Posted:   February 19, 2010

Brock couldn’t believe what he had just done.  He rationalized it was the beer he had before cleaning the drying cum off his body.  Derek, his friend, moved off and finished off the task for him.

“Sick as this sounds but you do have a very nice body,” Derek said.

“Thanks, it looks like it’ll be you and me this week.  The rest of the guys here at The Lodge are sick in the head, my Dad included,” Brock said and moved to returned the favor by wiping off Derek’s cum from his body.

“I thought I heard something about you leaving,” Derek commented with Brock wiping off the cum slowly.

“I suppose I could let my Dad have his so called fun while he can.  Can you believe this shit?  No telling… wait vanish that thought,” Brock said shaking his blond hair.

“Weird enough thinking about your own parents doing it much less your Dad doing with some guy.  I know they are all over my Dad.  No wonder he was so excited about this trip,” Derek said.

“Hey, it looks like it’s about time dinner is served.  I don’t know about you but I’m starving,” Brock said, noticing the clock.  He gathered his towel, tied around his waist and found his shorts and shades to leave. 

He walked down the hall and opened his door.  “Fuck!” Brock screamed and was in shock to see Jeremy fucking another guy.  He stood stunned at the sight.  He could smell a funk he knew in the air as well.

“Watch and learn, my roomie,” Jeremy said and didn’t miss a beat of pounding the young guy below him.  Brock turned away and moved to find his clothes.  He could hear the bed shaking and the moaning coming from the two.  He did watch for one second before Jeremy pulled out and blasted his load on the young man. 

“Nasty, dude!” Brock commented.

“Felt so fucking good,” Jeremy said with cum on his stomach.  “This is Randy, my roommate from last year.  It’s a tradition to fuck last year’s roommate as a welcome back treat.”

“Great to know,” Brock said, dropped his towel and entered the shower.  He showered and prepared for the night with hopes Jeremy and the other guy would be gone.  He could smell what they were doing and opened the door.

“Wanna hit?” Jeremy asked.

“I’m not opposed to it,” Brock smiled with a towel around his waist.

“First, I get to blow you,” Jeremy said. “I didn’t get around to that part since someone was being an ass.  It’s my job as your roommate to suck your dick as part of The Lodge tradition for newbies.”

“I heard,” Brock said and slowly dropped his towel.  He could see Jeremy’s excitement in his eyes and motioned him over.  Brock took a hit and showed he knew what he was doing with the joint.  He felt Jeremy’s warm mouth take his flaccid cock.  Brock passed the joint to Randy with Randy’s eyes on the action.

“Ever had a guy suck your dick?” Randy asked.

“Nope,” Brock replied and could feel his cock responding to Jeremy’s mouth.  He inhaled on the joint and held down for Jeremy.

Jeremy took a hit, “Like me sucking your dick?”

“It’s okay I guess,” Brock said.  He was enjoying everything else at The Lodge but wasn’t sure how much he could really enjoy the gay sex aspect of the gathering.  He looked at Randy and motioned down with his head.  Randy dropped down and joined Jeremy in sucking Brock’s hard 7 inches.

Nice cock, Brock,” Jeremy stated and moved to work on Brock’s nipples while Randy was sucking his cock.

“Damn this does feel fucking good,” Brock said, enjoying his first guy blow job.  “Oh suck me!”

“That’s the spirit!” Jeremy said and moved up to kiss Brock.  Brock dodged Jeremy’s lips and took it on his neck.  He pushed Jeremy away with Jeremy now taking over.  He lay back and watched the two alternate.

“Fucking cum, Brock!” Jeremy said.

“I’m trying like hell,” Brock shouted.   Randy moved down and started licking Brock’s hairless ass.  Jeremy took over sucking his cock.  “OOO fuck yea!”

Within a minute with the added stimulus of Randy’s rimming, Brock was blowing his load all over Jeremy’s face and short brown hair.   

“The ass licking did the trick, huh?” Jeremy asked before wiping his face.

“I’ll say.  Man did that ever feel great!” Brock stated.  He rose from the bed and watched Jeremy and Randy hit the showers.  He dressed casually in an Affliction t shirt and Polo shorts.  He wore leather flip-flops and found a necklace to accent the outfit.  He waited to finish up in the bathroom and did so after the two showered. “By the way, where’d you get the trees?”

“Hank Wilshire is the supplier.  You have to work for the shit though,” Jeremy replied.

“I bet I know how but still that was some killer shit,” Brock said and was feeling the effects.  With his eyes glassed over, he headed back to Derek’s room to find him dressed in a red Polo and khaki shorts.  Derek could see Brock was high and asked how come.  Brock told his story and the source as well. 

