Two days later I was back at Dr. Roark’s office. He wanted to discuss my feelings after Wednesday’s revelations. Each revelation shook me. That night I went back to dorms and I had to think about it all.

“So Kris, how are you doing with these new insights?”

“Honestly, doc. It was a lot to take in. How do I change? How do become better person?”

“My suggestion is simple… Do one of three things: One; Workout whenever you feel the urge to hit somebody. Two; Open up and discuss your frustrations and emotions to Matt, Corey or Colt instead of getting angry. Three; Breathe.”

“I’ll try that.”

“As for Colt, this may be an awkward suggestion but just slow down and take things one step at a time. That is all I can suggest. Maybe rooming together can test your relationship. See if you can live together, and not fool around, just being friends. It may show you another side of Colt that might turn you off or it could confirm everything.”

“That could work. But it would be a real commitment.”

“Maybe… I know you will pull through, Kris, you’re a strong willed young man.”

We talked about making other changes in my life and ended on high note with me cracking some jokes and returning to my old self. As I left his office I was set to go workout, but as I walking back to my suite Rick and that new guy Joe were talking.

“What’s up, Kris?” Joe said starting a fist bump. “Where are you off too?”

“I was going to work out.”

“You are developing a little beer belly, I can see that.” We all laughed and I invited them to join me. Rick made me promise to join the family for dinner. During the car ride, Joe told me about his family.

“I have four sisters and a mother.”

“That must be nice having a large family.”

“Yeah, but it was bitch trying to get a free bathroom growing up. Let alone being careful where I jerked off.”

“I can imagine…” I said, laughing at his humor. “Where’s your father?”

“My Dad died when I was really young, I never really knew him.”

“My friends and I could probably relate. I lost my brother when I was 13 and my friend never knew his father.”

“It is hard sometimes.”

“How do you handle it?”

“I tell bad jokes,” He laughed, not really sure if he was serious or not. 

“You’re very funny, unlike your roommate.” I commented

“He was just dropped on his head when he was kid and the doctor couldn’t remove the stick up his ass. Antonio is a nice guy when you get over his quirks.”

“If you say so…” I said unbelievingly.

We worked out. It was nice to be with someone who was as funny as I was. He tried to play some pranks on me but because I knew Matt, the master of pranks, so well, I was prepared for most of them. As we were leaving I noticed an eleven year old kid trying to lift some weights. I looked around and there seemed to be no one with him.

I bid Joe a goodbye and went over to the young guy.

“Hey, buddy, do you need some help?”

He turned and looked at me with bright green eyes and a smile on his face. I was taken aback by his smile.

“You’re Kris, aren’t you? My best friend couldn’t stop talking about you. I’m Aaron.”

I didn’t know what to make of this. “Who’s your best friend?”

“Mike Sawyer. He goes to all the football games to see you.”

“Yeah, he is my best buddy. Aaron, are you here alone?”

“Nah, my brother is just changing into his workout clothes, he made me come here.” Just then an older guy who looked to be in his freshman year walked up and joined us, he looked rather normal with a little acne on his face with short brown hair.

“Aaron, I hope you weren’t causing any trouble.”

“No, we’re just…”

“Charlie, this is Kris! You know, Mike’s football buddy.”

We shook hands. “Sorry about this, Aaron has always been easily excitable.”

I rubbed Aaron’s head. “Nah, he’s alright. If you want I can watch him while you take care of your workout.”

“I’m sure you’ve got things to do, Kris.”

“No, it’s alright. I can teach him a few things.”

Charlie agreed and went off to join his friends, as me and Aaron did some stretching. Then he wanted to see me go up the climbing wall. After scaled the wall, Charlie was waiting for us.

“You’re a great climber, Kris.”  Aaron said.

“Thanks buddy.” I gave him a hug and looked at my watch, realizing I was little late for dinner. I waved them goodbye and noticed when I left the changing room that Derek was waiting for me.

“What you doing here?” I asked.

“Rick told me you were coming here. I thought I’d give you a lift. I had to get something Samuel forgot anyways.”

“That’s fucking sweet.”

In the car we talked about nothing important until I asked about his plans for this year.

“Honestly, Samuel and I were discussing that very thing last night.”

“And?” I asked, intrigued.

“He wants to go with me as I go exploring, looking for people to help.”

“You mean like you did during my first year here?”

He nodded, “I met so many interesting people and I really enjoyed it, but we both missed each other too much.”

“If you go, who is going to run the Rec Center?”

