Posted:  June 9, 2013

This is the beginning of a new story.  I hope you will enjoy it!!!   PDF file is at the bottom.

Finally, my vehicle turned into the parking lot of my new home. It was an apartment complex similar to the
one where I had lived for the past year or so while finishing up my degree in finance and administration.
I found a parking spot for my SUV that was hauling a trailer full of my belongings to start my life after
college. I headed over to the new place I’d call home and knocked on the door since my new roommate, Wes,
had the keys and had already been there a week.
“Hey Jason, how was the drive?” he asked, in his shorts and tee. He had shaggy, dark blond hair and had
always been rather thin. 

“You made it so you know what it was like. It was worse hauling that trailer,” I replied, in my shorts and
tee as well.

“I bet. I’ll give ya a hand,” he said and came out to help me unload.

Wes and I were friends but we weren’t exactly close. I had met Wes when we lived on the same hall as
freshmen. We continued to move to the same places by coincidence and it just so happened that we scored
jobs in the same town about 4 hours south of our college. I got mine first, working in the administration
department at a growing local college with my degree in finance, and then Wes got a job in construction
management for a local firm in this growing area. Wes is a pretty good guy and had accepted the fact I was
gay. He, like so many others, was taken aback when I came out after my sophomore year in college.

We continued to haul in everything I had packed including my double bed and a nice recliner that really
didn’t match Wes’s other furniture. I was thankful he had most of the other furnishings already in place.

“Wes, I still can’t believe we’re living together,” I stated after we finished unloading the last of my

“Me either, but it makes sense…”

“I agree there, but what did your friends say when you told them?” I asked, carrying in a ton of my shoes.

“I caught some hell from some of them. The way I see it, and just like we talked about, we’re getting our
feet under us in a new city. We both agree that if we make it a year we’ll be doing great,” he said with
the door to the next apartment opening.

Two guys, who looked to be close to my age of 22, walked out, “Need any help?” one asked. 

“I think we’re good, but thanks for asking,” I replied.

“You’re about ten minutes too late, buddies,” Wes stated and looked at me.

“We heard some moving. Sorry but we were eating,” the other one said and followed Wes and me into our
apartment. Wes and I put my things in my room, which was a disaster, and returned to see the two guys
standing in the middle of our living room.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves. I’m Casey,” he said extending his hand.

“And I’m Aiden,” the other one said. Casey was about 6’1”, which was Wes’s height, while Aiden was shorter
at maybe 5’8”. 

Wes and I introduced ourselves by shaking their outstretched hands and Wes inviting them to grab a seat.
There was little doubt in my mind they were gay, with Aiden looking very similar to my last boyfriend with
his short blond hair, earrings and lip piercing. Both were skinny like Wes, with Casey showing a tattoo
coming from beneath his tee. They asked where we were from so we told them before Wes asked where they
were from. They replied locally.

I finally had to ask, “So how long have y’all been together?”

Casey looked at Aiden quickly and then smiled, “About a year. We moved in together 4 months ago.”

“How long have you two…?” Aiden asked.

“Dude, are you fucking serious? You saw us move shit into a separate bedroom,” Wes replied.

“I’m gay but he’s straight,” I said, seeing how Wes wasn’t pleased they had asked.

Casey smiled and pushed back his dark hair, “One out of two isn’t bad, but I would have guessed Wes.”

“Dude, you really know how to make a great first impression,” Wes said and then laughed. One of the
reasons I had agreed to live with Wes was his great sense of humor.

“Casey, you are way too honest,” Aiden said. “He always says the first thing that pops into his little

“Better little mind than a little pecker,” Wes joked.

“Fuck yeah, I agree with that shit,” Casey said. “I guess he told you.”

“Little pecker,” Aiden scoffed. “Did you just finish elementary school?”

“I was trying to be nice. How about fucking dick?” Wes asked.

“I like that better,” Aiden replied and smiled. “I take it you’re not like the rest of the world and
aren’t homophobic?”

