Posted:  Aug 1, 2013

It was easy to see PJ was shaken by the encounter. I grabbed his keys and beer to see his hands shaking
like crazy. I helped him to the passenger side and quickly ran around to drive us away. 

“Fuck!” he screamed and hit his fist on the dashboard. “When will the goddamn nightmare ever end?”

“Hopefully that will be the end of it,” I said and backed us out. 

As I was driving away he curled and began crying. My heart bled for him, seeing him cry and being so
distraught. I sped down his street until reaching his driveway. I reached over, hugging and kissing him. 

“We’re home and safe now,” I said.

“Jason, I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be,” I said. “I’m glad I was there or something really bad could have happened.”

He wiped his face and eyes. “That’s the last time I ever go to that store again!”

“You were at the wrong place at the wrong time…”

“I saw him in the grocery store. He must have followed us,” he said. “He was wigged out.”

“I noticed,” I said and got out to run over to help him out of the car. He got out and took a deep breath
before throwing his arms around me. 

“I love you so much, Jason,” he said and kissed me while we were standing in the driveway.

“I love you too,” I said. “Maybe we should get the stuff inside.”

“We should,” he said. He stepped back and shook out his arms and legs. We grabbed what we had purchased
and headed inside.  “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t think it was your fault.”

“I know. You saw just a small glimpse of my former life and the people I associated with,” he said before
we sat down the bags. “I won’t lie to ya. I was fucking scared.”

“I was too. If the worst that came out of it was the loss of fifty then it was okay. Much worse could
have happened.”

“I was expecting a gun at any moment,” PJ said and put his hands on his face. He began crying again,
probably with the realization of what could have happened. I moved him to the couch and put my arm around
him to comfort him the best way I knew. I rubbed his leg and kissed his arms. He regained his composure
and looked at me. I held him close and felt his arms wrap around me. He released the hold. “Okay, I’m
going get past that and not let it interfere with our night. We have friends coming over for a good time
and I’ll be damned if I let some crazed ass motherfucking doper ruin it because he needed another high.
I’d say you guys need to jump in the pool.”

“Agreed,” I said. We stripped down and ran off. We held hands and jumped in his pool. It felt so good
after our game of golf. We got out laughing and realized again we didn’t have a towel. Rather than wait,
he headed in and grabbed some while I waited by the door. 

“PJ, I don’t guess we’ll be enjoying our freedom today,” I stated, drying off. “I did pack a swimsuit
just in case.”

“I don’t think we will be either. Say, do you really think Casey and Aiden will go with us next week?
Casey said he was off and would ask Aiden,” PJ said since we did ask while playing golf. We asked Ford as
well and he too said he might go.

“I have no feel for Aiden. He was the last to lose his shorts yesterday,” I replied.

“If not, we’ll have a great time. Maybe there I won’t run into any more thugs,” PJ said. “Of all people
in this big town and of all places.”

PJ and I got dressed in shorts and tees with our swimsuits beneath our shorts. PJ tossed a lot of towels
in the laundry before we began prepping for the night. We started slicing the tomatoes and onions. I
looked across and enjoyed seeing the big smile on PJ’s face.

“It’s great to see you smile,” I commented, slicing a tomato.

“I have to smile or else I’ll start crying again,” he stated, cutting up the onion. “Really Jason it’s
because I’m beginning to see what my life would have been had I not taken a wrong turn when I was
younger. Also, with Father’s Day tomorrow I’m beginning to become just like my Dad. He loves having
parties and having friends over like I did in high school.”

“Thanks for the reminder about Father’s Day. I’ll have to call my Dad for sure.”

He started singing “The Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston. He had a nice soothing voice and could
carry a tone, unlike myself. I listened and applauded him after he finished. 

PJ and I finished up the prep work and waited for our guests. About four, we heard the doorbell ring
while we were watching TV together. PJ went to answer it to find Aiden and Casey were the first to
arrive. Aiden had a bottle of wine with him for tonight since he enjoyed wine. They were in their shorts
with Casey wearing a tank top and Aiden in a tight tee. They had a bag as well. 