Heading to the dining area, Brock and Derek could see they were overdressed since most came straight from the pool but did have to have on bottoms in this area.  Brock felt a hand on his shoulder while he was eating a grilled chicken sandwich.

“Getting any better son?” Ken, his father, asked and saw Brock turn.  “I’ll say it is.  You’re fucking stoned.”

“You said…” Brock said with a giggle.

“I know. Is it getting any better here for you?” Ken asked.

“A little bit you could say.  Dad, I guess we can stay another day and see how that goes,” Brock said to see a big smile come across his Dad’s face.  Ken left to grab something to eat and leave Brock and Derek alone.   A few minutes later Carson, Derek’s dad, showed up.  He was less than thrilled to see Derek drinking heavily and warned him before joining others.

After eating, the two hung around downstairs and explored the massive lodge.  From what they could see it was fairly normal without much out of the ordinary though very well designed and decorated.  They chatted with a couple of guys who were awestruck by Brock and Derek.  Both knew what was on their minds and moved along while shaking their heads.  They went outside to the pool and checked the tub for beer but it was dry and cleaned out. 

Heading inside they migrated to the bar area where most if not all were gathered.  Carson found Derek and Brock and pulled him to meet some old friends.  Derek could tell his dad was getting drunk if not already by the loud tone and cursing.  Ken, Brock’s Dad, joined in while Derek grabbed drinks to join in the fun.  Neither Dad were heavy drinkers back home but seemed to let loose and enjoy this setting of freedom. 

With the drinks flowing, the music in the adjoining room commenced.  Derek and Brock laughed and could only imagine seeing the drunken fools that would attempt it.  They watched and laughed until Brock spotted Hank coming in the room.  Brock nudged Derek who as well had spotted Hank.  Brock and Derek rose and approached Hank.  Hank heard the request and pulled the two aside.

“Just tell what’s it going to take?” Derek asked Hank.

“Both of you fucking my ass,” Hank replied.

“Is it worth it?” Derek asked Brock.

“I don’t know,” Brock replied.

“It’s either yes or no,” Hank stood with hands on his hips.

“Let’s do it then,” Derek smiled.

Hank motioned to follow him.  They made their way through a maze of halls until finding a small room with a mattress in the floor and sling mounted from the ceiling. 

“This better be some kickin’ shit,” Brock said.

“You said it was,” Derek said.

“Get naked!” Hank said.

They got naked in short order and stood in the center of the room.  “The better you are the higher quality and quantity.  If you fuck around, then no more for the week,” Hank stated in seriousness.  He dropped his shorts to show his hairy small cock and hairy ass.  When his shirt came off, there was more hair and a roll around the center.  “To start, one of you might think about lickin’ my ass.”

Derek looked at Brock, “This better be some great shit.”  Derek saw Hank on his knees and his hairy ass up in the air.  He knelt down and closed his eyes.  He stuck out his tongue and started. 

After barely touching Hank’s ass, he turned, “You better do better than that shit!”

Derek inhaled deeply and tried to do his best.  Brock walked in front of Hank and offered his cock.  Hank pulled Brock down and kissed him on the lips.  Brock hated it but knew he had the better end of the deal.  Derek was doing his best and really couldn’t get into the rimming thing.  Instead he grabbed the lube and greased his finger.  He rammed in Hank’s ass and heard him groan.  He kept ramming his finger in and out until putting two in the hairy ass.  Brock stood and felt Hank’s mouth cover his cock. 

The three continued with Brock getting hard first.  Hank pulled off Brock’s cock, “You fuck me first!” he said to Brock. 

Brock was hard but just the thought of fucking Hank’s ass was detesting.  The thought of the reward kept him going.  He found the condoms and lube.  He pushed Derek out of the way and ran his hard cock up and down Hank’s ass.

“Fuck me, boy!  Give me that cock!” Hank turned.

Brock pushed inward and felt his cock sink into Hank’s ass.  Hank groaned feeling the invasion with Derek watching his friend. 

“Think of it as pussy,” Derek encouraged Brock.

“It is a little tighter than any piece I got,” Brock smiled and grabbed Hank’s hips.  He leaned forward and started moving inside Hank’s ass. 

OHH yes, fuck me!” Hank screamed.

Brock groaned and continued to do what he thought he should do.  His natural instinct and experience with females dictated his actions.  He smiled at Derek.  Derek was eyeing every move with his hand on his long cock.  Brock continued to fuck Hank’s ass with an increase in pace.  He could hear Hank moaning and was doing his best to get the same thrill out of this. 

