I was sitting across from Colt just watching him eating his food. He was looking so good in his
button up shirt and jeans that accented his great ass.  We haven’t spoken that much on the drive to
the restaurant. In fact, I am not really sure what I to say. It is weird; I know to other people
this is just a night out with a friend, but in my heart this is a night out with my boyfriend. Colt
looked at me and smiled. Whatever reservations Colt had with our dating when it began seem to be
gone now.

“Is something on your mind, bo?” Colt asked me.

The honest answer was yes, but I shook my head no. “Not really, I was just thinking about us.”

“Well, I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I am happy we can do this. I am happy Matt
talked some sense into you.”

I laughed, “That’s why I keep him around. Especially, when it comes to relationships, he is the

“Corey and Matt have been going strong almost three years now. Though, I am curious, are you
concerned about taking our relationship to this level?”

“Not concerned, just different. I had been on dates before, like you. But this is the first real
date with you.”

“What about the time I paid for our check when we started going out?”

I thought back to that day, and it was just a fun night, where Colt and I were chilling and having
a good time. Now months later, we are really dating.

“Kris, you are doing fine. I am just as scared too. It doesn’t have to be too different. To
everybody else we are just bros having dinner. No mushy stuff. So, let’s kick back and relax. Treat
this like any other day.”

“You are right,” I said. “Why should we be worried about this?”
We ate our dinner, just talking about anything that came to mind; we talked about the football
season, about Chase for a bit while, and I regaled him with a story about Nathan. Surprisingly, out
every one of my friends, including Matt, Colt has always been the one I could freely discuss Nathan
on a regularly basis. Then again, as the years continue discussing Nathan has been easier.

“Do you miss Matt?” Colt asked me as we were eating cheesecake for dessert.
“Huh,” I said, through a mouthful of food.

“Ever since Corey and Matt became lovers, your relationship with him suffered a bit, huh?”

It is true that Matt and I haven’t had many times to communicate of late, especially with Colt and
Corey in our lives. And it had been nearly half a year since we slept together, and the last chat
we had was that long one around Matt’s father death. “Yeah, I miss our chats, like I told you
before last semester.”

Around the time Colt wanted to tell Chase about our dating, I confessed about missing my time with
Matt, and we discussed that it wasn’t really Matt I missed but the chats, and our conclusion was
that Colt and I would spend time chatting. Since then, the chatting never really flourished, we
either were too tired at the days’ end, or too horny.

“So, that is why you had to the idea of switching boyfriends, before the holidays.”

“Yep,” I smiled boyishly. “It would give me more time to reconnect with Matt.”

“I can see that. I have to admit my relationship with Corey hasn’t been the same since Corey and
Matt moved in the same room.”

“You really haven’t mentioned much about your friendship with Corey.”

“Not much to say, it has its share of mystery. He tells me about some of things that annoy him
about Matt, which are small, and I help him understand how to deal with it.”

“Like you with your snoring,” I laughed, I couldn’t resist that.
“Yeah, and your constant need to look at yourself in mirror ever five seconds,” Colt replied.

“Have you and Corey ever fucked alone?” I asked with my hand on my chin, feeling the stubble.

“Nope, we haven’t been sexual in a year, not counting the orgies; Matt’s not really the sharing

“Do you want to have your way with Corey?”

He thought hard for a minute, “Yeah, I do. I mean neither of the four of us are jealous and when we
had that orgy it didn’t harm our relationships.”

“True, I don’t think we have worry about that. As much, as I wished I could have had a relationship
with Matt back in the day when I discovering my bisexual self, I think he is suited with Corey,
just like you and I are suited for each other.”

“So true,” Colt smiled, “Although, I am being honest right now, I really want to fuck with Scott
some more. His uncut dick is so hot, and we barely scratched the surface in Vegas.”

“Yeah, I really want to do him too. The last time it was pure sex because you wouldn’t help me out
that one time.” 

“Yeah, maybe will do a threesome with him one day,” Colt stopped and then added, “There are days
when I miss pussy. “

“Which is why we have Toni on speed dial,” I joked. After a minute, I added, “What about Andrea?
Are you too okay now?”

“We spoke a few times here and there, and were ok friends now. She isn’t jealous at all, and in her
heart she knew you and me were not meant to be.”

I sighed, “I just wished it wasn’t at the cost of Alex and those guys.”
“Kris, they are the ones who only see labels and not love. If they want to be asses then let them.”

At that, I did something unexpected, but let the mood take me I gently moved my hand on Colt’s and
kissed on the mouth. Colt was thrown but welcomed it.

