Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe?, Chapter 2

**This is a fantasy story written by another reader/fan, TMitch.  Hope you enjoy what he was written for you.**

During my shower, my mind was in overdrive. Racing with thoughts of Dontay and the confession from Colt about his feelings for me.

I was in the shower a very long time, maybe longer than I have ever been. It was too the point that the hot shower water began to turn cold.

As I exited the shower, in a way I normally do not with a towel wrapped around my waist because I did not want to further entice Colt by walking around naked. I realized that I have found someone that I have fallen for and the feeling is great.  However, I do realize that I’m hurting Colt to his core.

As I walked out of the bathroom, there was no one in the dorm suite. Corey, Matt, and Colt were nowhere to be found. I guess I was in the shower a long time.

As I was getting myself together after my shower I put on a nice t-shirt and sweatpants to lounge in when I heard my cell phone ringing. I had an idea who it could have been since I did not recognize the number.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hey, how you doing Kris?” a familiar voice said.

“What’s up, Dontay? I’m doing good, missing you already. And you?” I said.

“Same. What are you doing now?” He said.

“Flipping through the channels. Relaxing.” I responded.

“I was wondering, what are you doing tonight?” He replied.

“I didn’t have any plans for tonight, but from the sexiness in your voice I can tell I do now.” I said in a seductive way.

He responded by saying, “Cool. I like the way you put it. How about I come get you at eight. Dinner and some club fun. Nice?”

‘Yeah, that’s sounds great.” I responded.
“Alright, see you baby.” He said.
“Wait, do you need to know where I live.” I said catching him before he hung up.
“You live down the hall from Scott right?” He said.
I said, “Yeah.”
“Well, I know where you live.” He said.

We hung up the phone at the same time. I was beaming so hard. I began jumping up and down on the couch. I was laughing and everything else imaginable. I cannot believe I was feeling this way over a guy. I was wondering if this was destiny and if Nathan sent him to me in a spiritual sense.

I shock my head and called my mom. Before I could say hello I got the third degree immediately. From her tone of voice, I could tell Matt may have exaggerated the situation because he was so worried. After my mother finished her questioning, I finally was able begin to tell my mother about why I was out late last night. Well, not the whole reason.

I asked her, “How ok were you about Nathan and his sexuality?”

My mom responded, “I was fine. I accepted him because he was my son. Why do you want to know.”

I sighed deeply and was hesitant to respond honestly or may up a reason for my question. But I answered honestly anyway.  “Mom, the reason for my question is that I’m bisexual…”

My mom quickly responded with a sign of relief in her voice saying, “Ok.”

“Also, mom I met somebody last night, a guy. It was Matt’s idea to explore another lifestyle. Um, I actually fell in love with this person. It seem like it was destiny.”

My mom responded with, “Destiny like maybe Nathan sent this person to you? Well, I tell you that I’m relieved that you found someone. I was beginning to worry that you will be alone for the rest of your life and only having Matt and your other friends around you.”

I responded with, “Thanks mom, I think.”

She said, “There’s no I think. I am really happy for you and I can tell in your voice that you are happy, seemingly happier than you have ever been.”
I said, “I am mom, I really am. And what you said about Nathan, I think so too.”
My mom said, “I love you, son.”
I said, “I love you too. And you can tell dad if you want to.”
My mom said, “No need. Your dad brought up when you told you have engaged in sexual intercourse with Matt and Colt and your other friends. He said that you might be bisexual or gay. He seemed so relieved for some reason.”
I chuckled and said, “I love you mom.”
She said, “Aww, bye son.”

I hung up the phone. Then the door opened with Colt walking through it.
I said, “Hey, Colt. Where you been keeping yourself?”

He responded harshly, “Why do you care? Why aren’t you with the love of your life or what you call him?”

I said standing up, “He is not the love of my life and since you seem to care we have a date later on. Soon actually.”

Colt said, “Oh really, but you do love him right?”

I said, “Yeah, I do love him. It seemed like destiny for some reason.”

Colt said in a self-righteous way, “Oh destiny huh.” He said walking up behind me while I was looking in the closet for something to wear.

He continued on by saying, “Does he kiss you like this?” He said while turning me around. He kissed me.

