Posted:  March 18, 2014

After arranging for Jimmy and Logan to use PJ’s camping gear and saying goodbye to Wes, PJ and I began off on our venture to spend the weekend away and enjoy the nude beach.

“Jason, are you excited about this weekend?” PJ asked, driving away.

“It’ll be just another weekend,” I replied smartly.

“That’s pure bullshit about just another weekend,” PJ stated.

I turned and smiled at him, “Yes, I’m excited about spending time with you and going to the beach. I don’t know if you can comprehend the meaning of it to me. I read and heard about it growing up. Seeing how my family is nudist I just knew we’d go there one day. That day never arrived until… won’t arrive until tomorrow.”

“I find it hard to believe you’ve been to Europe but never there.”

“It is funny how that happened, and the fact my folks are going again, where this is closer and has to be cheaper. I think it may have to do with the general American attitude towards a nude beach. In Europe, it’s nothing and no one thinks twice about it… well some folks. Here, you tell someone you’re a nudist and they think you’re fucked up.”

“Kind of like the looks you get when you tell someone you’re gay,” PJ laughed.

“The same exact one from some people who have their damn head in the sand,” I said.

PJ drove and began singing along with his satellite radio. Hearing him sing made the trip much nicer. I didn’t dare try to sing along in case I ruined things. It made the two hour trip zoom by, plus we did catch up completely.

It was a little before eight with a bit of sunlight left here in August when we arrived at our motel. We looked at each other after we saw it was older and nothing fancy. 

“It is close to the beach,” PJ commented and pointed down a street with the beach at the end.

“Way to look on the bright side of things. Before we freak out, let’s get our room,” I said and opened the door for us to check in.

The guy and girl at the front desk were very friendly and helpful while checking us into the small hotel. We knew it wasn’t fancy when we were given keys instead of a card. We unloaded our bags while leaving our chairs in PJ’s trunk. PJ opened the door to the room, which was a suite. It looked to be nice but outdated by the look of the furniture. There was a small kitchenette with a fridge. We checked out the bedroom and tossed our bags on the floor. PJ jumped on the bed and tested it out.

“It’ll do, but the tile work leaves something to be desired,” he commented.

“It will do for us. Only you would notice the tile work. If we were going to be on the beach here it’d be perfect, but it is still nice,” I said. “I wanna check things out around here. There were a few spots that caught my eye.”

“Yeah, like something to eat.”

We freshened up in the bathroom that had a shower big enough to accommodate us both. We left and walked a short distance to get something to eat. We grabbed a seat and looked around at the people gathered. Some looked like they had just come from the beach despite it turning dark, while others looked to be tourists. We ordered with us getting a beer to start the night. 

After eating we walked a short block until coming up on the beach and many establishments fronting it. There were stores, restaurants and bars along the wide sidewalk. PJ wanted to check out the first store we came upon. It was a large beach store with numerous tee shirts and lots of beach gear.   

“You know what I didn’t bring?” PJ asked.

“Ummm… help me,” I replied.

“A cooler,” he said. “We can get one here.”

We looked at the coolers until PJ decided on a soft sided one for our days at the beach, plus we could use it at home as well. He headed up to the counter while I waited outside by the door. It was fun seeing all the people of different ages and nationalities enjoying the nice warm night.  

PJ emerged from the store and reached in his sack. “Here, I bought you this,” he said and held up a necklace. 

“Are you giving me a hint that I don’t wear the other one you bought me?”

He laughed, “I forgot about that one but I got one as well. They don’t match but are similar.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking the necklace and putting it around my neck. We started walking along the walk, looking at the stores. We passed a few restaurants that gave us an idea for the next few nights. We turned around and began heading back but were walking next to the beach and could hear the waves. We could see a few gathered on the beach by the dim lights. We came back and saw a brewery that enticed us to enter and sample the beer.

After sampling a few, we decided on one and bought a large mug to enjoy while sitting overlooking the walk and beach.  

“You know this is pretty cool and not what I expected,” I stated.

“Me either, but a good unexpected. I love the atmosphere around here. It really makes you feel like you’re on the beach,” he said. “Most of all, I’m here with someone I love.”

“You’re so sweet,” I said. “I love you too.”

