Summer Life Guard

Man, was I ever glad to see summer roll around and finally graduate from college.  I didn’t care for college that much except for the social scene and all the eye-candy on campus.  My parents set me up in this sweet ass place being they hated my lifestyle, being that I was gay and loved to party.  I returned home and just went back to my old summer job as being a life guard at the hometown pool, located in the suburbs.  I had to start finding a real job after the summer but always I liked being a lifeguard.  I know I am a bum and spoiled rotten, oh well.  I would find something more permanent after the summer or my parents shut off my funding, whichever came first. 

I was glad when school was finally over for the local schools in the area.  I didn’t mind most of the kids that came to swim but some were just a royal pain in the ass.  I got my bluff in on them usually right off the bat since I wasn’t going to take their shit, especially from the teens.  You see they would test me to see what they could get away with first. As I found my first year here, they would try and run over you and never listen to a word you said. 

The worst part of the job was that we were a basic babysitting place and the local hang out for the older kids since the pool instituted the rule where any child 12 or under had to have a guardian or parent with them at all times.  That just left the shits that were 13 and older.  Some of the teens were cool with me but others were there just to be a fucking thorn in my side, who I dreaded seeing each day.

My favorite part was finding the teens who thought it was cool to hide out and smoke or decide to play in the shower or in discrete places.  You should see their faces when I or another lifeguard would catch them in their innocent fun. I learned over the years the best hiding spots and loved to bait the cocky ones who thought they could sneak away with a girl or guy.  If they didn’t get smart with me, I would just tell them to put out the cigarette or ask them to stop messing around and let them be.  The smart asses were the ones that graded on my nerves and I came down on them as hard as I could, even banning them from the pool from the summer. 

I also enjoyed seeing the new lifeguards that the city employed each summer.  I was thankful that they had enough apply that they only took 18 and over now, unlike a few years in the past.  My boss pretty much put me in control of the others since I knew the routine and had been there the 4 past summers.  I didn’t have to sit in the chair much except when the others were on break or gone to lunch.

The first day, I peeled off my shirt and applied a light sunscreen to keep from getting burned.  I did have a nice body with some cut ass abs that I didn’t mind if the others saw, especially all the guys that came.  I found each guard that was on my shift and assigned each a position as there were 2 guys and 2 girls.  The guys were fresh out of high school as was one girl, who I might add was rather hot if I was so inclined.  The other was a freshman in college and we worked some together the previous summer, so I gave her the easiest part.  My duties were to check on the guards and be available if the need arose.  I mostly just walked around and kept a close eye on the outer edges of our large pool area and helped out in the areas where need be.  Sure I was a tough ass but I had to be at first until the kids got to know me.

The first day is the hardest one me as I am not used to the sun and all the walking that was required. I was always glad to see the first day end at 8 after we cleaned up the pool area and gathered the left behind shit that the forgetful ones left. I hopped into my jeep and headed back to my place. I hit the shower and then lit up a fat joint to relax and kick back. My parents know I smoke weed and that is one reason they set me up here.  I did my best to keep myself entertained until time to hit the hay. I would occasionally get with some guy and have fun in the sack but most days I was alone.

The next day I found 4 more new guards as they alternated days during the week and was at full staff on the weekends.  I had two days off when my boss took over for me those days which would be Wednesday and Thursday, our least crowded. Today I had 3 guys and a girl.  I knew one of the guys as this was his third year to life guard. He was cool and I gave him the easy part and assigned the others positions.  I will say they did a great job this year since we only had one what I would call chubby lifeguard, the rest of the guys I would nail in a second given the chance or let them nail me.

We all settled into our routine after a couple of weeks. Sure there were a few incidents like kids banging their heads on the shallow end or just your basic cat fight. The guards got to know me better and I got to know them better along the way. I would sometimes just shoot the shit with the guys after the pool closed and we cleaned up for a while. That was a time where you really could get a feel from each person and sort out who you liked and who you didn’t. It wasn’t that I hated them or anything it was that a few of the guys were more interested in the girls that they could hook up with at the pool or more interested in themselves and didn’t want to socialize with the others. One was just an ass hole and seemed determined to prove it every day. 

