8:00 PM
Everybody was stunned by Brax’s statement.
“Would you mind explaining that to us?” Reese asked suspiciously.
“I was there that night in the bar. Well, to be more accurately, David was in the bar while I was running late to meet him for a late drink.”
Brax continues, “I know you guys were celebrating Reese’s new job opportunity, and I didn’t really want to spoil your night. Anyways, David was
sitting at the table waiting for me to show up and two guys were across from him at the adjoining table. They kept looking over at the bar, at you
guys standing there. They were completely out of it. So, one of the guys came up to her, having made a bet on who would nail her first.”  David
told him this complete story later that evening.
“So he came up to me and tried some stupid line that would never work in high school. I politely refused, but then he decided to force the issue by
touching me.”
“David could see the whole thing from my table, and he was surprised none of you were seeing it. So, he was about to get up when she slapped
him, and then everybody at the bar turned. He was angry and talked to his buddy, not sure what was said, David could only catch a glimpse of it.
They left and he thought it was over.”
“You see, Tabor, I had nothing do with the slap, I didn’t lead him on or anything, and they were drunk and wanted me.”
Tabor and Reese looked at each other, as they were both looking for a flaw in her story, but they couldn’t. Trevor was more curious with the rest
of this story. “What about the car and Britney running away?”
“I didn’t run away,” Britney declared.
“Sure,” Tabor stated.
“She is right,” Brax said. “I had to stop and pick something up at the convenience store. She came in asking to use a phone, because her battery
had died. She, the women at the cash register, gave her a cell phone and she dialed it. She went back to the scene. I didn’t know who she was at
the time, though. I’d never met Britney until that point. I went to meet David and we were having a good evening when Tabor called me and told
us what had happened, we rushed to the hospital and saw the girl leaving his room. She had been crying. I went in and there was Reese in a
Cord looked over at Brax, “There is some truth into this story, when I was nursing Reese back to health in the hospital and went to get some
coffee, Britney was inside. She left the moment I got there. She had tears in her eyes. I just blocked out the whole thing, my mind was focused on
you, love.” 
Reese smiled, and then turned to Brax, “How come you never came forward with this information?” Reese asked, “This was almost a year and bit
a go.”
“I didn’t know that you guys were mad at her because of this, I thought you all knew about it,” Brax responded.
Britney turned to her harsh critics, “Well?”
Tabor and Reese looked at each other and nodded. Reese spoke first: “I am sorry for doubting you. I am really sorry. Can you forgive me?”
“Tabor, this is completely my fault, I had always believed you did this to one of my best friends. I am sorry, too.”
Britney was happy for the apology. “Guys, I care for both of you too deeply to not accept your apology. It is all forgiven. I just hate that we weren’t
friends for the last year and half.”
“Let’s change that then,” Tabor smiled and led the way back into the tent. Chase told Brax and David that they could stay for the fun and party
along with everybody else.
They did and the whole group went inside. Right when Cord entered the tent, Toni dragged him out for a walk with Drizzle barking happily.
“What was that about?”
Cord explained what had just occurred, as they set out for a small walk around the lake, they chatted about nothing in particular. Cord didn’t really
know how to approach the subject.
“So, how is Simon?”
“Okay, Cordy, I’ve known you long enough to know you are stalling, so spit it out.” Toni laughed, “And Simon is great. He wrote to me last week
about how much he likes his job in Canada.”
“That’s great,” Cord acknowledged. Toni stared into his eyes, and he finally decided to come out with it.
“Reese and I are going to get married?”
A million questions floated through her mind, and all of them seemed to come out in a huge jumble. “How did this happen? When is this going to
happen? Why didn’t you tell me? Who else knows? How long have you been thinking about this?”
Cord put his arm around her to stop the endless questions she was spouting out. When she stopped, she looked towards Cord for some answers.
