Posted:   August 14, 2009

The world now seemed a little brighter with a call back and having hot sex with another model.  It was one of the few bright spots in my life since I came out here seeking a life many people back in Dallas said I was made for.  I learned in a big hurry that looks and a kick ass body didn’t get you far here since there were lots of those types around.

I headed off to the beach.  It was a great place to relax and soak in the energy from the ocean plus my skin was a tad pale but would darken throughout the summer.  I found a nice spot in the sand and took off my shirt to gaze across the incoming waves and think about life.  I knew I was lucky to have a little support back home from my parents.  They weren’t exactly thrilled to know their middle son of three was gay but now they accept it for who I am.  I had been out since the summer of my junior year in high school but that was after being caught lip locked with a college sophomore.  I was lucky they didn’t catch us fucking like my younger brother did.  He was cool about it since I had more shit on him than I could count.  He was the troublesome youngest son whereas as my older brother was almost Mr. Perfect except I was blessed with the genes in the family.  Coming here was my way of getting out of college after fucking away one whole semester and I mean fucking away.  My sexual desires took me over to become known as a college manslut.  There were some great experiences with various guys who were experimenting with more than booze and being away from home.  My parents weren’t happy with my grades at the end of the semester and gave way to my desire to give modeling a try.  It is a lot harder than I was told with my dreams fading fast.

After spending a few hours in the sun, I headed to work out at the gym which I joined when moving here.  It wasn’t the fanciest spot around but it was the cheapest and close to my place.  This was the place where I spent most of my time to stay in peak condition in case the right job came along.  I pushed my body to the limit that night since there was little else to do.  I loved getting in the shower and seeing the eyes go straight for my cock.  I wanted to approach a few younger hotties but never got the nerve to be rejected or worse. Back home, I had no problem doing so but in a new town I wasn’t so cocksure of myself.

I went to my place which was tiny.  It had room for a double bed in one corner, a couch and television and a minimal kitchen space.  It was fine for just me and served the purpose for the time being on my limited family budget.  I set my alarm to be up at 5:30 and be at my appointment for my call back.  I was learning the streets but it was easy to get lost here and the traffic was unreal.

The next morning which was a Wednesday here in March, I headed to my appointment.  My expectations were low since all I had was rejections.  I found the place in plenty of time and actually sat in my car for a few minutes to not to appear too anxious. 

Once inside, I could see I had stiff competition with hotties in every seat.  I didn’t know how many of us were being taken out of the ten that were seated there.   A middle aged man and woman called us back one at a time.  I was right in the middle and tried not to act nervous but hell I was.  I sat down and listened to them go over the purpose and the general idea.  It was a summer print ad campaign for a regional department store.  I stood up like I was told and spun around as directed.  They wanted to see me without a shirt so I obliged their request.  I stood as they talked among the two of them and then was asked a few questions, which were general in nature such as family and where I was from. 

After the short process, I went back and took a seat.  I sat in a corner and bit at my nails with nerves.  It was an hour or so before they finished seeing everyone.  Just the man came out and pointed at me and two other guys with the rest free to go.  I eyed the other two who were naturally smoking hot and cute as hell.  We stood side-by-side in front of the two for a good five minutes.  The two talked among themselves before pointing at me and another guy who was blond.  We were the chosen two.  I wanted to scream for joy since it was a real job with lots of exposure and decent pay.

I signed the contract placed in front of me and was so excited.  Out the door, I called my mom to tell her the good news.  She was excited since I was but did throw in a few barbs like it’s about time.  My next call was to Kyle to see if he was home.  My conversation was quick and to the point but I didn’t tell him the great news. 

I walked to his door and was greeted by him in hot running shorts. 

“You’re lucky you caught me, Faron.  I just got back from running,” Kyle said and wiped the sweat from his brow. “So what’s so important you had to come right over without even calling me first?”

A big smile came on my face, “I got a job!”  I lunged at him and grabbed him.  I gave him the loudest wettest kiss ever. “I did it thanks to you giving me a boast yesterday! I felt a little extra confidence going in even though it was still nerve racking as hell.”

“Wow just a minute,” Kyle gathered himself. “I’m confused here.  What the hell is going on?”

I sat him on the couch to tell my story with great enthusiasm.  He had never heard of the company but offered great words of encouragement.

“Faron, we need to celebrate,” Kyle said.

“I know,” I said. “But how? I don’t really drink or do drugs.”

“I wasn’t talking about that,” he winked at me while his hand massaged my knee over my jeans. 

I stood and covered his mouth with my lips.  Our hands were on each other’s crotches during the kiss.  I wasn’t sure if he was using me or what but any case I was game for another round of hot sweaty sex with this stud. 

