Matt and Corey were sitting in their hot tub with Kris. The warm water was bubbling away, soothing their well-developed muscles.

Feeling more relaxed than he had in a long time, Matt snuggled up against Corey, who put a big arm around his husband’s shoulder and held him close. Matt let his head rest on Corey’s chest, brushing his cheek against the smooth skin covering the big pecs that he loved so much.

Corey felt an intense heat spread through him, completely different to the warmth soaking into his body from the water. It was the love he felt for Matt and he felt happy, leaning down to kiss the top of his partner’s head.

Matt pulled back, feeling Corey’s lips in his hairline. He looked up at his husband’s smiling face and moved up until their lips touched in a tender kiss that conveyed the love they had for each other.

“Damn, bro, that’s some real love right there,” Kris said, watching from the other side of the hot tub.

Corey pulled back, dragging Matt’s lip with him as he held it in his teeth. He looked at Kris and smiled. “I love him more every day and I still think he’s the hottest guy I’ve ever met.”

“I can see that,” Kris laughed, pointing at Corey’s cock, which was rock hard under the water.

“I would say sorry but it’s Matt who should apologize because it’s him who does this to me,” Corey said as he reached down to give his dick a quick stroke.

“I’m happy I still get you excited, babe,” Matt said, leaning in for another kiss.

“I’ll show you how excited I get later when we’re alone,” Corey said, pecking at Matt’s lips.

“Why not show him now?” Kris suggested.

Matt and Corey turned to look at Kris and Matt noticed that Corey wasn’t alone. Kris was hard too and had his hand around his cock.

“Are you serious?” Matt asked, not knowing if Kris really wanted to see them have sex.

“Hell yeah I am,” Kris said. “It was always so hot watching you two together.”

“Just watch some porn then,” Matt said.

“It’s not the same,” Kris said seriously. “Those guys are just there to fuck and pick up a pay check, you two make love, it’s something else.”

Matt studied Kris’s face for a moment and knew he wasn’t messing around. He looked down at Corey, who just shrugged as if to say why not.

“Okay, you can watch,” Matt said. Kris’s face lit up but before he could do anything Matt continued, “But that’s it.”

“Huh?” Kris asked.

“You can’t join in,” Matt said. “This is just between me and Corey. Jerk off if you want to, whatever, but we’re married now so you’re just going to have to watch two husbands show each other how much they’re in love.”

“That’s cool with me, bro,” Kris said.

“Good,” Corey smiled, “Because we’re gonna make love like you’ve never seen before. You’re gonna wish this was on video so you can watch it again later.”

Kris suddenly sat up straight. “Hold on.”

“What?” Matt asked.

“Don’t you have a video camera?”

“Yes, what’s your point?” Matt asked.

“Let me film you,” Kris said.

“What?” Matt and Corey said together.

“Let me film you,” Kris repeated. “You’ve never seen yourself make love. You’ve never seen what Colt and I were so fascinated by and in awe of. Let me tape it and show you.”

Matt looked at Corey again with a look that said he thought Kris was insane, but Corey didn’t share that opinion.

“Corey?” Matt questioned.

“What?” Corey said. “I think it would be hot to see us together on tape. We’ve always kind of wanted to but we’ve never had anyone to film it. Kris can get all kinds of shots we’d never be able to get alone. I think we should let him. It’s not like anyone’s gonna see it.”

Matt was silent for a moment, thinking it over. Slowly a smile began to show on his face and Corey knew they had him.

“Okay,” Matt said. “Kris, the camera is in the drawer by the TV. Go grab the lube from the bedroom too.”

“Wait, you’re gonna start fucking out here?” Kris asked, stopping half way out of the water with his hard dick bouncing in the cool air.

“Yeah,” Matt smiled. “Corey’s dick is so hard I don’t think I can wait until we’re dry and in bed to ride it.”

“Oh fuck,” Kris moaned, jumping out of the hot tub and grabbing a towel to wipe off at least some of the water before he sprinted into the house.