I ended up with a group of about one guard one day and two the next that I liked being around.  I started to enjoy the weekends more as all three were there at the same time.  There was one guy in particular that I had my eye on. It was Chad. He was the friendliest of all of them and didn’t seem to be attached like the rest.  I was thankful too that he was a fucking hunk.  He was built like me but had long straight blond hair and big blue eyes. 

“Hey Chad, what’s going on with you tonight?” I asked when we headed out for the close of the day.

“Not much, Lance. I might just head home. It has been a long week for me,” Chad said.

“You can join me at my place if you want to,” I said hopefully.

“Lance that would be so cool. I can hang out for just a little while. I can follow you to your place where we can chill.”

“Sure dude,” I replied and headed to my jeep and tried my best not to lose Chad thru the maze of traffic lights.

I pulled in to my complex and parked my jeep.  Chad pulled his ride next to mine.  We headed to my apartment.

“Nice place you got here, Lance,” Chad commented.  He was a nice guy as well as being hot.

“Thanks Chad. You want a beer or anything to drink?” I asked as Chad sat down on the couch.

“Water will be just fine, dude,” Chad said.

I grabbed a beer and some bottled water for Chad, who had just graduated high school and was 18.  He seemed interested in my Xbox 360 that I had sitting in the floor.  He liked one of the games that I had so I inserted the disk and we began to play.

“Dude, you are bad ass at this game,” Chad joked.

“You are giving me a run for my money though,” I said since I didn’t want to discourage the hot guy with my skills. He seemed to get more comfortable around me and I surely did with his hot ass body around me.

“Dude, I figured you had some fine ass hoe here living with you,” Chad commented.

“No dude,” I said but didn’t expound on that instead asked Chad, “You got yourself a girl?”

“Hell no dude. I am feed up with all those bitches right now. My ass is kicking back this summer and just playing the field. I want to have a good time this summer before heading off to college. I do like to party on occasion as I see you do too,” Chad said, seeing my pipe was sitting on the end table.

“You want to smoke some dude?” I asked.

“Sure fire that bitch up. I love to get smoked out,” Chad stated with excitement.

I went, grabbed my bag and packed us a bowl.  I could tell Chad liked to get high and knew what he was doing.  We smoked the bowl of fine herb.  I enjoyed getting stoned with my co-worker.  We ordered a pizza after smoking.  The pizza boy was fine as hell and could tell we were stoned since we were laughing at his uniform.  We munched on the small pizza until it was about all gone. We continued to talk about some of the kids and co-workers at the pool. He was like me and despised a few of those little shits.

“Dude I guess I better jet,” Chad stated after coming down enough.

“Cool. Stop by anytime, dude. You are cool as fuck to hang with.”

“You are too Lance. See your ass tomorrow at the pool,” Chad said as he left.  I didn’t want to press the issue but he gave me some hellified jack off material that night as I pounded my 6 and half inch cock with thoughts of Chad in my head and his tight body.

The next day, which was Sunday, Chad smiled at me when I assigned him his place.  That day was not too bad since a quick thunderstorm cleared everyone out about 4.  That gave me and the rest of my crew a chance to get out there early for a change.  We had the place clean in record time with everyone scurrying around in the soaking rain.

“Hey Lance, care if I stop by and hang for a little while tonight since it is a little early, dude?” Chad asked me before we headed out to our cars.

“That would be great Chad,” I replied. I was a little surprised but glad to have his company again.

I was still wet as Chad followed me.  We both headed inside my place.  I headed straight for the shower and just put on some shorts. Chad was there with a beer in his hand when I came out in just some ratty shorts. 

“Dude, my ass wants to get fucking drunk as shit tonight. You care if I just stay here tonight, unless you got plans or having someone else over,”  Chad asked nicely.

“No it is cool, dude. I don’t care. Hell I'll join you. It will be fun!” I said.

“Hey, can I hit the shower and maybe borrow some clothes for the night ?” Chad asked.

“Yeah, the towels are in the closet next to the shower.  What size shorts do you wear?”

