WRITTEN BY BIG 'D' as a tie in to Chapter 19

Posted:  October 21, 2012

Kris and Colt watched as Matt and Corey disappeared into their bedroom, both with a smile on their

“It’s pretty obvious what those two are gonna be getting up to,” Colt said.

“I don’t know, I think Matt just wants to give the two of us time to talk,” Kris replied. “He hates
the idea that things might not be cool with us.”

“I can see that. He does worry an awful lot,” Colt said. “But then we both know those two are the
horniest fuckers around. They’ll be hard at it in less than ten minutes.”

Kris laughed, “I can’t argue there, bro.”

Kris got up and walked into the kitchen to get two bottles of water. When he got back to the sofa he
handed one to Colt and sat down next to him, turning his body slightly so they could look at each

“Seriously though, Colt,” Kris said. “I think Matt’s right. We need to talk this out and make sure
everything is good between us.”

“I apologised. What more is there for us to talk about?” Colt asked.

“It shouldn’t just be you who has to apologise. Sure, you were a total douche for carrying on with
your little prank for as long as you did, but there were two people involved in that fight that
started the whole thing and we’re both equally to blame.”

“I guess you’re right,” Colt sighed.

“I really am sorry, Colt,” Kris said. “I don’t know if the blow up had been coming for a while for it
to be so heated but it was such a weak ass reason for me to start it.”

“I should have left you alone when you told me to get lost, but I just kept bouncing on your bed,
trying to wake you up, Colt replied.

“You had some fuel in your fire too, bro,” Kris smiled. “When I started screaming at you, you fired
those insults straight back at me with ease.”

“I don’t really know where all that came from, but I was just so worked up. I was trying to just be
playful with you and you lashed out at me, which really pissed me off.”

“Again, I’m sorry, but you know what I’m like in a morning…” Kris said.

“Yeah… A nightmare…”

“It was you who started the proper fight, though,” Kris said.

“You threw the first punch, fucker, caught me right in my side,” Colt said, putting his hand on the
spot where Kris hit him.

“You screamed at me first, calling me a fucker. Then I got angry ‘cause you’d been annoying my ass
all morning.”

“You said you were gonna beat my ass,” Colt said.

“Yeah and then you got all up in my face and when Matt tried to get between us you said we’d gang up
on you. That really pissed me off. You mean the world to me, Colt, but that made me feel like you
didn’t trust me or Matt and you really thought we’d turn against you.”

“You basically threatened to kick my ass, I was on the defensive. Then when you swung at me, and
actually hit me, well it was on then. There was no way you were getting away with that. I don’t care
how much I like you. Anyone who tries that shit on me is gonna have my fist coming back at them and
they better be ready for a fight.”

“I shouldn’t have hit you, bro, and I’m really sorry. I had so much pent up anger and frustration
inside me and I don’t know where it came from. I shouldn’t have taken it out on you, but I did.”

“I felt the same way. It sort of came bubbling up and then just boiled over. I wanted to fucking kill
you. After I pushed Matt out of the way and we were really fighting I wanted to kick your ass just to
prove a point, but your bowed up ass is freakishly strong, and for the first time in a long time I
felt weak. That really fucked with my head, bro. When Ted pulled us apart and I went into the
bathroom, I just looked at the blood all over me and realised I pretty much had my ass handed to me.
Even if I hadn’t have been hurting physically, I would have had to have got out of here just because
of my bruised ego.”

“I never thought it would get to you like that,” Kris said.

“Neither did I, but it did. I guess I like to think I can handle myself in any situation, but you had
my ass beat and I hated it. I was so pissed at you that I fucked the absolute shit out of Andrea,
getting all of my frustrations out. Luckily for me she likes it a little rough from time to time so
she didn’t mind and just thought I was an amazing fuck. After that I kind of calmed down a bit and
was gonna come talk to you but I got sick and, well, you know the rest.”

“I think the time apart probably did us some good,” Kris said. “It made all of us realise how much we
love each other and that not living together is really hard.”