“Tell me about next weekend,” Aiden requested.

“It’s a Young Man’s Weekend at a nudist gay campground,” PJ stated while grabbing the bottle of wine.
“Are you interested in going with us?”

“Maybe, but he wants all the details,” Casey said.

PJ left and returned with his iPad to show Aiden the website. I peered over Aiden’s shoulder and liked
what I was seeing. “Camping, huh?” Aiden asked. “I’m not a camper.”

“He’s afraid of bugs and snakes,” Casey added.

“I’m scared of snakes,” I said. “I only know one person that isn’t and that’s my brother.”

“We’re talking about sleeping in a small tent on the ground?” Aiden asked.

“We are,” PJ replied. “It will be roughing it.”

“Aiden doesn’t like roughing it,” Casey stated.

“Aiden, you might like it,” I said.

Casey shook his head, “We’re talking about Aiden here.”

“Hummm… Casey, you don’t know. I might enjoy it. It could be something new,” Aiden stated.

“I’ve mentioned it in the past but you’ve always told me I was out of my fucking mind,” Casey said.

“You know, what the fuck? We can try it. If I don’t like, we can leave,” Aiden said. 

“That’s the spirit,” I said. “It’s nice for a change and does make you appreciate things more.”

“Wow, I guess we’re going,” Casey said with his eyes open wide. “Never thought I’d see the day when you
agree to go camping.”

Aiden’s phone began ringing. He took the call and stepped away. “Jimmy and Logan needed directions. They
should be here any minute,” Aiden said.

“How about Ford? Is he coming?” PJ asked.

“He is, but he said he might be late,” Aiden said. 

“We’ll have a full house. Wes is coming too,” I said.

“Damn, so no nude sunbathing for us,” Casey said. 

“Nope, I think Drew and Ryker are coming too,” I said.

“What’s up with that?” Casey asked. “Are they bored or what?”

“I don’t know about Drew and Ryker but Jennifer is out with the girls tonight,” I replied. “PJ, do you
think maybe I should pull my vehicle in your garage? It will give us more parking.”

“Good idea,” PJ said. I made a quick trip out to pull my SUV in his garage since there was room. Getting
out, Jimmy and Logan drove up and parked. Neither one was wearing a shirt and were just in their shorts. 

“Nice house,” Jimmy said.

“Oh yeah, it’s really nice. I’m glad you two could make it,” I said and shook their hands. 

“We appreciate the invite,” Logan said carrying beer.

I walked with them inside. They were greeted while checking out PJ’s house. 

“What are we eating?” Jimmy asked.

“Wes is bringing burgers and dogs,” PJ replied. “In the beginning it was just gonna be us, but I think
there will be more.”

“That’s cool,” Logan said. 

We went out back where Logan and Jimmy could see the pool. Then shorts started coming off left and right
for everyone to head into the pool in their bikinis. 

“Man, PJ, this is really nice,” Jimmy said. “I love all the nice stone work and how well landscaped it is
back here.”

“Thanks,” PJ said.

While we were swimming around, Wes, Ryker, Drew and two other guys came through the back door. Drew and
Ryker were carrying a big cooler, no doubt filled with beer.

“I see the party has started without us,” Wes stated.

“We’re chilling,” Casey said from the water. 

“How did it go today on the course?” I asked.

“I showed them how it was done,” Drew replied. “Oh, I hope you don’t mind but Ryker invited these two

“I don’t at all,” PJ said. 

Drew introduced us to Ryker’s friends, Lane and Owen, while doing his best to give a proper introduction.
Lane had wavy reddish hair while Owen had straight blond hair. Both were pretty average looking in my
estimation in their tank tops and board shorts. 

“I just hope you dudes aren’t homophobic,” Wes said.

“If you are, you better leave now,” Drew stated.

Lane turned around and acted as if he was going to walk away. He started heading to the door. He came
back holding two beers. “The way I see it these days is we better start learning to live with gay folks.
They’re coming out of the woodwork everywhere and we’ll surely work with one or two down the road,” Lane
said and handed a beer to his friend.

