At his car while we had just left the nude beach, I kissed PJ on the lips to show my deep appreciation for him.

“No doubt you loved it, Jason,” PJ said.

“Oh fuck yeah! I fucking loved every minute we were there!” I said with excitement.

“I knew you would,” PJ said and got in his car. We buckled up and were ready to head back to our hotel. “I could see you if you lived closer.”

“My ass would be there every weekend,” I said.

“Did you even remotely consider moving here when you were looking for a job?”

I laughed, “There was one place where I could have applied but I don’t know if I could handle everything else like the traffic and all the people. Yeah, it’d be really nice but I’m more than happy with my choice.”

“I could see Jason Massey living here one day in the future. I’m not saying in five years but something tells me that beach would trump a hell of lot of downsides,” PJ said before pulling into traffic.

“Let me put it this way. There would have to be a lot happen for that to occur. If I was single the thought would enter my head but I have to consider other things now like you and all of my friends I’ve made. I damn sure don’t wanna start over.”

“Your family would visit you quite often,” PJ laughed.

“Nick would probably move in with me,” I laughed along with him. “What was PJ’s honest assessment of the nude beach?”

“I knew before we came from seeing pictures it was surrounded by tall condos but I didn’t realize they’d be that close…”

“Me either,” I said.

“It was a really nice beach,” he said, driving.

“It was that, but your true feelings?”

“It really proved to me that I loved being a nudist. I know it’s only been two months but I can foresee it being something I will enjoy for a lifetime whether we’re together or not. I really loved it and saw how addictive it can be. People would be really surprised at what a non-sexual place it really is…”

“That by far is the biggest misconception of nudity,” I said.

“I realize that more so today than ever before. Yes we did go to the nudist camp but… the guys were there to have sex. I actually believe a clothed beach with really hot guys would be more sexual because there would be the desire to get their ass naked. There that was completely taken away,” PJ stated. “In the end, I thought it was great and look forward to another two days just like that.”

“I agree,” I said.

“Jason, were you jealous or envious?”

“Fuck no. Hell, we both looked good,” I replied.

“I was referring to the dad and his two sons at the volleyball court. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“Oh that. I don’t know about being jealous or envious as you said. I could see me, Nick and Dad doing the same thing at their age and younger. We did it all the time when we’d go camping and a few times at nudist friends’ homes. I liked seeing the little ones there too, starting out early,” I said. “So what are you thinking for tonight?”

“Ummm… other than the obvious…” PJ laughed. “Maybe us going to eat at one of those places by the beach. I would love going to check out some of the gay nightlife they have around here but I can tell I’m way too tired for that.”

“I like your plan and whole heartedly agree about being too tired. Also, we need to be there about the same time tomorrow, if not earlier.”

We made it back to our hotel and went inside. As soon as I hit the door, I stripped off to check the sun I had gotten. PJ did the same and stood next to me. 

“We got some sun today,” he announced.

“Yes we did, but we’re getting so damn dark,” I said.

“You especially. No matter how much I get I’ll never be as dark as you are.”

“I’m lucky that way and always have been,” I said.

We showered and dressed before heading back to the beachfront to find something to eat. We walked around a little bit with what seemed to be a bigger crowd. Together we agreed on a restaurant before stepping in to take a table and order. We ordered drinks with PJ getting a rum and coke while I had a beer before ordering a meal here at this seafood place. We sat reliving the day with PJ taking a few pictures with his phone. 

We walked along the beachfront after eating and only a few drinks. 

“Damn, I could go back to the room and just go to sleep,” PJ commented.

“Is that a subtle hint?” I joked.

“It’s a fact. I know we’re in the sun all the time at home but for some reason, I’m feeling the effects of it right now.”

“Say no more,” I said and directed us towards our room.

We entered the door and came out of our clothes. PJ grabbed some lotion for us to apply to our sun drenched skin. He massaged the lotion on me while we were on the couch. I did my best to find something to watch and loved feeling his hands all over my back. I returned the favor to him and massaged the lotion all over him. Finished, he leaned up against me with his head resting on my shoulder. I smiled and kissed his forehead while feeling the heat from his body. 