We sat looking and drinking while talking and enjoying the nice night. We had one more before deciding we’d had enough. The two large beers did leave me feeling good. 

“Maybe we should walk just a little bit before heading back,” I said.

“I agree. My head is spinning,” PJ said.

We had to race back to the room with the beer running through us. I was first but did allow PJ inside. We pissed together out of necessity. I finished up and came to sprawl out on top of our bed after my clothes hit the tiled floors. 

PJ came out naked and smiled seeing me waiting on him. He came and climbed on top of me. Our lips hit, with me pulling his head down. The soft feel of his lips was great with my hands running along his sides. Smacking of our lips echoed off the walls. My hands found his ass and grabbed it while he pulled on my lower lip. His hands were on each side of my head. We rolled over while kissing, with me now on top. Making out with him was so hot and got me so fucking hard in the process. My head was still spinning from the alcohol and the passion going on. 

PJ stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He grabbed my dick and began rubbing it against his hard dick while kissing me. 

“OOO fuck baby, I wanna fuck you,” I moaned.

“I want you to fuck me, Jason. I wanna feel that hard cock in me,” PJ said. He grabbed the towel and slid it under us. He lowered his ass until reaching the head of my hard dick. His ass began descending down on my cock with my hands on his lower back.

He got to the base and leaned over to kiss me. “Fucking ride my goddamn cock, PJ,” I moaned.

“OOO fuck, I will. It feels so hot in me,” PJ said and tilted his head with his hands pressed on the bed. He began riding my cock with lots of friction going on between us due to no lube.

“OOO fuck yeah, ride my… damn PJ, we’re fucking bareback,” I said and just realized it.

He stopped and moved off my dick. “I had no fucking idea. I’ll grab the condoms and lube.”

“Just the lube,” I said with a wicked smile. 

He smiled and kissed me before grabbing the lube. He lubed up my cock to make it easier to take me. “I knew something was different. Are you sure?”

“OO fuck yeah, I want your hot ass to feel my hard bare cock,” I replied.

PJ got over me and reached back for my slick dick. His eyes closed tight with his body practically glowing. He let out a loud moan once my cock was inside of him.

“Feels so fucking good,” he moaned.

My hands ran up his sides, feeling his ass going down on my dick. There was a slight difference without protection in the feel. He leaned back while my hands went all over his body.  He began moaning with every push. The bed was shaking a little but wasn’t too loud. I reached and pulled him close to kiss his chest while he rode me. His dick was so hard and dripping. 

I flipped him over to his back. His legs wrapped tightly around my waist. I reached down and grabbed his dick while fucking him at a gentle steady pace. Our breathing was ragged with sweat mounting on my forehead and down my back. 

“Cum for me, PJ. I want you to shoot that fucking load,” I said and starting fucking him harder.

“Harder… fuck yeah… a few more and I’m gonna blow,” he eked out between breaths.

I was breathing as hard as ever and felt his dick began pulsating in my hand. His ass clamped down on my dick as hard as ever. He groaned with his head going back and forth. Cum flowed from his dick and began plastering his body.

It was all I could do to pull out as I nutted all over his nuts. The orgasm made my entire body shake while unloading. I collapsed next him to catch my breath while enjoying the bliss. 

“Damn,” he said.

“I know. That zapped me of all my strength,” I stated. “Was that your plan or mine to go bare tonight?”

“Neither, but it was fucking perfect,” he said.

“It was, and gives us something a little extra to remember this trip by.”

“Like you needed it,” he laughed.

We cleaned up our mess caused by hot sex between two boyfriends. I grabbed him and held him tightly against my naked body for us to drift off to sleep. 

My eyes opened the next morning. It took me just a second to get my bearings and realize where I was. The clock near my head showed it was just after seven thirty. 

About ten minutes later, PJ moved and saw my eyes were open. We kissed briefly before I jumped out the bed. 

“I just knew I’d sleep late this morning…”

“Who are you kidding? This is Christmas morning for you,” PJ laughed.

“It is. I’m trying to taper my excitement so I won’t be disappointed. Whatever you do, do not let me make a complete and total fool out of myself there today.”

“I won’t, or at least I’ll try my best.”

“Now get your ass out of bed if you want this shit tonight,” I said and grabbed my dick.

