Posted:   March 21, 2010

Waking up on the final full day at The Lodge, Brock was in bed with Derek as usual.  Both realized that the end was near and there wasn’t a lot they could do.  They sat in bed and talked about the night before and how drunk they both were.  So much so that sex didn’t happen as hard as they might try.  Both could laugh about it now despite a small hang over.  Derek was glad to see his Dad had really let up and allowed him to enjoy the night as he chose plus his Dad was falling down drunk by the end.

After showering and dressing with both having stubble on their 18 year old faces, Derek more than Brock, the two headed out in short to enjoy one final full day together.

“I know the last tradition here is to fuck your roommate as a going away present but we’re still sleeping together no matter what,” Brock said.

“I know that’s right,” Derek said.  “I think Brad and Jeremy make a nice couple.  You noticed they were glad to allow us to sleep together.”

Once downstairs, they headed and found something to eat for a late breakfast and were joined shortly thereafter by Brad, Jeremy and Randy, who Brock met the first day.  They laughed about the night before as well as finding the three had slept together after one long night of sex.

“Don’t be surprised if tonight isn’t one big orgy,” Brad stated.  “It was last year with everyone going at it everywhere you looked.”

“Yea, I was with no telling how many guys last year on the last night,” Randy said. “What a way to end one hell of a week. I can’t wait!”

“Knowing those two,” Jeremy said concerning Brock and Derek, “they’ll be in the room all to themselves and not sharing in the hotness.”

“Do you blame me?” Derek laughed.

“Seriously I don’t,” Brad said. 

“Yea one motherfucker wanted to fight my ass the first day he was here.  Now look at his sorry ass,” Jeremy stated.

“Hey, I’m sorry alright plus I hadn’t seen Derek yet,” Brock laughed.

“I told him he’d love it,” Jeremy laughed as they all did, knowing Derek and Brock were always together.

“Tell me.  How is it after this trip?” Derek asked. “You know, does life return to normal and you forget that this ever happened?”

“In time, it fades away like most things.  Once I was back in my group of friends, my brain was back on getting with girls but I didn’t object if some guy wanted to fuck,” Brad answered.  “I drank as much though.”

“It does fade but for me there was a small desire to be with guys.  I was with a couple of guys in college but nothing really to brag about,” Jeremy stated.

“Don’t worry your little hearts out.  Things will get back to normal once this is all over with,” Brad smiled.

As a group, the five headed out to seek out what fun there was to be had.  They found a volleyball game and waited to join in.  After the game, Brock and Derek headed to lake for one last spin on a tube.

When they returned from the lake, the two headed up to prepare for one final semi formal dinner.  Brock was sitting and waiting for Jeremy to arrive for one last time to tie his tie. 

The dinner was lively for most except for Brock and Derek.  Realization was beginning to set in that tonight may be it forever for the two.  They sat next to each other and listened to the talk among the others.  Ken and Carson, their Dads, did their best to encourage the two to enjoy this while the opportunity was there.  Neither Brock nor Derek drank much or felt like doing so for that matter. 

After the meal and a final farewell speech from Mr. Wilshire and his son, Hank, the dinner ended.  Derek and Brock headed to their rooms to change out of their shirt, ties and dress slacks. 

“Derek, I’m telling Jeremy to get his ass on the bed and get this suck ass final tradition over and done with,” Brock said. “I want get it totally over with so you and I can be together for one final night.”

“Yea, sounds like a plan to me,” Derek said in a somber mood. “I’ll finish off Brad and be back shortly.”

Brock entered his room to undress and stow away his nice clothes like his Dad told him.  He waited for Jeremy to come in the room.  He was in the bathroom taking a dump when Jeremy came in.  He finished up and found Jeremy undressing.

“Let’s get this over and done with,” Brock stated.

“Look Brock, I know it is tradition here but the way I see now is that you and Derek should be together as well as Brad and I,” Jeremy said.

“Thanks,” Brock said and managed a smile.

“Man, what are so down in the mouth about though?” Jeremy asked.

“Derek and I know this is it.  After tonight, it’s all over and done with.  Come Monday all this will be a distant memory,” Brock replied.

“Have a seat,” Jeremy pointed to the bed.  He threw his arm around Brock, “I’ve never seen one guy change so much over the course of a week.  You’re like some love sick guy who is about to lose his lover for good.”

“I have changed a lot in attitude and yes… Jeremy I do have deep feelings for Derek now.  How can you not after what we’ve been through together?  I can’t separate the emotions of being so intimate with someone.  Never have been able.  Once I fuck a girl, I fall in love so quickly,” Brock stated.

“Brock, I feel for you bro.  I can see you and Derek have that something together.  It happens here occasionally.  As for the falling in love after fucking, I’d be one heartbroken fucker.  Haven’t you ever fucked someone just for the sake of busting that nut?”