“Tell me about it,” Colt said. “I missed you guys so much. I love Andrea to bits, and maybe I’d be
able to live with her if it was just the two of us, but living with all those girls drove me fucking
insane. They’re so moody and bitchy at really random times. Then they had shit all over the place
that was driving me crazy after living here with Matt.”

“It’s got to have been hot seeing them eating each other’s pussies, though, right bro?” Kris smiled.

“It was, but it was so weird too. To see them fighting one minute and then fucking the next, it made
me thankful that usually we’re just normal friends who fuck each other. Thank God what we have isn’t

“It’s a rare thing, bro,” Kris said.

“I know. So everything is cool with us, right?” Colt asked.

“Of course,” Kris smiled, reaching his hand up to pull Colt into a hot kiss, with their tongues
swirling around each other.

Colt pulled back and smiled at his best friend, glad things were back to normal. “So tell me more
about this date you had then. You really went out with a guy?”

“I did,” Kris said. “It was just dinner.”

“And things didn’t work out?”

“No. He was hot as hell. I mean really hot. I know it makes me sound like a slut but I would have
fucked him senseless if he if things had gone better, even though I hardly knew him.”

“But you just didn’t click?” Colt asked.

“No. There was no spark there. We didn’t really have anything in common and it was quite hard for us
to find things both of us could talk about. I actually started thinking about you when I was sitting
across from him.”

“Yeah?” Colt asked, intrigued.

“Yeah. It made me see how great our friendship is. We could have talked for hours and probably got
thrown out of the restaurant at closing time before we ran out of things to say. That’s what I want
in a boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever. I want the conversation to be effortless, for us to just be
able to open up to each other, and then maybe head back to a bedroom for some fun.”

“So your ideal relationship would be where you could talk for hours and then fuck for hours?” Colt
asked, slightly amused.

“Yeah,” Kris said with a huge grin, but then he got serious. “Colt, I know you could give me that and
be that guy, and sometimes I honestly find myself wondering why I’m not with you and why we’re not
together. But when I think that I also know I don’t want to ruin anything between us by trying to
make it more than it is and I don’t think I’d be able to handle it if things went badly and we broke
up. This past week away from you was hard enough. I don’t want to even think what it would be like if
you left for good.”

“I’ve thought about us being together too, Kris, but I just don’t see it working. I think what we
have now is so perfect. There are no commitments, no strings. We just get along, love being around
each other, and when the time is right we fuck each other. It’s perfect.”

“It really is. I just need to find someone else who combines the two, like what Matt and Corey have,
and then I’m set,” Kris smiled.

“You are, bro, and I hope you find that person who will make you happy.”

“Thanks. In the mean time I guess your sorry ass will have to do,” Kris smiled and again pulled Colt
in for a kiss.

This time, however, Kris moved his hand and ran it up Colt’s body. God how he had missed the feel of
that soft skin and those muscles beneath his fingers as he traced every curve and contour on Colt’s
stomach and chest.

Colt moaned into Kris’ mouth as their tongues continued to do battle, but he soon gave in to the
hunger that was building up inside him and reached up, running his hand through Kris’ blond hair so
he could use it to pull Kris’ head closer, almost consuming him with the kiss.

When they finally broke apart, Kris pressed his forehead against Colt’s and his blue eyes met Colt’s
hazel coloured orbs. They both shivered and their hearts pounded in their chests as an electric
current shot between them and they both knew what would happen next.

Without saying a word, Colt pulled himself away from Kris and stood up from the sofa. He looked down
to see Kris’ beautiful face looking up at him and then smiled, extending his hand out and waiting
until he felt Kris’ fingers touch his palm. When they did, Colt gripped Kris’ hand tight and pulled
him to his feet before leading him across the room and into his own bedroom.

The sounds from the TV, which was still on in the living room, went silent as Colt closed the door
and then almost immediately he had Kris back in his arms and they were kissing again, the passion
overwhelming them both.

They kissed as they made their way closer to the bed, their tongues dancing as their hands explored
every inch of the other’s back, finally reaching the muscular ass, which was cupped in both hands and
pulled forward until their hard dicks were pressed against each other, separated only by two thin
layers of fabric.

