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I did as Wes suggested and called PJ to see if he was interested in meeting me for lunch and a little
shopping. He said he’d love to and then we could come back to his place and hang out by his pool. 

I was dressed nicely in my shorts and a blue Polo shirt with leather flip flops and a necklace. My
short brown hair was just how I liked it. The final touch was a few squirts of cologne. Wes was ready
for his day as well in his tank top and shorts with his growing dark blond hair combed towards his

“Jason, if you decide to join a gym around here let me know. My arms are so damn skinny,” Wes said.

“And your legs,” I added with a chuckle.

“Yeah, those too… I’ve tried putting on weight but I never have been able to.”

“Count it as a blessing. If I do decide to I’ll let ya know. First I wanna see what they offer here.”

Wes smiled. “Good idea, since we are paying for it.”

We headed off here on Sunday. I called my brother while driving to catch up with him. He asked if I
liked it, which I said I did, before going on and on about his fishing trip with his two friends.
Fishing was something I didn’t mind doing, but hunting wasn’t my thing, even though I’d been a few
times. Hand’s free connection made it easy to talk and listen whilst driving. When I arrived at my
lunch place I bid my brother Nick farewell and headed in to find PJ.

He was waiting just inside the door and greeted me with a handshake. He was looking great in his plaid
shorts and tee with his blond hair groomed nicely and his bangs hanging down nearly in his blue
sparkling eyes. We got a table and took a seat while glancing at the menu.

“Thanks for asking me,” he said.

“No problem. I figured this way we could be alone and get to know each other a little better.”

“Yeah, it has been rather fast and furious you might say. Jason, I know you like the water, but what

“I enjoy sports of all kinds and love the outdoors. I really don’t have what you call a hobby. You?”

PJ replied, “Awesome! I like sports as well. I like camping, hiking and bike riding, or at least I used
to. I really haven’t done much of those things lately. Like Jennifer said I’ve been almost a hermit.
It’s just the fact I haven’t found anyone to do things with or anyone who even liked those things. It
thrills me that you like the same things.”

The waitress came and took our order. I had a grilled chicken salad while PJ had the Rueben sandwich. 

“PJ… ummm… I don’t want to put a damper on things but I need to remind you I just moved here,” I said.

He nodded, “I understand. Even if things don’t work out perfectly I hope we can be friends…”

“Oh, I do too. I have felt the connection between us unlike anything before in my life. I just don’t
want to go all in and then realize I jumped at the first thing that came along,” I said.

“As I said, I totally understand. I feel the connection too,” he said just before we got our drinks. We
both were having water. “I can see your point of view. I would hate to be in your position of coming
somewhere new and trying to meet people.”

“So far it’s been a hell of lot easier than I thought it would be. I just knew I’d be stuck with Wes.
Not that that’s a problem,” I said.

“Boy, he and Jennifer hit it off well.”

I’ll say. They’re seeing each other right now.”

“I know. My sister has a tendency to jump at the first available thing. Wes seems like a good guy so I
hope she doesn’t hurt him,” he said.

“Like us, they’re adults and can figure those things out.”

“Are you excited about your job?” he asked.

“Ummm… excited yet nervous. I don’t know what to expect. It is administration, but that could mean
various things. I’ll let you know more after tomorrow.”

“I won’t be around but you can call me. I have to go out of town for a few days to meet with some
prospective clients,” he said.

“I see,” I said. “Do you go out of town much?”

“Maybe once a month. It depends on where the client is and how big the job is. We try to do it via the
internet when the client isn’t local, but this one insists we come to him. Even today, some still enjoy
meeting face to face and are willing to pay the expenses. We let them know up front we don’t come for

“Must mean big bucks.”

“It is very big bucks. For some people money is no object, but those can be the pickiest. The ones my
dad and I are meeting with tomorrow are so picky and want to see every option there is before making a
decision,” he said.

Our meal arrived. We started eating and talked more about his work. He did say he enjoyed drawing and
painting thus he was the main designer for his family company. 

After eating, we headed to the outlet mall a few miles away. I followed close behind and parked next to
him in the crowded lot. We headed off to locate a few stores where I could buy some dress pants and
shirts. In the first store we went to I found exactly what I was looking for at a good price. I tried
on the pants first before grabbing several pairs and then asked PJ to help me coordinate shirts with
them. I have a problem with that in that I’m a little color blind. 

We left with a big sack. “So much for not going after the first thing you see, huh?” he laughed.

I laughed, “I was talking about guys, not clothes.”

“I see we shop alike. Get your shit and get out.”

“I agree,” I said. We walked around and went in a few stores. I did grab a belt, a tie and dress socks
as well. We bought some tees and shorts at another store before we started heading back.  

