Written by Andy... Posted 12/24/11

I had just got home from college after studying my ass off to make my grades. I saw right then what was needed to make it in college. None of my friends were around. Kevin, Brady and Johnny went to visit Tanner for the holidays; they were spending a weekend with the Johnson’s to experience a real Canadian winter. Matt was on his secret ‘vacation’ with Corey, and I was home alone on fucking Friday night.

Three days later, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. It had been a long time since I been alone. I could go check out the girls around town and see if my luck was in. What I knew was I hate being alone, as much as I enjoyed being a nudist, naturalist or whatever anyone wanted to call it. I had worked hard on my body and didn’t care who saw what. I got up and stripped completely naked and sat on my bed thinking about all the fun I had at college this year. I loved every tailgate party we had and every party in our room. I knew Matt wasn’t crazy about having lots of people around but I loved every second of it.  

I never thought I would actually fuck Matt, but the thing that surprised me the most was the way I apologized to Matt, Corey and Colt. I’m a straight man with bi tendencies. Even so I never thought I would be able give head to my best friends and would do it again and again.

Then, there was the stupid idea of Matt’s to open up their sexual relationship to us. I love pussy, so why do I want dick so much? Before I could think about it any more, Mom called me down to show me something.

I went down the stairs to see Mom and Dad giving me strangest look. I realized I didn’t put any clothes on so I went back upstairs and got dressed in some shorts that sagged low on my hips.   Hell, my folks knew how much I loved showing my hot body off. “Yeah, Mom, what is it?”

“Your father and I want to show you something,” Mom said with a big smile on her face. I looked on the wall of the living room and there was picture covered by sheet. Without thinking, I walked over and pulled the sheet down. The portrait that hung there blew my mind.

It was picture of me, Mom, Dad and Nathan when he was 18.

“What the fuck?” I screamed. “Sorry... it just came out.”

“After talking about some of the good memories we have about Nathan, we really didn’t honor him as much as we should. Your Mom and I hired a special computer genius to create this photo,” Dad said proudly.

“I love it! This will really lighten up the place!” I said smiling ear to ear.

“Then you will like this little gift too. Our genius was able to make this for your room. He didn’t even charge us for it.”

They gave me a smaller, wrapped picture frame. I opened it, and I am not one to show my emotions, especially in front of my parents, but it made me so happy that I hugged the two of them. “Thank you… Thank you.”
“Don’t thank us….Thank our genius, he’s behind you.”

I turned and saw Matt standing there. I ran up, threw him in the air with joy. He kissed me.

“It’s the least I can do. You won’t be seeing most of your brothers until the wedding, so have something to remember them by,” Matt said.

“Son, the reason for these small tokens was congratulating you on your studying, Matt mentioned to me how dedicated you became in last few weeks.” Mom said.

Kissing her on cheek, I said thanks and took Matt upstairs to my room. I handed him a beer, which I kept around now beneath my floorboards.

“How did you do it?” I asked.

In my hand was the framed picture. It was about half the size of the one my parents had but it was still a nice size. I looked at it to see the smiling faces of myself and my four best friends, Matt, Colt, Corey and Scott. We each had our arms around each other. I was taken in the summer where we all stayed near Corey’s. But to make it even better, Matt had somehow added a shot of Nathan and Derek, holding each other, looking happier than I think I’d ever seen the two of them. It looked as if they had been there with us. And to top the whole thing off, at the bottom was the title BROTHERS FOREVER!

“One day while you were studying like a mad man, Jenny called me and asked if I could do this, so while Corey and I stayed at Corey’s place we tried to get the photos. It was hell to get Derek’s and Jenny forwarded a picture of Nathan, but then they found one of the two of them together. They said they wanted to do it for you as much for them.”

I kissed him again on the cheek, “Thanks bro, I needed this.”  

That night Matt stayed over, he told me the juicy details of his love life, by now I was so used to hearing about their sex. I told him about my night with Colt and we spent the rest of the night talking about our year so far and the upcoming wedding.