We continued talking until Bruce called and asked if we were coming over, so Colt paid the check
and we headed to their place. I thoroughly enjoyed my night with my boyfriend, and I didn’t even
care that we held hands as we left. 

As I got in the driver’s seat, Colt looked at me and said, “Kris, I really do love you a lot. Corey
and Matt be damned, you are the hottest guy alive.”

I nodded and smiled, “I know, bro. Now let’s go chill with our crew.”
“You gave me what I want, now I can give you time with our friends too.”
We kissed briefly and hit the road.



Stepping out of the bathroom, Colt watched Kris's hot body as it walked across the room away from
him. When Kris bent over to get something out of his bag, Colt felt his cock stir and couldn't
believe it still had life in it after cumming so many times in the past 24 hours. Kris had the most
amazing ass Colt had ever seen, with its round muscular cheeks that curled in toward his crack and
seemed to point toward his hole.

He was so tempted to go over there and sink his dick into that hot hole, but after they fell asleep
in exhaustion after Colt made love to Kris for well over an hour, Kris had woken Colt up with an
amazing blowjob and had followed it up by slowly riding Colt’s cock until he came in Kris’s ass.
They thought that had been enough until they were soaping each other up in the shower and Kris’s
cock got so hard again that he gently pushed it inside Colt and fucked him slowly as he continued
to wash his hot body. 
Instead of pulling his clothes out of the bag so he could get ready for breakfast in the hotel's
restaurant, Kris pulled out a gift that looked heavy and was pretty poorly wrapped. He then walked
back over to his boyfriend for a long, passionate kiss.
“I think it’s time to give the birthday boy his first present," Kris smiled.

“I thought the making love into the wee hours of the morning and this whole night alone was my

“Come on, bro. On this birthday especially, I knew what I was getting you. Corey got it for me
though,” Kris said, ushering Colt to the armchair in the room.

Sitting in the chair, Colt took Kris’s gift and opened it with a fury; inside was a large bottle of
Vodka. Colt now understood why Corey had to get it for him and he kissed Kris again. “I love you,

“You do make me happy, Colt, so I needed to return the favor somehow." Kris grabbed two shot
glasses and they toasted to Colt’s 21 birthday.

“Let’s go get my man some breakfast,” Kris said, holding out his hand and waiting for Colt to
accept it.

“Can we maybe ring down to order room service or something? I'm sure the hotel does it and won't
mind since you said breakfast was included. After last night I am in no mood to get dressed yet.
And I'd really just like to spend some more time with you, just us.”

Colt laughed at Kris’s smile, liking his suggestion a lot more. Kris dialed the number and found
that they could get the food delivered to their room as part of the package Kris paid for. They
quickly looked at the menus provided in the rooms and made their order. While they waited for their
breakfast they chatted about all kind of things, including Matt and Corey, wondering what they were
up to and if they took advantage of having the apartment to themselves for the night.

After the food arrived and Kris tipped the waiter, they put the meals on the table and started
eating their pancakes first. Kris loved staring at Colt, who was now sitting in an open cotton
shirt and nothing else. He claimed he was a little cold while Kris chose to remain naked.

Kris laughed out loud just as he was finished the last bits of his food, which surprised Colt.

“What?” Colt asked, “Is there something on my face?”

“No. I was just thinking back to our first summer together in your tent at your place. And that
conversation we had. How we decided that we wouldn’t fuck anymore.”

“That’s so true.” Colt laughed. “Well it looks like you couldn’t resist me.”

“Look who’s talking over there. You love my dick more than I love yours.”

“Are you sure you don’t have that reversed? Anyways, that talk was the most meaningful
conversations we had up to that point.”

“Yeah, and it turned out to be so fucking wrong.” Kris laughed again. “I seem to recall me saying
that I would never even fathom dating a guy. Those girls are where my future lies.”

Colt laughed at that, “So true, but it in the end; you fucked more guys than me, Corey, and Matt
put together. You may be equal with Scott. And you actually wanted to date guys, Jordy and that
other guy at the rec center. Then you said something which upon reflection is just a load of bull.
You just wanted to have sex with your friends and have no attraction to anybody.”

“That was true,” Kris acted offended.

“You are saying in seven years you knew Matt you weren’t attracted to him?”

“Yeah, I was, but back then I didn’t even know I had bisexual feelings. They just came out. I seem
to remember early in my freshman year, before you came along, Matt was completely naked and he came
to my bed and took the earphones off and we talked about Corey ditching him to go golfing. Then, I
told him to put some shorts on.”

