Posted:   March 14, 2010

Brock woke that Thursday and saw Derek staring at him.  Derek leaned over for a sweet kiss despite the disgusting bad breath they both had.  Brock could feel Derek’s hand on his cock and didn’t mind it at all.

“Brock, I might love you,” Derek said.

“Stop it right there,” Brock said. “No way, you love me or for that matter that I love you.  We both have dicks!  It’s just not right!”

“I know it’s not right but I’m beginning to feel the love and feel you love me as well or at least you said so last night,” Derek said.

“Derek, haven’t you ever told a girl you love them after fucking em?  I know I have so I could hit that shit again and again,” Brock stated.

“I suppose I have but… shit what the hell is happening to us?  Here we came straight and now we fucking each other like crazy… three times last night to be exact,” Derek stated and sat up on his elbows. 

“Derek, I have do have strong feelings for you now,” Brock said and closed his eyes.  “I love you too but it’s so fucked up!” Tears came out of Brock’s eyes.

Derek wiped the tears and stroked his friend’s cheek, “It’s rough, huh? No telling how many faggot jokes I told in high school.  Maybe this was to show us to be more tolerant of gays and other minorities?”

“Right now, I’m so confused about what really is going on here?  On the surface it looks so innocent yet deep down there has to be an underlying reason to all this shit here.”

They swapped ideas while lying in bed at near noon.  They stopped guessing and showered together to find out what was in store for them for the day.  Both knew this day was basically a free day other than some silly contests at the pool area after lunch.  Brock headed to his room and donned shorts with Derek there with him.  They headed and found lunch being served and just in time to fill their hungry stomachs. 

Ken, Brock’s dad, found the two finishing eating and walked up to them with another older man under his arm.  “There you are Brock.  Where have you been all day?”

“Sleeping, where else?” Brock replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“With Derek, I assume,” Ken smiled.

“No, Dad,” Brock said.

“I had to go wake him up or else he’d still be in bed,” Derek came to the rescue. 

“Oh I see,” Ken said yet didn’t believe the two.  “Brock, this is Larry.  I’ve wanted him to meet you finally.”

Larry was near Ken’s age with a big hairy chest yet somewhat fit for his age.  Brock shook the man’s rough hand and was pleasant. 

“I see what you’ve been bragging about Ken.  Your son is a real hottie and so is his friend.  My son would kill to look like either one of you,” Larry stated.

“His son is Taylor Jameson… a red headed…” Ken said.

“We know Taylor.  He’s not all that bad,” Derek stated.

“Oh he still wants those nice abs like he had in high school but he loves his beer and now it is really starting to show,” Larry said.

“Brock, do you and Derek care to join us at the pool a little later for the fun?  Last year, it was a real riot!” Ken stated.

“We’ll see but I seriously doubt it’s a so called riot,” Brock said.

Larry and Ken left while Brock and Derek finished.  Brock thanked Derek for covering for him and wasn’t quite ready to let his Dad know he was involved with Derek and enjoying the sexual part of The Lodge. 

The two walked around and wandered upon a small work out room.  Both were surprised they hadn’t found it and worked out for a little with Brock impressing Derek with his strength.   With a little sweat going, they headed to the pool and threw off their shorts.  Both dove into the pool despite the gathering there. 

Coming out of the pool, Carson walked up to Derek and pulled him aside but not alone with Brock on Derek’s heels. 

“Derek, I was a complete and total ass to you yesterday…” Carson, Derek’s Dad, stated.

“No shit, Sherlock…”

“I’m sorry but I do have concerns for you and love you so much,” Carson said.  “I’ll ease up since I could see you are actually a lot better than ninety percent here.  It was that I was so worried for you.”

“Dad,” Derek hugged his Dad.  Derek knew it was strange to hug him as they were both naked. “Thanks!  I’ll try harder when this is all over.  I was feeling the heat.”

“I could tell you were.  Where have you been all day though?” Carson asked.

“I slept in since not much was happening,” Derek said with Brock hearing everything and smiling.

“I see you’ve really latched on with Brock.  I really don’t blame you there son,” Carson said.

“Dad, it is nothing what you think but yea we’re having fun together,” Derek said.

“What kind of fun?” Carson smiled at his son.

“You know, swimming, at the lake all day yesterday, stuff like that, you know,” Derek replied.

“If you are doing more, I definitely don’t blame either one of you.  I know how hard it is to admit that having sex with a guy is fun but damn it is,” Carson smiled.

Brock and Derek walked away and headed to find the beer iced down.  “That was weird but good in a way,” Derek said.

“I’ll say.  Our dads are on to us now big time,” Brock said.

