Posted:  January 4, 2010

Justin drove his 90’s model truck down the dirt road that led to his old house that he rented.  With dust flying, he pulled the heap to a stop.  It was near dark on this hot summer day in late July.  He felt the air conditioning hit his face when he stepped in the front door.  Barely inside the door, he traditionally stripped naked and headed to shower off the sweat, dirt and whatever else had accumulated on his 23 year body.  He started the shower and could hear the old pipes sounding off.  He stepped inside and scrubbed every inch of his young slim body including his nice 5 inch cut flaccid cock and his asshole.  He washed his long brown hair and gave it a good lathering as well.  He stepped out of the shower and dried off before heading into the living room to watch television in the nude like normal.  He sprawled out on the couch and turned to something that caught his interest such the Food Network, E! or HGTV for ideas for his job laying flooring.  Before he knew it, it was another night on the couch asleep with the television going.  He woke at 4 in the morning and retreated to his unmade bed to finish the night of sleep.

He woke whenever he felt like it which was normally around 9 to start his day.  He loved the independence of working for himself.  He knew he had jobs lined up and headed to his first one to start a small flooring that would consume his Friday entirely.  Nearing one in the afternoon his phone was ringing.  He answered it and was glad to hear the voice of his boyfriend, Tim.  Tim wanted a date for the two to Justin’s picking.  Justin talked in a hurry and set the time he thought would be perfect for him.

He headed home and satisfied with the progress he had made throughout the day.  He did his normal routine and headed to the shower.  No more than out of the shower, he heard a loud banging at the door.  He draped a towel around his wet body and headed to let Tim in.

“Early, huh?” Tim asked there in his black tee, black jeans, faux hawk hair cut and multi-pierced ears.

“Just a little but it’s cool,” Justin said.

“Perfect timing by the looks of it,” Tim smiled. “I can watch you dress and see that ass that I love.”

Justin laughed and headed back to his room.  He climbed over the mounts of clothes to his clothes.  He felt the towel ripped from his body and looked to see Tim holding it in his hand.  Justin shook his ass for Tim’s enjoyment and a little tease before finding shorts and a shirt for their date.  Tim scooted some of Justin’s mess out of the way and watched Justin dress there in front of him.

“No undies?” Tim smiled.

“When do I ever wear em?” Justin asked.

“Ummm… never I don’t suppose.  Does that fucking rub the shit of your dick?” Tim asked.

“Not really.  I’m used to it now and haven’t worn em since high school,” Justin stated and went over to the streaked up mirror to comb his long brown hair.  He squirted a little cologne on and announced he was ready to go.

“Yea but where?” Tim asked.

“I dunno know.  You pick,” Justin said.

“I always pick,” Tim said.  “For once make a goddamn decision.”

“Fine, Tony’s Place for pizza and beer,” Justin stated.

“That’s my man,” Tim said, threw his arm around Justin and went for a kiss that turned into one long kiss.  “That’s more like it.”

“I guess so,” Justin stated and headed out to Tim’s nice truck to head out on their little date. 

They arrived at the crowded popular pizza place and placed their order for one large pepperoni, sausage and jalapenos along with two tall frosty mugs of beer to sip on while they waited.

“This place is really catching on,” Tim stated and grabbed a table for the two.

“What makes you think that?” Justin asked.

“Smartass,” Tim smiled and took a drink.

The two exchanged small talk about each other’s work.  Tim worked in the family business since he dropped out of college some 5 years ago.  Justin told about his jobs and his clients while they waited on the pizza.  After a good 25 minute wait, the two started in on the pizza and ordered refills on their beer.  With the spicy peppers, it wasn’t long before another beer was gone and left the two looking for more to drink. 

The pizza filled the two in a hurry and was boxed up to carry home.  They left with the crowds still filling the popular place.

“You wanna just go back to your place?” Tim asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Justin replied.

Tim drove back to Justin’s place in relative silence other than the music coming from his custom stereo.  He was glad to see Justin’s house when they pulled in the dirt drive.

Once the door was open, Tim raced to the bathroom with the biggest urge to piss ever in his life.  He washed his hands and returned to find Justin opening more beer for the two.  Tim sat on the older worn couch and waited to Justin sit down next to him.  He took the cold beer in one hand and threw the other around Justin’s shoulder.

They turned on the television and sat still in silence for the next twenty minutes.  Justin could see Tim wasn’t being his normal almost hyper self that he grew to love.  “Alright, what’s up with you tonight?” Justin asked.

“Why can’t we have a nice quiet evening together?”

