MODEL  Part 1

Posted:  August 9, 2009

Frustrated. Hopeless.  Semi-depressed.  Pissed off. Lonely.  Sort of homesick.  All of these adjectives described my emotions after another rejection at what really seemed to be a promising audition.  I seriously didn’t know what to do now and sat with my head down in self-pity.

“Tough day, huh?” I heard a voice.

I looked up and saw a guy who had been at the auditions with me.  “Yea, it really sucks.”

He chuckled, “It’s a tough business.”

“Tell me about it,” I replied.

“Big hopes and dreams, huh?” he asked.

“Too big I guess,” I said and stood seeing he was at least being friendly.

“I take it you aren’t from here,” he said.

“How did you guess?” I said.

“Maybe the accent was the first clue,” he smiled.  “Kyle here,” he said with his hand stretched out.

“Faron,” I said while shaking his soft hand.

“It’s great to meet you.  I can tell you need someone to talk to or at least I think you do,” Kyle said. “For a good looking guy, you look so sad.”

“Thanks, I needed to hear that.  I was beginning to wonder if I even had the looks for this business,” I said.

“Trust me, you have the looks for sure.  You might need some self confidence though,” he said.  “Hey, you wanna grab a coffee down the street where we can talk more unless…?”

“Sounds good to me,” I said quickly at his nice invitation.  

Kyle was hot but so were the other guys for the most part at the audition and every other audition I had partaken.  Competition in this business was scary good with lots of guys with similar looks.  Before coming here, I thought I had the looks as well.  My body was in the best shape ever with hellicious work on my abs and chest.  My hair was dark and cut perfectly.  I am 6 foot tall and straight white teeth thanks to a little work.

Kyle was the typical blond and just a tad shorter than I was but had a nice tan.  I followed his wiggly ass to the coffee shop a few blocks away.  He was very gracious and bought a great latte for us. 

“Been in town long?” Kyle asked once we found a table and had a seat.

“Two and half months but not much longer to go,” I stated.

He looked at me with his big blue eyes, “Why’s that?”

“My parents gave me 4 months, basically a college semester to give this a try.  I’m about fucking sick of this shit,” I said in disgust.

“It will wear on you if you’re not careful.  Mentality rejections are rough,” he said. “Not one job yet?”

“One piece of shit,” I said. “It was a one day shoot for very little.  I was excited since I snagged it my third audition but nothing since.”

“My advice is to keep trying,” Kyle said. “I grabbed a nice shoot my first month.  It just takes one good job and word will spread if it gets the right exposure and in the hands of the right people in the business.”

We continued to talk about the modeling and life.  Kyle was a local guy who lived in the area so he really didn’t have the hardship like I did.  He also had a good backing as well. 

We finished our drinks in short order.  Kyle rose from his chair, “Faron you wanna hang at a place for a while?”

“Sure,” I said. “As I said, I really ain’t got no friends here.”

Kyle flashed his perfect teeth, “Great.  Try to follow me if you can keep up.”

“Don’t go crazy.  I barely know this town,” I said.

We left the coffee shop and went back to our cars.  It was hell keeping up with him but I did through the streets and lights.  He pulled into a decent building which was better than my place but that’s not saying much.  He waited on me to find a place to park.  I walked up to his second story apartment and was a little shocked how neat and nice it was. 

“Faron, I know some people out there that are always looking for a guy like you,” Kyle said. 

“Boy do I ever need a break,” I said.

“Well… it’s not your typical modeling job though,” Kyle said.

“What kind of job is it?” I asked.

“Nude modeling but tasteful at that,” he said.

“No way.  I promised my parents no nude modeling,” I said.

Kyle laughed, “I thought you would say that but I figured it was worth a try.  I know how you Southern boys are with your modesty.”

“Kyle, I’m not modest in the least but damn.  I don’t want my shit all over the place,” I said. “My parents would die if they found out I was out there with my shit showing for all the world to gawk at.”

“Okay, I understand.  It takes a special person to do it,” Kyle said.  “Do you care showing me what you got though?”

“No, not in the least,” I said.  I pulled my t-shirt over my brown hair. 

“Faron, you do have a great body,” Kyle said.  He pulled off his shirt to compare.  We stood side-by-side.  I had him creamed in the abs department.  He slyly put his hand on my abs.  “You got a fucking great core.”

“Thanks.  I worked my ass off for over a year just to come out here,” I said. “I guess I’ll be just another hot guy at the beach.”

“That you will definitely be,” Kyle said.  “Here let me show you my portfolio.” 

I sat back down and waited for him to return.  He came back with a small book and 2 bottles of water.  He flipped it open.  I was impressed with his pictures and knew I needed to start building one as well.  He flipped through it and a slow pace.  He stopped at the nude picture of him that was quite artistic.  “You could do this.”

