 

“Dude, I’m so sorry. It just slipped right out of my hand,” Shane said apologetically.

“It’s cool, Shane,” PJ said. “I’ll grab a broom for you.”

“I told you not to bring glass bottles,” Dustin said.

“I know you did but I like them better. I’ll know next time,” Shane stated. “I feel like such a dumbass
as it is, plus I wasted a perfectly good brew.”

“That’s why you’re pissed?” Ford laughed.

It was so much fun hanging out with all of them. We were in and out of the pool all day, enjoying the
sun. We ordered pizza about four when everyone said they were hungry. The bad part was someone had to
don shorts and wait for them.  

After we finished eating, a big cloud came up and ended our time outside for the time being. I couldn’t
help but think of Wes and those guys camping, but then again it may not have been raining where they
were. We piled inside with no one wanting or ready to leave. 

The conversation turned to everyone talking about when they came out or realized they were gay. I knew
Aiden and PJ had come out in high school. 

Shane spoke up, “I came out right after Christmas my senior year of high school. My family knew about a
month earlier but most of my friends didn’t know. I knew I was gay, I’d say in the ninth grade.”

“About the same time you realized your dick was bigger than everyone else’s?” Cole said.

“That shit was in the seventh grade. Actually I asked my Dad if I had some kind of problem. He just
laughed and said it would never be a problem and called me blessed,” Shane laughed.

“Seriously, how big is your dick?” Aiden asked.

“Hard, 9 and a half inches… maybe 10,” Shane replied.

“Fuck,” I mumbled, with some gasps by the rest of us other than the three.

Aiden and Jimmy covered their mouths with their hands.

“Trust me, it is fucking huge,” Dustin said and kissed Shane on the lips.

It was about ten before everyone left. I was thankful Ford wasn’t a drinker, despite giving it a try the
previous weekend, so he could transport his friends back safely. I think they were all staying at Ford’s
with his roommate gone for the weekend. Aiden was the designated driver for the other ones, even though
none of them were what I’d call drunk. 

The next morning, I was up before PJ and helped by cleaning up some of the mess we had made the night
before. After PJ got up he wanted us to go bike riding before it got too hot. Now I was angry since he
hadn’t told me he had two bikes. We rode around and enjoyed working up a good sweat. His pool came in
handy once we returned. I didn’t stick around that long and left his place about four. We were able to
enjoy the afternoon together alone by his pool.


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