We passed a beachwear shop on our way out. “You wanna go in?” PJ asked.

“Sure why not?” I said and opened the door. The right side was women’s while the left side was men’s.
For all I could see it was just board shorts. 

“Back here,” PJ said and motioned me back to the area where there was some nice looking men’s fashion
swimwear. We began looking at the various styles, mostly bikinis in various colors. “What do you think
of these for just laying out by the pool?” He asked holding up a red pair.

“Looks great,” I said.

“You need to get one too, Jason.”

“I might,” I said. “I have wanted to get one.”

“I see no reason why not with your nice body.”

I searched around until finding a blue pair that looked nice. I decided to try them on to see how they
fit. I loved the extra room in front and how they framed my ass. These were keepers for sure. I found
another pair as well that were black and red, also finding another pair of swim trunks that didn’t hang
past my knees. PJ bought three pairs since he couldn’t decide on two. 

We left the store laughing that we had bought more than we anticipated. I had only went for work stuff
and ended up with a lot of things. It was nice knowing my parents had given me some cash as my
graduation gift, knowing this move was impending.

After following him about 8 miles or so, we arrived at his house. With my bag in hand we walked through
his garage into his home. He offered me water, which was what I needed at the moment. 

“I’m aching to try on my new swimsuit,” PJ said.

“I am as well, I need to get used to it a little bit,” I said.

He smiled, “I can’t wait to see you in it.”

I reached in my bag and pulled out the blue bikini I had just purchased. He reached in his bag and
pulled out a nice green one. “Where can I change?” I asked after ripping off the tags.

“In front of me,” he laughed.

I pulled off my shirt and started to unbutton my shorts.

“Ummm… Jason… I was just kidding, but go ahead,” he said.

“Oh, sorry,” I said and turned around to change into it.

“Nice ass,” he commented.

“Thanks,” I stated, pulling it up and adjusting myself. When I turned around he was naked. 

“I have no shame,” PJ said. I tried to keep my eyes focused on his eyes but did see his nice uncut
dick. He pulled his suit up and moved closer, leaning forward for a kiss. I didn’t mind at all. We were
enjoying a nice passionate kiss until I felt his hand grabbing my dick over my suit. I broke the kiss
and pulled back. “What?”

I looked at him. “Come on, PJ. You were feeling me up.”

“Excuse me then,” he said in a huff.

I took his hand and went to sit at a bar stool. “PJ, yes I want you, but this time I want to be in a
relationship where sex is not the main attraction. I’ve been down the road where sex was the main key
and it didn’t work for very long.”

“Okay, I get your point, Jason.”

“PJ, you are hot as hell…”

“Look who’s talking.”

I paused a second to make sure this came out how I wanted it. “I’m ready for an adult relationship with
a man. I know sex is a huge part and maybe I overreacted since it was just a feel, but when and if we
do have sex I want it to be magical, like I’ve never had before. I want it to be for a reason other
than just being horny as fuck.”

“You’re so right. I feel so fucking stupid about it now…”

“Don’t. It is all me. You let your instincts take over and didn’t really know where I stood.”

“No, I went too far. I was kissing a hot guy with a great body. Jason, I’d die to look like you do
right now. Fuck. You’re perfect.”

“Not exactly but thanks. I love your body as well and am so attracted to you. I’m more attracted to
your personality. The more I’m around you the more I like you,” I said.

“Here here. What’s not to like about you? I just can’t figure out why you don’t have someone…”

“I wasn’t at the right beach with my friends. There’s a nice looking pool waiting for two guys out

“There is. Let me grab some towels and I’ll join you.”

I headed out and pulled two chairs close together. It didn’t feel great making my point, but it was
needed at the time to let him know where I stood. It was nice knowing he understood, or at least tried
to understand.

PJ came out with two more bottles of water and two towels. He smiled seeing how close I had placed the
chairs together. He sat down and began rubbing the sunscreen on. He passed it to me so I could do the

“PJ, I’ve been thinking about something I said earlier to you today. I don’t believe I’ll be looking
elsewhere now. Hell, why should I? Luckily, I found someone one right off the bat that I really do like
and so far have enjoyed being around.”

He had the biggest smile ever on his face, “That made my day right there.”

“It’s the truth,” I said. “Tell me something I’d be shocked to know about you.”

“Well…” he said. “I can sing a little and play the guitar.”

“Those are two things I can’t do.”

“Okay, same question.”

“I’m a nudist.”

“Really? Earlier you didn’t act like it when we were changing.”

“I’m not an exhibitionist.”

“Feel free to strip… sorry, that was highly inappropriate after what just happened.”