“Yeah, I assume that you were being in denial just a little. Had Matt not found Corey so early, I
am sure you and him would have went with those urges and I would have never found you. My point
stands you were attracted to guys since the beginning, but maybe too scared to do anything with it;
then that following Christmas when you discovered how gay you were with the experimenting with
other guys.”

“So true,” Kris agreed happily. “Plus I seem to remember saying something like I loved having sex
with you because it was you who I was doing it with. You made me safe and secure, that stuff was

Colt remembered that part of the conversation too. However, he said: “Do you remember saying, ‘I
love you, not like that,’”

Kris laughed, “Yeah, obviously that opinion is now changed. I love you like that and even more so.
On a different level, I love you more than I love Matt. I wouldn’t have spent all this money on
anybody else but you, bro. Back then I found myself loving having sex that I would want to continue
to do it again the next morning, now we don’t fuck as much.”

Colt stared at his boyfriend, “We had sex four times last night.”

“Yeah, we stopped fucking a long time ago, now we make love, sweet passionate love.”

“You are so right.” Colt agreed. “It is funny how even back then I was fighting my desires of being
with guys and girls. I seem to remember saying, something like two different versions were fighting
each other. Then I realized I could have you and some girl, when the circumstances.”

“Thank god, for fucking Andrea. She allowed you to fuck me while you were dating. Be honest with
me. How hard was it to break up with her for me?”

“Not that hard, I knew I didn’t want you dating some other guy, and having to hear how good the sex
was. I didn’t want anybody touching your dick but me. Obvious, Matt and Corey are different. We
have a bond that is beyond sex. We show love through sex, that how we knew how much love we have
for each other. To answer your question it was hard to make the decision. The hard part was telling
her. I love her still. Kris, there is still a part of me that still loves her.”

Kris padded Colt on the shoulder, “I can understand that, bro. I still love my first girl in high
school, and there is still a piece for Liz and Megan too. We always keep ones we love in our
hearts.” Kris emphasized the point by putting Colt’s hand on my N tattoo. Then, he took Colt’s hand
and kissed it.

“Remember how freaked out we were when we accidentally made love the first time, when we woke up in
the middle of the night and your dick slide back inside me.”

“It freaked us out. Yeah, and that is what lead to our agreement to put an end to it.”

“Yep, and it turned out to be true. We kept fucking and making love and now we are in a meaningful

“You were so honest to me in that tent conversation too. You admitted how scared you were that
these urges wouldn’t go away. Stating how didn’t want to be my boyfriend.”

“Yep, that is why it led to my Christmas mess and discovery of that I was just a plain bisexual. I
couldn’t fight these urges, so I accepted them, and you. I mean I was bold enough to want to be
your boyfriend in Amsterdam.”

“You are so right there, “Colt admitted, “Thinking back, I should have played your boyfriend.”

“Nah, you still were having your struggles.”

“Kris, you keep surprising me all the time. First, with you way with people, then your friendship
with Matt and me, and now your honesty in our talks; there are so many sides to you.”

“I don’t really let people into the real me. Part of it is because if I become best friends with
people then it will hurt when I lose them. I lost my brother, and don’t want to go throw that

“I still can’t get over how sentimental you were when you should us that storage room though.
Keeping all that stuff and dedicating a place to me, and everybody else. That meant more to me than
anything you could have said or done. I would have fucked you then and there.”

“Really?” Kris smiled.

“Until you forced me to wear the singlet wrestling outfit,” Colt laughed.

“You looked so hot then.”

“Maybe a little,” Colt conceited. “Anyways, as much as I love staring at your naked body; let’s get
back. I want to buy some beer myself. I cannot wait to see this party.”

“Yeah, I could use a nap also.”

“I’m sorry our love making kept you up. You didn’t seem to have a problem when you telling me to
fuck you again and again.”

“What can I say; you know how to make me scream.” Kris smiled wickedly.

With that, Kris and Colt packed up, it was nearly noon when they left the hotel. By the time Colt
bought his first beer and they were in the apartment complex parking lot, Matt and Scott had
already left.


Kris noticed how tired Colt was on the ride home and suggested he take a nap before the party. Colt
listened to his boyfriend and went to sleep in his bedroom for a change. “I’ll join you in a

He noticed a small drop of red stuff on the floor and wiped it down, and then put the beer in
fridge. He saw that his clothes were in laundry, and decided to help Matt out by putting their
clothes away for Matt. He was just about to join Colt for a little rest when there was a knock on
the door.

