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Waking up here on Friday without having to work was really nice. I rolled my naked body out of bed
just before nine. With Wes gone to work I could freely roam the apartment naked like I enjoyed. I had
some cereal and fruit with juice before getting a good start on my day. First off a trip to the gym
was in order to continue my fitness regime. Ice cream and a burger were a departure and not a trap I
cared to fall into.
I cleaned up a little and was thrilled Wes wasn’t a slob like my last roommate. I wasn’t obsessed
with it but I did like things picked up.

After dressing in my shorts and tee with some sneakers, I made my way out of my apartment. Stepping
out, I saw Drew and waved at him coming out of his place.

“Going to work?” I asked from a distance.

“No, I was running to the store for a second. Where are you off to?” he asked, approaching me.

“The gym,” I replied.

“Let me change and I’ll go with ya if you don’t care,” he replied. He waved me over into his
apartment. Entering, it was okay for two college guys, with a few empty beer bottles sitting on the
kitchen counter along with several other liquor bottles. 

Drew came back out in a ragged tee, loose shorts and his Undergear shoes. “I’m glad to see you’re
serious about this.”

“I paid so I’m going to give it a try,” I said.

“Jason, you’re pretty cut,” he said.

“Look who’s talking?” I replied.

“Mine is for a purpose. I guess you’re trying to snag a guy?” he said.

“Nope, got one,” I said.

“That was quick! You and Wes didn’t waste any time.”

“Wes for damn sure doesn’t, if you know what I mean.”

“Did Wes find him a slut?” Drew said while we walked out.

“How about one that wanted him?” I laughed.

“Damn, I need to find one of those…”

“For you I wouldn’t think that was a problem. Rip off your shirt and they’ll flock to ya,” I said,
getting in my SUV. 

“I’m too goddamn picky,” Drew said, getting in on the passenger side.

“I see,” I said.

“Girls, you can’t live them or without… hold on, I forget you’re gay,” Drew said.

“That’s a good thing. I hope it stays that way,” I said.

He asked about my boyfriend. I told him all I knew, maybe too much in the end before we arrived at
the gym. Maybe I had stumbled on to a great straight guy that was both nice and very hot. We entered,
put up our bags in lockers and headed out. I came to find out Drew had missed yesterday too and had
plans of coming later in the afternoon before going on a date. Today was working on our legs. 

We started our workout and saw it wasn’t as crowded as right after work. The place was mostly filled
with older men. Legs were Drew’s strong point and were much needed as a pitcher. I hated doing the
exercises but wanted a complete workout. After a short while, we lost our shirts and wondered why we
even started with them on in the first place. Drew was a super workout partner and pushed me to the
breaking point of each strenuous leg exercise. After the machines we moved to the free weights where
he piled on the weights. He wasn’t showing off but was trying to gain strength. 

After some squats my legs were completely useless and like jelly despite doing some on Monday.

“You made it,” Drew said.

“Barely,” I smiled. 

“How about we hit the showers and then sit in the hot tub for a few minutes? I know your legs are
barking,” he asked.

“I hope I can make it back to the locker room,” I said.

I made it and undressed. With each passing day it was more comfortable here at the gym. Drew and I
walked to the showers and cleansed our sweaty bodies. We dried off a little before Drew led the way
to the hot tub. 

Two older men were coming out before Drew and I dropped our towels to get in. The warm water felt so
good around my aching legs. I began asking him about his pitching while soaking up the warm water.
For the past year he was mainly a reliever and hoped to be a starter for his senior year. He gave me
his stats, which were average I must admit. We left the hot tub with our towels around our waist
before getting dressed.

Once home, I ate something while debating what I would do. Sitting or resting in the apartment wasn’t
an option for me. I found my new blue swimsuit, put it on, found my phone and headphones to listen to
some music, grabbed a towel and my shades and headed out the door to enjoy the pool here at our

There were very few people around the pool when I arrived. After placing my stuff on my chair I dove
into the water. Getting out, two young guys were staring at me so I looked down to make sure my
bikini was still on and that it wasn’t see-through. I walked over and took my seat before grabbing my
phone and sunscreen. After lying on my back, I rolled over and saw Aiden coming to the pool. I stuck
up my hand to wave in the hope that he’d see me. He did and came over in his red speedo. 

“Good to see ya,” I said.