“Yes sir!” PJ said and jumped quickly out of bed. We laughed before showering together. I threw on some shorts, an old tee and flip flops with the necklace still on. We were out the door just after 8 with the sun shining brightly and a few puffy white clouds hanging overhead. 

One thing I forgot was it was Friday so traffic this early hadn’t cleared out. We did stop to grab some water and snacks at one place before grabbing a sandwich for lunch and then getting a quick breakfast.

Nearing the park where the beach was, and monitoring the area on his GPS, I was getting excited and doing my best to contain it. “Slow the fuck down,” I said.

“First it’s speed up and now you want me to slow down? Which one is it?” PJ asked, flustered.

“We’re close. Imagine if we miss the turn and get in that traffic.”

“Imagine if I get my ass rear ended.”

The sign appeared on my right after seeing nothing but high rise condos. PJ slowed down to turn and made it just fine into the parking lot. We paid to park and saw there were already cars there. He found a spot and parked. I leaned over and kissed him. “I’m here. I’m really here!”

“Calm down, Jason. Breathe. Remember what you said earlier about making an ass out of yourself.”

I got out and gathered our things. We headed across and wandered through the maze of trails and vegetation that concealed the beach from the street. I turned left and saw the ocean. We walked a little further before my face lit up. There was a sign announcing nude sunbathers. I made PJ take my picture next to it before we tried getting one together. No doubt if anyone saw this spectacle they knew we were tourists.

“Act like you’ve been here,” PJ said to me. 

I stood and saw the ocean and beach. I snapped a picture with my phone. Next, I saw a very overweight man and woman come walking by. We stood for a second to get our bearings.

“Can I help you?” a guy fully dressed asked.

“I think we’re fine,” I replied.

“If you need an umbrella, we do rent those since I see you have chairs,” he said.

“We’ll take it,” PJ said.

“Where do you want it?” he asked.

“Ummm…” I stuttered.

“We’ll take it down there,” PJ said and pointed to our left.

“Okay,” he said.

We began walking, following the young guy. He grabbed an umbrella and continued to walk. We found a spot where no one was but with men nearby. He set up the tent before PJ paid him. I threw down my chair and took a deep breath. 

“How are you feeling right now?” PJ asked.

“Words fail me,” I replied. “It’s surreal that I’m here among my people. It’s perfect… fucking perfect.”

“I hope it stays that way for 3 days,” PJ said.

We undressed and threw our discarded clothes in a bag. I sat with my hands behind my head with a big smile across my face while feeling the sun on my naked, free body. It really wasn’t what I had completely envisioned, with tall buildings flanking one side and more off in the distance on the other. My vision had been more secluded and isolated than an urban beach. I felt really good seeing the others around us. It was nude people of all ages, sizes and colors, but I knew that already from growing up in this environment. 

“I could grow to love this,” PJ said sitting under the shade of the umbrella.

“No doubt,” I said. “I like our spot. You did awesome.”

He laughed, “I did my research and knew this was the gay end. I must say there are all kinds here. You can tell the ones that live here.”

“Yes you can. In twenty years, I can see myself just like em.”

“Add another twenty to that and you might be right,” PJ said.

“Let me rephrase that some. I can see us here.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but first let’s make it another month.”

“Hell, this keeps your ass good with me for at least two more months,” I joked. “It is wicked that you’d sacrifice a weekend to do something I love. I owe you big time.”

“You don’t owe me a thing. My reward is being here with you and being able to say you are my boyfriend. I owe a hundred times more than this, but don’t kid yourself, I love this shit too.”

“PJ, would you snap a picture for me? I need to send it to my folks and Nick to show them I’m here and rub it in their faces,” I requested.

“No problem,” he replied. He grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of me. 

“It doesn’t matter if you got my dick. It’s something they’ve seen more than you have,” I joked.

He moved back and took another picture of me naked here. 

“Here,” he said. 

“Good thing it’s on my phone and not yours. This would be on Twitter in two seconds,” I joked.

“Damn right it would. Return the favor,” he said.

I took his phone and took his picture. It was dark but people would get the message. His thumbs went at warp speed sending out his tweet while I sent my picture to my mom and brother. Within a few minutes, Nick sent me back a text, ‘you lucky motherfucker. Have fun!’