“He’s not, or least what I’ve seen being around him,” I said. “Actually, we’re living together since we
both got jobs here. Once he found out he asked me to live with him rather than both of us living alone in
a new city and without us knowing one person.”

“Makes good sense,” Casey said. “What do y’all like to do for fun?”

“I pretty much enjoy sports and the outdoors,” Wes said. “Jason’s a rare breed and likes that as well. How
about you two?”

“We enjoy the outdoors if it involves going to the beach. We like clubbing and having a good time,” Casey
replied. “I like to play golf when I can, and sometimes tennis, but that’s about the only sports I enjoy.”

“I like clubbing as well. That’s how we met,” Aiden stated.

“You didn’t know each other and live in the same town?” I asked.

“Actually, I grew up north of here and Aiden to the south. We were going to college here when we met,”
Casey said.

“I’m still going. I just lack one semester,” Aiden said.

I smiled, “I got a job there as a matter of fact and start on Monday in adminstration.”

“Maybe you can help me with my student loans?” Aiden asked.

“I’m sure what exactly I’ll be doing right but I hope to get into the finance part very shortly,” I

“You should be busy with all the building they’re doing,” Casey stated.

“Casey, what do you do with Aiden going to school?” Wes asked.

“I’m a nurse at the hospital. I just got my degree and now have moved up,” Casey replied.

“Congrats,” I said.

“Thanks,” Casey said.

I sat and continued to listen to the three of them talk. The best part was seeing how Aiden and Casey
gently touched each other to show their love. It was that kind of love I longed for in my life, but I had
yet to find the right guy for me. Moving to a new city gave me a fresh start in so many areas in my life.
It was rather exciting and refreshing to move here, yet I was still uncertain about how Wes and I would
get along.

Just before leaving, Casey and Aiden offered to show me the beaches the next day, Saturday, if I was
interested. I definitely was and wanted them to show me the best there was around. They left our place
with all my things still in boxes and needing my attention.

Wes shut the door behind them. “Boy, Boy, Boy, the first people we meet and they’re two gay guys. I know
you have no objections to that,” he said.

I smiled, “I don’t, but I’m sure you’ll meet others just like you did at college.”

“They weren’t your type were they, Jason?”

“Ummm… I don’t guess so. So, fill me in on what my type is so I’ll know for future reference?” I asked in

“Dude, I’ve really been surprised by the guys you’ve dated. I see you with more with masculine guys, who
like yourself, are athletic. I bet those guys don’t know what a ball is… well, a ball you throw,” Wes

I laughed, “I was just checking. I had haven’t found one like you’re speaking of. I’m trying like hell
though. Wes, I need to find you a girl as well. Speaking of… When was your last date?”

Wes rubbed his chin, “About three months ago I guess, but you’re right. I need to find someone.”

“Okay. I’ve got a ton to do, plus I need a shower first,” I said and stood.

“Holler if you need some help.”

“I will but it is just organizing stuff to where I know where it is,” I said and headed off. 

It was a search to find my towels and body wash. Once I found them it took me a second to figure out
exactly how the shower worked. I stepped in and began scrubbing my fit body that I was so proud of. I
worked hard to keep it fit and enjoyed doing so. I washed my dark, well-kept brown hair before rinsing off
and stepping out of the shower. With a towel around my waist, I headed out to begin the process of getting
my room organized. I shucked my towel and started doing what was needed in my small closet before deciding
to make my bed. My mind raced and wondered where the sheets were. It hit me that they weren’t here. I
screamed, “Fuck!”

Within a minute or so my door opened. “Dude, is there a problem? Damn, you’re fucking naked,” he said in
one breath.

“First off, I didn’t bring any sheets. Second, I told you how I am before we moved in together. This is
the way I am when I’m alone or in a private place,” I stated.

“Okay, it’s just a shock. I remember now what you said about being a nudist and how your family was…”

“We are practical about it and don’t go around the house nude all the time,” I stated. 

“I have a spare set of sheets you can borrow in the meantime.”

“Thanks, I’ll run to the store later once I figure out what else I forgot.”

“I’m cooking beef tips and noodles if you’re hungry,” he said, trying not to look at me.

