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Tuesday, after another long day of meetings over various aspects concerning admissions and other things
surrounding the college, I started out the door. Cindy asked me to wait up. I did so and waited for her
to catch up. 

“Where’s your computer, Jason?” she asked.

“On my desk,” I replied. “I could take it with me but at the moment it’s all just stuff to me. I’m
really trying to process everything. Do you think I should take it?”

“Well, you’re probably right. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re thinking right now. Mr. Dalmyer
has been going nonstop.”

“I know he has, but why should he go any slower just for my benefit? Actually, I’m learning a lot in
just a short time. I’m doing my best to get everything organized in my head along with a few notes on my
computer,” I said.

“That’s why you were typing. I was wondering.”

“Just things I thought I need to make a note of at the moment, little reminders,” I said.

“Mr. Massey, I heard what you said. I like your attitude,” Mr Dalmyer said, approaching us. “I’m sorry
for overhearing you two speaking, but I was wondering what you were thinking. I like that you’ve taken
notes. Maybe some of the others should follow your lead.”

“Actually, they’re kind of lame,” I smiled. “It’s nothing I’d care for you to see at the moment, just
little things you say that I want to look at later or might keep for future reference.”

He patted me on the back, “Keep it up, son. I knew we needed some fresh thinking around here, just like
we did when we hired Ms. Lincoln. I look forward to working with you and hearing some fresh ideas.”

He walked away while Cindy and I walked down the stairs. 

“Thanks for giving him ideas,” Cindy laughed. “Now he’ll expect us all to take notes like we’re in a
classroom again.”

“Sorry, but that’s the only way I know at the moment. You remember those days?”

“Far too well, but with great fondness,” she replied. “So what does the night hold for your exciting
young life?”

“I have no earthly idea right now. I’m sure my roommate will have something for us to do.”

“Oh the joys of being fresh out of college and staring a new life. If I remember college boys, I’d say a
few cold ones will just be what the doctor ordered,” she laughed, pushing open the door.

“It very well could be that, or a massage. My legs are killing me,” I said.

“Why’s that?”

“I went and worked out with a neighbor of ours at the gym. He was doing his legs so I did them with him.
Now they’re so sore,” I said. My legs had been sore all day.

“You’re young and will soon be over it,” she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Just two more days, keep that
in mind.”

“I did when the meeting started. See ya,” I said and got in my SUV with it looking like rain was coming,
as it had all day. I was about 2 miles from work when the skies decided to open up. This may not be just
an afternoon shower, with thunder and lightning in the distance. 

It was still raining buckets when I got to my place. I had to park across from the door, run like crazy
and unlock it. Wes was sitting on the couch eating an orange when I came inside.

“It was open. You got soaked,” he said.

“I did,” I said and shook the rain water from my hair. 

“Jason, are you as sore as I am today? I could barely move my arms all day,” he asked.

“My legs are so tight right now if that answers your question,” I said, taking off my wet shirt while
standing in our small tiled entryway. Next came off my pants and underwear, since he’d seen me more than
once naked. 

He laughed. “You’re getting bolder by the minute around me.”

“It was either strip or have water all over the carpet,” I commented. “How did I get so damn wet?”

“It is raining pretty hard out there,” he said.

I gathered my clothes and headed to dry off, along with letting my clothes dry. While I was back there I
gathered a load of laundry and headed to the small units located in our kitchen to start. 

Just as luck would have it, while I was loading the washer someone knocked on the door. I found an old
towel and wrapped it around my waist. Wes did his best to open the door and expose me, but he was a few
seconds late with Casey and Aiden standing there.

“How’s it going?” Wes asked.

“Great. We haven’t seen you guys in a few days and decided to come over and catch up,” Casey said in his
tee and shorts while Aiden was just in shorts. “If I’m not mistaken, two guys started new jobs this

“Actually, I started Thursday last week, but yes we did,” Wes said while they took a seat. 

“Excuse me while I get some clothes on,” I said and exited.

“Don’t mind us,” Aiden yelled.

I returned in my shorts and sat in the recliner while Aiden, Casey and Wes were on the couch. Wes and I
started telling them about our jobs and how things were going after two days. 

Then Aiden turned to me, “How are you and PJ doing?”

I smiled, “Actually very good.”

“I knew you would. I could just see it,” Aiden commented. “So where is he?”

“He’s out of town working,” I replied.

“We all saw that awesome tile work he did,” Wes commented.

“He has to be very talented,” Casey stated.

“He is extremely talented,” I said.

“So, Wes, is there anything cooking right now?” Casey asked, dropping a big hint.

“I’m sure there is at a restaurant somewhere around here,” Wes said. “I’m sorry but I don’t have one
thing I could whip up in a hurry. I tell you what. I’ll fix some killer spaghetti for you tomorrow. Will
that work?”