Ten minutes later, PJ was asleep on my shoulder. I figured it was a short nap but loved seeing him sleep. Every time we’re together I realize just how fortunate I am to have him. Seeing him sleeping and looking so content, I can’t imagine the internal struggles he must face with his past addiction. Some overcome them and never look back while others think they have it licked only to return to the addiction. For PJ, I hope he has overcome it but one never knows when those demons will arise again. Never have I seen a sign of it while being around him. 

I was really proud, or maybe just happy, to find someone who has taken to my lifestyle like he has. My other two boyfriends would do it some but never socially. I did ask them a few times to join me doing something nude but they never would. My other two were more about what I could give them than what they could give me.

I sat there watching TV and wondering when PJ would wake up. After another 20 minutes or so, I nudged him slightly to wake him enough to get him to bed. My guess was he was in a deep sleep and mumbled something before walking with my assistance to bed. I turned out the lights and got in bed with him. Tonight it would be only sleeping with him and nothing more. 

The next thing I knew was someone poking me in the arm. My eyes opened and saw PJ was awake. I rolled over and kissed him. 

“Man, I feel great now,” PJ stated.

“You should,” I said and saw it was 7 am. “You slept almost 10 hours.”

“I’m sorry, Jason,” he said apologetically.

“No reason to be sorry. Your ass was tired,” I said.

“I was. I just knew we’d have sex every night here,” PJ said.

“I did too, but honestly, I enjoyed holding you while you slept on my shoulder.”

We were gone with time to spare. PJ tossed me the keys and told me to drive so he wouldn’t have to listen to me complain. I laughed and took them. We began heading in that direction. We made a stop to grab something to eat and decided to try out the vender at the beach instead of buying something on the way. 

The lot was a little more occupied than the previous day when we pulled in. There was still great excitement for me but nothing that warranted getting out of control over. We made the trek to the beach and again saw the worker. We agreed an umbrella was nice so we rented one again for the day. Quickly I saw more people but knew there would be by the amount of cars. We directed him to a spot near where we were the previous day. I paid him and included a small tip. Our clothes were off and our things placed between us to enjoy another day in what I consider the ultimate paradise.

On my chair, my hands were behind my head to enjoy another sunny day. There was more wind today but it was just enough to cool one down, as well as a few more puffy clouds. My eyes were taking in the incoming ocean as well as the scenery. It was uncontrollable not to look at the others naked around me and passing me by. There were a few more fit guys and gals today than before but generally most weren’t. It was a little surprising to see so many shaved or nicely trimmed with very few hairy pubic areas.

PJ leaned over and smiled at me, “Jason, I’ll confess. I love this shit. I raze you a little about your excitement and joy of being nude in a social setting but I admit it is as addictive as about any drug that has ever entered my body.”

“I love hearing that,” I said. “PJ, I’ll confess you’re the first boyfriend or friend for that matter that has ever shown any interest in this lifestyle. Any time I even hinted at going somewhere to enjoy social nudity I got shot down. However, there weren’t many if any places.”

“Hey, I was thinking maybe we could sneak away Labor Day weekend for a day here. Just drive over and enjoy the day,” PJ suggested.

“You know I’m all in, but it’d be fucking tight if we could get some of the others to come. I know Jimmy and Logan would be down for it…”

PJ laughed, “Clint might too.”

“He might, but I’m for sure clearing it with his mom before he comes here. I know nothing is wrong whatsoever with it but you know how people are. Do you think there’s any way Jennifer would come?”

“Boy, I don’t know. Wes?”

“If Jennifer came then he would. I’d ask Drew and his girlfriend but I don’t see that happening,” I replied.

“It would be awesome to get all of them to come with us. Yeah, I don’t see Drew coming either,” PJ said.

We sat there in the sun soaking it all in. Just before heading to the water, Wes called to see if it was okay for him, Drew and Cameron used PJ’s pool for the day. Rather than agreeing, I handed the phone to PJ so he could give his okay. Naturally, he was cool with it and continued to talk to Wes before handing the phone back to me.

“Is Jennifer going with them too?” I asked.

“Nah, she’s going shopping with some of her friends,” PJ replied.