“Being a nudist has nothing to do with sex at all,” I said. 

“Prove to me it doesn’t,” he said after a brief pause to drink some water.

“Damn, I just spend good money on these bastards,” I said and began taking off my suit. “It does feel
nice. You’re welcome to join me.”

He laughed, “I would, but my fucking dick is hard right now.”

“That’s fine,” I said. “I take that as a compliment.”

“You really don’t think nudism is about sex?”

“I don’t at all. You probably do since you think of getting naked before having sex or taking a shower.
My family raised me to feel good in my own skin and enjoy the freedom,” I said sitting there with my
nice cut 7.5 inches hanging softly between my legs. I kept my pubes trimmed and did have a little trail
now between my abs to my groin.

“That makes perfect sense.”

“Once you get used to it, you won’t even notice.”

“You wanna bet?” he laughed. “Alright, I think I’ll give it a try.”

I saw him put his bikini on the arm. I leaned over and kiss his cheek.

“How does it feel?”

“Actually better now. That damn bikini was restricting me something awful. Will my dick get burned?”

I laughed, “It could, but worse is your ass.” 

We sat there soaking in the rays and listening to the pool’s filter. It became too enticing not to dive
in and enjoy the water, plus I was beginning to break a sweat. I pulled him up from his chair and
walked, holding his hand, to the board. It felt great feeling the water across my naked body after
diving into the warm water. PJ followed up and swam to where I was. 

“I feel like a little kid again skinny dipping in my own pool,” he said after he emerged.

“It’s such a great feeling,” I said. “I wish there was a nude beach close by. My family and I had to
travel great distances to enjoy the freedom.”

“I’m sure it can’t be much worse than all the sights yesterday.”

“At a nude beach you don’t stare and gawk,” I laughed.

“Let me grab some rafts where we can float along,” PJ said.

“Great idea. It’ll be cooler,” I said. “Grab the sunscreen as well.”

He headed over to grab two foam rafts and tossed them in the water. He set the sunscreen down on the
edge just as his phone started ringing. He answered it while I got on one. He came back and said it was
just his mom calling to see how his weekend was going. He handed me the sunscreen before jumping in. 

“PJ, would you rub some on me?” I asked.

“Oh fuck no. No way would I ever want to rub sunscreen on a hot guy’s bare naked back,” he replied. He
hopped in and squirted the lotion all over my back. I really didn’t mind him even rubbing it on my ass.
The tricky part was me applying the sunscreen to his backside. His ass was perfect and looked so
tempting. I held on the side with my feet while rubbing the lotion all over his backside. 

We held hands while floating. “You said you like to camp. Man it has been ages since I’ve been,” I

“It’s been a while since I’ve been as well. My parents have an RV we could take, or we could rough it
if you’d rather do it that way. I still have a tent we could use. There are loads of parks up and down
the coast where we could go and just get away.”

“We will definitely have to do that one weekend.”

“It would be a lot of fun. Any time you get ready holler and we’ll hit the links too,” he said.

“I see there are lots of courses around,” I said.

“If you fight off the old people,” he laughed. “Jason, this is really nice. You were right about once
you adjusted to it.”

“It is nice,” I said. “To me, this is paradise. I’m naked in a pool and with a really sweet, hot guy.”

“You’re way too nice,” he said.

We floated along, holding hands until deciding to turn over. We coasted to the steps and got out before
getting in on our backs. Eventually, after about an hour, if not longer, we got out and headed to grab
something to drink. He constantly commented on how now our nudity wasn’t a big deal and how he rather
enjoyed it.

After the day was finished, we headed inside where he was aching to show me his portfolio of designs.
He brought out his laptop and began showing me his talents. It was quite impressive with such attention
to detail, but it shouldn’t have been after seeing his nice house. He made us sandwiches to eat after
we put back on our shorts. 

I stood after I finished and was ready to head to my apartment, “I hate to leave so soon but I want to
be completely ready for tomorrow,” I said.

“I totally understand. I need to be up early as well.”

“I really had a wonderful time today, but mostly it was just being with you.”

“I did as well. I wish you the best of luck as you start your new job.”

I smiled, “I appreciate that so much.”

I gathered my suit, laughing at how it was barely worn, and my shirt. We shared a long kiss that was
quite heated with lots of tongue and grabbing. “I hope I see you when I get back.”

“I know you will after that shit right there,” I said and headed to my SUV. It felt so great driving to
my apartment and beginning a new relationship. It was hard to fathom how fast things were moving
between us. His time away would give us a break to really step back and assess the situation at hand.
For once, I felt like I could proudly introduce PJ to my family and not see the odd confused looks on
their faces like with my previous two. They did their best to accept them but were always thrilled to
hear when we split up.