Since Kris had his back facing the bed, Colt took advantage and pushed him backwards so he had no
choice but to fall down onto the mattress. Colt growled seeing the amazing man laid out before him.
Kris was the hottest guy he had ever seen. His blond hair was cut shorter, exposing his face that was
both cute and handsome at the same time. The thick neck had skin so smooth it was calling out for
Colt’s lips and tongue to pay it some long overdue attention. His big, rounded pecs rose and fell
with every breath he took, seemingly making them tense just slightly, and the first drops of sweat
were starting to glisten right above his erect nipples that looked like little bull’s-eyes, begging
to be targets. The most amazing abs Colt had ever seen, all eight tightly pulled against the stomach
with little shadows forming in the grooves between them, making them further defined, made his
fingers twitch and his tongue tingle, wanting to run both over each and every one. And then there
were the thick, trunk-like thighs, along with the swirling cuts at his hips that disappeared into the
waistband of his boxers, both acting like a path on a treasure map, pointing directly to the rock
hard seven inch cut cock that was threatening to tear the fabric of his boxers open where the
engorged head was pumping out precum, soaking the material. In that moment Colt had never wanted
anyone more in his life.

He quickly climbed up onto the bed so he was on top of Kris, straddling him completely. He used his
hands to pin Kris’ arms above his head and marvelled at the sight of the huge biceps that were flexed
and bulging.

Lowering his lips he kissed one of the biceps and ran his tongue over the huge mound, sliding his
tongue up along Kris’ arm until he made his way over the shoulder, and up to the neck, which he
buried his face in, placing kisses all over and eliciting moans of pure pleasure from Kris, who
started to buck beneath him.

“Oh God, Colt, that feels so fucking good,” Kris moaned as Colt continued to kiss and lick his neck
and moved his hips so his hard cock was once again sliding back and forth against Kris’ own
impossibly hard dick. “I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

Colt smiled and moved back from Kris’ neck, but he still didn’t release his hands, instead he kept
them pinned to the mattress, linking their fingers together, as he moved his lips down to kiss Kris’
chest, still managing to keep their dicks in contact as they rubbed together, both still encased in
their boxers.

Using just the tip of his tongue, Colt licked his way across Kris’ chest until he was sucking on one
of the nipples, just kissing it at first, and then using his tongue to tease it before finally taking
it into his mouth, gently playing with it with his teeth.

Releasing Kris’ arms, Colt moved back further still, coming off the bed and planting his feet on the
floor, so he could lick his way down Kris’ abs, slowly circling each one and placing a delicate kiss
on the muscles. Then he gently blew on the skin, making Kris tremble and moan.

When his face was level with Kris’ cock, Colt could see it twitching inside his boxers, desperately
wanting release. He moved his hands up to the waistband, but instead of pulling them down he leaned
in and started sucking on the patch of precum that soaked the material, wanting to taste Kris.

“Fuck, I’ve missed you too,” Colt moaned as the unmistakable taste of Kris’ precum danced onto his
tongue and made him want the stud beneath him that much more.

Feeling the heat coming from Kris’ dick against his face as he sucked on the precum drove Colt over
the edge. He couldn’t take it any longer. He ripped Kris’ boxers off, tearing them, so he could get
to what he really wanted; Kris’ throbbing, leaking, rock hard dick.

Moving his head down, Colt lapped at Kris’ balls, loving the whimper that came from the hunk he was
servicing, and then he put the tip of his tongue right at the base of Kris’ dick so he could travel
up the entire length with his tongue.

Kris shivered beneath Colt as he licked along the shaft. At the exact moment when Colt’s tongue
reached the slit at the very top of Kris’ dick, the cock jerked and precum pulsed out onto Colt’s

Colt dove down, swallowing Kris’ cock, the taste of the precum spurring him on and making him want
all of Kris he could take. It took a few attempts, during which time he bobbed up and down, until he
finally had all of Kris’ cock in his mouth, with the head lodged in his throat and his nose buried
deep in Kris’ trimmed pubes.

“HOLY FUCK!!!!” Kris screamed, not able to believe that Colt took every inch of his cock.