Kris wasn’t naked, thank god, but was half way there in his boxers. It was odd because normally
Kris wore no underwear. He opened to door and in walked his father, Walt. Unexpected and surprised,
he hugged his father like it was the first time he seen him in a while.

It was just a few weeks ago he was having Christmas dinner with this parents, and he was bound to
see them again at Matt’s mother’s wedding, so he was very curious to find out why his father was

“I see we are dressing informal now.” He said, smiling at his stunned son. “What? a father can only
visit when there is football game on at campus.”

“No, sorry; I just didn’t expect you here.”

“That was obvious, I have a meeting around 2 pm with a friend of the families, and I came early to
spend some quality time with my son.”

Kris smiled, “Well, dad; you caught me at the right time.” He yawned “I was about to take a nap. I
had a long night.
“Drinking a lot last night?” Walt asked, not judging his son at all. Walt wasn’t exactly the model
student when he went to college here. He had flings and girls and beers all over the place. It was
Jenny that sent him straight.

“Not really, Colt and I were just celebrating.” He stated it like it was just a fact. He motioned
to his father to join him on the balcony for beer. He indicated Colt was taking a nap.

“What were you celebrating,” Taking the beer from Kris.
“Today, Colt turns 21. So I wanted him to have a special night.”

“I see, when I turned 21, my girlfriend at the time, treated me to dinner out and to stay at hotel.
Then, the next day my friends took me out to do a beer crawl.”

“Well, Matt is planning a party; I believe he and Scott are getting stuff for it as we speak. Fuck,
though. Dating isn’t easy.”

Walt let the swearing go. “Son, you will get the hang of it. Jenny and had so many arguments before
she agreed to date me. More to the point, she was dating somebody else at the time.”

Walt made sure not state the man’s name as Kris may have known the guy. “How did you celebrate if
you don’t mind me asking?”

“Dad isn’t that a little personal.”

“Maybe, but I never did get to have these chats with Nathan. He would have assumed that I was
butting in to his life.”

Kris remembered how Nathan was near the end of his life and Dad was just an obstacle. Kris thought
about commenting on his relationship with Colt. He would never open up to Mom, though. However,
Walt has always been a cool dad. When Kris was home a while back in sophomore year, Dad didn’t bat
an eye when Kris admitted to having had sex with Matt. In Kris defence, he did open his mouth and
mentioned he slept with guys which allowed Walt to probe for more information. 

“Basically, we made love throughout the night.” Kris didn’t feel it was inappropriate to say that.

“That’s good, I am happy you have found the right guy.”

“You know I am not gay though.”

“Son, I don’t care if you are transvestite atheist, what you are my son and I will be proud of you,
with one exception of course.”

Walt let the subject dangle for a minute, making Kris think would could he mean. Then it hit him
like freight train. “Yes, dad. I will graduate.” Walt patted his son on the back and laughed.

“You and Colt doing okay,” Walt asked.

“Yep, last night was just great for both of us.” Kris said stifling a yawn. “Sorry.”

“You really got the bed pounding I take it.”

“What can I say, like father like son?”

“Dad, fess up. Why did you come here really?”

“I told you I got a meeting at 2.”

“On a weekend?” Kris asked suspiciously.

Walt paused for a minute, and decided to speak the truth. “When you left after Christmas it dawned
on that I never got to know my sons. My first one died way too young, and you are practically one
foot out the door. Now, I spend my weekends at home with your mother without doing anything about

“You missed me?” Kris asked making sure.

Walt nodded, “Yeah, you and I have a bond. I may not have approved of some of your choices, but I
still appreciate you coming to me when you had a problem. When you left for college, I realized my
sons were gone and didn’t my hardest to be a part of their lives.”

Kris hugged his father, “I may have my own life now, but I am still your son, first and foremost.”

After an awkward pause, Kris asked curiously, “This had nothing to do with what happened to Bob.”
Kris was aware that his parents knew about Bob’s cheating and how he reacted to Colt’s news about
dating him.

“Not really.” Walt was being honest, he never thought of him as bad father. He was there for Kris
and Nathan growing up.

They both didn’t know what else to talk about so they stared out while they finished the beers.
Kris was actually getting cold being in just his boxers. He brought his father and he sat on the
couch while Kris went into Colt’s room to fetch some clothes. Walt placed his beer on the table
next to an open package.

Kris opened Colt’s bedroom door, and Colt’s snores were unbelievably loud. He saw his father
admiring the package and told him he could look it. Walt looked at the Vodka bottle and put it next
to his forgotten beer.