“I think everyone is and so jealous that two hottest guys here are with each other and not sharing,” Derek smiled and took a drink.

Brock took a big drink as well and found the two a seat in the rear as always, “Boy if they only knew what fun we really have been having.”

The two drank a few beers and enjoyed the bright sun of the day.  Both could see and feel their bodies really tanning without the usual tan lines both had the rest of their young lives.   They did their best to be entertained by the antics at the pool and did have a few good laughs at the men and their bright red bellies on the belly buster contest.

“I’ll show them a real one,” Brock stood and made his way through the crowd.  He had no qualms showing his naked body which he was proud of and presented himself as the next participant.  He could see total shock in his Dad’s face but knew he could pull it off like he did many times at friends’ houses.  He stood on the board and jumped.  He could feel the pain of the water but emerged from the water to a big ovation.   Exiting the pool, Brock could see the redness from the jump but showed them how it was done.  He won the event to the surprise of everyone including Derek.  His prize was knowing he was the best and having someone hand him a cold beer and attempt to rub his red abs.

“You showed em alright,” Derek laughed.

“Hurt like a bitch but hey someone had to step forward to do it the right way,” Brock laughed and down his beer. 

Jeremy, Brock’s roommate, did come over and congratulate the winner, “Now there’s the biggest shock of the week.  You of all people Brock showing your shit and showing how it was done.”

“I told Derek someone had to show em,” Brock stated.

“You did that,” Jeremy said. “If you want as your prize, you two can have the room tonight if you want.  I can see you two really have something brewing.  Brad said it was so cute and adorable when he saw you two last night.”

“I suppose we do,” Brock smiled. “Thanks and we’ll use my room tonight.”

“No problem there, stud,” Jeremy said and found Brad waiting for him.  Brad waved before slinging his arm around Jeremy.

After dinner, the two hung around for some low stakes poker playing as part of the activity.  It was the popular Texas Hold-em Poker.  Brock and Derek watched before hitting their Dads for some money to join in the fun.  The weirdest part for the two was most of the players were naked or in shorts.  Brock and Derek joined the fun and found a table with players closer to their age such as Brad and Taylor.  Brock found in the playing that Derek was shrewd and knew the game quite well.  Brock was there for the fun and drinking. 

Late in the night, the games ended and the two made their way to Brock’s room for the night.  It was close to a repeat of the sex they entered the night before minus one late night fuck.  By now both were growing more comfortable and at ease with each other and the thought of what was occurring. 

Waking up on Friday, Brock lay and stared at Derek.  He knew he had strong feeling for him, none like any other he had before this week.  He wanted not to feel for the hot guy in bed with him but it was evident he did by the most passionate sex he had ever enjoyed. 

Derek woke with Brock on his elbow looking at him.  Derek leaned over and pulled Brock close for another nasty morning breath kiss.  “Now tell me you don’t love me,” Derek said.

“I’m trying not to but… but I do love you,” Brock stated.

“I love you too,” Derek said and enjoyed a long kiss that had the two rolling in the bed lip locked.  “Remind me to request new sheets on this bed for us.”

“That’s for damn sure.  Between us last night and Brad and Jeremy there’s nut stains all over these sheets,” Brock stated.

“Seriously Brock, what about next week and the week after that and so on?  We’ll both return to our friends and pretty much erase this week from our memory but I think… wait I know I will think of you a lot and the sex we made.”

“I was just thinking of that too.  You know we only live what… thirty minutes away.  I’ve already told Dad that I was fucking pussy whenever I wanted at the house.  I just didn’t know it would be boy pussy that I would be fucking.  We can discretely get together every so often if we both feel the same way and continue what our Dads basically forced us into.”

Derek smiled, “That sounds so great Brock.  Let’s see what happens once we’re back to a normal life.  Who knows both of us might forget all about this and chalk it up to our exploration of sex and the broadening of our sexual horizons.  I know now I won’t be scared if some little hot guy seduces me in college.”

Brock was smiling as well, “Me either.  We’ve seen the light that first blinded us and know gay sex really ain’t all that bad.”

“I’ll say it ain’t,” Derek said.  “You wanna get dressed and take the four wheelers back to the rear end of the lake for some more fun.”

“Sounds like one awesome plan.   Grab that blunt we got left and we’ll get majorly smoked out and fuck,” Brock said.

After a fairly quick shower with a little kissing and body rubbing, the two dressed lightly again for the day, knowing they over packed for the trip.  Both were in shorts sagged low on their hips showing the tops of their boxers in Derek’s case while Brock left out the underwear in a statement of freedom. 