“Sounds great,” I said. “Give me few more minutes and I’ll eat with ya.”

“It still needs about ten minutes so take your time.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll throw on some shorts as well.”

“That would be great. Jason, break me in slowly on the nudity thing, would ya?”

I smiled, “I will. I won’t be an asshole about it.”

Once Wes was gone, it reminded me to call my mom and inform her I had arrived safely. I knew she would be
worried by now and was shocked she hadn’t called me first. She answered on the first ring. I told her I
was here, safe and sound as well as moved in. My family was great and had been so supportive of me since I
came out. It caught them by surprise, but in the end mom and dad said it didn’t change their love for me.
My younger brother, Sean, knew beforehand. It took him a little while to come around and accept me but now
everything is great between us. Sean is straight and loves hunting and fishing every chance he gets. 

I headed to eat after I threw on some shorts and a tee. Wes had the beef tips and noodles waiting along
with a green salad. Coming here I knew Wes was a good cook and actually enjoyed cooking, while I cooked
out of necessity. The meal in front of me proved he was a fine cook. 

After our meal I kindly cleaned up to start us off on the right foot. Wes handed me a beer after we had
finished and we sat down in our living room.

“Before we go any further we need to have our finances one hundred percent clear between us,” he said.

“I agree there. Nothing is worse than roommates fighting over money.”

He pulled out his iPad and had all the figures ready and waiting. He said he was bored a few nights and
had this waiting on me. I looked it over and thought the amount for food was low, so we upped that amount
by a hundred a month. The expenses were very close to mine in college so it was something I was used to

Finished, Wes laughed, “Damn, I shoulda had you as a roommate in college. Wyatt and Randy wanted to fight
my ass over finances.”

“It is what is,” I stated. “It’s the cost of living in an apartment.”

“Tell that to them,” he said. “Then come rent it was like pulling eye teeth some months.”

“I hope I’m never like that. Jeremy and I were cool about it,” I said. Jeremy was my roommate my final
year. He too was gay but was different than I was in a lot of ways. We made it okay since he was usually
out with his boyfriend.

Wes and I started chatting to get to know each other a little better. He knew a little about my family but
asked more about them. Then I asked about his family since I knew next to nothing about them.

“Well, my folks are divorced and have been since I was six. My mom remarried when I was nine and my dad
remarried a year later I think. Jason, you’re lucky you didn’t have to deal with that shit,” he said.

“I know that. I’ve heard the horror stories from a lot of people,” I said.

“I can add to those,” he said. “I have an older brother and sister. My sister is cool but my brother is an
entirely different story. He’s what I’d call a fucking mess. He’s a damn druggie for one and has been in
jail for selling it. He already has two kids by two different women…”

“He is a mess,” I commented listening to Wes talk about his brother.

Wes shook his head, “I can’t stand to be in the same room with him. I think every time I’ve seen him over
the past four years he’s been so strung out. He moves around all the time between my mom’s house and his
friends.” As he finished, he got a call. It was one of his old roommates I could tell. He didn’t talk that
long and hung up.

Then it hit me that my vehicle, an older SUV, still had the trailer hooked to the rear. I glanced at my
phone and figured there was still time to return it. First, I had to find the closest rental where I could
return it and then check their hours. I was in luck and had a few hours to spare. Wes sat and listened. He
asked if he could go with me rather than sit alone in our apartment. 

We headed out with Wes navigating our way to the rental place. It took a minute to unlatch the trailer but
it was nice to have it off the back of my vehicle. Since we were out, Wes suggested we go shopping so he’d
have an idea of what I enjoyed. We stopped in Walmart so I could get some sheets and other needed items
like toilet paper, shaving stuff and another beach towel. We headed a little further down the street to a
smaller grocery store Wes had been to. The prices were a tad higher but the quality of the fresh food
looked better. He was full of questions on each aisle so that took us a while. I liked the basics but
tried to avoid the bad stuff like chips. Also, I let Wes pay for it and keep a running total of our food
buys so it would be easier to keep track. 