Cord breathed deeply.
“This is not an official wedding announcement, just a promise that we will be ready when the time is right. He agreed with me that right now, we
want to hold off telling people, especially with Matt and Corey’s wedding. As for when it will happen who knows, I optimistically say within the next
few years. Nobody else knows, as it happened earlier today. I have been thinking about asking Reese for three months. I think I covered most of
you questions.”
Drizzle barked, wanting to some attention, and Toni gave him a biscuit she had in her pocket. “How do you feel?”
“I love Reese, and I knew I loved him three weeks after the accident.”
“So, your feelings for Matt?”
“Like I said at the ceremony to that asshole Jacob, I love Matt as a friend, and that’s all. I just am sorry I never told Reese sooner about my
“Cordy, you were never good at expressing your love for other people.”
“That’s true, I guess.” I laughed thinking about to my summer before Reese’s accident when I saw him chasing this guy, Felix, that Matt and Kris
set me up with, and I waited too long to tell him how I felt, so he went to another guy.
“What about you?” Cord asked. “How is Timmy?”
“He is the best fucking boyfriend ever. He is so much better than Bryson, or Steven or Craig or Jacko or Reed or Noah.”
“I am noticing a pattern,” Cord said slyly.
“Oh, shut up. Seriously, I love Timmy, he so romantic.”
“Really?” Cord was surprised. “He was never romantic with his past loves.”
“He mentioned how he used to play with them and move on,” Toni agreed.
“There IS one area, I wish he was better at.”
“Oh?” Cord listened with interest, thinking he could use this information in the future.
“He isn’t the best lover I had. I mean he knows his way under the sheets, but he always does the same thing and it gets old. I suggested to him to
try other positions, but he just doesn’t seem to have that particular ability.”
“I see.” Cord was aware of Timmy’s bedroom issues, “Timmy told me all about that when his first high school girlfriend complained about it. I take
it you are not satisfied.”
“Someitmes, but most of the time, I have to pleasure myself.
“Well, maybe you guys are not making love enough times for him to practice it.”
“Nah, we do it like three times a week, and the only thing I ask for is some romance in this department, but he thinks of it as just another job; like
taking out the garbage.”
“So it is not that he lacks the skill, it’s he isn’t good at it.”
“I think he treats it as a job, because he cannot perform that well.”
“Well, I do have one idea that could help.”
However, before he could describe it to Toni, Jess ran up to them as they approached the tent from their walk. “Cord, are you ready for your
present, Scott wants to get the show on the road.”
“Yep, Toni will help me.”  They all walked in and Cord was ready as Scott turned to the podium to address the crowd. The band leader ended the
last song and nodded towards Scott.
At 8:16 pm, Scott spoke: “Ladies and Gentlemen, although it is traditional for the guests at a wedding to deliver hideous gifts or give small
amounts of money; at this wedding we don’t believe in tradition. Cord Dawson, our favourite photographer, is here to give his present to Corey
and Matt. Cord, please.”
All eyes turned to Cord. Corey and Matt were on the dance floor surrounded by Colt and Kris and other friends.
“Guys, I really didn’t know what I could give you to mark such a special occasion,” Cord stated.
“A blow job!” A shout came from someone in background, the crowd laughed. “Actually, that was on the list, but I want to give you guys
something special that everybody here can enjoy. So in that vein I am going to sing.
He nodded to small band and they began playing “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf. The music made the guys start dancing, but
Corey and Matt tried to listen to lyrics as they danced with Kris and Colt. 
I remember every little thing
As if it happened only yesterday
Parking by the lake
And there was not another car in sight
And I never had a boy
Looking any better than you did
And all the kids at school
They were wishing they were me that night
And now our bodies are oh so close and tight
It never felt so good, it never felt so right
And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife
C'mon, hold tight,
C'mon, hold tight

Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night
I can see paradise by the dashboard light
Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark

We're gonna go all the way tonight
We're gonna go all the way
And tonight's the night

We're gonna go all the way tonight
We're gonna go all the way
And tonight's the night

We're gonna go all the way tonight
We're gonna go all the way
And tonight's the night

We're gonna go all the way tonight
We're gonna go all the way
And tonight's the night

Out of the blue Toni entered the tent with microphone in hand and made her way to join Cord.

Stop right there
I gotta know right now
Before we go any further
Do you love me
Will you love me forever
Do you need me
Will you never leave me
Will you make me so happy
For the rest of my life
Will you take me away
And will you make me your wife


Let me sleep on it
Baby, baby let me sleep on it
Let me sleep on it
And I'll give you an answer in the morning


I gotta know right now
Do you love me
Will you love me forever
Do you need me
Will you never leave me
Will you make me so happy
For the rest of my life
Will you take me away
And will you make me your wife
Will you love me forever


I couldn't take it any longer
Lord I was crazed
And when the feeling came upon me
Like a tidal wave
I started swearing to my god
And on my mother's grave
That I would love you to the end of time
I swore I would love you to the end of time

So now I'm praying for the end of time
To hurry up and arrive
'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you
I don't think that I can really survive
I'll never break my promise or forget my vow


It was long ago and it was far away
It never felt so good, It never felt so right
And it was so much better than it is today.
And we were glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife

As the song ended, a brief applause was heard and Toni bowed to join the group on the dance floor. Cord put on a microphone headset,
so he could have his hands free. The band leader began the music for Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” 
Cord jumped off the stage and sang:
Clocks strikes upon the hour
And the sun begins to fade.
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away
I've done alright up till now
Its the light of day that shows me how
And when the night falls my lonely heart calls

Cord grabs, Scott, then Jess and Reese, and dances with them in turn as he continues to sing:
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

I've been in love and lost my senses
Spinning through the town
Sooner or later the fever ends
And I wind up feeling down
I need a woman who'll take a chance
On a love that burns hot enough to last
So when the night falls
My lonely heart calls

As Cord continues to sing, he dances with Colt, Kris and Corey and Matt as the crowd watches in awe.
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me

Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
Oh I wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah I wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me
The crowd applauded Cord as he brought Corey and Matt on the stage and he serenaded them with this Bruno Mars classic “Just the way
you are.”
Turning to Matt, Cord sang:
His eyes, his eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining.
Turning to Corey, Cord sang:
His hair, his hair falls perfectly without him trying
He’s so beautiful and I tell him every day.

Yeah I know, I know when I compliment her he won’t believe me
And it’s so, it’s so sad to think that he don’t see what I see
But every time he asks me “Do I look okay?” I say
He gets Matt and Corey up and they slow dance as he continues to sing.

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
'Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
'Cause Matt you’re amazing
Just the way you are

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile
The whole world stops and stares for a while
‘Cause Corey you’re amazing
Just the way you are
The way you are
The way you are
Corey you’re amazing
Just the way you are

Cord receives some more applause, “Thank you, Matt and Corey congratulations.”

