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Waking up on Sunday, I felt like I was still dreaming and was having my dick sucked. I looked down and sure
enough PJ had his mouth wrapped around my dick. 

“OOO fuck dude,” I moaned and wondered how long he’d been sucking me. 

He stopped, leaving a stream of spit from his lips to the end of my dick. He crawled up my body and kissed
me on the lips despite our morning breath mixed with his dick breath. 

“Good morning, babe. Would you fuck me and get our day off to one hell of a start?” PJ asked.

“Fuck yeah, I love fucking your hot ass,” I replied. 

He reached over and grabbed the condoms and lube with his 6 inch dick hard as well. He unrolled the condom
on my dick while on his knees straddling me and started lubing up his ass. He reached behind and lubed up
my dick. His cock was in my face so I opened my mouth and started sucking on the tip, putting my hands on
his nice firm ass to pull his dick deeper into my mouth. 

PJ pulled back, ending my enjoyment as he slowly started sliding his ass down on my hard cock. He got to
the base, tilted his head back and moaned. He slowly began riding me like he had the night before when we
broke in the new lounger. His face showed pure delight with his head leaned back and softly moaning. 

“OOO PJ, ride that cock! Fucking ride it!” I screamed. 

He began bouncing up and down on my dick with such vigor. His hard dick was bouncing up and down as well
while he constantly let out deep moans. “OOOO fuck yeah!” he screamed and leaned back to put his hands on
my legs. 

I leaned up a little and kissed his chest while he gyrated his ass on my throbbing cock. He was really
getting into our sex and leaned back up. I grabbed and kissed him with my hands on his hips. I began
guiding him up and down while his head was on my shoulder.  

“Fuck me, Jason!” he screamed. He lifted his ass just a little to allow me to pound his hole. I loved
hearing him scream in one breath and moan in the other while his bed rocked with our sex.  

I flipped him over while keeping my dick buried in his hot ass. He smiled at me and pulled me closer while
his legs were wrapped around my waist. I continued to fuck his ass while my face was inches from his. His
expression was one of pure ecstasy when a man loves what the other is doing. 

I didn’t last as long as I wanted and came after fucking him furiously. He smiled seeing me orgasm. “Stay
in me while I nut,” he said, stroking his dick. 

I stayed inside him and moved away his hand. I started stroking his dick faster and faster. 

“I’m about to cum,” he cried out.

My face went near his dick and I felt streams of cum covering it while he moaned like crazy. Once he
finished, I opened my eyes, feeling his cum all over my face. I used my tongue to taste it before he began
wiping it off me. I leaned over and kissed him with my dick barely still inside him. 

“Damn, I love you,” he said after breaking the kiss.

“I love you too. Thanks for waking me up,” I said.

“You said we needed to keep it exciting and fresh,” he said, stroking my face.

“I did, didn’t I? Damn good start to our day, huh?”

“I can’t think of any better way than to get my ass fucked by my boyfriend.”

After another long kiss I rolled off the top of him. “Now what do we do?” I asked.

“Shower, eat and head to the beach,” he replied.

“Should we call Wes or go it alone? It’s your call,” I said next to him.

“We’ll call Wes, and maybe get Aiden and Casey to go as well if they want to. How’s that sound?”

“Great. Maybe even Drew,” I replied.

“Dude, you’re fucking hung up on him,” PJ said and pushed me in the side.

“Look, I haven’t fucked him three times this weekend so don’t you worry your little heart,” I said with a
big smile.

“You would though,” he said.

“Tell you wouldn’t let him fuck you,” I said.

“I would, but then again I’ve been known to be a slut,” PJ laughed.

“Now you’re just my little slut. Your ass is all mine.”

“Yes it is,” he said.

We rolled out of his bed and headed to his shower. We dressed, with me putting back on the same clothes I
had worn over on Friday night. I did the whiff test with my shirt to see it was still okay and then used
some of his cologne to keep me from smelling.

PJ was on his phone and on Twitter.  I walked over and glanced over his shoulder.  His tweet (PJDawson 123)
read:  “Morning sex is the bomb. Luv my boyfriend @Jmassey555.” I kissed his cheek with my arms around his

We left in search of somewhere to eat breakfast. We found a Denny’s and had to wait for a table before we
were seated. We ate and headed out the door. 