“That’s cool that they can still be independent like that,” I stated.

“Is that a hint?”

I smiled, “No, I was merely stating a fact.”

“Just checking,” PJ said.

We headed to the water and enjoyed splashing around there with the waves a little bigger than the day before. Again from the water, we could see how the beach was slowly being filled up with more and more people. It also appeared the crowd was getting a little younger too. I attributed that to the fact they were just waking up. 

We returned and lay back down in our chairs. Two guys came and set up their chairs not ten feet from us. It was easily determined they were foreign by never speaking one word of English while talking to each other. 

When the vendor opened for business I didn’t wait around very long and headed up to grab us something to eat. I stood in line with another guy and enjoyed talking to him while we waited. I ordered 2 hot dogs and chips for us and returned. PJ was waiting and was ready to eat as well. The dogs and chips were gone before we knew it. 

We resumed lying around and taking in the scenery as it was unfolding in front of us. After a while, I headed up to throw away our trash and then head out to see what was happening at the volleyball court. Walking back, I noticed PJ holding up my phone. I saw it was Wes, shook my head and answered it.

Wes: “Where are you?”

“Stupid question. You know where I am.”

Wes: “I know that but where exactly are you and PJ?”

“Funny Wes. Very funny!”

Wes: “I’m not shitting you. We can’t find you and have been looking for five minutes.”

I stood up. “See where they’re selling food? We’re about 20 yards down from it in the middle. Are you serious that you’re here?”

Wes: “I see ya. We were coming to surprise ya. Get your stuff and move so we can all sit together.”

I hung up.

“Are they here?” PJ asked, now sitting on the edge of his chair.

I looked around and saw Wes, Drew, Cameron, and of all people, Clint. I pointed them out to PJ. We began gathering up our things and folded up our chair. PJ said he’d get the guy to move our umbrella.

We walked up and saw the four standing there.

“Un fucking believable,” I stated.

“What are you guys doing here?” PJ asked the question that was really on my mind.

“We went over to your house and started swimming,” Drew replied as we started walking.

PJ looked around and found the guy to move our umbrella. 

“Dipshit here had his radar on and saw us drive up,” Wes said.

“I was outside mowing the grass, bitch!” Clint said.

“I think Jason and PJ want to know how we ended up here,” Cameron said. “Clint said we should skinny dip while we were swimming. Wes laughed and said if we did we should drive over to here…”

“I was just joking,” Wes said.

“One thing led to another and we figured what the hell… Road Trip,” Drew said.

We found a spot large enough where we could be together and stopped. The guy inserted the umbrella in the sand. 

“Clint, tell me you told your mom where you were going,” I said, putting my things down.

“That was the key,” Wes said. “If she didn’t agree, we weren’t coming. She was great and gave us a few chairs and a blanket.”

“Yeah, she was,” Clint said.

“How’d you know where it was?” PJ asked.

“I grew up about sixty miles from here so I knew and had driven by here a few times,” Drew said. I began noticing how apprehensive they were in removing their shorts.

“So here we are,” Cameron said. “Let me just say I’m so glad we’re out of the car now. Clint was about to drive us all crazy.”

“Sorry, but now that I’m here… I don’t know about this,” Clint said.

“Me either,” Cameron said.

“Guys, look around and see if you see very many here that really should be naked,” I said and laughed.

“I noticed,” Drew said. “There are all kinds to say the least.”

“I’ve never seen so many sagging titties in my fucking life,” Clint stated.

“Boy, you’ve never seen titties in your life, but I know what ya mean there,” Wes said. “Ah fuck it. We have nothing to be ashamed of.” He pushed down his shorts and tossed them aside.  

Clint walked up to me and whispered, “What if I get a boner?”

“Lay on your stomach until you feel it’s gone,” I whispered back.

Drew pushed down his shorts to show his nice dick and tan lines at his cut waist. Cameron sat in his chair under the umbrella while we took our seats with Clint on the blanket in front of us. 

“Guys, you better cover your body in sunscreen,” I said.

“Good idea,” Wes said. We made sure everyone was covered. Finally Cameron came out of his shorts and joined us. 

