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Stepping out of the building sure felt good here on Thursday. Finally after four days of meetings and
having Fridays off during the summer, it was time to enjoy a nice weekend. Wes was already jealous of me
for having the extra day, but he wouldn’t be so much come payday. 

Cindy, my coworker, stopped me just as I was about to get in my vehicle. “Boy, someone is ready to get out
of there,” she said.

“Was it that obvious?” I asked.

“You weren’t alone,” she replied. “I was ready as well. What do you have planned for your big weekend? A
party? A date? No, a date would be a little soon.”

“You just never know,” I replied. “I’m sure heading to the beach might be in order.”

“To scope out the nice female bodies while they check you out?”

“Ummm… maybe…” I stuttered. Now wasn’t the time to tell her. “What do you have planned?”

“Boring ass cleaning,” she laughed. “My boyfriend said this morning things were getting out of hand. I
might do some shopping one day.”

“Sounds like a nice weekend to me. Hey, thanks for making the week a lot easier. I really do appreciate
it,” I said, standing.

“No problem at all, Jason. You enjoy your weekend, but I’m sure you will,” she said.

I waved and got in my hot vehicle. I looked above and was glad to see just puffy white clouds and no dark
ones like the previous two days. I headed in the direction of my apartment and knew there was a Super
Target on the way where I could stop and grab a few things I might need for the weekend. Our beer supply
was running thin after Wes had shared, so that was first on my list. I shopped around to acclimatize
myself to this large store. I found one aisle I was after and grabbed some condoms and lube just in case.
It used to be so embarrassing to me to buy condoms, but now I realize they’re necessary to have a safe gay
sex life. Going to check out, I had to snicker seeing my cart with a 30 pack, a dozen condoms and lube,
but I did have a few more items thrown in like an extra toothbrush and a few snacks.

When I arrived back I saw someone coming out of the apartment next to us. He was a big guy that looked to
be maybe 30. I began to raise my hand and pulled it down seeing he wasn’t looking my way. I brought my
things in and found the apartment empty.

I fired off a text to PJ to tell him I was home and anxious to see him again. Within a minute he sent one
back saying to give him until about six, which was in little over an hour. It would give me time to change
out of my work clothes into something more comfortable. Sliding on my shorts I heard the door open and
close. I headed out and saw Wes looking the fridge. 

“Someone’s ready for the weekend I see,” he commented, hearing me behind him.

“For sure,” I said. “It’ll be so nice just sleeping in and laying by the pool…”

“Enough Jason. I’m jealous enough as it is without you rubbing it in,” he said.

I laughed. “I don’t know what you’re doing, but tonight I’m heading to PJ’s.”

“That was a given. I’ve got a date with Jennifer all lined up as well before she forgets who I am,” Wes

We sat down to watch TV with Wes texting on his phone. I grabbed the remote and began flipping through the
channels until hearing my phone ringing in my room. I raced back and saw it was my brother Nick calling
me. Even though we had talked on Sunday it was still nice to know he was calling again. He wanted to see
how my job was going. After telling him how it was he came to the purpose of his call. He wanted to see if
he could crash here with one of his buddies from college during the upcoming holiday. I said he was more
than welcome to come and I would look forward to seeing him. 

I came back out with Wes watching some sports show. “Hey, that was Nick. I hope you don’t mind if he comes
and stays here a few days with us.”

“It’ll be cool with me, even though I don’t know him at all,” Wes said.

“He’s a cool guy,” I said. 

“If he ain’t I’ll deal with it. When’s he coming?” Wes asked.

“During the Fourth,” I replied. 

“No problem then,” Wes said. 

It wasn’t long before I was gone. Wes wished me well and I did the same to him for his date with PJ’s
younger sister. Driving up to PJ’s place it was easy to tell the grass had been cut. I went to the front
door and knocked. A big smile greeted me. My heart skipped a beat seeing his face again. He quickly kissed
me on the lips.

“I missed you. Did you miss me?” he asked.

“Of course. Even more than I thought,” I said and kissed him. 