We returned just at dark and headed inside our place. I helped him unpack so again I’d know where stuff
was before I headed back to my room to finish what I had started. I shut the door and locked it so I could
be alone. It offered great peace and let my mind get set on the task at hand. I finished up and was
sitting on my bed looking at my computer. Wes came and knocked on my door. I opened it and peeked around
the corner. 

“You were so quiet back here. Is everything okay?” he asked and pushed the door.

“I’m good, I was taking it easy,” I replied in the nude.

“I was about to watch a movie if you wanna join me.”

“Thanks, but if I get still too long, I’ll be a goner.”

“Now I wonder why we’re even rooming together,” he said.

“Really, Wes? What the fuck? I’m tired from the long drive.”

“So this is how you’re gonna be? You are gonna come to your room and just lock yourself in here.”

I shook my head in complete disbelief and sat up straight. “No, it’s not how it’s gonna be. It’s only the
first night. I said I was tired.”

“Alright then, I actually thought we were getting along really well.”

“What’s the deal, Wes? Did you not hear me?”

“I heard you, but I feel like you’re dissing me.”

I threw up my hands. “Wes, this is completely stupid. I’m tired. I promise tomorrow we’ll hang out. It’s
just the first night.”

Wes dropped his head, “Okay then, I better let you get your beauty rest. I’ll see ya in the morning.”

I stood and put my hand on his shoulder, “Good. I really think we’ll be great roommates. We were just
friends but I feel like we’ll become better friends over time. You never said one word when I came out and
accepted it as fact. I’ve never forgotten that, whereas some of the others went off on me. Just about any
other night I’d be right there with ya, but with something on, just not tonight.”

He smiled, “Okay. I just thought maybe you were dropping hints like don’t get too close to me. Yes, I have
accepted you since day one. I was shocked as hell but nothing I could say could change you. Now that I’ve
seen you in all your glory, do whatever you feel like.”

“I’m glad we’re straight now… well, you what I mean…”

“I do,” he laughed. “I’ll see your bare ass in the morning and I’ll keep down the noise.”

“I’d appreciate that,” I said.  

He left and shut the door. I still wondered what the big deal was about me not wanting to go watch a movie
with him. He had been alone here for a week but he had to understand my position. It wasn’t long after I
lay back down on my bed before my eyes began closing.

For a first night in a strange place I slept really well, but the day before was rather tiresome. To get
things off on the right foot I put on some shorts and shoes to run. I wasn’t addicted to running but
thought it was a good beginning to the new life I was about to begin.

It was a nice run but not a very long one. I was able to see the area around our complex and liked what I
saw, with a few local stores, restaurants and one bar a short distance away. Coming inside, Wes was on the
couch and sat up when I entered. 

“First off, Jason, let me apologize for being such an ass last night. It was completely uncalled for,” he

“Thanks. I was out not minutes after you shut the door,” I said and wiped the sweat from my brow.

“How was your run? I had no idea you ran,” he said.

“It was really nice,” I said and chuckled. “I don’t run and thought it was a good way to start and see the

“I see. You’ve got to keep fit in case Mr. Right comes walking by.”

I smiled, “You’re right there.”

“Hey, now you’re back, let me cook us some breakfast.”

“Sounds like a plan to me and a good start to our day. Wes, are you going with us to the beach?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?”

“I was just wondering,” I said and headed off to shower. I finished up and shaved my face before
returning. Wes was in the kitchen cooking away. I asked if there was anything I could do. He said for me
to pour the juice and put out the plates. I did as he asked and waited for what smelled to be something
great. He finished in short order and put the nice omelet in front of me. 

“How did you become such a good cook?” I asked eating the omelet.

“Trial and error, plus no one else would do it. I would have starved otherwise,” he replied. “I take it
you don’t cook?”

“I will when needed, but I think I see there won’t be much of a need here.”

“The kitchen is off for you, Jason. You’re more than welcome to cook for me anytime.”

“Let’s just keep things as they are right now. My cooking is just okay, plus I can only fry an egg and
grill a steak.”

