Posted:   August 18, 2009

Aaron waited in his small living room of his house for his friend/date/boyfriend Ryan.  Even after two months of solid dating, he was not quite sure if Ryan was his true boyfriend just yet. He heard the familiar knock of Ryan and went to the door.  As usual, Ryan had a big smile to compliment his tanned round face, dark brown hair and partial goatee.

“Aaron, you look great as always,” Ryan stated.  The two shared a quick sweet kiss at the door stoop.

“Thanks Ryan, you look nice and even shaved tonight,” Aaron laughed in reference to Ryan’s ability to grow facial hair practically overnight.

“Smooth,” Ryan rubbed his face.  “Smooth for the time being that is.  What’s the plan for us tonight?””

“Is Gino’s okay with you?” Aaron asked.

“Of course, the food is out of this world and was our first place we went together,” Ryan stated.

Aaron headed out in his polo shirt and shorts with his short blond hair perfectly gelled.  He got in Ryan’s SUV to head out for dinner.   He remembered just how nervous he was the first date with Ryan after Ryan’s cousin and one of Aaron’s closest friends had set them up for a date.  Now he felt so at ease and enjoyed being in Ryan’s company.

At the crowded restaurant, the two had a short wait for a table and started the evening with a beer each.  They enjoyed a cold brew and discussed Aaron’s day at work there in St. Louis.  Ryan talked about starting grad school in two weeks while the two waited patiently for a table.  Finally the two were shown to a table and handed a menu.

“Wine tonight?” Ryan laughed.

“I don’t think so,” Aaron laughed as well since they did order wine the first night and barely touched it.  Both were trying to impress the other and had a good hardy laugh about it later that night.

They ordered the same meal as the first time they were there.  Both had pasta, with Ryan the red sauce and Aaron the white sauce.  They tried a new appetizer to start and stuck with beer since they both enjoyed it.

After downing a full plate of pasta and the appetizer, both were filled up and could feel their stomachs bulging.  They left the restaurant and headed to have frozen custard like they had many times before.  Ryan wasn’t from St. Louis though had lots of family there.  He moved to the area a few weeks before the two went on their first date.

The two men, Ryan 23 and Aaron 26, headed back to Aaron’s house with the night still relatively young.  Aaron had rented a movie for the two to enjoy for the night.  Ryan used the bathroom and returned to the sofa and put his arm around Aaron.

“We really need to go to another Cardinals’ game here soon.  I’ve wanted to ask you that for a while now since I had a blast at the last one with Hayes and Brady,” Ryan said.

“We did have a good time even if your cousin Hayes got a little out of hand,” Aaron smiled.

“Have you talked to them lately? I haven’t talked to Hayes in a damn week,” Ryan said.

“I talked to Brady a little bit yesterday.  They even mentioned another game with us whenever we were up for it,” Aaron said.

“We do need to do something with them again,” Ryan said. “I miss seeing ole Hayes.  It is fun going out and hanging with them.”

Aaron started the movie and settled next to Ryan.  He had found a good friend who enjoyed doing things together.  They went to the zoo the day after their first date with Ryan showing off his camera expertise.  Over the past two months, the two had experienced a lot St. Louis had to offer with Aaron being a tour guide.  Aaron enjoyed revisiting a lot of the places since it had been sometime since he had been to most such the zoo, art museum, botanical gardens and science museum.  They had explored the river and went up in the Gateway Arch as well.  Last weekend, they took a chance and went to a play.  Both enjoyed the live theater and promised to return when another returned to their liking.

Ryan looked at Aaron and pulled him closer with the movie ending.  “Aaron, where are we going with this?” He had a very serious look on his face.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean we’ve basically dated for two months.  Are we friends or boyfriends?  What are we?”

“I think of us now as boyfriends,” Aaron replied and was close as ever to Ryan.  “How about you?”

“I do too. I was checking to see if we were on the same ground. I like the pace we’re taking in this relationship and not rushing into a heated romance like a lot of guys do,” Ryan smiled.

“I like it as well.  I think we’ve become great friends along the way too.  I have really enjoyed our time together. It really had been a lot of fun for me, Ryan.”

“Oh I had fun too.  St. Louis is a great town.  I’ve only visited family here in the past and so glad Hayes set us up.  I hope I haven’t been too big of a pain in the ass.”

“We have done so much around town together. You aren’t a pain in the ass ever,” Aaron said and turned off the television now with the credits rolling in the movie.

Ryan got up from the couch and went for another beer.  He came back carrying two and handed one to Aaron.  “Aaron, I really like you so much and have such a great time with you.”  Ryan took a big swallow.

Aaron looked at Ryan, “I thought we had established that fact just a few seconds ago.”