“Hey, since we’re not too far, do you mind if we went by my apartment?” I asked him while I was driving
since my keys were with me.

“Not all. I’d love to see it,” he replied.

“I don’t guess you’ve seen my place,” I said. “I really would love a fresh shirt and to grab my other suit.
Maybe having even more than two is a good idea. We can coordinate with Wes and go from there. That’s if
he’s home.”

We drove up and saw Wes’s car in the lot. I took PJ by the hand and led him inside. Opening the door, I saw
Wes sitting on the couch in his boxers. 

“Welcome my long lost roomie,” he said.

“I’ll be here tonight,” I said. “I bet Jennifer is still here though.”

“She’s still asleep,” Wes laughed.

“My sister,” PJ said shaking his head.

“What the hell? I know you and Jason aren’t sleeping in separate beds,” Wes said.

“Fuck no, we’re not. The sex has been dope,” I said.

“Give me some, both of you!” Wes said and held up his hand. “Nothing wrong with that.”

“I agree,” PJ said, slapping Wes’s hand. “It actually felt right, not to mention so fucking good.”

“Alright, I’ve heard enough,” Wes said. “What brings you two lovers by?”

“For one, I need another shirt, even though I won’t wear it much today. Two, I wanted to see if you and
Jennifer cared to head to the beach with us. Three, I need to take one massive dump right now,” I said and
laughed before running off to the bathroom.

“Hurry up, I’m right behind you,” PJ yelled.

I did my thing and sprayed really well. When I came out I saw Jennifer appear in her shorts and bra. 

“Thanks for waking me up,” she said, rubbing her eyes. “Did I hear PJ too?”

“Yeah, he’s right here,” I said as she walked with me to our living room.

“Hey sis, I got to go,” PJ said and whizzed past us. 

Wes stood and kissed Jennifer. “Babe, they came by to see if we wanted to go to the beach.”

“We might once I wake up. What time is it?” she asked.

“Almost 10:30,” Wes said. 

“Hey, I may see if Aiden and Casey wanna go too since they did ask us last weekend,” I said and took out my
phone. “Do you care?”

“No, go ahead. We saw Drew and Cameron last night when we were getting home. You talk about fucking
hammered,” Wes said.

“I see they just continued what they had started,” I said and called Aiden. He answered his phone. He said
he and Casey were planning on going with two friends and was about to call me to see if PJ and I wanted to
go. He said he’d be there in an hour and gave me a general location. Once off the phone, I did say Jennifer
was more than welcome to ask some of her friends so she wouldn’t feel outnumbered. She liked the idea and
knew Lea and Travis might want to come, or maybe some others she knew.

PJ and I left my apartment and started heading back to his house to grab some things needed for the beach.
“My apartment ain’t much, is it?”

“It was perfectly fine. You just moved in,” he said driving.

“It suits my needs,” I said.

“That’s all that really matters,” he said.

As we were driving, Aiden sent me a text and map giving me a general location of where he wanted to be on
the beach. I tried to tell PJ the locale but struggled since I didn’t know much about the area. 

We gathered our things and started driving towards the beach. 

“Jason, did you always have a bunch of people around in college like you have here?” PJ asked driving.

I laughed, “No, I didn’t. I stayed to myself, but I would go out if I was asked.”

“Was Wes?”

“Ummm…” I stuttered thinking and trying to recall. “Not that I remember. He had way more friends than I
did, but normally he was pretty low key.”

“Then why all of a sudden now?” he asked.

“I’ve been wondering the same thing. Everything happening is quite the opposite of what I imagined. I
suppose this is a new journey for both of us, and we’re making the most of it. Is that a problem, PJ?”

“No, since I don’t know everything about you I thought I’d ask. This is sort of how I imagined my life
would be. I had lots of friends in high school until I came out. Even after I did, I still did. When
college started they went in a million directions, including one to Southern Cal for some damn reason. Then
I hit the party scene hoping to find what I was missing, but that ended up in pure disaster until I woke up
one morning and realized I was going down the wrong road. I retreated, except for a few friends that
weren’t that bad, but even those I now have pretty much lost contact with,” he replied.

“You just stopped cold turkey?”

“I did with some great family support,” he replied. “It wasn’t easy but I’m making it great now.”

“One thing about a good family, they’ll never desert you no matter how low or bad things get. Thankfully,
I’ve not been in your situation. However, I believe my family would help me like yours has,” I said.

