I was sitting with my nightly glass of wine and finishing up some work on my laptop when I heard the doorbell ring.  I grabbed some shorts and quickly headed to the door, wondering who could be at my door at 9:15 at night on a Friday.   I opened the door the door to find my neighbor, Bennett.  He was out of breath, bent over at the waist, with a nice scratch across his right cheek.

“Thank goodness, you’re home,” Bennett stated trying to catch his breath.

I looked at him and could immediately sense there was definitely a problem, “I can see you’ve had a tough night.”

“Worse than tough, Vicky almost killed me back there,” Bennett stated rather animated and stepped into my house.

“I can tell,” I stated. “You need something for that scratch across your face?”

“I’ll survive,” he said and now I could smell the alcohol on his breath. “Care if I grab a seat?”

“No suit yourself,” I replied and watched him sit.  He sat near him in my favorite lounger.  “Anything you wanna talk about?”

“Yeah Marc, I know you said you’ve been divorced twice. Vicky and I had our worst fight ever tonight. Could this be the end of my marriage?” he asked.

“Well… I have no idea, Bennett. Is this your first fight or the culmination of something has been brewing for years?”

“Not the first but nothing ever close to this. We started arguing over basically nothing.  Out of the blue, she slapped me a few times, so I did try to shield her off.  I didn’t strike her though.  She tried to bite me on the hand and then dug her nails in my face and in my stomach,” Bennett said and lifted up his shirt.  I could see the red marks on his hairy stomach. “We fight like any normal married couple would but nothing close to this!”

“Bennett, I’m not one to give advice, however I would suggest you sober up some first before trying to reconcile this matter,” I stated.

“Marc, she’s drunker than I am,” Bennett stated in defense.

“You both need to cool off  and sober up then.  I made the big mistake of still being mad in my first marriage and a little tipsy too when I tried to patch things up.  Instead things got worse to the point there was no turning back.  Alcohol can fuel things even more and not have you in the right frame of mind.”

“Don’t I know that,” Bennett said.  “You care if I crash here tonight and try in the morning when we were both in a better frame of mind?”

“Nah, there are two spare bedrooms not in use tonight.  Feel free to use one of those,” I said.

“Thanks, I knew you would totally understand.”

“I do but honestly hate to see you fighting,” I stated.

We talked a little while longer.  Bennett was very cool headed about this entire ordeal where I would have been raging mad but my temper had ended two marriages so far.  About 11, I called it a night and went to my room to sleep, leaving Bennett there on his own.  I trusted him since we were friends for the past 3 years.   We had played golf together and had cookouts at each other’s homes during the summer.  I had one child but never saw him much since he was older where Bennett and Vicky didn’t have any children yet.

The next morning I awoke with high hopes Bennett and Vicky could salvage their 4 year marriage.  He was still asleep when I entered the kitchen/living area of my house.  I read the paper in my boxers and enjoyed a strong cup of coffee.  About 10, I heard some rumbling in one of the spare bedrooms and shortly saw Bennett walking out his boxer briefs.  He was about 6’2” with a nice build, I must say.  He had a hairy chest and stomach that appeared to be manscaped.  His dark hair was a mess like mine, which at 38, was very thankful to have.

“Did a good night’s sleep help you feel better?” I asked.

“I feel tons better.  Nice bed you have and made it so easy to fall asleep,” Bennett commented.

“The coffee is on the counter.  I normally don’t eat breakfast,” I stated.

Bennett headed to the counter.  I gave directions where the cups were in the cabinets.  He returned with a hot cup and asked for the sports section.  We didn’t say a lot while I finished up the paper.

“I better get dressed,” Bennett stated. “Thanks for letting me stay!”

“No problem, I do hope things work out,” I said.

“Me too,” Bennett said and headed to put on his shirt, jeans and sneakers. He waved goodbye and headed down the street.

Being it was Saturday and too cold for outdoor activities, I started my weekly laundry with intentions of having my house spotless.  No more than 45 minutes later, there was a loud knock.  I had a strong feeling this wasn’t good.  I opened it up and saw Bennett there with a trash bag slung over his right shoulder. 

He was mad and his face showed it.  He took a deep breath after sitting down his bag, “It’s finished, Marc.  She was there with Alyssa her friend in bed naked as lovers.”

I was shocked and knew his wife was a decent looking woman, “Did you have any clue?”

Bennett clinched his teeth, “A little.  Marc, we are swingers and enjoy a free sexual lifestyle.  I knew she was attracted to women and accept that as fact.  I never dreamed she would put up such an act to get me out of the house. I knew there was an attraction to Alyssa but not the kind that would result in her acting out to get rid of me.”

