I was sitting there, feeling a little ashamed of myself. In walked Corey of all people. Obviously it made sense. Matt would have called Corey and told him what happened that morning.

“Bye Heath.” He said before turning around and seeing me in the flesh.
“Hey, Derek, I talked to Matt and he’s fine. Alison and Lisa are with him. He has a small bruise and a sexy black eye according to Tanner.”

“That’s good? Are you going to see him?”

“Nah, he told me stay and be with my friends. Besides, we can spend some time apart.”

“That is healthy,” Derek said. They both kept talking for a bit, completely ignoring me. I couldn’t blame them. Everything Derek said made complete sense. I needed to find a way to fix my temper.

“I talked to Kris about his actions, leaving Matt like he did.”

That did it I needed to make this right. “Excuse me guys, I need to make a phone call.” I went into the kitchen for some privacy.

“Matt. I wanted to see how you are.”

“I am doing really well. Alison and Lisa are taking care of me and even Tanner is making me laugh.”

“That’s good. I really want to apologize to you.”

“Kris, after everything we went through, these little outbursts of yours cannot change our friendship.”

“I know, but it’s not right.”

“I agree. Thank you for apologizing. Now go spend some time with Corey and Derek.”

“Yes sir.”

“Erm, Kris… Can you put Corey on?”

I took the phone to Corey.

“Hey Babe,” he said as he got up and went into kitchen.

They talked for few minutes before Corey hung up. I sat back down while Derek decided to take a walk around the block.

“I really am sorry, Corey,” I heard myself say.

He stared at me for long minute and burst out laughing. “Kris, you’re a good guy. And I, like Matt, love you a lot, but this temper of yours needs to be looked at. I forgive you.”

“I am very lucky to have friends like you.”

“I know. But there is another reason why I can forgive you and give you second chance. When Matt and I broke up for that month during our first year you gave me a second chance. It was because of you that we got together.”

“True…” I got up and held out my hand, “Friends?”

“Fuck no,” he said. He pulled me into a hug, “Brothers.”

“That reminds me, thanks for helping Matt with that picture of us all. It meant a lot.”

“It was nothing. We were happy to do it.”

“Yeah, but I know it must have taken up a lot of Matt’s time.”

“It was Colt’s idea, and Matt as we’ve seen is wicked photographer. If you want, Matt and I are willing to make you a picture of us two naked to help you with your sexual urges so you don’t need to act out so often. I don’t mind you and Matt having enjoying youtself and all, just let him come to you, okay? He isn’t your sex machine.”  

What was scaring me a little was the prospect of having pictures of my two best friends in a comprising position. The reason it was scaring me was because it turned me on. Lately, thinking of Matt’s body, and especially Colt’s body, kept me hard. Even talking about gay sex got me going. Then it downed on I knew I couldn’t use Corey’s boyfriend, my best friend, for my sexual needs, so the picture idea might help.

“I know. He’s yours,” I concluded

“And don’t you forget it.”

“So what are you doing here anyways? I thought you’d be at home.”

“As Matt was putting on the final touches to your picture I got a call from Heath and Lane saying they wanted to see the campus. So Matt went home and I met them here. The school is closed for the Christmas holidays but I was able to take them to the rec center. Derek showed us some interesting spots on the campus grounds that I didn’t know about. He even had access to the dorm suites so I was able to show them our room. They surprised me by bringing JJ and Teague along for the trip, after that we spent a night roughing it at that campground we found earlier. It was lightly chilly but it was fun.”

“I guess that means home life is getting better for you?”
“You could say that with Mom and Larry accepting me now as their gay son. Mom is even trying to drink less.”

Derek returned from his walk. “Hey, guys how about dinner on me?”  We agreed and went to a nice restaurant where Derek said Rick used to work before becoming an RA.

Derek told us both of stories of Rick growing up. The night.It was a pleasant evening. I realized Corey and I never spent that much time together without Matt present. Sometimes I think Matt is around all the time, which isn’t a bad thing.

We went back to the house and Derek gave us some bad news. “The house isn’t much. With Rick living on campus we only have our room and the guest bedroom. Do you mind sharing it?”

“Hmmm… we can just go back to the dorm but thanks for asking,” I said.

“No problem at all. I totally understand sleeping in a bed that is familiar to you,” Derek stated. We hugged him goodbye and thanked him for a wonderful meal.