“I know but it was worth repeating,” Ryan said.  He took another drink and grabbed Ryan for a wet sloppy kiss.  The two kissed there on the couch like that had a few time before that moment.

Aaron broke the kiss and wiped his brow.  “I sure liked that.”

“Aaron, do you find my fat ass the least bit attractive?” Ryan asked.

“Yes I do,” Aaron replied. “Neither one of us are models.  I don’t see you as a fat ass. You aren’t what I consider fat at all. I’m very attracted to you on a lot of different levels, Ryan.”

Ryan shook his head, “I know but I’m no fitness model for damn sure.”

“Neither am I,” Aaron said. “I’m perfectly happy with the way I am.”

“I am too, I guess but I could stand to lose a few pounds,” Ryan said.

“Dude, you look absolutely perfect to me,” Aaron said with a kiss. The two kissed and kissed until Ryan again headed to the bathroom.  He took his time and returned to continue.

“My bladder is going crazy tonight with this beer running through me,” Ryan stated.  He reached down and ran his hands under Aaron’s shirt.  Aaron lifted up his arms and allowed Ryan to pull off his shirt.  Aaron looked at the sparsely hairy chest of Ryan and leaned over to kiss and play with his nipples.  “You like this?”

“OOO yes I do,” Aaron stated.  He pulled and freed Ryan’s shirt.  Ryan pulled off his shirt and looked at Aaron.  Aaron kissed his hairy chest and sucked on his nipples.  “All fucking man!”

“Fuck yeah, no twinkie ass here!” Ryan stated. “Why have we waited this long?”

“Well… I wondered that myself.”

“Dude, I feel so comfortable with you.” Ryan smiled.  “You really make me seem so comfortable whenever we’re together.  I would… like us to possibly get… ummm… naked and see where that ends for us.”

“I sure hope it ends in my bedroom,” Aaron smiled and stuck his hands down the front of Ryan’s short. 

Ryan undid his shorts with Aaron fondling his cock.  He stood and swiftly had both his briefs and shorts off in one quick motion.  “Don’t laugh!” Ryan said with his cock barely visible under his thick pubes. 

“No way would I ever, Aaron.  I’ve been waiting so patiently for this moment!”  Aaron said.  He felt Ryan’s hand on his shorts and undid them.  He stood and dropped his boxer briefs and shorts to free his nice cock.

Ryan leaned over and kissed Aaron’s stomach.  He got on his knees and played with Aaron’s uncut meat.  He kissed the tip that had emerged from the foreskin while he stroked it.  Aaron got hard and wasn’t ashamed of his 7 and ½ inch cock.  He watched Ryan lick it and suck his balls.

“Your dick is so hot!  I love how you’ve got it nice and trim too,” Ryan commented and opened his mouth. Aaron stuck his cock into Ryan’s mouth.  Ryan sucked and licked on Aaron.  Aaron sat down and let Ryan get between his legs to continue.  Ryan kept his mouth and tongue planted while stroking his cut cock while running his hands over his hips and stomach.  He kissed Aaron’s stomach and chest.

Aaron met him at the mouth.  He broke the kiss and dropped his head down to please Ryan.  He saw Ryan’s cock was hard and licked the head before taking it in his mouth.

“OOOO yes!” Ryan groaned and pushed on Aaron’s blond hair.

Aaron was able to take all of Ryan’s 5 and ½ inches in his mouth.  He bobbed up and down to the sound of Ryan’s moans.  He pulled off and licked the throbbing cock before returning his mouth.  He could smell Ryan’s scent from his pubes and continued to please him.  He cut his eyes up and could see the pleasure written all over Ryan’s face along with an occasional soft moan.  He could feel Ryan’s hands on his shoulders and moving down his back.

Aaron rose and kissed Ryan with a finger probing for Ryan’s hole.  They stayed lip locked with Aaron’s finger now inside Ryan’s ass.

“Please Aaron, fuck me!  I want you!  I want your hot cock so bad!”

“I would love to fuck you, Ryan,” Aaron said with a kiss.

The two made their way to Aaron’s bed.  Ryan got on the bed with his hairy ass sticking out.  Aaron found the condoms and lube.  He dropped his head down and proceeded to taste Ryan’s ass and knew what took so long previously in the bathroom.  He probed his tongue in and out and enjoyed rimming ass.

Aaron stopped with Ryan’s begging to be fucked.  Aaron donned the condom and lubed them both up for the moment.  Aaron stood on the floor with Ryan on the bed with his ass high.  Aaron ran his cock up and down Ryan’s hairy crack before putting it at his hole.  He felt Ryan push his ass out and take Aaron’s hard cock. 

“OOOO Aaron,” Ryan groaned.