We made it to the beach and saw it was crowded, but that was to be expected on a beautiful sun drenched
Sunday. We started searching for a nice spot that would be large enough to suit our new friends. We did so
and claimed a nice place. This time there were no chairs around, which would have been great, but we’d
survive. I sent a text to both Aiden and Wes doing my best to give our location using landmarks. We threw
down our towels.

“Next time, we’re bringing chairs,” PJ stated.

“We will, but I need to buy one first.”

“Don’t bother I have 3 at my house.”

“Oh now you tell me,” I said and pushed him.

We stretched out on the towels and put on the sunscreen. PJ turned to me in his shades, “You know, my
shorts are coming off. I don’t care what people think. I’m gay and I know it. Why not enjoy the beach and
not care what strangers think?”

“Great point,” I said and lifted up to remove my shorts since we both had on our bikinis underneath. I sat
up on my elbow looking across the water and watching the people go by. There was a great variety of all
shapes, sex and color. 

“Here they are,” I heard Aiden’s high voice. I turned to see him walking with Casey along with two other
guys who I assumed were gay since I didn’t know them to have any straight friends, or any I had met yet.
They walked up with the two. I looked at the new ones to realize these were the two staring at me Friday at
the pool. One was Asian and the other was white with dark hair. Aiden introduced us to Jimmy and Logan.

Jimmy in his black bikini smiled at me while Logan spread out their towels. Aiden had his next to me with
PJ on the end. Within five minutes, Wes, Jennifer, Lea and Travis came strolling up. I envied the fact they
had chairs. Travis laughed at us before placing his in the sand behind us along with a cooler. Aiden
introduced his friends to Wes and the others before sitting back down to catch some rays.

“This is the life,” Wes stated, behind me and to my right.

“I take it you didn’t grow up near a beach?” Travis said.

“Nope,” Wes said.

Jimmy and Logan said they didn’t either. 

“It gets old after a while during the summer. It is way better once the tourist season is over,” Lea said
dressed in her bikini. She did have a nice body with good size boobs.

“Then it is really nice,” Casey said. “You can still sun but you aren’t crowded.”

After only a few minutes, Wes started heading out to the water. He motioned for me to come but I it was
enjoying where I was. Travis got up and joined Wes, as did Casey and Jimmy.

Once they were gone, Jennifer said, “Hey, Mom called me as we were coming here. I think we really impressed

“Good. I’m glad she liked our choices,” PJ said. “That may be be a first for you.”

“It could be,” Jennifer said.

“Yeah girl, you dated some real losers there for a while,” Lea said.

“I did. I was chasing the bad boys and am glad I never really caught one. Wes is so different. He’s
actually a sweet guy. Jason, has he always been?” Jennifer asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I guess so, but I really wasn’t around that much and never once… wait, I did see
him a few times with this one girl, but usually I didn’t.”

Finally the temptation and seeing how the others were having fun became too much. The rest of us headed to
the water and began wading out in it. It was fairly warm and quite refreshing until a wave splashed the
foul salt water in my mouth. PJ and Wes were laughing at me while I was trying my best to get the awful
taste from my mouth. 

We were swimming around and enjoying the water while keeping an eye on our stuff. As we were, I heard loud,
“OOOO fuck!” I looked around until finally seeing a teenage guy racing to the beach. Casey followed him out
and insisted he sit down. It was great having a trained nurse with us. We followed behind and stood around. 

“Stingray or jellyfish?” Casey asked.

“I have no idea,” the guy said, grimacing and in pain. “It hurts like hell.”

“Someone run to the lifeguard station and see if they have anything for a sting,” Casey said.

Travis volunteered and headed in the direction while the mom of the teen came running up. She was frantic,
as my mom would have been seeing her son in pain on the sand. Before Travis returned, the crowd around us
was growing larger out of sheer curiosity. 

With Travis back and with a lifeguard, Casey began doing his thing. Soon, it was easy to see he knew what
he was doing and had the teen feeling better. Casey lifted him up and gave his mom instructions in case
there was another reaction. The teen hobbled away while we praised Casey for his help. 

From that moment on, I was extremely leery of going in the water and kept a close eye on the water below

PJ, Aiden, Casey and I were walking down the beach and seeing the sights. I didn’t look at the people but I
knew full well what they were thinking with four guys in bikinis/Speedos strolling the beach. We got some
water and began heading back.