Matt turned to Corey and the two leaned in, sharing a deep kiss as their lips opened and their tongues met in a passionate dance. Matt slid his hand down and wrapped it around Corey’s throbbing cock, which pulsed and jerked at the touch and the thought of actually being caught on camera fucking his husband.

“I love you,” Matt said between kisses.

“I love you too,” Corey smiled briefly before Matt’s lips were back on his.

Matt moved and threw his leg over Corey so he was straddling his husband, sitting down on his thighs so their hard, bare dicks could rub against each other as Matt started moving his hips back and forth, teasing Corey as he looked down into his eyes and then moved in for another kiss.

“Damn that’s hot,” Kris said as he returned with the lube in one hand and the camera in the other.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Corey said as he wrapped his hands around Matt’s back and thrust his hips up to hump their dicks together.

Kris tossed the lube into the water so it floated on the surface near the lovers and opened up the camera, flipping on the power as he looked at the tiny screen to see the two naked bodies come into view. He immediately pressed record and, feeling the cool air on his naked body, slid back into the warm water until the bubbles were just lapping at his abs.

With the camera focused on them, Matt reached over and retrieved the bottle of lube. He moved so he was kneeling on the seat with his legs on either side of Corey and raised his ass up out of the water so it was in full view as Kris zoomed in and focused on the tiny pink, puckered hole between the two firm cheeks.

Popping open the bottle, Matt poured some of the lube into his hand and reached back, spreading it across his hole with his fingers and teasing the opening until the tip of his middle finger slid inside. He wasn’t sure if he was putting on the show for the camera or for Kris, but either way it felt damn good, especially since the position put the tip of his cock at Corey’s lips, which opened and sucked him inside.

Tasting Matt’s precum on his tongue lit a fire inside Corey. He leaned forward, sucking as much of the eight inches into his mouth as he could manage in their position. He went to work on bobbing his head up and down, letting his tongue and lips work their magic on Matt’s cock as he reached around and gripped onto Matt’s hot ass, slowly sliding his fingers inwards until they joined and then replaced Matt’s, slipping inside the twitching hole.

“Oh fuck,” Matt groaned, throwing his head back as his body arched. Corey’s fingers probed in deep, going straight to that button that he knew so well.

Matt pushed his ass back onto the invading digits and started grinding against them as he slowly slid his cock back and forth inside his husband’s mouth. Kris realized something was happening and moved until he and the camera saw Matt’s big dick disappearing between Corey’s lips.

When Corey saw Kris he wanted to put on a show so he pulled his head back until just the tip of Matt’s cut cock was resting on his tongue while he lapped at the precum leaking from the slit. He swirled his tongue around the head and then moved down so he could lick his way up the long shaft.

Matt’s moans rose into the air but he didn’t care if anyone heard them, he was too lost with desire to stop things now and Corey felt it. He let Matt’s cock fall from his mouth and kissed his way up Matt’s abs as slipped his fingers from the clenching ass.

Kissing his way up Matt’s tight, defined body, Corey lingered for a moment to suck on one of Matt’s nipples, caressing it with his tongue and lips before playfully nipping it between his teeth. Matt moaned and moved his hand to the back of Corey’s head, encouraging him to continue.

Corey’s lips travelled up Matt’s chest and neck until he kissed along Matt’s jaw and eventually found his lips. Their arms went around each other, with one of Matt’s clutching Corey to him while Corey’s explored Matt’s back and ass, pulling them close so their hard dicks were once again in contact.

Pulling back, Corey moved and sat on the edge of the hot tub, almost completely out of the water. His cock stuck up into the air and he leaned back, watching it throb and jump with every beat of his heart.

Seeing his husband’s cock so hard and still missing the feeling of Corey’s fingers inside him, Matt quickly picked up the bottle of lube and held it in the air, hovering over Corey’s cock. He slowly tipped it up and drizzled the clear liquid all over the stiff dick until it was glistening.