“I wear a 30 in the waist. I can just wear some like basketball shorts if I have too. I don’t want to mess up any your good stuff.”

“Cool Chad you are my size. I will just sit them on the bed along with some boxers,” I said. I headed to the refrigerator for a beer to join Chad in drinking and ordered pizza again for us.

Chad came out looking so hot in my shorts  hung low on his waist and my boxers showing without a shirt. He was really starting to get a deep dark tan and his hair was really lightening up.  We both had a beer while we waited on the pizza again that I had ordered.  Chad was fun to be with and had a great sense of humor.  The same delivery boy showed up again.  He was soaked from the rain.  Seeing how wet and cute he was, I gave him a nice tip for the suffering he went through to deliver our pizza.

We ate about half the pizza before fired up the bowl again. We finished off the pizza since we were both stoned but the night was still young. 

“Dude it is so fucking cool of you to let me hang with you. I can tell your ass likes to party like me.  Some of the guys think you are such an asshole,” Chad laughed now feeling the mixture of good herb and beer.

“Oh well. Fuck ‘em then. I don’t give a fuck, Chad. I am just doing my job. It is probably the ones who would rather jerk off than work.”

“Yeah you got that shit right dude. It is those guys. There’s one dude, Jay, he is such an ass,” Chad stated laughingly while we sucked down more beer.

“I know. He seems to come to work each day and fucking hate every minute he is there,” I stated and was intend with keeping up with Chad’s drinking.

We played the Xbox for a spirited game.  Chad was like me and hated losing.  I pulled out a comedy I had in my collection, that was funnier when you are high and a little drunk along the way too. I really liked hanging out with Chad while he continued to drink despite both of us working the next day if the rain let up. 

“Chad, my ass is hitting the sack.” I stated since I was tired it was approaching midnight.

“I will just sleep out here unless you didn’t care if I slept with you in that big ass bed of yours.”

“I don't care one way or the other,” I stated and tried not to fall from being a little drunk.

“Cool then. I am sure it beats sleeping on this fucking couch, dude. I hope I don’t snore too much.”

“Same here,” I said as we both headed off to my big king size bed.  We both peeled off our shorts and jumped in the bed.

“Damn this shit is so comfortable,” Chad laughed. “I hope I don’t blow chunks later on."

“I really don’t hope you do that.  You know where the bathroom is I hope,” I said and turned over to go to sleep.

I just lay there on my side and didn’t move for a while hoping to fall asleep soon as it was past 12.  I was just about to doze off when I felt Chad’s hand brush up against my ass. I didn’t move and kept my eyes closed and waited on his next move. Then I felt his hand sort of touch my ass again through my boxers. Damn that was just what I wanted. I lay very still not to startle him when he then boldly reached over and felt my dick. I grabbed his hand.

“Oh fuck! I am sorry! Oh fuck!” Chad shouted in shock and embarrassment about being caught.

I grabbed when he started out of my bed, "It's cool!" 

“Dude I am fucking gay!” Chad said. “I just couldn’t resist you. I’m so sorry.”

“Chad, don’t worry. I was hoping like hell you make the first move on me. Fuck you’re hot!”

“Lance you are hot as fuck too!” Chad said with a big smile. We kissed and took off each other boxers as our hands explored each other’s body.  Man what a damn dick this guy had with very little hair surrounding it.

“Fuck  you are  hung!” I said to compliment and admire a real beauty.

“Fuck yeah, all my boys love it. You aren’t so bad yourself,” Chad said. I kissed his smooth tanned chest. I stopped to work on his nipples just a bit. He loved that. Then I kissed his abs while I played with his balls. I finally made it to his dick. Man it was so nice as it just hung there between his legs. I took it in my mouth when he popped wood on me. My hands were all over him while I sucked his hard big cock.  He ran his fingers through my hair and moaned softly with my attention to his hot tasty cock.

“Oh fuck Lance. That mouth is so hot!” Chad shouted.  He pushed me off and we kissed again with the taste of his cock still lingering in my mouth.  Chad was a great kisser and knew the ins and outs of working that tongue of his.  He worked on my body with kisses and tongue.  I had a good sense I wasn’t his first guy.  Chad licked down my body slowly and so seductively.
“Oh yea Chad, suck that dick!” I groaned.  I loved each second his hot mouth was on my cock. He sucked my dick like a pro, using his tongue and hot mouth to my pleasure. I pleasured in feeling the attention he was giving my hard member. 