“Same here. Tell Wes thanks again for a great meal Wednesday night,” Aiden said, sitting down.

“Thank you as well,” I said. 

“It was too nice to sit in the apartment. What are you doing here though?”

“I’m off on Fridays during the summer…” I replied.

“How fucking sweet is that?”

“It may spoil me,” I replied. 

We lay around for quite a while until I determined I had gotten enough sun. Aiden agreed as well, so
we walked back to our apartments. He knew I had a date. He envied that in a way, but didn’t envy the
painstaking process of getting to know someone. 

PJ called about four and said I was welcome to come over at five or whenever I wanted. I thought
about waiting for Wes to get home but instead text him to let him know I was out. He fired back a
message that he might possibly stay over at Jennifer’s this Friday night if all went as planned. 

I was at PJ’s door just after five and was greeted by PJ with a soft, warm kiss. 

“What are the plans?” I asked.

“Oh I meant to call and tell you to bring your suit… wait, you don’t need one…” he replied.

“I have one out in my ride,” I said. “It might be best if I did wear it for now.”

“You know how to ruin a guy’s night,” he said and laughed. “I bought steaks and was going to grill
them for us, unless you don’t like steak.”

“I love ‘em,” I replied. “Medium please.”

“I like mine on the rare side.”

“Nasty,” I commented.

“Then we can do whatever. Watch a movie if you’d like, or sit out by the pool. After last night’s
incident we maybe should stay close.”

“Next time we need to watch out better and be more in the open. I hate that that’s going to spoil
possibly some great moments together.”

He smiled, “We’ll be more careful in the future.”

I headed to grab my black and red suit and returned inside. I changed quickly and walked over to find
him seasoning the steaks. He pushed a small sack my way. I opened it to find a nice leather necklace
with a rainbow triangle hanging from it. I placed it around my neck with PJ watching.

“How’s it look?” I asked.

“Great, just like I thought it would. You can barely see the triangle,” he said.

“That means I can wear it whenever,” I stated. I walked over and kissed him. 

“I was expecting a fight or something,” he said after we kissed.

“Well…” I smiled. “No sense fighting over small stuff. I really appreciate the kind gesture.”

He was really looking me over. “Jason, you are so fucking hot. Look at you. Your body is so fucking
perfect. You’re getting a really nice tan too. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to keep you.”

“Thanks, but you’re about to make me blush…”

“It’s all the truth,” he said and ran his hand over my abs.

“PJ, I’ll be very loyal and trustworthy to you, almost to a fault. However, I expect the same thing
from my guys. If you can’t be loyal then say so right now.”

“Do I look like a fool? Of course I will be. I promise. I’ve waited forever for someone like you.
Even if you weren’t so fucking hot I’d still be so attracted to you, Jason. You’re a very good person
and have treated me with respect so far,” he said.

I smiled, “I was hoping to hear that. Now, I’m dressed for the pool and would love to see my
boyfriend do the same.”

“I get the hint. I’ll change right now before I start grilling.”

He went off to change and quickly returned in a hot red bikini.

“Damn PJ, you’re so fucking hot. Look at you in that red thing. Your body is so damn perfect…”

“Stop it, Jason. You’re mocking me,” he said.

“Not one word was a lie. I meant it. In my eyes you’re perfect,” I said.

He grabbed the steaks after checking on some potatoes in the oven. I slung my arm around his shoulder
and walked out to his pool area. In front of me was a nice double lounger that was new. 

“Dammit, just stop buying shit!” I screamed.

“For your info, I did it for us, but I could very well see that it would be needed and well used
around here. Before I met you it would have been completely useless. Now with you, Wes and others, I
feel it will be well used,” he said.

I lowered my head and felt like I had opened my mouth. PJ sensed quickly I wasn’t happy. “I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.”

“Let me do as I please and we’ll get along just fine. I completely get your desire for me to not
spend money on you since we are just starting together. However, I have very little else to buy.
Truth is this house is paid for,” he said.

“Paid for?” I asked.

“My parents bought it for me. My dad is that way, so I get it, honestly,” he said and walked to the
grill to start it.

I walked over and wanted to try out the new lounger. It was very comfortable with a nice blue all
weather cover. I motioned PJ over to test how it would be with two of us. He came over and sat down
in it with me. It was perfect for the two of us. We weren’t crammed together. I did move closer and
put my arms around him. I turned his head and kissed him.