Arriving in our lot, I saw Wes’s car and was a little surprised he was home already. Opening the door,
I found him and two other guys sitting in their board shorts and having a beer while they were watching
a basketball game. 

“Jason, I want you to meet Drew and Ryker,” Wes said. “Drew plays baseball here and Ryker is going for
his master’s in management.”

“Nice to meet ya,” I said and shook their hands after setting down my bags. Drew had a really killer
dark body and short short dark hair, but Ryker had nothing to be ashamed of either. He had thick brown
hair with a large tattoo on his left shoulder and one on his nice pecs. 

“How was your day?” Wes asked.

“It went really well, yours?” I replied.

“Great actually. It’s a shame she had plans tonight,” Wes said. “Hey, you wanna watch some of the game
with us? The Heat are on fire right now.”

“Let me put away my stuff and I’ll be right back,” I said.

While walking back, I heard some yelling and screaming. I came into the living room and took a seat.
“Dude, LeBron just shit all over this dude. Fucking rammed it home,” Ryker said. “Wes, run it back so
we can see that shit again.”

“We don’t have a DVR. They’ll show it again,” Wes said. The words were barely out of his mouth when
they showed a replay.

“He did,” I said. I sat and watched. Ryker was really so into the game by sitting on the edge of the
couch while Drew was messing with his phone. 

“Dude, do you like bball?” Ryker asked me.

“It’s okay. Baseball was more my thing,” I replied.

Drew popped his head up. “You played?”

“I did ‘til I got to college. Let’s just say the curve made me quit,” I laughed.

“You wouldn’t want to face Drew here. Boy has a nasty hook,” Ryker said.

“How hard do you throw?” Wes asked.

“Mid 80’s from the left side,” Drew stated.

“Sounds good to me,” Wes said. “Maybe you’ll get drafted.”

“Well… correct me if I’m wrong but don’t they usually after your junior year?” I said.

Drew raised his thick eyebrows, “Wow, you know your stuff and are correct for the most part. I got some
looks and was told to work on things. I highly doubt pro ball is in my future.”

“You can still hope,” Wes said.

“I can hope. I enjoy playing, plus it helps pay just a little bit for college,” Drew said with Ryker
holding his arm across Drew.

“The Heat are ripping them a new one tonight,” Ryker said. “About time they showed a little heart.”

The game stopped at half time. Drew headed to the bathroom while Wes went to get them some beer out of
our fridge. 

“How’d you meet them?” I asked.

“Oh, they were walking back from the pool and said hi…” Wes answered.

“We stood there talking before he invited us here,” Ryker added.

“I see,” I said with Drew returning.

“Bro, finish up that beer. Kayly said she was on her way,” Drew said.

“Okay, okay,” Ryker said and downed all of the beer. He belched and put the can on the floor. He stood.
“Later, guys, it was nice meeting you. Wes, we’ll for sure hit the links sometime with ya.”

“Yeah, we’ll take all your damn money,” Drew said. “It was nice meeting you.”

“Same here,” I said. Wes shook their hands and said goodbye.

He sat down and took a drink of the beer next to him. “Nice guys and great bodies, huh?”

“I’ll say. You noticed?”

“Hell Jason, I’m straight but not fucking blind,” Wes replied. “Now they’re gone, how’d it really go
between you and PJ?”

“Like I said, it went really well.”

“Like how well?”

I laughed, “We’re not that good of friends just yet so I’m not going into private shit, just like I
don’t care to hear about your private shit.”

“Mine has been nasty,” Wes laughed. “Is there something maybe brewing?”

“Yes, there is. At lunch, I said how I was just meeting him and hinted around that I might look at
others. As the day wore on, I retracted that. PJ is a really great guy.”

“And perfect for you from what I can tell,” he added. “Did ya get any sun?”

“Lots,” I said. “How was your day with Jennifer?”

“It went as well as I could have hoped for,” Wes said.

“In other words you got laid,” I joked.

“Here you didn’t wanna hear about my private shit but then you ask me if I got laid? It didn’t go that
well. We hung out for a while by her pool at her apartment and watched a movie together,” he said.

“Will there be more dates?” I asked.

“I think there will be,” Wes replied. “How about you?”

“No thinking to it, there will be,” I replied.

“I was hoping you’d say that because Jennifer said PJ is crazy about you. Are we ready to finish
watching the movies we started?”

“I guess so, but weren’t you watching the game?” I replied.

“I was, but the Heat have it well in hand,” Wes said.

“You and your movies,” I commented.

“Yelp, I love movies.”

“No doubt about that.”


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