The next day, Matt had to go Christmas shopping so I tagged along. I got a call from Alison, of all people. She needed a favor at the hospital, so I went there after we finished shopping. It was nice going back to the hospital, because even though it brought back some horrible memories, it also brought back many better ones. Alison said she needed me to drive some of kids to chemotherapy. I missed these guys, so I was happy to do it.

When I arrived at the hospital, they were waiting for me. Britney smiled at me with a twinkle in her shiny blue eyes as she ran and hugged me. Then Malcolm, with his one arm, waved at me. I looked around to see Albert was happy, I didn’t even notice he stopped stuttering but did notice his bald head. “Kris, it has been a long time.”

“Yeah, I have been busy. I missed you all.”

“I missed you too.” Britney kissed me on the lips. I didn’t expect the 12 year old to do that, but she always had a crush on me.

Alison found me and thanked me for taking Albert to his chemotherapy. She told me Robert was there and needed a ride back to the hospital. “I would have gone but I needed to fill in for my friend.”

I gladly took Albert to his chemotherapy. This was a small town and the hospital wasn’t big enough to carry their own chemotherapy unit. On the way to the appointment Albert told me that Robert wasn’t doing too well. I cheered him up with another story of the knight and the court jester, this one about how the court jester drank a witch’s poisoned cup, and the knight had to sit with him all night, applying a special antidote. The poison made the jester do a lot of funny things.

When we got the place the doctor took Albert right in. I asked about Robert, he said it would be a few more minutes. So I waited and grabbed my phone. I tried calling Matt but he never answered his phone or carried it with him. Not a minute later, Colt sent me a text asking how I liked the picture. I text back and forth to occupy my time, I was so glad I didn’t volunteer to go with Matt the time Scott had his ordeal with his kidney stones.

I waited for hours until it was nearly dark. The doctor said there was complication and it didn’t look good. He told me to go home. “We’ll have someone here drive him back if we need it”, were the last words the doctor said. 

I didn’t like the sound of that at all. I called and told Alison what I learned and she told me it was common so late into the cancer. I left the chemotherapy unit and went home. It wasn’t my idea of a fun day but I enjoyed doing it and loved being around those kids so much. Now, I wished there was more I could do possibly for Mike since the season was over and I didn’t know how to contact him.

Mom called and asked if I would get some groceries and at the store before I went home. I was shopping just for the items Mom had asked for when there she was right there in front of me. Melissa. She was more attractive then Liz and Jacee put together. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how fucking hot she looked in her tight jeans and sweatshirt.

“Hey, Melissa.”

She turned and screamed. “KRIS! What the hell are you doing here?”

“Mom needs a few things,” I replied. She looked at me. We had dated on and off since Junior High. Melissa knew me better than any other girl I ever met.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” She didn’t believe me. In honesty, I was thinking about Robert and how he might not make it. I changed the subject. “Do you want to come to my place for some dinner and coffee?”

“I would love too, but I’ve got something to do. Come by my parent’s house around nine o’clock and we’ll catch up then.”

“Cool.” I said with not much enthusiasm.  

She whispered my ear. “I need some Kris loving if you’re up to it.”

I went home and had a quiet dinner with the family. I dressed in a tight tee and ragged jeans along with some sandals before heading to her house. She greeted me with a big smile, wearing nothing but her matching bra and panties.

“I know how to cheer you up. I did it when you and Matt had your falling out and I helped you before you left for college.”

“I missed you Melissa. I thought you and Kevin were an item.”

“Fuck no! He was a jerk once the guys joined a fraternity. I dumped him a week later.”

“So how have you been?”

“I’ve been horny!” 

