Posted:   March 6, 2010

Wednesday dawned a new day.  The alarm woke both Jeremy and Brock up for the day.  Brock spoke nothing and headed to shower to begin his day.  He was in the shower and enjoying it when Jeremy joined him.  Jeremy didn’t see the resistance and loved running his hands all over the athletic built of Brock.  Kissing however was a different story.  Both exited the shower and did their thing for preparations of the day.  Knowing it wasn’t much, Brock put on his athletic shorts and a sleeveless tee for the day along with leather flip flops, shades and a choker necklace. 

“Damn even like that you’re fucking hot!” Jeremy stated.

“Thanks, bitch!” Brock replied in a gruff tone.  “You are lucky I let you feel me up in the shower.”

“Boy, you’re not much of a morning person, huh?” Jeremy commented.

“Nope, never have been,” Brock said.  He found his cap and put on his head backwards.  Leaving the room, Brock and Jeremy headed down the stairs to find coffee, juice, bagels and sausage biscuits.  Brock spotted his dad in the small crowd and made his way over.

“Just like always.  You’re hell in the morning,” Ken, his dad, stated.

“That part hasn’t changed,” Brock said. “Let’s do this.”

The two walked outside to the bright sun.  Brock pulled down his shades with the sun hitting his eyes.  He did spot his friend, Derek, and spoke to him briefly.  It was too early in the morning, near 7, for either to be their normal selves.  

Ken found their assigned boat and hollered at Brock to get a move on it.  Promptly at 7, the flat bottom boats left the shore, stocked with the identical gear to make the competition even.  Ken trolled around for a little on the expansive lake until finding a bank that looked ripe for fishing.  Brock threw off his shirt and grabbed a pole.  Fishing in his younger years was something he enjoyed but hadn’t been much in the past few years.

Ken cast his line and waited, “Brock, are we going to make it the week?”

“Dad, I think so,” Brock answered with his line in the water.

“I can tell you and Derek have become big friends,” Ken stated.

“Yea, we’re doing our best to survive and watching our ass at every turn,” Brock said.  “Dad, do you really enjoy the sexual part of this?”

“Brock, I do.  I’m lucky to have sex with your mother these days if you want the truth of it,” Ken stated.  “Even approaching fifty, I still have sexual needs.  This is perfect and satisfies those needs for me despite doing it with men.”

Brock felt a tug on his line and starting reeling.  Once at the boat, both laughed seeing the small brim at the end of Brock’s line.  “Here I thought I had something.” Brock unhooked the fish and sent it back in the water.  “Dad, maybe when I’m your age I can see the point here.  I was happy with things sexually in my life before we made this trip.”

“You were, huh?” Ken asked.  “Brock, how many girls or women have you been with?”

“My fair share,” Brock smiled. “Girls love me.” Brock spread out his arms to show his dad what girls loved about him.

“I can see why,” Ken stated and felt his first action of the day.  He reeled and reeled with a keeper on the end of his line.  “This is the first time I think I have ever questioned you about your sex life.  Maybe this will open up the lines of communication between us for a long time coming.”

“I guess it is but before now I’d stonewalled you and you know it, too,” Brock said.

“I know and didn’t want to ask or really know,” Ken said.  “When I was in high school, my parents didn’t know shit about what I did and I liked it that way.”

“A real stud in your day, huh Dad?” Brock asked.

“Not so much a stud but I had plenty of action.  Wait until you get to college.  Wow!” Ken said.

“Lots of pussy, huh?” Brock asked.

“Yea and you’ll have to beat them off with a stick,” Ken laughed.

“I sure hope so,” Brock stated. “I can hardly wait then to go.”

Both began to see the real purpose in the fishing tournament.  Out on the open water and alone, Brock felt at ease at opening up to his Dad.  He didn’t tell everything but told a lot he never dreamed he would be telling his Dad.  Ken gave his prospective to show that weren’t that much different including an affair he had years ago when Brock was six. 

At ten thirty, the horn sounded to signal the end of the fishing tournament.  Ken made his way back and was pleased with their haul.  He knew they had done well but it didn’t really matter now to him.  The teams gathered around at the weigh in.  Ken and Brock finished in the middle of the pack with Derek and his Dad Carson a few pounds behind them.  The winners were crowned with the biggest reward being a fish fry that night if enough men stayed to clean the fish. 