After he sent out his tweet, we decided to check out the water. We went between a few guys before wading in. It was nice feeling the water splash against my naked body. From the water, we could see how the beach was slowly being filled in and the segregation occurring with the gay guys staying on one end. 

Returning to our spot, I saw two guys setting up their things about ten feet from me. I smiled at them before grabbing my towel to dry off and sit down. They disrobed and took their seats. Without a doubt, they were two of the better looking guys I had seen so far. Both had tattoos, with one closest to me having a full sleeve and PA piercing of his uncut dick.

“Nice day, huh?” he said to me.

“Very nice day,” I replied.

“I take it you come here often?” he stated.

“My first time,” I said. His eyes lifted up in amazement. “My boyfriend has a pool we enjoy.”

“That explains it. We come when we can,” he said.

“You’re lucky,” I said. “Anything I should be aware of?”

“Not really. They will have a food truck later and there are volleyball nets down the way if you’re interested in that. Other than that, enjoy,” he said.

“Thanks. Enjoy it as well,” I said.

PJ waited and wanted sunscreen on his back and ass. I did so and thought it was a good idea for me too, even though we were both fairly dark. I moved my chair closer to his and lay on my stomach. My hand extended to his so we could hold hands. We turned over after a while to look across the ocean and see the others coming and going. Shortly after we turned over my mom sent me a text, ‘I envy you. Be careful and have fun.’ Proudly, I showed it to PJ.

“Jason, you’re so lucky to have such great parents,” he said.

“We both are,” I said.

“I have a feeling you could get away with anything growing up.”

I laughed, “For me, it was the exact opposite. They overlooked a few things with Nick.”

“Boy I figured they weren’t strict at all,” PJ said.

“My dad let me know very quickly when I was out of line growing up. They weren’t big drinkers so the fact that Nick and I do isn’t something we talk about or do in front of them. Does the fact they’re nudist make you think they weren’t strict?” I asked and reached for some water.

“Sort of.”

“I bet your parents were easier on you than mine,” I stated.

“They were, and told me they regretted it when my drug problem surfaced. Strict or not, I don’t think that had shit to do with it.”

“You’re probably right,” I said. “I bet it is eating Nick alive that I’m here and he’s not.”

“When he comes again my bet is he’ll insist on making the trip here.”

“I’m not betting against you on that.”

“When do you think he’ll come again?”

“I don’t know, but I hope soon… nothing against you and anyone else but I miss him,” I said.

“I think it’s awesome you guys are so close. Jennifer and I were but not like you and Nick.”

While we were talking quietly, my eye caught a guy heading to the water in his swim shorts. I looked around and did notice he was alone. “You know what pisses me off?” I asked.


“See that guy in the water. He went in his bathing suit. You’re at a fucking nude beach,” I said in disgust.

“Maybe he’s not comfortable yet,” PJ said.

“Then go to another beach that isn’t nude. I’m cool with say one person of a couple not being nude, but really… I think it should be against the rules,” I said.

“Sorry to overhear your conversation but I couldn’t agree more,” the guy said who was next to me. “I noticed him earlier. It is freaky.”

“It is freaky,” I said. “Is there a problem with gawkers?”

“Usually not on this end,” he replied. “Hell, everyone looks. I do.”

I laughed, “I think everyone here does look. It’s human nature, but staring goes beyond that.”

“That’s hard to tell with sunglasses,” he laughed. “My husband begs to differ with me on that.”

“Congratulations on your marriage,” I said. “How long have you been married?”

“Six months, but we had to go to New York,” he replied. “Wally just happened to have a business trip up there so I went along and figured what the hell since we’ve been living together for 12 years.”

His husband leaned over, “I thought I was going to have to drag Rocco to the altar though. How long have two been together?”

“Slightly over two months,” I replied.

“I remember those days,” Rocco said. “Are you living together yet?”

PJ leaned up, “Nope. I’ll have to drag Jason’s ass to even do that.”

They laughed. “I remember that too,” Rocco said. “What do you guys do for a living or are you still in college?”

“I just graduated but I’m working at a college. PJ is in his family business of tile. You guys?”

“Wally is in advertising while I’m in interior design. PJ, we need to get together some time. I know this isn’t the place…”

“It’s fine,” PJ said. “We might need to. We sell and do designs all over the state but never have been able to quite get in the door over here. I’d love to work with you. You can look us up online at Dawsons Tile dot com.”

