Posted:   February 15, 2010

Three hours into the four hour trip, Ken noticed his 18 year old son waking up and stretching out his nice arms above his forehead.

“How much longer, Dad?” Brock asked.

“An hour or so, maybe.  Are you excited?” Ken asked.

“I suppose so since you’ve been going here the last four years without me.  There must be something to this lodge to allow only adults,” Brock said and tugged down his faded hat.

“I’m glad you mentioned it but yes this lodge is something.  Every year, Mr. Wilshire has a select group return with their sons to basically be initiated into his lodge.  You do know what a privilege this is right?”

“Not really Dad.  All I’ve ever heard was how nice it is,” Brock replied.

“Son, this will you’ll be granted rights as never before as will I…” Ken said and was interrupted.

“Huh?” Brock looked at his dad.  “What rights?”

“If you’d keep quiet and let me finish,” Ken said and glanced at his son.  “This week the liquor will flow as will mouths.  I know you have tasted liquor and know you are well versed in foul language.  I’ve seen you mouth cuss words on the field and seen your text messages.”

Blushed a little, Brock stated, “First off, will I be punished?  If so, I’ll plead the fifth.”

“Son, what occurs here at the Lodge will stay solely between us,” Ken said and looked at his son with a big smile.  “I need your word that this week stays at the Lodge.  I’ll say from this point forward nothing you say, do or stick in your mouth will be held against you.”

“You have my word but are you sure?”

“Dammit Brock, I said nothing will be held against you,” Ken said, driving.

“Fine, you can say I’ve been known to take a drink or two with the guys.  Yes I know a few of the forbidden words,” Brock said. “Quite well when it is just me and my friends.”  Brock started laughing.

“I thought so as do most 18 year high school grads do and probably was too drunk after graduation to drive and had to stay at Aiden’s or was it Chloe’s house?” Ken said. 

Brock darted his eyes around, “Actually it was Gwen’s that night but don’t tell Chloe.  Man, what a night!”

“Son, I’m not stupid and knew every trick in the book when I was your age,” Ken laughed.

“This might be fun after all.  Here I was looking forward to fishing a little, riding the four wheelers and stuff like that,” Brock said.

“There’s one other thing you should know.  There will be sex there,” Ken stated.

“I’m confused now.  I thought you said it was just guys,” Brock stated.

“I did,” Ken said and glanced at Brock with a big smile.

“What like… you know… masturbation?”

“More son.  It’s guys week to explore with other guys while given the chance and opportunity,” Ken stated.

Fucking fags!” Brock said. “No way!”

“Son, I had a strong feeling that might be your reaction…”

“You were dead on there, Dad!  You don’t?”

“Yes son, I do and have grown to look forward to this week every year,” Ken said.

Oh fuck!” Brock screamed. “Is this your way of telling me you’re a queer, Dad?”

“No son, it is for one week.  It’s your decision to enjoy what is offered or refuse.  No one will force you to do anything you don’t want,” Ken said.

“Good cause I’m not getting with some fag there,” Brock said.

“You’re not the least bit curious in exploring your sexuality?”

“Dad, I know I like pussy.  Sue me, okay!  I’m not getting with some cock sucking fag!  I’m not the least bit curious about guys besides I’ve seen plenty naked in the showers after a game or practice.  Doesn’t do shit for me, alright!” Brock said loudly before staring out the window.

Ken had laid the ground work like he wanted.  He had a small feeling Brock would react like this and had heard tales of a couple of the other sons that had reacted the exact same way.  One father/son ended up leaving after one night due to his son’s unwillingness and rudeness.

The next thirty minutes were silence with Brock looking at his Dad before continuing to stare out the side window of the SUV.  Upon arriving at the gate, Ken entered the code and proceeded down the drive.

“Nice, huh?” Ken said.

“Whatever you say, Dad,” Brock replied.  “There better be fun stuff to do or I’m going to be one pissed off son.”

Ken parked the SUV with the two unloading for the weekend.  They entered the majestic lodge to find Mr. Wilshire along with his 24 year old son at the door to greet them.

“Ken, the week has arrived,” Mr. Wilshire stated.

“Yes it has,” Ken said. “This is Brock.”

“Very handsome young man who I’m sure you and Faye are so proud of,” Mr. Wilshire said.

“We are especially with the scholarship he earned for the upcoming fall,” Ken said.

“Where?” Mr. Wilshire’s son asked.

“Just CSU,” Brock said quietly.

“Very nice,” the son said. “Dad, I’d be happy to show them to their rooms.”

Brock and Ken followed the son with the son raving about the accommodations.  He first showed Ken his room.

“We are separate?” Brock asked.

“Yes son we are,” Ken said.

