Posted:  February 27, 2010

Hearing a knock at the door woke Brock from sleeping what he deemed a good one.  He yelled to come on in even though he had slept with Jeremy naked.  His Dad Ken came in the door dressed in a Tommy Bahama shirt and nice khakis.

“How’s it going?” Ken asked.

“Ummm… alright except you woke me up,” Brock replied rubbing his eyes and stretching out.

“I noticed you weren’t at breakfast and assumed you were in bed,” Ken said.

“You assumed correctly,” Brock smartly said with his hair a mess.  “Dad, this place is great on one hand and really messed up on the other.”

Ken chuckled, “Are you adjusting that straight boy persona to this environment?”

“I guess but was this your deviant plan to out me or what?”

“No son, it was to let you explore a sexual side of… ummm more like becoming a man you might say with all the freedoms offered.”

“A girl becomes a woman when she gets fucked or vice versa not a guy becomes a man when another rams his dick up your ass,” Brock said.

“Did you?”

“Yea or else I’d be packing right now,” Brock said.

“How was your first man experience?” Ken asked. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I got my ass fucked alright… enough said,” Brock stated and was comfortable naked with his dad for the first time in his life.  He knew his dad was checking him out.  “Dad when we get home, you and Mom aren’t saying shit about anything I do.  If I feel like fucking some pussy which I will definitely do then I will.  If I wanna drink or smoke, you’ll keep your mouth shut.  I deserve it after this!”

“Brock, you’ll be allowed those privileges if you prove to me and your mom you can handle them,” Ken said.  “I already see a little different Brock than when we arrived.  The mouth is really something now.”

“Get used to that too,” Brock said. “I’ll be living life as I please for this.”

“You might but today is just Tuesday.  There’s plenty of time for you to fuck things up,” Ken said. “I’ll go and let you get dressed.  See ya around, son.”  Ken exited the room while Brock headed to take an overdue piss.  He showered while there and wondered about his friend Derek.  He threw on some old shorts and headed to see if he was awake.  Knocking on the door, he was told to enter.  He did so and saw Derek putting on his shorts.

“I was just about to see how your night went,” Derek said brushing his hair.

“My night went alright I guess.  Did you get fucked?” Brock up and asked.

“Yea, my roomie said it was tradition.  How did you like it?”

“It was okay but hurt like a bitch at first,” Brock said.

“Tell me about it. Brad’s no small guy either,” Derek said. “I made him pay for it though.”

“What are we becoming here?” Brock asked.

“Hell if I know.  It’s like they are ramming gay sex shit down our throat and telling us we should like it.  Like either one of us are fucking queer to begin with,” Derek said.

“I know.  Dad said it was exploring the other side of sexuality like some coming out thing.  I would have been perfectly happy without it,” Brock stated.

“I know what you mean,” Derek said. “We’re done with tradition.  From now, I’m doing things I want.  Fuck the rest!”

“I’m totally with ya there,” Brock smiled and glad to hear Derek was feeling the same way.

Dressed, the two headed downstairs and grabbed what was left for breakfast.  They liked it since they could eat in peace and talk.  After filling their stomachs, Derek suggested the two grab the four wheelers and head out for a while to escape the madness.   Brock was all for it and eager to do something that wasn’t gay in his eyes.

Finding the four wheelers, the two headed out with their shirts tucked in their waistbands.  Derek led the way through the woods with Brock right on his back side.  They easily found the trails with a few jumps and enjoyed testing their boldness.   Venturing on the back side of the massive lodge grounds, they came upon the back side of the lake.  The two took a rest and shucked their shorts to take a dip in the inviting waters.  Far away from the rest, the two acted like 18 year olds and had a blast in the lake. 

Sitting back to dry their naked wet bodies, Derek spoke, “Without finding you Brock, I would be miserable.”

“You’re telling me.  I may have been heading back to the house or at the most sitting around in one foul mood,” Brock said and enjoyed leaning back to catch some rays.

“Between us, were you seriously disgusted at Jeremy fucking you last night?” Derek asked.

“Not disgusted but knew it was do it or leave… speaking of you didn’t happen to bring one of those blunts, did ya?” Brock asked.

“Matter of fact I did.  Brought the biggest one along with finding a lighter as well,” Derek said and went off to find his shorts.  He returned with the blunt in his mouth and taking a hit along with his shorts.  He passed the blunt to Brock.  The two enjoyed the feeling of the drug filling their young bodies.  “Brock, I have to confess something here and now.”