“Well Trey is the co-manager so he will just take over running the whole thing, but they are looking to hire some new staff when the new semester starts. You interested?”

“Fuck yeah!” I said, so excited.

“Well just ask Corey to keep you posted on when the openings become available,” he said smiling.

We arrived while Rick and his girlfriend Kathy were there, smiling. Samuel was cooking a great meal and we sat around eating with Rick and Kathy. A little later Rick asked me outside while Derek and Samuel were enjoying each other’s company.

“I wanted to thank you,” Rick said.

“For what?”

“You kicked Derek out of the hospital and that lead him to us. I appreciate that.”

“He had a horrible life and I’m glad he found happiness.”

“Have you?” Rick asked sincerely.

“I think so” I said smiling.

He patted me on the back.

“Can you tell me some stories about your brother? Derek makes him sound so interesting”

“Nathan? Sure. One particular story actually comes to mind. I was thinking about it recently. When I was 11 or 12 Nathan was walking me home from school and I saw this beautiful girl. I watched her walking in the opposite direction and I was transfixed. That girl became my first love, Melissa, but yeah, I was so transfixed I stepped on a nail in the street. Nathan stopped and pulled the nail out of my foot and carried me home until Mom and Dad could take me to the hospital. He sat with me reading my favorite story.”

“I can see why Derek loved him.”

“It’s why I loved him too.”

Rick gave me ride home and I went to bed early for a change. I had one of my favorite fantasies that night. I was having a threesome with Amy and Sammi; it was hot, passionate and just pure raw sex. It was a magical experience. The scene shifted to a nice long chat with Nathan where he told me how proud he was of me and that he would be watching me continue to grow.

It was around 11am when I woke the next day. I decided to watch TV for a change, since most of my friends wouldn’t be back until late afternoon. I was sitting there naked watching an old movie I really liked when my phone rang. I was too lazy to get up, but the phone kept ringing. By the third call, I needed to see who it was.

“Hello?” The sound of Melissa’s voice filled my ears.

“What’s up?”

“Not much, haven’t heard from you in a while is all.”

“When you left I had lot of thinking to do and I didn’t want to call until I was sure.”

“Sure about what?” I asked perplexed.

“I want you back.”

“The sex was that good?”

She giggled, ‘No, Kris, since our night together I’ve been thinking about how much I missed you and really want to make a relationship with you work.”

“Won’t it be difficult with us being in two different locations?”

“Our love is stronger than that.”

I told her I would think about it and we had a lengthy chat about her new life back home and her Christmas with her family. I was getting really hungry so we said our goodbyes. I was just walking out the door when Antonio passed by, “An interesting look, but I suggest some clothes to cover up some of your imperfections.” I realized I forgot clothes.

Before I could respond to him, he chuckled and walked on. I went back and threw on pants, a t-shirt and my favorite hat that Ted gave me a few months ago, going out on campus to get something to eat. I didn’t really expect to find anyone there, but sitting together were Brennan and Scott. Scott called me over.

“What’s up y’all?” I said when I sat down.

“Not much, we both got back earlier today so we’re just hanging out,” Brennan commented.

“That’s sweet. My room is empty right now.”

“You must be going crazy without anybody to entertain.” Scott laughed.

I punched him playfully as Hayden walked by and Brennan asked him to join us. I thought it would be awkward with Scott’s old love and his new love in the same place. But, then I realized it was Scott, he’s friends with everyone.

“So, Scott, how was your vacation?” Smiling wickedly and Scott caught my meaning.

“Surprisingly good, I managed to have a lot more sex than I planned… and not just with Hayden.”

“Brennan?” I asked Scott.

“Nope, we are good friends still since we decided to see other people, but the sex is done.”

“He wouldn’t tell me either, Kris,” Brennan offered, and then he leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Did our time together help you decide what you are now?”

“It didn’t, but I had some time to reflect on it and I know whatever I am, be it bisexual or straight, I’m happy to be that,” I smiled, and then turned back to Scott and Hayden. “Are you guys are doing anything after lunch?”

“I think it’s little early to work out Kris,” Scott laughed.

“No, I need some help in my suite. I want to do some redecorating before the boys get back.”

With that we all left with Hayden and Scott holding hands and Brennan talking about the upcoming game next week. Two hours later the suite was changed. I offered the guys a beer but Hayden had to finish unpacking and Brennan had a date to get to. We said a quick goodbye and I decided clean up the fuck sofa to show the guys I can clean up after myself.

The first person to return was Corey. He looked so happy. I hugged him. “I guess by the smile on your face Matt gave you some loving this morning?”