“Are you hungry?” he asked after we broke the kiss and were holding hands.

“I could stand something to eat. Are you cooking?”

He smiled, “I wanted us to go grab something if that’s okay with you.”

“Sure it is,” I said.

We headed out in his nice car, a Honda Accord. Barely out of his drive, he asked, “Jason, are you free
Saturday night?”

I laughed, “I believe I am.”

“Good, smart ass,” he chuckled. “My folks want to meet you. We’re invited over for a cookout.”

I swallowed hard. “Sounds good to me.”

“Dad heard me talk all about my boyfriend and now he wants to meet you. Jason, you are my first what I
would call real boyfriend. The others were just fuck buddies in my wild ass youth.”

“I’m your first boyfriend?” I asked.

“One I care for and am growing to really adore and am maybe very close to loving. Am I your boyfriend?”

“I’m happy to say you are. Friends don’t kiss when they greet each other, at least not guys. It feels good
to say you’re my boyfriend.”

“I love hearing that so much.”

“PJ, how wild were you?” I asked. “I heard you mention it before.”

“I was my parent’s worst nightmare. I did all sorts of fucking drugs and drank like a fish. You know
you’re really fucked up when you wake up next to a naked guy and wonder what I happened. I thought sex was
the greatest. Hell, I’ve been to parties and taken probably eight dicks during the night, and sucked even
more than that. Am I scaring you off yet?”

“No, you’re not. It’s called a past. When did it stop? How did it stop?”

“It stopped over two years ago. I woke one morning feeling like shit and knew there had to be a better
life out there for me. Oh my parents tried to tell me I was heading down the wrong path but I had to see
that with my own two eyes. Kyle’s about the only guy I’ve kept in contact with, and that was for one
reason only,” he said as we pulled up to the restaurant. 

He parked and got out, with the heat still coming up from the asphalt parking lot. We headed inside and
got a table. PJ ordered a beer for us before we ordered food. 

“Jason, I can’t tell you how glad I am you came along. I was beginning to wonder if there were any decent
gay guys around these days. I almost didn’t go last week when Kyle called,” PJ said.

“I really didn’t expect to find someone so quickly. It’s been almost a dream. I feel like I’m really going
to like it here,” I said and ordered. The place was known for their burgers. We both ordered one and
decided to share a basket of fries. It wasn’t the healthiest food around, but I could handle it.

“Jason, with you I’m now excited about my future. I know being gay isn’t easy, but with someone beside you
it is so much easier. There’s so much in life to enjoy being a gay guy. It’s not the curse of death as
some are lead to believe.”

“I agree completely. I’m excited just hearing you talk about it. There’s a big world out there, waiting
for us to discover it,” I said and smiled at him.

“There are so many things we can do together. We can take trips together all over the world. We can go
camping, hiking or biking together. If we want we can hit the clubs. There’s so much out there for us to
enjoy,” he said, barely catching his breath. 

“Yes, there is, but first let’s not get too far ahead here,” I said. “I love hearing all that…”

“I know. Things happen and people break up,” he said with our food arriving. He leaned back while the
waiter placed the big burger in front of him. He quickly inspected it. Mine was placed in front of me and
looked so good. The fries were put between us with the waiter telling us to enjoy and to say if we needed
anything. We began eating the juicy burgers and fries. They were great and really hit the spot. 

We finished with PJ insisting on paying for our meal. I tried to shove money in his hand but he refused.
We walked out to his car and got in.

“Jason, would you like to go to the beach for a walk?” he asked, starting up his car.

“I could do that.”

“It’ll be less crowded now and is very nice this time of day,” he said.

“PJ, I didn’t mean to dampen your enthusiasm back there. I really do like you a lot. I just don’t want us
to get too far ahead of ourselves here. We really did just meet,” I commented.

“I know, but I feel like I’ve missed so much over the past few years. I’m ready to get out there and enjoy
all that is offered for gay men like us. I was dreaming, and enjoy doing that on occasion. I suppose
having a vision about the future is better than lingering in the past,” he said, driving towards the

“Nothing wrong with dreaming and having a vision. I hope my finances can keep up with them,” I stated.