Before Colt could continue, Kris pulled him up off his cock and flipped them over so Colt was flat on
his back on the bed and Kris was on top of him. Colt still had his boxers on and Kris had the urge to
just rip them off, but as he looked down at the man beneath him he knew that he too wanted to take
his time before they got to the good stuff.

Kris lowered his body completely so he was actually lying down on top of Colt. He moved his hands
around until he was holding Colt’s head and moved in for a long, deep kiss as their hard cocks came
into contact with each other yet again, making them both groan into each other’s mouths.

Pulling back, Kris rose up so he was sitting across Colt’s waist, trapping Colt’s dick under his ass.
Kris’ own cock was harder than ever, twitching and standing straight up as he looked down at Colt and
took in the beauty beneath him.

The brown hair was a little ruffled and dishevelled, giving him that cute morning after look, even
though it was only like that because of Kris’ hand running through it and the building sweat that was
matting it together as things got hotter between the two of them. His deep hazel eyes looked up at
Kris with both innocence and lust, like he was begging for Kris to take it easy on him, but also
wanting to be pounded hard. It drove Kris wild. The pecs were big and hard, perfectly rounded and
capped off by the dark red nipples that were complimented by the dark skin that was still tanned from
their summer outings. Colt’s abs were a sight to behold, so cut and defined, spreading from his pecs
all the way down to beneath his belly button, making them look huge as Kris reached down and ran his
hands over them.

Feeling the dick beneath him twitch and jump, Kris moved his hips backwards and forwards so his ass
was rubbing against the cock, creating a friction that had Colt moaning and screaming for release.

“Come on, Kris! Suck my cock!”

Kris leaned back down and got really close to Colt’s ear. He whispered, “You think I’m just gonna let
you have what you want after what you did? You’re mine now, boy.”

Colt whimpered and involuntarily thrust his hips up so his cock pushed even harder against Kris’ ass
as Kris leaned back up. Trying to think of ways to make Kris help him, he reached up and wrapped his
hand around Kris’ beautiful cock, but after just a few strokes, Kris pulled his hand off and gave
Colt a playful slap around the face.

When he looked back down there was a look of pure hunger in Colt’s eyes that was then replaced by a
look that Kris could only describe as Colt begging him with his eyes to put him out of his misery and
just do whatever he was going to do.

Feeling the dick throb against his ass once more, Kris decided to finally give Colt what he wanted.
He mimicked Colt’s earlier movements and made his way from the hard pecs, focusing on the erect
nipples for a moment, and heading on to the tight abs, until finally he ran his nose along the length
of Colt’s cock, making him shudder and moan some more.

“Please, Kris, I’m begging you,” Colt pleaded.

Kris gripped Colt’s cock in his hand and squeezed it tight. When Colt screamed he released it and
moved his hands down to the balls, taking them in his hand, though still encased in the fabric of
Colt’s boxers, and he started pulling on them gently, which in turn made Colt’s dick rise up just a
little from his body before slapping back down when Kris let go of his balls.

Taking the bottom of the boxers in his hand, Kris started tugging them down and Colt immediately
lifted his hips, wanting his cock to be free. He knew he could have just pushed Kris away and thrown
them off, but he was getting so hot having Kris play with him that he knew if he waited the end
result would be that much more explosive.

With Colt finally naked, Kris couldn’t hold back, leaning in to lap at the precum that was all over
Colt’s skin and dick. There was so much leaking out of the cock that Kris had a hard time licking it
all up, collecting some on his fingers, and it still continued to pulse out of the end so Kris
wrapped his lips around the head of Colt’s cock and started sucking it straight from the source as he
ran his hand up and down the length of the hard, veiny dick.

Colt moaned and tried to thrust his hips up, pushing his cock further into Kris’ mouth, but Kris
pinned his hips to the mattress and went at his own pace as he licked around the tip of Colt’s cock
and then agonisingly slowly started bobbing up and down, taking more and more of Colt’s dick every
time he went down.

“Yes, Kris! Yes!” Colt screamed, almost delirious. “Suck my fucking cock!”