“Actually no, Mom and Larry drove me here and they finally accepted me as their gay son. I thought when Larry was speaking on Parent’s day he was putting on show for everybody else. The time I was home we talked a lot. Mom still gets drunk though. This morning I was all set to drive myself back here, but Mom and Larry wouldn’t have it. We had a nice conversation and Mom said she loved how I turned out.”

I hugged him again and slapped him on the back. “I’m so happy for you, bro.” I took his bags to Matt’s room. He looked at me but I just smiled.

When I opened the door he was surprised to say the least. “I think it’s time you guys had your own room for a while. I moved all your stuff in here earlier and changed the sheets and everything for you.” 

I watched Corey looking around. He couldn’t take his eyes of the beds. I had pushed them together so they can have more room when they sleep.

“I really don’t know what to say…”

“Thank you?” I suggested.

“Thank you. Where did you move all your crap?”

I showed him to Colt’s room, Corey’s old room and my new room. Before, either of us could speak again I heard Matt’s voice say, “Anybody home?”

Before we left the bedroom I whispered to Corey, “You remember our thank you gift to Matt we talked about last month? We’ll do it tonight.” Corey nodded and we left to greet Matt.

Corey and I entered the living room and then Matt kissed his man with a long, passionate kiss. I kissed Matt hello on the lips too, just a quick one. “What took you so long?”

“You know Mom; she couldn’t let me leave without cooking a big breakfast and giving me her special cookies for the road. Last night was pretty weird though, Vince and VJ stayed the night. VJ and I were getting along quite well and decided to go see a movie. I went to go tell Mom, who I assumed was talking in her bedroom, when…”

“Fuck!” Corey yelled.

“You caught them…”

“Let us just say, I saw enough of Vince for a life time.” We laughed at Matt’s embarrassment.

Corey showed Matt their new room and they talked in there for a while. I assumed they were talking about whether they were ready for that commitment. I got up and joined them, “Do you like the new accommodations?”

“It’s really cool,” Matt said, sitting on the bed next to Corey.

“Now the question is will you be fucking every night?”

“Nope,” they both said.

“It’s time for us to take our relationship up a notch,” Matt said. “See if we can really live together.”

“Yeah,” agreed Corey, “We’re more concerned about you. We thought you and Colt in same room might confuse you, especially if you guys ever did anything.”

“Honestly, bros, I’m saner than ever. I was confused for a while, but now I know where I stand with Colt, and you guys…”

“That’s awesome,” Matt said. “But this would mean our nightly talks would end.”

“Not really, I was thinking about it a lot last night. If we need to speak about shit we can speak with Corey in room, or if need be I can kick him out. Besides, you and Corey need to start having your own nightly chats now.”

“Yeah, we can see how things work, plus I just realized with our own room Kris wouldn’t be coming in and ruining our sex life all the time.” Corey laughed.

“Fuck! I didn’t even think of that!” Kris laughed.

The front door opened with a bang and Colt yelled. “I’M HOME! WHERE ARE YOU FUCKERS?”

“We’re in here!” Matt called out before Colt joined us.

“Matt and Kris are sleeping together, now.” Colt asked, seeing the new layout with the beds pushed together.. “Are you okay with Corey?”

“What an idiot.” I said slapping him on his head. “Matt and Corey are going to be rooming together and we’re going to be in the other room.”

“That is fucking cool, but what about rooming with your best friend?”

“You’re one of my best friends now,” I smiled, “and if it doesn’t work out we can always switch back.

The three agreed with me so Colt and I went to my new room and I smiled as I watched Colt unpack.

“You okay bro?” he asked.

“Never better, you and Chase are getting along better I take it?”

“Actually we are, I always thought when he learned about our time together he would hate me, or worse, tell Dad. But lately we’ve been getting closer. He told me about his new girlfriend and there’s good chance he will be quarterback soon. Honestly, it was such a great break, not to mention Juan’s wedding… I see you’re fully conscious now?”

“I am!” I laughed, “That was some fuck!”

“One of the best,” Colt smiled.

“That’s really cool about you and Chase though, Colt. I want to tell you something not even Matt knows. I went to see a shrink to deal with some of the issues I’ve been having, most notably about our relationship. I really thought I was in love with you.”

“I felt a bit like that that when we made love over the break and when you opened up to me about your brother,” Colt said putting a shoulder around me. “Did he help you understand things better? I’m sure you know as much as I love you, I could never ever be IN love with you.”