“I could but not just now,” I said.

“It really was the easiest money you’ll make out here.  They are always looking for fresh young faces with great bods like yours,” Kyle said. 

He flipped the page and showed me one of him sucking off some really hot guy. “Does this offend you?” he asked.

“No not in the least,” I smiled.  “The guy is cute.”

“He was.  Now that was some damn easy money.”

“I bet but no way is anyone photographing me sucking dick,” I said.

“Wait til you are filmed getting your ass fucked and sucking dick,” Kyle said. “I did three gay films.”

“How was that?” I asked out of curiosity.

“The money was okay.  It really wasn’t that bad if you want to know the truth,” Kyle said. “I could do more but I want to get into mainstream modeling now.  Have you seen any gay porns?”

“Oh yea.  A bunch here lately,” I smiled.

“I bet,” Kyle said. “Faron, I know you would be perfect for it.”

“No I wouldn’t,” I said.

“What? You got a small dick or something.”

“Just the opposite,” I smiled.

“That’s what they all say,” Kyle scoffed.

I had no problems displaying my goods and dropped my shorts.  My boxers came off next.  I stood there in front of him with my hands on my hips. “I’m not fucking lieing.”

“Fuck no you weren’t,” Kyle said. “How big is it hard?”

“Oh about 9 inches on a good day,” I said.

Kyle reached his hand down and lightly touched my cock.  I smiled at him and felt him grab it.  His other hand was on my abs and rubbing them.  “You mind me doing this?” Kyle quietly asked.

“No or else I would have told you,” I said just as quiet and with a big smile.  My hand found his chest and ran down his trim body.  Kyle pulled his shirt off and let me freely touch his soft smooth skin.

“OOO Faron,” Kyle sighed at my touch. “Feels great.  You really have got the touch.”

I was thinking the same with my cock growing with soft strokes.  Kyle leaned over and pressed our lips together.  I gasped but enjoyed the feeling of his soft lips.  My hand went down the front of his jeans and found his cock since his hand was on mine.  We broke the kiss and kissed again with lots of smacking.  Kyle broke what was a great long wet kiss that had me wanting more and more.  He kissed my chest, sucked my small nipples and licked down my abs.  He returned to my mouth while I was doing all I could to get him naked as well.

Damn, you’re so sexy,” Kyle said softly.

“You are too, Kyle,” I replied. “You got me so fucking horned up here.”

MMMM… just what I wanted,” he said batting his blue eyes at me.  He pushed off his jeans and got out of his boxer briefs which were designer brand and so hot.  He gently pushed me to sit on his couch. 

I took the seat and spread my legs for him.  He got between them and cut his eyes up at me.  I rubbed his head and waited to feel his tongue and mouth on my hard tool.  I feel the wetness and jerked my head back, “OOOO yes!” I moaned.  He kept licking me with his hand under my nut sac.  He moved his hand to the base of my tool and massaged my big head with his tongue.  “Fuck,” I moaned over the intense feeling.  He opened his mouth with his hand still in place.  I tried to gather my senses and get under control for the assault on my tool.  I ran my hands through his blond hair while he sucked up and down like a master.  His work was sending me almost insane with lust.  I had to pull him off before I flooded his hot mouth full of cum.   I reached under and pulled him.  I stared into his eyes before ramming my tongue in his mouth.  His hands were all over my back like mine were.

It was my turn to worship him.  I took my time with Kyle now seated.  His skin was so soft.  I kissed every curve and hump of his torso before returning to his mouth.  I dropped down and licked up and down his 6 maybe 7 inch shaft that was extraordinarily veiny.  I took each of his low hanging balls in my mouth.  There was not a hair in sight except for some stubble above his cock.  I kissed his hips and cock head before taking his cut cock in my mouth.  I heard him sigh when I took it in.  This was going to be a pleasure to suck him off.  I sucked it a little while and started licking him.  I alternated the technique to the sounds of his sighs and gasps.  I could feel his hand on my head and on my shoulders.  I loved looking up at a guy I was blowing to see the pleasured expression plastered across his face.  I hated the damn stoic look on a guy’s face like he was just sitting there.  I had had those expressions a few times but definitely not now.  

Our eyes were fixated after I stopped and stayed knelt.  I pushed his legs up for access to his ass hole.  It was a fucking beauty, all pink and puckered. My finger started the action.

“OOOO fuck yeah!” Kyle screamed.

Just what I wanted to hear from him since I wanted this ass.  I probed his hole with a saliva covered finger.  There were quick jabs to excite him which it was definitely doing by the sound of his loud moaning.  My tongue followed to taste his ass.  It took me some time before I would even consider rimming a guy but now I loved it.  His ass was so tasty and easy to enjoy.  My tongue elevated his moaning to the point where he was almost screaming.