With that she undid my jeans and pushed my boxers down. I still hadn’t even walked in the front door. Letting my dick take over I walked inside and pulled my jeans off, taking her up to her bedroom. Before I knew it, I was deep inside Melissa and enjoyed every second of it. One time wasn’t enough for me or her, so we were back at it again after my cock had recovered. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again with her gentle touching and sucking. After a short time, I suggested I fuck her in the ass. She loved how wild and adventurous I was now. The sex we had was damn near perfect with both of us getting off. We snuggled afterward and I told her what was on my mind, mainly Robert. Changing the subject, she asked about the fight between Matt and me, wanting to know what that was about.

“I lost my mind. My temper is a fucking mess these days. I spat on my best friend. I punched Matt again. I treated them like garbage this year. I was lucky enough we were able to get through it. Matt totally understands. On thanksgiving I had a fight with my mom and argued with Matt on little things right before the break”

“The fight couldn’t have been worse than that high school one.”

“Yes, it could.” Changing the subject, while holding her close to me and feeling the smooth silky skin that only a woman has, I asked “Do you regret us breaking up?”

“Which time?”

We both laughed at that, we have broken maybe seventeen times. “The last one, during our first year in high school?”

“No.” She said with wicked smile, indicating she was lying. “I missed you Kris, after Kevin and I broke up, I called you last year, and even asked how you were when Matt came home that one time. From everything Matt told me over the summer you’d changed. I just didn’t have the courage to approach you. And then when I did, you weren’t there.”

“Yeah, it was busy summer, College life changed me. I’ve got the best friends in the world, equal to Tanner, Johnny and Brady. But Colt and Matt, they hold special places in my heart.”

“You love them?” she asked, looking me so seriously in the eye.

“I love them of course. Colt is my right hand man. We are so alike it’s not even funny. We even fucked two girls in the same room, with Colt in Matt’s bed.”

“I’m sure Matt loved that,” Melissa said smiling.

“Yeah, he took issue with it. Now, Matt, he has done more for me than I can ever repay him for.” I said.

With that emotional sentiment she kissed me long and hard with the most tongue ever. “Kris, you have changed since I broke up with you. I see you going to your friends to support them, now I see you thank them because you love them, but more importantly, you care about them, as much as you cared about me. There is just one of you.”

I smiled and went back for another round of sex; with my college experiences I had built up great stamina. She enjoyed the new moves I had learned from my conquests and she loved riding me as I bounced her up and down on my cock. We decided to spend the next day together. We went to a Chinese Restaurant where she told me all about her life and what was happening with her and her sister. Then we went to a movie. I didn’t even realize they opened a drive in retro movie theater just on the outskirts of our town. When we got up on the car she had her hand down my pants and kept it there for the entire movie.

Around eleven o’clock I got a call from Tanner. He told me to get over the house right away. Saying it had to do with Matt. I drove as fast I could to Tanner’s house.

“What is it?” I said with worried look on my face. “Where is he?”

I looked around. Tanner and Johnny were there and they pointed to the couch. Matt was lying there unconscious. “What happened?!” I ran toward Matt’s body.

Johnny spoke. “Matt called us this afternoon to see if we wanted to have some fun. We said sure, and went bowling. There was this guy eyeing Tanner a lot. He was bowling in the lane next to us.”

“He stared out friendly and then started hitting on me.” Tanner spoke

“He fucking touched your dick!” Johnny said. I tried to listen, but I wanted to know what happened to Matt!

“Guys, what happened?” I said pointing to Matt. I noticed his eyes were puffy, but was still breathing. He spoke, whispering. “I fought some guy.”

I looked towards Tanner, “Yeah, the guy wouldn’t get off me. Matt got between us and pushed the guy back.”

Johnny continued. “Then the guy punched Matt in face. Matt got right back up and punched him in stomach! He was much stronger than Matt though so he pushed him back really hard and Matt went flying backwards and cracked his head on a bowling ball. It pretty much knocked him out.” 

I could not believe the story and had heard enough. All my attention was focused on Matt, “Matt, are you okay?”

He whispered in my ear, “Yeah, I just need to…” He fell asleep.

