Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe?

**This is a fantasy story written by another reader/fan, TMitch.  Hope you enjoy what he was written for you.**

Posted:  Feb 21, 2012

Ever since Matt suggested I dabble in a different field seeing as how I’m bisexual and proud of it, it has been burning inside my mind for a while now.

Since it is Saturday maybe I will use some of Matt’s advice and see how things work out for me. This time I will be going out alone. No Matt, no Corey, no Scott, and no Colt.

While everyone was out of the room, I took a nice shower and put on a very nice Polo shirt that showed ever hot aspect of my body and nice fitting jeans that show off my hot ass and just a small peak of the my package.

I went out to a local hangout for college kids. As I entered the club with the dance music blasting through the speakers and dancing from wall to wall, I noticed a guy he instantly caught my eye.

He was a black guy, about my height, with a simple build. He reminded me of that singer that made that song about inventing sex, but he looked a lot better.

I approached him and made small conversation. He told his name was Dontay, but Tay for short. I could not get over how hot he was. I made a small joke he laughed. He made a small joke I laughed. The conversation was great.

During the conversation he revealed to me that he was bisexual and his attraction was fifty-fifty. I replied to him by stating the same only that my attraction was more for the female sex.

He asked if I needed a ride anywhere. I told him yes, knowing what he was leading to. I felt safe because during the conversation he made reference to people I knew well at school, like Scott whom he had a couple of classes with.

We drove to his apartment near campus in his Mercedes Benz that appeared to be about 14 years old.  We then entered his apartment, which seemed immaculately clean for a single college guy that explored both fields.

He asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I responded with a yes and he brought back two beers already open.

We then set down on his leather couch and continued chatting. He asked me common questions that people ask before an obvious hook up.

He asked me if I was seeing anybody. I responded with a no.
He answer was the same, but he indicated that he often have sexcapdes with people male and female.

Our conversation continued on with normal pre-fucking questions. And things started to get deep. He asked me if I was a top or bottom.

I answered real cool like by stating I go with the flow.
He chuckled.

He then got up and put on some soft music and then he said,
“You know Kris, I have seen you on campus with your hot ass group of friends and you to me are the hottest one out of group.”

I responded by saying, “Thanks Dontay, I mean Tay…”

“No call me Dontay. I love the way you said it.” He stated, cutting me off.

I blushed. Then I asked, “Is this hook up staged?”

He responded, “If it is, what would you say?”

I responded, “I don’t care. I think you’re hotter than hell.”

He responded, “I feel the same way.”

He walked over to me a kissed me on my lips. It was the hottest kiss ever. Lots of tongue between us, slobbing heads turning the whole enchilada.

We then take each other shirts off. He kisses my pecks, I kiss his. And this continues until the shoes come off and the pants.

I was wearing some hot low ride black brief that did nothing to hide my bulge as my dick was peeking out the front and my ass hole was sweating. The stain was very surprising visible.

He was wearing tight and short boxer brief that could barely high his huge bulge. He kissed each of my abs I did the same.  He then moved me to the wall. Turned my back to him and kissed my neck and back. I then moved my hands behind and reached inside his underwear and stroked his massive dick that was bigger than Matt’s big dick and cut as well. A loud moan erupted from his mouth. I thought his neighbors would hear him.

I removed my hands and placed them on the wall. I could see him remove his underwear and then he removed mine. He kissed me from behind with my head turned.

He then moved his head down my spine, kissing it. Then he made it to my ass hole. I could not believe it, he was eating it. And it was the best feeling known to man.

While he was eating it, I closed my eyes and floated away to ecstasy. When he finished, I lifted his head and kissed him hard and passionately and made him face the wall and completed the same deed as me.

I could tell he was a moaner. I moan were loud as hell as I ate his sweet black ass.

He then told me breathlessly, “Let’s go to the bedroom.”  He took my hand and led me to his room.

His bed blew my mind. It was seventies style round shaped bed. Very urban, and very disco-typed. I love it.

He faced me and we kissed with our hands on each other ass and we both end up fingering each other while kissing and holding each others’ asses. It seemed as if we were standing and kissing for an hour although it was really maybe 5 minutes if that.

He then noticed my dick standing straight up and hard as ever. He then sits me down on the bed and down on my dick. He was the best at sucking dick, even better than Matt.

I was in complete and utter ecstasy. He continued to suck and lick and suck balls. As I was about to cum he was sucking my dick fast and hard as ever. He was a beautiful site to see his head bob up and down. As I was reaching my explosive orgasm, he never let up and took my huge load in his mouth and could hear him swallow. He never let any drip down. It was too hot.