“Yea but normally you’re not quiet.  I know something is up after dating you for 3 or 4 months,” Justin stated.

“Boyfriend, it’s more like 6 months…”

“I lost track of time.  What does it matter anyway?”

Tim took a big drink and sat the beer on the floor.  He took a deep breath and looked at Justin, “Let’s move in together.”

“What?” Justin turned and looked at him.

“Please Justin, I’m begging you.  I’m fed up with all the bullshit at my house.  One,” Tim held out one finger, “my dad is hell to live with.  He accepts that I’m gay and date a guy but that’s as far as it goes.  Two, my mom thinks this is just a phase and someday I’ll wake up and be straight.  Three, my sister’s fucking kids are on my every last nerve while she’s off whoring her fertile ass around.”

“So this is exactly what you’ve been so quiet about,” Justin stated.

“Yea it is,” Tim said. “It’s either move here with you or get my own place.  Either way dad is cool with it on that level.”

“Tim, it’s just so fast.”

“What’s so fast about it?  Do you want to or not?”

Justin sat back before downing the last bit that was left of his beer.  “I really wasn’t expecting this at this moment.  You just blurted it out of the blue.”

“I know but I’m ready to make that commitment to you.  I’ll be the best boyfriend your ass has ever seen,” Tim smiled and stroked Justin’s cheek.

Justin was in deep serious thought, mulling over all the possibilities.  “Tim, why out here?  This place is a dump and you even said so last weekend and many times even before that.”

“The main reason is you are here.  Dad’s willing to buy me a place nicer and newer,” Tim stated.  “If you want, Dad would buy this place from your landlord.  He’s already talk to him this week and they have a price set.”

“All 40 acres?”

“Every last one of them with this house practically thrown in,” Tim stated.

“Now I really dunno.  That’s a hell of lot of work, keeping up this land,” Justin stated.

“Dude, fuck it!” Tim said in utter disgust. “You’re not ready, are you?”

Justin dropped his head.  He looked up at Tim with tears in his eyes, “This is so sudden.  Sounds like to me you’ve been planning this behind my back.  Tim, I do love you…”

“I love you too Justin and is why I’m willing to commit to you one hundred percent.  I want to be with you every day.  I want to see you come home and be there to greet with a kiss and a hug of compassion. I want watch you fall asleep every night not just on the weekends. I’m tired living with my family and knowing you are here and not with me.”

“I know but last time I did this…”

“Justin, fuck the goddamn last time!  Shit, dude!  Most everyone has hard breakups in life and things didn’t go as planned.  Hell, it’s part of fucking life!” Tim voice grew higher. “Yes or no?  What is it?  I don’t want no pussy answer of I don’t know either.  Either we do this shit or my ass is moving on.”

“So now, it’s a take it or leave it proposition,” Justin replied.

Tim rose from the couch, “Been good knowing your ass!”

“Yes! I want you, Tim!”

“Bout fucking time!” Tim stated.  “I’m serious.”  He sat down and put his arm around Justin. “I ready to commit to you and be that boyfriend of a lifetime.  I want us to grow old together and experience life as partners with one day going down the aisle.”

“Like that will ever happen here,” Justin smiled. “I ready to commit to you as well.  I think you are so determined about this.”

“Trust me I am,” Tim stated. “Do I have your commitment as well?  It takes two to make this work.”

“Tim, you have my commitment.  It does get awful lonely out here at night.  I do get scared at times and miss having you here with me.  So your dad is willing to either buy this place for you or a new one?”

“Yea, he’s done it for that fucking whore sister of mine,” Tim stated. “Hell, he has the funds to do for the unique gay one too and get me away from him at least at home that is. New or fix up this dump?”

“Well…” Justin smiled. “I’m pretty handy with things.  We could really make this place pretty nice.   It has been a little farfetched dream of mine to maybe one day buy this and fix it up like I want it.”

“It’s settled and the papers will be signed.  We’ll make this our home and something to be proud.  We’ll pool our money and fix like we want except don’t go too flashy on my ass with wild colors,” Tim said.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’m worried you’ll want it instead of me,” Justin stated.

“It does need a little gay treatment around here,” Tim said and looked around the place.

“I like the masculine feel of it,” Justin stated.

Tim leaned over and filled Justin’s mouth with his tongue.  They ran their hands all over each other.  “I do love you!” Tim stated and went for more kissing.

“I love you as well,” Justin said.