OOO Faron, fuck me! I want your big cock!  Just fuck me now!” Kyle said in lust.

I stopped and greeted his mouth with a kiss.  I spat on my cock before running up his ass crack.  The anticipation was undeniable on his face. “Fuck me!” he screamed. 

My hard throbbing cock was at his hole.  He opened up and took it in.  I watched his face and studied it.  There was first a shot of pain from my size followed by elation. 

“Feels so good,” Kyle moaned with his head thrown back.

“Great ass,” I stated and slowly went deeper into his body. 

OOO fuck yeah!” Kyle moaned in almost squeal.  It was music to my ears.  A guy who wasn’t afraid of my size or shied away from it.  “I want it all in me,” he said with his teeth clasped together in lust.

I pushed his legs further up and went deep.  Kyle pushed his ass back to take me.  Another great sign.  

Now fuck my ass!” Kyle said. “Fuck it hard like the bitch I am.”

“I will,” I said.  I started rocking back and forth.  My cock slipped out and another stream of saliva hit it.  He gasped again with me going in him.  I leaned forward to drive my hard cock and make him feel every bit of me.  He emitted a sound between a groan and scream.  His various tones were driving me insane and fueling my lust and desire to fuck his ass.  I slapped his ass and fucked him a nice pace. 

His hands were on my back and pulled me closer, “Kiss me while you fuck me with that big fucking cock.”   His tone was pure animalistic and much to my liking at this point.

I pressed my lips against his.  Our skin was slapping together with Kyle moaning in my mouth.  I pulled back and slipped from his hole.  He pushed me away and leaned over the couch. 

I went back in him harder and heard him scream, “OOO fuck yeah!”  I grabbed his waist and repeatedly slammed my cock inside him.  His moans and screams were ringing off the wall.  It was the undeniable sound of hot sex occurring which I loved.  I leaned over and nibbled on his neck to slow the pace down before I came.  I wrapped my arms around his chest and returned to pounding his hole.   I pulled him up.  Kyle turned for a kiss, which was great and lots of tongue.

“Fuck, you feel so good in me,” Kyle said with his body almost like a rag.

“Your ass is incredible,” I replied and kissed him again.  My hand slid down his torso to find his cock.  I wanted him to nut with me buried inside him.  Now our bodies were pressed together with both of us started to feel the heat. 

He turned his head, “Please don’t cum in me.”

“I won’t,” I said and continued at a good pace. 

With one hand jacking him off, the other ran up and down his torso.  My cock was pulsating and driving him still wild.  

OOOO shit!” Kyle screamed.  The moment I wanted was here.  I felt his ass tighten.  He grabbed his shirt to bust his cum in.  I could feel him shooting shot after shot. 

I pulled out of him.  With a few strong tugs, my load was splattered all over his back.  

Kyle turned around with cum running down his back.  He gave me the hottest kiss of this entire day.  My hand could feel my cum on his back. He broke the kiss and put his head on my shoulder.  “Faron, you are one hot fuck!”

“I loved it and needed it,” I replied. “You are a great fuck too.”

He grabbed my hand and led me to shower.  We both needed it now and enjoyed the closeness of his shower. 

Cleansed and refreshed, I dried him off while he dried me off.  We headed back to his living room to find our clothes that were scattered in the floor. 

I dressed and knew my time was up.  He sat me down.  “Faron, honestly, I’ve never done a porn flick.  I played it up because I wanted you.  I’m sorry to have misled you.”

I chuckled, “It’s cool Kyle.  You were testing me, huh?”

“Precisely,” he smiled.

“Next time just ask,” I returned the smile.

“Seriously, you would be very sought after in the porn industry,” Kyle said.

“Maybe I would but not now.  I’ll keep going to auditions and see what happens.”

“Be patient.  Show em that Southern charm and it will happen.  I just know it will.”

“Thanks, I need a boast plus that great fuck,” I said and leaned for a kiss.

“I almost got more than I bargained for,” he smiled. “Now you know where I live, don’t be a stranger.”

I stood to leave, “I won’t.”

He grabbed a pen for us to exchange numbers.  “If you’re free, I would love a real date with you sometime.  We sort of went about this backwards.”

“We were both horny and needed a guy,” I smiled. “As cliché as it sounds, I’ll call you later.”

“You fucking better,” he said. “I really do like you and think maybe we could have something started.”

“I like you too and appreciate everything.  I think we’ve had a great start.”

He followed me to the door.  The kiss was passionate and a great end to what started out as a shitty day.  Once inside my car, I saw I had missed three calls, all from my agent.  I called him back to see what was so urgent.  I listened to him speak about a call back for a job I auditioned for a month ago.  Now I was pumped but nothing was assured other than another look.  Things were definitely getting betting.


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