As soon as we entered the room we realized none of our beds were made so we just decided to make up the sofa bed since it was easiest for the two of us. I helped Corey put the sheets on the bed and then went for a quick shower. When I got out Corey decided to have one too. I had dried off and stood naked as he came out wrapped in his towel. I moved toward the bed but he tackled me and we fought over who got which side. It took me back to the play fight we had in hall our first year.

Eventually Corey lost so I got the left side. We both got onto the bed and I pulled Corey’s towel off leaving him just as naked as I was. I fully appreciated Corey as a fine specimen. He had great body and killer dick. Sure I’d seen it many times before but I never took the time to really notice his 6.5 inch monster. For some reason I felt the need to cover up and grabbed one of the pillows. Corey eyed me suspiciously.

“Kris, I’ve seen your dick so often there’s no point in stopping now, besides, I know you’ve been dying to be naked since we got here.”

“Fuck, you got that right!” I took the pillow away and put it behind me, leaning back on the bed. Corey laughed and joined me. After a few minutes of silence Corey asked me a question.

“What do you guys talk about?”

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“You and Matt, you guys talk every night.”

“We talk about nothing. Everything. We talk about our thoughts, about girls, guys and a lot of other shit. I trust him with so much stuff, stuff I know he might not even tell you.”


“Yep, same with me, it’s those nightly chats that keep our friendship going. Whenever we’ve had little fight like in the first year when Colt fucked Monica in Matt’s bed and we fought about that minor issue, if we didn’t have the nightly chats we wouldn’t be able to have an open dialogue to vent. Most friends just hang around and talk shit, but sometimes Matt and I get into real personal stuff.”


I thought about what I could reveal. “When you and Matt were separated for that month, Matt was feeling understandably upset. He came back to our room and cried, kicking Liz out the door. He told me what happened and after a few minutes of me holding him to gain his strength back and getting him to laugh again by shoving my ass in his face he went to spend some time alone. After he came back and we returned from our workout we spent the night chatting. I don’t remember what we said but I was able help him with the situation by relating to him with something that happened with my girlfriend in the second year of high school. Denise had cheated on me. I was able to help him with his feelings of sadness, anger and disappointment. When he felt like he made a mistake by falling in love with you I bucked him up. That night we stayed up until the wee hours of morning talking. I know he appreciated having a friend there.”

“I see. Obviously that was one of my darkest hours and something I deeply regret, but because of that and my meltdown earlier this year I came to realize I could never cope with losing Matt. He means more to me than ever. When I’m with him, having sex, making love, it’s like we are one person. Sure we get moody and have off days, but in the end I know Matt and I are going to be together forever. That was one of the true reasons Matt came up with the idea to open up our sex lives a little with you, Colt and Scott.”

“But you never had long chats and talked about your feelings and situation?”

“Sure we do, but for the most part it’s nothing like your chats with him. In the beginning we talked about my crappy home life and how I envied him with his mother and his best friend being so nice and open and not caring about having a gay son or best friend.”

I thought about when I met Matt. I never thought of him as gay and if Johnny didn’t point it out to us early on I would have never known. “Corey, I will be honest, I love Matt and I would do anything for him, but I won’t kid you. It took me a good month to get used to fact he was gay. But then I realized he never acted like those stereotypical gay people. He was a cool guy and my trust in him never wavered. Linda, on the other hand, always accepted him. That being said, Matt had his bullies too. Two idiots beat him up for a few months until I put a stop to it. Then at our prom this other idiot made some stupid comments about his being a fag and surprisingly most of the senior class supported Matt.”

“Yeah, that is so awesome. Like I said, we spend our time talking about little things, but mostly we’re making out or fucking, which I love, of course, because we can’t keep our hands off each other.”

“Of course, but let me ask you something. Have your feelings for Matt changed at all or do you love as much as you always have?”

“It was almost love at first sight. When he checked me out in the bathroom I knew there was something about him that I wanted to explore. I don’t what exactly, but there was something special about him. Then the more I got to know him the more special he became to me. That’s why when I cheated on him it was the worst feeling in the world, second only to almost losing him again this year. My excuse in retrospect was pretty shitty. I needed to see what else was out there. My meltdown over studying and using you and Matt fucking as an excuse to end the relationship was so stupid too. I probably deserved getting spit on for how I dealt with Matt.”

“That was one my fuckups. I wasn’t right in my head when I did that. Besides, Matt came to you in middle of the night. That means true love.”

“Funny you mention that, he ran to you in the middle of the night when you had your Meth incident. Maybe that is true love too” Corey said.