Kris smiled and took as much of Colt’s cock into his mouth as he thought he could without pushing
himself. He knew he could go balls deep if he wanted to, but he was still teasing Colt and wanted him
to beg for more.

Feeling Colt’s fingers running through his hair, Kris looked up, still with Colt’s cock in his mouth,
and their eyes met, burning into each other. Kris took advantage of the brief opening while Colt was
distracted by sliding a finger deep into Colt’s ass.


Those were the magic words Kris wanted to hear and his dick jumped thinking about being back inside
Colt’s tight ass. He pulled his fingers out of Colt and slapped his bubble butt hard.

“Get me a condom and some lube if you want my dick inside you,” Kris ordered.

Colt groaned and quickly scrambled up the bed to his drawers, pulling out a box of condoms and a
bottle of lube. He pulled a condom from the box and threw it to Kris while he popped open the bottle
of lube and got his ass ready to be fucked.

Instead of throwing the bottle of lube to Kris, Colt poured the liquid into his hands and moved over
to Kris, wrapping both hands around the beautiful covered cock, getting it nice and slick in the hope
that it would just slide up his ass.

Kris pulled Colt into a heated kiss and took his hands in his. Colt thought the whole gesture was
just Kris wanting to be closer to Colt as they had sex, but Kris had other plans. Once he thought his
fingers were sufficiently covered in the lube that was all over Colt’s hands, he pulled away, turned
Colt around, forced him to bend over the bed and quickly slid a finger back inside the tight ass.

Colt instantly started moaning, arching his back as his eyes rolled up into his head feeling Kris’
finger push into him and then slowly pull back only to be slid back in. When the first finger slipped
in and out easily, Kris added a second and used it to finger fuck Colt’s ass.

“KRIS!” Colt screamed. “FUCK ME!!”

Kris couldn’t believe how horny he was and how much Colt wanted him. It was so hot and it was the
perfect way for them to make things better between them.

Sliding his fingers from Colt’s ass, Kris pushed Colt up onto the bed and climbed up behind him. With
Colt on his hands and knees, Kris moved in and lined his cock up with the tight hole. He brushed the
head of his cock against Colt’s opening and felt Colt shove his ass back, trying to force the dick
inside him.

When Colt gave a frustrated groan, Kris smiled and pushed forward, feeling the resistance as Colt’s
ass tried to keep him out, but he didn’t give in and pushed that little bit harder, stretching Colt
wide as his cock broke through the barrier and sank inside Colt’s ass.

“Fuck!” Colt screamed, gripping the sheets and clenching his teeth as he felt Kris enter him and open
him up, almost as if it was their first time again.

Once Kris had the head of his cock inside Colt’s ass, he slowly pushed the rest of his dick in, inch
by inch, giving Colt time to get used to the invasion since Colt hadn’t been fucked in a while and it
was clear his ass had tightened right up. It was squeezing Kris’ dick so good and tight he wondered
how long he would last, but he was determined to get the most out of Colt actually bottoming for him

When Kris was buried balls deep in Colt’s ass he stayed still, running his hands up and down Colt’s
back, trailing his fingers down his spine. Colt's ass clenched at the sensation, squeezing Kris’ dick
tighter and making him groan as he bent over and rested his head between Colt’s shoulders.

Kissing the skin on Colt’s back, Kris bent over and wrapped his arms around Colt’s body, running his
hands over the hard muscles, down to the cock that was still dripping, despite the pain Colt had felt
from the penetration. He gave it a few strokes and then moved back, pulling his cock almost
completely out of Colt’s ass before gently pushing it back in.

Colt groaned as Kris began moving in and out of him, gently withdrawing his cock and then plunging it
back in deep. Being on his hands and knees meant Colt could also start rocking back to meet Kris’
thrusts once his ass was used to the invasion and soon he was slamming his ass back on Kris’ cock
just as hard as Kris was driving his dick into Colt’s ass.

Both were screaming from the amazing feelings flowing through their bodies as their skin slapped
together. Kris pulled his body back even further, but he never slowed down on his thrusts and he
never let his dick slip out of Colt, constantly fucking him.