After they finished, a nice lunch was waiting back at The Lodge.  Derek found Brock to head up and chow down on whatever was available.  They found hot dogs and burgers to be the fare of the day.  They didn’t object and grabbed a few beers to help wash them down.

“Derek, I told shit to Dad I never thought I would ever tell him,” Brock said.

“Like what?” Derek asked.

“Oh, I told him about losing my virginity two summers ago,” Brock said. “The thing was he was so chill about it and lost his before I did.”

“That’s great I guess if he doesn’t hold it against you when you get back,” Derek stated.

“He better not,” Brock said. “What you and your dad talk about?”

“Mostly I got my ass fucking lectured on drinking and smoking weed.  Come to find out, he knew I smoked weed too.  I wish I’d been with you guys.  I don’t know if it helped us any since by the end we were about at each other’s throats,” Derek said.

“Here I was worried about what my Dad knew about me.  I didn’t tell about some parties I had been to during high school,” Brock said.

“My dad really made me feel like shit.  He kept saying I really fucked thing up and had all the potential in the world to be something great,” Brock said. 

“He woke up on the wrong side of the bed, huh?” Brock commented.

“I’ll say,” Derek stated and finished his beer.  He could see his dad eyeing him drinking and wanted to rub it in his face that he was allowed to do so in the private Lodge.  Derek and Brock finished up eating with their guts full. 

Together, they headed to change into their swim trunks for some fun on the lake.  They changed quickly and headed back to the lake to try some tubing, wakeboarding and skiing. 

Heading back from a full day at the lake, the two could smell the fish frying as they approached the Lodge.  Both stood around and waited for the eating to begin.  Derek could see his Dad keeping an eye on him in the distance while he was drinking a beer and enjoying the fresh fish, fries, slaw and hush puppies. 

After they finished, Derek had stood it long enough.  He wanted to approach his Dad instead grabbed Brock by the arm to led the two upstairs to his room. 

“I don’t see what the big deal is with him all of sudden,” Derek stated climbing the stairs.  “I mean its not like he didn’t know I drank or that I would be able to drink here.  Fuck!”

“I don’t know what to say Derek,” Brock stated. “He really seems like a good guy.”

“Yeah but he’s not your fucking Dad either,” Derek said and opened the door to his room.  “That’s it!  From now I’m ignoring him and take the punishment after this week is over.  Here I was starting to get into this shit and he wants to rule over me. The sickest part is he loved that I was being sexual here with guys.  How royally fucked up is that?”

“Very,” Brock said. 

Derek approached Brock and rammed his lips against Brock’s lips.  Derek stopped and looked into Brock’s eyes , “Man did that ever feel good.”

“Why’d you stop then?” Brock smiled.

The two moved to the bed and rolled around with their lips locked.  Derek easily had Brock out of his short and loved having his hands on Brock’s ass.  “I’m glad you were here else I might be crazy by now,” Derek said catching his breath.

“As crazy as this is, I really like you and have the fucking hots for your ass, too now.”

“I know.  I feel the same way,” Derek smiled and shed his shorts.  He resolved to enjoy this time with someone he enjoyed being with.  Derek stopped to catch his breath, “Brock, let’s finish off that blunt.  Then stoned as fuck we can fuck each other’s brains out like everyone expects us to.”

Brock smiled, “Sounds like one hell of a plan to me.”

Derek relit the blunt and inhaled.  He blew out the smoke and passed it.  He leaned over and kissed all over Brock’s body before taking the next hit.  Brock returned the favor.  The two were smoking and feeling it as well as feeling all over each other’s young athletic bodies.  Derek put out the blunt and dropped down to suck Brock’s cock.  Brock maneuvered around to take Derek’s long 8 and half inches in his mouth.  The two groaned and slurped on each other’s cock in the middle of Derek’s bed.  Both were lost to each other and didn’t care what else was going on around them. 

Before both got too far, Derek pulled Brock for one long tongue filled kiss.  The smacking of lips added to the atmosphere.  “Brock, can I fuck you?” Derek asked.

“OOO God, I know it’ll hurt like a bitch but yes Derek I want fucked!” Brock said.

Derek repeated the long kiss and rammed two fingers up Brock’s ass.  Brock jumped a little feeling the intrusion but wanted to feel Derek in him.  Brock broke the kiss and got on his knees and elbows.  He perched his ass high in the air.  He again felt Derek’s fingers in his ass and let out a deep moan.  Derek found the condoms and lube.  He unrolled the condom on his cock.  He leaned forward and kissed Brock between the shoulder blades with his cock going up and down Brock’s crack. 