Kris got in real close to Corey’s incredible, fat cock, so close that Corey could feel Kris’s breath against his skin, but it made for an awesome shot, especially when Matt’s hand came down and his fingers wrapped around the shaft, stroking the lube up and down as a visible drop of precum emerged from Corey’s slit, adding more lube to the slick, shining cock.

Matt placed his hand on Kris’s shoulder, gently pushing him back. Kris let himself be maneuvered, forgetting about his own impossibly hard cock that slapped against the water as he focused all his attention on the hot guys in front of him and what they were doing.

The new position gave Kris the perfect view and shot of Matt’s ass as Matt lifted up out of the water and straddled Corey again, this time making sure that Corey’s dick was pointing directly at his already wet hole.

Corey wrapped his hand around the base of his cock and held it steady as Matt lowered himself onto it. The thick head of Corey’s cock brushed against Matt’s clenching ass, making them both moan, before Matt pushed down and the tip sank inside, followed by most of the shaft.

Kris barely stifled a groan watching his best friend’s hole open up to swallow his husband’s cock. It was so hot seeing the ass open to accept the dick and then clamp down over the shaft, sliding down it until the bare cock was balls deep.

When they were fully connected and Corey was buried inside Matt they held still, enjoying the moment. Matt leaned in, fully impaled on Corey’s cock, placing one hand on Corey’s chest to slowly caress the muscles at the same time as feeling his husband’s heartbeat. They stared into each other’s eyes, seeing the intensity that came only with their deep feelings of love, and then their lips came together in another soft kiss.

Once again Kris moved to capture the scene as the lovers’ lips brushed against each other tenderly. The animal passion that Kris sometimes witnessed between the two was nowhere to be seen. They weren’t trying to devour each other they were simply enjoying each other, embracing the fact that they were together as one. It was soft, delicate, loving.

Matt’s hips were the first to move, making small circles as he ground his hips and ass against Corey’s crotch. He loved the feeling of the thick cock inside him but now he needed to move, to feel the bare skin rubbing against his insides, caressing his depths.

Corey moaned as Matt’s circles became bigger and more forceful. His dick was churning around inside his lover and he felt the urge to move take over him too.

Leaning up, Corey wrapped his arms around Matt’s lower back and pressed his head against Matt’s chest, kissing his pecs as he slowly slid his cock out and then pushed it back in.

With Matt’s ass still hovering above the water, Kris moved the camera until it had the perfect shot of Corey’s cock pulling out of Matt’s hole until the ridges on the tip of his dick were just visible, threatening to break free, before slowing sinking back in.

After a few moments of feeding Matt his whole cock, Corey pushed inside and held Matt to him, slowly sliding down and lowering themselves back into the water. Matt’s knees once again rested on the seat, which allowed him to take over as he began to ride Corey’s cock.

Matt slowly rose up, using his muscles to squeeze Corey’s cock as it withdrew, and then slid back down until he felt Corey’s balls against his ass, gently fucking himself.

Corey ran his hands up and down Matt’s sides and across his abs and pecs as Matt kept up the steady pace. Matt’s dick was rock hard and was sliding between Corey’s abs, leaving a trail of precum, as he continued to ride the thick cock.

Moving his hand to the back of Corey’s head, Matt brought his forehead down to rest against Corey’s. Their eyes never left each other’s and Matt reached down to take one of Corey’s hands into his, lacing their fingers together, as he settled into a rhythm that let him hump his dick against Corey’s abs and then push back onto Corey’s cock.

“Oh God,” Matt moaned, “I love feeling you inside me.”

Corey placed his free hand on Matt’s cheek and said, “I love you so much, baby. I hope you can feel it.”

“I can,” Matt said, “I can.”

Their lips met again in a long kiss without ever interrupting the pace of their sex.

“I think we need to move this inside,” Corey said when they broke apart.

Matt nodded and kissed Corey again. Slowly Matt pulled off Corey’s cock, letting it slip out of him, though it still stood hard in the air. Matt smiled and wrapped his hand around it, tugging on it gently until he could lead Corey by it into the house.