We finished eating and cleaned up. Neither one of us knew what time we’d be heading to the beach. Wes
suggested I go see. I went next door and quietly knocked, even though it was now past 10. Casey opened the
door slightly and poked his head out.

“Sorry, but we were wondering what time we were going today?” I asked.

“Time? Oh yeah, I’d say about noon. Aiden is still asleep right now,” Case replied.

“We’ll see ya then,” I said and walked back. I told Wes and took a seat in the recliner. We watched the
start of the movie he wanted me to watch with him last night. Once a good stopping point hit, we stopped
it and retreated to change for the beach.

I came out in my blue board shorts with my new towel, sunscreen and shades. Wes emerged from his room with
the same things.

“Thank God! I just knew your ass would be sporting a Speedo,” Wes said.

“When I buy one, I might do it,” I said with a smile.

“Tell me if I’m wrong, but if you see a guy in a Speedo, do you think gay?”

“Here I’d say a majority of the time you are dead on. I really don’t see what harm there is in wearing
one. Europeans wear them.”

“We’re not in Europe,” he said.

We walked out just as Casey and Aiden were walking out of their apartment. They were in their shorts and
tees while Aiden was carrying a bag and ice chest. Riding with someone new wasn’t ideal for me but there
was little alternative.

“I just knew you’d be in Speedos,” Wes commented to them.

“We are, so don’t worry your little heart,” Aiden said with his shades on. “Jason, you’re not?”

“No, I don’t have one,” I replied.

“Damn shame,” Casey said and started his small car. 

While Casey drove, I got a nice tour of our area. There really seemed to be an abundance of golf courses
and there appeared to be lots of new places to shop and eat. We stopped by Subway and grabbed some
sandwiches before Casey continued on to the beach. He said we were going to where it was a little quieter
and less touristy. 

We parked and unloaded. Casey and Aiden led the way and began walking towards the beach. Finally, the
white sand was there. It was so picture perfect, with the waves gently crashing into the shoreline. Aiden
was on his phone while we walked in the sand. He waved us on until we made it to five guys. We were
quickly introduced before we went to rent some chairs for the day. We pulled them up and were at the end
of them. 

Wes leaned over, “I don’t know about this.”

“You knew what we were getting into before we came. What did you expect?” I asked. Casey made no bones
about that I was gay and Wes was straight when we were hurriedly introduced. 

“I’ll make the most of it,” Wes said and threw his towel over his chair. He smeared the much needed
sunscreen onto his white body. 

I did the same but luckily had a light tan already. While I was putting on the sunscreen I couldn’t help
but think one guy was really giving me the eye. The thing I didn’t know about the five was who was with

I sat there next to Casey on one side and Wes on the other. Casey now was down to his bikini and showing
off his thin body and tattoo. He wasn’t the only one with tattoos as three of the others had them as well,
with one having a full sleeve. Casey also had a decent bulge in his bikini while Aiden’s wasn’t too bad
either. I sat and looked across the water while watching the beach goers parade in front of us. It was a
good mix of people of all ages but I’d say one out of every four were gay, which for me was a nice change.
As I was watching, Casey poked me in the arm as two really cute young gay guys were walking by showing
their stuff. I smiled and acknowledged him.

Wes leaned over, “I’m really beginning to wonder why the fuck I came. I’m bound and determined to make the
most of this.”

“Do that,” I said.

“I’m sure you’re enjoying this.”

“I am. Say, do you wanna go test out the water?” I asked him.

“Sure, why not?” he said and stood. We headed out and jumped in the salty water. Wes thought it would be
funny to try and dunk me.

“Boy, you don’t mess with me,” I said, jokingly.

“I do, matter of fact,” he said with his hands on his hips. A wave crashed against his body and got him
off balance. It was my chance to put him under. He was caught by surprise and came up looking around for

“I told ya,” I said.

He came after me. Rather than fighting him, I let him put me under. The fun ended when he tried to hold me
under. I came up pissed off. “What the fuck?”

“Whoa, I might have gone too far,” he said.

“Might my ass,” I said and walked away.

He reached out and grabbed me, “I’m sorry again. All I’ve done is fuck up.”