While loving the way Colt was kissing it just did not compare to that of Dontay. I responded by saying. “He kisses me better.”

When I said that, I could see the disappointment I his face. I said, “Colt, I’m sorry for saying it like that.” I said as he was walking away from me with one hand in his pocket.

Colt said, “Oh really.”
I said, “Yeah, I’m sorry. I mean this has all been a whirlwind. Not even twenty-four hours, but it happened.”

Colt said turning around, “Kris, man do you remember any of the things we’ve done? We’ve made love… more than once. During a time when we thought it was just for fun. You fell for me first, now you’re telling me it’s different now?”

I said walking up to him, “I still love you, Colt… like a brother, my best friend, but things have changed I’m with someone else now.”

Colt said in an evil way, “We’ll see about that!”

He walked away.  I stood standing there speechless and a little worried for Colt.  I made my way back to the closet when I heard the door opening with laughter and Matt, Corey, and Scott entering.

Matt said, “Hey, Kris. Are you ok?”

Corey said, “Colt told me about your “experience” and I told Matt.”
I said, “Colt sure doesn’t hold it in does he?”

Matt said, “He’s hurt. Well, I’m going in my room to study. Come on Corey.”

Corey responded to Matt, ‘There you go bossing my around again.”

Their arguing began to descend into the room. Scott stayed in the room. I could tell he did not know what Corey, Matt, and I was talking about. He stated, “Um, I got an email from a guy that is in a couple of my classes and he asked me what room number was Kris’s. I was hesitant to tell him because I barely knew only did a hand full of group projects with him, but he said he knew you in a very personal way so I did. How do you know Dontay Matthews?”

I responded with a huge smile on my face. “Scott, you’re not going to believe this but I seeing him. I mean really seeing him.”

He responded in shocking manner, “You mean like boyfriend/boyfriend?”

I said, “Not officially, we haven’t had the talk yet but yeah you can say that.”

Scott said cheerfully, “Are you gay Kris?”

I said, “I’m bisexual and he is too. He likes both guys and girls fifty-fifty and I’m maybe 60 percent girls and 40 percent guys, but Scott I’m in love.”

Scott said, “I can tell. But wait, wait, wait a minute what about Colt?”

“There another one of my new found problems. This is hurting him but I don’t feel the same any more and now he wants to be with me. He broke up with his girlfriend.”
Scott said shocked once more, “Really? Wow,  and all this shit happens right down the hall from me?”

I sighed.

Scott said, “I wish you the best.”

“Thanks” I said.

Scott went into the room Matt and Corey were in with Matt coming out.

Matt said. “Does Scott know now?”

“Yeah, he does Matt”, I said in an irritating voice.

Matt said, “Kris are you sure about this guy. I mean you don’t even know him and you say you’re in love.”

I said, “He loves me too. I can feel it and he can too.”

Matt said, “Kris, I believe you. This situation is too convenient. But what about Colt? He loves you. He realizes it now.”

I said, “Well, from my recollection the fucker is too late for that. When I brought up to him not too long ago he shut me down. Made me more confused than ever.”

Matt said, “But Kris…”

I said cutting Matt off, “Shit, Matt can you just be there for me. Damn I am always there for you since I met your ass.”
Matt said, “Ok damn. Forget I said anything. I just want you to know a great friend of ours is hurting bad and I don’t know how serious this could get.”

I said, “Matt stop worrying, damn.”

Matt said leaving, “Ok, I’m done.”

I responded, “Fine”

I continued to get ready for my date with my hot new lover. I refreshed with a 2 minute exactly shower and got dressed. It was now 7:58 and I was looking in the mirror and I seen Colt giving me looks that will kill in the reflection of the mirror and he was out of the dorm suite.

At 8:10, I get a knock on the door. I open and it is Dontay Matthews looking hot. He was wearing a form fitting white button down with the his muscular chest somewhat showing with the sleeves rolled up and a the Pisces symbol on his arm.

Believe it or not, we knew each other’s birthdays and hometowns
in the short time we spent together yesterday afternoon.

He was wearing black jeans that were not tight or too big with a nice leather bomber that was half way zipped with a Polo beanie skullcap.