Finding a quick bite to eat was easy as was finding a few beers for the road.  The two climbed back on the four wheelers to head back off into the back part.   No more than in the woods, Brock pulled to the side and jerked off his shorts to ride naked.  Derek laughed but did the same.

Once near the same spot as a few days before, the two got off the four wheelers and headed straight for the lake.  In the water, the two enjoyed goofing off and some lip time.

Once on the shore, the two fired up the blunt and puffed away.  Derek and Brock shotgunned a few times the smoke into each other’s mouths as well.  Naked and now loving the freedom, the two easily explored the other’s body from head to toe.

“We are some sick stoned faggots, huh?” Derek asked.

“We are but fuck it, we both love the hell of it now,” Brock smiled and moved down to start sucking Derek’s long cock.  Now he was growing used to the fact he was sucking cock and was enjoying it.  He tried to mimic a few things he saw on a few of the porns that played in their rooms.  He kept in eye contact with Derek. 

Derek loved the feeling and how improved Brock was.  He ran his hands through Brock’s blond hair and rubbed his shoulders while having his cock sucked.  He watched while Brock licked his way up and found his mouth.  He knew it was his turn to perform.  He started by sucking Brock’s nipples and kissing all over Brock’s nice developed abs.  He licked around the base and Brock’s balls before swirling his tongue on the head.  He opened his mouth and took Brock inside his mouth. 

Brock felt the warm mouth on his cock and leaned back on his palms with the sun hitting them.  He had to smile knowing once again he was stoned and having sex outdoors.  He moved his hips a little and started gently face fucking his friend.  He saw no signs of objections and even moaning.  He thrust harder and could his cock hitting deep in Derek’s throat. 

Derek withstood the face fucking long enough before pulling off.  He moved to kiss Brock.  “Now I’m going to be the one doing the fucking,” Derek smiled inches from Brock’s face.

Brock swept back Derek’s dark bangs and kissed him, “I would love to feel you out here.”

Over the next fifteen to twenty minutes, the two enjoyed another great episode of male sex.  Brock felt the pain of Derek’s cock when he first entered him but the pain started fading faster and the joy of taking Derek’s cock took over.  Both love telling each how great it felt and how hot the other was.  The two started with Brock leaning against a large pine tree and taking Derek there.  The next position was Derek’s idea of having Brock ride his long cock while on one of the four wheelers.  That’s where they both exploded their load.  Brock was getting used to have his face covered with cum but wasn’t too fond of the taste or texture of his friend’s substance.  Derek on the other hand enjoyed tasting and swallowing Brock’s cum.

The combined high of the blunt and hot sweaty outdoor sex left the two lifeless for a few minutes.  Derek would lean over and steal kisses but was forbidden to touch Brock’s sensitive cock.  Derek’s cock wasn’t as sensitive and enjoyed Brock’s gentle touch.

Derek looked into Brock’s blue eyes, “We are boyfriends now, right?”

“That sounds so fucked up but I guess we are in every sense of the word.  Brock, did you ever dream all of this would really happen Monday when I walked up to you?”

“Never, never in a million years,” Derek stated, leaning back on his elbows and taking in the bright sun. “Once Dad told me the sexual part of this, I knew I would try it out of curiosity…”

“Were you the least bit curious before this?” Brock interrupted.

“Honestly, hell no.  I knew of a guy or two in high school that claim that they had fucked guys and thought how fucking nasty is that shit.  Having your dick slammed up some guy’s shit hole,” Derek stated. “I even gave one guy some shit over it too.  I guess I have some apologizing to do.  Were you curious, Brock?”

“Fuck no! I was just like you,” Brock said. “I hope next week I don’t develop some serious mental problems over this experience.  That said thanks to one hot ass fucker, this has been one amazing trip.”

“It really has,” Derek said.

They enjoyed one more long make out session with mouth, tongues and hands going crazy.  It was hard getting up but both knew they need to start heading back to The Lodge before anyone worried about them.  Now unashamed and into the nudity, both rode up naked and enjoyed the feeling of such freedom that wouldn’t happen in their normal existence.

Upon opening the door to enter The Lodge, Ken spotted the two and made his way.  Brock saw his Dad approaching.

“Go ahead and deny nothing is happening between you two but I can see written all over your face something is,” Ken said with a big smile.

“Dad, if your plan was to change me, it really worked,” Brock stated.

“No it wasn’t.  Now I’m afraid I may have totally changed you,” Ken said.

“No Dad, it was me who changed with a lot of help from Derek here,” Brock said.  “Man, guy sex is awesome.”

“It is that,” Ken said and patted the two on the back. 

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