“Yea, when you fucked me,” Brock laughed. “But no Jeremy I haven’t except maybe once or twice when I was too drunk to remember or graduation night with this girl I was messing with.”

“Look at Derek as that girl and separate the affection out of it,” Jeremy said.

“Way too late for that now,” Brock said.  The door opened with Brad and Derek walking in.

“What’s up?” Brad asked.

“We got two guys who have fallen for each other,” Jeremy stated.

“It happens and who can blame them.  What sucks is after tonight they won’t see each other until next year,” Brad said.

“Fuck that!” Derek said. “We only live about 40 miles apart.”

“It seems Casanova here thinks he’s in love with every person he fucks,” Jeremy said.

“Sue my ass then!” Brock stated.

“Mine too!” Derek said.

“I tried to tell him about casual hookups and shit like that,” Jeremy said.

“I see that part as a onetime deal where you fuck the bitch and kick her ass out of bed but shit…” Brock said with his arm around Derek.

“Yea, it’s been way more than a onetime deal for us.  Sure it would have been fucking nuts if it had been once or twice but shit we’re about to wear each other out,” Derek stated.  “I bet both of you now have a hard time separating the act from the emotion.”

Brad looked at Jeremy, “Jeremy, I do but haven’t told you.  I know we live hundreds of miles apart though.  Hell, you guys knew of each other before coming here.  The purpose of this is to do things society doesn’t accept as a whole.  I heard it didn’t start this way but has evolved over the years to this sort of straight man experiences gay romp and shows their sons that life is too short to experience only women and show men can have great sex with each other for a short time.  Hell next week it’s all women doing the same shit.”

Brock’s eyes lit up, “No shit!  My mom and sister are coming here next week and did last year.  They said it was a mother/daughter retreat like with a spa treatment!”

Jeremy patted Brock’s back, “Your mom and sister are coming here to be fucking Lesbos for the week, bitch, just like you and your dad came here to be fags.”

“Brock and Derek, my advice is to go home and see how things go.  If you truly have feelings and love for each other after say a week, then go for it,” Brad stated. “It might be rough but you’ll be happy together.”

“Then we’ll be the fags then,” Derek stated. “It was our plan to sort of wait and see.  We’ve listened to you guys and heard you tell how it fades.  It may fade or not but we’ll see for ourselves.”

“Okay then,” Jeremy smiled. “I guess we’re out of here then.  Brock if I don’t see you tonight or tomorrow, good luck.  Same to you Derek.  It’s been fun or at least the last few days have been.”

Jeremy and Brad left the two alone.  They lay in silence with Derek staring at Brock while Brock looked up at the ceiling. 

“Derek, I hate to say this but I’m not in the mood to have sex tonight.  I’m sorry,” Brock broke the silence.

“I wasn’t either.  I knew if we did we would be going through the motions,” Derek said quietly.  “Let’s hold each other until we fall asleep.  That’s how I want to remember this week.”

“I can do that and would love to hold you all night,” Brock stated.


The final morning, Derek and Brock were up early to pack to leave.  Neither could find the words to say to each other while packing their belongings.  They shared one final kiss and strong embrace before parting to locate their Dads. 

Brock was heading in the direction of his Dad’s room and saw Carson looking for Derek.  He told him and continued on to find his Dad packed and ready.  Ken spoke but could see Brock wasn’t in the mood for talking which he contributed to Brock not being a morning person.  After a really quick something to eat, the two found their vehicle and loaded it for the four hour trip home.

Once on the road and a solid thirty minutes of silence, Ken spoke up with Brock staring out the side window, “Brock, did you at least have more fun than you expected?”

Brock shrugged and grunted out, “I guess so.”

Ken continued down the interstate, “Dammit Brock, what’s up?  I know you too well not to know something is not eating you up.”

Brock looked at his Dad, “Dad, you know what’s up with me.”

Ken shook his head, “Here I thought we had an open line of communication going after that great fishing adventure.  Once away, I see you’re back to putting up your guard.”

“Oh Dad, cut the shit!” Brock said. “I was over here trying to sort out what was real and what wasn’t real about this last week.”


“Dad, I found out in one week I wasn’t the person I thought I was or ever could be.  I feel head over heels for Derek and you know it.  Fact is we didn’t do shit last night.  We held each other until he was asleep in my arms.”

“I see.  Now are you ready for the next proverbial bomb to be dropped?”

“Sure lay it on me,” Brock replied.

“After your mom gets back…”

“I know what her and Candice are doing here,” Brock interrupted.

“Let me finish, please.  As I was saying, your mom and I are divorcing after she returns…”

“What the fuck, Dad?” Brock screamed. “You can’t!”