That but some thoughts into my head, especially, when last night I came to his aid worried shitless. “He loves you a lot. He told me not once for any of his past boyfriends had he ever done that before. He craves love and affection and it has been his weakness. It has hurt him. When he was with Jacob the guy wouldn’t let him study and kept harassing him. When he was with Jack the guy couldn’t take a joke. I won’t even bring up his first fuck, Daniel. But with you, you made mistakes and he can see past them because of the love he has for you.”

“I get that now. After that fight, love making became even more powerful. What about you? Do you love him?”

“Yeah, I do… as a brother.”

“Kris, be straight with me. Brothers don’t generally want to fuck each other. We know that you love Matt and loved having him inside you.”

“I don’t know. When I fucked you, Corey, I was drunk and horny. When I fucked Colt the first time I’d been drinking too. Then on that camping trip I made love to Colt and we even fucked again before my little temper tantrum with you guys. With Scott I was sober and lazy and just wanted to fuck. But with Matt it was different. Throughout high school I never thought Matt was hot. I mean it took a few nightly chats for me even to admit I could think a guy was hot. Sometime in summer it clicked that I wanted to experience that type of feeling I felt with Colt with my best friend. It wasn’t love. I think it was more something to experience.”

“I think there’s more to it than that, Kris. I mean I gave you my full blessing to fuck Matt then but you always seem to ask Matt or me to help you bust a nut. I know about the road trip to the football game. I asked you to make sure his dick was being taken care off, but you do tend to ask Matt to fuck or suck you a lot, even if it doesn’t happen. You must have some feelings for him.”

“Maybe, but then again Colt and I have had a great friendship too and we actually made love. I never made love with Matt, we just had sex. I think we both take Matt for granted sometimes.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well he has helped with our studies and when we needed emotional support. And this year alone we both blew up at him for no good reason. I know at the time it made sense in our little pathetic minds, but through it all he forgave us. That’s one of the things I truly love about Matt, he forgives! I don’t deserve him sometime. You remember what he said last summer that I was lucky to have him for a boyfriend. He is right. What person really can forgive a cheater?”

“We really should try to be better friends to him. I mean try to make him happy, and give him the respect he deserves.” 

“Kris, you are great friend to him. You helped last night. But we need to make sure we don’t abuse his friendship anymore.”

“Yeah, well I have an idea that will really make him happy.”  I whispered it to him and he agreed. “Don’t worry about it, leave the arrangements to me.”

Corey looked at me, “Kris, this may be totally insane but all this talk about your sex life has really turned me on something crazy.”

“Me too,” I said quickly. “I wish I could fuck your brains out right here, right now.” As soon as I said it I was remorseful.

“Well…” Corey said. He hand his hand over my chest. “We could fuck each other…”

“What?” I asked. “Matt would fucking shit a brick!”

“Not necessarily. Our agreement said you can’t fuck me with your dick but it said nothing about fucking me with our toys. Remember those?”

“Yes I do… wait just a minute. You’re not thinking about sticking that fucking big dildo up in this shit, are you?” I asked, pointing to my asshole.

“Well… just think of it as the next best thing to Colt being here with you.”

That thought made my dick throb even though I had used it before with Matt watching me. Before he could say another work I bolted off to find the dildo. In the process I found the double one as well and came back holding both as well as their large bottle of lube.

Corey stood and kissed me passionately. The toys hit the floor. I reached around and soon let my finger find his well- used hole. During out kiss we both became raging hard. I stepped back and saw my cock glistening with a drop of precum. Corey took his finger and wiped it off before taking the finger into his mouth.

“Fuck bro,” I said, licking my lips.

“The yummy nectar of my brother,” Corey said. He moved back onto the sofa bed and threw his legs up, grabbing them and holding them tight.

I looked down and saw his beautiful hole that Matt had used so many times for great pleasure. “Corey, are you clean before I stick the dildo up in there?”

“I thought maybe…” he smiled.

“Me too, fucker!” I said and leaned in to kiss him. My finger found his ass again and easily slid in. His deep moans were music to my ears, just as Colt’s were whenever we had been together. I lubed up the big dildo and held it in my hand. “Here goes…”

“OOO fuck,” Corey moaned as I guided the dildo in to him. “Feels almost as good as Matt.”

“Yeah, just imagine this is Matt’s big fucking dick fucking your hot ass,” I said with one hand pushing the dildo deeper as the other ran over his hard abs. His cock was so hard but I made sure not to touch it.

“OOO yes, Matt, fuck me. Give me that big fucking dick I love every goddamn time we fuck…” he moaned as I started working the dildo in and out of him. “OOO fuck me harder… let me feel that big fucker in me!”