I turned to Tanner again. “We gave him some pain killers. They were drowsy ones.”

I still could not believe what happened, Matt once punched a guy for throwing beer at him and calling him names but what they said happened was so unlike Matt. I was so proud of him. If I was there I would have killed him. “What happened to the guy?”

“The owner and his two brothers threw the guy out of the place, threatening to call the cops.”

“Thanks guys for calling me. I’ll take it from here.” I carefully picked Matt up and put him in the car and drove him back this place. Luckily Linda was at work so I didn’t have to worry her. I took him up to his bed.

“Kris, thanks for coming” Matt told me, then jerked in pain. I lifted his shirt and there was nasty bruise on his back.

“Hush, Matt. I’ll take care of everything,” I said, carefully helping him to get undressed.

“Hold me, Corey” He spoke louder. How many pills did they give him?

“Matt, I’m Kris,” I said, but he either didn’t hear or didn’t understand. I did the only thing I could think of. I got down to my boxers and held him closely. “Don’t worry Matt, I’m here. I won’t ever let you go. I love you too much.”

“I love you too… Corey.” I was able to smell his breath, he had been drinking. I guess that’s what brothers do for each other. I lied down, put his head on my chest and held him throughout the night.

The next morning, I woke up and Matt was still sleeping. I kissed his forehead. The action woke him up.

“What the fuck, Kris?” A few seconds passed and Matt remembered what happened.

“Are you okay, Matt?”

“My head hurts, but I’m fine. How did I end up here? I remember going to Tanner’s place for some drinks and we decided to go bowling. Then that guy… Then nothing until I woke up here with you.”

“They gave you pain killers and called me. I came running.”

“I appreciate it, Kris.” We spoke the rest of morning, during which I told him about my time with Melissa.

“I was probably going to get more action had I not got the call to come to your aid.”

Matt got a little defensive “I’m sorry my getting hurt ruined your sex life.” I laughed and played with his hair. “You smell.”

“Join me in shower?” I asked him

“Sure, but no funny business.”

“Why not?” I said, a little sad that he knew what I was thinking.

“Kris, Corey and I agreed to open our sex lives and have fun, but it doesn’t mean anytime you don’t get enough action we’ll be there to help you out. I need a little self control too.”

“When was the last time you had sex though?”

“About a week ago,” Matt replied without a thought. He knew exactly when he and Corey had fucked. I’m sure he got lots of Corey for his birthday and vice versa when Corey had booked a  hotel room for Matt's 20th birthday as a surprise. 

“That’s way too long, come on.”

“Are you sure you’re not gay, Kris?”

“You know what Matt, fuck you!” I couldn’t help what came out of my mouth. “I was going to be extra pleasurable to you and make sure you got a nice blowjob. You deserve it.”

“Which leads to you wanting some action in return, I know you, Kris!”

That really pissed me off so I got up and left, slamming the door behind me. I got into my car and just drove around for a while. I placed a call in with Alison and told her what happened to Matt, she agreed to check on him. Why do I have to get mad? Was it because of Matt’s comment, or is my temper so fucked up? I kept driving, calling my folks to tell them I wouldn’t be home. I needed to clear my head. I needed to get away.

So, for some reason, after many hours, the car took me back to college. I decided to go to the rec center to work out some of my problems. Luckily, I keep a spare bag in the back of the car, in case I ever got the urge to work out no matter where I was.

After going inside I decided to be little adventurous and try the rock climbing wall again.

Derek was working the ropes, which surprised me. He nearly dropped a kid when he saw me. After he let the guy go, we hugged. It turned out the rec center did some business from people in town and stayed open for that, and for the few people who stay behind for Christmas holidays. After a few goes on the wall he drove me to his new house.

After that reunion, Derek decided he needed to travel more and meet new people. We all kept in contact with Derek, Corey and I more so than the others, and he was able to help us out and listen to our problems. He was very helpful during my fight with Colt during our freshmen year.