When they were in their bedroom, Matt pulled Corey by his cock into a hot kiss. Corey’s dick throbbed as it slid up against Matt’s, wanting to get back inside the ass that always felt so good around it no matter how many times they made love.

Kris had followed the two lovers into their bedroom but said nothing. He was too caught up in what was happening to interrupt and he wanted to capture it all on video as naturally as possible so they could watch it later and see the incredible sight that he saw.

Corey placed his hand in the middle of Matt’s chest and pushed him backwards until the back of Matt’s legs hit the bed and he fell back onto it with Corey coming down on top of him.

Corey held himself up over Matt with a huge smile on his face as they gazed into each other’s eyes again and then moved in for a kiss at the same time like it was a choreographed move.

Keeping their lips pressed together, Corey moved between Matt’s legs, pushing them so they were on either side of his big body and raising them just enough to give him access to Matt’s slick hole. He broke the kiss and pulled back just enough so he could watch the expression on Matt’s face as he moved his hips forward and eased his dick back inside Matt’s ass. Matt’s eyes rolled up into his head and he tossed his head back against the mattress, arching his back to push his ass up to meet Corey’s invading cock.

“Fuck yeah!” Matt moaned, grabbing on to Corey’s hair when Corey attacked Matt’s neck with his lips. Matt wrapped his legs around Corey’s waist and used them to help Corey’s momentum as he pumped his cock into the warm, wet hole.

Corey’s face was nuzzled against Matt’s neck, licking and kissing as he moved his hips back and forth so his dick slid easily in and out of Matt’s ass. Corey’s big body covered Matt’s almost completely as Matt clung to him, wanting to feel as close to his husband as possible. Corey pressed his chest against Matt’s and ground his dick into his lover’s ass, rubbing Matt’s hard, leaking cock between their stomachs.

With Corey’s body blocking most of the view, Kris moved around behind the couple, bending down to focus the camera in between Corey’s legs. The sight he saw almost made him cum on the spot. With Matt’s legs wrapped around Corey’s waist and Corey up on his knees, gently sliding into Matt, it gave Kris the perfect view of Matt’s hole as it clung to Corey’s bare cock. Corey’s dick had never looked better as the shaft appeared, Corey withdrawing until the head was tugging at Matt’s sphincter before pushing back in.

Kris also noticed Corey’s muscular ass, tensing and clenching with every thrust. The two mounds of muscle were perfect, flexing as he pushed in and relaxing when he pulled out. The angle even gave a tiny glimpse of Corey’s winking hole every time he slid back. Kris reached down and felt his dick dripping. It was so hard. He could have quite easily sunk it into Corey’s nice hole but he knew this wasn’t the time.

Corey moved his hand to the back of Matt’s head so he was cradling it, looking deep into his husband’s eyes as he started to thrust a little harder, making Matt’s body jerk with the force and moan in pure ecstasy.

Pulling back, Corey rose until he was on his knees. He took Matt’s legs from around his waist and held them in his hands, opening Matt up so he was spread eagled on the bed beneath him, letting Kris capture the footage of Matt’s hard cock slapping back against his abs as Corey pumped his cock inside him.

This angle allowed Corey to go even deeper than before, plunging into Matt, who was now clinging to the sheets, tossing his head from side to side with the assault on his prostate from his husband’s dick.

Matt’s moans began to rise in pitch and Corey knew that he must be getting close. He placed one of Matt’s legs on his shoulder and reached down with his now free hand, wrapping it around Matt’s cock to give it a few strokes. Matt shivered and nearly screamed so Corey quickly let his cock fall back against his stomach and eased his own dick out of Matt’s now well fucked hole.

Once again Corey lay down on top of Matt, their lips meeting and then parting as they kissed with urgency. Their tongues danced from one mouth to the other while Corey humped his slick cock against Matt’s body, careful not to stimulate Matt’s own dick too much for fear of making him shoot.