“Jason, I have some money…”

“Stop right there. We’re only dating. I’m not in this for you to spoil me. I’m the type that when I get a
gift I feel awful that I don’t have one in return. I appreciate the gesture but it is far too early,” I

“There you go again, spoiling my dreams and hopes with your rational thinking. I picked the best one ever.
You’re so fucking different,” he said. “Most guys would just go along with me and let me buy them shit.”

“I really do appreciate the thought. Let’s get past a week dating, then a month, and we’ll see how things
are going. I hope well, but we really have just started getting to know each other,” I said.

“You’re saying all this so I don’t end up heartbroken,” he said.

“And vice versa,” I said.

He turned up the radio and began singing along to a song. He had a great voice so I didn’t join in and
make a fool of myself. We parked in an empty lot at the beach, down from where we had first met. He tossed
his shoes and shirt in the back so I did the same. We walked down to the white sandy beach with the sun
about an hour from setting over the gulf. 

“This is really nice and peaceful,” I commented, walking with him.

“It is,” he said and took my hand. “Is this okay?”

“Yes, it’s more than okay,” I said and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

“I remember coming here as a teenager. There’d be a big group of us that would pack in a few cars and head
down before we went to party. We had so much fun just acting like fools and not caring,” PJ said.

“I’m sure that was a lot of fun. I’ve never lived close to a beach like this before. I bet it was great
growing up here.”

“It was, and still is. I enjoy coming here, just not as much as I used to. For one, the tourists now flood
this place during the day. Back when I was growing up it wasn’t as commercialized and really just started
being so when I was in high school.”

“People saw what I’m seeing now, a gorgeous beach. Water has a certain lure to it unlike any other,” I
stated while we walked holding hands. A couple of runners passed us and didn’t give us a look. We walked
down to nearly the end. PJ led me back to a place that was more secluded and private. We took a seat in
the sand and sat very close together with our knees bent. The sight in front of my eyes was so postcard-
like, with the sun near the outer edge of the water. The breeze was light and kept us so comfortable.

“This is like a dream to me, Jason. I’m sitting here with a hot guy on the beach just as the sun is about
to go down,” he said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” I said. I reached over and kissed him. My hands went down his back while
his hands were on my head. He moved and got between my legs to really make out with me. We were using our
tongues and pulling at each other’s bottom lip while we kissed.

“Fucking faggots!” I heard a deep voice. PJ whipped his head around and gave me a clear shot of the two
guys standing there. One was a big dude with long black hair while the other one was regular size.

“Makes me fucking sick,” one of them said. 

“Look guys, we’re not looking for trouble,” PJ said with my heart rate increasing. 

“We weren’t either until we came upon two fucking queers!” the big one said.

“We’ll leave if it makes you happy,” I said.

“What would make us happier is if you both died,” the big one said.

PJ moved and started to get up with the two fast approaching us. “Run!” I screamed at the top of my lungs,
hoping if anyone was nearby they’d hear us. We did our quickest moves to get around them both and may have
caught them off guard by our running. One caught me in the side with a glancing blow which didn’t hurt. It
was hard as hell running in the sand, but I was freaking out. We made it to the clearing and had evaded
them. I turned around and saw the two bent over laughing. 

“Some people know how to ruin a good moment,” PJ stated.

“Dude, I nearly shit my pants,” I said breathing hard.

“I was fucking scared. I’ve never been that scared in my life,” PJ said catching his breath.

“Some people really get their thrills by harassing gay people. They’re the ones I hope die. I can see
their future right now, jail with Bubba, being Bubba’s bitch,” I said and started to walk.

PJ laughed, “Thanks for that break with humor. I needed that.”

It took a minute for our heart rates to slow down. It was scary looking back on it and not knowing what
their intentions were. We might have learned being secluded wasn’t always the best idea, despite how
romantic and idealistic it is. 