At the same time, “OOO Ryan, yes baby!” Aaron groaned.

“OOO Aaron just fuck me!” Ryan said and squirmed, feeling Aaron go deeper.

“No Ryan, I’m making love to you,” Aaron said and kissed Aaron’s hairy back and neck while he was at it.  “I’m making sweet fucking love to my teddy bear as long as we both can stand it.”

Aaron grabbed Ryan by the waist and slowly starting plunging into him.  His old bed began squeaking with each movement and added to the excitement of their first sexual experience together.   Aaron leaned up and could feel his cock balls deep in Ryan’s ass.  Ryan let out a deep moan but told Aaron he felt so good.   Aaron moved Ryan forward to join him on his bed.  He slowly worked his cock in and out to the moans of Ryan.  He slipped out a few times but was asked to put it back in to fill Ryan’s ass.

After a five minutes of doggie fucking, the two switched positions.  Ryan lay on his back with his legs high.  He watched Aaron enter him and felt the pleasure again filling his entire body.  Aaron slapped Ryan’s ass and heard the sound rattle off the walls.  The sounds of them making love filled the room with the bed rattling and both moaning and groaning.

“Fuck me Aaron!  Fuck me harder!” Ryan screamed.

He felt his request honored.  He pulled Aaron close for a kiss.  The two kissed passionately with their steady rhythm going.  Both were moaning and groaning with the bed shaking and squeaking with each moment.  If anyone was near, it was evident by the sound sex was definitely happening in the house.  Aaron leaned up and grabbed Ryan’s cock. 

“Oh fuck yeah!  Fuck yeah!” Ryan moaned.

“Ryan, your ass feels soooo good!”

“Dude, your cock is so fucking hot in me!  Shit!!”

Aaron continued stroking Ryan’s cock while ramming his cock in and out.  He heard a deep moan and knew Ryan was close.  Ryan shivered and began cumming shot after shot.  Aaron pulled out and shot his load on Ryan’s hairy stomach.  Ryan pulled Aaron down for a blissful kiss.

“I love you so much!  Really I do!” Ryan said.

“I love you too Ryan!”

The two lay beside each other in their bliss. 

“That was so fucking perfect!” Ryan said.

“It was and just at the right moment!”

“OOO was it ever.  You were so gentle and waited for me.”

The two kissed and held each other close.  Ryan dropped his head again.  He put Aaron’s cock in his mouth and loved blowing him again.

“Get hard again.  We have to fuck again and make up for a little lost time in this relationship!” Ryan said.

The two positioned to 69 and enjoy each other cocks.  After a good 15 minutes, Aaron was throbbing hard and ready to make love to Ryan again.  He donned another condom and easily slid inside Ryan.  He slowly made love to him and didn’t care about the time.  Both were so into each other and enjoying the second round of fucking even more. 

“Aaron, I love how you feel inside me,” Ryan moaned.

“Ryan, your ass is like a glove,” Aaron said.

Ryan pulled Aaron deeper and felt Aaron nibbling on his neck.  The combination of kissing and fucking had Ryan in another world.  He felt so at ease and relaxed this go around.  They stared into each other’s eyes while Aaron pumped his hard cock in and out at a nice pace both loved.

Ryan lay on his side and threw his hairy leg over Aaron’s.  Aaron slid back in and moaned with great pleasure.  Ryan turned his head for a kiss and found Aaron’s mouth there waiting.  Aaron moved his hand across Ryan’s stomach and found his cock.

“Not too fast.  I want us to enjoy this,” Ryan stated.

“I won’t then,” Aaron said and slowed his pace of jacking off Ryan.  He loved the sound of their skin clapping together with each deep plunge.  The bed still rattled with their breathing increased.

“OOOOO fuck yeah!” Ryan moaned with his head thrown back. “Babe keep fucking my ass.  It feels so great!”

Within a few minutes, Ryan was again shooting his load.  Aaron felt it and pulled out.   He tossed away the used condom and let his second load freely shot from his cock.

In a haze, they both lay together.  Ryan kissed all over Aaron’s face, neck and chest in his bliss.  Aaron loved the attention and took over after Ryan stopped.   He stopped kissing and watched Ryan close his eyes.  Both were tired yet completely satisfied with the events of their first sex together.  Aaron rolled over and saw it was well past 3 in the morning but didn’t care about the time since he had one great night with his boyfriend for the first time.  He was glad to have waited and was more than ready to have sex with Ryan when he initially spoke the words.  He leaned over and put his head on Ryan’s furry chest.  He wrapped his arms around Ryan’s naked body to fall asleep there in his bed.  They both knew it was the beginning and another step in their relationship as two gay men.


Just a short story...  Hope you did enjoy it.