“I really can’t believe this shit,” PJ said.

“I can’t either, but you know it was fun to do it on the spur of the moment,” Drew said. “Well, except for the part of riding with Clint’s hyper ass.”

“We had to tell him he had to act like an adult or else we’d never do this ever again,” Wes said.

“Clint, I thought you had something to do today,” I said.

“I did until they said road trip,” Clint stated and was on the blanket on his stomach showing his cute skinny ass. “Given the choice, where would you be right now?”

“Unfair question for Jason or PJ,” Drew said.

“I totally get what he means,” PJ said.

I leaned over to Wes, “You guys deserve a big pat on the back for bringing Clint with you.”

“We do,” Wes said.

I felt Clint grabbing my ankles and pointing at a guy. “Clint, rule one is never to point at anyone here. Rule two is don’t stare either,” I said.

“Rule three is don’t laugh at anyone,” Drew said.

“Fuck yeah,” Cameron said. “Wow what a spectacle this is.”

“It is,” Wes said. “There are a few hot babes here.”

“And some MILF’s too,” Drew laughed.

“Does anyone find this sexually stimulating at all?” PJ asked.

“I don’t,” Wes said. “I’m really starting to wonder what Jason sees in this shit.”

“I see it a little,” Drew said. “Where else can you go and feel free like this? Now that the newness is wearing off, it ain’t half bad. We’re testing the waters today to see if there’s any way we could get our girls over here.”

I laughed, “PJ and I talked about that same exact thing earlier. I’m in complete shock you are here. So how long did it take you to get here?”

“Just over two hours,” Drew said.

“He drove like a bat out of hell,” Clint said and rolled over.

We sat there. PJ and I could not believe this scene. It was almost like a dream to have them here. It did sound fun just getting in the car and driving over here on a whim. I was very proud that they included Clint in the trip and were willing to give this a try. Slowly I saw them relaxing and beginning to enjoy the uniqueness of this place.

Cameron stood up after we’d been sitting around for a while. “I’m getting in the water. Who’s with me?”

We stood together and walked among the people until coming to the edge. Clint ran in further and went under the water with Drew following behind him. We swam out to join them and passed a group until coming up on them about 40 feet from the shore.

“This is fucking awesome,” Clint said.

“I bet you like seeing some real pussy,” Wes said.

“He’s gay. That would be me,” Cameron laughed. “I about forgot what it really looked like in person.”

“Clint likes seeing all the dicks swinging around,” Drew laughed while we were about chest deep in the salt water.

“Except for you guys, I haven’t seen many big ones. I feel blessed,” Clint stated.

“I feel actually normal,” Wes laughed. 

“I know we got some looks coming out here,” PJ said.

“Jason probably really did. Dude, you’re really dark all over,” Drew said.

“Hey, I love it and see now for sure PJ does,” I said. “You might find out this could spoil you a little.”

“It’s spoiled me,” PJ said.

We let the waves carry us towards the bank. We played in the water for some time before getting out and heading back to our spot. We dried off with me sitting on the outside of the group and letting PJ sit where I was. We sat talking before Clint jumped up. He wanted to walk the shoreline and asked for volunteers. PJ stood and said he’d be happy to go with him and show him around. PJ and Clint headed off.

I moved over. “Guys, I’m proud of you for bringing Clint along. I can tell he loves it.”

“We had to,” Drew said. “You should have seen the look on his face when the three of us started talking about coming. He looked so sad so we had to ask him. At first his mom didn’t think it was a very good idea but between us and him she agreed.”

“He was fucking hyper leaving until we had to settle his ass down,” Cameron said. “I thought we’d made a huge mistake. Then Drew asked him how bad it was for him in high school. I didn’t want to believe him at first but you could see him getting emotional telling us about all the stuff that he went through. I was really glad he came. I felt really bad for him and am glad I never dished out pain to a gay person.”

“I’d seen it,” Drew said. “It was sad that people couldn’t see what we see now. It drives home the point that everyone wants to be liked and needs friends.”

“It does and makes me thankful that I didn’t have to go through that,” I said.