“I see,” I said.

“I know it’s a shock that we are swingers but honestly we loved it.  She was free to enjoy her fantasies while I had the pleasure of watching her live those out.”  Bennett shook his head, “It’s my fault for allowing it and encouraging it but I never dreamed it would come to this.”

“Bennett, it’s not your fault.  She evidentially was looking to get rid of you and do her own thing without you being involved.”

“Yeah but she led me on for the 3 years, Marc,” he stated. “I’m hurt more than anything and feel like total shit right now.”

“I’ve felt the same way twice if not more in my life,” I stated.  “You’ll be back on your feet again before you know.  Just be thankful you didn’t have kids to really mess things up.”

“Yeah, there’s a huge bonus,” Bennett said. “Can I stay here another night?  I promise I’ll look for something tomorrow.”

“Stay as long as you need,” I stated.

“Thanks but I would be in the way,” he said. “I’ll either live in a hotel or call up my brother and move in with him.”

I returned to cleaning and laundry while Bennett moved his bag of clothes to the spare bedroom.  He finished and made himself at home in my living room by plopping down on the couch.  About noon, I did the fatherly thing and talked to my 16 year old son for a few lucky moments.  Lucky because he was always on the move and always had to be somewhere with someone, leaving little time to see me if ever or even call.  I knew he had full command of a cell phone with reports of his bills. 

“How’s Josh?” Bennett asked after I finished talking. He knew my son and had seen him around in the past but not much lately, regrettably.

“He’s well.  He’s your typical 16 year old teenager with little time for his old outdated father.  He’s more interested in skating or being out with some girl or his friends,” I stated.

“I want kids of my own someday but that looks it has been put on indefinite hold for the time being.”

I laughed, “I wasn’t married when Josh was conceived.  It still can happen especially in today’s society.”

Bennett was able to smile, “I suppose it could with the right person at the right time.”

“He’s a good kid for what’s he’s been through.  Both his mother and I can’t seem to find the right person for very long.  He’s stuck in the middle of it all,” I said. “I feel bad about but what can I do. I’ve tried to have him move here but he’s settled in with his mom.”

“It happens.  Kids these days are stronger than ever and are adept at handling different situations,” Bennett stated.

Shortly Bennett left, saying he would return shortly.  I found something to eat and finishing the laundry.  He was back shortly with a 24 pack of beer.  He moved things around in the refrigerator to make room without even asking.  He grabbed two and put one in my hand.  Thankfully, it was cheap beer and a nice imported beer that I enjoyed on occasion.

It seemed early to me to start drinking but not to Bennett.  He kicked off his shoes and put his feet up like he was at home.  Before I could barely get one beer down, he was on his fourth and going at it strong as ever.

“Start drinking Marc, you’re three behind me,” Bennett laughed and made it sound like it was contest from college.

“I’m fine the way things are,” I stated.

“Hell Marc, you’re nursing that beer.  I’m sure it gets cold before you even finish it,” Bennett stated.

I grabbed another one and drank it a little faster than the previous one.

“Hey Marc, you ever been a guy before?” Bennett asked, really out of the blue.

“One time,” I replied.

“How was it?”

“Alright I guess.  Nothing really to brag about.  I barely remember it since it was back in college,” I stated.

“You weren’t with the right guy,” Bennett said. “You’d remember for sure it was me.”


“Hey, Vicky’s not the only in our marriage that messes around with the same sex,” Bennett boldly stated and seemed proud of the fact. “I like being with guys too when the opportunity arises. That’s one of the great advantages of being a swinger. I have met some great guys.”

“I think I see the problem with your marriage now,” I said. “Both of you treat it like it is some game.”

“No, we’re serious when we need to be but love to enjoy the pleasures of others.  I think I can see your point though,” Bennett said. “Marc, when’s the last time you had sex?”

“That’s very personable,” I said.

“I bet it’s been a year if not more,” Bennett laughed at me.

“More if you want the truth,” I said.

“Damn, I could really please you like no one has in a while,” Bennett stated. “I don’t have any competition. Are you opposed to man on man sex?”

“Not opposed to it but that’s not my idea of losing my celibacy,” I smiled.

“Drop your jeans. I’d be more than happy to show you a great time,” Bennett said.

He could no more get the words out of his mouth when my jeans hit the floor.  I was curious somewhat about gay sex and here was my chance to see firsthand what the talk was about.  His eyes told he liked what he saw.  Hell, I never was ashamed of my cock and was proud of what I had been given.  My cock wasn’t the longest but decently thick with a good size purple head. Bennett moved closer and stripped off his clothes.  He had a rather normal body with a small cock surrounded by a trimmed bush.  He dropped to his knees there where I was sitting.  He leaned over and licked my cock like no one had ever done.  I decided to relax and enjoy this for all it was worth.