Kyle led me to his bedroom and pushed me on the bed.  He undid my jeans and reached to find my cock under my boxers.  I slid off my boxers while Kyle slid off his shorts.  My shirt came off next to be naked with him.  We kissed and grinded our cocks together.  I wasn’t sure but damn I was beginning to fall for his ass or I was just in lust over someone that was showing me attention.  He took the first round and more or less worshiped my body.  I didn’t say a word and enjoyed his heavenly efforts.  After licking my cock and sucking my balls, my cock went in his warm mouth with his hand at the base.  I ran my fingers through his hair and became lost in the moment.  I moaned a little along with telling him how great it felt.

After pulling him up, it was my turn to return the favor.  I enjoyed every inch of his cut body.  His abs were firm and very kissable.  My tongue licked down his shaft before swirling around on his head.  My hands were on his stomach with his on the back of my head.  I cut my eyes up and took his cock in my mouth.  Damn, I loved sucking cock!  I started slowly and evidentially had all 6 and half inches in my mouth.

“OOOOO Fuck yeah!” Kyle screamed feeling my mouth taking all he had. “Deep throat me motherfucker!”

I did and enjoyed this since my gag reflex was long gone.  I could smell his sweaty body and was driven to continue to blow him with lust and passion.  I didn’t care either if he blew since I was loving sucking and licking his cock with the sound of his deep moans. 

Kyle pulled me up.  I said with a kiss before he could speak, “Fuck me.”

“Oh I will,” Kyle said with another kiss.

I got on my knees in the center of his bed.  My ass was high in the air ready to take him however he wanted.  I wanted fucked in the worst way now.  First I felt a finger and let out a sigh.  Next was his wet tongue and spit on my ass.  He worked my hole and had me wanting fucked more than ever.

He grabbed a bottle of lube to get us both prepared.  I felt his raw cock at my hole and opened it to take him in me.  “OOOO yes!” I shouted feeling him go in me.  I loved the feeling of being penetrated.

He grabbed my hips and slid deeper in me.  “Damn this ass is so tight.”

I turned my head, “It should be.  I haven’t been fucked in a while.”

He grabbed my hips and started slowly.  I instantly moaned and was known as a moaner.  I was known to get loud and enjoy getting fucked.  I could tell right away I was going to enjoy this fuck.  He leaned up and kissed my back while his cock was making me feeling so good and going deep inside me.  My head was spinning in ecstasy with his hot fucker in me.  He slapped my muscular ass a few times and picked up the pace.  I was moaning and groaning in heat and loud as well.  His deep long strokes were driving me insane with lust and pleasure.

He pulled out and flipped me over to my back.  I spread my legs wide and high.  He felt great returning in me with more lube.  I pulled him deeper and wanted fucked hard.   He pounded my ass good and had me seeing stars and screaming his name with each thrust.  Now this was my kind of celebration with my legs high in the air and a cock slammed in my ass. Sweat mounted on both of us with the fast action.  He would lean up and really hammered my ass with our skin slapping together for a wonderful noise.  I tried to squeeze my ass muscles and make him feel it.  Kyle groaned and panted while constantly giving me all he had for a very pleasurable experience.

“You want bred?” Kyle asked me with his face no more than 5 inches from mine.

“Oh fuck yeah, give me that fucking load,” I said sharply.

Kyle pushed deep with my hands pulling him inward.  I heard a deep groan and felt his cock explode in me.  He leaned forward and kissed me while filling my ass.  It felt so good and very slippery to have his load in me. 

“I want fucking bred now,” Kyle said quickly and excitingly.  He lubed up my cock quickly and started to ride me with all he had.  I ran my hands up and down his body while he screamed his head off.  His bed was shaking and humming with his vigorous riding my throbbing big cock.   I leaned up for a kiss and groaned into his mouth with my cock deep in him.  My cock flooded his ass with my load.  He pushed me down and continued kissing me with my cock still planted deep inside him. 

Fuck!” Kyle said with his head tilted back in total ecstasy.

“I know,” I said. “Fucking hot!”

“You like my method of celebrating?”

“Do I ever,” I smiled. 

“So much for a date before we fucked again,” Kyle laughed still on top of me and on my cock. 

“Oh well, I don’t really give a fuck either,” I smiled and kissed him.  My cock slipped out of his hole.  Now his bed was a mess with our asses leaking each other’s cum.  We lay there in our bliss for a moment to recoup and recover.  I rolled to my side and wanted to actually get to know him since we had fucked twice and hardly knew each other.   We swapped stories about our childhood and high school days.  I loved hearing about his brief modeling career with more on the way. 

After time flew by talking and kissing along with soft petting, we showered again in his shower.  He insisted on taking me to eat after we were dried off.  He was by far the friendliest and most personable person I had come across here.  I was drawn to him now more than ever even dressed and talking.   