“I guess, but this wasn’t my ideal thing to party with a bunch of queer guys,” Owen said.

“You knew…” Drew said.

“I thought you were messing with my ass, dude,” Owen said. “I’ll see how things go.”

I got out and went to introduce myself to the new guys. 

“One way we can tell the gay guys from the straight ones is the fact they’re in Speedos,” Wes laughed and
pointed at me.

“Amen to that shit,” Ryker said. “Why is it that gay guys wear em?”

“I like how I look and feel in them,” I replied. “In Europe everyone wears them.”

“I’m glad I don’t live in Europe then,” Lane stated. 

I talked to Wes to make sure he had everything he said he was bringing. We agreed we’d swim around a
little and drink some before Wes manned the grill.  

“Wes, I guess tonight we’ll celebrate that you aren’t going anywhere,” I said.

“Good idea,” Wes said. “I’m so glad you told me to go talk to them. I was worried sick.”

Lane and Owen pulled off their shirts. Owen had a nice six pack whereas Lane had a very average body.
Owen had a little hair on his chest and abs. It was a great thing PJ’s pool wasn’t small and was able to
accommodate those who wished to swim. It took a little time before Lane and Owen acclimated to us and us
to them. PJ, Casey and I sat around talking golf with Drew and Ryker and drinking a few as well. Owen
walked up and said he needed to use the facilities. PJ pointed to the grass and said have at it. It added
to the notion that he needed to construct some outdoor facilities. 

Soon Wes was manning the grill and getting ready to cook some burgers and hot dogs. Wes grabbed the
hamburger patties and hot dogs to start grilling them with the burgers first.

We stood around and watched him. “No doubt what the gay guys are eating? Hot dogs,” Lane joked.

“That was cruel,” Logan said and picked a hot dog up. “Now that you say that it does remind me of Jimmy’s
dick a little.”

“I wish mine was that fucking big,” Jimmy laughed.

“Damn, that’s fucking nasty as fuck,” Ryker said with a beer in his hand. “We don’t care to hear about
your boyfriend’s dick.”

“I agree. I’m sorry I even brought that shit up,” Lane said. “No way will I eat one now.”

“You might since there are only 15 patties,” Wes stated from the grill.

PJ grabbed my arm and wanted me to help him bring out the rest. “This is so fucking awesome. I love
having all these people over.”

“I wasn’t sure since Ryker invited two strangers,” I said and heard a knock at the door. It was Ford who
said he was going to be late. We greeted him and pointed to the pool where everyone was. 

“Jason, I don’t care what you say I’m going to build a pool house with a bathroom. I can see a real need
for it,” PJ said.

“I have to agree with you, especially if your pool is the party pool,” I said with a smile.

While we were gathering up the condiments and extras, Jimmy came inside shaking his head. “Ford is out
there telling everyone about Aiden and Casey fucking in the hot tub,” he said. “Jason, is that true?”

“It is,” I replied.

“Wow! The straight guys are freaking out about it but I guess that’s why they’re straight,” Jimmy said
standing there in his skimpy red bikini. “You need some help?”

“I bet they’d do the same thing with a girl,” I said. “I think we’re good.”

“No doubt,” Jimmy said. “Given the chance I’d let Logan fuck me in there and love the hell out of it

“You could grab the chips,” PJ pointed with his arms full.

Drew opened the door. “We need more ice for the cooler if you have any.”

“Here, take this and I’ll get what I have,” PJ said, handing his things to Drew. 

Wes was flipping the burgers with the hot dogs ready. We spread everything out and waited a minute for
the burgers to be fully cooked. He said they were ready so we filled up our plates and sat around where
we could to eat with a cold one in our hands.

“Boy howdy, this is the life right here. Good burger, a cold brew, a sweet ass pool…” Owen said.

“The only thing missing is about five babes,” Ryker said.

“It’s great guy bonding,” Casey stated.

“Maybe, but there’s worse things we could be doing,” Drew said. “We could be stuck inside like we were
all week.”

“True,” I said. “That sucked. It wasn’t what I was expecting.”

“Me either,” Wes said. “Hell, so far nothing has been what I expected. It’s been great.”