MMM, nice thick cock. I’m going to enjoy this,” Bennett moaned between wet sloppy licks.  He opened his mouth wide and started taking my cock in his wet warm mouth.  I closed my eyes and couldn’t deny how great it felt.  I opened my eyes and watched his mouth and free hand work my cock.  So far, it was more than I could imagine.  He kissed my hairy stomach and hips before going deep on my cock.  I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.  The time flew by with Bennett’s head buried in my crotch.  I rarely was able to achieve orgasm by a simple yet intense blow job. 

Bennett pulled up, “My mouth and jaw are so sore.”

“I can imagine.  That was great,” I said.

“You ready to give it a try,” Bennett smiled.

“Ummm…no,” I said.

“Please!” Bennett said. “I’m dieing here.”

I shrugged, “Sorry!”

“Fine, fuck my ass then,” Bennett said.

“You seriously want this thick dick up your ass?” I asked, holding my wet cock.

“Hell yeah or I wouldn’t have asked you to do it,” Bennett said.

“Let me grab a condom and lube.  Consider your ass fucked then!” I said.  I headed to my bedroom and grabbed the aforementioned items and returned.  He was gone and I was stunned.  Shortly I heard the toilet flush and out walked a naked Bennett with a big smile. 

“Hey I had to be clean,” Bennett stated with his arm spread wide. “You definitely didn’t want a shitty cock.”

“You’re right there,” I said.

Bennett stroked me to back to my maximum erection.  I opened the condom with my teeth and had Bennett do the honors.  He lubed me up and fingered his ass to open up to take me and lube up his ass.

Bennett insisted I sit down on the couch.  He lowered his ass and slowly started to take me.  “Fuck!!” he screamed and pulled off.  He fingered his ass more and tried again.  He went down and screamed the whole way down.  I could feel his ass on my pubes.  He waited for a moment with my cock shoved up his ass.

“Your ass is hot,” I said into his back.

“You’re so thick,” Bennett managed to say without screaming.

He slowly started to move up and down.  His ass felt so good and had chills running over my body.  I grabbed his hips while he pumped his ass up and down on my cock.  I started to groan along with his deep moans. He started going faster and faster to a frantic pace.  My couch was shaking like never more.  I was feeling pleasure like no other time and was amazed how good it felt.

Bennett stopped and got on his knees.  I got behind him. I eyed his hair stretched hole and stuck my cock back up his ass.  I grabbed his hips and started fucking his tight ass. 

Oh yes fuck me, Marc!” Bennett screamed. “Fuck my ass!

“Damn this is hot!” I said loudly with sweat now on my forehead. 

Faster! Harder! I can take it!” Bennett said with his hand stroking his cock.

I did like I was told and slammed his ass hard.  My hard thrust drove his body into my couch.  He moaned and groaned with each deep thrust into his tight ass that felt so good wrapped around my thick cock.

Oh fuck yeah!” Bennett moaned.

I kept slamming his ass and was so into this action like I never imagined I could.  I reached around and felt his cock.  I pushed away his hand and stroked his cock.  After a few more hard thrust, I felt his ass tighten. 

I’m cumming…” he screamed.  I didn’t see it but could feel him exploding.  I didn’t know whether to keep fucking him or pull out.  I decided to pull out and jacked off my cock and finally came across his back.  It felt so good to finally release. I shot at least 5 or 6 good shots onto his back and ass. I wiped off his back and didn’t know what to do.  He pulled me close and leaned over.

“Stop!” I stated forcibly with my hand stopping him.

“What? No kiss!”

“Sorry!” I said. “I definitely do not kiss guys.”

“Oh well! It was a great fuck however and felt so amazing. I can live with that,” Bennett said.

“You ready for another beer?” I asked.

“Hell yeah after my asshole shrinks back to its normal size.  I bet I don’t even have to push to take a dump,” Bennett laughed.

Naked I walked over and grabbed two beers.  Bennett took the beer and quickly downed it.  We drank some more before ordering pizza.  We fought over who would answer the door.

Later that night I again had the pleasure of fucking Bennett’s ass in my bed.  It was as hot if not hotter since I knew what to expect.  I lasted just as longer this time as well.  Bennett slept with me but stayed on his side of the bed. 

He was true to his word and was gone the next day, despite my objections.  He didn’t want to intrude any longer and thanked me over and over for letting him stay and fucking him.  After that night, I saw and fucked him a few more times over the next few months.  He did however show me a little different light and proved I could get as much sexual pleasure out of a guy, despite the intimacy that followed.