“Again, you opened your big mouth. We didn’t come over to eat,” Aiden said.

“It’s fine. I like cooking and would be happy to if I know just a little in advance,” Wes stated. 

“Tomorrow would be great. We’ll bring a salad,” Casey said.

“No onions or cucumbers please,” I said.

“Aiden has other uses for the cucumbers,” Casey said and automatically flinched. 

“Fuck you, Casey! You see the shit I have to put up with!” Aiden screamed.

“It was a joke,” Casey said. “You know I love you.”

“Aiden, don’t they hurt though?” Wes asked and started laughed.

“Fuck you too Wes! See if someone gets any tonight,” Aiden said.

“I think it’s time we left before this gets out of hand,” Casey said.

“I agree,” Aiden said with Casey pulling him from the couch.

“We’ll see ya tomorrow,” Wes said. 

“You will,” Casey said, walking with Aiden to the door. 

Once the door shut I said, “Since Aiden didn’t answer your question I’ll tell you cucumbers hurt like a
motherfucker, even if you do peel them first. Oh my word, I thought I was going to fucking die!”

Wes laughed, “Please tell me you are just kidding.”

“I wish I was,” I said with a big smile and got up from my seat. It just felt like a moment to wrestle
just a little with Wes. I tackled him and heard him laughing. I got him off the couch and pinned him on
the floor without much of a fight. 

“Stop it, Jason!” Wes said laughing.

I didn’t and started tickling him. He caught me off guard when he got up and pushed me against the
couch. I came to find out he really wasn’t that ticklish, but he soon discovered I was and had me
squirming like crazy. He had me pinned on the carpeted floor when we heard a knock at the door. He
released me and went to see who it was.

Drew was standing there. “I just thought I’d stop by and see how you guys were doing today after we
kicked your ass yesterday. Did I interrupt something?”

“We were just wrestling around like kids on the floor. Come on in,” I said and stood. “Yes, we’re both
feeling it today.”

“Great then, tomorrow we’ll be back at it,” Drew said and took a seat in the recliner.

“Maybe, since I just promised Casey and Aiden I’d cook spaghetti for them,” Wes said and sat next to me.

“Wimping out on us already? I see how it’s gonna be,” Drew said.

“Where’s Ryker?” I asked.

“He’s over seeing this girl he’s been seeing here lately,” Drew replied. “Besides, once we got home last
night we almost came to blows again.”

“Damn,” Wes said and got up to start walking to the fridge. “Anyone want a beer?”

“I do,” Drew replied. 

“Me too,” I replied.

Wes returned carrying three beers and handed them to us. “Was it over the same shit?”

“It was. I thought we’d hash it out privately and quietly. Quietly is something Ryker knows little
about. Then he started making the rudest jokes about my Mom so I ripped into him about his Dad,” Drew
said and took a drink.

“Has he done this before?” I asked.

“He has some, but I just usually laugh it off until it gets personal. The thing is, the girl he’s seeing
I know for a fact is bisexual, or at least she’s been with a few girls,” Drew replied.

“Does he know that?” Wes asked.

“He does. He says he wants to watch her some time go down on another girl,” Drew said. “Jason, I bet no
girl wants to watch you go down on another guy. It’s funny how guys get into watching girls do gay

“I can’t say I’ve come across one yet that wants to watch me, but then again I haven’t asked any,” I
replied with a big smile.

“Drew, how was it being raised by a gay mom?” Wes asked. “Sorry, but I’m curious.”

“That’s fine. She didn’t come out until I was 14…”

“Wow! That must have been a real shock. I take it you understood what she was talking about?” I said.

Drew took another drink and swallowed, “It was a huge shock to my system. You just can’t imagine your
mom saying she likes women after having 3 children. She said she was a late in life lesbian. Yes, I did
know what she was talking about, Jason.”

“What did you think?” Wes asked.

“It took a while and lots of sleepless nights on my part. The worst part was it was tearing apart our
family. I thought we were doing great, even though we struggled some, plus my dad’s Puerto Rican and my
mom’s white. Even today my dad hasn’t accepted the fact and says he still loves her,” Drew replied.

“Now everything is good between you and your mom?” Wes asked.

“It’s great actually. I really like the lady she’s with. My two sisters still live with her, even though
my dad has taken her to court a fucking ton of times,” Drew said before taking a big drink.

“I’m sure you didn’t come here to be quizzed like this,” I said.

“It’s cool with me. I don’t mind talking about it. It does help,” Drew said. “I was wondering how it was
with a straight guy and a gay guy rooming together like this.”

“So far so good, if Jason can keep his clothes on,” Wes laughed.

“Huh? Are you two…?” Drew said waving the bottle.

“No, I’m sort of a nudist,” I said.