Derek tapped Brock on the shoulder.  He had on a condom and ready to take over.  Brock pulled out and shed the condom. Derek saw Hank turn his head.  “I’ll take it easy on your ass,” Derek said.

“Damn what a fucking cock on you.  Fuck me with that big fucker!” Hank said and waited to feel Derek’s beast in him.  With one strong push, Derek was almost fully inside Hank’s loosened up ass.   Hank screamed loudly with door flying open. 

Brock saw a young guy he had seen around.  The guy was short with reddish hair.  “Fuck his ass, dude!” the guy screamed encouragement while getting naked.  He moved close to Brock and felt the guy grab his cock. 

Now Hank had moved to his back with his hairy legs on Derek’s shoulders.  Derek was sitting straight up and pounding Hank’s ass.  Brock watched with the guy stroking his cock.  He felt the guy grab his hand and move it to his cock.  Brock wanted to pull away but stroked the guy’s cock just like he was being stroked.

“Taylor, I got a hot fucker here,” Hank eked out.

“I can see that,” Taylor said and continued to stroke Brock. 

Brock could feel he was getting close.  He moaned loudly and moved to over to spray his third load of the day on Hank’s hairy chest. 

“Jack me off while your friend fucks me,” Hank said to Brock.

Brock moved down and did as told.  Derek was giving Hank all he had and sweating.  He had to pull out and shot his load on Hank and Brock’s hand. 

“Big fucking bag if I can give you a facial,” Hank said and was so close.

Brock dropped his head and closed his eyes.  He felt the first wave of cum hit his blemish free face.  He closed his eyes tightly and hoped this would end soon.  Wave after wave hit Brock’s face with Hank moaning.

“Now fucker, lick that shit off,” Hank said to Derek.

Brock stayed in position with his shut and tears almost in his eyes.  He felt a tongue on his cheek. 

Fuck!” Derek screamed but continued.  He licked and licked with the worst look on his face.  Hank and Taylor were laughing seeing this.
Goddamn this is fucking nasty!” Derek cried out.  He finished and moved to spit.

“Damn you two are some weed whores if I’ve ever seen it,” Hank laughed.  He moved down and wanted Taylor to get off as well.  Derek and Brock were reeling over the experience with hopes of a nice reward.  Taylor blew his load with Hank taking it down his throat.  Hank moved and rammed his cum covered tongue in Derek’s mouth. 

Derek and Brock put on their shorts and grabbed their shirts.  Hank led them to a humidor down the hall.  The two could see the cigar variety while Hank reached in the safe.  He handed them two sizable blunts and two nice joints for their work. 

Derek and Brock grabbed their reward and said goodbye while Hank and Taylor fired up a cigar in the room.  They walked out and thanked Hank.

Once in the hall, Brock spoke up, “This shit better last the week.  No way am I going through that again.”

“You weren’t the one licking off fucking cum!” Derek said.

“Now let’s go enjoy our work,” Brock said.

It took the two a minute to find their way out.  They headed out side grabbing matches in the humidor.  The smell of victory filled the air with the two passing the joint back and forth.  After finishing the two sat out and looked at the starry sky in their drugged up state.

“You know I might grow to like it here,” Brock stated.

“I already have,” Derek said. “Without the faggotary here, this place would be heaven.”

Still floating the two went back inside and saw the dancing among the men and guys.  Both watched from a distance and found something to snack on shortly thereafter.  The two parted ways with the hour well past midnight and both exhausted.

Brock opened the door to his room to find Jeremy naked on the bed.  It hit him then that two would sleep together since there was only one bed.

“Where have you been?” Jeremy asked. “I’ve been here waiting on you.”

“I’ve been around with Derek and scored with Hank,” Brock smiled. “What are waiting on though?”

“The first night I get to pop your cherry,” Jeremy said.

“Fuck no! Hell fucking no!” Brock screamed with his eyes open wide.

“Bitch I’m taking that cherry tonight whether you like it or not,” Jeremy said. “We can throw down right here but your ass is getting fucked by this cock one way or the other.”

Brock leaned over, “Please Jeremy!  Please no!  I’m begging you!”

“It’s tradition here.  Right now, Derek’s roommate Brad is doing the same,” Jeremy said.

“NO!” Brock said.

“We can either do this easy or hard, your choice,” Jeremy said.  “You’ve enjoyed the rest and I know you had to fuck Hank’s hairy ass tonight.  I’ll be so gentle with you.  By the end, you might enjoy it.”