I was dressed similar only my button down was not form fitting and my jeans were blue and shirt had blue pinstripes. I told Matt I was leaving although through his response I could tell he really didn’t care.

Dontay asked me if everything was ok and I told him that all was great now that I saw him. He blushed but still maintaining his confidence that made him even hotter.

He Benz was waiting in the parking lot we hopped in. He turned on the radio and a song that I grew to like was playing, an R&B song called “I Invented Sex” by Trey Songz was playing. I chuckled.

Dontay asked me what was funny. I told him that when I saw him at the dance club that he reminded me of the guy.

He blushed again and said, “I look like Trey Songz to you?”

I said, “Even better and a better body.”

“Thanks babe” He said while giving me a kiss since we were at a red light.

We made our way into the restaurants’ parking lot and inside the building. It was also a college atmosphere with the occasional other people.

We had normal date talk. Favorite color, movie, music, things of that nature.

After we finished dinner and our conversation, which was the best. He suggested we go to a college dance club in the city.

If this was someone else I had just met, I would not go. But this I feel so safe with him and he even said during dinner that he feel so safe with me. Destiny at its best.

We arrived at the college dance club. It was not the usual college dance club it was a dance club that had straight couple and gay couples. He said this was ideal so no jerks can bother anyone. It was the best.

No techno type shit was being played. Just top 40 Pop and R&B and Hip-Hop dance songs were played. We had a ball.

The night was beginning to end. Although it was Sunday the following Monday had classes canceled because of some President’s Day event that will go into Tuesday, so there was no worry in getting wasted and having to go to class Monday. College town made a big deal over political holidays. Everything stayed opened later than usual on this Sunday.

It was after 1:00 and he whispered in my ear after a long night of dancing and more drinking if I wanted to go back to my place. I said let me check.

I knew that Matt, Corey and the others were going to be out until Monday evening because o this President’s Day event but I wanted to check.

I went into the bathroom and I say two guys and girl having a threesome in the back part of the bathroom. But they weren’t too loud because they did not want to get caught obviously.

I called Matt and got through. He said that he and Corey was not going to be in the room because Ted and Luke suggested they all put up some money and get some cheap hotel rooms with dates to be away from the events of President’s Day. Matt reminded me of it.

I said, “Great, thanks Matt.” He responded with a dry bye and said Colt is staying in a friends’ dorm so he won’t be there either.
I could tell Matt is upset about my situation with Colt but I know he will come around.

I told Dontay that everything was on board for place and we got our outerwear and headed back to my dorm.

When we arrived at my dorm, he complimented me on the cleanliness of my dorm. I told him that I could not take the credit for it and said the my best friend Matt is the sole reason the tidiness of the dorm.

I said, “You want to sit?”

He said, “Sure, baby. Are you going to offer me a beer or something?”

I Said, “Oh, I would but we both are a little, almost over the edge, you think?”

He said smoothly, “Not really you’re speaking coherently and so am I. We’re not falling over places. We’re good.”

I said, “Well, a beer won’t hurt.”

I sat down.
He asked, “So where are you from?”

I said, “Some miles, driving distance though. Not long though just outside of Dallas. You?”

He said, “I’m from Southfield, Michigan”

I said, “Wow, all the way up there, huh? By way of Detroit right?”

He said, “Yeah, how did you figure it out?”

I said, “I have some family in Livonia, Michigan and when I visited a few summers ago they took me to the city they’re in their mid-20’s now.”

He said, “Cool, real cool”

Our conversation got to our sexual partners thus far. I told him mine and he told me his. With the fact that he says he is bisexual fifty-fifty, he has only be with two men not including me and more women and have only been in one gay relationship.

Our conversation went into almost 3:00 in the morning. He asked me if I was getting sleepy I said no and he said the same when I asked.
I moved closer to him as the force led me to do and kissed him. He kissed me back. Our kissing began to get more intense. I stop during our 3 minute non-stop kiss and took his and led him to my bedroom. We continued to stand and kiss. Moving our heads around about with his hand on the back of my neck.

His kissing reminded me of some of the black gay porn I recently began viewing. Very seductive.

During our make out session, we began taking each other’s button downs off revealing each other’s muscular chests.