When Corey pulled back again Matt was complete putty in his hands, looking up at Corey like he was begging for directions. Corey smiled and placed his hands on Matt’s hips, slowly adding pressure until Matt got the hint and flipped over so he was on his hands and knees.

With Matt in position, Corey placed his cock in the crack of Matt’s ass but didn’t push in, instead he rubbed it back and forth and bent over to place kisses up and down Matt’s spine. Matt shuddered at the feeling and felt a drop of precum drip from the end of his cock when Corey’s hands joined in to caress his body, moving around front to feel his pecs and abs before returning to his back and shoulders.

Needing to feel his husband back inside him, Matt pushed his ass up and moaned. Corey smiled, knowing what Matt wanted and more than happy to give it to him. He positioned his cock against Matt’s hole and pushed inside in one smooth motion.

When he was buried deep, Corey held still, not moving. He leaned over and ran his hand up Matt’s back until it rested on Matt’s shoulder. He then pulled Matt up, making him rise off the bed until his back was resting against Corey’s chest.

Corey smiled as he kissed Matt’s neck and licked his way up to Matt’s ear. He wrapped his arms around his husband’s chest and held him close, fully impaled on his dick.

“I love you,” Corey whispered into Matt’s ear just before he licked it.

Matt moaned and threw his head back, exposing his neck, which Corey quickly focused in on with his lips. One of Corey’s arms was wrapped around Matt’s chest, holding them together, while the other hand was pressed against Matt’s abs, slowly moving in circles from the top to near the base of Matt’s dick.

Finally, with Matt having completely surrendered to him, Corey held his husband tight in his arms, placed kisses up and down his neck and withdrew his cock before sliding it back in.

After a few thrusts Matt instinctively started moving his hips in complete sync with Corey, their bodies moving as one. Corey picked up the pace just a little while Matt whimpered, reaching up to place a hand on the back of Corey’s head while the other clutched at the arm around his chest.

Corey kissed Matt’s now exposed bicep and ran his free hand down to grip the base of Matt’s dick. Matt moaned and his ass squeezed Corey’s cock, massaging it. Liking the reaction, Corey ran his fingers around the head of Matt’s cock, gathering up some of the precum. When his hand was slick enough he slid it down the shaft to coat it in the juices and then slowly began to jerk his lover while he thrust into his ass.

The pitch of Matt’s moans and whimpers was again getting louder and the head of his cock was a visibly darker color as it bounced around in the air as Corey humped into him. Corey let Matt’s cock fall from his hand. Matt was panting hard, his sweaty abs looked incredible to the camera as his whole body shook.

Knowing that Matt was right at the edge, Corey ran his tongue up Matt’s neck to just behind his ear, took the ear between his teeth and then slapped Matt’s cock with his free hand.

Matt screamed at the contact, his body convulsed and his cock exploded, firing shot after shot across the bed, spraying the sheets with six good blasts of cum.

Every time Matt’s cock pumped out another round, his ass clamped down on and massaged Corey’s dick, sending the muscular blond racing over the edge as he bit into Matt’s shoulder and his cock erupted deep inside his husband’s ass, sending wave after wave crashing into the depths of Matt’s ass.

When both men had finished shooting they collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, completely and totally exhausted from an incredible orgasm.

Kris had never seen anything like it in his life as he shut off the camera, placed it on the night stand and wrapped his hand around his leaking cock. He was close without really ever touching himself. He needed to cum so bad that he beat his cock furiously, wishing he could make love to someone like that right now or even have someone make love to him like Corey had to Matt. The idea of being in someone’s arms feeling their dick plough through him was all he needed as he groaned and painted his abs with cum.

Finally coming down from his climax, Kris looked over to see Matt and Corey already asleep on their bed, curled up together. He smiled and slowly crept out of their room, taking a quick trip to the bathroom to wipe himself off before he went to his own room and fell asleep thinking about what he would do to Melissa the next time he saw her.


The End.

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