We kissed passionately again. And while kissing, I felt something inside me, something in my heart and suddenly this did not feel like an ordinary hook up anymore. It felt like something more, something I never thought I could feel for another man.

He shocked my mind when he said after he stopped kissing, “Do you feel that?”

I responded, “I said yeah, I do”.

He said, “Mmm, I want you so bad.”

I responded as he kissed my neck. “I want you too.”

He laid me down on my back. He got up and went to his dresser. I spread my legs think differently of was about to happen and stroked my cock. I turned around opening the condom with his black dick pointing straight out.

He chuckled and said, “Baby, that’s a very beautiful site, but I want to ride that dick.”

He walked over to me and put the tip of the condom in his mouth and slid on my dick with his mouth.

I moaned almost as loud as him.

He got the lube that was on his bed side and applied it generously on my cock and generously on his ass, which was also very hot for some reason.

He climbed on top of me and put my dick inside of him with and his normal loud moan.

He said, “Make love to me Kris.”

I said with convention and no regret. “I will, love”

He moan grew loud and he rode me like a woman.

I said breathlessly as the fucking got hotter. “Are you sure you’re not fully gay?”

He said, “I’m sure baby, I’m sure baby.”

We both continued to moan loud. I moaned louder than ever before.

We changed positions. The missionary position. I chose it because I wanted to see my new lover in his eyes.We kissed the whole time is that position, non stop, while moaning simultaneously.

During our love session he never touched his dick at all.

I asked him, “Are you going to jerk off?”

He said seductively, “No need, baby. You’re hitting every one of my spots.” That made me moan.

He then screamed at if I was pleasurably hurting him. I asked was wrong.
He said, “You’re hitting that spot I’m about to nut.”

And nut is what he did. Never touched himself at all. His hands stayed glued to my ass. His cum landed on his chest and face. It was seriously the most I ever seen.

Seeing this made me cum hard. I began to pump as he cheered me on and on.

“Give it to me Kris, give it to me lover, give it to me.”

I screamed at his same tone. “I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We both scream and moan.

We then kiss and kiss and kiss. Very passionately.

I rolled off of him and we cuddled.

We fell asleep.

The morning this arrive and we are still holding each other,

The aftermath did not feel like a one night stand it felt like two lovers waking up together. Much like Matt and Corey.

I said, “Good morning, Dontay”. And kissed him on his neck.

He said, “Good morning baby” In a thug way I thought was so hot.

I asked him, instantly breaking the moment. “So is this the last we’ll see each other?”

He responded in a shocked manner, “No, I plan on seeing as much as possible.”

I felt relieved.

Whatever I was feeling for Colt was out the door. I still loved him as a brother, as a friend who I fucked a few times. But I think I am in love officially and with a guy. My best friend Matt was right.

I looked at the clock and it read 12:30. I said, “I got to go.”

He said, “Why?”

“My best friend is probably worried about me”

“Oh,” he responded. “Well I guess you do have to go. I’ve see you two together. Seem more like brothers.”

“We are!”

As he lay back with both of his legs out of the covers and just a piece of fabric covering his limp dick. I said well maybe I could stay for a while longer.

He suggested a movie and we watch it together.

I finally left at 3:00 and made it to the dorm in 6 minutes.

I heard through the door. Matt and Colt were talking loud about me and both sounding worried.

I knew I should have called, I said to myself.

I opened the door with Matt walking back and forth. Saying, “I don’t know where he is.”  Obviously he was talking to my mom.

Colt came out of the room and said cheerfully there he his.

Matt hung up the phone and ran to me hugged me.

He went on and on telling me off like he was my father and mother put together.

I replied with how I understand I should have called.

I walked in to my room with Colt and lay down on my bed beaming from ear to ear.

He said, ‘Are you ok?”

I said, “I’m great. I met someone. Let me tell you…”

Colt cut me off and said. ‘Look, Matt told me about the advice gave you. I broke up Andrea. I realized that I am in love with in a way that was more than I did for her.”

I was puzzled.

“I want you Kris,” Colt said.

I responded honestly. “I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way anymore. I met a guy and we made love last night. It wasn’t a one night stand as it seemed it was love and it was mutual.”

Colt stood frozen.

I said, “I’m sorry. Completely sorry.”

I walked in to the bathroom and could see the hurt in Colt’s face.

Love interfered and it is not stopping.

He said through the door. “I’m going to be with you forever Kris. No matter what.”


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