“It has been,” PJ said. “I’m so happy to have all of you here. It beats the hell out of what happened to
me earlier.”

“What happened?” Ford asked.

PJ told about his encounter at the convenience store and how I was there to help him out. I hadn’t
mentioned it since I wasn’t sure how PJ was handling it. He handled it great in telling them all about

“Someone needs their ass beat,” Drew said. 

“If you know where that fucker lives I know five straight guys that would be happy to fuck his ass up,”
Ryker said. “I’ve been looking to kick someone’s ass.”

“I know him but it might make matters worse,” PJ said. “I appreciate the gesture. I want it to die off
and never happen again.”

“He wasn’t on you for being gay?” Lane asked.

“No, he was a druggie. I’m a recovering drug addict,” PJ said. 

“That’s brave of you to admit it,” Ryker said. “I’ve wanted to hear those words come out of my Dad’s
mouth but I know I never will…”

“Same here for my brother,” Wes said. “Seriously, we think drugs are cool but I’ve seen what they can do
to a person. PJ, if you ever need anything, holler at me.”

“I think we all would, PJ,” Drew said.

I looked at him and smiled, “He wants to build a pool house with a bathroom out here.”

“Oh dude, that is right up my alley,” Drew said.

“We’ll all chip in and help if you’ll supply the beer,” Ryker said. 

“You get a slab poured and then holler at me. I can figure up how much lumber and shit we need. We can
knock it out in no time flat,” Drew said. “All but the plumbing and electrics.”

“I can do the tile work and I’d say we have a pool house,” PJ said with a big smile. We finished up
eating all the burgers with a few hot dogs left. 

“Hey, I just wanna know how I got so lucky to have all you straight guys around. I know why Wes is here,”
PJ said returning with a beer in his hand. We were sitting around together in a circle after downing all
the food.

“My girl went to visit your parents,” Ryker said.

“Honestly, me and my girl are taking some time apart,” Lane stated. “Get this shit. She wants to get
pregnant and have us a kid.”

“Yeah, her best friend just got knocked up so she wants Lane to knock her up,” Owen said.

“That’s not cool,” Casey said. 

“Not at all. There was a lot of shit besides that going on too so I just told her we needed time apart,”
Lane said. “When she told me that I pretty knew I didn’t need a kid at this point in my life.”

“I agree,” Drew said. “It may be fun practicing but then the shit hits the fan when you make another
human. You gay guys are lucky in that regard.”

“Thank goodness for that,” Aiden said.

We sat around drinking and talking by the edge of the pool. I was beginning to feel the ones I had been
drinking. A few were swimming with Jimmy, Logan and Aiden rarely getting out.

“We’re going get on out of here,” Wes said just before it began to get dark.

“Yeah, we’re hitting the strip clubs while we can,” Ryker stated.

“We need a change after this experience,” Lane stated.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Wes said.

“It wasn’t. I was kidding. Y’all have a good night. It was a lot of fun,” Lane said.

“Have fun,” Logan stated.

“Y’all too,” Drew said. “PJ, I’m dead serious about helping you out on your pool house.”

“I hope you are ‘cause in a few weeks I’ll be counting on you,” PJ said.

They thanked PJ and headed out the back gate with their cooler.

“I guess they got tired of hanging with us,” Ford commented.

“No, they had plans,” I said.

“Now we can get naked,” Ford said. “I know Jason’s about to have a fit to.”

“Not really, but now that I got a few in me, what the fuck?” I said and stood. My bikini hit the tile as
did six others.

Logan smiled standing naked next to Jimmy with his nice cut dick hanging down. Jimmy was uncut and veiny
with little pubic hair.
“Damn, I need a boyfriend now in the worst way,” Ford said.

“You just need a boyfriend,” Aiden said.

“We need to find Ford a boyfriend,” Jimmy said.

“It would be nice and it makes me want one more hanging with you guys,” Ford said. 

I walked in to grab another one and keep the night going. Jimmy followed me inside and got some more beer
as well.

“You said you wanted to try. How does it feel?” I asked.