“Okay,” Brock said.

“I’m a fucking blazer.  I could have played last year but I didn’t dare try since there was no way in hell I could have ever passed our school’s drug test for sports,” Derek said and inhaled.

“I do it now since I’ve graduated,” Brock laughed.  “I knew there was another reason.”

“Shit dude, I love smoking, not every day but usually I’m stoned on the weekends,” Derek laughed.

“I’ve been a little lately.  Sure beats the hell out of hang over.”

“Hey back to you and Jeremy, did you enjoy once the pain was gone?” Derek laughed.

“Between us, I did but will never fucking admit it to anyone else.  I hate to say but it was incredible once I let go to enjoy it,” Brock smiled.

“Whew,” Derek said and finished his last hit.  “I thought it was just me.  I wasn’t going to dare admit that I fucking loved it.  We’re not programmed to enjoy it, are we?”

“I know my pea size brain ain’t,” Brock smiled.

“I know without a doubt who I want the next one to be,” Derek said with a big smile.

“Oh me too and damn sure ain’t Jeremy,” Brock said.

Derek saw his opening and moved close to Brock.  He leaned forward and kissed Brock on the lips.  He didn’t what to expect and didn’t expect Brock to pull him closer and ram his tongue in his mouth.  They stopped and looked at each other.

“It’s the weed,” Brock stated.

“It’s you Brock.  You’re fucking hot as hell,” Derek said.

“You are too,” Brock said before leaning over for more lip.  He let his hands freely explore Derek’s nice body before reaching to grab his big cock.  He broke the kiss and went straight for Derek’s cock.  He was only able to manage a few inches.

OOO Brock!” Derek moaned.

Brock did his best and tried to imitate Jeremy and Randy’s blow job from the day before.  He cupped Derek’s nuts in his hand and continued to suck Derek’s cock.  He stopped and licked up the long hard cock before swirling his tongue.  “It’s a hell of lot better when you’re not forced,” Brock smiled.

“I know,” Derek replied and watched Brock returned.  In the isolation and the sun beating down, Brock continued to orally please his friend.  Derek pulled Brock up by the arm pits and tasted his cock still fresh in Brock’s mouth.  Derek moved down Brock’s athletic body, sucked on his nipples and licked his cock.  He looked up before taking Brock in his mouth.  He hear and see the euphoria of the moment in Brock’s face and moans.  He continued to move along Brock’s cock with his tongue adding to Brock’s euphoria.

OOOO fuck yea!” Brock moaned.  “You’re so good!”

MMMM,” Derek moaned with his mouth full.  He looked and made eye contact with Brock.  Brock pulled him for a kiss.  “I want you to fuck me, Brock!”

“I will! I will!” Brock screamed.

Derek reached over to his shorts and grabbed the condoms.  He smiled with Brock knowing he was prepared.  He opened the condom and had the joy of unrolling on Brock’s hard seven inches.

“We’re stoned as fuck, aren’t we?” Derek laughed.

“Stoned yet horny as fuck though,” Brock said.

Derek mounted Brock’s cock slowly.  He gasped audibly feeling it enter his ass.  He focused on Brock, who was smiling.  He went down until feeling Brock’s pubes.  “Feels so good,” Derek moaned.

“I’ll say,” Brock said and was feeling how nice Derek’s ass was.

Derek bounced slowly with Brock’s hand on his hips.  They stayed in eye contact while Derek moved up and down.  He started to feel so good and let his feeling be heard.  He moved faster and was so into this once unthinkable act.  Brock loved the feeling and was lusting so hard after his friend.  Brock took over and started fucking Derek’s ass.

The two moved to where Derek was on his back on the bare ground.  Brock stuck his cock back inside and reached down to stroke Derek’s cock.  He found the rhythm with both panting and groaning.  Derek pulled Brock down for a long kiss.  “I love kissing when I fuck!” Derek said.

“I do too,” Brock smiled.  He knew the fuck was nearing its end when his cock tingled inside.  He pulled out quickly and let his cum fly on the ground near.  Derek jacked his cock and came as well. 

Both sit close with their arms around each other, feeling the bliss of completed sex.  They kissed for a moment before taking a dip back in the water.  This only prolonged their time out in the back part of the woods.  Finally dry enough, the two jumped back on the four wheelers yet hated to be back among the others.