“You ready?” Derek asked.

“I guess so.  Remember to take it slow and easy,” Brock said.

“I will,” Derek stated.  He grabbed his cock.  Brock reached around and spread his ass cheeks as far as possible.  Brock felt Derek’s cock and his hole and pushed out.   It slipped inside but slipped out just as quickly.  Derek applied more lube and pushed again.  His long cock entered Brock’s tight ass with a gasp from Brock. 

Brock grabbed the bed covers and felt the pain.  He wanted to let his friend fuck him and was determined to so.  He tried to relax with Derek sinking deeper into him.  “Fuck!” Brock screamed.

“I know it hurts but then…”

“I know.  Hope that feeling hurries the fuck up!” Brock said. 

“Your ass is just so fucking tight.”

“For damn good reason,” Brock said.  He gritted his teeth with every moment.  He knew it was more painful than when Jeremy took his cherry.  He felt as though he had a steel rod invading his ass.  Second by second the pain began to fade and replaced with nice pleasure.  Derek slowly fucked him and gauged Brock’s reactions to every movement.  Derek pulled too far back and his cock slipped out.  He lubed more and stuck back inside to hear Brock scream.

“Sorry about that,” Derek said and leaned to kiss Brock’s neck.  He moved his arms around Brock’s chest and started fucking him.  Brock was moaning and groaning with every moment.  “Damn this is so fucking hot!”

“We are so fucking gay!” Brock stated.

“Maybe but this shit is so hot!” Derek said. He felt Brock collapse under him. 

“Just fuck me, Derek!  Fuck my ass with that big fucking dick of yours,” Brock screamed.

“We are so high!”

“Stoned as a motherfucker and fucking our asses off!”

Derek started kissing on Brock’s neck while fucking his tight ass.  Brock continued to moan yet started to enjoy the sex they were having.  The bed shook a little while Derek increased his rhythm. 

Brock flipped over and spread his legs wide, “Man I feel like such a fucking bitch.  I feel like a pussy waiting to get fucked!”

“Pussy that I love my big dick in,” Derek said and slid back inside. 

Derek pushed forward to fuck Brock’s ass. The two were in full moaning mode with their breathing increasing. 

“Shit, your dick does feel so good,” Brock stated and pulled Derek closer.

“Your ass is to die for.”

“Fuck me!  Fuck me harder! yes!” Brock screamed in elation.  He could feel Derek’s cock bumping his prostrate and bring such joy all over his body.  He reached down and stroked his aching cock. 

Derek watched Brock stroke while continued to fuck him.  He leaned for a short kiss and leaned back up.  “Brock, fucking nut for me!”

“I’m so fucking close!  Keep fucking me.. ohh yes… fuck me!  OOOO goddamn this feel so fucking good… yes!” Brock screamed and erupted.  Cum shot out of his cock like never before.  He tingled all over feeling the orgasm escape his body. 

Derek pulled out and shed the condom.  He knelt near Brock and jerked his cock.  No questions asked he flooded Brock’s face and neck with his load.

Derek wiped the cum from Brock’s face and body before moving next to him.
Both lay beside each other in their bliss to recover from the experience. 

“You know Derek, I really loved that,” Brock said.

“I loved it,” Derek said. “Feels good to get with someone you really like.”

“It does,” Brock smiled.  They kissed a little while and enjoyed being with each other after what both determined was hot sex even if it was between two supposedly straight laced young 18 year olds.

The door opened with the two in each other’s arms.  Brad, Derek’s roommate walked inside.  “No doubt what the two hottest fuckers here have been doing.  I don’t blame either one of you.”

“Brad, is there any way whatsoever Brock and I could spend the night together in here?” Derek asked.

“Sure dudes, if nothing else I’ll hook up with Jeremy.  He’s not that bad of fuck,” Brad said.

“Thanks!” Derek said.

“No problem at all.  I just wish I could video you two fucking,” Brad stated.

Both laughed while Brad left. “That was so fucking awesome of him and of you,” Brock said.

“I couldn’t fuck your hot ass and let you leave.  My ass needs attention as well,” Derek smiled.

“We now have the entire night for that shit to happen,” Brock smiled.

“We do and what fun we will have,” Derek said and jumped on top of Brock.