Shit, he was really turning me on! My cock was rock hard. I denied stroking it but instead started ramming the dildo in and out of Corey’s ass. He continued to imagine it was Matt fucking him with his eyes closed. His thick cock was leaking like a dripping faucet. He stopped me for a moment and moved to the end of the sofa bed so his knees were on the floor with his chest pressed against the cushions. I rammed the dildo back in him and heard him yelp. He continued to moan and spew out nasty talk about how much he loved Matt fucking him and how he wanted it harder. I moved around to kiss him while lodging the dildo as deep as possible.

Pulling back from the kiss he looked into my eyes. “Before I can’t walk in the morning,” he laughed. “Do you want me to fuck your hot ass with that dildo?”

“I’d say so. Damn, you really fucking loved it.”

“The mind is a powerful sex organ. I transported my mind to one of our many great encounters and the dick became Matt’s.”

He pulled the dildo out of his ass and wiped it off. I got on my back on the bed. To loosen up my hole I fingered it while he applied the lube. When I announced I was ready, Corey put the dildo to my hole. I knew by now to push out but the thick thing wouldn’t go in. Corey applied lots of lube to it and then to my ass. I felt the head of the dildo pop inside and reached for something to grab.

“You feel it?” Corey asked.

“Are you fucking stupid? Hell yeah I do! It’s like Matt’s big dick being in me all over again.”

Corey laughed. “Wipe that thought from your head and think of it as Colt’s hot dick inside you.”

“I’ll try,” I said.

I closed my eyes and did my best to imagine it was Colt’s cock in me like I sometimes did when I jacked off. After a minute or so I began to enjoy the feeling flooding my body. Corey continued to push and pull while I moaned loudly, thinking of Colt. Instead, my fucked up head went to each guy I had been with and that experience. I opened my eyes to find Corey between my legs, fucking my ass with the dildo.

“How am I doing?” Corey asked in his best country voice, imitating Colt.

I laughed. “Fucking great!”

“Y’all like my cock inside ya?”

Now I was really giggling at Corey’s impression of Colt. It was spot on.

“Hang on! I’ve just had an idea,” Corey said, jumping off the bed and running to his room as if a light bulb had just gone off in his head.

I lay back on the bed, stroking my hard cock. Moving my hand down I fucked myself with the dildo but it just didn’t feel the same as actually having a cock inside me so I slowly pulled it out until it left my ass with a pop.

I’d just wiped off the dildo when Corey reappeared and I burst out laughing. He walked toward me with his thick cock rock hard and bobbing up and down, wearing one of Colt’s flannel shirts, completely unbuttoned and one of Colt’s cowboy hats. He actually looked the part now.

Corey moved toward me and bent down to kiss me passionately, slipping his tongue into my mouth. When he pulled back he pushed me further onto the bed and then climbed on top of me, straddling my thighs. He took hold of my hard cock and lifted it up until it met his own, taking them both in his hands.

“Now I’m in the saddle and have a good hold you horn, I think it’s time we went for a little ride, don’t y’all?” Corey asked in his deep southern accent.

I was laughing again but before I could say anything in reply Corey started moving his hips back and forth, up and down, actually riding me. As he did, his dick moved against my own, both wrapped in his strong hands as he thrust against me and jerked up both off at the same time.

Moans were escaping us both as he continued to ride me, his hands and each other’s dicks really working us both up. He didn’t even need to reach for more lube because we were both leaking like crazy, creating a natural lube that only heightened the sensations and made everything easier.

Damn, I wished he was really riding my dick, but this was one hell of a substitute. I started thrusting up to fuck Corey’s hands as my shaft ran along the length of Corey’s own dick. We both moaned as I bucked up and Corey continued to ride me, still in the cowboy gear. It looked like he was actually riding a bull.

Suddenly I felt my orgasm rush forward and I let out a scream as my cum fired out of my cock all over my chest with some pooling in between my abs. When I came down from my orgasm I just lay flat on the bed and Corey came to a rest, letting go of my cock but taking his own in his hand and furiously jerking it. Within no more than about 30 seconds he moaned and shot his load all over my body. He lowered himself down on to me and we made out for about ten minutes, our cum squelching between us.

Finally breaking the kiss, we cleaned ourselves up and Corey threw off the hat before we crawled into the bed. He was about take off the shirt, but I asked him to leave it on. We fell asleep holding each other, with Corey’s big arms wrapped around my chest. It felt really good, but for some reason it just wasn’t the same as being in Colt’s arms.


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