“Can I fuck your hot ass?” Chad asked after stopping.  He had great sense of timing and must have known I was edging hard.

“Oh fuck yeah. My ass can’t wait! Feed my ass that big  dick of yours!” I said with enthusiasm to be fucked. I handed Chad the lube and a condom from my night stand. He had me on my back and fingered my hole that was begging to be fucked. I spread my legs as far as I could while this hot dude was eating my ass.  Damn, this dude is a fucking pro.  His tongue had me at his mercy and moaning like a bitch in heat.  I wanted his cock now so badly and was aching to feel his bone in me.

He lubed up my ass with a chill running down my spine, “You want this fucking dick raw, bitch?” Chad asked before opening up the condom.

I couldn’t deny his request and was so damn horny to get fucked. “Hell yeah!  Fuck my ass raw.  I love it hard too!”
He lubed up what was probably  7 or 8 inches of hot cock.  He poked his dick head in my ass. Damn was it big. I almost screamed when I felt his hard raw cock go pass my sphincter and into my anal canal.  I gripped the sheets tightly and waited for the initial pain to lessen.

“Tight fucking ass!” Chad said and continued to go deeper. “You okay?”

I just nodded and loved each inch of his dick in me.  Fuck was it hot.  I adjusted to the size of him and slid my ass back to take it all.  He lifted my legs and put his arms below my knees.

“Oh fuck yeah!” I screamed when he started fucking my ass.

“You like this big fucker in you, huh?” Chad was starting to get in rhythm and use my tight ass.

“OH FUCK ME CHAD!” I screamed. I could feel his dick all in my tight ass.

“Lance this ass feels so fucking good!” Chad said.  He leaned down and kissed me with my ass grabbing his hot ass. 

“Fuck the shit out my ass!” I screamed.  I could hear my bed hitting the wall along with mine and Chad’s groans of sex.

“Oh fuck this is fucking bad ass!” Chad said. He was jack hammering that big cock in my ass and it was all I could do was take it. I was moaning like a bitch in heat while Chad long dicked my ass repeatedly. My head was spinning out of control over this incredible feeling. Damn this boy was a power top and I loved it. 

“Take my shit, Lance! You love this shit.”

“Fucking give it to me! Damn Chad you are so fucking hot!” I said while I saw his hot body going in and out my ass. His smell and everything about me had me in pure ecstasy.  He reached down and jerked my cock a little. 

We slowed down to catch our breath with sweat dripping from Chad’s body. 

“I want ride this shit,” I said.

“Fuck yeah!” Chad said with his cock still rock hard. He got on his back and watched my stretched hole descend on his cock.  He ran his hands up and down my thighs while I started bouncing up and down on his hot cock.  I threw my head back and held his cock deep in my ass.  Chad grabbed my cock to jack it again.  I rode his cock with vigor and loved having it so deep in me.  We continued to moan and groan and enjoy every moment of our hot sex.  After a good ten minutes or so of solid fucking, I felt Chad explode deep into me.  All this did was set me off and blast my load across his chest while he continued to pump his seed in my ass.  I feel on him to kiss him.  It was so intense.  Chad pulled out his cock.  I could feel his cum dripping from my ass.  He ordered me on my knees to devour his work.  I pushed out and farted some cum on his waiting tongue.  His tongue felt so good lapping up my ass.

“Dude that was fucking fire!” Chad said after he finished and held me close to his body.

“Chad I fucking loved it.”

“I knew you would. I loved it too!”

“You are so fine. I loved taking your load.”

“Fuck yeah, I just couldn’t control it!” Chad said before we kissed forever in bliss. 

My ass was sore but I really could care less. It was hot making out with Chad and falling asleep in his arms. I don’t know what his original intentions were but I loved the end result.  There’s nothing like a good hard unexpected fuck from a stud like Chad.  Better yet we had lots of time to continue this summer affair.