When Derek saw me in the rec center, he nearly dropped a kid when he saw me. After he let the guy go, we hugged. It turned out the rec center did some business from people in town and stayed open for that, and for the few people who stayed behind for Christmas holidays. After a few goes on the wall he drove me to his new house.

Entering and looking around, it looked nice. “Where’s Samuel?”

“He and Rick took a week off for vacation. They should be back in time for the holidays.”
We talked about small things. Derek told me about his travelling throughout the school year. He met a kid named Jordan, who was having issues about leaving home, and a girl, Sally, who had been bullied in school because she got a breast enlargement. I could tell he wanted to talk about something serious. I knew I didn’t want to mention the mini argument I had with Matt that morning, so I asked him if there was anything on his mind.

“Actually there is. I’m kind of disappointed in you with how you were behaving this year. I apologize I wasn’t around much while you were in college, or during your high school days. Maybe if I was I could have helped you. But that’s no excuse for how you behaved. “

I didn’t know where he was coming from. “What are you talking about, bro?”

“DON’T BRO ME!” We may not have talked much throughout the year, but I had never seen him this mad.

“Sorry,” he said. We sat down on the couch. He regained his composure. “Let’s review. Maybe some of this will ring a bell.” I just sat there, still not sure what to make of what he was saying.

“One,” he said counting on his hand. “You punched Matt this year. Two, you spat on Corey all because you made a fucking mistake with your girlfriend. Then you got into another fight with Colt when he tried to see your fucking side in it.”

“Yeah, but I apologized and they accepted it.” The defensiveness in my voice spoke volumes.

“Matt was being so kind to you and you said such harsh words to him, you practically ignored him because he said something without thinking. They were being nice and they know, deep down, sometimes you can’t control it. It’s just ‘Kris being Kris’. One day, you keep this up with your fucking temper, you will lose them. There’s only so much a person can take. It’s a blessing Matt stood by you and is so forgiving.”

“I need help with my temper.”

“You think? What about your actions over the summer with Brennan? Or when Colt accidentally ripped your shirt? We won’t even talk about the way you were in high school, where it took a fucking car crash to save that friendship or even your mini explosions with Matt about him not being able to go home with you to see Nathan’s grave. You lost Nathan.”

Now I was getting mad. “What does Nathan have to do with this goddamn fucking shit?”

“Kris, you lost Nathan. Ever since then you’ve been looking for a new brother figure to control you. But brotherhood works both ways. Tanner helped you and then Matt helped you. He fucking held you when you had meth instead of being with boyfriend the first week you were in school. Kris, you’re lucky guy. A miracle happened, maybe sent from up above. I don’t know. But Corey, Colt and Scott became brothers to you as well. Each one you abused for your own gain.”

“I didn’t!” I said defensively.

“Kris, you let Corey drive home when he’d been drinking! Did what happened to Nathan not teach you anything? Did it not drill it in to your thick skull that you should NEVER drink and drive and that you should NEVER let anyone get into a car when you know they’ve been drinking because of what can happen? No. You didn’t think, did you? You just wanted to get home and you didn’t care how that happened as long as it did.”

It finally dawned on me. Derek was right. I was being selfish. Sure I have temper but that doesn’t excuse my behavior towards them, especially Matt.

“Do you want me to continue with examples, Kristopher?”

“No. How do you know all this? And why are you telling me this?”

“I know all this because I talk to your friends, especially Matt and Corey, as well as to you over the years. Why am I telling you this? Two reasons; one, I care about you and I want you to keep the friends you have. Colt, Corey, Scott and Matt could all potentially be lifelong friends. They are good people. And they love you. That’s why they put up with your behavior. I love you too. But somebody needs you to see straight.”

I thought it was over and he was so right. I regretted what happened that morning. “The second reason is that I know what happened this morning. Matt was grateful for what you did but when you didn’t get your own way you stormed off as usual.”

“But… How did you know that?” I asked.

The door opened and in walked the answer.


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