“No sir, no way!” Brock said.

Ken pulled his son aside in his room.  “Son, you’ll be assigned to someone your age where you’ll have more in common with them.  I’ll see you in just a minute.”

Brock marched out and was getting steamed by the second.  He followed up the stairs and was shown to his room.  He threw down his things and sat on his bed.  He cursed to himself and sat looking around the room.  He was in a state of complete shock with the past hour.  Within ten minutes, the door opened.  In walked a blond headed young man close to Brock’s age.

“Hey, how’s it going?” the young man stuck out his hand. “I’m Jeremy Cornuski.”

“Brock Mendalhall,” Brock said and did shake Jeremy’s hand.

“First timer?” Jeremy asked.

“Yes! I hate it here!” Brock shouted.

“Whoa there, why the anger?” Jeremy asked.

“Cut the shit.  You know full well why I’m pissed as hell unless you’re… you’re totally into this…”

“Chill out a minute!” Jeremy said and sat next to Brock.  Brock looked at him and moved away.  “I was just like you last year.  Hell dude, I was so pissed and threw a nice fit when my dad gave the low down.  I was straight as an arrow and the thought of this grossed me the fuck out.”

“Tell me about it,” Brock said.

“It’s very scary at first but dude by the end I loved it,” Jeremy said.

Fucking fag!”

Rage went all over Jeremy.  He stood, “You fucking call me that shit again and I’ll ram my goddamn fist right down your fucking throat!  You got me, motherfucker!”

“Fucking tough guy now, huh?”

“Call me a fucking fag again and one of us is fucking leaving this place via a goddamn ambulance!” Jeremy stood with his fist balled up.  “I’m not a fag!”

“Sound like to me you are!” Brock said in his face.

“Back the fuck up!” Jeremy shouted and pushed Brock back.  “You’re just exactly how I was!”

“No I’m not!”

“I hated the thought of a naked guy!  I watched and soon was curious enough to try.  Then I found guys are as good if not better than girls in the sack!”

“Bullshit!” Brock shouted.

Jeremy paced around the room with Brock sitting back on the bed.  Jeremy took a deep breath for he knew this young guy wasn’t an easy one to crack.  “Look Brock, we can cuss at each other forever and even fight.  I’m just saying don’t knock it until you try it.  I was exactly the same as you and had the same anger over being drug here.  Get a few drinks in you and have fun.  I’ll warn you though you could be a target around here so be prepared.”

Oh great!” Brock said with a knock at the door. 

Jeremy opened it and remembered Ken from the year before.

“So how’s it going so far?” Ken asked.

“You missed the fireworks.  We were so close to throwing down,” Jeremy said.

“I was afraid of this.  Brock, just say the word and I’ll take you home,” Ken said.

“Word, Dad!  I can’t believe this shit!” Brock screamed. 

“You sure you don’t want to at least have a nice meal and few drinks with the guys?” Ken asked.

“Maybe after that,” Brock said.  “When I say when, I’ll mean it too!”

“Okay then,” Ken said.  Walking out the door, he whispered good luck to Jeremy and proceeded back to his room.

With Ken gone, Jeremy told Brock he needed to dress in his tie for the formal welcoming luncheon.  Brock was prepared for this with his best shirt and tie along with nice slacks.  He dressed alone in the adjoining bathroom before seeking Jeremy’s help to tie his tie.

Once down in the formal dining hall, Brock was seated with his father at the long table.  The lunch was very nice with the choice of filet or lobster tails with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes along with a shrimp cocktail appetizer.  Brock waited for the drink ordered and gave his whiskey and coke while Ken ordered a beer.  Ken laughed at his selection but wasn’t laughing when Brock downed the first one and was asking for another one.  Waiting on the next one, Brock looked over the twenty other guests to see he was close if not the youngest one there.  He looked down to his right.  His eyes grew wide seeing someone he vaguely knew from years of competitive soccer. 

Brock pulled on his dad’s sleeve and whispered, “That’s Derek Halstead from Team Dynamite.”

Ken looked down the table, “I don’t guess I remember him.”

“He was so awesome and single handedly beat us at Regionals three years ago.  Before that, he was always a thorn in our side every year,” Brock whispered and was served the shrimp cocktail and his next drink.

“Okay, I do know his dad however.  I really nice man with…” Ken stopped. “You’ll see.”

Brock shook his shaggy blond highlighted hair and started eating.  He finally made eye contact with Derek, who smiled in returned and nodded to acknowledge he knew Brock as well.

Brock waited on the main course and dove straight in to the medium filet.  He had another drink and was told to slow it down from Ken.  After finishing, Mr. Wilshire formally welcomed his guest to father/son week at The Lodge.  He gave a few details such as eating schedule and lake activities.  