“Feels really nice, but I’m feeling pretty damn good right now,” Jimmy said with a smile.

“That makes two of us,” I said.

We returned outside with Ford and Aiden in the water and we passed Casey going in for beer. With the
straight guys gone to have their fun I felt more at ease walking up and kissing PJ.

“How many have you had tonight?” PJ asked me.

“I don’t know, but plenty,” I replied as it was now dark. PJ walked over and turned on a few lights and
the bug zapper. I stepped into the pool with my beer and was joined by PJ. Aiden left and returned with
his bottle of wine. We were in the shallow end with our boyfriends and Ford, who occupied the steps.

“This is pretty nice if you ask me,” Logan said with his arm around Jimmy. “We’ve wanted to find some gay
friends to hang out with. Decent gay guys are sometimes hard as hell to find… if you know what I mean.”

“I know what you mean,” I said. “I had gay friends in college but none that I really hung out with you
might say.”

“Then who’d you hang out with?” Aiden asked.

“Every now and then I’d hang out with Wes and his friends, but usually I stayed to myself, my brother or
with my roommate. I guess I did a little since my roommate was gay as well,” I replied.

“I know what ya mean,” Jimmy said. “It sucked being a single gay guy in college and really not having
very good friends that would hang out with me for the simple fact I was gay.”

“Here I thought I was the only one that didn’t have many gay friends,” Ford said. “The gays I know are
either dating or people I don’t care to hang out with.”

“We have some, but none we would hang in the nude with like this,” Aiden said. 

“They’d be sucking each other’s dicks by now or worse,” Casey said.

“Look who’s talking,” PJ laughed.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have fucked in your hot tub,” Aiden said.

“In front of me and Jason nonetheless,” Ford said.

“We were in the moment at the time,” Casey said.

“And did it bareback,” Ford added.

“Fuck yeah, we’re in a committed relationship,” Casey said.

“When did you start barebacking? Jimmy and I want to start fucking raw,” Logan asked.

“When we moved in together…” Aiden replied.

“And after we were tested too,” Casey added. “The key is testing. We all need to be tested for HIV and
other STDs at least once every six months, including you, Ford.”

“I have been but I haven’t in a while since I haven’t had sex in fucking forever,” Ford said.

“We really need to find him someone,” PJ said.

“Or find me a fuck buddy,” Ford laughed.

“Ford, have you ever had a boyfriend?” Jimmy asked.

“No, I haven’t. I’ve dated a few guys but nothing that ever amounted to more than a good fuck,” Ford

“Ford, Jason is my first real boyfriend. I was like you but worse. Now I wouldn’t trade what we have
going for nothing,” PJ said.

“Jason, is PJ your first?” Jimmy asked me.

Casey stood before I could answer. “Anyone want another beer while I’m up?”

“I do,” I said. “Just bring a bunch while you’re at it and we won’t have water all over the house. To
answer your question, I had two in college. What do you two for a living?”

“I’m in sales at the moment. Logan works for the city water department,” Jimmy replied. 

“I do water and sewage testing. Yes, my job can be shitty at times,” Logan laughed. “What you do, Jason?”

“I just started working for the university here in administration,” I replied.

“He has a cushy job right now and gets off every Friday during the summer,” PJ said.

“Jimmy, the rest of us are going camping next weekend at the nudist resort. Would you and Logan wanna
go?” Aiden asked. “Even Ford is thinking about going.”

“We might do that. We went camping in the spring and really enjoyed it,” Logan replied.

“You’re going?” Jimmy asked.

“I am. I’m going to see what camping is all about,” Aiden said with Casey returning with more beer.

“I know a few guys that aren’t driving home,” Ford stated with Jimmy, Logan, PJ and I getting another

“That’s cool,” PJ said. “Matter of fact, I’m not letting anyone drive home drunk.”

“Thanks,” Casey said. “I really forgot about getting home.”

“Us too,” Logan said. 

“It’s settled then,” PJ said. “Ford, you can sleep on the couch if you’d like.”

“Thanks, but I was about to go anyway and leave all you lovers alone,” Ford said.


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