Derek had returned from the bathroom to watch Cord’s last song, and when he saw Corey and Matt it made him tear up. He still wasn’t
feeling a 100 percent right now, but he still wanted to say goodbye to Corey before he left.
As the song ended, Matt and Corey moved to the head table. Derek decided it was time. As he approached, Corey was just grabbing his
first bite of food since the wedding began. He turned and smiled as Derek approached.
“How are you feeling, Derek?” Corey asked.
“I am okay, just the flu I think.” Corey eyed him suspiciously, but didn’t say anything. “Samuel and I are going to go home and I am going
to get some rest. However, before I do I really want to have a quick word with you, Corey.”
“Of course,” he kissed his husband and they ventured outside on the benched by the big tent.
“What’s up?”
“You seemed uneasy at the ceremony right at the beginning, is there anything to that?”
“Not really,” Corey tried to say that with a lot of conviction, obviously Derek saw through it. Derek waited patiently for Corey to admit
what was wrong.
“Fine,” Corey began with annoyance. “It is simply that this morning was pretty rough. My father came to the hotel room this morning,
and I kicked him out without one word to him.”
“A predicable response,” Derek suggested.
“So, then about 40 minutes or so before the ceremony, he shows up again, it turns out that he was going to be the justice of the peace,
or the officiant, or something like that.”
Derek didn’t say anything, even though he was the one who brought Calvin to Scott’s attention when Scott was looking for people.
“I take it you were more receptive to whatever Mr. Rork had to say.”
Corey wasn’t surprised that Derek knew Calvin’s name; after all the two of them have been through, very little has amazed him about
“Yeah, he explained where he came from and why he left and I just couldn’t believe his story at first.  And to be honest it was a lot to
take in.”
“And?” Derek ventured a little,
“To be perfectly frank, I am not sure I even want him in my life. Larry has been an okay stepdad lately. We had a hard beginning, but now
we seem to respect each other, and mom. Well, mom has always been mom. Her speech today, I really respect her more, though. I just
don’t know if I need another male role model in my life. I mean, regardless of his reasons for leaving, why would I need him now?”
“Because he is your father,” Derek stated matter-of-factly.
“I have a father in Larry, I don’t need another one.”
“Doesn’t that sound familiar?” Derek offered. “Matt never thought he needed a father before, and it wasn’t until college that he
reconnected with him, and although the reunion was short, Matt and Larry found a bond.”
“Yeah, but Matt knew Larry growing up, and had a relationship with him; it was a bad one, but still. Calvin shows up and what, I should
just accept him as a father figure? Had he been in my life, I could have had a different one.”
“Yeah,” Derek shot back, “one where Matt might not be in it, let alone Kris and Colt. You may have had a bad beginning of a life, Corey,
but it led to this moment, and I know you don’t regret the actions that lead you to marry Matt.”
“That’s true. I just don’t know what to do with Calvin. “
“My advice,” Derek suggested, “is to trust him, and just listen to him, and give him your time. He may turn out to be an ass, or he may
turn out to be a great guy.”
“Maybe you’re right.” Corey hugged Derek. “You are forgiven.”
Derek didn’t understand, “For?”
“You are forgiven for not mentioning that you found my dad during your travels!”
“I knew you would understand.”  They both entered the tent again.
“Stay here just for a minute.” Corey went over to talk to Scott who was about to address the crowd again; he whispered something into
the Scott’s ear.
“Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to begin with more speeches, more laughs and more fun, but before we can begin with that,” Scott
announced, ”Corey is going to bore us with a speech of his on.”
After the mild laughter died down, Corey took the microphone and began speaking, “Guys, this isn’t my official speech, or anything like
that. I just wanted to make a toast to a dear friend who has to leave early. This man has done more good in the past 15 years than most
of us have done in lifetime. Derek, will you please come here?”
Derek, surprised by Corey compliment, walked towards him, equally shocking was the applause he received from the guests. Derek
whispered into Corey’s ear, “This really isn’t necessary.”
“Sure it is,” he whispered back. Corey turned to the audience again, “This man has helped me when I was at my lowest point, when I
thought my life was going to end in total despair. But, he gave me the advice that kept me going. He asked me what would make me the
happiest in the world, and I told him graduating college, finding some friends who can accept me, and maybe a boyfriend. He advised
me that I should take out my frustrations by working out. And, in the end he was right; I am so happy right now. And although some the
credit goes to the friends and family I have met over the years, but without Derek, I would not physically, literally be here.  However, I
think I am not the only one who has been helped by this man over the years.
“Corey, this is too much,” Derek blushed. Corey continued, ignoring the comment.
“Derek has been travelling off and on for as many years as I can remember. He left because he was scared to face his reality. While he
was away he lost his father and brother. He alienated his best friend. But on his journey of redemption for being what he called a
coward, he met some people who helped him deal with his issues, and more importantly helped him return the one guy he didn’t have
