Written by:  Heather/ Posted:  November 9, 2011

Andrea looked around the room as she and Colt came out of the bedroom and saw Kris and Corey sitting around in the altogether. She always had thought that Kris was really hot. Yes, she was in great passion with Colt but she wondered what it would feel like to have hot sex with Kris…his ready and willing and able cock in plain sight and she was thinking in her mind what it would be like as she relished in the feel of him heavy in her hands as she took him in her mouth and liked knowing her long fingers had nails painted to match her lipstick so he could see her bow lips surround him and being caressed by matching fingernails that hovered like butterfly wings before descending to stroke him in time to their shared heartbeats…

”Andrea,…Andrea….Andrea.are you in there?” asked Colt as he was snapping his fingers in front of her, she realized she had just had a day dream about Kris!

“Colt, I am fine, just had a moment where I was out of it…guess I really need more than your protein shake for breakfast,” she said with a naughty smile as they proceeded to walk out for breakfast with Colt’s arm guiding around her waist.  As they walked to the cafeteria for breakfast Colt was talking about the upcoming weekend trip to the game and since she was not going she could tune out and nod her head lost in her own reverie.

Andrea found herself thinking about Kris. She was thinking, it is not about a quest for control but to share in the pleasure of their union. She has never before felt unbridled passion that she was feeling with Kris. She imagines that after a pause they look deeply within each other's eyes to their souls that have melded in their vulnerability with each other.

She smiles.....catching her breathe she rises and gives him another hug. She gathers a warn wash cloth to tenderly soothe the heated skin as she cools down his body but also brings him back to a fevered pitch as she washes his manhood and herself provocatively in front of him...tracing the outlines of her body with her hands and then tracing the outlines of his body.

Nestling alongside she curls around him and holds him tightly, kissing him passionately, tongues entwined and breathing together. Taking both hands in hands and looking up at him, smiling, she starts to lower herself down his chest, with butterfly kisses, hovering along his treasure trail.  Another time she thinks, I need to have him in his black jock strap so I can remove it hands, her prize is near.

As she gets closer, she tightens her grip hand in hand and looking up at him brings her bow shaped lips to his pulsing manhood and in one movement engulfs it in her warm mouth, lips closing carefully, to suckle at her treat.  She wants him to enjoy this time before they are joined again.

She unclasps hands and takes him into her hands, softly stroking up and down and side to side alternating with nibbles and licks and then engulfing him again into her throat.  It has been a long long time since she has done this. It gives her pleasure as well as giving him pleasure. 

She feels him harden more and she asks how does he want relax and release in her mouth or be joined together...he has given her so much pleasure in his time with her, she wants it to be special for him too....there is time for both he says.  He reaches down and inserts his fingers into her very fiery core as she takes him again in her mouth as they both find mutual release and are transported to a different plane.  Still hard after his release he plunges his throbbing manhood into her moist velvet core again and rising above her, looking deeply into her eyes, they begin the dance again...Oops.. she has done it again, slipped into a reverie about Kris and Colt was expecting her to answer him..but what had he said?  Just then Toni came up to say hello so she did not have to answer. Saved again!

Sometime later, Andrea comes to the door of Colt’s room totally forgetting that Colt had told her he was going to the gym to work out and would not be able to study with her later that afternoon because she was lost in her reveries about fucking Kris.

The door to the suite is partly opened and she opens it to see Kris on the couch dozing off, sporting his erect cock confined in a jock strap..unusual for Kris who always goes around free balling.

Andrea closes and locks the door. She is drawn to that masculine body so cut and defined and drawn to Kris’ scent that arouses her. She wants whatever happens to be natural and flow from some connection…so she needs to awaken Kris and make him want to be with her as much as she wants to be with him. 

Her skin is soft and smooth like creamy silk; her hair shone with a healthy glow and her eyes aglow with a passion that simmers as she carefully nestles beside Kris and starts to kiss his cock.

Kris is having his own day dreams and thinks that he is making out prior to making love with Toni who had looked longingly at his cock the other day. So he reaches up to embrace her, not realizing in his lust and sleepy stupor that it is Andrea,  and he holds her snugly against his chest, nuzzling behind her ears as he tells her how pretty she looks.

No one has ever nuzzled behind her ear before. Colt is not into romantic gestures but more get to the point so to speak.  She has always wanted to know what it would feel like. He rubs her back gently in a soothing motion, again thinking it would be Toni, knowing that she would be skittish even thought she wants to have this connection.