“Sort of my ass,” Wes laughed. 

Drew laughed, “And here you hesitated taking your clothes off in front of me?”

“Well… I don’t just get naked at the drop of hat, plus I didn’t know what you’d think,” I said.

“Dude, it’s a gym,” Drew laughed. 

“It is. Let me tell ya about us,” Wes said and told him why we were roommates.

Drew nodded his head, “Makes perfect sense if you ask me. Now, will it be awkward say Jason has a dude
over to stay with him?”

“Ummm… no more awkward I guess than if I have a girl,” Wes replied.

“I guess you’re right there,” Drew said. He proceeded to ask me how my family and friends accepted me
when I came out. I told him how great my family is and how it was with my friends. He understood and
said he never would have guessed I was gay, which I liked. He then gave us all the details about Ryker’s
dad. I gathered his dad was messed up with drugs and couldn’t shake them, just like Wes’s older brother.

Drew stayed about an hour or more. What I had seen so far from him I really liked and enjoyed being
around him. Before he was gone Wes had come up with the idea of Drew and Ryker joining us to eat, then
we could head to the gym. Drew liked the idea and would look forward to it.

After Drew was gone I sat back in the recliner while Wes turned on the TV. “I’m sure you can more than
relate to Ryker,” I said.

“Don’t mention it, but I can. You don’t understand the pain you go through seeing someone like my
brother, or worse, your dad. It kills my Mom to no end the way Blaine is. My dad has pretty much
distanced himself from all the drama, just like pretty much everything in my life.”

“Wes, have you even called your Mom since we’ve been here?” I asked.

“For your info, I have before you got here. There wasn’t much to say other than I made it. Neither one
of my folks provided for me, but you saw how I worked my way through college and still have a few
outstanding student loans. I’m sure you do as well.”

“Ummm… a few,” I said, but it was a lie since my parents paid my way through college.

“It sucks, huh?”

“I’ll say,” I replied. 

“The way I see this it’s really a new beginning for me. So far it’s been fucking awesome. I’m stoked
that I’ve actually made a few friends just in the short time I’ve been here,” Wes said.

“I’m beyond stoked. I’m in complete shock,” I said. “Wes, I’ll be honest with ya, this is working out so
much better than I ever dreamed it could.”

“Jason, I knew you were a good guy so I thought it had a chance. It is an adjustment for me somewhat,
but nothing I can’t handle so far.”

“Just remember it is a two way street,” I commented.

“I’ll try my best.  You do enjoy hanging out with straight guys but I saw that in college.  I hope you
aren’t getting any wild ideas.”

I smiled at him, “Wes, I’m not.  It is called respect and don’t think about the other way either.”

“What other way?” Wes asked.

“How straight people think they can change us. One night with a girl would never change me just like one
night with a guy won’t change you,” I replied.

“Damn right it wouldn’t,” Wes said.

I didn’t hang around much longer and was aching to see how PJ’s day had gone. Before I left I did get my
things from the dryer and cursed how some of my shirts were wrinkled. I called PJ as soon as I got in my
room. His day had gone very well but he said he doubted he’d be home early enough so we could see each
other. I said it was okay and I would see him for sure on Thursday, as well as at the weekend if things
worked out.  While I was talking to him my old roommate, Jeremy, text me. He wanted to see how I was
doing so I called back. It was a lot of fun chatting with him and catching up. We weren’t that close as
roommate but that didn’t seem to matter at the moment.

Wednesday was another series of meetings. I still took notes but was beginning to become bored with the
meetings. Now I was anxious to be productive and feel as though I was doing some good for the school. 

When I got home, Wes had just began cooking his sauce for the spaghetti we were about to enjoy. He
invited me over to take a taste of it. 

“Wes, that’s killer. Where’d you get that recipe?” I asked.

He smiled, “It’s my grandmother’s recipe. I think the key is fresh ingredients.”

“It didn’t come from a can for sure,” I said.

“You’re so right. It came from a jar,” he said and started laughing. He reached in the trash and pulled
out a jar. “I did add a few things to spice it up.”

“It’s still great,” I said and shook my head. 

I headed to change from my work clothes and put on some shorts and a tee that I could wear to work out
in as well. Wes was opening the door just as I returned, with Casey and Aiden walking in. Casey had the
salad while Aiden was carrying a bottle of wine.

“Aiden, are you trying to culture us or what?” Wes asked.

“He likes a little wine,” Casey replied.

“It’s Chianti. It’s really not that bad,” Aiden said. “Jason, do you drink wine?”

“I don’t, but it is something that intrigues me,” I replied. “About the only kind I’ve ever had come in
a box.”

“Give me some,” Wes said, holding up his hand. “That’s my only experience as well. Aiden, we don’t have
any wine glasses though.”