the guts to return to before. It doesn’t end there. During this adventure he has helped a lot of people deal with their current problems.
All he did was sit down and listen. Just to show people the impact this man has had on people’s lives. If you have met Derek before
please stand up.”
Scott and Jess were on their feet, Samuel and Rick were next. Garrett and Hayden also rose. Noah and Kendall stood. Matt and Colt were
up, Chase, Trevor and Shawn also stood, and Kris not only stood up, but he came up and hugged Derek. 
Then, surprising to Derek those who stood, cheered and applauded; the rest of the audience stood and applauded this man they never
met.  Derek was crying. He always has been helping people because he wanted to. He never wanted anything in return, and certainly
not this type reception. It was too much for him. He stole the mike from Corey before he said anything more, “Thank you, but this is too
much. Most of you had helped me more than I helped you. Whether it was from recovering from my ailments, Noah and Kendall, or
helping deal with my guilt, Hayden or even telling me what a moron I had been, Shawn; you have helped me as much as I helped you.”
Kris took the mike this time, “Bro, that may be true, but if you didn’t come into my life, or Corey’s life we may not be the men we are
today. You saved Corey’s life, and I know you saved mine and Matt’s. This is just a small thank you for what you did for us.”
Derek hugged Kris and Corey and again, and decided it was time to make quick exit. “Thank you all,” he told to room and stepped away
from the podium with Samuel at his side and they left the tent. Samuel laughed as they made it to the car, saying, “That was nice.”
Back in the tent, Scott allowed people to settle down and Corey and Kris to return their seats, before he began again.
“That was nice. It is 8:34, and we still have a lot to get through, so while dessert is being served, two more speeches are here for you. Well,
these next two are supposed to be the best men, but for the life of me I don’t know what they are the best at. Well, anyways, all the way from his
own house is Colt Landerham, and his best friend, Kristopher Stanton.
Matt watched his two friends stand up and head to the podium, with both of them playfully punching Scott in the arm.
Kris spoke first, “Matt, what can I really say?  I’m so happy to see you finally achieve a great goal in your life; nabbing the hottest guy here.   From
the first time we met, I knew we had something special.  That was proven over and over again in the four years we were roomies in college.  We
had way more great times than not.  I’m not sure… wait I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have made it through college without you there with
me. Although, the last few years were rough, we made it through and re-established the brothership we had begun almost 14 years ago. I
celebrate and rejoice in this great marriage.  You two were made for each other.   I know you will have Corey’s behind, in more ways than one, if
he messes up like you always have.   Bro, no matter what I will love you like a brother if not more.
Matt wiped his eyes; it was short and to the point. He loved Kris because there was so much implied that wasn’t said. His body language shows
me how much I mean to him, and how much that I found love in Corey, he turned and watched Colt speak.
Corey’s relationship with Colt was great and encouraging, they never had much of a physical relationship, but as this morning had shown, they
both have an easy way about themselves. Colt was just the type of friend Corey was looking for when he entered college, and he was a much
better friend when he finally accepted that gay guys were just as cool, if not cooler than straight guys.
“Corey, I, too, am so happy for you and Matt.  You have taught me so much over the years.  The main thing you taught me is that there can be
love between two men.  I cherish the nights when we would just lay in bed naked… and talk.  I knew you and Matt were destined for this moment. 
I know you still try to outdo me in the gym, but know you should since you are there every day.  You taught me the value of overcoming big
hurdles in life along with how to be a great friend. I, too, celebrate this moment with y’all.   It will be another epic bash where no one is standing
in the end.   I love you both.”
Colt abandoned the speech he worked so hard to prepare, and spoke from the heart. He realized that is wheere his love for Matt and Corey is,
and that is where he should speak from. When he finished his short speech, the crowd applauded again. Corey was actually crying, which was the
first time Colt had seen him do that. Matt and Corey stood up and kissed their best men on the lips, and then they switched. Neither of the four of
them cared that over a 130 people were watching them. They had come to realize in their brotherhood, this is the was to show their love.
Scott coughed loudly and motioned for the band to continue playing. The crowd got up and danced while Scott went to be with Jess.
Kris and Colt left after their kiss to go for a walk. They both needed to escape the party for a bit. Kris and he had not had a lot of time alone
together since the jewelry store, and thought this would be a great time with their official duties now ended.
Kris hit Colt in the ribs, and pointed in the direction where the ceremony took place. Britney, Chase and Tabor were having what looked like
stimulating conversation.
“It looks like they finally made up,” Kris suggested. “What was it all about?”
Colt told him the short version of Tabor and Chase’s fight and how Britney seemed to come between them.
