Man, my head was buzzing. The party at Noah and Kendall’s place was amazing. I had never thought we missed out by living in the dorms because we had a kick ass arrangement but tonight was the first time I felt like we maybe made a mistake.

Kris was a trip as usual, he was back to his old self after his stupid fight with Matt and had gone around talking to literally everyone at the party and making sure he introduced himself and learned their names.

We had got drinks easily, even getting shots at the little bar, never getting asked for I.D. I got to dance with a couple of hot girls who told me how sexy I was and how they wished I lived there. It was so cool! If I wasn’t with Andrea I could totally have got laid with any one of them. And then of course there was the belly flop contest, which was hilarious, though Kris and Corey were idiots for taking part.

When Scott drove us back to the dorm Kris and I were quite far gone and had to put our arms around each other to make sure we didn’t fall over on our way to our room. Matt was clinging to Corey, I actually think he needed him just to stand up, even though he wasn’t as drunk as he had been at Scott’s during the summer.

We chatted for a bit before Corey and Matt headed to Matt’s room to get some sleep. I figured Matt would be passed out pretty quickly and since Corey had work in the morning I think that suited him fine.

I stumbled to the bathroom, really needing to piss but I was swaying as I stood in front of the bowl. Kris came up and wrapped his big arms around me from behind, placing his head on my shoulder. Having his arms around me actually steadied me enough and I was able to start pissing, though I nearly jumped and sprayed it all over the wall when Kris reached down and held my cock.

Turning my head to the side so I could look at him he smiled and kissed me on the lips.

“What was that for?” I asked, confused.

“I was such a dick over this whole Matt thing,” Kris said, his words slurred slightly. “I just wanted to say sorry.”

“By kissing me?” I asked.

“Well,” Kris said, smiling. “I was kind of thinking I could do more to make it up to you.”

I was about to ask him what he meant but as we stood there, his arms still wrapped around me, my cock still in his hand, I stopped pissing and Kris took the opportunity to start playing my cock. It didn’t take long for me to get hard. Damn his hand felt good on my dick.

I sighed and leaned my head back on Kris’ shoulder. He kissed my cheek and then started to kiss my neck as he continued to stroke my cock, pressing his own hard on against my ass and lower back.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked after a moment, realising what we were actually doing.

“Yeah, I want to show you how sorry I am by making you feel as good as I know I can,” Kris whispered in my ear.

“Okay then, bro, but let’s take this to my room.”

Kris smiled and started walking toward my room, never letting go of my cock. As soon as we were inside the door Kris closed it and stripped out of what little clothes he was wearing. His dick was rock hard, much like mine as I clumsily stripped off too.

Kris came to me and leaned in, pressing his lips against mine. His tongue pressed against my lips, demanding entry, so I opened up and let him inside, tasting the traces of alcohol still lingering in his mouth as our tongue began to battle and he took me in his arms, running his hands up and down my body.

He broke the kiss and moved his lips to my neck, making me moan as his tongue tickled what was a sensitive spot near my shoulder blade. His hands were moving all over my body, which was really getting cut from all the time I was spending in the gym. I was still quite a way from looking anything like Kris or Corey but I had nothing to be ashamed of.

The kisses and swirling action of Kris’ tongue started moving lower, running over my chest. He kissed my nipples, taking each one into his mouth and flicking them with the tip of his tongue.

Next his lips moved to my abs with him really lavishing them with attention. I couldn’t remember the last time someone had worked my body over so much or so well. Any thoughts I had that we shouldn’t be doing this were thrown out of the window.

His hands were running up and down my thighs, moving round to rub my ass cheeks with my rock hard dick throbbing and leaking as it pressed against his chest and then under his chin as he kept working his way lower.

Before he took my cock into his mouth he pushed me back until I had no choice but to sit down on my bed and spread my legs for him to crawl between. He opened his mouth and sucked my balls inside, one at a time, rolling them around on his tongue. Fuck! What had come over Kris? I don’t think he’d ever sucked me like this before, maybe he really was sorry. I wasn’t going to complain, his mouth felt great on my balls, I just needed him to hurry up and get to my cock.

Just when I thought he was going to start sucking my dick he started kissing back up my body until he was back at my mouth. He straddled my lap, trapping our hard cocks together as he moved in to make out with me again. I used my hands up caress the muscles in his back, reaching down to pull his hot ass closer to me.

He pulled back and looked me straight in the eyes. “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to get back down on your knees and suck my dick like a good bitch. Show me how sorry you really are.” I said, having no idea where the words were coming from.