“No I won’t,” Brock said. “If I have to sleep downstairs I will.”

“Then your ass will be gone tomorrow,” Jeremy said. “I’ll tell Mr. Wilshire you are unwilling and ungrateful.  He has asked some to leave in the past and has no problem doing so.”

Brock paced the room with Jeremy back to stroking his cock while watching the porn offered on the television.  “Let’s make it quick,” Brock said. “Make it as easy and quick as possible.  I know I’ll hate it but I am starting to like the other shit here.”

“Go clean out that ass first.  Wash it good so no shit comes on my cock,” Jeremy said. “If you want, I’ll do that for you so you are clean.”

Brock entered the bathroom.  He did his best and asked Jeremy to help.  He hated feeling Jeremy’s finger invade his virgin ass.  He braced on the vanity and waited until Jeremy announced he was finished.  Jeremy grabbed Brock’s hand and led him to the bed.  “Trust me, everything will be okay.”

“It better,” Brock said.

They lay on the bed with Jeremy stroking his cock.  Brock waited until Jeremy had put on the condom and lubed them up.  Jeremy fingered Brock’s nice ass and enjoyed doing so.  Brock tried his best not to like it but it did feel good.  Jeremy lay on the bed and asked Brock to ride his cock.  He gave instructions to push out to Brock.  Brock started lowering his ass and pulled up.  Jeremy reached over and handed Brock some poppers.  Brock didn’t have a clue what it was for but inhaled.  He tried again and felt the tip of Jeremy’s cock.  He closed his eyes and braced for the invasion.  He pushed out and felt Jeremy enter his ass. 

Fuck!” Brock screamed in pain. “Hurts so bad.”

“It’ll take a minute before it feels really good,” Jeremy looked at the hottie.

“Just take it out,” Brock said. “It fuckin hurts.”

Jeremy could see and hear the pain.  He pulled out and fingered Brock’s ass more.  Brock tried again and felt Jeremy slip back inside.  The pain was there while Brock grabbed on to the bed.

“Relax!” Jeremy said.

“How can I with your dick up my ass?” Brock said.

The two waited and waited with Brock never changing expressions.  Jeremy moved a little and saw no reaction from Brock.  Brock didn’t move and felt the cock moving inside his ass.  The pain was leaving so Brock moved his ass and felt actual pleasure.

“OH fuck!” Brock said with his eyes wide.

“Is there a problem?” Jeremy asked.

“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore,” Brock said.

“Well ride that dick then,” Jeremy said.

Brock moved slowly with a different sensation flooding his body.  It was one of shear pleasure and nothing like he had ever felt before.  His mind was clicking away and knew where the pleasure was coming from.  He continued to ride Jeremy’s cock and did relax.

“That’s the spirit,” Jeremy said and smiled.

“Shut the fuck up,” Brock said.  “Let’s get this over with as quick as possible.”

Brock continued to ride and found joy in this once unthinkable act of getting fucked by a cock.  He did his best not to show any expression of pleasure but was taking Jeremy’s six and half inches. 

Jeremy pushed Brock forward to get him on his back.  Brock looked up and saw and felt Jeremy fucking his ass.

“MMMM fuck yea,” Brock moaned. 

“Someone likes this, huh?”

“Fuck off Jeremy but keep doing that… oh yes!” Brock moaned. 

Jeremy was grunting and sweating.  He had to smile and knew Brock was feeling the indescribable ecstasy of anal intercourse.  He looked down and saw Brock was rock hard.  He reached down and stroked Brock’s cock in rhythm with his fucking.  The two moaned and groaned with Jeremy sweating.  The bed rocked with the action.

Jeremy pulled out and coated his load on Brock’s fine torso.  Brock jacked his cock and blew his load seeing Jeremy’s hit his abs and chest.  Jeremy fell on top of Brock.  Brock knew what was next and accepted the short kiss.

“Don’t say shit!” Brock said.

“You liked it more than you thought you would,” Jeremy smiled.

“Fuck I did!” Brock shouted. “Damn I’m so fucking gay now!”

“No you’re not,” Jeremy said. “It’s one week of exploring.  Now don’t you feel a little better and won’t fight my ass again.”

Brock got up and cleansed his torso before returning to bed.  He looked at Jeremy and smiled.  “Now, I’m ready to sleep.  Don’t wake me up with your dick up my ass.”

“I won’t and same goes for you too,” Jeremy said. “Does it feel good to have that cherry popped?”

“I guess so now that is over and done with,” Brock said. “Goodnight my first.”