With a few at the pool, the two decided to take in more sun while the opportunity was there.  They were growing more comfortable in their own skin but hated the stares the older men gave them. 

Ken found the two on their stomachs and taking in the last bit of good sun.  “Brock!”

Brock heard the voice and turned his head, “Yea?”

“You do know tonight is father/son dinner.  You are expected to be back in your shirt and tie again for this,” Ken stated.

“Alright,” Brock shook his head.

“Then tomorrow is the father/son fishing tournament at the lake,” Ken said.

“Great!” Brock said.

“Where were you two all day, by the way?  Carson and I have been looking all over for you,” Ken asked.

“We took the four wheelers out for a ride and stayed gone until about an hour ago,” Derek spoke up.

“Okay then.  I know that was right up your alley, Brock.  I’ll see you then at 6:30, dressed and ready to enjoy another good meal,” Ken said and left the two.

“See ya,” Brock said.  The two didn’t lay around much longer and headed up for another formal thing.  Both weren’t thrilled with the idea but knew it was part of the overall plan. 

“Thanks Brock, you are so wonderful,” Derek said at Brock’s door.

“You were too,” Brock replied.  “Let’s keep this on the down low, okay.”

“You betcha,” Derek smiled.

Brock opened his door and found his roommate Jeremy dressing.  Jeremy too questioned Brock about his day.  Brock told him the basics before heading to the shower with instructions not to leave before tying his tie again.  Brock did his thing before dressing and found Jeremy waiting.  Brock watched yet hoped this would be the last time.  Jeremy stated one more time, the final night.  Brock finished up and had his shaggy blond hair like he liked it.

Ken was waiting patiently and had to smile seeing his handsome son coming down the stairs.  Brock scanned the area and found Derek and his Dad Carson with two vacant seats at the long table next to Derek.  Brock headed to the seats and sat next to Derek.  They both smiled at each other before the dinner began.  The meal was as nice and tasty as the previous luncheon.  Derek and Brock dug in and kept the conversation light while their Dads talked across them.  Both got the warnings about drinking too much and laughed.  By now Carson wasn’t happy with the amount of alcohol Derek was consuming.  Derek spoke and said tonight was his first drink of the day.  Mr. Wilshire spoke at the end and praised the gathering as a whole.  He explained the fishing tournament to the new ones before showing everyone into a room to sample his collection of cigars.  Derek and Brock weren’t too keen on them but smoked one at the urging of Ken.   The time was social with men and young men talking.  Derek and Brock had enough and went off to get away from their Dads and be alone.

Stepping outside, the steamy hot tub was too much to resist.  Both stripped off their clothes but did take the time to fold them neatly.  Derek boldly put his arm around Brock and pulled him close.

“Dude, I hate to say this but damn I’m falling for your ass hard,” Derek said.  “You looked so sexy in that shirt and tie.”

“Thanks Derek,” Brock replied. “Alone this is okay but if someone comes out here remove your arm.”

“I had planned on it.  To think Saturday, my mind was geared to how I could get my ass laid each and every day by some hot girls I knew.  I was scheming every plan to get with them and fuck the hell out of em.  Now… fuck it… now I want to be with you.  Strange, huh?”

“Wow that was quick for ya…”

“I know a good thing when I see it,” Derek smiled and kissed Brock on the cheek.  “I guess this atmosphere has brought the gay side out in me I never knew existed.”

“I sort of think that’s the plan here.  I’m still not sold like you sound.”

“Just let go and enjoy this.  This is just one week and then it’s back to chasing pussy and hopefully not getting their ass pregnant in the process,” Derek laughed.

The two sat in peace until hearing someone come out.  Derek adjusted and moved away.  Taylor, who they encountered the night before, appeared with an older man who they had seen around.  Both got naked and joined the two to relax.  They chatted until Derek and Brock left before witnessing something they didn’t want to see.

They dried off and put back on their pants.  Both were tired and with the early wake up call the next morning decided to call it a night. 

Brock opened his door and was glad to see Jeremy wasn’t there yet.  He slid off his clothes and hung them up.  He turned out the lights and crawled into the nice bed.  He was sound asleep when Jeremy came in drunk.  Jeremy saw the cute Brock and curled up next to him for both had a good day and night as it were.