“I’ll be right back,” Aiden said.

“Get six,” I said.

“Umm… okay,” he said and left.

“Six? Are your new dates coming?” Casey asked and went to set down the salad.

“No, Ryker and Drew are coming before we head to work out,” Wes replied.

“I don’t guess I know them,” Casey said.

“The big jocks that are really hot that live two doors down,” I said and pointed.

“Oh, I’ve seen them. Trust me, I’ve seen them. I agree they are hot as hell, but don’t tell Aiden I said
that,” Casey said.

“Why? Are you still fighting?” Wes asked.

“No, sometimes he doesn’t like it when I say a guy is hot. We’re cool now after last night. Y’all know
making up is fucking great,” Casey said with Aiden returning with the glasses. Aiden asked who else was
coming. He too had seen them around and commented on how cute they were.

Wes returned to the kitchen and began cooking the pasta. The set-up of our place made it easy to cook
and continue to be a part of the conversation since our living area was just beyond the kitchen and
small dining table. 

Ryker and Drew arrived in their work out attire, a cut up tee that wouldn’t stay on long and long
shorts, along with sneakers. With Wes cooking I did the duty of introducing them to Casey and Aiden with
my fingers crossed, hoping things would go well. Things began very pleasantly with Ryker in a great
mood. He was laughing and carrying on with them while Wes finished up. 

Wes announced the meal was ready and hoped everyone enjoyed it. We did an assembly line since there were
no serving dishes. He set out the mismatched plates and silverware for us to eat. When it was my turn I
couldn’t help but notice how much Wes had prepared. I put some on my plate and wanted the others to have
plenty. I got some salad and was pleased to see it was void of onions and cucumbers, with a light oil
dressing mixed in.

“Dude, who brought the wine?” Drew asked grabbing a glass.

“I did,” Aiden replied proudly.

“Good choice, my man,” Drew said and poured some. “Everyone needs to try this. It’s actually pretty damn
good stuff.”

“That was the plan,” Wes said. “Jason and I aren’t much on it, but we’re at least going to give it a

“Go ahead,” Ryker said. “I’ll have water, or better yet a beer.”

With only four places at the table, Drew and I ate at the bar. Drew dove into the spaghetti. “This is
actually really good, Wes.”

“It’s his grandmother’s recipe,” I said.

“That’s so sweet,” Aiden said. “Was she Italian?”

“No, but a very good cook,” Wes said and looked at me. I winked at him and started eating it. It was
really nice, as was the salad. The wine was not half bad either and was decent enough to drink. 

Everyone ate and commented on what a great job Wes had done on the spaghetti. We finished up and said
that we had plans thereafter. Casey and Aiden fully understood and thanked us for the fine meal.

Drew and Ryker headed off to grab their bags while I helped Wes clean up a little. He said we’d throw
out the dishwasher when we returned.

“That went pretty well, I think,” Wes said.

“It did. I think they actually believed it when I said it was your grandmother’s.”

“Thanks for having my back,” Wes said. 

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them in the least. You did add stuff to make it much better,” I

“You have to so it doesn’t taste like a jar,” Wes said. “We better get our stuff. They’ll be waiting on

Once at the gym it was easy to see there were less people than on Monday, plus we were there a few hours
later. We tossed our bags in the locker and headed out. This time I had a water bottle with me, along
with a towel. Drew and I were off to do arms and shoulders. It wasn’t very long before he was out of his
shirt and displaying his hot body. Mine was leaner, whereas Drew had what I called a perfect body with a
nice chest, shoulders and abs, but not huge like some of the men here. His legs were pretty thick but
not defined. Since he went lighter on the arms and shoulders I was able to keep up with him. 

It was good timing as Wes and Ryker finished about the same time as we did. I threw off my clothes and
grabbed a towel to shower. Some men were so proud of their stuff they walked around naked. We headed to
the shower to do our thing. I got my first glance at Wes’s dick. It was pretty average and cut with some
hair. Ryker’s dick was bigger than mine and looked pretty damn thick as well. He was cut and had lots of
hair around his sagging balls. It was hard not to look but I was there to shower and not enjoy the show. 

As we were walking back, one younger guy with a great body walked past us and smiled. He was naked and
showing his long dick.

“Some guys…” Drew commented to me. “Not everyone wants to see that shit.”

I smiled, “Well…”

Drew looked at me and laughed. “I guess you didn’t mind?”

“I know what you meant,” I said.

We dressed and headed back to our place with a light rain falling as Drew drove. We said goodnight and
headed inside quickly. Wes and I finished cleaning up the mess we had left.

“Jason, where have you been all my life? In the past I was the only person who ever cleaned anything,”
Wes said after we finished.

“Oh just down the hall for the past four years,” I replied.

“I guess you were,” Wes said.


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