Colt felt Kris move behind him and turned his head to see what was happening. Seeing that Kris was
sitting back on his heels, pumping his cock into Colt’s ass, Colt leaned back himself and stretched
his arm out until he had his hand on the back of Kris’ head, almost cradling it. Kris still held the
pace as he fucked his dick in and out of Colt’s ass, but now Colt’s body was in a position where Kris
could see his muscles popping, especially in his arm, and they could also make eye contact, staring
at each other as Kris drove his dick deep inside Colt.

“Oh yes, fuck me Kris,” Colt moaned, throwing his head back.

“Take my fucking dick, Colt. I love fucking your ass,” Kris said, punctuating his words with a hard

Moving his hands so they were back on Colt’s hips, Kris picked up the pace a little and started
hammering Colt’s ass, pulling him harder against him as he put more power into his thrusts. Colt was
groaning, mixed with the occasional yelp when Kris hit his spot, and doing his best to push his ass
back onto Kris’ cock to really drive it home.

Just as Colt was really getting into it, Kris pulled his cock out, leaving Colt feeling empty.
Turning to see what Kris was doing, Colt saw him move up onto the bed, lying down with his head on
the pillows and his cock pointing towards the ceiling. Colt knew what Kris wanted him to do so he
quickly moved so he was straddling Kris and lowered himself down until Kris’ dick was pushing its way
back inside him.

“Oh fuck,” Colt moaned, sitting down completely, letting all seven inches of Kris’ hard cock slide
deep inside him, so his ass was pressed against Kris’ hips.

Kris reached around, placing his hands on Colt’s ass cheeks to pull them apart, moving his feet so he
could push up off the mattress and drive his dick up into Colt’s ass.

They started moving together, with Colt not really pulling his ass up off Kris’ cock, but more
rocking his hips back and forth, rotating them in circles, which manipulated Kris’ dick and massaged
it, whilst also letting it slide in and out just a little bit.

As Colt continued to do that, his dick was running up and down the grove between Kris’ abs, his
precum helping by letting his dick slide up and down, rubbing against Kris’ skin, feeling so good
that he couldn’t help but moan and go that little bit faster, fucking his ass harder on Kris’ dick
and rubbing his own cock against Kris’ abs that much quicker.

Colt then leaned down so he could make out with Kris as he continued to ride him, only the movements
became a little less frequent as they really started to make out heavily, so Kris use the position to
drive his cock up into Colt, really fucking him hard, making him yelp into Kris’ mouth.

Kris was so caught up in the feeling of Colt’s ass wrapped tight around his dick and in Colt’s
tongue, which was assaulting his mouth, that he didn’t realise his hands were gripping so tight onto
Colt’s ass his nails were digging into the skin and leaving marks, until Colt gasped and pulled back
from the kiss.

“Go easy on my ass, bro. You’re nearly ripping it off,” Colt laughed, impaled fully on Kris’ dick.

Kris laughed and let go, rubbing the cheeks a little, hoping to sooth them. He was just about to
start fucking back up into Colt when Colt swivelled on his dick, so his back was to Kris, never
taking the cock out of his ass. The feeling of the tight ass gripping the head of his dick and
quickly rotating almost made him cum, but Kris held on, his heart beating a little faster.

In the new position Colt reached backwards until he had hold of the headboard above his bed, using it
to support his upper body as he lifted his ass up off Kris’ cock until just the head remained inside
only to force his ass back down on the cock, feeling it slice right through him.

Colt continued to ride Kris hard, driving his ass down onto the dick that felt so good inside him. He
had missed Kris so much and he had really missed being fucked good and hard by the hot stud. His dick
was so hard and was bouncing around all over the place as he continued to fuck himself.

Kris decided to join in then and thrust up to meet Colt, forcing their hips together and working up
into a rhythm so Kris’ dick was sawing in and out of Colt’s hole with ease and they were both
moaning. Kris threw his arms back and gripped the pillows around his head, feeling so good as Colt’s
ass worked his cock, massaging and caressing it to the point that Kris was almost desperate to cum.