After the lunch, Brock went quickly and found Derek getting up from the table.

“Derek, what’s up?” Brock asked with his dad right behind him.

“Not much,” Derek said and pushed back his dark bangs. “Do I know you?”

“Sure, Brock from Team Strikers,” Derek said concerning his soccer team.

“Darn I do.  How’s it going?  You aren’t the little man like you used to be,” Derek joked.

“I’m not.  So what happened?  How come you didn’t play high school?” Brock asked and was so pleased to see someone he half way knew.

“Blew out my knee my sophomore year and never really recovered.  I’ve never been the same since,” Derek said with Ken and Derek’s dad Carson talking.  “So what do you think about this?”

“I am not so sure about all of this,” Brock said.

“Same here.  Can you believe this but the drinks are cool,” Derek said.

“Trust me, Brock has found that out as well,” Ken said.

Derek’s dad Carson stated and none too happy either, “Derek’s been downing the beer here as his announcement to me he drinks, like I didn’t know.”

“Derek, if nothing else, we can get hammered and really have a good time,” Brock laughed.

“Hell yea we can,” Derek said and looked at his dad with a wicked smile.
“Brock, do you wanna head out to the pool and kick it there a little while?  I hear it’s all the beer you can drink.”

“Sounds like a winner to me,” Brock said.  

The two headed to their rooms to change into their swim trunks.  Brock waited outside his room until seeing Derek reappear.  Brock could see the visible scars on Derek’s knee and commented about them.  No more down the hall, they saw Jeremy fully naked walking there. 

“Hey Brock,” Jeremy said in passing and continued.

“You know someone else?” Derek said.

“He’s my roommate.  We about threw down earlier,” Brock said.  “I don’t know about showing my shit to everyone.”

“Me either,” Derek said.  “Was your roommate as good as mine and gave you a good initiation?”

“No, all we did was argue,” Brock said.

“Shit! He tricked me!” Derek shouted while the two headed down the wooden staircase.

“What do you mean?” Brock asked.

“Brad said since I was new and just turned 18 it was his duty to suck me off,” Derek said.

“No shit!  Mine never mentioned or could see I wasn’t playing those games,” Brock said.

“You know it did feel pretty good.  I had heard…”

“Still dude, sucking your cock?” Brock asked.

“I won’t lie and shot one huge load,” Derek smiled.  “I didn’t have to blow him though.”

“No way!” Brock said and opened the door to an array of naked men and young men at the pool.  He asked not to see his dad but did see him sitting naked with another man near his age.  “Look at that shit!”

“What?” Derek asked.

“My dad naked there with another guy’s arm around his ass.  Fuck!” Brock said.

“Oh hell, my dad is too!  Holy fuck, dude!” Derek screamed.

“I know, what are we going to do?  I can’t sit here with my dad,” Brock said.

“Me either.  Fucking nasty!  Let’s head to the lake and check that out,” Derek said. 

Brock made eye contact with his dad.  Ken spotted Brock and chased after him.  “Brock, stop!”

“Dad, you’re naked!” Brock stated.

“Come here for one second, then you and Derek can leave,” Ken said.

Derek strolled up to his dad looking the other way, “Yea dad what now?”

“Son, please try to understand this. Please!” Ken said.

“Dad, you’re fucking naked with that guy!  What would Mom think?” Brock said and didn’t look at his dad.

“I know son but forget about her.  It’s about you and exploring things we will never have the chance to do otherwise,” Ken pleaded with his son. “Brock, nudity is not all bad you know.  I rather enjoy it this one week.”

“Dad, you’re fucking sick!” Brock said.

“Go on, I’ll make plans to leave in the morning then,” Ken said.

“Great!  I’ll sure be ready!” Brock said and left to join his friend.  He told Derek the encounter.

“Dude, we forgot the beer,” Derek said.

“We sure did.  Let’s grab a few and get the hell out of there,” Brock said.  The two walked back up to the pool around and found the beer fully stocked and iced down.   Both reached in and grabbed three for the journey to the lake and beyond. 

They were leaving the pool area and heard a voice, “Excuse but you can only have those in the pool area.”

Derek and Brock looked at the each other and were disgusted. “Hey we can go over there and kick it,” Derek pointed to an area off to the side.  The two made their way and threw down the towels to kick back.  Both turned their chairs and faced the opposite direction with their shades down from the pool.  Once seated, they opened the beer and began to chat about their days on the soccer field.

Mr. Wilshire spotted the two off to the side and came up to them, “Ummm… are you two having fun yet?”

“With a beer in our hand, it is getting better,” Derek stated.

“Well, if you are to stay here, the rules are no clothing.  Also there is no public sex either in the pool area or any other public areas,” Mr. Wilshire stated.