Kris seemed to get off on that though because a huge smile lit up his face and with one last quick kiss he dropped back down to the floor, his head between my legs, and without any of the previous kind of foreplay he took my dick straight into his mouth, kissing the head, probing the slit with his tongue and lapping up the precum that was flowing like a faucet.

I looked down as Kris continued to bob up and down on my dick, using his lips and tongue to play with the tip, caress the shaft whether in or out of his mouth, occasionally dropping back down to suck on my balls while he used his hand to jerk me off.

His hands felt amazing on my cock, they were so strong and firm, knowing how to work me just right to make it feel so good. That was one of the main bonuses of fucking around with guys, they damn sure know what to do with a cock.

Kris kept working my dick, trying to deep throat it a couple of time but failing. I appreciated his enthusiasm but it would take time for him to get anywhere close to how good Matt’s mouth felt on my dick a few nights ago when I was sitting in pretty much the same position with my entire cock lodged in his throat.

“Yeah, suck my cock, Kris. Come on, show me how good you can suck me. Try to suck me better than that best friend of yours did the other night.” The words were just flowing off my tongue in my excitement.

Kris pulled his head off my cock. “Matt sucked your dick?” he asked, looking up at me with wide eyes.

“Hell yeah, he did. He was fucking Corey in here when you were being a douche and I got hard so I offered up my dick and he sucked it right down. Best fucking blow job I’ve ever had.”

“We’ll see about that,” Kris smiled, diving back down onto my cock.

Just thinking of what happened with Matt and Corey had me so turned on, my dick throbbing more than before. I wanted to cum so bad. I grabbed hold of Kris’ hair and started to thrust into his mouth, never pushing in too far because I wanted him to enjoy it too, but enough to really start fucking his face.

He smiled around my cock, just submitting as I stood up from the bed and gripped the back of his head with both hands, really starting to fuck my hard cock in and out of his mouth. Spit was starting to flow down his chin but I didn’t care, he deserved this for the way he acted.

I pulled my dick out of his mouth and he looked up at me, his mouth still open, questioning why I made him stop. I slapped my cock hard against his cheeks a few times and then shoved it back in, picking up the pace again as I fucked his hot mouth.

Looking down I was amazed to see that Kris was not only enjoying what was happening but he was so turned on his dick was rock hard and throbbing as he stroked it, precum dripping out of the tip, coating his hand for use as lube.

Oh man, I was close. I felt my balls start pulling up toward my body and was about to warn Kris that I was gonna blow but I figured it was supposed to be punishment for him and he was making up for acting like a complete tool, so I said nothing.

With a few more thrusts, I took his hair in my fist, held on tight, making sure he couldn’t pull back and started to fire shot after shot of my hot cum into his mouth. As my dick pulsed, I felt the cum collecting on his tongue as it still worked the head of my cock.

All of a sudden I felt something warm splashing against my feet and quickly looked down to see that Kris’ cock was shooting his load all over the floor, with a couple of drops of his cum landing on me.

I kept my dick in his mouth until he finally swallowed, drinking down my load. When I let go of his head I thought he would pull back but he didn’t, continuing to suck me, getting every drop of cum from my dick until I was the one who had to pull a smiling Kris off my cock.

“So,” he said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “Am I forgiven?”

“Fuck yes!” I said, falling back on my bed with a sigh. It didn’t take long before I was fast asleep, the amazing orgasm and the alcohol knocking me out.

I was groggy when I woke up the next morning and my head was a sore. I moved slightly and froze, feeling my arm wrapped around someone else’s body. My eyes were still adjusting to the morning light so instead of looking I ran my hand down the body in front of me to feel hard abs against my fingers instead of the soft, yet firm flesh of Andrea’s stomach I was used to. My eyes shot open.

I was lying in bed holding Kris in my arms. He was still fast asleep but he must have felt me moving because he moved too. When he did I felt his ass rub back against my cock and realised I was naked. I quickly lifted up the sheet to confirm that I had nothing on but more than that it also proved that neither did Kris. We weren’t just in bed together, we were naked in bed together. What the fuck happened?

Placing my hand on Kris’ shoulder I shook him until he woke up. He turned over and smiled at me before his eyes went wide and he shot up out of bed.

“What the fuck?” he asked. “Were we in bed together?”

“Yeah… and, erm… look at us” I said, throwing off the sheet that still covered me.

“Fuck! What did we do?”

“I have no idea. I remember you sucking my dick but nothing after that.”

“Shit… I don’t remember anything either.” Kris said, scratching his stomach. “I’m itchy as fuck.”

I took a closer look, “Erm, Kris…” I said, pointing to white marks between his abs.