“I’ll have to do that,” Rocco said. “Let me get my phone and put down that web address.”

“Wow, we come here for a nice day yet PJ is scoring a possible client,” I said with Rocco on his phone.

“My dad would laugh his ass off if I do get a little business out of this,” PJ said.

“Would you guys mind watching our things while we take a little dip?” Rocco asked after he finished.

“No, go right ahead, but is stealing a problem here?” I replied.

“No, it’s not but I feel better knowing someone is watching out for us,” Wally replied.

“Okay, enjoy,” I said and watched the two head to the water.

“Really nice guys, huh?” PJ commented.

“Very nice. It’d be killer if you got a client from coming here,” I said.

“Wouldn’t it?” PJ said. “When they get back I’d love to take a walk and see the rest of the beach.”

“Oh yeah, we’ll do that,” I said.

Once the two returned, we asked them to return the favor and watch our things while we took a stroll. We walked to the rear instead of strolling along the water’s edge. The food truck had just arrived and offered a small menu if we didn’t care to stop the other two days. Closer to us were mostly couples, with single men and women scattered about. 

“We need to come here a lot,” PJ commented to me.

“I agree, but you knew that,” I said walking barefoot in the warm sand.

“My self-esteem couldn’t be higher after seeing some around here,” he joked.

“I know what you mean,” I said.

We continued walking and dodging a few people along the way. We passed one lifeguard stand and then another one, which appeared to be the last one before a small fence for separation. On this end, I began noticing younger couples along with families. We saw the volleyball court with a few playing. It was a variety of guys with one girl playing. We stood and watched.

“Wanna join us?” one young guy asked.

I looked at PJ. “Okay?”

“Of course,” PJ replied.

“You two take this side. I’ll join my sons,” an older man said. He moved around the net and joined his two sons. One looked to be 16 at the most and the other was a few years younger. Both were dark and thin, as was their father.

PJ and I joined the side that had a girl. There were 3 others guys, with one being about our age and the other two older. It had been a while since I had played so it took me a minute or two to reacquaint myself with the game. PJ was doing better than I was to start. 

It was a lot of fun, with a few leaving after the first game and another guy and girl joining us. By the second game I was getting the hang of it and was having a blast. PJ looked to be having fun as well and showed his competitive side a little. 

After three games, we had to bow out. Sweat was running down our naked bodies as it was the other players as well. 

Walking away, I said, “Damn that water is so tempting.”

“I know, but our stuff,” PJ said.

We walked quickly to arrive back at our things. We told Rocco and Wally we’d been tied up in a game. They could see that we had been and laughed. PJ and I walked to the water and cooled off.

Once we got out of the water, Wally and Rocco were packing up their things. “PJ, I checked out your website and was impressed. Maybe you’ll hear from me in the coming weeks,” Rocco said.

“Thanks, and hope I do hear from you. Just ask for me and I’ll see what we can do,” PJ said now taking the chair in the full sun while I was under the umbrella.

“You guys have fun,” Rocco said. They finished gathering their things. We shook their hands and said it was nice meeting them before they left.

PJ reached in our cooler and pulled out the two sandwiches we had brought with us, along with some water as well. “Damn, it is 2:13 already,” PJ commented, looking at his phone.

“Stop joking. It is maybe 1 at the latest,” I said.

He turned his phone around to show me the time. I shook my head in amazement. We ate our sandwiches and easily downed a bottle of water. I was drained and needed another one, plus I knew keeping hydrated was essential.

It was nice in the shade of the umbrella with a gentle breeze blowing. My eyes continued to look around and noticed how it was getting rather full, but we still had some space. There were now a few hot guys and younger guys, but that was the exception to the rule. My body felt so relaxed and at ease that I know I drifted off to sleep under the cover of my sunglasses. 

We called it a day about six and would have gone earlier until PJ reminded me of the traffic. He didn’t have to twist my arm to get me to hang around any longer. Much to my surprise there were still a few coming to the beach even after five. It wasn’t easy leaving but I knew I’d have two more days left to enjoy it.


The story is back for a little while.  Not sure how long but there will be a few more chapters after the long break.  

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