“You’re very affectionate and a great kisser,” he said.

“I like being affectionate,” I said. “Does it bother you?”

“Actually, it used to. Now I’m growing to really enjoy it.”

We sat there looking around the pool while I held him close to me. He got up and started the steaks.
He went inside and returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He opened the bottle of red wine
and poured us a glass. 

Handing me the glass, he said, “I hope you like it.”

“I might. Aiden brought wine the other night for our spaghetti…”

“You mentioned you wanted to try to drink more, and so do I. I’m willing to give it a try,” he said.
“I had to ask my Dad what was best for steaks and he suggested this Cabernet.”

I took a sip. It was going to take a little getting used to with its different taste. 

“Jason, I don’t know about you but I think a beer would go much better,” PJ said.

“I have to agree there, but we can drink this for now,” I said.

“I’m getting a beer. This is pure shit,” he said. He walked over and tossed the wine onto the grass.
He went back inside and returned with two beers.

I tried to adjust to the taste and soon opened the beer to wash the taste from my mouth. We laughed
and said wine drinking wasn’t our forte at the moment. We talked about our first adventures into
drinking. He, like me, started drinking as a sophomore in high school. We agreed we were trying to be
bad asses and show we could handle it. His first time ended up with him throwing up while I only
drank a few. 

Once the steaks were done and sitting on the outdoor table, he raced inside to get the potatoes. They
weren’t quite ready so he nuked them in the microwave with the awesome smell of steak right under my
nose. It was hard waiting, seeing the ribeye grilled perfectly in front of me. He returned with the
potatoes, along with cheese, sour cream, butter and pepper as well as two more beers. 

He sat down and we began eating. “Boy, Jennifer is really hot for Wes, huh?”

“I think he’s hot for her as well,” I said and didn’t want to tell him about Wes and Jennifer having

“All she could talk about today was Wes.”

“I didn’t see Wes so I can’t say that he did.”

“I know Wes is staying with her tonight, or so she says,” he stated.

“Good for them if that’s what they want.”

“Yeah,” he said and continued to eat.

We talked about our day for a little while before we finished eating. He cleaned off the outdoor
table and carried the dishes inside. I waited and was aching to dive in the pool. When he returned, I
took his hand and said we were going swimming for a little bit. We dove in the warm water and started
messing around with each other. It was a lot of fun trying to get each other under like I remember
doing with my brother or my friends. 

It was just beginning to get dark when we got out. He dried off and headed inside. I was right behind
him and could smell candles burning.

“You wanna watch a movie or something?” he asked.

“Pick one out for us and I’ll watch it. Jennifer better like movies, Wes loves ‘em,” I said.

“I think she does as well as the next person,” he said. He walked over and looked at the available
movies on his Netflix he had on his TV. He chose an action movie and started it. I put my arm around
him and felt something completely different. He wasn’t the PJ I was growing to love instead he just
seemed to be there.

I was trying to enjoy the movie with him. He got up and went to the bathroom so we paused the movie.
I did the same but went to the guest bathroom closer to the living area. While up, I looked in the
two bedrooms and saw beds in each. 

Returning, I saw PJ walking back. “Hey, could you bring me another beer?”

“No problem,” he replied. 

I sat down and waited with our movie on hold. He handed me the beer. “Man, I may not be able to drive
home tonight. You know how strict they’re getting about drinking and driving.”

“You’ll be okay,” he said.

“I may be able to,” I said thinking that didn’t work as I had planned. “Then again, it’d suck ass if
I got stopped.” I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.

“Jason, are you dropping a subtle hint on me?”

I took a drink. “I was just saying I may not be able to drive home tonight. I was stating the facts.”

We restarted the movie. I sat there with my arm around him. I knew after what had happened before I
would have to initiate things. I let a few minutes pass before leaning over to kiss him. While doing
so I ran my free hand over the front of his bikini.

He broke the kiss. “Are you trying to tell me something?”

“I fucking want your hot ass,” I replied and smiled.

“You’ve been messing with me the entire night. I fucking hate you! I hate you, Jason!” he said and
leaned over to kiss me. His hand went down my abs and straight for the front of my bikini. I broke
the very intense kiss and pushed off my bikini with my dick getting hard. He stood and lost his
bikini too as he turned off the movie. 