He looked closer himself. “Shit! I’ve got dried cum all over me.”

“Well don’t blame me, you swallowed my load.”

“Yeah but I jerked off while I was blowing you. I came all over the floor, it didn’t go anywhere near my abs.”

“You must have cum again later then,” I said.

“When we were in bed together?”

“I don’t know,” I said, getting up from the bed.

We both looked down at the sheet on my bed and sure enough it was covered with dried cum.

“Did we fuck?” Kris asked, bending over slightly to look at the sheet, giving me a good look at his back and ass.

“I don’t know but I’m guess that’s my cum all up your back.”

“WHAT?!” Kris screamed, running to the mirror on Corey’s desk trying to look at his own back. “Did you fuck me?”

“Does it feel like I fucked you?” I asked, knowing that I sure as hell felt Kris’ cock for a while after the last time he fucked me in the shower.

“No,” he said. “Fuck, I don’t know! I don’t remember a thing!”

“Neither do I.”

“Look,” Kris said, “if it happened, it happened, but I don’t think it did. Either way I’m gonna go shower and wash this cum off me before anyone notices.”

With that Kris headed out of my room and never came back. I heard the shower running and after it stopped I heard him going to the living area and switching on the TV. I just lay down on my soiled bed, knowing I would have to change the sheets later, but I couldn’t remember a thing after Kris sucked my dick. Did we really fuck or did we just jack off and fall asleep in the same bed? Unless either of us could remember, I guess we’ll never know.



I was just sitting around in our room naked after a great game, which we easily won. Rooming with Matt, Kris and Colt was great. I had showered to wash all the sweat off me but then I could just walk around naked to dry off. It felt so natural and so cool. Nothing was ever said about any of us being naked, even if Matt and I did have to try our best at times to keep our cocks from growing rock hard at the sight of Kris and Colt’s hot bodies.

Colt had just gone out the door and Matt was in his room on the phone. I didn’t know who he was talking to but his door was open enough for Kris and me to hear him talking. When there was a knock at the door, Kris looked at me and winked. He called out that the door was unlocked and slowly it opened with Toni popping her head into the room, her eyes almost popped out of her head seeing us sitting around naked and not caring that she saw us.

Toni was almost reluctant to come in, her eyes studied mine and Kris’ hot bodies, travelling down until they lingered at our cocks. Neither of us had anything to be ashamed of so we just sat back and relaxed.

Kris was being his usual self, totally flirting with Toni but she was firing back the lines at him just as bad. She asked if we were trying to seduce her to which Kris motioned to his cock and said, “If I was trying you’d be on this couch right now getting ready to sit on this.”

I almost choked at how brazen Kris was, he really didn’t care, he was just so open. It wouldn’t have surprised me if he did actually just fuck a girl with me sitting next to him, hell, he might even want me to join in with how things have been going with him recently.

Toni was quickly getting flustered and went to get Matt for their study session. They came out and talked to us briefly with Kris still talking like he was before. I was trying not to laugh while Matt looked shocked and disgusted and quickly ushered her out of the room.

“Damn, did you see the way Toni was looking at us, bro?” Kris smiled, turning to me.

“Yeah, but then it’s not surprising really with your hot ass sitting around naked.” I replied.

“Speak for yourself,” Kris said. “She couldn’t take her eyes of this thick piece of meat.”

Kris reached across and started fondling my cock, which instantly started responding in his hand.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “I don’t think this is a good idea, Kris.”

“I want to apologise to you,” Kris said, stroking my dick as it grew harder. I wanted to push his hand away but it was starting to feel so good.

“You want to apologise so you want to jerk me off?” I asked, really starting to enjoy his strong hand on my cock.

“No,” Kris said, moving on the sofa so he was straddling my waist, his own dick was hard and pushing against my abs as mine slid up between his ass cheeks. “I spat in your face, Corey. I need to do way more than just jerk you off to make up for that.”

I gasped and threw my head back as Kris started moving his hips so my cock was running up and down the length of his crack. I was panting and was almost out of breath with my dick so close to Kris’ hole. Surely he wasn’t going to just sit down on it and let me fuck him?

He continued to grind his ass against my throbbing cock, which was leaking precum all over his ass, as he bent down putting his lips to mine and we made out like mad. I was so close to telling him to stop, that it wasn’t right without Matt around, but if Matt hadn’t already had his chance to get Kris alone I had no doubt he soon would, so I was just going to enjoy this.

When Kris finally lifted his ass up I held my breath, waiting to feel his tight hole on my cock, but instead of letting my dick push inside him he moved and started kissing down my body, electricity shooting up my spine as his hot lips worshipped my chiselled pecs and rock hard abs.