In his mind, they had shared a nice dinner and got to know each other and then walked hand in hand before returning to the suite. Lost in her own reverie, Andrea thinks how good it feels to be in his arms.  He covers his hands in hers and looks her in the eyes and says, its time.

He does not give her time to be nervous but kisses her taking his tongue to trace open her lips before pressing his lips to hers.

She breathes in his scent…musk and male and a hint of cologne that she cannot place…uniquely Him. 

Lips to lips he kisses her and then his tongue traces again her bow shaped mouth and begins to explore hers as she touches her tongue to his stroking it and then suckling it like she will his throbbing manhood later.

She feels the ridges and taste buds of his tongue exploring the smooth lining of her cheek in motions to mimic how it will feel when he connects to her velvety core later when they provide joint oral pleasure with each other,

His hands stroke her hair and hers rise to stroke his as he presses her back into the suite’s front door. 

She can feel is arousal hard against her tummy, pressing into her core---sending that drawing feeling through her body in lust as she begins to moisten in readiness for him.

Kissing her deeply, He takes his hand and strokes her breast as he pulls her snugly against him.

Answering echoes of passion are evident as he hardens even more and begins to coat his member with precum; all noticed by her has she reaches to cup him tenderly through his jock strap.  She smiles at the treasure within.

Taking her hand and still joined in a kiss he walks her back toward the bed and sits down with her in his lap, covering her in an embrace…his arms move up and down hers and then traces down the outside of her leg and up the inside of her leg, kissing deeply all the while.

They breathe together, and she traces her tongue around his teeth in exploration before tangling with his in a dance of passion. Andrea notices the sounds of music that echo in the room as his kisses along her neck seemed to be timed to match the staccato beats. The scent of pleasing incense fills the room, joining with the musk of male and female arousal. 

The blinds are open with the lights of the stars twinkling in the background and the sounds of the music seem like water pulsating to foreshadow the sounds of them joined and moving together…in and out…long strokes and short strokes-as passion rises and falls.

Still sitting on his lap, she traces his face with her fingertips and softly runs her fingers through his hair and feathering lightly to his neck.

He resumes deeply kissing her as Kris starts to remove her clothes down to her lingerie and he still in his jock strap. She wondered why Kris had on a black leather zippered one and wondered about what she would do with that.

Deciding to do something different, Kris gets up and finds his and Matt’s unused bathrobes. Taking the bath robes, he dresses them both in them---his he puts on correctly, hers with the opening in the back and takes her to stand before the window looking at the glistening stars above.  He stands up close behind her and envelopes her in a snug hug…she fits him well, with her head tucking under his chin and his arousal, large and pulsing, confined in the jock strap.

With the back of her robe open, she can feel it seeking to gain freedom and she desires for it to slip between her legs….as he attempts to free himself, she turns into him and says ‘not yet’ so he uses his hands and fingers to arouse her to a fevered pitch and when he plunges his fingers into her core she trembles in release.

Limp against him he strokes her arms and nuzzles her neck and guides her to the bed. He kisses away her tears of joy and release and tastes the saltiness hoping that the bitterness of her past will be replaced by only sweetness of their union.

In his mind it is not the small twin bed. Kris and Andrea both imagine that the bed is huge, turned down with rose petals strewn about.  Two glasses of champagne await.

He lies down on the bed and pulls her to him to rest against his side…eyes locking they kiss and he begins to pull her on top of him.

His engorged member and her engorged labia touch through the lingerie and jock strap…bolts of electricity shot through them both. He removed her robe and cups her bra clad breasts in his hands and starts to remove her bra.

She smiles and says…let me…slowly opening his robe. She traces butterfly kisses along his mouth and neck stopping to suckle at each nipple and lightly trailing her fingertips and nails on his chest…the hairs on his chest crackle with electricity--- as she continues to place butterfly kisses down his treasure trail. 

She slides her soft creamy white legs up and down his in a sensuous manner and then continues her slide down his body until she reaches the jock strap.  Her hands are clasped in his holding tight.

She nuzzles his package…her treasure and kisses around him, inhaling deeply of his scent.  Her talented and muscled tongue grips the zipper ring of the jock strap and slowly, slowly pulls the zipper open.

At the halfway mark, she takes her tongue and teeth and begins to separate the halves of the jock strap…laving and licking and kisses his swollen shaft. 