I pulled him on top of me and loved feeling our naked bodies together with our dicks hard and
throbbing against each other. My hands were all over his back and then I moved them down to feel the
soft mounds of his ass. His hands were running all down my sides while our tongues began waging war.
I leaned back and heard the beer bottle fall over.

I broke the kiss and screamed, “Fucking shit!”

“It’ll clean it up later,” he said. “It was my fault.”

PJ returned to kissing me while my hands were all over his ass. He stopped and began kissing my neck
and teasing the skin with his tongue. I was squirming when he hit my highly sensitive area on my
neck. He continued down my body and started sucking on my nipples. His tongue felt great flicking
each one before sliding his wet tongue down the center of my rigid abs. 

“Great abs, but you know that,” he said and made it to my trimmed pubes. He kissed all around while I
leaned back on the arm of the couch.  Sweat was already popping out on my forehead with the heat we
were generating. He grabbed my hard dick and used his tongue to trace one thick vein. He kissed the
head while cupping my nuts in his hand. His mouth traveled from my dick down to lick my nuts. He took
each one in his mouth gently and suckled on them, using his tongue to give me great pleasure that
made my dick twitch against his face. 

“Fucking hot cock, Jason. I’m in dreamland,” he stated and grabbed my dick. His mouth covered the
head while his hand began slowly moving up and down at the base. Now I was delirious as hell with my
head felling weightless. He moved his hand and started taking more and more of my throbbing cock.

“OOOO PJ!” I moaned while he was sucking me. After not having my dick sucked in several months his
wet mouth felt so good. The sound of him slurping on my dick began filling the air. He started moving
faster and faster before coming up for a breath. He licked my wet dick and resumed the awesome
blowjob. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I reached down and pulled him up after he had been on his
knees for about four or five minutes. 

We kissed with such passion and a lot of smacking while my cock was dripping like crazy. It was my
turn to worship his nice body and hot uncut dick. I started by licking his ears, which caused him to
squirm. Next I began attacking the nipples on his decent chest. I sucked each one and grabbed his
dick while doing so. I went down his flat stomach and his treasure trail until seeing his uncut dick
up close and personal. The foreskin had retracted and wasn’t like some guys’ that never did. He
looked so hot with just a small amount of foreskin. I commenced to licking all over his pubes and
began going up and down his dick. The taste was no different than any other one that I had licked.
His nuts were fairly close to his body but I still enjoyed sucking each one. My hand slid down to the
base while I licked the shiny head. My mouth opened wide and was watering to have his gorgeous cock

OOO fuck, Jason,” he moaned, leaning back with his arms spread wide while I began sucking his dick.
OOO suck me! Suck my cock!

My tongue did its very best while my mouth slowly moved up and down his hard dick. I could hear him
moaning so I looked up and saw his were eyes closed.

“I can’t wait for you to fuck me, Jason!” he screamed.

I pulled off, licked up his body and kissed him. “I can’t wait to fuck you either.”

I kissed his stomach and licked a little precum off the tip of his dick. My mouth and tongue went
back down on it. I knew I was now moaning while sucking his dick. I stopped and kissed his inner
thighs, hoping not to excite him too much. I returned and was really enjoying having PJ’s dick
between my lips. He reached down and pulled me up.

We kissed with our hard dicks grinding together worse than ever. We humped against each other while
we panted and moaned close to each other’s ears as we clung to one another.

“Follow me. I wasn’t exactly prepared,” he said and took my hand. While walking, I lightly slapped
his ass before we entered his bedroom. It was nice but had piles of clothes on the floor.

“PJ, I’m not fucking bareback.”

“Of course not. I’ve never been fucked bareback,” he said, reaching in his nightstand for condoms and
lube. “I’ll be right back.”

He headed to his bathroom while I lay on his king sized bed stroking my dick. The anticipation was
killing me, having to wait. He returned and walked towards me with his dick soft and the foreskin
back over the head part ways. He set down a towel across his comforter, turned on some classical
music from his iPhone holder, lit two candles and dimmed the lights. 

“Wow!” I commented.

“Is it going too far?” he asked.

“No, but it will be unlike any of my other times with a man,” I replied and pulled him in for a kiss.
I crawled on top of him and kissed him. 

“I see I didn’t kill the moment,” he said between kisses.