Still, there was a part of Kris that wanted to punish Colt for acting like he had and doing what he
did, so he decided to teach him a lesson. He knocked Colt’s arms out from under him as he held onto
the headboard, causing Colt to fall backwards onto Kris, who caught him but pulled him close to his
chest. With his arms wrapped tightly around Colt, knowing he wasn’t going anywhere, Kris planted his
feet on the mattress and thrust up into Colt harder than he ever had before, harder than any other
time they had been fucking. He thrust up so hard he completely lifted his ass off the bed, lifting
Colt up with him, and drove his dick deeper into Colt than ever before.

Colt screamed feeling the dick pierce straight through him, plunging into his depths, fucking him
right to his core. His breath was caught up in his throat as Kris continued to fuck him like that,
driving them both up and impaling Colt completely on his cock, every thrust was followed by a scream.
But still Colt’s cock remained as hard as ever, still leaking precum and throbbing, begging for
release as Kris fucked him.

“KRIS! KRIS! KRIS!” Colt screamed with every thrust deep into his ass.

“Oh Colt, oh Colt,” Kris moaned, holding Colt tight to him as he drove his dick in deep.

When his legs started to get tired, Kris lowered himself back to the bed, bringing Colt with him.
They both rested for a moment with Kris reaching around to stroke Colt’s chest, abs and to give his
dick a few jerks. Kris then gently moved Colt to the side, keeping his dick lodged inside the tight

With Colt lying flat on his back, with his hips twisted and his leg draped up and over Kris’, who was
on his side, allowing him to thrust deep into Colt’s ass, the fucking started again, but it was much
slower this time.

Kris moved slowly, gently easing his dick out of Colt and then pushing it back in, long dicking him
as Colt turned his head to look into Kris’ eyes. Kris reached over and ran his hand over the side of
Colt’s face, pulling him in for a long kiss as he continued to slide his dick in and out of him. Then
he moved his hand down to caress the amazing body he was fucking, until finally he wrapped his hand
around Colt’s hard cock and stroked him in time to the thrusts into his ass; slow and deliberate.

After another few minutes of the soft, slow love making, with their mouths almost constantly locked
together, Colt pulled back and stared into Kris’ beautiful blue eyes. “Fuck me, Kris. Make me cum.”

Kris smiled and pulled away from Colt slightly, moving his hand so he could hook it under Colt’s
knee, lifting his leg to get better access to the ass he was buried in. He slowly picked up the pace
until he was really fucking Colt hard, driving his dick up into him and holding him close, trying to
fuck him as deep and hard as possible.

Colt could feel a tingling all over his body, but especially in his ass, and when Kris rotated his
hips slightly, the head of his dick crashing into Colt’s spot, Colt couldn’t take anymore. He moved
his hips, driving his ass back onto Kris’ cock and reached down, taking his dick into his hand and
jerking so furiously he thought he might pull his cock off. He needed to get off so badly and Kris
felt so good inside him.

“Fuck me, Kris. Fuck the cum out of me,” Colt moaned.

Kris fucked Colt even harder, leaning nearer his ear. “Feel that dick inside you, Colt. Feel it
pounding your ass. This is where you belong, bitch, right on the end of my dick, loving every second
of me fucking your hot ass.”

That was all it took for Colt. He threw his head back and felt Kris’ lips on his neck as the feelings
inside him and those caused by the hand on his dick and the words in his ear took him crashing over
the edge, firing the biggest load of his life all over the bed, his hand and his body.

Kris continued fucking Colt through his orgasm, feeling the already tight ass clench around his cock.
He hugged Colt tight and fucked him that little bit harder, also feeling a desperate urge to cum.
When it finally hit, Kris buried himself completely inside Colt and felt his cock explode, filling
the condom until it was almost overflowing.

When he came down from the height of his orgasm, Kris realized that Colt had passed out and was
asleep with Kris still deep inside him. Kris smiled, made no attempt to pull out and drifted off to
sleep knowing everything was going to be just fine.


Thanks to Big 'D' for writing this tie in.   You were probably expecting to hear about it but it is
still great that he will take his time and do so for us.  

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