As our kissing had gotten more intense I started kissing down his chest onto his hard abs and then going to my knees and undoing his belt and letting his pants fall. He was wearing tight, short boxer briefs similar to the night before only these were black and the others’ were blue.

His huge dick was semi hard, but you can see it rising before your eyes. I took it in my mouth with no hands and bobbed my head up and down with no problem.

As I was doing so, I was fingering my asshole and playing with his balls.

I was going to town on his cock as mine was hard a brick on a brand new house. I made sure that the cock was wet. I realized to myself that I sucked Dontay’s dick better than I did Colt and Corey and Matt.

I was in heaven and I was moan right alone with my moaner of a lover. He loves to moan. I am glad that dorm rooms are sound proof because the whole floor would hear him scream. I loved it.

I sucked him dry, meaning I sucked his cock until he came in mouth and I swallowed his seed. He pulled me up to kiss me and I fed him some of the cum left in my mouth.

He moaned again.

I pushed him onto the bed and jumped on top of him. We continued to kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss. Very passionately though.

I then moved to his nipples once again. I loved his nipples as much as I loved his cock. They were huge like a woman’s. Something else I loved.

As we were making out he was singing my ear during the time I was kissing his neck the lyrics to the song by Trey Songz.

He said, “When I get you to the crib, upstairs to the bed, boy, you gon’, boy you gon’ think, you gon’ think I invented sex.”

I couldn’t do anything else but laugh, but not in a teasing way, I loved the vocal challenge he gave.

I got up and said, “Are you ready on this ass?”

While saying so, I tuned around and jingled each cheek at the bottom with the corresponding hands.

He said, “I want you baby, I want you bad.”

I said seductively, “You got me.”

I walked to Matt’s room and got his lube and found a condom.

I went back into my room and applied the lube on my ass seductively and sexy and threw him the condom.

He threw it back to me.

I said, “Here’s the condom.” And gave it back.

He laid it next to him and said, “I wanna feel you without a rubber. You trust me don’t you?”

It took a second to respond as I heard a sincere voice in my head that sounded like Nathan saying, “Go ahead, it’s for real.”

I said, “Of course I do baby.”

I walked over to him and applied lubed to his cock.

I said, “I cannot wait to fuck you.”

He put his finger on my closed lips and said, “Make love to you.”

I said, “Make love to you.”

I we moaned after I spoke with no stimulation just yet.

I rubbed the lube in and aligned my asshole with his dick. I sat down surprising easy on his.

We both moaned loudly. As we fucked.

The lovemaking session was very passionate. Seemingly more passionate than Matt and Corey’s love making.

I bounced up and down and round and round his dick. We both moaned and kissed constantly through the love making session.

During this passionate time I said, “I love you. I love you.”

He said it back three times with emphasis on the “you” the third time.

He then moved me off his dick and moved me on my side on the floor, moving from the bed. He fucked sideways and kissed most of the time in this position. We continued on as my cock got hard and started to jerk as he hit a spot that took Colt a couple of fuck session to find, I cam on the spot.

I screamed almost as loud as he would, “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING.”

The cum I was shooting landed in various places in the room as I could he it fly. It was so hot.

And Dontay told me so in  a seductive, sexy, breathless way.

He said, “I’m close baby. Were do you want it?”

I said while moaning with each word, “I want it inside me Dontay. Breed me Dontay.”

I moaned louder in the last phrase I spoke.

He screamed “I’m cumming” in the same manner as me or even louder if possible.

I could feel his cum inside me. I now knew what heaven felt like.

As we cam down off of our climax and sexual high. We did not have the energy to make it to the bed seeing as how the time read 4:00 AM.
I grabbed my two pillows and comforter and moved them to the floor where we were, near the bed.

We fell asleep with me hold him in arms and cum dripping down my ass.
While drifting off to sleep after saying we loved each other. A thought ran through my mind. I wonder why I had no strain or after pain from getting fucked. Maybe this is destiny and he was sent from Nathan to be with me.

Everything so far was so gentle and not much pain. Nothing I couldn’t manage.  I kissed Dontay on his cheek, noticing he was already deeply sleep and I joined him.


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