Still holding his hands tightly, and again with her tongue, she grasps the zipper pull to pull a little more down, stopping to nibble and kiss his throbbing member until finally the last pull on the zipper frees his cock and with one move she opens her bow shaped lips and takes him into her mouth and deep into her throat.   He arches his back for fuller penetration signing with joy at this woman who excites him as much as he excites her. 

She looks up at him, eyes smiling, her bow shaped mouth filled with her treasure and lets go of his hands as she begins to give loving to that part of him that soon will join her to him.

Eyes unfocused, he sees her smiling up at him and he takes his hands and tenderly caresses her face and hair, letting her be in control of the depth and penetration and just enjoying the feeling of her suckling and touching him. 

This time, he does not want to release too early and takes his fingers and tracing her mouth wrapped closely around him, breaks the suction and lifts her up to him.

Kissing her deeply he tastes himself on her tongue. How erotic and arousing. He was glad he had been drinking pineapple juice and watching his diet so that he would be sweet and less acrid.  He and she are both knowledgeable as she has been watching her diet as well….the internet is a wonderful place to learn.

He positions her so he can rub his throbbing member near her core…she is still not finished with him…she had wanted to touch him more, but realizes it is time to see where he wants to go in his passion.

He cradles himself over her half lying on her and begins to trace a path down her body with his hands, removing her lingerie.  He notices how her nail polish on her fingers and toes matches her bra and panties. He sees that her stockings are really  to the knee and have bow ties that he unties with is teeth …as he unties the bows with his teeth and removes them slowly with his mouth down her leg, kissing and stroking her leg up and down and lightly grazing her core.

She is breathing and watching and feeling, eyes opening and closing, looking at him so intently focused on her joy.   She reaches for him and he says not yet. Stockings off, he next nudges down her panties…low cut to match her bra with little bows…silky to the touch as he next removes them as he covers her body with his…he reaches behind her back and removes her bra.

Naked, beneath him, his throbbing member near her core, he suckles first her right breast and then her left breast and touches her tenderly.

He begins a slow slide down her body touching and arousing her until he reaches her very core.  She is waxed he notices…almost bare..half brazilian.  She has a trail of butterfly tattoos..and he kisses down the butterflies to taste her nectar.

She looks at him and shifts to turn to take him into her mouth so that they can both enjoy…he says not yet and begins to lavish her inner core with attention….echoing his earlier kiss and tracing of her check to trace the very core of her.

Her senses are in overdrive. She is feeling and just relaxing in with the lust and the passion. She explodes again and again like before at the window when her senses are aroused by lips and tongue and fingers.

OMG..she has not even felt the very essence of his  throbbing member that she has seen and wanted for so long..only imagined it..what will that feel and be like.,and she has already fired off.. She will have to wait, as he has other seductive ideas for her. He has patience and he also has a quick recharge and he has stamina…as they are both lost in their passion and as Kris was moving his hard cock up and down her wet and ready velvet channel, poised at its entrance, they are interrupted by a knocking at the is locked from the inside and no one can get inside...Kris looks up from his groggy stupor at the woman in his arms…what…not Toni but… shock  for an instant he looks deep into her eyes and kisses her deeply and plunges deeply into her core just like she had imagined and devil be damned with those waiting outside they begin the age old journey to the stars. Entwined together and lost in each other’s shared passion they continue to ignore the pounding on the door. 

Meanwhile outside the door a crowd has gathered as Matt, Colt and Corey have returned from the gym with Scott in tow along with Toni.  They go to get Rick who has the master key and once the door is opened they call out to Kris wondering where he is and why the door was locked and the bedroom door is closed to the room that Matt shares with Kris.

As the crew gets their dip and beers and snacks and arrange themselves around the living room, Matt opens up the door to his room and recovering from his shock at seeing Kris and Andrea going at it, tells the guys that Kris is asleep. 

Matt sees Kris and Andrea in the throes of deep release and shuts the door and runs over to them and covers then with the bedspread to muffle their cries of joy.  Shocked at the disruption they gasp as if doused with cold water and peek out at Matt from underneath the covers.

Kris says to Matt “What the fuck are you doing?”

“Bro, Colt is out in the living room with Corey, Scott, and Toni while you’re in here with Andrea,” Matt replies in a brief state of shock that Kris would betray his friend. He does not know how they are going to get out of this without Colt knowing what was going one.

Andrea and Kris look at each other and suggest that it might be hot for Colt to join them…..with that Matt goes out and leaves the lovers alone to come what may.


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