“Do we have to?” Brock asked.

“Either that or go inside.  It’s your choice,” Mr. Wilshire stated.

“Shit!” Brock exclaimed. 

“Hey Brock, it’ll be just us two over here,” Derek said.

Brock stood and dropped his shorts.  Derek was right behind him and threw his shorts off as well.

“Neither one of you have a thing to be ashamed of.  Both are so well built and nicely endowed, I must say.  I bet both you are a hit with the ladies,” Mr. Wilshire said.

“I guess,” Brock said.

“I am,” Derek laughed.

“I can see why,” Mr. Wilshire said.  “With a cock like that, you will bring many hours of pleasure to anyone who is lucky enough to get with you.”

“Thanks,” Derek laughed. 

“You too, son,” Mr. Wilshire said to Brock.  “Have fun.  Once you are adjusted to it, then it will be nothing.  I figured the two new ones would be together.”

“We played against each other in soccer until high school,” Brock said.

“Your nice cut bodies are a work of art and a gift.  Be proud before Mother Nature sends you a gut like mine,” Mr. Wilshire stated and grabbed his roll.  He bid them farewell and continued on to the needs of his guests.

Brock looked at Derek and did notice how well hung he was.  He remembered his dad saying something about Derek’s Dad and guessed it was genetic.  Both were getting comfortable and could hear the water splashing in the pool where about 10 or so were gathered.  Mr. Wilshire’s son saw the two alone and walked over to them.   Hank was his name and promptly introduced himself to the young studs alone.

“Getting to know each other, huh?” Hank asked and grabbed a seat near them to chat.

“Sort of,” Brock said.

“You two would look so hot together,” Hank said.  “I can only imagine you two young bucks going at it.”

“Fuck off!” Derek said.  “We’re chilling and having a beer.”

“If you guys want, I could help you along.  We could step inside,” Hank said.  “Everyone needs a push to get them started.”

“We’re fine!” Brock said.

“I’m only talking about jacking each other off.  No harm in that is there?” Hank asked.

“We’re doing okay until you showed up!” Derek said.

“No you weren’t by the looks of things.  You could need to live a little and enjoy this while you can.  Next week its back to a normal ho-hum life,” Hank said.

“I may be back there sooner!” Derek said. “You can leave now!”

“Fucking pricks,” Hank stated and left the two.

They lay in the sun a little while longer with men coming and going.  They continued to drink and soak in the rays with their skin darkening.  Both were blessed with fairly dark skin so sunburn wasn’t an issue except in the ass and crotch.  Finally the two decided enough sun for the day, grabbed their towels and things and headed inside the door.  Once inside they could hear a slight groaning coming from a nearby room. 

They climbed the stairs with a towel around their waist.  They went to Derek’s room to hang out and watch television in the comfort of air conditioning.  Turning on the television, Derek flipped through the channels but found nothing but gay porn playing.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” Derek said.

“Can you believe this shit?” Brock stated.

“I know,” Derek said.  He turned off the television and opened the drawer next to the bed.  In it lay one huge bottle of lube and the rest filled with condoms.  “Damn!”

“Am I ready to leave right now!” Brock screamed.

“Well… you know we could...” Derek said and moved his hand up and down.

“Are you serious?” Brock asked.

“You wanna try at least? My roomie did give a good blowjob earlier so I don’t see anything wrong with us beating off,” Derek said.

“I guess…” Brock said and wasn’t sure about this.

Derek grabbed the lube.  Both came out of their towels and sat on the edge of the bed.  Derek turned on the television and found some porn involving two guys close to their age.  Both watched the porn with Brock hating to admit he was getting a hard on.  He opened the lube and applied it to his 7 inch hard cock.  He looked over and saw one impressive erect cock of Derek’s.  He stroked his cock and looked at Derek.

“Weird, huh?” Derek asked.

“Very,” Brock replied and continued stroking.   Derek moved his hand over and found Brock’s cock.  Brock looked at Derek and allowed his hand to touch his cock.  Brock slowly moved his hand and found Derek’s big cock.

“I’ll just say it.  Dude, you’re fucking hung,” Brock said.

“Thanks, you’re not so bad yourself,” Derek said.  

Both were feeling it and started to moan.  Brock couldn’t believe he was actually touching much less jacking off another guy.  He did however loved the feel of Derek’s hand on his cock.  The two continued to stroke until Brock leaned back and groaned.  His cock exploded and shot his load up to his chest.  Derek wasn’t far behind and shot his load on his flat stomach and pubes. 

They looked at each other and started giggling.  “Beer made us do it, right?” Brock smiled.

“You bet it did,” Derek smiled at Brock.