We walked up and decided to be safe by taking the sidewalk and had missed the sunset. We were maybe two
miles from his car, but it did feel safer this way. We made it to the little shops and stores that were
lined across the street from the beach.  

“Want some ice cream?” he asked, coming upon a shop.

“I think we could use it,” I replied.

We ordered double scoops, with me getting strawberry and chocolate. He got two scoops of cookies and
cream. We took the cones outside to the tables with a few people walking around.

“Whew, that was scary,” he said before taking a lick.

“It was real scary. It’s probably the first time for me to be treated like that for who I am. I’ve been
called fag and queer before, but it was never threatening,” I commented, taking a lick. I looked up and
saw a little ice cream on the tip of his nose. I pointed.

He wiped it off, “I’ve had the shit beat out of me before. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time you
might say.”

“I don’t care if you were. It’s not right because we’re gay. It makes me sick to my stomach reading about
all the bullying going on. If you don’t like someone because they’re different then walk the fuck away,” I

“I agree,” PJ said.

We sat watching people come and go. It was nice seeing the kids with their parents enjoying this
summertime treat on vacation. 

After finishing, we walked back along the street with various retail shops. They were geared for the
tourists and were loaded down with souvenirs. I smiled remembering all the shirts I had bought over the
years while vacationing with my parents. We passed a surf shop but we were shirtless and barefooted so we
just looked in the window. We passed a few bars and restaurants with the street lights now taking full

When we made it back to PJ’s car he suggested we go back to a bar and have a cold one before calling it a
night. We put on our shoes and shirts to walk the short distance. We went inside and grabbed a table.

“Just one,” PJ said. 

“I agree, but this is pretty nice,” I said.

“There are lots of these all over,” PJ said. We ordered a draft, with PJ getting a dark beer while I stuck
to my regular Miller Lite. We sat talking about his family since I wanted to know a little more before
meeting them on Saturday. I gathered they were fairly normal, but they also sounded fairly well off thanks
to the family business. 

We finished off our beer and headed back. I sat listening to him sing. So far there was little he had said
or done that had given me a bad impression. I hoped he was thinking the same about me. He did ask if I
would come over the next day, Friday, for another date. I agreed and didn’t need to think twice about it. 

At his house we shared a long kiss goodbye. I walked to my car and had enjoyed the evening despite the
little incident. It could have ruined the night but it didn’t. 

Walking in the door just after ten or so, I didn’t see Wes but instead saw his shirt across the end of the
couch. I got some water and continued on back to my room. His door was slightly cracked. I heard moaning
and smiled. Wes was getting him some of Jennifer. I went to my room and stripped down to relax while the
sounds of sex were getting louder, along with Wes’s bed squeaking. The sounds continued with my dick
growing harder knowing what was going on. All I could think of was that possibly in a short while that
could be me and PJ fucking. Lying on my bed, my hand slowly slid up and down my rigid 7.5 inch cut dick.
It would have been much better with PJ’s mouth or ass instead of my hand. My thumb teased the head while
my hand picked up the pace. The sounds stopped while I continued to masturbate. I leaned up feeling the
urge to cum. My mouth opened wide while I leaned over hoping some cum would go in there. My dick began
firing off. One shot came close and hit my nose while the others fell short. I laid back and gathered a
little of my fresh cum to enjoy. 

I lay on my bed until hearing them exit Wes’s room. I heard them talking and got up to clean the drying
cum that had been on my body for about five minutes. I waited and waited until hearing the front door open
and close before leaving mine.

I walked down the hall. “Boo!” I shouted.

Wes was naked and was very startled. “What the fuck? What the hell are you doing here?”

“I got home about twenty minutes ago,” I replied laughing. “Congrats, Wes!”

He smiled, “Thanks. I wondered if the old boy still worked.”

“I’d say it did,” I said.

“Are you pissed?”

“Why would I be?” I asked, taking a seat.

Wes took his seat on the couch, “Some dudes get pissed when their roommates get some.”

“I guess I’m different. I’m happy for you actually…”

“Do you fuck PJ?”

“No, not yet,” I replied.