“I take it you bought for the birthday boy.”

“Well, it is only right.”

“True. My best friend gave three tequila bottles on my 21st.”

“Is that so; you really were the party animal back then?”

“You have no idea, son.”

“No?” That piqued his son’s interest. “Do tell.”

“Trust me all the stuff you pulled is nothing compared to what I did.”

“Try me.”

Walt was up to the challenge. “Have you ever had a threesome?”

“Multiple times,” Kris admitted proudly.

“Have you ever got so drunk that you couldn’t walk straight?”

Kris nodded; he didn’t want to worry his father. His memory went back to the early days in his
freshman year when he had some drug in his system, which resulted in Matt needing to hold him all

“Have you ever stripped naked and run down the halls walking everybody insight.” Walt asked.

“I did that shit year one. Have you ever had an orgy?” Kris asked.

“With friends or strangers,” Walt laughed.

“Okay, son, have you ever stolen someone else's girlfriend on a dare, beat up the guy whose
girlfriend you stole and then in heat of the moment had unprotected sex and produced a child.”

“Uh…no…wait.” Kris did some of the math in his head, “was that how I was conceived.”

“Yeah,” Walt looked serious, then after a minute watching Kris’s reaction and he laughed.

“Kris you are not that old. Nathan, unfortunately, was born a little early than expected though.”

Kris laughed it off. “I can top that dad. Have you ever made love to your boyfriend one day after
you made love to your gay best friend?”

“Well, no.”

Kris smiled proudly. “I have.” Kris had no shame or guilt about revealing that fact, his dad knew
indirectly that he and Matt have fucked in the past.”

“Son, that is cool that you and your friends have such a close bond. I remembered how you, Matt and
Corey backed Colt up when his father was being an ass during parent day.”

Kris laughed, “I forgot all about that.”

“I knew you and Matt had great friendship, and he taught you a lot; I seem too remember you and
Matt were a onetime thing, considering how close you are I am not really surprised.”

“We love each other, sex is away to show love.” Kris said looking for his father’s approval.

“I couldn’t have said it better. One thing though, have you had any problems, being with Colt with
your friends.”

“Yes, I did” Kris told him about Alex and Bishop, and how they moved out eventually. It was then
that Colt came out naked. Kris went over there and asked how the birthday boy was doing. Colt
kissed him with passion.
“Well I can see you too love each other.” Walt stated making his presence known. He was thrown away
by a gay activity, having seen his share with Nathan. He love that his son seemed to have found

“I see you decided to wear your birthday suit on your birthday,” Kris joked, with Walt laughing,
and Colt getting very red. He went inside and put some shorts on.

After a few minutes more talking to Kris and Colt, Walt asked Kris to walk him to his car.

“Thanks for the visit dad.” Kris smiled with a hug to his father.

“Promise me one thing Kris.”

“Yes, dad! I am going to fucking graduate.”

Walt laughed, “No just keep control of your temper, and don’t ruin this thing with Colt.”

“I promise,” Kris stated, ‘between us men, my temper is a thing of the past.”

“I am happy to hear that son.”
“Promise me that you won’t tell Mom about our talk. I don’t feel that comfortable sharing that
stuff with her.”

With that Walt agree, he got into his car, “I love you, son.”

“Love you too, dad.”

Walt drove to his appointment, as Kris walked back to his apartment.
Colt was lying on the coach watching the latest sports news. “So, Walt just showed up out of the

“Yeah,” Kris said pushing Colt’s feet out the way, “I missed him.”

“Sure rub it in.” Colt responded.
Kris thought about Colt’s father, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.”
“I know,” Colt frowned. His thought went to his father again and how their relationship

“Come here, Colt.”

Kris kissed him and pushed him back on the coach. He  put his hands on his chest. “Ready for round

That brought a smile to Colt’s face. “What about Matt?”

“What about him?”
“He may come in.”

“So, it’s not the first time they interrupted your birthday present. Remember last year.” Colt’s
mind went back to the orgy they had last year. He licked his lips, pushed Kris to the floor and
ripped off those sweat pants and hungrily went after Kris’s dick. When they were finished they
showered in Matt and Corey’s bathroom, and washed each other.
Kris and Colt changed into shorts. Colt took his precious vodka and a discarded beer bottle and put
it on the counter. He noticed a small red mark and whipped it up. Kris had his feet up when Colt
joined him, his arm draped over Colt. Then the door opened with Scott and Matt…

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