I found out at the restaurant he was a veggie.  It was fine with me since he enjoyed my meat that fed him.  We munched on great salads and continued to talk.  He prepped me for what was to follow in the coming days if my modeling was anything close to his previous experiences along with telling me had was going on a call for Friday.

When we returned to his apartment, I didn’t know whether I was intruding on him or not. “I better get a move on it.”

“Oh I wish you wouldn’t go just yet, Faron,” Kyle said. “You’re more than welcome to hang around here with me… or even stay the night with me.  Who knows what kind of trouble we might get into later?”

“Well… I guess I could,” I smiled.

“You don’t have to unless you really have something to do.”

“I really don’t,” I snickered. “I didn’t want to keep you from anything or over stay my welcome.”

“Trust me, you’re not.”

We sat on his couch and cuddled up close.  He turned on his television for us to be entertained.  At 3 in the afternoon, there’s not much on.  I bored with the television rather quickly.  I leaned over to make out with him.  He was ready for me as we proved to be great kissers. 

“Faron, there’s really something special about you that I do like,” Kyle said.

“What’s that?” I said.

“You’re genuine and real,” he replied. I was confused. “Dude, there are so many fake asses out here who are in it for themselves especially other models around here.  You are really a good person and have a good personality to boot from what I can tell so far.”

“A good fuck too, huh? Thanks though for telling me that.  I need to hear from others to keep my morale high after a depressing start.”

A damn good fuck!” he smiled.  “Before we get naked again, which isn’t all that bad, could I have the pleasure of a date with you tonight?”

“Sure, but I’m not really dressed for anywhere special,” I replied with the clothes I wore to the audition which was a tee and jeans.

“Hey, we’ll just catch a movie or something.  Mostly just be together and continue to get to know each other,” he said. “The more we’re together the more I like you.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said.

Kyle did a few things such as comb his blond hair and spray on some nice cologne before we were off.  We headed to the movie theater to catch the matinee and be real cheap skates.  We were both struggling and watching what we spent when we could.  He was like me and had the support of his mom to endure the dry spells.  Truthfully, we picked a real stinker of a movie that I absolutely hated and dozed off a few times in. 

After the movie, we headed to the beach at dark.  We walked with our shoes off and found a place to sit.  Now it was just the sound of the incoming waves.  We got in some great lip time there as well in the dark and no one around.

We went back to his place and did our best to be civil and not get naked.  We finally gave up since we both wanted sex.  It was more passionate and slower this go around with both of us finding ways to please each other.  The worst part of our relationship was it was highly sexual but we were starting to become friends along the way.  Worst in that I wanted a true loving relationship to see what that was like instead of one based solely on sex.  My past ones had failed where sex was the main connection between us.  They were loving at times but after sex where it is so easy to kiss anyone.

Waking up in a strange bed the next morning really wasn’t anything new to me.  I rolled over and found Kyle awake.  Our lips met for a good morning kiss. 

“Faron, I really think we have something here.  What do you think?” Kyle asked.

“I think so as well and find you so alluring,” I replied.

“Even though we really just met, I feel like I’ve known you my entire life.  It’s funny but I was only there to help you out yesterday since you looked so sad.  I did think you were attractive but hell I find most models attractive.  You have this All-American guy look to you and now see you have that way about you as well.”

“I wasn’t expecting this either but I have zero complaints about it.  I had the desire to be loved and found someone willing to give that to me.  You have been such a bright spot for me and really have me thinking I want to stay here as long as possible.”

“I hope you do and would consider being my boyfriend.”

“I think I can definitely do that,” I said.  This led to a great makeout session there in his bed.  Neither of us wanted to stop and made it last the longest time ever for me.  I tried to show my love and could feel he was trying as well.  

We rose from his bed and showered.  He wanted me to spend the day with him and drive to the beach for a little while along with working out with him for his audition tomorrow.  I agreed and missed working out yesterday.

Now Kyle and I are still together after a great three months.  We became each other’s support systems for the good times and bad times.  I moved in with him after my rent was up even though I stayed with him practically every night as it was. He is a great lover and my ideal boyfriend.  The sex is great but I enjoy being around him and with him every second of the day.

My first real job with the regional department was great and great experience but it was only one job.  Kyle got a few jobs here and there as well but neither of us landed that one big job that set us up financially.  We both took other jobs and stopped relying on our parent’s financial support.   I had to or else I would have been gone from there.  We still laugh and joke about our first meeting but I wouldn’t change a thing with the outcome the way it was.

I’m very happy and satisfied with my life now even though I’m still chasing my dream.  That dream however is fading with reality setting in.  I was glad to have chased it even though it didn’t turn out to a success as a model so far but who knows. Maybe someday the right person will love my look and shower me with money but I’m not going to sit around and wait.  Besides, I have a great gift in Kyle and love him to death now. 


Hope you enjoyed this two parter.
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