“I guess I won that race then,” he said and laughed.

“Sex is not a ummm… game. I almost said fucking game, but it is that,” I laughed. “We’re adults, so it’s
fairly normal now to have sex with someone you’re interested in, and even some you’re not.”

“How old are you, Jason? Damn, you’re starting to sound old,” Wes said.

I smiled, “Did Jennifer mention to you about going over to her parents Saturday night?”

“Yeah, what’s up with that?” he asked.

“I know, PJ’s been talking about me so I suppose they’re interested in meeting us and checking us out,” I

“It’s a little too soon if you ask me,” Wes stated. “I can feel the pressure now on both of us to stay
with them for a while.”

“We could look at it in a positive light in that they’re proud enough of us to have us meet their
parents,” I said.

“That’s one way of looking at it, but it’s still too soon. Hell, we really barely know either one of them.
As you said, we’re adults and not in high school anymore. I could see it if we were still in high school.”

“We’ll make the most of it. Do you wanna hear my excitement for the night since I’m fully aware of yours?”

“Fire away,”

I began telling him my story about our incident. 

“Were you scared?” he asked after I finished.

“Shitless. You never know these days,” I replied.

“You’re right, but you got out of harm’s way safely. That’s the key. It’s a fucking shame dudes can’t mind
their own business. If it had been a guy and girl nothing would have been done,” Wes commented.

“It wasn’t. It was my first deal with that shit,” I said.

“You’re not what I call out and you don’t attract attention to yourself the way some gay dudes do,” Wes

“I came out in college as well where people like you are more accepting in general nowadays.”

Wes stood and seemed rather comfortable nude around me with his limp dick hanging softly, “You wanna beer?
I’ve got to get the taste of pussy out of my mouth.”

“Wes! Way too much fucking info, dude!”

“It’s the truth,” he laughed. “Do ya or don’t ya?”

“I guess I will. It does help me sleep better,” I said. “I see I’m influencing you something fierce.”

“Dude, I just had sex. Do you put on clothes after you fuck?”

“I would never put on clothes, but society dictates that I should,” I replied and took the beer. 

“Thank goodness for most people in this world. Can you imagine how nasty that would be?”

“I wouldn’t say nasty. There are some people that are made to wear clothes and others not,” I said and
took a drink.

“Jason, it just hit me. You’ve seen your mom’s twat and dad’s dick.”

“So many times. You start young like I did and you don’t really notice it that much,” I said.

“Is your brother a nudist too?”

“Of course he is. Nick is maybe more so than I am,” I said. “He’d do it to aggravate his buddies. Say
they’d come over for a sleepover. Nick wouldn’t be naked the entire time, but come bed time he strip down
butt naked.”

“I bet they thought he was gay.”

“I’m sure they did, but most knew how he was. I think most at college knows how he is as well,” I said. 

“I can’t wait to meet him,” Wes said.

“Yeah, I’m ready to see him, if only for a few days. This may be the longest we’ve been without… no, I
take that back. When I first went to college there’d be weeks when I wouldn’t see him.”

“It’s fucking awesome you’re close like that. I only wish I could talk to my brother. Hell, I wish I knew
where he was,” Wes said and finished off his beer. 

“Your sister?”

“We’re not very close. I know where she is. She’s living with her boyfriend I think. Wouldn’t surprise me
if she had a kid,” Wes said.

“Surely, you’d know,” I said.

“Yeah, mom would have said something. So what’s on your agenda for tomorrow, you dog?”

“I may run to the gym and work out. After that I have no idea. I am going to see PJ tomorrow night…”

“I’m seeing Jennifer for damn sure unless she changes her mind. Who knows, she may have got what she
wanted already.”

“She may want more too. I heard you. You had her ass moaning pretty damn good.”

“Fuck, were we that loud?”

“Not so much loud, but who cares if you were? You really weren’t hiding it.”

“Damn, I love your attitude about shit! You’re just so down with everything. I knew I made the right
decision asking you.”

“I’m glad one of us did,” I said and laughed.


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