“Yep,” Colt continued, “Chase told me what the issue was before, but I am happy that it’s over with? Don’t you think, bro?”
“Huh,” Kris said. He was too engrossed in Chase and Tabor’s discussion with Britney to hear what Colt said. “Sorry, bro.”
“You okay?”
“Yeah, this is just so kinda déjà vu. I mean, but reversed.”
Colt stopped and gave Kris the ‘I think you mean’ crazy stare. “You mean saying that in English for me?”
“You know our freshman year, Monica had gotten into your ear about that I was flirting with her, and that brought us to have our first fight. This is
the same thing with them, no?”
“You might be right about that. I still cannot believe how my brother and Tabor became so like us.”
“Tabor is you, and Chase is like me.”
“I think my own brother is like me.”
“Yeah, maybe, but I love them to death. Chase was so accepting of all your gay shit, and didn’t even bat an eye, just like I was with Matt when he
came out.”
“That’s true, but I still call Tabor, Kris Jr.”
“That’s cool,” Kris told him.
“So, are you going to tell me why Melissa was here?” Colt changed the subject with lightning efficiency. Kris was rubbing off on him.
“Basically, Melissa and I fucked and out came Kevin, my son. The condom was defective. She didn’t have the fucking balls to tell me it was mine,
though; the kid is almost five years old. FIVE YEARS!”
Colt let Kris vent, “I guess you’re still mad at her.”
“Yeah, I am, but I just don’t know what to do with this information.”
“Do you want to be the father to this guy?”
“Yeah, he seems like a young version of me, so excitable, and always on the go.”
“Then,” Colt asked, “what’s the problem?”
“Do I go back to Melissa, or not?”
“What’s your history with her? I don’t remember you dating a Melissa while at school.”
Kris thought about how to explain his romance with Melissa. “I guess you can call it a love affair. Ever since I saw her in junior high I was smitten
with her. Nathan tried to get me to ask her out, but I was just too shy. After Nathan’s death, and I became more outgoing, we started dating and
through junior high and high school we broke up and made up many times. During that Christmas time when I brought you home to Nathan’s
grave and I was struggling with whether I loved you or not, I reconnected with Mellissa. And, every summer we had some nice chats and some
amazing fucks. And now, I haven’t seen her in many years.”
“I see, do you still love her?”
“I don’t know, I never actually loved a girl before. Megan was the closest. Liz was the lesibian, and Jacee was a mistake, and Sammi was just a
convenient mother. I think out of all the girls and the guys I dated, Melissa was the only one who kept my attention for the longest time. I don’t
know if that’s love.”
“Well,” Colt said, “I am sure we will find out; take some time and make a decision.”
“I will bro; now what about you?”
“Don’t ask me about Andrea.”
“Colt, talk to me. We both know you still love her. I am pretty sure she is the only girl you ever loved. We made a mistake, and that mistake
destroyed your marriage.”
“Yes! Of course I love her. I will always love her. I just hate myself for that stupid promise. I thought she understood the unique relationship me
and you have.”
“Unique in college, yes; but if you are married then it would be called an affair, and in Andrea’s position that is uncalled for.”
“True, I guess it wasn’t stupid of her to make that kind of arrangement after all.”
“Nah,” Kris smiled, “so win her back.”
“What if it happens again?”
“I promise you, I will not ever drink like that again. I will never allow ourselves to fuck like that again. We love each other like brothers, that’s all.
They shock hands and went back inside. Colt didn’t know what he was going to do with Andrea, and Kris was more unsure about Melissa than he
was before.
As the 8:51 approached, Calvin Rork was just walking through the dessert line and checking out what was there. He didn’t see an elderly woman
show up behind him.
“Calvin, I think we should discuss you being here,” she said calmly.
He turned to face Marie and frowned, she had what looked like Scotch in her hand.
“Why are you drinking, after that speech you gave your son about quitting the booze.”
“No! We are talking about you, CAL! You have no right to come back here!”
“He is my son, and he wanted me here.” Calvin pushed her into the corner of the tent so that there would not be a scene.
“What filthy lie did you tell him to get him to gain your trust.”
“The truth, I told him why I left, why I couldn’t return and everything else in between.”
“I am happy, and settled with Larry. And you show up at your son’s wedding.”
“YES!” The anger in Calvin’s voice was startling. “Believe it or not, I love my son, and I want him to be happy. Unlike you, I don’t give a rat’s ass if
he is gay. Your drinking destroyed our marriage, as it almost destroyed your relationship with your son.”
“What do you know about Corey?”
“What he told me; he thought you started drinking because of his gayness. We both know that is not true. And believe it or not I am at peace with
that decision of leaving you. However, every minute I hated not being the father for Corey I could be. Because I am pretty sure I would have been
a better father to him than you were as his mother!”
“You lowlife scum, I don’t care if you do regret leaving me, or you have an excuse that I almost bought where you lived these last 20 years. Don’t
you ever say that about my mother again!”
Calvin and Marie turned to see Corey standing there. “My mother may have drunk a lot, may have been a poor mother in my high school years,
but at least she didn’t run away. "
“Son,” Calvin began….
Andy has decided to just email the next chapter to those interested in the finale.
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