We talked about the drive over and then what PJ and I had done. They saw the main thing we had done. They did say they were staying until everyone in their group was ready to go.

While we were talking, a guy and girl walked past us. Both had nice bodies. The girl looked our way and smiled. She walked a little further and turned her head again. They put down their chairs about 10 feet from Clint’s blanket. As the girl was about to sit down, she stopped and walked straight for us.

“Jason Massey?” she asked. It caught the attention of all of us.

“Yeah… oh my goodness, Jenna Watson,” I said with the face and name registering in my head.

“I just told Mark I knew you,” Jenna said. “How have you been?”

“Great and you?” I asked.

“Never better,” she replied. “Mark, it is him. Jason, tell them this isn’t the first time we’ve seen each other nude.”

I laughed, “It’s not, but not what you’re thinking. Jenna and her family always were at the nudist events with mine.”

Mark walked up and introduced himself. He was a big guy like a football jock with a big tattoo on his shoulder. Jenna was very nice looking and so dark.

“I always wondered if I’d ever see anyone from our group. Now I can say I have. How’s Nick doing?” she asked.

“He’s great and so jealous that I’m here. Yesterday was my first day ever here. Hard to believe, huh?” I said.

“It is. It is so good to see you. Tell your folks I said hello,” she said.

“I will and tell your folks who you ran into,” I said.

Jenna and Mark returned to their spot.

“Damn, I didn’t know what to think at first,” Wes laughed.

“I knew she was looking at me hard,” I said.

Drew laughed, “I thought it was me.”

“I knew for damn sure it wasn’t me,” Cameron said with PJ and Clint walking back up. Both were smiling with PJ looking so hot walking towards me. 

“Guys, don’t fear. I know without a doubt my ass is gay,” Clint said.

“We knew that,” Cameron said. “Did you see anything you liked?”

“Lots, but I loved seeing all the guys together,” Clint said, getting on his blanket. “This beach is a million times better than any beach I’ve ever been to.”

“A million is stretching it there, Clint,” Drew said.

I was able to tell PJ about seeing Jenna and explained to him how I knew her. PJ said he wondered if I’d run into anyone from my past while we were here.

It wasn’t long before Clint was getting antsy. He stood up and said he was off to get something to drink. He asked if anyone else wanted anything and shouldn’t have done that, with Wes, Drew and Cameron saying they wanted water. He grabbed some cash and went in that direction towards the vendor.

“PJ, how did he act when you guys went walking?” Wes asked.

“Very normal, but he was full of comments,” PJ replied. “He said next time we’re gonna sit at the gay end.”

“If there is a next time, we’ll be right here,” Drew said. 

“So you’re thinking you won’t be back?” I asked him.

“We’ll see, but I would love to get Kayly to come with me. I don’t see that happening,” Drew replied.

“She might,” Cameron said.

“If there is a next time, I’m bringing beer too,” Drew said.

“That’s for damn sure,” Wes said. “We were in such a rush we didn’t think to stop. I see a few around here with beer.”

“How cool would that be?” Cameron commented.

“When Clint gets back, I’d say we head down and play a little volleyball. Jason and I went yesterday and had a great time,” PJ said.

“Yeah, we will,” Wes said. 

We waited until seeing Clint carrying four bottles of water along with his wallet. He handed out the water and put his wallet away. “One thing about this is there’s absolutely no place for a wallet,” Clint said.

“There is for a few of ya,” Wes laughed. “Stick it up your ass.”

We had to laugh at Wes’s comment. 

“People here are pretty cool. This old man just started talking to me while we were waiting. He said he was glad to see young guys like me enjoying the beach,” Clint said.

“In general most are friendly. Yesterday, PJ may have scored a client here,” I said and told them about meeting the two guys yesterday.

When they finished their water, we walked down the beach together and came back upon the volleyball court with PJ bringing a bag with us. It was full of guys and a few girls enjoying the game. We stood around watching until one of the younger guys said they needed one more. There was little doubt who that one would be. We pushed Clint out to join them and took a seat to watch. We asked if they minded a few pictures. No objected so we took a few with Clint smiling for PJ’s camera phone. 