“Hey Jason!” I heard a female voice as we were walking away from the concession area. My head turned and I
saw Cindy standing there in her two-piece that didn’t cover his midsection. “How’s it going?”

I was slightly embarrassed and thought of all people to see me it would be one of my co-workers. “Not too
bad. How are you?”

“Great, but not ready for tomorrow,” she replied and pulled a big guy to her. “This is my boyfriend, Nick.”

I extended my hand as Cindy introduced us. While doing so, I was thinking if it was the time to introduce
PJ. My thought was fuck it. “This is my boyfriend, PJ,” I said and grabbed him.

“Very nice to meet you,” Cindy said. “That was quick there, Jason.”

“It was,” I said with the worst nervous smile ever. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“For sure,” she said with Nick saying it was nice to meet us.

As we began heading back, Aiden said, “Someone was embarrassed.”

“Fuck yeah I was. I hadn’t told anyone at work that I’m gay since I just started,” I said. “I’m sure
eventually she’d have found out.”

“No one knows at the hospital that I’m gay,” Casey said.

“Everyone knows at my work,” PJ laughed. “Jason, you didn’t have to introduce me.”

“I know, but what the fuck? I’m gay and I’m not ashamed of it,” I said.

“We all are, but sometimes there’s a need to hide it,” Aiden said.

PJ laughed, “I’m sorry Aiden, but how the hell do you hide it?”

Casey laughed, “I was thinking the same thing. Never once has he hidden the fact he’s gay.”

“I don’t announce it though,” Aiden said.

“You just open your mouth,” Casey said, only to have a hand slap his stomach.

We made it back to our friends and stuff. Soon, I was the butt of the jokes upon seeing Cindy and
introducing PJ. We stayed around until just after 4 when the beach began to clear. I headed back with PJ to
his house. I didn’t tarry long there and got my things to head to my place for the night. He understood and
told me what a wonderful and magical weekend we had shared together, which I agreed. Our goodbye kiss was
long, but we knew we’d see each other before we knew it.

Just as I entered our apartment, Drew and Ryker were heading out of it.

“We’ll be back,” Drew said, pulling a shirt over his body.

“We’re getting chips and cheese,” Ryker said.

“I’m making Nachos,” Wes said with Aiden, Casey, Jimmy and Logan sitting in our apartment.

“Okay, I am kind of hungry,” I said, with my hands full. I continued on to my room and deposited my things.
I came back with Wes now at the stove with some hamburger meat going into a pan. “You made it home in a

“No, Jennifer rode back with Travis and Lea,” Wes said.

“You may lose brownie points there, Wes,” Casey stated, with all four still in their shorts.

I grabbed my recliner with Jimmy and Logan sitting together leaned up against a wall. “I know two guys that
are fast movers around here,” Aiden said with Casey’s arm around him.

“We’re that fucking special,” Wes said from the stove. “You’re one to talk. At least we didn’t get laid on
the first date.”

“I’m jealous now,” Logan said. “Jimmy and I were together a month before we had sex.”

“Don’t be,” I said. “However, I was ready. Everyone goes at their own pace about things. So how long have
you and Jimmy been together?”

“We’ve dated about a year and just moved in together six weeks ago,” Logan said.

“My parents are still not pleased, but I’m 23 years old and should be able to do as I see fit,” Jimmy said.
Both Jimmy and Logan were very fit and so easy on the eyes. So far, I’d lucked out and had been surrounded
by some nice looking guys. Logan was a little shorter than Casey, with dark brown hair, a really nice chest
and a tattoo on his shoulder. 

“Hey Logan, how old are you?” Wes asked.

“I just turned 26 in April,” he replied. 

“Wow,” Aiden said, echoing my thoughts. “I figured you were maybe 22. How’d did you two meet?”

Jimmy looked at Logan and laughed, “You won’t believe this but we meet via the internet, but not one of
those hookup sites like Grindr.”

“No doubt, if you didn’t fuck for a month,” Casey said. “Jason, have you ever been on Grindr?”

“Ummm… yeah,” I said a little embarrassed.

“Fill my ass in. What’s Grindr?” Wes asked.

“Basically a gay hookup site,” Casey replied. “I have too. Boy there are some real winners on there.”