“Yeah, basically I got confused mixing friendship with love. I pretty much know I will end up with a girl and hopefully a hot one!”

“Great! At least now we can bond better as brothers should.” With that, I told him about our little present for Matt. We left the living room and Corey and Matt were snuggled up naked on couch watching TV.

“What the fuck? I’m shocked you guys are wearing clothes.” Matt spoke up.

Colt and I didn’t need to be told twice we dropped our clothes and sat down next to the love birds. It was quite cramped on the couch but we didn’t mind. We sat in silence as the TV show ended. Matt looked at me and asked me if I was okay.

I got up and walked in front of the TV. “Guys I want to apologize for the way I treated you especially last semester, I was such a crap roommate. My temper has always been something that I’ve struggled with. Now I have discovered ways I can control it. I know I apologized before with blow jobs, I just want to say in words how much you each mean to me.”

I looked into Corey’s eyes, “You make Matt so happy and for that I could never thank you, but more than that, we’ve had some great times together, especially a few weeks ago.” I laughed at the memory. “Corey, you’re one my best friends and I don’t think anybody could make Matt as happy as you do.”

Turning to Colt, “Bro, we have known each other just a short time, but we have so much in common. The day I met you was one of the best moments of my life. You have been able to put up with my temper and craziness, but more importantly you’re able to help in ways and connect with me in ways that Matt can’t.”

Looking at my best friend of almost 6 years, we smiled and understood how much we meant to each other without me uttering a simple word. “Matt… Corey, Colt and I felt what we did to you last semester was in unfair. Corey’s meltdown, our crazy fight and Colt’s outbursts; it isn’t right. You mean more to us than any of us can say; you helped us with our studying, with our troubles, in a way you keep us focused and on the right path, and what do we do to return the favor?”

“We yell at you,” Corey commented

“Blow up at you,” Colt added

“Treat you like a punching bag, a doormat. You don’t deserve it.”

“We all love you, babe,” Corey said, pulling Matt in for a deep kiss and running his hands down his boyfriend’s body until he was stroking the semi-hard cock to a full erection.

Corey moved off the sofa on to his knees in front of Matt and me and Colt watched from either side as he ran his tongue up and down Matt’s throbbing eight inch cock.

There was some precum forming on the tip so I reached my hand down and took it on my index finger, lifting it up to my mouth to get a taste of my best friend. I saw Colt watching me intently so I scooped up some more precum from Matt’s cock and held it in front of Colt’s mouth. He smiled and started sucking on my finger.

Corey then grabbed Matt by the legs and pulled his down on the couch, positioning him so he was flat on his back. Corey pushed Matt’s legs up and started rimming his ass. Colt and I looked at each other and then down at Corey’s tongue probing at Matt’s hole as we started to stroke our cocks.

“Fuck me, Corey,” Matt moaned.

Corey spat into his hand and ran it all over his cock. Colt and I then watched on in awe as Corey lined his bare dick up with Matt’s hole and pushed inside with nothing but Corey’s spit separating them. It was so hot.

It wasn’t long before Corey was pounding Matt’s ass, really fucking him. I kept on stroking my cock but I soon felt my hand being slapped away from my cock and looked down to see Matt twist his body around so he could take my cock into his mouth.

Matt started sucking me, running his tongue around the head of my cock and then sucking me deep, urging me on until I was leaning over him, my hands on the back of the sofa, fucking his face.

I looked across to Colt to see that he had his head thrown back and his eyes were closed because while Matt had taken my cock into his mouth, Corey had bent down, never letting up on the powerful thrusts into Matt’s ass, to start sucking on Colt’s thick, veiny cock.

The whole scene was just too hot and Matt’s mouth worked me over so good that I quickly pulled out of his mouth and shot my load all over his chest.

Matt turned his head and reached out a hand to pull Colt’s cock out of Corey’s mouth, bringing it towards his own so he could suck it deep. That allowed Corey to lean back and pick up the pace even more on Matt’s ass as he pounded him in to the cushions.

I fell back on the sofa and watched as Colt pulled out of Matt’s mouth, firing his load on to Matt’s chest to join mine. Corey then reached down and started jerking Matt’s big cock in time to the deep thrusts in his ass. Matt soon started twitching and then arched his back, exploding all over himself. Finally Corey pulled out of Matt and with just a few strokes added his own mixture to the three that already coated Matt’s body.

We all sat back, with Corey dropping to the floor, panting for breath. The smell of sweet sex filled the air and Matt was so fucking happy.

The front door opened and we all looked up to see Scott. “Fuck I missed it again!”


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