We sat on the warm sand and watched. It was great seeing Clint out there having fun. He wasn’t too bad either and showed a little athletic ability. I thought I remembered hearing him say one time how he played soccer for years. PJ snapped a few pictures of us and of Clint playing. A few were nice enough to allow the rest of us to join in while Clint and two others sat out. The others were close to his age and were rather cute as well. 

We started hitting the ball around to wrap up. Before the game really started, Clint told us he was heading to the water to cool off with the two others. Once the game began, Drew showed he was by the far the best one among us. He spiked a few and then backed off. We easily won and stayed on the court.  

Mark and Jenna joined for the next game after they had walked up while we were playing. Jenna and I laughed at how we did this many times in our past. We were opposite Drew and Wes this time for we split up to even things out. Everyone was really nice while we played with the sun bearing down on all of our naked bodies. The thought never entered my head how different this was as it was almost normal for me. 

Once the game was over and we were defeated by Drew’s team, I looked over and saw Clint and the other two were wet with water dripping down their bodies. One was thin like Clint while the other was a little bigger. The thin one looked to be closer to Clint’s age and was taller than he was. PJ, Cameron and I stepped aside to allow Clint and the other two to play. 

We took our seat and began to watch. 

“I just knew I wouldn’t like coming here,” Cameron said. 

“It’s not bad, huh?” PJ said.

“Not at all. After a while you stop even noticing people,” Cameron replied. “Now you guys aren’t upset that we came and interrupted your little trip, are ya?”

“Of course not,” PJ replied. “Cameron, I doubt we would still be here if you guys hadn’t shown up. It’s been fun.”

“It has. Now we’re gonna have to drag Clint’s ass from here,” Cameron said and laughed. He dodged a ball coming straight for us. Drew ran over and picked up to throw it back over.

“And maybe Wes and Drew’s too,” I said. PJ snapped a few pictures and then had Cameron take one of us. 

“Cameron, would you come back again?” PJ asked.

“Ummm… I might with everyone. I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to come here. I can see why you and Jason really enjoy it,” Cameron replied.

We sat until the game was finished. Drew and Wes came walking over with sweat running down their naked bodies. Seeing Drew sweat was nothing new for me but it was still so hot to see sweat running over his muscled body. 

“We’re done,” Wes said. We stood and wiped the sand from our ass and legs. We told Clint we were finished. He said he would catch us later.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked Drew while we began walking back.

“I’d lie if I said I didn’t,” Drew replied. “It was a blast. Now I need something to drink and maybe hit the water again.”

We walked back to our stuff and grabbed the last of our water. We headed down to the water to cool off for a while. We returned and began noticing people were starting to leave including Jenna and Mark. I looked at my phone and saw it was just after five. The sun was still warm and there was still a nice breeze blowing. Clint came walking up with one of the guys, the thin one.

“Dudes, how long are we staying?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I guess we all agree we’ve had enough,” Drew said. “I’d say at least another hour or so. I didn’t drive two fucking hours to come and leave early.”

“Awesome. I thought I’d ask. Carson and I are heading off then,” Clint said.

“Have fun and don’t get in trouble,” PJ said.

“We won’t,” Clint said. “See ya.”

We sat and soaked up the late afternoon sun. Clint was back after being gone for an hour or so. 

“Where’s your friend?” I asked him before he sat down.

“He had to go,” Clint replied. “He was really cool and didn’t care one bit that I’m gay.”

“See, there people out in the world that don’t care,” I said. “You just have to find the right ones like I have.”

Cameron was the one who was first to say he was ready to go. Each one stated how much they enjoyed their day while we gathered up our things. We all just threw on shorts with Clint saying how much he hated doing that.  

Just before we parted ways, Clint said, “Man, I’d love to stay another day but I’ll really look forward to the next time we come.”

“We all will,” Drew said. “Now for the worst part of this road trip, the drive home. Guys, it was great.”

“It really was,” PJ said. We said goodbye. I did ask Wes to text me to let me know he made it okay. He said he would. PJ and I headed in one direction while they headed in another due to the fact they had to park in a different lot.

“How unexpected was that?” I asked with PJ and I walking.

“Very, but it was great!”

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