“Did you ever hookup with one?” I asked.

“I’ll admit that I have, and more than once before I met Aiden,” Casey replied. “Did you hookup with
anyone, Jason?”

“Yes, I did, and it scared the fuck out of me,” I replied.

“You didn’t fuck him?” Aiden asked.

“I did but afterwards it felt so wrong,” I replied.

“I bet,” Jimmy said. “I don’t think I could ever do it.”

“Me either,” Logan said. “It was hard enough to admit we met on Chemistry.”

“If it worked, then I wouldn’t worry about it,” Wes said with the door opening. Ryker and Drew came inside
with two bags of groceries and a twelve pack. “Glad to see y’all so I don’t have to listen to any more gay

“I hate that I missed that shit,” Ryker said.

“Have either one of you heard of Grindr?” Wes asked them before pulling out food from the bags.

“I haven’t. What the hell is it?” Ryker asked.

“I have. It’s a gay boy fuck site on your phone,” Drew said. “I’ve only heard about it, mind you.”

“Yeah right,” Ryker said. “Man, I can tell all you dudes are getting dark. Damn Jason, you really got some
sun this weekend.”

“I did,” I said.

“He’d have gotten more if we hadn’t interrupted him. Right, Drew?” Wes asked.

“He would have, but he was cool about us catching him and PJ sunbathing nude. I knew he was a nudist so I
wasn’t shocked. PJ was pissed!” Drew replied.

“You’re a nudist, Jason?” Jimmy asked. “I’ve wanted to get into that.”

“I am,” I replied.

“His family is,” Wes added. 

“I don’t see anything wrong with it,” Drew stated. 

“I wouldn’t either if it was just hot girls naked,” Ryker said.

“Don’t go to a nudist beach or camp. You’ll be sorely disappointed,” I said and laughed.

“Old shits, huh?” Casey asked.

“Mostly. Our family did go to Europe a while back to one of their nude beaches and it was very mixed,” I

“I hear most are topless,” Ryker said.

“They are. Once you get used to it, it’s no big deal,” I said.

We talked for a little longer before Wes said he was just about ready to serve up the nachos. The only
thing I saw missing were tomatoes and lettuce, but Wes had cheese dip, meat, chips, sour cream and
jalapenos to make them complete. 

It was nearly 8 before everyone was gone. I had enjoyed getting to know Jimmy and Logan more. They did
mention about seeing me at the pool on Friday and wanted to get to know me. They seemed like a nice couple
who were rather chill about things. 

“Jason, wake me up when this dream is over,” Wes said, laid out on the couch in his shorts.

Shaking my head, “Tell me about it. In college, neither one of us really made this many friends this fast,
much less find someone.”

“That’s what I was talking about. I really haven’t minded one bit hanging out with openly gay guys either…”

“I haven’t minded hanging with straight guys,” I laughed.

“You knew what I meant,” Wes said. “Finding a girlfriend was not on my agenda, so to speak, coming here.”

“PJ did ask earlier if we were like this in college. I had to say no.”

“I don’t know if I should admit this shit or not, but damn I was nervous when Jennifer and I first fucked,”
Wes said. “I wasn’t a virgin but I’m not what you call experienced like you.”

“Did she notice?”

“I told her so. I wanted her, but damn she really wanted me…”

I laughed, “Like sister like brother. She was cool with you telling her you weren’t experienced.”

“She actually liked the fact that I wasn’t,” Wes said. “Don’t go saying this shit to everyone.”

“I won’t, but remember that with me as well. You seem to get a kick out of telling all my shit,” I stated.

“I will. There’s not one person we’ve met in the past week I won’t want to hang around with, including you
gay guys. I was okay with gays before I moved here.”

“Most of us are fairly normal, except the ones I dated before,” I said. “Were you expecting me to be really
gay or something?”

“I knew you hadn’t been, but you don’t really know a person that well until you live with them. So far,
there’s nothing you’ve done that has changed my mind. It’s been the exact opposite.”

“That’s great, Wes. I’m sorry, but I have tons to do before calling it a night,” I said and stood.

“Quit fucking sleeping with your boyfriend and you wouldn’t,” Wes laughed.

“We did more than just sleep,” I said and patted his bare shoulder. “I wouldn’t change one thing.”

“Later,” Wes said with me walking to my room.


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