“You may have prolonged it a little to allow us to calm down,” I said.

The sparks were continuing to fly with the soft music playing in the background. It was rather
romantic I have to admit. While lip locked and smacking, my finger moved down and penetrated his ass.
He squirmed a little when my finger went inside. He was rather tight, but not the tightest ass ever.
Our lips parted to where I could work his ass over and loosen him up. My dick isn’t the biggest ever
but could still hurt if he wasn’t prepared. 

“How are we going to do this?” I asked softly.

“You’re going to stick your dick in my ass and fuck me,” he replied.

I laughed, “I’m fully aware of that. What position?”

“Missionary, so we can see each other’s face,” he replied and laughed. “Fuck, I’m stupid.”

I kissed him again. He placed a pillow under his ass and spread his legs. I grabbed a condom and
unrolled it onto my hard dick. He grabbed the lube and smeared it on his ass before using it on my
condom. I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and glanced down to see my dick was so hard and his ass
sparsely hairy. I moved closer and stuck my cock at his hole. He opened up and allowed my dick
inside. Electricity bolted throughout my body like never before with the incredible sensation that I
was inside someone I was growing to love and care for. Inside, I felt that our relationship had more
possibilities than any other I had been in. He groaned a little while my dick continued to slide into
him. His face was a mixture of slight pain and discomfort, yet his eyes were almost glowing.

“OOO Jason, you feel so good in me. Fuck me!” he moaned.

“I’m making love to you, PJ,” I said, looking into his eyes and feeling his tight ass gripping my
dick. Slowly I pulled back and heard him moan. The friction was so incredible that I slowly removed
my dick to apply more lube. “Want to make this comfortable for you.”

“Thanks,” he said and waited while I lubed up more. It felt so much better sliding back inside of
him. My body pushed his legs towards him with my dick going deeper. He started moaning again while I
slowly began fucking him. I let one leg drop with the other staying on my shoulder. His ass was so
hot and tight, almost squeezing my dick while I was sliding in and out. 

“OOOO damn,” he moaned with his head tilted back while I was fucking him. “OOOO fuck yeah! OOO yes!”

The other leg dropped from my shoulder. I leaned over with my hands on both sides of him. He reached
up and touched my chest before moving his hands to my ass.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” I groaned with my head spinning and the soft music playing. 

“You feel soooo fucking good in me. Fuck me harder, Jason!”

My head moved closer until my lips hit his. I was pounding his ass at a nice steady pace. He was
moaning in my mouth with each push as his hands roamed all over my back. His bed was rocking but the
only sounds were the music, our skin coming together and our smacking. I leaned up and grabbed his

After slipping out a few times we moved positions with my dick throbbing like crazy. He moved to his
side and threw one leg over mine. I applied more lube and went back inside him.

With my head near his ear, I whispered, “PJ, I love fucking your ass. How does my cock feel in ya?”

“I fucking love it, like I knew I would. I can feel your love,” he replied. 

My arms went under his pits while I continued to slide my dick in and out of his ass. It was so damn
hot, with sweat returning to my forehead. Our skin was slapping together at a nice rhythm while his
moans and groans grew louder. One hand moved down and found his hard dick. In tune with my fucking,
my hand slid up and down his shaft. Now his moaning was so loud.

“Fuck the cum out of me, Jason!”

“I will,” I said, stroking his dick faster.

OOOO fuck!” he screamed. I released my hand and felt his ass clamping tightly around my dick. “I’m

His announcement sent waves throughout my body while feeling his intense orgasm. I pulled out just as
he was shooting his creamy load all over his towel. I shed the condom and quickly began firing my
load up and down his spine. 

I pulled him close after we came. We lay with just the music going. Our bodies were like rags while
our dicks deflated. He turned his head and kissed me softly.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” I replied and kissed him again in my bliss.

After a long kiss he was stroking my forearm and looking at me. “I want to complete my dream.”

“Okay,” I said. “How?”

“I want us to get in the hot tub outside,” he replied.

“MMMM that would be so fucking hot.”

He took my hand and led me through his dark kitchen into his backyard. It was almost as dark out
there. We made our way to the hot tub and climbed in. Once inside we began kissing like crazy. 

Sitting together with our arms around each other, I said. “PJ, I’m far too drunk to drive home.”

“No doubt about that. And I’d be more than a little disappointed if you did.”


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