“Finally, I get to hear you say that and actually mean it.  If nothing else it was worth hearing you say I love you,” Tim smiled.  He lifted up Justin’s shirt and kissed all over his slim body.  He sucked and lightly bit Justin’s nipples before running his tongue into Justin’s hairy pits.  His tongue continued down to Justin’s flat stomach and down the hairy trail.  He looked up at Justin with his big brown eyes and long lashes.  He unbuttoned shorts.  Justin lifted up and removed his shorts. 

Once naked, Justin began the same treatment on Tim.  He started kissing Tim’s ears before kissing his neck and Adam’s apple.  He pulled off Tim’s shirt to work on Tim’s nice body.  He licked Tim’s pecs and kissed the hair between them.  He sucked on Tim’s nipples and flicked the piercings with his tongue.  He moved down and bit Tim’s navel that pierced as well.
He undid Tim’s pants and slid them off him.  He grabbed Tim’s cock under Tim’s designer underwear until jerking them off of him to be naked with him.

Justin got on top of Tim and grinded their naked bodies together while they kissed.  “Every fucking night!” Tim said.

“Not every night will be like this,” Justin stated inches from Tim’s face.

“I know but every night being with you, seeing you, holding you and kissing you… now I’m fucking stoked!”

Justin smiled, “This is the Tim I have grown to love.  The excitable Tim.”

“Hell yea, bitch!” Tim said.  He gently pushed Justin back and went straight down for his cock.  He licked up and down with his eyes focused on Justin’s face like never before.  He stopped and went for a kiss and returned to work on Justin’s low hanging hairy nuts.  He stroked Justin’s cock after sucking his nuts.  He stopped and moved to work Justin’s cock. He swirled his tongue around the head before covering his lips with his hand at the base. He plunged down on Justin’s nice cock and heard Justin groan a little.  With his hand at the base, he moved up and down with his mouth and tongue to excite his boyfriend.  Justin ran his hands through Tim’s dark hair while enjoying Tim’s great mouth as always.  Tim pulled up for a kiss.

“Fuck me, Justin.  I want this cock so bad right now in me,” Tim stated with lust in his eyes.

“Let me get…” Justin said and started.

“No, we’re making this commitment as well,” Tim said with a kiss. “We are doing it natural.”

“I don’t know…”

“Now what’s the fucking deal?” Tim asked. “We both were tested last month and clean.  We’ve committed to move in together and should take it to the next level.”

“Alright,” Justin smiled and kissed Tim.

Tim moved and mounted Justin’s bare cock.  He descended slowly and could feel Justin’s cock going up his ass.  He leaned over and kissed Justin.  “Damn, this feels great!”

“I know,” Justin said and could feel his cock going deeper and deeper.  Tim started to ride Justin and let out his emotions.  Both were so into each other and their first raw sex. 

“Justin, I fucking love you to death right now,” Tim said, riding Justin’s cock.

“Tim, I love you so much too,” Justin replied.

The two lovers locked lips with Justin’s hands moving Tim up and down his rigid hard cock.  The moment one stopped the other started again.  Both could feel this was special and the right moment.

The stimulation and sensory overload was too much for Justin.  He groaned into Tim’s mouth and unloaded his load into Tim’s ass.

“OOO fuck yeah,” Tim screamed. “Fucking bred my goddamn motherfucking ass good!”

“Yes, I did,” Justin smiled and kept his cock in his lover.

“Don’t you dare pull out.  I’m fucking nutting all over your hot fucking ass!” Tim said.  It didn’t take too many strokes of his cock before he shot his load all over Justin’s torso.  The two locked lips for the longest time with cum drying on Justin and seeping from Tim’s ass.

“Please don’t let this feeling ever leave us,” Justin said.

“I know that’s right.  It was short but so loving.  Did you feel it?” Tim asked.

“Oh did I ever feel it.  Fuck!” Justin said.

“You must have to drop a f-bomb on my ass,” Tim smiled.

“Your influence on me,” Justin said.  His cock slipped out while he kissed Tim more and more.

“Now what?” Justin asked.

“We’ll do it again and again until we are so tired,” Tim smiled and moved off Justin’s lap. “How does that sound to you?”

“Ummm… I might could handle at least one more go around with you,” Justin smiled.

“No doubt I could,” Tim said.

The next sex occurred on the front porch.  Justin loved having sex in different places and suggested it to Tim.  It was a nice longer encounter but left both sweating from the humidity.  They showered together and moved to Justin’s bedroom.  They talked deep into the night and had one last go around before they called it a night.  Justin reached over and spooned with Tim.  He knew this would be normal for the two for who knows how long.  At the moment, he was so in love.  He lay there being held to realize this would be great every night not the raunchy sex but knowing Tim would be there for him.


Just one chapter again... thanks for reading!!