I pulled my arm away from his and continued without uttering a word. I kept walking and saw one of the
five guys coming in the water. 

“How’s the water?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I replied. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name. Casey went through them in such a blur.”

He smiled, “I’m PJ.”

“Yeah, I remember that,” Wes said. “I’m going on up.”

PJ had blond hair with longish bangs, big blue eyes, a cute smile, jagged bottom teeth, pierced ears and a
nice tan body. He was about my height of 5’10” or so. He was the only one of the five not in a Speedo. “I
saw what happened and don’t blame you for being so pissed at him.”

“Thanks. Wes is trying so hard for us to be like best buddies. We just moved here. We’re roommates out of
convenience, but we did know each other before we came.”

“I see. Man, I had to get up. Kyle thought I needed to get out and asked me here with him. I was tired of
listening to their shit.”

I smiled, “Thankfully I couldn’t hear it.”

“They were commenting on every person that walked by, especially the gay ones. It was whether they’d fuck
‘em, suck ‘em, kiss ‘em or just shake their hands. After a few times that gets a little old,” PJ said.

I walked to the edge of the water with PJ. “I bet it did get old. This is really a nice place.”

“I agree. I have to admit the guys are great to look at,” he said.

“No doubt, but I think Wes is regretting this idea of coming with Casey and Aiden.”

“At least there is one decent guy in the group,” he said and smiled at me. All the while I was doing my
best to gauge his age and figured he was lucky if he was 21.

“I appreciate that,” I said. “PJ, are you still in college?”

He laughed, “I gave it the old college try and saw it wasn’t for me. I’m working in my family’s business
at the moment. Well, I shouldn’t say at the moment since I do enjoy it.”

“It is?”

“Oh we do tile and glass work,” he replied. “I quit college after my sophomore and have been working there
now for almost five years.”

“Really? I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you’re 25.”

“A lot of people say that,” he replied while we were standing there. I did glance up and see all but Casey
and Aiden heading off along the beach. “I bet you just graduated.”

“I did and got a job here at the University,” I stated and started to walk back to my chair. “PJ, if you
want you can sit by me.”

“Okay,” he said. Wes helped us move chairs around.

I dried off and sat back with PJ sitting now next to Casey. I reached down and grabbed my sandwich, turkey
on rye. Since it was a foot long, I offered half to PJ. At first he said no and then took it. Casey gave
us some water to wash it down.   

“PJ, how do you know Kyle?” Casey asked.

“Oh we hooked up a year or so ago and have been sort of friends ever since,” PJ replied.

Aiden leaned up, “How is Kyle in the sack? I ask that because he loves to fucking brag about how good a
fuck he is.”

“Actually, he’s a great fuck once you adjust to his size…”

“He does love to show off his big dick. You saw that bikini he was wearing,” Casey said.

“How big is it?” Aiden asked.

“I guess about nine, but that’s his damn IQ as well,” PJ replied and laughed. “I’m so past that now in my
life. You need to have a personality as well.”

“I agree,” I said with Wes shaking his head.

We finished eating. We sat there soaking up the sun before the other four returned. Not long after they
did, Wes got up and gestured for me to go with him. I did and asked PJ if he wanted to go with us as well.

“I’m finding some women to look at. All this gay shit is making me sick,” Wes stated while we walked away.

“The touristy part is about a mile up the beach,” PJ stated.

“Looks like I have a long walk ahead of me then,” Wes said.

The further we got away, the more mixed it seemed to be. Wes did enjoy the sights there more than our
other spot. We saw some volleyball nets and watched them play. 

“PJ, do you play?” I asked as we watched.

“I do, but I really enjoy golf and tennis,” he replied.

Wes looked at me, smiled and nodded. We watched and then saw the basketball court. We watched the young
guys play before stopping by to get a drink and head back.


I hope you enjoyed reading the first chapter of my new story.   If not many of you care for it, I will
discontinue it and try something different.   I haven't forgot about "Rooming" either as there will be a
few chapters here and there when the time is right.   I wanted to create new characters in a different
setting for now.

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