“Dammit Brock, would you let me finish before fucking interrupting me?  Shit!”  Ken screamed at his son.  He calmed down and focused on the traffic and his speed.  “Brock, it has been years in the making whether you know it or not.  I need to set the record straight here.  I said in the boat about sex once a month.  We haven’t had sex in over four years.  We were going to do it last year but decided for your benefit to keep things as they were.”   Ken could hear the sobbing coming from Brock.

He continued, “Son, I too realized I had a thing for men after your mother confessed she had a thing for women…”


“Brock, I’m totally bi but have grown fond of men just as your mom has grown fond of women.  We sleep together but only sleep with the romance long gone from our relationship.  I know it will be hard for you to accept right now with this shocking news.  When we get back, I’m starting to pack to move out.  It is your choice who want to live with.”

“Dad…” Brock said trying to digest this bomb. “What if Derek and I… you know can’t live without each other?  Is there some way… maybe you could see fit to allow us to live together with you?”

“I’m sure that could be arranged but wait and see before you decide that you really are head over heals in love.  If not then between Carson and I, I’m sure we can accommodate you boys…”

“You should!  You forced this trip on me without telling me about the gay part…”

“I know but you seem to have found someone.  Brock, was there ever a desire hidden to be with a guy?” Ken asked and kept driving along.

“Maybe a small one but you know… general curiosity I must confess,” Brock said.  “However, it was the best sex of my life and most enjoyable.”

They continued talking until pulling into the driveway.  Ken was cordial with Faye, Brock’s Mom before heading inside.

“Hey was your trip, Brock?” Faye asked.

“Good and bad.  I know what’s going on now.  I have very mixed emotions,” Brock said.

“Son, how did things work out?” Faye asked.

“Shit, you knew the whole time, didn’t you?”

“Watch your mouth, Brock.  You are home now,” Faye stated.

“Dammit it, Mom.  I told Dad after going I was doing and saying what I wanted.  So live with it, alright!”

“Don’t you talk that way to me, Brock!”

“Why not? You seemingly gave your full approval to this entire scheme including introducing me to gay sex.”

“That was Ken’s ideal!”

“Oh just like it was his ideal for you to show Candice your side as well,” Brock said. “Mom, I found a guy I really liked and feel in love with him over the week.  Your son may be well on his way to being a total fucking faggot queer!”

Faye wanted to cry but kept her emotions in check.  She followed Brock to his room where the two discussed thing over the next hour.  Despite wanting to wait, Brock called Derek after he finished with his Mom.  Brock was dealing with the same thing except his Mom wasn’t a lesbian but in an affair unbeknownst to him.  They stayed on the phone for an hour with both talking things out.  In the end, they concluded if nothing else they could be good friends if things didn’t work out.

The next day Sunday, Brock did his best to return to his normal life.  He found his girlfriend Chloe and tried his hardest to have sex with her with her being more than willing.  After trying, Brock couldn’t stay hard with her no matter how hard he tried.  Brock then proceeded to tell her about graduation night with Gwen.  All this did was get his face slapped hard and Chloe storming out saying the two were finished for good.

The next day, Brock tried to return to his regular activities with his guy friends.  He did have fun but Derek was on his mind constantly.  He wanted to call Derek after getting home but decided to keep trying to return to his old life.

Tuesday, Brock sat around the house playing video games and smoking weed he obtained rather easily the day before.  His dad wasn’t happy with him when he returned from work.  Brock confessed he wanted to be with Derek more than anything and how much he missed Derek.

Wednesday, Ken called Carson and told him about Brock’s condition.  Carson said Derek had been the exact same way.  They decided not to prolong it any longer and let the two do whatever they wanted.

Brock was sitting at home, bored of his games.  He heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it.  He opened the door and saw no one there until Derek jumped out from beside the house. 

“What the fuck?” Brock said and was startled.

Derek walked up to him and threw his arms around him.  He looked into Brock’s blue eyes, “My boyfriend you look so fucking hot as ever!  I love you so much!”

“I love you too,” Brock said.  The two kissed while going inside.  Clothes started flying in every direction.  They ended up in Brock’s room. Brock threw Derek on the bed and continued to make out with him.

“Forget blowing each other, I want you to fuck me,” Derek said.

“No, I’m going to make the best love ever to your hot ass,” Brock said.

The two stayed lip locked while Brock made hot love to Derek.  Neither lasted as long as they would have liked but deemed it so great.  During the heated love making, they didn’t hear Ken come inside.  Brock’s door flew open with Ken having a big smile across his face.

“I see you two didn’t waste any time,” Ken laughed.

“Oh no Ken, we actually made up for lost time,” Derek said, lying naked with Brock and covered in cum.

“Isn’t love the greatest?” Ken said.

“Yea Dad it is.  Thanks!” Brock replied.

Hope you enjoyed the story.