“Fuck, Corey,” Kris breathed, blowing hot air onto my cock. “You are so fucking hot! Such an amazing body and such a fat cock…”

Before I could move Kris moved even lower and started licking my shaft. My whole body shuddered, feeling his mouth on my dick. Kris was so fucking hot and seeing him on all fours on our sofa with my hard cock in his mouth was just the icing on the cake.

As he started to work my thick cock with his lips, taking a little time to adjust to its girth, I ran my hand down his muscular back, down to his hot ass. I teased his hole with my finger, without ever pushing in, causing him to moan around my cock, heightening my pleasure. Man, I would have loved to have fucked Kris’ hot ass, but if I had to settle for his mouth, then it was a second prize I was very happy with.

Kris used his lips and tongue to work the head of my dick. He was doing his best to keep his teeth covered with his lips, which was something I was glad he learned from however many times he’s sucked Colt’s dick. He couldn’t take that much of my cock into my mouth, but then Matt couldn’t at first either. It might only be six and a half inches long but its thickness was a challenge to some people without scraping it with their teeth.

For a supposed straight guy, even if he admitted he was bi now, Kris could really suck a dick. His tongue swirled around the head of my dick, tickled the glands, ran up and down the shaft that was in his mouth and lapped at my slit, tasting my precum.

He started to use one of his hands to rub my abs and my balls, holding himself up on his elbows as he jacked the bit of my dick that wasn’t in his mouth with the other.

Bobbing up and down, building up speed until he was almost fucking his head on to my dick, Kris started wiggling his ass in the air, catching my attention and driving me wild as he continued his assault on my cock.

Kris pulled my dick out of his mouth a couple of times and slapped it against his face. That was so hot. He’d suck it back into his mouth for a minute, work it with his lips and tongue before moving his mouth to kiss my abs and suck my nipples and then return back to my cock.

I had to grab onto the arm of the sofa, gripping it in my fist and biting my bottom lip to stop me from screaming. Damn! Kris was really working my cock good. I felt my balls start to throb and knew it wouldn’t be long before I exploded.

I started to thrust up ever so slightly, pushing my ass off the sofa, sinking my cock further into Kris’ mouth. Suddenly Kris pulled off my dick and used a finger to wipe the spit from his chin. He gave me a really mischievous smile as he dove back onto my cock.

Again I started soft thrusts up into his mouth, trying to get him to suck me harder and faster so I could cum. As I continued to lift my ass off the sofa I felt him slip a hand under me and then as I pulled my dick back out of his mouth he slid the spit lubed finger inside me and started fucking my hole with it as he continued to suck my cock.

I couldn’t believe how hot this situation was and how good Kris was working me over, both my ass and cock were sending shockwaves of pleasure running through my body and when he hit my spot with his finger I screamed out, arched my back and Kris barely had time to get his mouth off my cock before I was firing a huge load all over my abs.

I was panting hard as I finally started coming down from my orgasm, with Kris still stroking my cock, trying to milk every drop of cum out of my balls. When he let go, he got back up and straddled my waist again, rotating his hips like he did before, grinding against my softening dick as he grabbed his cock and with just a few jerks came all over my stomach.

He fell off me onto the sofa and started to giggle seeing our cum pooling between my abs and filling up my belly button. I ran my finger through it and slipped it into my mouth, moaning as I tasted us.

Kris had a curious look on his face so I ran my finger through the cum again and held it out in front of his face. After a brief moment of hesitation Kris leaned in and took my finger into his mouth, sucking it like he had my cock, licking the cum off it and tasting our special mixture.

He crawled across the sofa to kiss me. We made out for a few minutes before I started to feel the cum drying on my body, so reluctantly I pushed him back.

“How was that?” he asked.

“Fucking amazing!” I said. “You sure know how to suck dick.”

He had the biggest smile on his face. “So all is forgiven then?”

“Oh hell, yes!” I said. “Now I need a shower to wash this off me.”

“Yeah? Mind if I join you?” he said.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was up to but shook my head saying I didn’t mind. We went into the bathroom and showered together. We washed each other’s bodies, playing with each other’s cock, but not enough to get them hard and we continued to make out. He really was a hot guy.

I felt a bit guilty, but Kris assured me he was making up to us all in the same way so I knew Matt would get his turn with Kris’ hot mouth and relaxed, enjoying the warm water running over my muscles and the strong hands helping to wash the cum off my body. If this was how Kris apologised after a fight, maybe him blowing up on us wasn’t such a bad thing after all…


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